The Taboo Family Files Chapter 9

I saw Sherry just walk out. 'Shit, now he is crying. What the hell can I say to make this better? '

"Crap," he sobbed, rubbing his face in a single long stroke.

"I'm so sorry, Ted. I guess until she came through that door, I never comprehended that you two still had a relationship," I confessed, putting my hands up as I stood behind him.

"It is fine, Quinn. As she said, it was pure cheating. How bad can I feel? We fucked once because I fancied doing it, but even that was wrong. Then every time we had sex after that, it was like shitting on her again. There is nothing that can be said," he explained, maintaining his position.

"I'm so sorry, Ted. I never meant to hurt you or her," I cried.

He didn't reply, so I just let him stand there for a moment.

After that, I just strolled up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. "I still love you, I hope you still love me too."

He took a deep breath. "Of course, I do."

"Good," I said, smiling.

I came up in front of him and placed my hands on his shoulders. "I certainly hope you'll still consider me a friend. I just can't just lose you completely. If I do, I just don't know what I'll do."

"Well, should we break up, Quinn? Maybe I never thought of just how much she meant to me until she just now. I love you, but as I told her, I love her too."

I kissed him on the lips and placed my palms on his shoulders. "What do you want to do now?"

His head slanted up and he looked right into my eyes. "Just keep loving you, I guess," he replied, placing his hands onto my butt.

I dispensed out more tears and smiled to some extent. "Okay, would you like to make love to me again?"

He didn't reply for a few seconds, but then he nodded.

"Shit, I hear the front door opening, it could be your dad," I pointed out, shaking. "I should go, but we'll talk later, okay?"

"Okay, Quinn," he replied before he kissed me. "I love you."

"I love you too," I confided in him before I left with my clothes.

I rushed to my room and shut the door. "Damn, that was close, I wonder if it was Hank."

I wiped my forehead and just relaxed for a minute, leaning on my dresser.

Then I put my clothes back on and I went back out there into the hallway. "What's wrong, Nadine? You look like you might be sick."

She strolled to me slowly. "I'm so sorry for everything, Mom. What I did was wrong," she admitted before she wrapped her arms around me. "I'm sorry I told Sherry about you two."

I returned the favor and caressed her back.

I just held her in my arms and stayed silent for about thirty seconds. "It is fine, Nadine. I loved you when you were born and I'll never stop, I swear. I can't say I approve of what you've done, but let's not open that can of worms."

We let go of each other, but she failed to make eye contact with me. "I love you too, Mom. Just please don't ever stop loving me, no matter what," she cried.

"I won't, sweetie, but what's with this 180? We talked a couple hours ago, and neither of us were anywhere near to breaking out the 'L' word."

"People just change, I guess, Mom," she answered, looking at me. "Maybe it is just the events that happen to them that causes them to change, I don't know exactly," she responded, rubbing her stomach.

I kissed her forehead. "Just please don't ever tell me you hate me. If you do that, I think I'll lose you. I can't lose you, babe."

"You won't, Mom," she told me, prior to smooching my cheek.

Suddenly, I felt my stomach. "Shit, I feel like I'm gonna be sick now," I muttered before I hurried to the bathroom.

I went directly to the toilet, lifted up the seat and threw up.

"Mom, what's wrong? Are you okay?!" she wailed, getting down onto her knees with me and shaking a bit.

I let out a little more and failed to reply for a moment. "I don't know, sweetheart, but that was something fierce," I replied, breathing heavily.

"I know, I was feeling shitty a little while ago. Sherry stormed out of her place, and then I just felt like crap, physically I mean."

"Yes," I chuckled. "I heard there was some funny business going on, but that's not important right now."

I let out some more over the next few minutes and she didn't leave my side. She just kept rubbing my arm and back, while smooching me a bit and shedding some tears too.

I peeked at her. 'Something must have happened with her, I just don't know what. I already know about her relationship with Hank, so what else could there be? Why else would she be right next to me like that?'

After a couple more minutes, my head rose up. "Shit, that was something mean."

"It looked like it, I hope we both shake it off, whatever it was," she replied, standing up.

I flushed, wiped my mouth and stood up with her.

I hugged her again. "No matter what, I'll always be your mom and you'll be my daughter."

"I understand, Mom."

We let go of each other and I smooched her forehead. "I don't have an answer for you, but you are dazzling, Nadine. Any guy would be extremely lucky to land you."

"Right back at you, Mom," she giggled. "See you later," she said before she left.

I just stood there for a moment. "Oh, fuck, I certainly hope this is not what I'm thinking."

Over the next week, Ted and I continued to see each other, but my emotions just took over in a big way. At least Nadine and I got along better, but she never told me what made her sick.

One full week after that day, I found myself in Ted's room pacing. "Do I just tell him, or should I do something else? Damn, I don't know," I groaned, clenching my fists. "I just wonder if Nadine is in the same boat. I have no idea, but I have my own shit to deal with."

Then I took my phone out. "I don't know where he is, but I'll text him. 'Ted, I really need to talk to you, please meet me in your room soon. It is important'," I said before I sent it.

Five minutes later, his door opened. "What's going on, Quinn? Did my dad bust us?"

"No," I answered, walking to him.

I grabbed his hands and brought him to me. I kissed him for about a minute before a couple tears were spawned on my face.

Suddenly, his lips came off mine. "What's wrong, Quinn? You never text me to come to my room without some kind of sexual implication to go along with it. Why are you crying?"

"Have you forgiven me?"

"For what, Sherry?"

I sucked my lips into my mouth and nodded.

"Yes, Quinn. So I've heard it is a process to get over someone, and I'm sure I will eventually. We love each other, that's all that matters."

"Are you sure?" I pondered, wiping away my tears.

"Yes, why, what's going on?"

I took a deep breath and shed more tears. "Last weekend, I got sick after the whole thing ended."


I bit my bottom lip for a few seconds. "I feared that you might have gotten me pregnant."

His eyes instantly widened and his head leaned back. "You think I knocked you up?"

"Yes, I took the test and it was positive. Then I had the doctor confirm it, I'm carrying your baby, Ted. I haven't had sex with your dad in months, I've just been with you."

He slanted his head down and stayed silent. I just shed some more tears and tried not to start balling.

"I love you, Ted. I think I love more than anyone else in the world, maybe even more than Nadine. So I have to ask you something crucial," I warned him, putting my palms onto his cheeks.

I angled his face to mine. "Oh, I know, all I could do was cry too," I divulged to him before I kissed him.

"Do you want a baby with me?"

He just glared at me for a moment as his lips didn't move. Although, his hands seized my arms. Both of us let out loads of tears, and we just stayed close to one another for a few more minutes in silence.

His arms went right around me. "Yes, Quinn."

"Are you sure?" I cried, letting go of him. "You are still young and have almost your whole life ahead of you, Ted. So, if you want me to get rid of it, tell me now. I won't judge you, I'll just love you. I wouldn't ever try to hurt or guilt trip you. I just want you, if you'll have me. Sherry and Britta may think we're fucked up, and maybe we are, but I couldn't care less what they think. Our love is mutual and as strong as steel. If we do keep it, obviously we are gonna have a very bumpy road ahead of us concerning your dad, but I still want it with you. There, you know how I feel, but," I explained before I caught my breath and wiped away my tears again. "Do you want this life with me?"

"Yes, Quinn, I do. We are fucked up, a special kind, I think."

I cheesed and kissed him again. "I love you so much, Ted," I told him before I wrapped my arms around him. "Just please don't leave me, I would never be able to pull myself together if you left. You mean everything to me."

"I'm not gonna leave, Quinn," he consoled me, rubbing my back. "I could never do that to another such a sweet, loving and sexual woman. I lost Sherry, so I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice."

We held each other for about ten minutes, as I continued to shed tears and he just helped me.

'I love his dad, but I can't lose him. I just can't, I won't let it happen now.'

After those ten minutes, we loosened our grips on one another.



I licked my lips for a moment. "Will you please make love to me?"

He nodded and smooched my cheek. He let go of my arms, but took my right hand. He nicely pulled me to the bed and sat down.

I lied down and he just scanned my body. "Well, you already had one baby and you are still this stunning, I can't see you becoming any less appealing."

"I'm gonna hold you to that," I chuckled before I pulled him on top of me.

We pressed our lips together and made out for a few minutes as his body laid flat on mine. After a couple minutes, his torso rose up slightly and his hands went to his crotch. After a moment, his cock was out and dangling around.

I pulled up the sundress I was wearing and let my panties show. He still managed to pull them down to my knees and position his rod right at my entrance. He looked right at me for a moment and stayed silent.

Just as I was about to open my mouth, his index finger landed on my lips. "Everything that needs to be said has been," he informed me, rubbing my lips.

I nodded and then his schlong slid right in slowly. I swallowed and took a deep breath as I was sure the entire thing sought shelter inside me.

"I love you, Quinn," he reminded me before he kissed me and began thrusting his pecker.

"I love you too," I whimpered. "I can't possibly tell you how much."

He kept it slow for a couple minutes as his palms rested on my shoulders and his face was only a three inches from mine. We stared right into each other's eyes for at least five minutes as he just made sweet love to me.

'Even at his lazy speed, I can't count his thrusts to save my life. I just feel our hearts, minds and souls connecting on every level. No matter what happens, I just feel that I want him with me no matter what. I love him, and want to spend every single day with him for the rest of my life. I could go on for days without seeing Hank, but I can't go even for a single work day without seeing my young boyfriend. Now I'm carrying his baby, I'm so happy, but I still do have a hint of sadness as well. How could I not? I'm still married to his dad. Even though I know he is cheating on me, I still feel it. Maybe it'll never go away, but I'll live with it, if it lands me Ted,' I thought, caressing his lower back.

We maintained eye contact and didn't say a word. We both licked our lips on and off for a little while. His also managed to control himself, so his schlong kept thrusting at the same speed and same length going in and out.

'He is shaking his hands on my shoulders now and it doesn't seem like he could look away from me to save his life. I think he really might love me more than a step-mom, or even as an older girlfriend. I don't know what could be going through his mind, but I certainly hope it is just our future. He's not sweating this situation, he is just making love to me. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he just forgot that he put a bun in my oven. Even at his slow pace, his big schlong is still managing to make my pussy sore.'

My lips ventured into my mouth and then a couple more tears made appearances on my cheeks as well. He suddenly leaned right back to me and kissed for ten seconds. About seven seconds in, my hands came up onto the back of his head.

Unexpectedly, he brought his head back and shook his head no. I grinned slightly, but brought my hands down to his ass. I spanked it and he instantly halted his thrusts. His lips parted and I immediately leaned up them.

"I'm not done kissing you," I mentioned before gluing my lips onto his.

His arms went underneath me and held me even closer to him. My boobs became little uncomfortable, but I didn't care. I couldn't care less about any kind of shit like that, I just wanted him.

"I can't hold it forever, Quinn, where would you like me to cum?"

"Anywhere your heart tells you to shoot it, Ted. Your heart told you to fuck me that day, didn't it? You could have left, because you knew deep down I wouldn't just tell your dad about you being a voyeur. Maybe your dick drove you into my room, but your brain told you that I was your dad's wife. So, it was your heart that made you want me beyond my body and what made you like the idea of having a baby with me. I know you are scared too, but you still want to be with me," I explained, before slathered my lips again.

"Just promise me that you'll never stop loving Nadine or your dad. If you do, then you have my permission to cum anywhere you want. Whether we're having sex at three in the afternoon or three in the morning. You can even cum on my face, whatever turns you on."

"Okay," he moaned, before he pulled his johnson out.

He stroked it right over my stomach and just stared at me the whole time. "This is for you, amazing step mom," he assured me before splattered his seed onto my stomach.

Some of it was able to splash up onto my tits and I couldn't resist the urge to rub it in. "It is almost like lotion, considering how it feels, and how there is always a little too much of it. Not that I hate that, but its true. Its not like you control how much comes out."

"Well, there has always been a lot since we began hooking up," he informed me, breathing heavily.

"I hope it is like that years from now."

"Me too."

"I might love you a little more if you lie on top of me right now."

He bit his bottom lip for a few seconds. "Okay," he replied before he lied down on top of me.

"That's your fresh seed, Ted. Although, you can just cum inside me now, it is not like you are gonna get me pregnant."

We both laughed slightly for a moment and then just cuddled for a few minutes in silence. He lied his head onto upper chest and I enveloped my arms around him.

"How many different ways can I say 'score'?" I wondered.

"Well, if given twenty minutes, I'm sure you could come up with at least five."

Eventually, he leaned up and I followed him. "May I ask you something?"

"Yes, Quinn, what's on your mind?"

I couldn't make eye contact with him, but I took his right hand in both of mine. "This may sound weird, but I'd like to know. Why didn't you want Nadine? She is my daughter, so I'm biased, but I think she is very attractive. What do I have that she doesn't? I'm two decades older, have at least two less eggs than her, and I'm a little more wrinkled too. That's just three things and I know there is a lot more. Is it just me, because I'm a MILF, or what exactly?" I asked, with my hands jigging around.

I took a deep breath. "I got pissed off and confronted her after you told me about Hank and her. After a lot of back and forth shit, but she asked me what I had that she didn't, because you rejected her. Even though I didn't want to answer her, I didn't have the slightest clue what the answer might be."

He broke his hands away from mine and brought me right over his wood. He guided it right into my pussy and placed his palms onto my butt.

He caressed it and looked right into my eyes. "I don't know, Quinn, but I just found you to be more attractive or maybe it is your personality. It really beats the shit out of me, although, she is the wrong kind of bitch too."

"And I'm the right kind?"

"Yes, and your ass is very soft."

"Softer than hers?"


"What about my breasts? Do I beat her in that department too?"

"Yes, you pretty much beat her in everything except that you are older. Although, you are also wiser, but of course your pussy feels a lot better on my manhood. It slides so much more effortlessly."

"I like that," I whispered, closing the gap between us. "I just hope you got her out of your system, because I just want your cock just inside my pussy and mouth now. It can't go into hers again."

"I understand."

I placed my hands down onto his mid back and leaned back. I kept my eyes on him and nonchalantly began moving back and forth. I rode him like that for a few minutes as we both held each other as tightly as we could.

"Is it just me, or do I feel your wood stiffening a bit? Could it be my moving tits?"

"Maybe," he moaned, blinking his eyes for a few seconds.

"Are you cum again, already?"

"Yes," he let out, slanting his head back.

"Let it all loose inside me, Ted. I want it all to oz around inside me."

A few seconds later, he began twitching a bit. "Oh, shit, it does feel even better to just do it inside you, babe," he moaned before he fell back.

"Well," I said before I leaned down with him. "I am a babe."

After only ten seconds, I got up off him and stood up on the bed over him. "I wanna see it," I said, spreading out my lips.

"Quinn, what the fuck, I don't want it leaking on me," he whined, moving his legs.

"Okay," I answered, getting back down onto my butt. "I won't do that again."

"It just freaks me out, that's all. I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

"Having a baby with me doesn't freak you out?"

"A little bit, but that has a lot better reward with it."

"That's good," I mentioned, lying down onto his front.

He leaned on the back wall and held me in his arms, but his hands didn't touch my hooters. We remained in that position for about a half hour and just enjoyed one another's company.

"You know," I pointed out, grabbing his wrists. "My bosoms are gonna get bigger," I let him know, placing his hands onto them.

"Yes, they are, my hot step-mom," he agreed with me, squeezing them.

After another couple minutes, I leaned up off him and turned around.

I took his hands in mine and kissed him on the lips. "I just want you to know, that you mean everything to me. I actually did ask your father a number of times about having a baby together, but he was never interested. I was on the pill when we were together, but suddenly we just stopped having sex. After a dry month, I quit taking it. Then about a year later, I came out of the shower and into my room," I explained, rubbing his hands. "Little did I know, my step-son was hiding in my closet, hoping to catch a glimpse of me naked. Then, little did we both know, that would start a chain reaction of bunch of shit happening," I giggled.

"No kidding. Are you hoping for a boy of a girl?"

"A boy, I guess. Nadine made having a girl a handful, so I'd like to have a boy. What about you?"

"I really don't have a preference," he replied, peeking down. "I just want it to be healthy."

"Well, other than the 'bitch' gene, I have a clean bill of health. I passed it down to Nadine," I chuckled, prior to placing my hands onto his cheeks.

I brought his face up and kissed him again. "Well, I don't know where your dad is, so are you up for another round?"

He attacked me and stuck his rod right back into me again.