The Taboo Family Files Chapter 7

'Wow, I have Hank in the palm of my hand, I just don't know how far I should take it before I can get Ted to be with me. I gotta be close, Ralph did accuse Hank of being in love with me, so Ted has got to get the message at some point. Well, after being together for a couple months, he might be getting it by now. At least Ralph never said anything to my mom,' I thought, strolling down the hallway and smiling.

As I passed the bathroom, suddenly a hand came out, grabbed my arm and yanked me in there.

"Hey, if you wanted to make out, you..." I chuckled, before the light came on. "Mom?"

"Yes, it is your mother, Nadine," she replied, placing her hands onto her hips. "Dare I ask: who did you think I was?"

I scratched my head for a moment. "Well, Mom, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to get me to admit something to you. Before you push, are you sure you don't want to confess something to me?"

She bit her bottom lip and backed her head away slightly. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Really? You have no idea?" I inquired, placing my palms onto my hips. "You just pulled me in here expecting me not to ask that?"

We glared at each other for a moment. 'She knows she is more in the wrong here, so she is gonna break first.'

Suddenly, she shed a tear on her left cheek. "Have you told Hank?" she muttered, breaking eye contact.

"Have I told him what, Mom?" I asked, leaning my head forward.

"You damn well know what!" she roared, getting in my face. "I've been having an affair with Ted, I have been for a while now," she whispered.

"Oh, my word, I'm shocked," I mentioned, putting my hands onto my cheeks.

"You stupid bitch," she groaned, swatting my ass. "And you are fucking my husband, Nadine. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Hey, that's a pretty intense accusation, Mom. Where is your proof?" I questioned, rubbing my butt.

She placed her hands onto her face and cried as I clenched both of my fists.

I just glared at her for a moment. "You suck, Mom," I told her before I wrapped my arms around her.

"I know," she answered before she did the same and we held each other for a minute.

I failed to spark a tear myself and then I let go of her. "Here is an interesting question, Mom: what do you have that I don't?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked, wiping away her tears.

I took a deep breath. "I told Ted that I fucked Hank two months ago. Obviously, at some point he told you."

"I kept it to myself for as long as I could, but obviously you've been keeping him happy. I've never seen him smile so much. So what about it anyway?"

"I asked," I told her before I broke eye contact. "No, I pleaded to Ted just to be with me," I confessed before I paused and shed a tear. "I made it very clear to him that it was only gonna go one of two ways: he could be with me or you," I explained, before I closed the gap to only a few inches. "Mom, he chose you," I cried. "He seriously picked helping you commit adultery over a mutual relationship with me. So I ask again: what do you have that I don't?"

"I don't know, babe," she answered, hugging me. "That doesn't make what you are doing right."

We held each other for another minute, then we let go of each other. "Well, you are just as wrong as me, Mom. Here is another question: are you gonna stop seeing Ted now? I'll stop seeing your husband if you do."

She stayed silent, clenched her fists too.

I backed away. "I didn't think so, Mom. You can't bust Hank without blowing the whistle on yourself too. So now what?"

"How about I ask you a question: what the hell happened to you?" she inquired, crossing her arms. "What happened to my sweet little girl? You used to be one nice young woman who only supported me and wanted what was best for me. Now you are an adult brat."

"I grew up, Mom, and see the world for what it is. I supported you marrying Hank, but not hooking up with my love interest. I asked him to be with me before I even knew you two hooked up, but he still rejected me. I did what I did in order to get what I want."

"And how is that working? Considering all the times you and Hank have been mysteriously missing, how can you keep seeing him without falling for him? How can you expect him not to fall for you? Two months worth of hook ups is gonna land feelings somewhere."

"Fuck you, Mom," I replied, lowering my eyebrows. "You just keep seeing your boyfriend and I'll keep seeing mine. Let's just see where we all land. It'll happen in due time."

"Are you really willing to find out?"

"Which one of us is the more mature one? You've been seeing Ted for what, three months now? Are you gonna tell me neither of you are developing feeling for one another?"

She failed to reply for a moment as she slanted her head down. "Well, maybe we'll both get what we want, sweetheart," she suggested, peeking back at me. "We both just want someone to love that loves us, correct? Someone to cuddle, laugh and share stories with?"

"We're gonna find out, Mom," I informed her, opening the door. "I know we'll never stop loving each other, but it seems that we both have arrived at our own sets of crossroads. We both know which one we're gonna take," I explained before I left.

"And you are a dumb tart, Mom," I whispered, marching to Ted's room.

I opened the door. "You seriously told my mom about your dad and I?" I asked, prior to shutting the door.

"Maybe I did, what are you gonna do about it?" he pondered, strolling to me.

He stopped right in front of me and I immediately felt my panties get wet.

I licked my lips for a few seconds. "This," I replied before I kissed him and positioned my palms onto his thighs.

I got in a seven second kiss before he pushed me away. "Go away, Nadine. Let's just let the natural order of things take place. If you are so sure that you'll somehow end up with me, then just keep doing what you are doing."

"Oh, really? I was thinking that maybe I should tell your other girlfriend that you are a cheating dirtbag," I mentioned, placing my hands on my hips.

"Are you really that big of a floozy, Nadine? You are just gonna tell Sherry that I've been cheating on her?"

I kissed him again. "Do you think I'm bluffing?"

"Yes, and don't kiss me again."

I giggled for a few seconds and kissed one more time. "Tough shit, asshole. Call things off with my mom and you'll have full access to me. It is the way we both know this should be," I groaned through my teeth.

"So, its not even about Sherry," he chuckled. "You just want me at all costs. Call me crazy, but I think you are playing with my dad's heartstrings too."

"That's how much you mean to me," I confided, sparking a tear. "I love you, Ted. All I want is you in my panties."

He failed to utter another word and just broke eye contact with me. He went back to his bed and lied down.

"Fine," I said, turning around. "Call my bluff and find out that I'm not full of shit, Ted," I warned him, strolling to the door.

"Yes, you are, Nadine."

I turned to him again. "Maybe then you'll find out that just being with your step sister really was always the correct choice, you moron. You heard your dad, he supported us, but no, you needed a MILF that's twenty years older than you," I reminded him before I opened the door. "You are in fact a dumb fucking idiot, Ted," I branded him before I left.

I ambled into the hallway and saw her again. "What, your talk with Ted not go well?"

I stopped in front of her. "Well, Hank isn't here and I'm about to leave, so feel free to have sex with him, Mom. He is certainly not about to do it with me, but I'm sure you can convince him. You certainly have some 'X' factor that I don't," I answered before I walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

I stopped in front of it and peeked at her. "What the fuck do you care? You have the man you want. Just make sure you use protection, he may not like you so much with a big belly. Oh, wait a minute, he loves you, but not me for some reason," I bitched before I went out the door.

I got into my car and drove right over to Sherry's place. I failed to utter or think on the way there, I was just on a mission. After the ten minute trip was over, I got out and zoomed right to her apartment door.

"Here we go," I muttered before my hand went towards the knob.

The door opened before I touched it. "Oh, hi, Nadine," she greeted me, coming out of the door. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey, Sherry, I think there is something you should know," I informed her, as she shut the door.

She looked right at me with a skeptical look. "What are you talking about?" she wondered, crossing her arms.

I bit my lip for a few seconds. "Ted is cheating on you."

"Oh, yeah? With who, you?"

"No, why would you ask that?"

"Well, I did happen notice you watching me sucking his dick a few months ago. Either you have a thing for me or him."

I sighed. "I'm sorry about that, but he did have sex with me once."

"I knew it, that bastard," she groaned, hitting the door. "Why the fuck are you telling me this?"

"It only happened once, but he's been cheating on you with my mom."

Her head went up and she scratched her head. "He'd rather be screwing a woman who is twenty years older than him, than me? That stupid idiot!" she screamed, stomping her feet.

"Welcome to my world," I said, putting my hands up. "Just calm down."

She peeked back at me, but didn't say anything for a moment.

She eventually just took a deep breath and stopped jiggling around. "Tell me if I'm forcing pieces together here, but did you ask him out, to only have him turn you down?"


"Then he started hooking up with your mom?"

"There are a few more details, but that's the basic picture, yes."

She nodded. "Well, him cheating fits, but why should I believe that he is shacking up with your mom? She is married to his dad."

"Well, its true and I'm sure its happening as we speak. His dad is gone for the day and I'm not there, so they have the house to themselves. I don't have proof, but you can go see it for yourself."

Then I examined her entire body for a moment. 'Sexy, a short pink t-shirt for her belly button to stick out and short blue shorts too. She is much more ravishing up close too, especially with that curly blonde hair,' I thought, licking my lips.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you eye fucking me, Nadine? I'm not a lesbian."

I closed the gap between us completely. "Me either, but I'm sure you'd love to go right to him and tell him you fucked his step sister. Break the news right after you bust him having sex with my mom," I proposed, tugging my blue tank top down a little bit.

She glanced at my crack and inevitably her tongue came out onto her lips. "Well, if he likes screwing her so much, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if I waited a little while. Would you like to come in, Nadine?"

"Maybe," I replied before I kissed her.

We kissed for a few seconds before both of her hands slithered down onto my butt.

After about thirty seconds, my lips came off hers. "Aren't you gonna invite me in?" I wondered, pushing some strands of hair out of her eyes.

"I did right before you pleasured my lips, Nadine."

"Oh, sorry," I replied, coming into her apartment with her.

She shut the door and grabbed my hand. "I actually have wanted to experiment with another woman, so why not you?" she pondered, bringing me to her.

She kissed me for ten seconds and then she smiled at me. "So, would you like to see my bedroom?" she pondered, taking my hand in hers.

"I like that, skank."

"Hey, I don't always have sex on a first date, bitch," she warned me before brought me to her bedroom.

We walked in and she immediately sat me down on her bed. "That stupid moron, he'd rather fuck a dumb black haired slutty MILF, than me on this bed?"

"Hey, that's my mom, you stupid cunt," I whined, hitting her leg.

"That's hot," she pointed out before she attacked me.

She took me down to my back and put her lips onto mine. We made out for about five minutes straight with our hands one another's thighs. After those five minutes, she let her lips off mine.

"Let me see those tits, you hot hussy," she moaned, prior to pulling my tank top down past my nipple.

"Hey, harlot, don't rip it," I complained, leaning up and taking it off. "Now have some fun with your boyfriend's step sister," I offered, dropping it on the floor.

"I will, floozy that's not wearing a bra," she answered before she took my right nipple into her mouth.

I immediately began breathing and I brought my hands to the back of her head. She sucked on it for a minute as I caressed her head. I felt to be on a high and drenched in perspiration suddenly as she grabbed onto my tit from both sides.

"Damn, it seems that only a woman knows how to pleasure a woman, Sherry. I've never been with a woman before, but I like you."

Her head slanted up a bit and her eyes met mine. She let my nipple out of her mouth and began licking it rapidly, letting her tongue fling off it. My entire body shook and I closed my eyes too.

'Oh, Ted, you can suck and lick my nipple all you want. I can't deny you that wish,' I thought, envisioning him pleasuring me.

After five minutes, she brought her tongue off my nipple. "Its a little hot in here," she pointed out before she leaned up onto her knees and took off her shirt.

She dropped it, and then her hands slithered onto her back, but I stopped her. "No, let me do that for you," I offered, undoing her bra.

I took it off her, tossed it and examined her hooters. "Wow, that's a nice pair," I praised her, bringing my hands to them.

I placed my palms right over her nipples. "Sweet."

"Feel how firm they are too."

I squeezed them for a moment.

"Well, you are cheesing now, you must like them, Nadine."

"I do, girlfriend," I replied before I kissed her again.

I kept my hands on her knockers for a moment, but after that minute, they fell off and went down to her shorts. I blindly undid them and then she did the same for my shorts. Then we both stood up on the bed. I felt my shorts fall down to my knees, but I was unable to see hers.

'Crap, now her hands are slithering into my panties and she is rubbing my pussy lips now.'

I pushed her lips off mine. "Maybe this is a mistake, Sherry."

"Were you telling me the truth about Ted and your mom?"


"Then why don't you lie down and let your girlfriend strip you completely?"

I smiled at her lustfully and lied down on her bed.

She took off my shorts and threw them. "Good, young lady," she mentioned, getting close to me.

She snatched the sides of my panties and gradually slid them right off me.

She scanned my whole body. "Wow, I've literally never been so happy to have a naked woman on my bed," she moaned, getting out of her shorts.

She also got out of her undergarments and then stood right over me. "You are one pretty young thing," she praised me, putting her hand out.

I took it and she brought me up with her. I stared right at her for a moment and then my face went right in between her bosoms.

"Maybe I should have just been with a woman, because now I have one rubbing her face on my tits," she let out, rubbing the back of my head.

Then I took her left nipple into my mouth.

"Fuck yes, I'll rub this in his face so much, he'll start begging me not to break up with him," she muttered, scrubbing my head.

I sucked on her nipple and brought it further and further into my mouth. 'Her nipples perfectly fit her boobs, and that just makes her sexier. That's a good nipple, it tastes so damn good, but that could be just because its her,' I thought, grabbing onto her tit.

I sucked on it so hard, that my cheeks went into my mouth. 'Yes, I have her moaning my name and shaking a bit too. I can fuck her and let him know just how much is missing out on. Maybe I'm bisexual, who knows, but I'm not hating this. She is caressing my head and seemingly loving every second of it too.'

"Fuck, don't just suck my nipple, whore," she told me, blindly finding my hands. "Touch my wet pussy too, Nadine, its wet because of you," she informed me, placing both of my hands right on her slit. "Rub those lips down there, Nadine, and drench those fingers."

I did as she suggested and rubbed her pussy lips back and forth numerous times.

"Yes, girlfriend, keep pleasuring me with your tongue and your fingers," she moaned, rubbing both of my body parts. "I'm fucking jiggling around and cumming all over your hands, I must like you. No one else seems to pleasure me the way you are right now."

I peeked right at her and our eyes met. 'Oh, sexy eye contact.'

After a couple minutes, I let her nipple out. "Maybe we just like each other, Sherry," I pointed out, rising up with her.

"Maybe," she admitted, placing her hands onto my butt.

I returned the favor and then we just smiled at one another.

"Be a good girlfriend and kiss me, Nadine."

Both of us immediately slowly leaned toward each other and pressed our lips together. We made out and kept our hands in place for about ten minutes straight. Our tits also clashed together several times as we both caressed one another's butts.

'I've never made out with a woman before, but yet I find myself doing it like a pro. Hot hook ups are usually the ones that you don't see coming.'

After a few more minutes, her lips parted from me. "Have fun," she recommended before she pushed me down onto the bed.

"Whoa, cunt, don't do that again."

"I will if the mood strikes me," she enlightened me, getting down onto her knees.

She crawled to me and spread out my legs. "I've never done this before, so be patient with me," she mentioned, leaning down to my pussy.

Her tongue came out and it slid in between my lips. "Tasty pussy juice," she commended me, prior to her tongue sliding in even deeper.

"Well, take all the juice you can drink, my lady," I moaned, placing my hands onto her head.

I felt her tongue sliding around in my slit and she instantly had me jerking around. I felt the need to peek down at her as she pleasured me, but with every passing lick, I felt to be heading into a coma.

"Shit, I'm sweating up a storm, but you have feeling like I'm frozen, Sherry. If you've never done this before, I must say you learn quickly," I let out, rubbing her head.

"I do, harlot," she informed me, inserting her fingers into my slit. "And I'm not gonna stop until I can make you cum. You told me that Ted is cheating, so its the least I can do for you," she mentioned, brushing my lips from the inside.

"Then keep going."

She smiled and got right back to fucking me. Her eyes stayed on me for a couple minutes after that, but eventually I had to break eye contact. My lips ventured into my mouth and I slathered them with saliva as I eyeballed the ceiling.

"Do you want to torture me before you get your big payoff? Well, you are a bitch, so just keep going and just tease me," I let out, scrubbing her head. "I feel that you poking my g-spot."

I felt her face move back and forth a couple times and a slight chuckle too. I closed my eyes and just imagined it was Ted between my legs.

'Fuck me, Ted. Fuck me with your tongue, cock and most importantly: your mind. Given the lust and love I know we both have deep down, we'll work. If you fuck me with your mind, then we'll love each other forever. There is no need to resort to sexual revenge. Just be with me, because we love each other.'

Even as I imagined that it was him fucking me, I still found myself twitching every time her tongue slithered back in. Eventually, I opened my eyes back up and rose back up with her.

My palms slipped down onto her cheeks. "Come up here, I want to kiss you, Sherry."

She lifted her head back up and pressed her wet lips right onto mine. We made out as her fingers remained inside my cherry, but my hands voyaged down onto her bosoms.

I caressed them softly as I kissed her. 'Well, she may not be Ted, but I can still enjoy this hot slut.'

I started jiggling around. 'Now she is thrusting her fingers and her tongue won't stop attacking mine. I have no idea where this is going, but I'm at least gonna get a hot fuck out of it.'

Eventually, her lips came off mine. "Thank you for the long make out session, but I still want to make my new girlfriend cum all over my face," she pointed out, prior to pushing me back down to my back.

She went back down to my twat and grabbed onto my lips at the top. She leaned towards them and took them right into her mouth.

"Shit, now you are sucking on my pussy lips, tramp. I'll cum for you, just for you, sexy wench," I moaned, slanting my head up somewhat.

We made eye contact again, but nothing was said for a few minutes after that as she wrapped her arms around my legs. I did have to breathe very heavily and twitch around a bit, but I kept my eyes on her.

I peeked down at her lips and licked my own for a moment. 'Wow, it is like a free miracle, only better.'

A moment later, I blew her a kiss and I saw her grin a bit. "Too bad we were never friends."

"I could have been fucking you, as he was screwing your mom. Payback and life can both be bitches," she pointed out, prior to slipping her tongue into my twat.

Suddenly, her tongue slithered and hit just the right spot.

"Shit, that was my g-spot, Sherry. I'm gonna shoot now!" I yelped, bringing my hands to my face and lying down flat on my back.

From one second to the next, my pussy released a brutal wave of my lady juice right onto her face. It all felt like my body was rotting and frying under the sun too. I lasted for about a minute as I gave all I could.

"Holy fucking shit, that was hot, Sherry," I got out, feeling my heart and cherry with my hands.

I peeked at her as she just stood up and covered her face with both hands. "Fuck."

"I know, we just did was off the charts."

"In the wrong direction, Nadine," she answered, uncovering her face.

"What are you talking about? It was spontaneous and scorchingly hot. We did it because Ted is cheating on you, perhaps even at this very moment," I reminded her, arching my back up.

"It was very hot and spontaneous, but that doesn't make it right," she replied, retrieving her panties.

She slipped them on and went to get her bra too. I came up to her as she couldn't make eye contact with me.

"Even if you are telling me the truth, what we just did was wrong," she sobbed, hooking her bra.

She placed her hands onto her face. "I can't believe I just fucked you, Nadine. Who does that on a whim?" she weeped.

She grieved for a moment, but then I tugged her hands down a bit. "Don't be sad, Sherry. If I didn't tell you, I'm sure you would have found out the hard way," I consoled her, before I kissed her.

We both enveloped our arms around each other as we both rested our heads onto each other's shoulders for a couple minutes.

She lifted her head off me and let go of me. "Well, I gotta go find out for myself," she made clear before she grabbed her other clothes.

She quickly put them on and came back to me.

She kissed me again. "I somehow love and hate you right now, Nadine. That was a good fuck though. I'm glad my first time with a woman was with you, you certainly are a cute woman with a graceful body. Take care of yourself, lovely lady," she mentioned, before she laid one more kiss on my lips. "Show yourself out and shut the door," she told me before she took off.

I scratched my head. "Maybe he fucked up in getting not one, but two ladies. And shit, she took off like a bat out of hell," I pointed out, getting off the bed.

Then I stood up and felt my stomach. "Damn, my stomach is on fire now and I feel a little dizzy."

I tried walking to my clothes. "Shit, I better sit back down," I mentioned, prior to parking myself back on the bed.

I clenched both of my fists and just took several deep breaths. I still found myself sweating up a big storm and I felt to be dazed.

I put my right hand on my mouth. "Shit, I'm gonna be sick," I moaned before I ran to the bathroom.

I got down on my knees and threw up in the toilet. "Fuck me, what was that?" I moaned, taking in a deep breath.

I barfed a few more times over the next fifteen minutes and just stayed naked.

Eventually, I stopped and felt somewhat better. "Damn, I feel like I puked out like two meals worth of food. I wonder why," I moaned, breathing heavily.

A few minutes later, I flushed the toilet and got my clothes.

I slipped into my panties. "Shit, there is probably gonna be a fire to put out, but I feel like there is one in my stomach too."

I got fully dressed, left and drove home.