Truth or Dare

Info Sorseress
07 Jun. '17



“What?! No way I’m doing that! No way…”

Will’s voice trailed off as he started pacing up and down the snow-covered pathway. He ran a shaking hand through his tousled blond curls, and I suppressed a chuckle. The bad boy I had known all my life was gone; for a second, he looked like a scared little boy. One that took my breath away every time I looked at him, but still, just a scared little thing. His mask shattered to a million pieces, just like that. All it took was a simple dare. Maybe he wasn’t that carefree after all. Or maybe he cared too much, I wasn’t able to tell. I couldn’t help but hope the latter was true though. I had had a major crush on him since high school. And that was ten years ago now. Either way, I was going to find out tonight. That was the only reason I had suggested this stupid game after his truck broke down. We were in the middle of nowhere, and quite conveniently (for me), we had found an abandoned cabin in the woods. What a way to spend the holidays! I let out a sigh, approaching him with a bright smile on my quivering lips. That was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

“William, you know, a dare is a dare.”

And it wasn’t like I had asked him to jump off a roof, or something. Although, judging by his expression, I could have bet that he assumed his task was no less dangerous. Well, he might have been right about that, but he didn’t need to know it. Not yet anyway. He looked down at me, and his amber eyes searched my face for any clues that I might be kidding. Now, that made me forget my previous desire to laugh at him, and I just stood there, my blue eyes captured by his intense gaze. I shivered, wishing that he would kiss me already. What was he waiting for? I dared him to do that, and now he was hesitating. Didn’t he want me as much as I wanted him? Was I mistaken all those years?

We weren’t kids anymore, and Will showed every sign of being fond of me the last couple of months. Maybe the attraction was always there, I just ignored it. Both of us did. I definitely saw it in his eyes countless times. And God, did I feel it, too? I was smitten by the Greek God that was towering above me, standing shirtless in the snow. His amber eyes shot sparks of fire in my direction, but not sparks of anger, no. They were filled with lust, and also something I couldn’t decipher. Someone had to take the first step. And it certainly wasn’t going to be me. I had already indicated what I wanted. I had dared him to kiss me. So, what was the problem?

He shook his head suddenly, turning his back on me. Guess how furious that made me feel? He wasn’t giving me his two cents, and now he outright ignored me, as if I didn’t exist. And I couldn’t do anything to stop it. What the hell? I let out a tiny whimper, watching intently as he walked away from me, the muscles in his ripped back flex with his every move as he put a much needed space between us. Much needed? Who was I kidding? I would have wanted nothing more than to get rid of all the space between us, and until that moment I was sure he felt the same. What changed? His voice was a husky whisper when he finally addressed me, still from a safe distance:

“Scarlet, you know I can’t do that.”

Oh, no, you won’t come with this crap, not tonight. That did it for me. Before I knew what I was doing, I took a step towards my “friend”, ignoring the ice-cold snow under my bare feet, and asked silently, placing a hand on Will’s shoulder:

“Why not? Don’t you want to?”

I was still hoping for something along the lines of ‘hell yes’, or ‘don’t be silly, of course I want to kiss you, what kiss?! I want to fuck you senseless’, but instead, my beloved friend didn’t say a word. Not even a single one. And that hurt me more than the snow could. I had been burnt by guys like Will before, but never like this. I never had to pursue a guy, because they came knocking on my door. What knocking? They would climb through the window, break down the door (yep, that happened twice). One even tried to hop into my apartment like Santa and wanted to decide whether I was due on the naughty or the nice list. Go figure. But that was beside the point here. What made Will so rigid that he wouldn’t even give me two minutes of his life?

I surely deserved more? He had watched all those guys try to get into my panties, never realizing that all I ever wanted was him. True, I might have encouraged a guy or two to take the next step towards my bedroom, but only when I knew Will would be watching. I wanted him to be jealous, to claim me to be his. But, so far, all he had done was give me the silent treatment whenever I fucked another guy.

Up until now I would bite the bullet. As long as they kept me warm at night, I didn’t mind. But tonight wasn’t one of those nights. And besides, they never curled my toes. Ever. I wasn’t sure Will would either, but as I was yet to experience a proper orgasm with a guy, he was my best shot. He was gorgeous, and as I said, I have had a crush on him for a very long time. Maybe he was the reason why I could never cum with another man. They just weren’t good enough.

But then again, I wasn’t that fast at claiming my prize, either. What if Will would prove to be just as bad as my previous lovers? There were no guarantees that he fucked the way he looked, right? But I got to a point where I didn’t care. I wanted him, and I was fed up of sneaking out into the bathroom and pleasuring myself anytime a guy screwed me. I heard that this wasn’t the way to go, and it didn’t feel right, either.

My feet started to hurt, which brought me back to reality. And it was as cold as ice. Why didn’t Will want me? I thought I looked pretty decent, and I had seen his erection many times before when he looked at me secretly. God, he was turned on now, I could tell. I had everything I needed to get to him, and I refused to give up. Will’s primal sigh told me that he was going to change his mind, but suddenly he strolled through the garden and disappeared inside, before I could say ‘apple pie’. A pang of anger rushed through my core. How dare he ignore me - again? How dare he walk away?

Our relationship (if you can call it that) hadn’t always been easy, but he had never done this to me before. Ever. Even tonight, he had dared me to take off my boots, hence I was standing on the frozen cobblestones practically naked. At least that’s what it felt like. I decided to follow the traitor inside, when I spotted a grinning garden gnome peeking out from underneath the thick blanket of snow. I rolled my eyes, then placing my hand on the red tip of its cap I pushed. And then I pushed harder, slowly sinking the porcelain figure into the ground.

You messed with the wrong messed-up woman, dwarf.

I thought, huffing and puffing while running the remaining distance to the cabin. A fireplace was waiting for me inside, as well as a purring Persian cat. Oh, and a probably very angry Will. I was planning on concentrating on the first two and ignoring the latter. I was so glad I brought Perry with me. At least my cat would give me company until my brother comes to rescue us tomorrow. Little did I know that our naughty truth or dare game was nowhere near over yet…





I looked out of the window, contemplating my options. I could rush back outside, jump into my car and drive far, far away from Scarlet. Of course I could have done that. But then she would realize that I lied. Nothing was wrong with the truck, and we weren’t lost. But how could I explain my reasons? And yet, running away would have been the sensible thing to do. Run and never look back. I could forget about the way her cute pink lips curled upwards when she smiled, I could even ignore the way her blue eyes tempted me.

And those curves! Those were mine to explore, I knew that. So, what was the problem? She had even dared me to kiss her. And yes, there was my other option. To kiss the woman I had wanted ever since I knew what sex was and how to do it. The only problem was that I never got to do it with her.

And sure, this time it could end with an innocent kiss. Not that I truly believed that my second option would be only that. I wasn’t naïve, and I could feel the heat rise between us, especially when those eyes bore into mine like crystal daggers of passion. A shiver ran through me, but not because of the cold. I watched as the little witch took her rage out on a snowman-wannabe gnome, and I couldn’t help but imagine those hands press down on the tip of something else instead. My cock twitched in my cargo pants in response, and I knew that I was a lost cause. A sigh escaped my lips and I bit down on the lower one – hard. Not that the pain helped, on the contrary. It only intensified my longing for her touch. Why was I still resisting?

I didn’t want to go there. Okay, I did, but I couldn’t. Well, if I really thought about it, I could have, but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. Scarlet was the little sister of my best friend, a friend who was coming to rescue us tomorrow. It might have sounded silly, but to me, it seemed appropriate to ask for my friend’s blessing, before… Well, how exactly was I going to tell Tom that I was about to fuck his little sister senseless? True, she might have been twenty-five, but I knew how protective Tom could be. I was surprised he let me carry out my little plan. Of course, I carefully emitted the tiny detail about me wanting to have my way with her. As far as Tom was concerned, this was all about taking care of her and teaching her a lesson. So that she could forget me. But shit would hit the fan when he found out my true intentions. Even though I wanted more than just one night, my life was on the line here. And I couldn’t blame my friend, especially if he ever saw the way Scarlet looked at me. If two people could have sex with their eyes, we would have had a thousand orgasms by now.

The sudden slamming of the front door made me jump. I vaguely heard the cat hiss, then continue his purring mission as he realized that the angry bird was actually his owner. I had to think fast, and come up with something plausible, preferably before I had to turn and face my sexy tormentor. Scarlet beat me to it though, jumping in front of me, folding her arms in front of her ample breasts. I could feel my cock swell instantly, and I could only hope she didn’t notice. Her blue eyes were colder than the ice I had just walked on, and suddenly her auburn curls looked like the venomous snakes on Medusa’s head.

“Are you gay?”

Scarlet pouted, searching my face for an answer. Was she seriously asking me? By the time I recovered from my initial shock, and the penny dropped, she was already on my case, poking me in the chest as she said:

“You must be. There is no other explanation. You have been looking at me like you wanted to rip my clothes off, and now you won’t even…”

I didn’t let her finish the sentence, catching her poking finger halfway, and pulling her flash against my chest. Enough was enough. She let out a gasp, forgetting her next insult. I smirked at her, tracing lazy circles on her lower back with my fingers, then grabbing her bum and squeezing gently, thus pulling her even closer. I could feel her hard nipples press against my muscular chest. I had lost my shirt during a previous dare, but I didn’t mind. Not at all. I only wished I had the guts to dare her to do the same.

For a moment, both of us were listening to the quiet purr of the cat, the humming of the fire in the fireplace, and the ticking of the clock. Then, when I couldn’t mask my erection any longer, I leaned close to Scarlet’s ear and nuzzled it gently.

“You were saying?”

She let out a soft moan, leaning into my touch eagerly.


This was all she could say, and I knew she wanted me. And I wanted her, God only knew how much. My conscience was battling with my primal nature, and the latter was winning. Part of me didn’t mind. I could think about the consequences later. And if I didn’t mean as much to Scarlet as she meant to me, then this little affair would stay between us. I felt strange having to lie to my best friend, but then I wasn’t able to lie to myself anymore. I wanted Tom’s little sister, and she was a grown woman now, one that was ready to make her own choices. And if I was right, tonight she chose me.

“Damn it, Scarlet.”

She opened her dreamy crystal eyes and looked at me in shock, moments before my lips sealed hers in a hungry kiss. I poured all of my anger, frustration, desire and lust into this single kiss. I wanted to hold back, to go gentle on the woman I loved, but I wasn’t able to. My heart took control, and more notably, my cock. They were in agreement that I should take her right there in front of the fireplace. My mind tried to protest, but the argument got lost when Scarlet returned my kiss, opening up her soft pink lips to me.

She was willing to give me all of her, and I was a weak man. I wasn’t sure who was seducing whom, but right then it didn’t matter. Her hands were roaming on my bare chest, and I was exploring her soft curves underneath her grey cotton T-shirt. This was better than any of my dreams, much better. In fact, it was bordering unbelievable. Was she even real?






I knew I couldn’t be angry with the Greek God for long. Not when he looked at me the way he did, showing off his cute dimples and the amber spots in his golden eyes. Neither could I resist the way he said my name. His voice was so erotic, it made love to all my senses. Dark, seductive and sinful, the perfect combination. It suited him, and the way my name rolled off those luscious lips made me want to do crazy things.

I tried to resist when he pulled me close, I really did. Why? Because I was still mad at him, and also because it was unexpected. He had been acting so cold, and now, all of a sudden, he was touching me. In all the right places, I must add.

A shiver ran along my spine, and when his mood changed, all I could do was gasp. And when he kissed me? My insides melted and burned with an ice-cold fire, all at the same time. I was sure as hell I would get a cold or something worse, considering that I had been walking in the snow for at least five minutes barefoot. But none of that mattered now.

Will was kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Could he have meant it? That didn’t matter, either. I wanted him, and I wasn’t about to reject what he had offered. Hell no! I was going to take it, even if it wasn’t offered on a silver platter, or willingly. Maybe he was only doing it for fun, or because I had dared him to kiss me. But I didn’t care at this point. I had wanted him for too long, and tonight wasn’t one of those nights when a substitute would do.

I let out a sigh and kissed him back, pouring all of my soul into the motion, hoping that it would be enough to take this a step further. I didn’t want romance, although with Will, I would be happy to do anything. I would even go to the end of the world, if he wished, just to prove my love and devotion. But I knew that this was only a kiss. A kiss that could lead to passionate sex (and if it was up to me, it would), but might not be more than that. So, I had to utilize my time. I might not get another chance.

Will moaned into my mouth, his hands squeezing my bum. I could already feel the oh-so-longed-for feeling of anticipation deep inside my belly, the desire to be devoured and worshipped. All those nights of longing were now finally over, the man of my dreams was at arm’s reach, kissing me fervently. I became bolder by the minute, and as I could feel his erection press onto my upper thigh, I snuggled even closer, making him gasp.

I felt encouraged, sexy and wanted. I was no longer Tom’s little sister, but the woman Will wanted. And this made me feel powerful. I knew that I was finally in control. I didn’t know how, but I had achieved this much. And it was bloody time I did! I have no idea where I got the courage (or the nerves) from, but I broke the kiss, dropped to my knees and glanced up at Will seductively. His amber-gold eyes narrowed, and a vein ticked on his forehead. Was he nervous?

“Can I take this off?”

I purred, placing my fingers on his belt, tugging lightly. He hissed and the amber turned a shade darker, but he shook his head.

“No, Scarlet, you can’t.”

My previous anger and frustration was returning, but right now I didn’t care. I played my trump card. A game is a game, after all.

“I dare you to let me take your pants off.”

My voice trailed off at the last words, and I’m sure my cheeks turned beetroot-red. But I wasn’t one to give up. I was practically begging him to fuck me, and he still shook his blond curls. What the hell? I might have wanted to bury my hands in them, but right now all I wanted was yank at them. Hard. He smiled, obviously enjoying my confusion.

“Nope. Ah-ah.”

The idea to kick him where it hurts most was way too tempting to ignore. Unfortunately he grabbed my leg mid-air, so my death-blow didn’t connect with his groin. It did send me flying across the hard wooden floor though. I landed on my bum. It hurt, maybe even more than my ego or his rejection. Fine, if he didn’t want me, then I was leaving. Fuck the snow and the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere, in an abandoned cabin in the woods. Sod it, I was going. Not even bothering to look back, or to put on my boots, I ran for the door and opened it. The wind hit me in the face, hard. Was I mad and humiliated enough to venture outside? The answer was simple. Yes, I was. With all the strength I could master, I stepped onto the snow-covered cobblestones. Here goes nothing.






Damn this woman, one day she will be the death of me. And that someday might just turn out to be today. I shouldn’t have doubted her. Nope. She was ready to jump and probably freeze to death. And all that because I refused to sleep with her. If she only knew my reasons… What were my reasons, exactly? I let out a sigh, rolling my eyes at the same time. Of course, none of this registered with her, as she was eyeing the snowfall – and not from a safe distance, either.

I was behind her before she could go outside though. I might have been loyal to Tom, but I wasn’t stupid. He might even forgive me one day for screwing his sister, but he sure as hell would bite my head (or other precious parts of me) off should anything happen to Scarlet. I grabbed her waist, yanking her inside – gently in my opinion. She didn’t agree, kicking and screaming. Fortunately for me, one of her insults connected with the door, shutting it with a bang. One task less for me. The wiggling witch was troublesome enough. When she tried to bite my hand, I gave up.

“Scarlet, would you just listen to me for a second?”

She looked at me with those dagger-shooting icebergs once more, and I froze.

“You were saying?”

She mocked me, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Damn, why does she have to be so beautiful?

“I was saying, that it’s my turn.”

Her eyebrows furrowed, confusion clouding her pretty face. Obviously my joke didn’t register. I smirked.

“I mean, I kissed you, right?”

She blushed and I took a step closer. She no longer wanted to bolt (or kick or scream), and I was glad for that. I might even survive this. Another step and she was flush against the door.

“So, it means that I fulfilled my dare, didn’t I?”

I could see the wheels turn in her cute little head, and when the penny dropped, a tempting smile formed on her pink lips. Damn, all I could think about was to kiss her again, but now that I had her full attention, I wanted to make it count. It might have been her idea to play truth or dare initially, and I might have dreaded every minute of it at first, but now I was in. Big time. As they say, two can play at this game.

“What did you have in mind?”

She asked, the ice in her eyes melting slowly, and my pulse quickening at the same time. I couldn’t let my excitement or my shyness show, so I tried to calm my voice as much as I could.

“Okay, I dare you to take your bra off.”

The rush of adrenaline blinded me for a second, and I was afraid I would get a heart attack from the way her crystal eyes were staring at me. Was she shocked? Curious? Aroused? All of those?

I never got to learn which, as she reached behind her back, slid her hands up her grey cotton T-shirt and fiddled around for a second, her eyes never leaving mine. I heard something break, but it might have been her undoing the clasp. My senses were heightened, so I could have misinterpreted the signs. But I was sure as hell that I saw the black lace push-up dangling from her fingers. The only problem was that she was still wearing her T-shirt. Damn this woman, she tricked me. As if sensing my frustration, she said, smirking wickedly:

“Well, well, if you want some real action, ask properly next time.”

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t find the words. Touché. She was right, as always. I let out a sigh, hopefully making her aware that I was ready for the next dare, then placed my hands on the door, on either side of her face, leaning close to kiss her. But before my lips could connect with her soft skin, she ducked and slid away, laughing.

“I thought you wanted to play?”

She asked, while backing towards the rug that lay in front of the fireplace. As if on cue, her fluffball got up and left the room with a knowing ‘meow’. My eyebrow shot up, and I fired her own question back at her. All is fair in love and war.

“What did you have in mind?”

I asked, stopping a few feet away, waiting for her answer. She put a finger to her lips, as if in deep thought. But I knew she already figured out the next part of her plan. And I was about to find out exactly what that was.






He was beating around the bush, and I wasn’t having it. I know, it was better than before (way better, actually), but if he wanted something, he needed to come and get it. I wasn’t sure how long I could deny him what both of us wanted though, so I turned things up a notch.

“I dare you to touch them.”

I said as seductively as I could, leaving no doubt as to what I was referring to, showing him how to play this game properly. There was nothing he could misinterpret in this one. And he didn’t. He knew exactly what I meant, as his eyes darted towards my mounds. My nipples hardened in response, and I was sure my toes curled, too. And he hadn’t even touched me yet. Okay, he had, and the memory of that one mind-boggling kiss haunted me.

He nodded, taking a step closer. There was a naughty glint in his eyes, and a smirk on his lips. When he reached me, I sucked in a breath. Damn, he was a good kisser, and his touch was even more arousing. But he didn’t rush. He lazily lifted up a hand, tracing circles around my nipples. The only problem was that he was doing that through my T-shirt. I gasped nonetheless, as his expert touch felt like I was hit by a truck, or by lightning, or by something equally destroying. And yet here I was, wanting to be destroyed. Over and over again.

“What are you doing?”

The words left my mouth and I bit my lower lip, my eyes rolling back involuntarily as he started squeezing my sensitive tits.

“What does it feel like I’m doing?”

He countered, nuzzling my neck. Then he added in a husky tone, one that was followed by a bite and a chuckle:

“I’m completing my dare, of course.”

I pushed him away, becoming furious once again.

“Yeah, I get that, but why through my T-shirt?”

His amber gaze made my heart melt and my panties drench, but I ignored both for now. He bit down on my neck again, scolding me:

“You weren’t specific enough.”

Damn this guy and his habit of using my own weapon against me. He was going to pay for this. I snuggled closer, then replied, not even trying to hide the disappointment and frustration from my tone:

“You want specific? Fine. Is this specific enough for you?”

I asked, grabbing his cock through his pants. His breathing hitched and he glanced down at my hands, as if I had committed treachery to the crown just by holding his jewels. I squeezed gently, and his erection moved against my hand, fitting in it perfectly.

“Now it’s your turn to dare me.”

I added, beginning to stroke up and down his length. He closed those amber eyes for a second, steadying himself with his palms on the wall. I knew I was threading on dangerous grounds, but I didn’t care. I wanted Will, and I was going to get him. He looked into my eyes for a second, then without further notice he reached down, grabbed the back of my legs, lifting them up and fastening them around his waist. I was no longer standing on the ground, but was basically in his arms (or rather all over him). I was shocked, but not enough to forget that I should hold on. Nobody had ever done this to me before, and I was surprised at the new ‘heights’ he was taking me to. Quite literally. His voice was music to my ears, as he lowered me down onto the rug.

“I will be more specific, too. I dare you to suck my cock while I lick your pussy. Is that straight-forward enough?”

I found it difficult to breath, and not just because he was towering over me. For a moment it felt like the flames from the fireplace were actually licking my skin and not the logs.

“You could say that.”

I hitched, before somehow managing to change positions with him. Don’t ask me how, but I did. But then again, he didn’t put up much of a fight, especially considering what he had dared me to do. He was specific alright, no problem there. But was I sure I wanted to consummate our passion this way? I was on top now, looking down at him, and we didn’t say a word for some time. Then he squeezed my bum, and smirked at me. That was it. In my defence, I heard that Eve fell for way less than that. I got up, but just long enough to get rid of the remaining of my clothes. Will did the same, and I looked at the menu hungrily. I wasn’t disappointed, not at all. He looked delicious, and I was about to taste him.






Oh boy, did this woman know what she was doing! If I had any doubts about her being all grown up before, now I was pretty convinced as her pink lips were wrapped around my cock tightly. I couldn’t see her face, only her gorgeous behind as it wiggled in front of my face. I had always been a fan of this position. What can I say? I love to look at a woman’s ass. Not to mention squeezing the tender flesh, or spanking it until it is nice and pink. I looked at her two round cheeks and her pink pussy lips, mesmerized by the motion they made every time I suckled her clit or licked my way up to her crack. In my mind’s eye, I could even see her other pink lips working their magic on my shaft. There was just something sexy about not being able to see it, just feel her delicate touch, while I was pleasuring her at the same time.

Scarlet moaned around my cock as I slipped a finger inside her dripping wetness, and I buried my face in her sweet folds. She tasted divine, and I wasn’t going to let anything ruin this moment. Although my cock didn’t agree with me on that yet again, and I could feel precum ooze out from the tip as she squeezed and gently bit down. I guess I deserved that for teasing her all these years. But then again, she was my best friend’s little sister. What was I supposed to do?

One of her hands was holding the base of my dick, while the other was massaging my balls and I found it hard to think or concentrate. But I wasn’t being lazy, either. My tongue had a life of its own, and so did my hands. Her sighs told me I was on the right track, and so was she. I feared there would be no more dares that night, and although I loved our little game, I was growing desperate for release. I involuntarily started bucking my hips, thus fucking her mouth when she increased her pace, and I fingered her pussy faster, too, while my thumb pressed down on her clit and I came up for air. I forgot whose turn it was in the dare, nor did I care. I wanted her, and there was no playing around anymore. I cleared my throat.

“Scarlet, I want you to straddle me. Now.”

It wasn’t a dare, it was a request. And an urgent one at that, and she knew it. And yet she continued sucking my cock, threatening to drive me over the edge any second. I hissed, closing my eyes. Bad idea.


I whispered, my whole body shaking. And that was when she hummed, her lips still around my cock. I lifted my head up, watching her cute auburn hair disappear as she bobbed down. Then up she went again. This was another bad idea. I called her name once more, knowing too well there wouldn’t be a third time. She finally let go of my shaft with a loud pop, and glanced back at me over her shoulder, grinning.

“Mmm, you are so tasty Will, I got a little distracted. You were saying?”

Oh the little minx…

I smacked her bum, pressing my thumb down on her clit. Now that she wasn’t fondling my cock, I could think clearly. Okay, semi-clearly. She let out a soft moan and I raised an eyebrow.

“Are you going to straddle me, or what?”

She laughed, and I rolled my eyes. Her laugh was a sound I could listen to all day, but right then I was getting desperate. I smacked her bum again a little harder, and it was her time to raise a perfectly-curved eyebrow.

“Well, well. You didn’t say it was a dare.”

I was about to reply, when she got up hastily, turned to face me, and before I knew it, she was sitting on my cock. The quickness of the motion, and the sudden change in the atmosphere nearly made me cum instantly. There was nothing sweet, nor innocent in our lovemaking. Nope. It was wild, rough and all-consuming. She placed her hands on either side of my hips to steady herself, and I helped by holding on to her boobs. I was a gentleman, after all. I couldn’t let her fall, could I? Soon her screams made the isolated cabin a really good idea. Not that I cared. Right then, I wanted the whole world to know that Scarlet was mine and mine alone. And that world included her brother, Tom, too.






I knew that the moment Will and I would ‘do it’, it would be epic. But boy, was I in for a shock when I first felt his dick inside my pussy! It felt huge in my mouth, but when I was straddling him, it slid right up to my… Well, you can imagine. It felt exquisite, and I was never so aroused in my entire life. Our passion consumed me, and before I knew it, I was screaming his name from the top of my lungs.

I wanted him to claim what I had wanted to offer for so long, but he let me set the pace. Another thing I wasn’t used to. He cared about my pleasure, and didn’t just want a quick jerk-off or a blowjob. That sixty-nine we shared! There are no words to describe how it felt. True, many guys had gone down on me before, but never like this. They never even found my G-spot. I’m sure if I had asked them where that was, they would tell me to go searching in the Himalaya or Hawaii, but certainly not on my body. Yep, I guess that pretty much sums it up.

But Will, he was different. As soon as he pushed a finger inside, he curled it upwards, knowing exactly what I needed, and how to make my knees buckle. My previous fears vanished. More than once. I didn’t think I had it in me, but he brought out my inner goddess to play. And boy, did I like that… My orgasm was earth-shattering, even better than the ones me and my vibrator experienced so many times. I was sure this was true love. Okay, at least it was mind-blowing sex.

Now I was spent, exhausted, but most of all: satisfied. Will was laying next to me, the sweet and salty scent of our lovemaking engulfing the rug and making my lips moisten. Both pairs.

Will drew lazy circles on my skin with those expert fingers, then gently interlaced them with mine. For a few minutes, neither of us spoke, we just laid there, almost motionless. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. He was so unpredictable, and that was partly why I loved him so much. Yes, I had loved Will since we were kids, and now I had proven it to him. He lifted our interlaced hands to his lips, then placed a kiss onto my left palm and looked deep into my eyes. The amber spots seemed to be glowing, and I was so proud of my achievement. Right then I knew this was right, even if we were doing it in secret.

“Are you up for a last dare?”

He asked, the wicked glint returning to his amber gaze. I nodded, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

I wondered how many times we would remember this little game of ours, or how many more times we would play. His eyes suggested plenty, but his words were so final. A last dare…

“Okay, here it goes. I dare you to call your brother.”

I blinked. And then I blinked again.

“Are you mad?”

I pulled my hand away, fear trickling down my spine. Tom would kill Will if he knew what we had done, and Will knew it, too. I was sure. But he got up and after a few heartbeats came back with my phone, then pressed it to my ear. I was sure that all the colour suddenly drained from my face. What was this, a sick joke? The familiar voice on the other end of the line made me cringe.

“Hey sis, what’s up?”

I bit back the urge to blurt out that Will’s dick, that’s ‘what was up’ my pussy. But what else could I say, really? What did Will want me to say? I looked at him for encouragement, and the bastard was laughing at my discomfort. When I shot ice-cold daggers his way, he thought better of it though and snatched my phone away, halloing into the cell. I wanted to be a little kid who could cover her ears and ignore what was going on around her, but I was out of luck. Will’s voice was clear and loud and impossible not to listen to. Even when he was talking to my brother, his voice made my insides melt.

“Listen, Tom, I have to tell you something.”

Will looked at me, and I gasped, shaking my head vehemently. But he ignored my pleading, and added:

“Actually, I want to ask you something.”

I thought I was going to faint. Will couldn’t continue, as he was interrupted by Tom. I couldn’t hear a thing, but it seemed like my brother was saying something ugly, as Will’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, while his face became white as chalk. Oh, no. No, no, no. My brother knew, but how?

“Sure, right away.”

That was all what Will said, before handing me the phone. The beginning of the end. I sighed, knowing I didn’t have a choice. I picked up the phone and said in a fragile voice I didn’t recognize as my own:


Tom’s laugh at the other end of the line made me jump.

“Finally, little sis. Finally. I approve.”

Now it was my turn to cast Gollum-eyes at Will, but he shrugged his shoulders, grinning from ear to ear. I cleared my throat, addressing my brother.

“You do? But how? How did you..”

He interrupted me, and I listened without a sound, just like Will did before me.

“Sis, you always forget that I have known you since you were born. And you also forget that Will is my best friend. Did you really think that I wouldn’t notice the way the two of you looked at each other? It was bloody time you did something about that, eh?”

I blushed, and I was sure Will knew exactly what Tom was telling me. Did he get the same lecture a minute ago?

“But how did you know that we… you know…”

Tom laughed again, and I could practically see him roll his eyes at me. Typical.

“Oh, little sis, I always knew it was going to happen. It was only a question of time. But today, when you called me, well. Let’s just say it was a hunch.”

My eyes wandered back to Will again, and he ran a hand through his tousled blond curls, eyes sparkling with amber. Hunch, huh? Did I dose off, and did he call my brother without me knowing? But it didn’t matter. Slowly what Tom was saying, and what this all meant started to sink in.

“Okay, what does it mean that you approve? What did Will ask you?”

I was hoping it wasn’t another round. Okay, maybe I wanted it to be, but certainly not with my brother knowing. No way. Another chuckle, and Tom’s voice made me jump once more.

“I think he should tell you himself. But don’t worry about me, little sis. As I said, I approve. Be happy.”

And he hang up, leaving me as confused as ever. I made myself comfortable on the rug, unsure what to say to Will. What the hell did he need my brother’s approval for? And then I got a brilliant idea. I crawled over to him, straddling his thigh once more. His cock twitched, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he was ready again. The thought alone sent shivers along my spine, but I had to concentrate on my dare.

He placed both hands on my waist, and I wiggled into position. He growled, and I laughed.

“Okay, now that you completed my dare for me, I want to give you a last dare, too.”

His eyebrow shot up, but he nodded anyway, his eyes focused on my lips. Damn, he wasn’t going to make this easy.

“I dare you to tell me what you asked my brother’s permission for.”

His amber eyes locked with mine, and I gasped. There was something in them that I had never seen before. Or maybe I just ignored it, I wasn’t sure. He didn’t have to say it, I knew how he felt. He loved me, as much as I loved him.

“I asked his permission to marry you.”

Oh, okay. Wait, what?

“And what did he say?”

Not the smartest response, I know, but I couldn’t even remember my name that moment. Will let out a sigh, squeezing my butt gently.

“That what he said didn’t matter. He told me that I needed your approval, not his, but that he would be the happiest person on earth if you said yes. But he wasn’t right in one thing.”

“He wasn’t?”

“Nope. Because I would be the happiest person on earth if you said yes.”

It was too much to take in, and yet I didn’t feel light-headed. I knew that this was what I wanted. God, this was what I had always wanted. To spend a life of eternal bliss with Will. And finally he felt the same way, too.

“I will say yes, with one condition.”

Will’s eyes lit up, and his lips wandered towards my neck, his teeth grazing the sensitive spot behind my ear.

“Oh yes, and what’s that?”

I leaned into his touch, caressing his back. His muscles flexed and relaxed in the wake of my touch, and I enjoyed the power I had over him. A power I would have for ever.

“I don’t want this to be our last dare.”

He laughed, and I joined in. Finally, all my worries disappeared, and I was no longer his best friend’s little sister. I was the woman he wanted to marry and make love to till eternity. I could only hope that we would start soon. He let go of my bum, just to move his hand to my front, reaching for my clit. He whispered in my ear while stroking my sensitive sex:

“I don’t want that either. So, what is our next dare going to be?”

But we both knew what we wanted it to be, and we were already halfway there. I had a feeling that my life was just getting exciting and very, very naughty...