The Taboo Family Files Chapter 8

My eyes were wide open and my heart was beating so hard, it almost felt nonexistent. "If he is cheating, I'm gonna find out. Nadine told me it could be happening right now, so I'm gonna race over there and crash their party," I explained, speeding over there.

As soon as I rolled up in front of his house, I got out and zoomed right to the front door.

I opened it up and saw no one in sight. "Well, Nadine said her dad was gone and I know she isn't here, so maybe I'll check Ted's bedroom," I mumbled, prior to marching down to his door.

I bit my bottom lip and said nothing as I stopped in front of his door. 'Oh, the bed is creaking,' I thought, grabbing the knob.

I turned it, but didn't open the door. 'Crap, I can't be positive it is them. I still just have her word, beyond that, I have nothing else to go on. It could be their parents for all I know.'

A minute later, I started to turn around.

"Oh, cum on my ass, now, Ted," I heard Quinn say.

"Did I hear her say 'Ted'?" I asked out loud, opening the door.

"Oh, shit, it is Sherry," I heard him say, as my eyes landed on him and he came on the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ted, should I have sent you a text first?" I questioned, placing my hands on my hips and strolling towards them. "I didn't mean to catch you while you were cheating on me with your step mom!" I yelled, leaning my head towards them.

She covered them both up with the blanket. "Sherry, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say," she mentioned, failing to make eye contact.

"I can't believe it, I didn't want to, but yet, here you two are, having sex. Nadine was right."

"My cunt daughter told you about us?" she inquired, standing up with her eyebrows down.

I scanned her body. 'Oh, she is even more appealing than Nadine. Wow, I think it could be fun playing with those titties and that somewhat hairy pussy.'

"Yeah," I replied, peeking back at her eyes. "At least she had the backbone to tell me."

"Oh, did she also tell you that she fucked him once too?"

"Yes, and obviously you don't respect her as much as you should. Granted, there is some fucked up shit going on here, but still, you don't love her enough, Quinn. She might be a bitch, but she is your daughter, you damn floozy."

"How about this," he said, rising to his feet. "Did she tell you she's been carrying on a sexual relationship with my dad?"

My head slanted back and I grinned. "No, but that does make sense. That's a good way to get back at you two. She told me you rejected her, so you could be with your step mom. Obviously, that was 100% true. Did you even think about me, Ted? Or were you just thinking with your dick?"

"I don't know, babe," he answered, strolling to me with his hands out.

"Don't touch me!"

"What do you want me to say? I'm weak? I've just had a thing for Quinn for a few years now? I just spied on her when I had the chance? She busted me and we eventually had sex, and then we carried on a sexual relationship. That's all there is to tell."

She turned to him and placed her right hand onto his rod. "Well, aren't you forgetting something, boyfriend?" she pondered, stroking it.

"I'm sorry, did you just call him your boyfriend?"

"Maybe I did, what are you gonna do about it, Sherry?" she wondered, glancing back at me.

I began grinding my teeth, I clenched my fists and my face turned red. "You are fucking married, Quinn!! Do you think your sexual relationship with him is okay?! Do you really think this is gonna end with you two running off into the sunset together?!"

"Maybe," she answered, stroking it faster. "He loves me and loves to fuck me with his giant dick."

"You dumb hussy!" I howled, charging at her.

I took her down to the bed and smack both her knockers a few times with both hands.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I screeched before I slapped her face.

"Hey, get off her," he ordered me, wrapping his arms around my stomach.

He pulled me off her as my arms were roaming around nonstop. "You stole my boyfriend, vamp!"

"Calm down, Sherry," he ordered me, attempting to contain me.

After another minute of freaking out, I stopped and he let me go. "What the fuck, Ted?" I asked, turning around. "Don't you love me anymore?" I cried.

"Yes, I guess," he replied slowly.

"You guess? What, does she suck your dick better than me? Will she let you do anal? What is it? You didn't want Nadine either and I'm only a year older than her. Do you just prefer older women that have bigger tits?!" I yelped, lifting my bosoms up slightly. "Really, tell me what it is about her."

She began stroking his rod again with her right hand and her chin came to rest on his left shoulder. "I can suck his cock better, make him last longer and I know he loves to stick it inside my pussy and asshole, wench. I'm his step mom and he spied on me, because he wanted to fuck me. So I fucked him senseless. Now we sext each other everyday and have sex everywhere and anytime we can. You know what, Sherry, I'm not about to let you snatch him away from me. He is my boyfriend now, so beat it."

I kept my mouth shut for a moment as we glared at each other. "Do you really expect me to just leave?"

"Yes, actually. I want to have sex with him again, and neither of us want anyone watching us."

I clenched my fists and my eyes fell down to her hand. 'That stupid bitch is giving him a hand job right in front of me and he isn't saying a word.'

"I'll leave and never come back," I put on the record, stepping towards them. "If Ted can tell me that's what he wants," I offered before I came to a stop.

He failed to utter a word, but kept his eyes on me. He was already jiggling around, but he began moving even faster as he peeked down at my crack. Then I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and took it off.

I immediately dropped it and undid my bra as well. "Go ahead, say goodbye to this body forever," I told him, unbuttoning my shorts.

I pushed them down, stepped out of them and grabbed onto the sides of my panties too. "You'll never actually get to see me naked again, Ted," I warned him, closing the gap completely.

I pushed her hand off his rod and she failed to fight back. I put my left hand at the base, while I stroked it with my other hand.

I kissed him once on the lips. "I had sex with Nadine."

"What, you fucked her?"

"Yes," I giggled. "I knew it was wrong, even though the pieces fit together that you were cheating. I still felt horrible, because I didn't have any proof. Although, I've missed your warm cum," I pointed out, peeking down. "You have my favorite pair of panties off me now, Ted," I let him know, lowering them down.

"Maybe we can just forgive each other and move on."

He stayed silent again.

"We can have make up sex right now," I proposed, stepping out of them.

I let him gawk at my entire body for a moment. I didn't snatch his johnson, I just let him appreciate my beauty.

"Oh, you are drooling now, Ted. Dare I ask, do you still want to fuck me? Nadine did, and she had never been with a woman before."

Suddenly he reached over, grabbed my hands and pulled me to him.

"I knew it," I mentioned before I kissed him.

We made out for a moment as his arms went around me and I wrapped my right hand around his rod.

I stroked it and opened my left eye. 'Ha, I'm winning him back, tart,' I thought before I flipped her the bird with my other hand.

"Fuck you too, cunt."

Suddenly, his lips parted from mine and he peeked at her. "Hey, be nice, Quinn."

"So," she said, strolling to us. "You are saying she is gonna be my competition, Ted?" she pondered before she stopped right behind him.

"I guess, I love you both and can't just turn it off for either of you."

"Well, maybe this will tip the scales," I spoke, lowering myself to my knees.

I angled his schlong up and let it slide right into my mouth.

"Son of a bitch, I did miss you, Sherry," he muttered, placing his hands onto my head.

'That stupid witch couldn't win in the end,' I thought, thrusting my mouth and putting my hands flat on the floor.

I closed my eyes and just focused on pleasuring him. As far as I knew, she just stood there and let it happen. I also let my tongue slither around on his manhood as well, massaging it and making him feel good.

"Yes, yes, yes, Sherry. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more," he moaned, scrubbing my head.

"Oh, do you like her sucking on your cock, Ted? Well, she is a lovely lady, but I can outdo her. You see, she can't even deep throat you."

I let his rod slip out. "You think I can't deep throat my boyfriend, whore?"

"No, I don't, tramp," she answered, placing her hands on her hips.

I stood up. "I'm gonna take his entire dick into my mouth and make him cum right down my throat. I'll swallow every last drop of his seed and he'll love every single second of it," I explained to her before I stopped right in front of her.

I looked right into her eyes. "What do you think about that, bitch?"

I noticed her tongue slathering her lips for a moment as not a word was spoken. Her eyes were wandering around nonstop, and then I found my right hand fingers on my pussy lips.

"I think we like each other, Sherry. After all, Nadine mostly has genes from my side of the family," she replied before she seized both of my arms and kissed me.

I aborted any plans to get away from her and prove her wrong. Then I just placed my hands down to her butt. She returned the favor and let our hooters collide. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed my new found pleasure. Our lips never stopped moving and neither did our palms.

"Fuck me in the asshole, this is hot. The two women I love most are making out and rubbing each other's butts too," he whispered.

I peeked at him through my left eye. 'Yes, this is really perfect masturbation material. Just watch me make out with your step mom and so called lover.'

After about two minutes, her lips gently separated from mine. "Okay, maybe I'm married to his dad, therefore I shouldn't be fucking him."

"You think so?"

"If you want him, then take him."

I leaned my head back somewhat. "Just like that?"

"Yes, but let me join you two for a threesome before we just suddenly stop."

"You just want to stop seeing me, Quinn?" he asked, walking to her.

She peeked at him. "It is for the best, Ted. I'm sure Nadine and your dad are coming to the same conclusion," she explained before she kissed him. "I promise, I will always love you, but it seems we might have hit the inevitable wall. Let's just have fun one last time."

Then she dropped to her knees and went right to his schlong. She snatched it and inserted it right into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, both you are just amazing, simple as that, I would never be able to pick just one of you."

I came up to his right side and wrapped my arms around him, with my hands landing on his left shoulder. "I can tell she is a great dick sucker and I know she is a pretty good kisser too, but she pulled out of the race. Now you can go back to fucking me, and not her or Nadine."

"I only had sex with Nadine once."

"Whatever," I groaned before I placed my right hand onto her head. "When your step mother makes you cum, let it loose all over her breasts. Not her face, you can only do that..." she said before she paused. "Wait, you haven't shot on her face before, have you?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, Sherry," he confessed, giving me guilty smile with red cheeks.

I took in a deep breath and broke eye contact. "It is fine, just don't ever cheat on me again. If you love me, then be with me. Let her suck your cock now, but keep your eyes and mind on me. Now tell me you love me, Ted."

"I love you, Sherry."

"Tell me again."

"I fucking love you, Sherry. I'll never ever stop loving you."

I pecked his cheek and then I shifted down to my knees with her. "Deep throat him, you harlot, I want to see it," I moaned through my teeth.

She did as I commanded and let his entire block of wood into her mouth.

"Yes, that's how its done. I know both of you can deep throat me, but feels so damn good when it happens," he let out, caressing her head.

I glared at her thrusting her mouth in ever so small strokes, only going about an inch back and forth. My other hand made the trip down my pussy again and I rubbed it rather quickly as my heart rate was through the roof.

'It never seemed to stop, somehow I just went from yelling to fooling around with them. How the hell did that happen? I don't know, but I've seemed to won. She played her cards and I came out on top.'

"Shit, I'm gonna pop again, Quinn."

She immediately took her head back and positioned her breasts right under his pecker. "Saturate these melons you love so much," she ordered him, lifting them up a bit.

As much as I wanted to just view the odd spectacle, I rose up with him and smooched his cheek. I didn't say anything, I just rubbed his ass and my slit as I leaned my head onto his shoulder.

"Son of a bitch," he moaned before he delivered his first shot of his seed onto her glorious rack.

"There is that white stuff, step son, let me have it all."

"Yes, give the slut what she wants, Ted."

He doled a couple more full shots and then a half one.

"Damn, I'm in heaven," he said before he descended down to the floor.

"That was hot, Quinn," I muttered, lowering myself to my knees.

I came to her and kissed her once.

"I know," she agreed, prior to pushing me down.

She scanned my body. "Holy shit, you are exquisite, Sherry," she praised me, getting down onto her knees.

She leaned down to my pussy and placed her flat palm right onto it. "Wow, what a wet twat," she commended me, rubbing it slowly.

After another pleasurable moment, she brought her extra soft lips down to my slit. Her tongue made it's through her lips and gave my lips a single lick.

"Oh, I liked that, Quinn, you better not be teasing me," I giggled, getting up onto my elbows.

"I do enjoy pussy every now and then, young bitch," she assured me, enveloping her arms around my legs.

She stuck her tongue directly in between my lips and my smile abruptly vanished. "I guess that's not teasing, Quinn," I moaned, with my legs vibrating. "That's pure pleasure you are delivering to me now," I said slowly before I closed my eyes.

Her tongue moved around quite lazily for a couple minutes as I put all my might into containing myself.

'You are sweating and have a fast heartbeat too, so just relax and try not to take off like a rocket. She is making me feel good, but I still hate her.'

The top half of my body involuntarily just began moving back and forth going towards her. I clenched my fists and bit my top lip as well. She held me rather tight, but so far I had managed to not to jiggle around too much. Her tongue ventured in a little deeper and she instantly poked at my g-spot.

I peeked over at him. 'Oh, the asshole is back up on his knees and jacking it now, how classy is that?'

"Why don't you let me see you fuck her, Ted? Screw her doggie style and make her moan. Cheat on me a little more, jackass," I proposed to him, glancing at him.

"Fuck you too, witch," he replied, getting down onto his knees.

He positioned himself right behind her and stuck his schlong right into her slit.

"Oh, Sherry, I'm not sorry, because I love that cock, it is so big. He knows just how to thrill me with it too."

"I don't give a flying fuck, get back to eating my pussy, cunt," I ordered her, placing my hands onto her head.

I had her head come right back to my twat as he began thrusting his manhood in and out of her cherry. Her tongue slid right back into my lips down there and she took them right into her mouth as well.

"Oh, shit on a stick, Ted, I hate to admit it, but your step mom is a wonderful woman. I can't be that pissed off, at least you picked a beyond beautiful woman that knows how to fuck another woman," I moaned, caressing her head.

I brought my lips in between my teeth and gently bit down onto them. 'Shit, she is a beauty, there is no doubt about that, but that fucker still cheated. Maybe I should just let it go, fuck, I don't know. I just know that she is gratifying the shit out of me.'

"I'm sorry, babe, but you can see how ravishing and sexual she is. No one could possibly resist her, not even you in due time that is," he mentioned, leaning down onto her. "I still love you, Sherry."

"I know, you dumb moron," I moaned through my teeth. "Just shut the fuck already and finish fucking your hot step mom."

"Yes, hussy," he bitched back, arching his back up.

"Play nice you two, I don't want you two getting back together as you are both pissed off."

He placed his palms flat on her butt and then her pointer and middle fingers slipped right into my twat.

She began thrusting them a bit. "Shit, Sherry, is it just me or are you turned on?"

"Damn it, Quinn! If you are gonna fuck me, then fuck me, harlot!" I wailed, hitting the floor with both hands.

"I will fuck you, tart!" she yelled before she dug her fingers as deep as they would go and sucked my lips into her mouth.

I layed flat on my back and clenched my fists. "Yes, that's what I'm talking about!" I laughed.

'I have a giant wet spot forming right under my body and my nerves are shot to hell. Somehow, this is the best and worst day of my life. They just collided together for some odd reason.'

Then after a few minutes of her tongue bouncing around nonstop off my pussy walls, it slid right onto my labia and went up and down a few times.

"Oh, shit, Quinn!" I screeched.

As if she just pressed the 'Cum now' button, my lady juice came flying out at her face like a waterfall.

"Shit!" I yelped as the juice just kept going for about ten seconds.

I twitched around and smiled the whole time. My feet also beat the floor as well.

After I was done, I took in a deep breath and just layed back. "Crap, that was fucked up, yet quite great too," I whispered, stretching out.

"Hey, are you ready for another shot, Quinn?"

"You bet your ass I am," she replied, leaning up.

She turned around and positioned her face right in front of his rod.

"No, don't you dare splash her face, Ted."

"Come on, its the last time I'll get him to do it, so shut it, Sherry."

"Oh, fuck yes, Quinn, here you go," he moaned one second before his white stuff came shooting out of his cock. "Oh, crud, I'm getting your face."

"What the hell, Ted?!" I snapped, getting up onto my feet. "I fucking told you not to cum on her face. What part of that didn't you grasp?" I asked, putting my palms out.

"I'm sorry, babe, it just happened," he confessed, catching his breath.

Then they both went down and cuddled together.

I just stood there with raised eyebrows and my hands out. "What the fuck? Are you two seriously pretending I'm not here? Ted, are you cuddling with her right after you did the one thing I told you not to do?"

"I guess, I'm sorry. You splattered her face a minute ago, so I did it too. What else do you want me to say?"

I put my hands onto my face and rubbed it for a minute. "Not a damn thing, Ted," I answered before I uncovered my face. "Not a motherfucking thing," I said, grabbing my clothes.

"What are you doing?" he asked, getting onto his feet. "We just had sex one more time, so now we can be together."

"Well, considering your lack of respect for me," I pointed out, slipping into my panties. "I'm gonna walk away," I informed him before I peeked at her. "You can keep him, or at least give him to your daughter. She loves him and isn't married," I told her, clasping my bra.

I got dressed as no one else said a word.

As I was completely dressed, I looked back at him. "Just tell me this: what is it about her that attracts you to her so much more than Nadine or me? We both deserve an answer."

He just looked at me and failed to utter a word.

"Is it because she is wrapped in a sexier package?" I asked after we just stared for a moment. "You really don't know, do you?"

Then I slanted my head down. "Maybe that's it, Nadine just couldn't figure it out, so she resorted to fucking your dad," I theorized before I leaned my head back up. "Do you think so?"

"I don't know, Sherry. Just please don't leave," he pleaded, walking to me.

"Just don't, Ted," I objected, putting my palms up towards my head. "If you wanted to be with me, then you'd be with me," I let him know, putting them back down.

I stayed quiet for a few more seconds. "I could deal with you having sex with her once because of a fantasy. Although, you fucking her multiple times is just pure cheating, you back stabbing piece of shit. You obviously made your choice before I busted you two, so goodbye," I cried before I opened the door.

I ambled out the door.

"No, please don't cry, sweetie," he said, following me.

"Get the fuck away from me!" I screamed, peeking back at him. "Just keep sticking it to her and fuck up her marriage, you nimrod! Don't call, show up at my place or contact me in any form ever again!" I yelled, marching to the front door.

I opened the door and walked out. "You were right, Nadine," I informed her, stopping in front of her. "They were having sex."

"I know," she mumbled.

"It was a bitchy move hooking up with his dad, but I get it. Revenge sex is hot."

"Yes, it is," she whispered, with her head down a bit.

"What's wrong with you, why are you rubbing your stomach and murmuring?"

"It is nothing, so are you two done then?"

"Yes, and I have no idea why he wants your mom over us," I cried, closing the gap between us.

"I'm sorry, Sherry, but you are a sweet woman that deserved to know."

"I know, and believe it or not, I was going to ask you if you'd be willing to experiment with me at some point. You are astonishingly pretty," I chuckled before I placed my hands onto her butt. "Whether it is a woman or a man, you'll find someone great," I let her know before I kissed her for ten seconds.

"Maybe it is Hank, who knows? Maybe I'll try pussy for a little while, but thank you for telling me, Nadine. It was a hell of a lot more honest than Ted was. Stay bitchy, but sweet," I advised her, prior to heading to my car.

"Goodbye, Sherry," she said, peeking back at me.

"Goodbye, Nadine," I replied, looking at her and opening my door.

I blew her a kiss, left and never looked back.