Bringing in a Third : Intro

Info Raphael
09 Jun. '17


Recently, my real life wife and I decided we wanted to invite another person to have some sexual fun with us. We asked a friend of ours that we were comfortable with, and while she said she was honored that we thought of her and were comfortable enough to ask her, she was not interested for various personal reasons. While I am pleased to say that asking has changed nothing in our friendship, I have felt a bit of disappointment at this development. I keep going back to the "what if" situations... and not even in a sexual way. Rather than having sexual fantasies about my friend or the situation, it is a feeling of something that could have been and was missed out on. I hope that makes sense.

To this end, I decided to do an experiment by writing out what I envision would have happened if our friend had said yes. My wife agreed that this would be a good way to get some of that "energy" out. So, this story is just that. It begins with a truthful intro (with some extra storytelling elements), but anything beyond this part is just my imagining of what would have happened. The character of Andi is not meant to be my friend in any way, so much as a placeholder for the person in this situation (you will find evidence of this in the lack of most physical descriptions for her and all characters). It has so far been a very successful experiment that has helped me lose that feeling of losing out on something, while producing a piece of work I am very proud of.

That all being said, I do hope you find this story to be enjoyable to read as a piece of work, but also, yes, as an erotic story. I hope that it makes you hot, bothered, and wanting to touch, be touched, and do everything you want (and more).

Lastly, there is NO SEX or sexual activity in this Intro. Feel free to skip this part if you do not care about the lead up to Part 1. I have done a quick recap in Part 1 so if you do want some story with your sexytime, you will still have it. Be on the lookout for Part 1 in the coming week or two.



Morgan and I were high school sweethearts, two serial monogamists that found each other early on in life. While I had experienced many sexual firsts with another woman, I was her first for everything. And when we had sex together, it was the first time for both of us. The fact that we got married within the next year was no accident. It was a special bond for the both of us. And yet… we have both always wondered what it would have been like to be with other people.

The first time we had talked about the idea of having sex, or doing anything with another person, Morgan admitted she was curious. I had always figured she would be to some extent. Even though she married me, a man, she is not a straight woman. She just never got the chance to be with a woman before we met, fell in love, and all the good things that followed. That first conversation was filled with “what ifs” and “maybes,” but the idea came back again every so often. It wasn’t until an unsuspecting drive home after visiting family that we both decided that it was something we actually wanted to do, and something we wanted to experience. We talked about our reasons, and even though we are wildly in love, the curiosity of another person was enough for us to agree that it was something we both wanted. We talked about how to find someone, the easiest being Tinder or some other app or similar website. But the idea of bringing a stranger into our marriage, even for a night, was one that made us both uneasy. There were a few minutes of silence as we thought of how else to find a third, who we could ask… and it came to us at almost the same time.

The person we thought of was Andi, a mutual friend and one of Morgan’s co-workers. The three of us were all very close, and due to this, we knew how open Andi was about her relationships and sex life. Our conversations were always very matter-of-fact, logical, but always lighthearted and fun. There was no judgement between us. She was the type of person my wife could talk to about sex toys or lingerie and who would tell us about how none of her previous boyfriends had ever been interested including a third person, even though she was. And of course, we both found her to be very attractive, without being a sexual object to any extent. Asking her was a logical decision, it was one that made sense, and was one that we didn’t take lightly. We didn’t want to ruin anything between us, but we were confident she wouldn’t be offended. Morgan even joked she would most likely say she was honored, but not interested.

A week later, the three of us were hanging out just before dinner. Andi and I had been playing some video games with Morgan just hanging out and watching. We knew tonight was the night to ask; it was just a matter of figuring out when and how to ask. The moment arrived quite suddenly, led on by the realization that my heart was pounding with nerves. The level we were playing had just ended and Andi took the opportunity to excuse herself to the bathroom. When she returned, I knew it was time and, with admittedly a squeak in my voice, I asked her.

“So I was wondering if I could run something by you,” I said, starting out. Andi just said sure, so I kept going. “Morgan and I have been talking for a while now and we recently decided that we wanted to bring a third person in.” I figured she would catch on to what I was saying, without having to just blurt it outright, since the word “threesome” didn’t quite feel right. “And we were talking about finding someone online or whatever, but we didn’t really want to do that. And so we were thinking of what we should do or who we should ask… and we both thought of you.” Andi kept her face stoic, to her credit, right up until I asked her, “So we were wondering if you would be interested in that.”

I had planned to continue, letting her know that we didn’t want anything to change or anything like that, but Andi responded almost immediately. “Well… you know I’m always interested in trying new things… but what are we talking about exactly doing…”

Morgan and I had discussed this. We wanted to start off slow, making sure everything we did was something everyone was comfortable with. The plan was to start off with a night where we just do a few basic things like touching and being naked together, maybe masturbating, but nothing too extreme. If things went well, we could do more the next time and eventually do whatever we wanted together. The key was to make sure we were all having fun and comfortable with what we were doing. Andi seemed to like the idea as the three of us discussed it, but in the end, she simply asked for some time to think about it.

Of course, we weren’t going to tell her it was now or never. 30 minutes later we were making and eating dinner, hanging out the rest of the night without any real awkwardness between us. Morgan and I talked about it after Andi left that night, both of us in a bit of shock that she didn’t out rightly say no. I was even more surprised the next day when I got a text from her (to both Morgan and I) saying that she wanted to and that she was free that Friday. We quickly agreed that that was a good night for us as well. Morgan and I would cook some steaks, Andi would bring a bottle of wine, and we would talk about it a bit more over dinner and just have a chill, fun night. It was all sounding perfect.