Danny and Stacey Go Swinging

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04 Feb. '16

"Okay, we've talked and talked. Are we going to do this, or is it going to be too stressful, love?"

Danny was looking questioningly at his one true love and wife, the adorable Stacey with the beautiful brown hair and the small but perky breasts, as she was slowly putting on and then taking off her make-up. She was sitting in front of her dressing mirror and her shoulders were slightly slumping.

"Danny, we made our decision. I'm just thinking, that's all, love. Let me get myself ready, okay. Just go away for a few, right?"

So Danny, with confidence in his step went into the next room and opened a beer. It wouldn't be his last tonight, but it was his first, and he savored the flavor along with the anticipation of something new and exciting in his life. He walked over to the window, looked out at the Dublin skyline, and relished the thought of what was to come. The lights were bright and so was the future.

After a few, Stacey came out, wearing a short, satiny looking skirt with pastel patterns, and a contrasting blouse of white silk, which was cut low enough to allow some tempting cleavage to emerge. Her feet were wearing the "fuck-me" high-heels Danny preferred, showing off her strong calves and perfect knees. Anyone would want to continue up and see what the thighs were offering.

Danny, with his characteristic nonchalance, had opted for a simple white t-shirt under a jacket, and khaki trousers and slip on shoes. All in anticipation of the coming night.

They shared a smile, and then kissed. Love was there and was not going to be compromised by the evening's events. They walked out arm in arm towards the beginning of a new life-style, a fun and exciting addition to an already happy life for two young people in their twenties just starting out in the world.

It was late spring in Ireland, and the air was filled with the odors of the blossoms and fresh new growth. They opted to walk to their friends' flat just a few blocks away. It was warming up outside. One must take advantage of the nice weather when it came. Besides, they were working up an appetite for the coming evening.

It had been decided through intense consultation between Danny and Stacey, and between Wendy and Steve, the couple they were visiting, that tonight would be different. The two couples had decided to take their friendship to a new level. It had seemed so much simpler to try this with just two couples. Maybe later, some other day, they would add more people. Who knew? Tonight was a beginning not a finale.

When they arrived at Wendy's and Steve's place they all touched cheeks in greetings. Stacey and Danny were shown into the living room. Their hosts had placed a buffet out on the sideboard. It looked delicious and, after having drinks handed out all around, they all began to serve themselves and settle down on the large chairs and sofa to eat buffet style. Informal and comfortable.

Everyone was enjoying the conversation and the scrumptious food that had been provided. The evening was beginning with an ease and comfort that was quite disarming to Stacey. She had lost all of her nervousness very quickly. She was now looking forward to the rest of the evening. She gave Wendy and Steve broad smiles, and Danny, looking on, felt his manhood starting to grow a little harder in anticipation.

When everyone had their fill of the food, and still had drinks at their elbows, Wendy gathered up all the dishes, waving off Stacey's offer of help. The dishes were simply taken to the small kitchen area, placed in the sink, and dismissed, to be taken care of later. More important things were about to happen.

Wendy took the initiative. She'd always been the bold one, with her ginger hair in short curls framing her freckled face. Her body was pixie-like but her breasts stood up proudly in her flowered blouse. Her legs were Irish pale and curvaceous. She'd been a step dancer and it showed. She went over to Danny's chair and placed her plump arse in his lap.

At the same time, Steve moved over on the sofa he had been sharing with Stacey. He carefully embraced her and looked into her eyes. His were twinkling and he had a broad grin on his lips. His blond hair was long and parted on the left. He tossed it back out of his eyes and moved to give Stacey a little kiss on her carmine lips. He was just a tad heavier than Danny but slightly shorter. His kiss was soft and non-threatening.

Meanwhile, Wendy, after glancing over at her husband and Stacey, started making out with Danny. She wasn't slow and tender like Steve. She was hungrily pushing her tongue into Danny's mouth. She had been looking forward to this for days and she was already starting to cream in her knickers.

Steve confirmed that Stacey was more than willing to go further by pushing his hand up her satin skirt and feeling her wet knickers. She was ready to have some fun. More than ready. She began to press her pussy up against his hand. She was also giving his mouth a workout. She loved to kiss and she was enjoying making out with Steve. He was a good kisser.

Danny was mauling Wendy's large tits and feeling her nipples getting harder and harder. He had one arm and hand around her shoulders, holding her close to kiss her pink lips and nuzzle her neck and his other hand started undoing her buttons to get to her breasts. She had not worn a bra tonight. That would've only been getting in the way of the fun.

As Danny felt up Wendy's tits Steve was doing the same to Stacey. He removed her blouse. She had worn a bra because they had been outside but it came off quickly and his mouth went to her nipples, sucking and making them as red and hard as rubies. She was moaning with lust and anticipation of more to come. All the while Steve was working a finger into her shaven pussy. He easily found her G-spot and she couldn't help actually leaking her cream all over his hand. He took it up to his mouth and licked it clean. Then he grinned again.

Wendy had pulled down Danny's zipper and fished his cock out. It was hard, of course. It had been since she plopped her arse on his lap. She had to move aside to get to it. Quickly she got on her knees on the floor between his legs and began licking and sucking on his cock. She glanced over to Steve, gave him an unspoken signal, and started licking Danny's balls as she stroked his length.

Steve immediately got down on his knees between Stacey's legs, pushed up her skirt and nibbled on her thighs causing her to giggle uncontrollably. Then he moved up, grasped her knickers and pulled them completely off with a quick, well-practiced move. Then he hastily moved up and began working on her pussy. Her shaven quim was wet and glistening with pussy juice and he nibbled softly on her labia. He took both hands and made her little clit pop out so he could suck on it. Her moaning got louder and cream dribbled from her pulsing slit.

At the same time Danny had grasped Wendy's ginger curls and was now fucking her face. She was taking his cock deep into her throat. She was gagging a little but was game to take it all. In fact she wanted to take all his cum down her into her wide open mouth. She loved the taste of cum. As Danny heard Stacey start to squeal with her orgasmic squeal he began to pump his sperm down into Wendy's open mouth. She took it all. And Steve was sucking all the pussy juice that Stacey was producing for his after dinner dessert.

Wendy had creamed while eating and sucking cock but Steve had yet to shoot his wad. He'd eaten Stacey's pussy so now it was only fair that he get to fuck it. Danny didn't mind. That was what the whole evening was about. Getting Stacey into swinging and beginning their new sexual career.

They had all been very intimate with each other. They finally got to the point where they were completely, totally naked. Danny was trim, about five feet eight inches, and Steve was slightly shorter and stouter, but fit. Wendy still had her ginger pussy hair to match her head curls, had dancer legs, and 36 D breasts. Stacey was five feet four inches with pretty brown hair but her pussy was shaved tonight. She had sweet, perky breasts and her legs were lovely. They all enjoyed the view of each other for a moment and then they began to have more sensual fun.

Steve took Stacey in his arms and then moved her over to the sofa again. This time he gently placed her on the sofa with her elbows on the sofa's arm, exposing her fanny from behind as well as giving him room on the sofa to move behind her with his fat cock, short but broad, ready to ream some Stacey cooze.

Danny tossed some chair cushions on the floor and told Wendy to get down and present her derriere to him. Steve had told him that Wendy loved it in her pucker hole. She never failed to cum hard and long when arse-fucked. Danny was more than game. He put on a condom just to stay clean but he was about to fuck some Wendy arse.

While Danny put a condom on to stay sanitary, Steve slipped one on to just be safe. He leaned forward and Stacey started to shiver in anticipation of being fucked by someone other than her husband for the first time since their marriage. It was so brilliant and she couldn't help looking forward to it. Steve put the mushroom head of his prick at her pussy and slowly pushed in. Slowly and gently. He knew this was a turning point for Stacey.

At the same time Danny was trying to jam his longer cock into Wendy and she was pushing back, wanting more and more. She loved every kind of fucking you could name. Danny was starting slow but he began thrusting harder and faster until he was like a damned fucking machine. Her arse opened wider to take it faster and faster. And she had been creaming since he first entered her.

Steve's wide cock spread apart Stacey's pussy lips more than she was used to but she took him easily and happily. She always had enjoyed being fucked from behind. She was so wet that he could enter her fast and hard. Faster and faster he fucked his friend's wife humping his hips and working on her pussy, grunting and expressing his need. And she was loving it. Steve had not cum yet tonight, and he was not going too cum fast. He'd wanted to fuck Stacey for years. Finally he was getting the prize. He wasn't about to do this with too much haste. Fucking Stacey was the only thing on his mind now and he kept thrusting as she moaned with desire and pleasure.

Both women were creaming around the cock fucking them. It made it easier for Danny to screw Wendy and for Steve to screw Stacey. It made it easier and more pleasurable for everyone. Stacey was moaning with passion and Wendy was almost screaming from the arse-fucking Danny was giving her. At last both men came. Danny, because he had already squirted down Wendy's mouth, only came a little, and slowly withdrew. Wendy whimpered in disappointment at the loss of cock.

But Steve had not shot any spunk yet and he was totally hosing Stacey's cunt with about a pint of cum, or so it seemed to Stacey, who felt it pulsing as it filled the condom. When he pulled his cock out and her honey flowed down her thighs. Steve got down and licked her swollen pussy, and tickling her winking pucker with his tongue for good luck. He was one pussy eating lover.

The two couples slowly rose from their sexual positions and they went to their respective spouses. Both couples embraced with love and respect and joy at the fulfillment of their long desired wishes. Then they all, without shame at their nakedness, sat together on the sofa. Stacey on Danny's lap and Wendy on Steve's lap. They snuggled and gave each other soft, loving kisses.

They remained that way for about fifteen minutes, chatting and just enjoying their closeness, then Danny said to Wendy, "Sweetie, would you like to lick some pussy?" Wendy grinned. She was such a little sex-pot. Steve hopped up and Danny put Stacey back down on the sofa. "Honey, you're getting so much cunt-lapping you'll remember this night forever." Then Wendy, with her tits hanging down and her arse in the air, started slowly licking up and down on Stacey's quivering pussy. Wendy loved muff-diving, although tonight the muff was cleanly shaved.

Steve, having shot earlier in Stacey's pussy with a condom was going to fuck his own wife bare-back now. He got on his knees and, with the ease of long practice with this well used pussy, he rammed it into Wendy and began thrusting and thrusting in rhythm with Wendy's licking and sucking of Stacey's swollen pussy.

Danny had squirted twice tonight. But this night was special. He had started to harden again watching Steve fuck Wendy and Wendy suck Stacey. He moved over to the side and began to jerk off. Slowly at first but faster as Steve fucked faster and faster. At last Steve groaned, and began pouring his cum into his wife's pussy, leaking out around his cock. And Stacey threw her head back and wailed as Wendy tongue fucked her.

Danny had worked up a cum and he started squirting on his wife's tits. It was hot cum and she looked up into his eyes with adoration. He came and then he stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked him dry. The evening was a swinging success. It would happen again.


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