Celia and the CEO, pt, 2

It had been a few days since I had seen Alex Chain at work, so my life was back to normal. I was attending training sessions, learning more about the world of finance, and planning out my future career. I tried to pretend and tell myself that I didn’t care about him not calling me or showing up to see me, but it was obvious by how often I looked over toward the door during course sessions that I was only lying to myself.

Even if nothing else happened with Alex, I would have appreciated experiencing him. It was becoming clear that what I felt for him far surpassed lust. Actually, it felt as though I were falling for him, and hard.

After training that day, I was tired of arguing with myself about it and decided to try to find out where Alex was. I was walking out the door and turned to the receptionist, trying to appear as though I had just remembered to ask.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’ve seen Alex lately, I needed to ask him something about the material,” I said.

“He went to the Bahamas for the week,” she answered. “He tends to do that when he needs some time to go think over big business strategies.”

How does she know that? Is she sleeping with him, too? I thought before I could stop myself. Then, I realized I was being ridiculous.

“Thanks for the information,” I said, “See you later.”


So, he’s in the Bahamas, I thought. I probably won’t be seeing him as soon as I hoped then. I was a bit worried to find this out. I was stuck on a guy who might only think of me as a fun fuck. I mean, if that was all I could get, I was more than happy to be that for him, but I wanted more. 

I was walking out the door to my car and paused mid-step.

I was shocked to see Alex standing by it, looking tan and amazing in a white button up and casual-style slacks.

“What are you-“ I began.

“Now that you’re done with work for the day, go home and put on something sexy,” he said without skipping a beat. “I’m taking you somewhere tonight.”

“Okay,” I answered, my heart suddenly racing and flip flopping. “Do you need my number so you can pick me up?”

“Sure, write it down for me and I’ll send a driver,” he answered, “Be ready by 7.”

I noticed that this was a man who didn’t make requests, he gave demands. Normally, this type of behavior probably would have annoyed me, but somehow, it just increased my growing feelings for him.

Just looking at him was sending my body into overdrive, blood rushing to my head and groin. There was almost an awkward silence, but he broke it by saying, “I’ll see you tonight,” and leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek. My heart rate increased so intensely that I felt faint. He walked away and left me standing there.  

I got into my car to drive home, my mind and heart reeling with questions. I was his obedient slave (and happy to be) there to serve his sexual desires, but these small gestures of tenderness made me think there was something more going on.


That night, I selected a little black dress with a scooping neck. I almost put my hair up and then remembered that he told me to wear it down and kept it how it was, straightening it a bit. I had no idea where we were going, perhaps a restaurant? But why would that require dressing sexy? I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked alright and, when I saw my legs, was grateful for all the hours I spent running. I decided to opt for no jewelry and only light makeup so I would look suitable for whatever environment we would be in tonight.  

I sat in my living room, glancing at the clock every five minutes and decided to pour myself a glass of wine while I waited. Hopefully, that would ease my nerves a bit until the driver arrived. At least it would provide some distraction.

Five minutes to seven, I heard a honk outside my door and looked outside. It was a limo. I grabbed my purse and rushed out the door to get in the back. Alex was there, looking stunning in a deep gray suit, a black dress shirt, and a blue tie that went amazingly with his eyes. He smiled when he saw me and gestured for me to take a seat next to him.

“Where are we going?” I asked, but he just shook his head and pulled me close. I breathed in his scent and realized that I didn’t care where we were going as long as he was there. Our car ride was silent, but it was a comfortable silence. I got as close as I could, feeling his warm, fit body, and just enjoying his scent and presence. The drive took about 15 minutes and brought us to a non-descript looking building.

Alex got out first and held out his hand, suave and gentlemanly, to assist me. We entered the building and it was dim inside, with candles lit in seemingly random areas on either side of where we were walking. It seemed as though this place had at least three levels, which was surprising given how small it looked from the outside.

We got to a door and walked inside where there was a plush looking red couch with end tables on either side, one of which had a bottle of wine with two glasses. Alex gestured for me to sit down and immediately poured us two glasses of wine; it looked and tasted luxuriously expensive. The walls inside this room were reflective glass, like the tinting that some cars had on the windows. As I sipped my wine, Alex turned to me and said,

“How do you feel about what we’ve been doing together?”

“I like it very much,” I responded, curious.

“And how do you feel about performing?” he asked. This was not what I expected to hear.

“What do you mean performing?” I said, “I used to act in high school, if that’s the sort of thing you mean.”

“You feel comfortable on stage, in front of others?” he asked.

“Well yes,” I answered, “I suppose I do. Why?”

“This room we’re in is a sort of stage where others can see us,” he said, “People who would like to see us fuck. They are far enough away to where they can’t see our faces, so we’ll be anonymous. Are you into this idea?”

Wow, he sure got straight to the point. I remembered being in the meeting room the first time he and I had sex, and knowing that someone could walk in the door any moment; the excitement that realization brought. I realized that I liked this idea very much.

I didn’t say anything, but set my wine glass down. Instead of telling him what I thought of the idea, I decided to show him. He set his down too, possibly sensing where this was going. I straddled him on the couch and began kissing his neck, grinding gently on him. The smooth material of my dress and his thin slacks made for a very intimate sensation, and I could feel the outline of his cock clearly against me.

“Get on your knees,” he told me, and I got off him and knelt down on the ground in front of the couch.

He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his erect penis, then proceeded to pull my dress off over my body. I had worn see-through red panties with a matching bra and was glad for it. Alex seemed to approve, as well.

I positioned myself on my knees so that my face was level with his smooth, perfect length, and opened my mouth, waiting patiently. He slid himself into my mouth without much hesitation. Again, he smelled incredibly clean and wonderful.

“It was obvious to me when I first saw you that you were a hungry slut, waiting to be fucked the right way,” he said in his low, deep voice.

Could he actually tell just by looking at me that I had never had any action even slightly comparable to this?

I had been wet and turned on ever since I got in the back of the limo, but I grew wetter, soaking my panties yet again. It seemed impossible for me to spend time with this man without that happening.

He continued moving back and forth, fucking my mouth, and I looked up at him. I reached both of my hands under his shirt to feel his taut abs flexing with his motions. As my hands explored each ridge of his abdomen muscles, I thought that I could die of joy right then and there.

My jaw was growing slightly sore, but even so, I could do this all day long without a single complaint. The sounds of pleasure he was making were the most beautiful noises I could imagine. Although about a week had passed since we had first hooked up, I was still in awe and disbelief at having Alex Chain’s cock in my mouth.

Suddenly, Alex stopped his motions and pulled himself out of my mouth, holding both of his hands out to me. I took the hint and grabbed them with mine and he pulled me up into a standing position, then reeled me around so fast that I had to grab the backrest on the couch to keep from toppling over. He reached his hand down to feel my pussy. My panties were so thin that it felt as though I were wearing nothing.

“You’re completely soaked and I haven’t even touched you directly, yet,” he said, “You must be quite sensitive.” He moved my panties aside and shoved two fingers up inside of me, making me gasp and yelp with the sudden sensation.

“Tell me what you want,” he commanded.

“I want your cock inside of me, Mr. Chain,” I responded, “I’ve been waiting since last time for you to fuck me, again.”

I wondered if the people out there can hear what we’re saying. Alex positioned himself behind me and rubbed the tip of his head against my slit, which grew wetter and wetter with anticipation.

“Please!” I cried out, going wild with desire, “I want you inside me!” Thankfully, he didn’t keep me waiting long. We breathed out a simultaneous sigh of pleasure as he entered me with his long, smooth shaft. He did it in such a deliberate way that I felt every inch.

Alex Chain (I still couldn’t believe that it was him behind me) started thrusting so slowly that it was almost maddening, but then gradually began picking up the pace. As he moved, he reached one hand up to touch my hair, interlocking his fingers with the roots and tugging gently as he fucked me. He had a way of making me feel completely dominated, but in a gentle way, as though he cared. His other hand explored the skin of my back and unhooked my bra. I untangled myself from it, casting it aside.

With one hand still buried in my hair and gently pulling my head backward, he began kissing my neck repeatedly. Once or twice, his lips brushed against mine. As we kissed, I felt my heart flutter, but it was short-lived. He didn’t seem like he was very interested in kissing.

Alex reached down, using both of his hands to grab me by the hips, pulling himself out of me, and then pushing me forward until my knees were resting on the sofa. My hands were still supporting my body weight against the backrest of the chair, but now my ass was in the air.

As was customary with him, I felt vulnerable and exposed. With my panties still on and pulled aside, he entered me again, this time in a rougher way. He grabbed onto the sides of my panties and used this grip to move my hips back and forth, moving faster and faster.

Alex was standing still, making me fuck him with these motions. Soon after, I joined in, bucking my hips wildly and feeling his cock pressing all the way up inside of me. From this angle, the pressure was quite intense and made me feel as though I were going to come very soon. He used both arms to encircle my hips and spun around, sitting down on the couch so that I was on his lap again, like last time. I wondered what the people outside of the glass thought of the view, turned on by the fact that they could see me like this.

I bounced up and down as his warm, strong hands explored the front of me, massaging my breasts and caressing my nipples. He gently pinched them as I fucked him, the jolts from this echoing throughout my whole torso. Then he began joining in with my motions, making short, rough thrusts and seeming to drive deeper into me each time.

I was definitely going to lose it at any second. “I’m going to come,” I cried, “Keep fucking me!”

It was closer than I thought and took over my entire being like a tidal wave. The muscles of my pussy clenched and seized around his girth as I bounced. Just as the last waves of my orgasm washed over me, he shoved me off of him, spun me around, and pressed me toward the ground so that I was on my knees again in front of him.

“Open your mouth, slut,” he instructed and I dutifully obeyed. As he fucked my mouth, I swallowed every bit of his cum, enjoying how he tasted. I had never, ever allowed a man to do this before, but it was incredible. I was starting to think that I was in love.


Afterwards, we sat there on the couch, both breathing deeply, sweating, and recovering from quite a strenuous work out. Before this happened, would have guessed that I’d be far too shy to let people watch me have sex, but that was an amazing experience.

“The car is waiting outside to drive you home,” he said to me. “You can exit out the same way you came in and I’ll see you tomorrow.” He sounded oddly professional, which was strange, but I was too elated from the great sex to worry too much about it. I put my clothes on, grabbed my purse, and exited the building to go home.


At work next day, I kept glancing at the door in the conference room, which was becoming customary for me. Finally, around 1 p.m., Alex came in. My heart skipped not one, but two beats when I saw him. Would he tell me to meet him in his office again? But he must not have seen me, because he walked up to the manager and whispered something, then left the room without making eye contact with me.

I was taking notes during the training course, as usual, but kept staring at the clock, waiting for the day to end so I could go to Alex’s office. I kept daydreaming about our exhibitionist escapade the night before. I never would have guessed from all of those interviews I read that he had such a kinky side to him. In fact, I never would have guessed that I had one, but life is full of surprises.

These kinks that Alex was showing me deepened my fascination and attraction for him. Was there anything about him that wasn’t fascinating? I was dying to know more about him; his hopes, dreams, and fears. Would I ever find out?

This was so far beyond any “relationship” I had ever had, and it wasn’t even officially a relationship! I still had no proof or even the slightest indication that it was more than just casual fucking. The way he touched me though sometimes sure made it seem that way. Then again, I had no experience whatsoever with this type of sex, so how would I know?! Thoughts like this continued to cycle in my head, driving me mad with anxiety and longing.

Finally, the training session was done for the day. My manager called me over to remark on my performance, telling me that I needed to start paying more attention.

“We can tell you have some serious talent, Celia,” he said, “but you seem like you are off somewhere else half the time. Just try to pay more attention during these sessions, okay?”

This was a bit of a wakeup call, I really needed to start focusing more or I was going to miss out on achieving my dream! He’s just a guy, anyway, I told myself, but knew that this was complete bullshit. He was far more than that. As soon as the manager was done speaking with me, I marched straight down the hall to Alex’s office. I needed to see him. I needed to know what this was and where it was going.


I went and knocked on his door, but there was no answer. I knocked again and finally heard his voice inside, “Yes?” it asked.

“It’s Celia, I need to talk to you,” I answered.

“Look, Celia,” he responded, “I’m really busy right now, okay? Just go home for the day.”

His words stung me. There was no logical reason why they should have hurt so badly. After all, he didn’t tell me that he never wanted to see me again or anything like that, so why was I so bothered? Without answering, I turned around and walked down the hallway, exiting the building and getting into my car. Willing myself not to cry, I drove home.

I wouldn’t let myself think about it directly, but I knew that it wasn’t what Alex had said, but how he had said it that hurt me. He spoke so coldly to me, as though I were a stranger. Well, technically, that’s what you are, my inner-voice said, and I told it to shut up.

I tried to distract myself with a movie, but that didn’t work. I saw my training course booklet on the couch and realized that I should be focusing on that. This had been my dream for the past 7 years, and Alex Chain was just a new obsession. I couldn’t let this throw me off and ruin everything I had worked so hard for!


I forced myself to open the booklet and start memorizing the procedures for the banking company. It actually worked for a while and I started learning some techniques, catching up on the material I had been too distracted to absorb from this past week. Then, without warning, I looked up from my book and burst into tears. I couldn’t pretend to myself that I wasn’t heartbroken, ridiculous or not.

I called Julia again, and this time she actually listened, believing me. I gave her a play by play of the situation earlier, including the tone of voice he used when he told me to go home for the day. She thought I was completely overreacting.

“Look, Celia,” she said, “Can I be honest with you?”

That was all I wanted, “Of course, please do,” I answered.

“There’s no evidence here that he feels something more than lust for you, but you said that you’re okay with just casual fucking, right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, knowing that if that was all he wanted, I would certainly go along with it, “but I can’t lie to myself, I want more. I have feelings for him.”

“Well, don’t go creating all this drama in your head,” Julia said, “Because there really is no way to know anything for sure! Just give it some time.”

The conversation with her made me feel a little better, but I was still worried. I thanked her and we hung up, then I started crying again. Then there was a knock on my door. On Thursdays, the post always came around this time. The last thing I wanted at that moment was for someone to see me.

I decided to ignore the door. If there was a package, Tony the mailman would leave it on my steps and I’d grab it later on. Then I heard a voice outside.

“Celia,” it said. There was no mistaking it, it was Alex’s voice. My heart immediately started going like a jackhammer. In a daze, I stood up off the couch, no longer worried about my puffy, tear-streaked face.

I opened the door and he saw me and seemed stunned for words. Without saying anything, he stepped inside and put his arms around me, then placed his hand under my chin, angling my face up to his and kissing me deeply. This was the last thing I expected, but what I wanted more than anything, and I melted into his arms. He closed my front door behind him and picked me up, his lips still locked with mine.

Luckily, my apartment was small and he didn’t have to search much for the bedroom. He carried me in and put me on my bed, laying me back. He continued to kiss me for a few moments, his body hovering over mine as he supported himself with his arms on either side of me. I had time to take in his scent, body heat, and amazing face. Was I dreaming? This was completely different than our previous encounters.

He reached down to the hem of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. I had no bra on underneath, and he started licking and kissing my nipples. They grew hard and sensitive, responding to the heat of his mouth. He pulled down my pants, then reached up to pull my panties off. I was now completely naked as he ran his hands over my body, kissing my torso and hips.

Alex positioned his body so he was kneeling with my legs on either side of him, spreading them gently and lowering his face in between my hips. Even though I was confused and had been crying for at least a couple of hours before this, I was still undeniably and unbelievably turned on being this close to him. This time, my heart was throbbing along with my pussy, and I breathed in sharply as his tongue touched it.

My entire groin was throbbing and pulsing. He licked my pussy up and down with gentle deliberation, running his hands up and down my legs. I could hardly believe that this was the same man I had been sleeping with lately. He had so much more depth to him than I ever could have known.

His tender touch ensured that I was not going to last long. His breath was hot on my slit and he paused each time he reached my clit for just long enough to bring me right up to the edge, then backed off again.

The motions of his mouth seemed to intensify and sync up with my sighs and moans, as if he knew exactly what to do to draw my orgasm out of me. I clutched at his hair with both of my hands, pulling him in even closer. As I finally came, the tingling overtook my body, passing over me and turning my feet numb with its intensity. While I was climaxing, Alex held his tongue on my clit, allowing me to move against him while I came. I cried out his name, out of my mind with pleasure.

When I was done, he repositioned his body so that our faces were aligned again. He was still clothed, so I pulled off his shirt and he leaned against me. This was the first time that our naked flesh had been touching in this way and I felt my heart continue to pound. I could feel his hardness underneath his pants as he pressed into me, then I reached down to unbuckle them to release it. I stroked him for a few seconds, watching the look on his face as I did this, and then I guided him to my waiting pussy.

He entered me firmly, moaning lightly, and I wrapped my legs around his body as he began to move inside of me. He kissed my neck and placed his mouth over each of my sensitive nipples, sucking on them and making them throb.

Alex Chain took me over, beginning in a way that felt very gentle and loving and slowly working his way up in intensity. His strength was very apparent and I felt my heart throb again. I clutched at the sheet with my hands, holding on for dear life. Surely, this was too much for me to take. Soon, he was thrusting hard and I began crying out, my nails digging into his muscular back.

This went on for another few minutes and we both began sweating, getting lost in our motions. By the way his breathing started to sound, I could tell that he was going to come soon, but I didn’t want this to end yet.

I pressed against his chest, signaling for him to move back, then pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. My hands explored his chest and abs as I started moving back and forth, intentionally starting out slow and building up in speed. I looked down and stared into his eyes, just as I had dreamed of doing. He stared without blinking. It was every bit as intense as I had imagined it would be and even more so.

At that moment, I loved every inch of him, mentally and physically. It didn’t matter whether I wanted that to be true or not. It undeniably was.

I felt momentarily intimidated looking at him this way, but once I saw the way he looked at me, I continued holding eye contact. Every sensation felt instantly more intense while looking into his eyes, piercingly blue even in my bedroom’s dim lighting. I felt another climax building as I moved on top of him. He seemed to sense this too because he grabbed onto my hips, his eyes still locked on mine, and started thrusting with more force. The storm was building inside of me now and I could see that his was as well. We kept our eyes locked as we came simultaneously. When it was done, he held me until I fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up alone, realizing that Alex must have slipped out the door silently so he wouldn’t disturb me. I thought back to the tender night he had given me and how odd this seemed in contrast to the rough way he handled me before. This man was such a mystery and was sending me endless conflicting signals.

Was I still his slave, or was it becoming something more?


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