The Hideaway

Info silverhawk
05 Jun. '17

I grew up in a very conservative small town, so my knowledge of sex was mostly gotten from the men’s magazines I “borrowed” from my dad, or by figuring things out with my circle of friends.  Oh, I got the standard “insert penis in vagina and pump away” directions from Dad, but that was about it.  

My girlfriends were no help either.  At that time, every girl’s mother considered murder as a distant second to her daughter having sex out of wedlock.  The result was most girls kept their legs crossed at all times.

There was another problem with girlfriends too – their girdles.  Whoever invented the damned things should have been drawn and quartered.  Try as you might, getting your hand up the leg of one of those things was a bitch to start out with, and once you did, the elastic always put your hand to sleep just when things started to get interesting.

Anyway, like all boys, we kissed girls, we petted with girls, and a very few of us, me excepted, were lucky enough to hit the mother load, or so they bragged.  The rest of us spent our time discussing what our dads said to other dads when they thought we weren’t within earshot.

One of the topics of greatest discussion was pussy eating, or, cunnilingus, which Howard told us was the correct term.  Howard was a little strange in that he spent every study hall looking through the big dictionary to find words with a sexual meaning.  Then he tried to impress us with his vast knowledge of the dirty deed.  We all knew Howard had never dated a girl in his life, and probably wouldn’t in the foreseeable future.

Well, we all graduated without knowing how a girl tasted, or even if girls liked it.  College was different.  The girls were pretty open to sex.  After all, it was the time of flower power and free love, and one could buy condoms from the machine at any gas station for a quarter.

I met Alice during my sophomore year when we were assigned to work on a psychology class project together.  She had very short black hair and always wore long, loose dresses that effectively covered every part of her that might have been the least bit seductive.  I figured she was another one of those sexless bookworms who put their whole life into study and then graduate with perfect grade point averages and their virginity intact.

The project, a repeat of an old experiment, didn’t mean much to me at the time.  It was just something I had to do to pass the class.  What I do remember is the project Alice suggested one day.

Alice was studying to be a home economics teacher, but I found out that wasn’t her real passion.  If she wasn’t in a class or studying, she was at the library doing research into her favorite subject – human sexual response.  She claimed that she would probably have to teach classes on family life someday, and she wanted to be prepared to answer any questions that might come up. One afternoon she started quoting statistics about cock length and the number of orgasms a woman can have in such and such an amount of time.  After half an hour of listening to her, I realized I had another Howard on my hands, except she wore a dress and had a lot more research material at her disposal.

By week four, both of us were bored silly.  The experiment was going like we already knew it would, and there wasn’t really any point in continuing other than to gather more data.  That’s when Alice suggested we do our own experiment.

She showed me a book she’d bought.  It had a plain green cover and the title was “In Search of the Pink Peach”.  I’d never heard of it, but I opened it somewhere near the front and froze,

There on the page was a completely naked woman with her thighs spread wide.  She was cupping her breasts and the look on her face said she was having a great time.  That wasn’t much more than I’d already seen in Dad’s magazines.  What I hadn’t seen before was the guy lying between her thighs with his face buried in her bush.

“Alice, where the hell did you get this?”, was all I could think of to say.

“Well, you know that little theater down at the other end of town, the one that shows dirty movies?  They also sell books.  I went in to see what they had, and bought this one.”

“Yeah, I’ve been there, but there weren’t any women.  Other than some of us from my dorm, the only other people there were a few old guys in raincoats.  Weren’t you a little out of place?”

“I dressed up in jeans and a shirt and jacket like a guy.  In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not all that hard for me to look like a guy.”

Well, she had me there.  Alice wasn’t particularly feminine, and she was skinny as a rail.  If she had tits, they didn't show and her ass wasn’t very big either.

“OK, as crazy as it is, I’ll buy that.  So what are we going to do with the book?  I suppose we could see if it causes a response in our guy subjects.  Probably would, I’ll bet.”

“Well, I’ve never been able to find a good reference for cunnilingus, and this seemed like it might have some good information.”

I turned the page and started to read.  It wasn’t really a textbook.  It was a collection of stories about how great if felt lick a woman’s pussy and how great it felt to them.  I turned the page again and there was a close-up of a woman’s pussy.  The caption was “Freshly licked and still wet.”  What was pretty amazing to me was the size and shape of the woman’s inner lips.  They looked a butterfly lying between her thighs.  I felt my cock start to swell, and it pulled my attention from the picture enough that I realized Alice was breathing pretty hard.  When she spoke, her voice was a low, breathy whisper.

“Do you suppose it really does that to a woman?  It must be fantastic.  ”

“I dunno.  Never had the experience myself.”

“Neither have I.  That’s why I bought it.  I wanted to find out.  Wanna read it with me?”

“Yeah…I suppose.”

We spent the afternoon laying on a blanket on the dorm lawn reading.  By the third page, my cock was hard as a brick.  It was affecting Alice too if the way she kept grinding her belly into the ground was any indication.  We’d finished the second chapter when Alice said she had to use the ladies room.  Before I could say anything, she was up and gone.  About ten minutes later, she came back.  Her face looked flushed, and she had this funny look in her eyes.  I asked her if she was OK.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.  Well, not really fine, but I’m OK.”

“What’s the matter?”

Alice looked at me for a good minute as if I was a car she was thinking of buying.

“We’ve worked together pretty well on this project.  Would you be interested in doing another one with me?”

“Sure, I guess.  Depends on what it is.”

“I want – “, Alice looked me straight in the eyes.  “I want to do what they’re doing in the book, and I want you to do it to me.”

All the warning bells from my high school conversations about pussy went off at once - you get hair in your mouth and gag, it smells like a fish and, my personal favorite, “they pee out of there you know “.  I liked Alice, so I didn’t want to hurt her feelings…but damn.

“Uh, well like I said, I’ve never done that before either.  Maybe you should find someone who has.  If I didn’t do it right, you might not like it.”

Alice shook her head.

“No, I trust you.  As for knowing how to do it, we’ll just do what they do in the book.”

The things I used to do before I learned better still amaze me.  That Friday night, we pooled our money, and a little after dark, we checked into The Hideaway Motel as Mr.and Mrs. Gilford.  I don’t think I imagined it when I saw the desk clerk smile as we walked out of the office.

“Did you get the wine”, asked Alice.

I opened my duffelbag and pulled out the bottle of Chianti one of the guys in the dorm had bought for me.

“Yep, “

“OK.  You get some glasses and I’ll get the book.  Meet you on the bed.”

We read and drank Chianti out of paper cups for half an hour.  I was starting to feel pretty warm from the wine and horny as hell from what we were reading.   We’d just started another story.  This one was written by a woman, and the man had just put his hand on her inner thigh.  I slipped my hand under her dress and did the same to Alice.

She jumped a little, but she didn’t say anything, so I kept my hand there.  The guy in the story was moving his hand up her thigh, so I did too.  Just like the woman in the book, Alice spread her thighs a little, and unless I was hearing things, she sighed quietly.  About the time the guy reached the woman’s “silky curls”, Alice rolled to her side and faced me.  That funny look was in her eyes again.

“Tom, we should take off our clothes now.”

Alice unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.  She rolled her panties down over her hips and then stepped out of them too.

She was surprisingly sexy.  Her breasts weren’t all that big, but her nipples were and they really turned me on.  So did her bush.  It was as black as the hair on her head, but she must have trimmed it, because it wasn’t very long.  The contrast of that black bush with her pale white belly and thighs was seductive as all get out.  She caught me staring at her and covered her boobs and bush with her hands.  I looked away quickly and Alice laughed.  

“Sorry.  I guess that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?  Go ahead, you can look.  I wanna see you too.”

I wasn’t sure about taking off my clothes, but I did.  It felt weird to be standing there with my cock bobbing up and down, but Alice seemed to like what she saw.   Her hand slowly slipped down over the smooth roundness of her belly and through her bush.  I’d never seen a woman touch herself like that, and I had the urge to jack off right then and there.

Alice brought me back to the moment.

“So, OK, we’re naked now.  Let’s get back to the book.”  She sat down on the edge of the bed and started reading out loud.

“Carl cupped my pussy in his hand and slipped one of his fingers up to my clit.  My tummy tightened when he rubbed my love button and I let out a moan.  I wanted him to eat me so bad.  He pushed me back on the bed and took one of my hard nipples in his mouth and sucked.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, Tom?”

I pushed Alice back a little, and she fell the rest of the way.  Her feet were still on the floor, and her pussy was sitting just at the edge of the bed.  I was staring again.  Alice’s voice was soft and husky.

“Tom…my nipple?”

Her nipples were even bigger now. I slipped my lips around her right one and sucked gently.  Alice gasped, then started reading again.

“Carl sucked my nipple harder and then bit gently with his teeth.  I almost came right then, but I wanted to wait for what I knew was coming next.  He nibbled and kissed his way down my breasts and tummy and nuzzled my red bush, then rubbed his tongue over my slit.  My legs opened all by themselves, and I heard a little smack as my pussy lips opened.  I was dripping wet.”

I did all right on the nipple sucking part, and I liked the little jump Alice’s hips made when I closed my teeth on her rigid nipple.  The nibbling and kissing went pretty good too all the way down to her bush.  I stopped and tentatively sniffed.

Alice didn’t smell like a fish, and I didn’t feel like gagging.  Her scent was…well, even today I find it hard to describe a woman’s scent because each one is slightly different.  What I decided that night was it was erotic as all hell and I loved it.  I started nuzzling as best I knew how to nuzzle, and then stuck out my tongue and licked her outer lips.  Alice opened her thighs, but there wasn’t any little smack.  Instead, I saw inner lips every bit as large as those on the woman in the book.  I moved off the bed and sat on the floor between Alice’s thighs for a better look.

“I moaned when Carl sucked my pussy lips into his mouth.  He always did this, and knew just how to make me moan over and over.  I loved having him do it to me, but I wanted something more.  I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart so Carl could lick my clit.”

I’d taken a deep breath, pressed my mouth to Alice’s pussy and sucked.  Her lips sort of flowed into my mouth, and the sensation was amazing.  Her big inner lips were all rippled and full of little folds.  The texture was fantastic.  It was my first real taste of her, and I decided it was even better than her scent.  Alice was a little tart, a little musky, and a whole lot erotic.  I shifted to my knees so my cock wouldn’t be mashed into my thighs.

I felt Alice’s fingers on my cheeks and let her lips flow out of my mouth.  She pulled them apart and made the same butterfly as the woman in the book.  Her whisper was even more sultry than before.

“I can’t read any more, Tom.  I think you’re supposed to lick and suck me there.”

Well, lick and suck I did, and the more I did it, the more I liked doing it.  Alice was liking it too, I figured.  Of course, all the moaning and panting and sighing that Alice was doing helped me come to that conclusion.  So did the feeling of her clit swelling under my tongue until it stuck out enough I could suck on it.  When I did that, Alice nearly bucked me back on my ass.  It was only because she had both hands on my head that she didn’t.  Instead of knocking me backwards, Alice pulled my face tighter into her pussy.

In less than five minutes, Alice had an orgasm.  She arched up into my face, cried out, and then gasped as wave after wave of spasms rocked through her body.  I kept licking and she kept gasping for another minute or so before she fell back on the bed and started to laugh.

“Wow!  I never dreamed it could be that good.  That was unbelievable, and a lot better than my fingers or hairbrush.”

“Hairbrush?  So you…?”

“Oh course.  Don’t you?”

”Well, yeah, but I didn’t think women did all that much.”

“Twice a day and four times on Sunday”, Alice giggled.  “Wish I could figure out a way to do this too.”

I slipped my tongue over her clit and slowly dragged it up.  “Like that?”

Alice gasped.  “Oh God, do that again.”

It didn’t take as long this time before I had her writhing under my face and crying out as she came.  This time I didn’t stop, and Alice didn’t either.  She changed from moaning to panting and little gasps, and her hips never really stopped rolling into my face.  I slipped my hands up to her breasts and caressed them, then pulled gently on her nipples.  Shortly after that, she heaved her body up off the bed and cried out loud enough I was afraid somebody would hear her.  After several more cries and intense spasms, she pushed my face away from her pussy.

“No more, not for a while.  If you do that to me again, I’ll pass out.”

“Thank you, I think.”

Alice curled her body up on the bed like a cat rubbing on the carpet and then stretched out and sighed.  

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  That was…I can’t even think of how to say it.”

She looked over at me, and smiled.

“I see you’re enjoying this too.”

“Yeah, it was fun.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.  You’re all hard.”

I laughed.  “Licking girls always does that to me.”

“You know”, she giggled, “that’s not the only book I bought at the theater.  I have another one called “Soixante Neuf And Stephanie Neal”. Soixante neuf is French for sixty-nine.  Know what that is?”

I did, because Howard had spent about half an hour telling us all about it when we went camping one summer.

“Yeah.  It’s what we just did, only you do me too.”

Alice grinned.  “I’ve been practicing on my hairbrush.   Would you like to try a thirty-four and a half while I’m recovering?”

“Thirty-fou ...Oh.  Uh…I guess so, if you do.”

I’ll tell you, Alice must have had one happy hairbrush.  I laid down beside her and she gingerly touched my cock.  It jumped and she chuckled, then wrapped her hand around the shaft and started jacking me slowly.  She leaned over and kissed my cock head, then licked the tip.  My hips decided that would be a good time to jump and my cock almost poked her in the eye.  She giggled again.

“I guess I must be doing something right, huh.”

“Very right”, was all I could say before she licked the underneath side of my cock head and I jumped again.  Without saying anything more, Alice opened her mouth and lowered it over my cock.  It was hot watching my cock disappear between her lips.  It was like electricity when she sucked in and jacked me at the same time.   She had this way of licking my cock head at the same time she sucked in that was wonderful.  It was so wonderful I was on the brink of cumming in no time, and I thought I should tell her.

“Alice, I’m gonna –“

“I know you are.  Just lay back and enjoy.”

Well, I did that for about another thirty seconds.  I felt my balls tighten up just before the first surge raced up my cock and into her mouth.  Alice didn’t skip a beat.  She kept jacking and sucking and licking all the way through what I think was three more spurts.  It might have been four or five for all I know.  The sensation of her sucking my cock was so new, I kinda lost track.  I finally grabbed her hand.  I was going soft and it wasn’t going to do any good for a while.

“So, Tom, did I do it right?”

“Damn, Alice, if you didn’t, I don’t think I could take it done any better.  Sorry about…you know…in your mouth.  I couldn’t stop.”

She just laughed.  “In my other book, the women always swallow, so I did too.  Wasn’t bad, really.  Kinda salty.  You ready again?  I am.”

That was one hell of a weekend, and Alice turned out to be one hell of a woman.  She was a virgin when I met her, and still a virgin when we parted a couple years later, but only technically.  She was saving herself for the right man, but to her, that only meant no actual penetration by anything other than a finger or my tongue or, I suppose, her hairbrush.  Anything else was a challenge she wanted to try.  We tried everything we could think of and a lot more things out of her books.  

She ended up marrying a doctor the summer we graduated.  I still get a card from her at Christmas, with a little note about what she’s been up to.  She always closes with “Remember the Hideaway”, and I always do.