The Tiresias Suit

The Tiresias Suit

I stepped into the psychology building.  It appeared empty and lightless.  Everyone was outside, enjoying one of the rare sunny days the campus had before we all left for summer break.  As I walked down the empty hallways towards the elevator door, I took out my cell phone and reread the message that Zoe had sent me half an hour earlier.

“Meet me at Frisendahl Hall.  It’s important.  I’ll explain when you get here.”

Even now, after having had some time to mull it over, I couldn’t make sense of it.  She usually wasn’t so cryptic, but I suppose that everyone’s entitled to a little craziness now and then.  Besides, with finals coming up, she was sure to be under a lot of stress.  I had just texted back a simple, “Okay, see you in an hour,” and gotten myself ready without worrying much about it.  Even if it turned out to be something dumb, we could at least get lunch together.  I hadn’t seen her in a few days, and I was already starting to miss my best friend’s company. 

The elevator shook to life and carried me up to the fifth floor.  When was the last time I had visited Zoe at the lab?  Not so long ago, it had felt that she had been asking me to visit every weekend for some study or survey, but ever since she had begun writing her thesis, the lab had become her retreat, where she went to be alone and write, living an almost monastic life.  The elevator doors opened and I walked out into the hallway, turned right, and made my way to her lab.

I knocked and waited, but no one answered.  I checked the handle: it was unlocked.  I decided to just wait for her inside; she was probably in the bathroom or something.  I slowly opened the door and made my way inside.  I paused.  What was that noise?  It sounded almost like a…slapping sound?  It was coming from further within the lab.  I slowly crept past tables and bookshelves, making my way towards the strange noise.

I rounded a corner and froze.  My eyes widened in shock.  Just ten feet away from me sat a man whom I had never seen before, completely naked.  He was turned slightly away, his side to me, but nothing hid the source of the sound from my view.  His right hand was furiously pumping away, stroking his hard cock.  His eyes were closed, his lips parted, his chest heaving as he loudly groaned.  My cheeks burned and a moist warmth spread through my panties as I watched, paralyzed in place, unable to look away.  His hand was almost a blur, moving so vigorously that it sometimes slipped off the end of his dick.  His thick, girthy cock gleamed, slick with the hand lotion that sat in a bottle on a nearby table, its head swollen and red.  I felt guilty for spying on him, but he was in a public place.  If he didn’t want to be watched, he shouldn’t be jacking off in a school room.

I studied the delicious sight before me.  The man was well-muscled, his chest and shoulders broad, his calves firm, his abs readily visible through his tight, flat stomach.  A light stubble highlighted his strong jaw and cheekbones.  For a moment, I was tempted to join him, to step out from hiding and ask him whether he needed help with that.  It worked all the time in porn, didn’t it?  But I didn’t know this guy, and I doubted that the circles for “masturbates naked in public” and “trustworthy stranger” had a very large intersection in a Venn diagram.  What if he were a sexual deviant?  What if he were the kind of person who watched strangers masturbate?, I asked myself guiltily.

He quivered and moaned loudly.  His eyes opened wide.  I darted behind the bookshelf, worried I had been caught, but the sound of his masturbation didn’t stop.  Slowly, I peered back around the corner.

He panted loudly and quickened his hand’s pace.  His attention was focused only on the large, rigid shaft between his legs.  He watched it even more attentively than I.  Was he about to cum?  I really shouldn’t keep watching…but I didn’t make a move.  I only stared, enraptured by his performance.  My fingernails dug into the wood of the bookshelf. 

He grunted loudly.  His body shuddered.  His cock spasmed.  Thick, ivory cum gushed out of his massive manhood, onto the floor, onto his thighs, dripping onto his chair.  With each ejaculation, he moaned, over and over, until his semen was finally spent.  Slouched over, he panted heavily, trying to catch his breath.

I suddenly realized that I had been holding my breath and clenching my fists.  I relaxed, and leaned against the bookshelf, vicariously exhausted.  The bookshelf tilted slightly under my weight.  I tried to keep it upright, panicking, but its date with the floor with unstoppable.  It landed with a thunderous thud that echoed throughout the entire floor. 

The mysterious man shrieked and turned towards me in shock.  With one arm, he covered his crotch.  With the other, he concealed his chest, hiding his nipples.  “Who’s there?!  Oh, it’s you…” he said, relaxing visibly once he saw me.

“What does that mean?!  Who are you?  Why were you masturbating?  Why are you naked?  …And why were you masturbating?!”

“It’s me!  Zoe!” he explained, gesturing towards his face with both hands.  My eyes dropped downwards to the obvious contradiction.

“Zoe does not have a cock!”  At least, I don’t think she does…  “Who are you?  Tell me now or I…I’ll mace you!  I swear I’ll do it!”

“Put that away!  Just…just let me show you…”

“You’ve shown more than enough already, mister.  Is this how you get your kicks?  Breaking into buildings and masturbating until someone catches you and watches?  Huh?  Are you into that?”  I had to admit, I had enjoyed it myself, but he didn’t need to know that.

“No!  Just watch.  I’ll prove it’s me with one very simple demonstration.”  I kept my pepper spray aimed at him as he slowly reached behind his neck.  His eyes flashed an electric blue and dulled into lifelessness, becoming glassy marbles.  A wet, visceral schlick came from behind him, the sound of two raw steaks slapping together.

He slumped forward, and from out of his spine emerged a person, rising from out of the dead skin like a butterfly from a cocoon.  I watched with a detached, scientific curiosity.

“Holy fucking fuck!  What the fuck!”

I tried to retreat, but I tripped over my shoe and fell onto the ground.  My tailbone struck the cold, linoleum floor, knocking the wind out of me.  As I watched, the man’s dead flesh sloughed off the inner creature’s frame, revealing…


“Um, hi…”  Her cheeks burned pink.  Her golden peach skin glowed slightly, as though she had just been, well, as though had just been inside a skin-tight suit.  Her hair was tangled and mussed, almost entirely hiding her dark chocolate eyes.  My eyes slowly slid down from her face to her waist.  From the waist up, she was female…obviously female.  Evidently, she hadn’t worn anything underneath that suit, and now her petite breasts lay bare and exposed before me.  I quickly looked elsewhere, my cheeks beginning to heat up again.  The torso of the…the man-suit she had been wearing lay flaccid on her lap, a mass of empty skin.  From the waist down, she still appeared to be male in every way.  She looked like a lazily-designed mythological monster turned in at 4:59 on a Friday night by the Mythology Department: the mantaur, a human woman, but a man below the waist.

“Wh—what…  What…  What’s happening?” I asked weakly.

“This is what I wanted to show you.  I just…didn’t expect you to be here so soon…  Hold on…”  She stood up and pushed the rest of the suit off of her, stepping out of it gingerly.  She picked it up and placed it into a large, open box on the table.  She sat back down across from me.  “Let me start from the beginning.”

“Can you put some clothes on first, Zoe?  I mean, we’re close and all, but I’d be more comfortable if I couldn’t see your vag…” I requested, averting my eyes away from her.

“What..?  Oh geez!  Sorry! I forgot I was—never mind.”  Her limbs short-circuited as she tried to decide whether to cover up or stand up first, her arms and legs moving at cross-purposes.  Finally, she settled on standing up and scampered behind a row of lockers, emerging a few moments later, hastily dressed.  “Okay, so where was I?” she asked, placing her glasses onto her face.

“You were going to explain why everything stopped making sense five minutes ago…please…”

“Ah, right!” she cheered, pounding her fist into her palm.  “Well, when I showed up today, there was a package waiting for me.  When I opened it up, the suit was inside of it, and a small card: ‘Try it on.’”

“Who sent it to you?”

She shrugged.  “No idea.  All it says is ‘From: The Omarim.’  I’ve never heard of it before.”

“So you came into the lab and found a mysterious package, from someone you don’t know, that contained what appears to be a suit made out of, and I want to stress this part, human skin, and your first instinct was to wear it?”

She coughed politely.  “Well, I was curious.  Besides, feel it.  It’s almost metallic, like tin foil.  It’s definitely not skin.  And besides, what else am I going to do with it?  Ignore it forever?  You can’t learn without experimentation!  I’d just die of curiosity if I let it sit in a box.  And besides, it’s incredible!”

“Okay, so you tried on the Mystery Serial Killer Human Skin Suit.  Then what?”

“Uh-uh, I’ve designated it the Tiresias Suit.  Well, once I put it on, it sealed around me, and suddenly it was like I was a guy.  It felt like a real body.  It went from foil to flesh: I can only begin to imagine what it’s made of…  I was able to see and smell and hear and taste just like it was my own body.  I actually became a guy.  My body was fully functional in every way!”

“Yeah, I, uh, I kinda noticed…”

Her cheeks reignited a rosy color, but she made no other visible sign of having been phased by my comment.  “Well, after I had ascertained the basic capabilities of the Tiresias Suit, obviously I had to test its limits.  And it exceeded my wildest expectations!”

“So…”  I squirmed a bit in my seat.  “You could really feel what a guy feels?”

“Well obviously, I can’t compare it perfectly, but from descriptions I’ve read and heard, it was a completely authentic male experience,” she explained.  “And of course, physiologically, it was a perfect simulacrum.”

“…What was it like?  Does it feel the same?”

“My my, so you’re curious, are you?”  She grinned mischievously.  “I thought curiosity was for mysterious serial killers.  If you’re so curious, why don’t you try it on?”

“What?!  No way!  What if it’s dangerous?”

“I just tried it out.  Thoroughly.  I can safely say that there’s no harmful effects in my experience from wearing it.”  She stood up, walked over to me, clapped her hand onto my shoulder and looked me dead in the eye.  “Women for thousands of years have dreamed of having this kind of opportunity.  Are you really going to pass it up because you’re afraid?  How will you live with the regret of never having tried it?”


I weighed my options.  Was this for real?  Could I really become a guy just by putting on a suit?  Zoe had certainly looked real…  She had even been able to cum.  What would happen if I put it on?  Would I have a cock?  What would happen my pussy?  Would it just…vanish?  What if I couldn’t take it off?  Would I be a guy forever?  Maybe I shouldn’t risk it…

But… Zoe had worn it without any problems.  And the way she described it…well, I certainly wanted to give it a try.  Who wasn’t curious about what it was like to be the opposite sex?  And she was right.  If I didn’t give it a try, I just knew I’d wonder about what I had missed out on for the rest of my life.  She knew me too well…  She probably just wanted to get someone else into the suit so she could collect a second data point… 

The suit peeked out over the edge of the plain, brown, cardboard box.  How did it work?  Did it matter?  Anything that could do what I had just seen Zoe did was beyond my ken, whether it were science or magic. 

“Fine.  I’ll give it a try.” 

“I knew you’d see it my way!  Now come on, get out of those clothes!”

“What?!  Do I have to?”

“Evidently.  I tried wearing it over my clothes, and it didn’t work.  I tried inserting my arm, and it seemed to connect somehow.  I could feel through the hand and everything, but when I tried the rest on, I don’t know, it couldn’t make a proper connection, I guess.  My exposed skin was tingling a bit, so I decided to try increasing the area of exposure, and it worked.”

I shifted around a bit, biting my lip.  I took a deep breath, and stood up.  “I’ll be right back,” I informed Zoe, and carried the box under my arm with me behind the lockers.

As I undressed, I read the label.  “To: Zoe Kwan.  From: The Omarim.”  It was hand-written, with no distinguishing marks.  Who would send her something like this just out of the blue?  They must know her a little bit, at least well enough to know that she worked here.  Did they know that she was studying human sexuality at the university?  Was that why they sent her the suit?

I called to Zoe from behind the lockers.  “Alright, I’m undressed.  What now?”

“Just put it on.  What, do you need me to dress you?” she teased.

“N-no!  I was just wasn’t sure whether there was a trick or anything to it.  You said you had problems getting it to work at first.”

“Just put it on, and the suit handles whatever needs to be handled.”

She talks about it like it’s alive…  I looked down at the suit, still lying flat and lifeless in the box.  How creepy, like a man’s skin had walked away from him.  I picked it up.  Despite its appearance, it did feel metallic.  The back was open along the spine.  I held it in front of me and stepped into the legs, like putting on long johns in winter.

My toes reached the edge of the suit, and the suit sucked onto me, like it was being vacuum-sealed around me.  The suit swelled, from crinkly foil to plump flesh.  My skin buzzed briefly, and then…I couldn’t feel the division between me and the suit anymore; it had just melted away.  I reached down and felt the suit’s—no, my skin.  It was warm.  It was fleshy.  I pinched it.  It hurt, no, I hurt.

Oh my god… 

I tried wiggling my toes, and my new body responded perfectly.  I flexed my leg up and down.  This was incredible…  I brushed my hand against the thick hairs on my leg, and could feel it as though they were my own.  This was incredible…  I just had to try the rest on!

I slid my arms into the suit.  The same buzzing was quickly followed by the same synchronization between the suit and me.  I couldn’t keep myself from giggling.

“Ah, trying it out, I expect?” asked Zoe.

“This is unbelievable!  I can’t believe this works!”

“Finish putting it on and come out here.  We need to give it a proper test.”

All that was left was the head.  I took it in both hands, gritted my teeth, and slipped it over my head. Two small circles shown through the inside of the suit.  I adjusted it until they lined up with my eyes and I could see out of them.  My face tingled.  The suit sunk into my flesh.  Its mouth parted, wrapping around my own lips.  My body was absorbed by the suit like a caterpillar dissolving in its cocoon in order to become something brand new.  I could no longer feel my own tongue or teeth or fingers, just the suit’s.  With a wet, visceral schluck, I felt the back of the suit close over my spine.

A bright blue flashed across my eyes.  I took a breath, my first breath as a man.  I felt my chest.  I could feel my heart beating underneath the suit.  I ran my fingers through the hair on my chest, down to my sculpted abs, down my happy trail, to a tuft of pubic hair, and finally, against my brand new manhood.  I gasped as my fingertips brushed against it, and then gasped again at my own gasp.  It was so deep…  “Hello…” I said, experimentally.  I couldn’t keep the manic grin off of my face.  “Whoa, this is so cool!  Even my voice changed!  It’s so deep and manly and…deep!  Hellooooooooo!  Nice to meet you, my name is-.”     

“Quit playing around and come on out.  Let’s see how it fits,” Zoe whined.

I stepped forward carefully, tentatively, testing my balance in this new body.  But I walked as naturally as if I had been born into it.  Was the suit taking care of it for me?  The floor felt cool against my bare feet.  With a sudden epiphany, I realized the absence of my breasts for the first time.  No more swaying and jiggling…  I shimmied.  No more heavy weights on my chest, no more need to wear a bra!  I looked down at my chest.  Hell, no need to wear a shirt.  I could go topless if I wanted to and no one would stop or ogle me!

I walked out from behind the lockers.  Zoe had taken the time to put her lab coat back on.  She whistled appreciatively, peering at me from over the tops of her glasses.  “So that’s how it looks from the outside.  How does it feel?”

“Amazing!”  I twirled around, showing off.  Zoe looked so small now.  Normally, she was just an inch or two shorter than me, but now I had to be over half a foot taller.  I pushed down gently on her head.  “Oh my god, you’re so short and cute, Zoe!”  A thought came to me.  With a wicked smirk, I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her bodily off the ground.  I laughed.  “I’m so strong!  This is awesome!”  I put her back down on the ground.  She was blushing furiously.

“Do you think you can put on pants before you do that again?” she asked.  “Not that I mind it, strictly speaking, but there’s a time for science and a time for fun, and if it’s fun time, neither of us should have pants on.”

“Sorry.  Guess I got carried away.  Just like you did, right?” 

She sighed, picked up a clipboard and a pen from the table, and with a loud click, asked, “How would you describe the way it feels, in your own words?”

I rattled off a rambling list.  It felt like it was my own body.  It felt cool.  It felt hairy.  I felt strong.  I felt heavy.  I felt big.  She kept asking questions and I kept answering them, pacing around the room, savoring the feeling of walking around in this brand new body. 

“Good answer.”  She quickly scribbled down my answer in shorthand.  “And now, ahem, how does it feel to have a penis?”

I blinked.  “I mean, it’s just there, like having a kielbasa between your legs.  I haven’t really done much with it yet.”

“Ah, I see.  Yet…”  Her pen scribbled.

“I didn’t mean it like that!  Although, I guess I should try it out…  After all, when am I going to get a chance like this again?”

“Exactly right!”  She sat down across from me, her eyes eagerly staring at my crotch.  “Go on.  And describe everything you’re feeling.  Everything.”

“I can’t do it with an audience!”

“Why not?  It’s not your body.  Logically, you shouldn’t feel any shame or desire for privacy.”

“There is nothing logical about this…”  Besides, shame wasn’t the only thing I was feeling.  As Zoe bent over to observe me, I couldn’t help but make a few observations of my own.  One, she wasn’t wearing a bra today.  Two, I could see right down her shirt from this angle.  Three…it was turning me on.  My dick was tingling faintly.  I could almost feel the blood beginning to flow into it, swelling it up, making it grow larger and larger under Zoe’s enraptured gaze.  Was just the sight of my friend’s tits having such an effect on me?  I had seen them before at the gym, but now, they suddenly appeared irresistible.  Her rose nipples, delicately poking out from her petite breasts, took hold of me.  The idea of doing this for an audience began to appeal to me.

Zoe was right.  It wasn’t my body.  Why should I care if she saw me?  She wasn’t seeing anything new.  Heck, she had already jerked it off before.  And the thought of her watching me, staring at me while I stroked my new, thick, long cock until I came…  I had a brief mental image of giving my friend a facial, my cum splashing onto her face, before shaking my head, trying to chase it out of my mind. 

“Well…okay,” I said, trying to keep the enthusiasm out of my voice.  I clumsily grabbed the tumescent dick between my thighs.  “Oh, geez, I’ve never done this sort of thing before…  Is this how you do it?”

“We used to be suitemates.  Those walls were thin.  Don’t play innocent.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re referring to...”  I gripped my shaft tightly.  A jolt shot up my spine at the sudden pressure.  No wonder guys became so pliable so easily, if this were how it felt for them…  I fumbled gently with my cock, coaxing it into erection.  It began to grow thicker and bigger with each heartbeat.  Both of us stared while it grew to new proportions.  By the time it finished, it easily out-classed any of my former boyfriends, especially in girth.  I could only imagine what it would feel like to have something like that pounding into me…  My eyes flashed between Zoe’s thighs.  What would that feel like? I wondered guiltily. 

“How does it feel?” Zoe asked me.

“Pretty good,” I gasped.  I wrapped my left hand around the shaft, leaving my right free to stroke me up and down.  I shivered.  Brand new sensations coursed through my nerves.  The edge of my head was so sensitive…  I rubbed my thumb along the corona, discovering where I was most sensitive, exploring my new body.  I was amazed as how hard and how hot my cock was.  God, I could do this all day…

My cock was pulsating within my grip.  I wondered when I would cum…  I had never felt things from this side before.  The pleasure inside me kept growing and growing.  When would it peak?  When would I climax?  I knew when to expect an orgasm in my own body, but I had no idea how it felt right before a man came.  Could I keep this going all day?  Or was I about to cum in the next few seconds?  I didn’t want this to stop.  I wanted to keep going, over and over, jerking off and cumming until my arm was too exhausted to keep going, and then I wanted someone else to do it for me.

Wait a second…

I released my grip and loosely shook my wrist.  “Ahhhh…”

“What’s wrong?” Zoe asked.

With a grimaced pout I examined my hand.  “I don’t know, my arm’s just tired already.  I guess I’m not used to using it.  The suit might be, like, atrophied, you know?  It’s okay,” I led her, “we can just experiment another day.”

“What?!  And miss this opportunity?”  Her eyes focused on my red, engorged cock.  “You can’t be that far from cumming, just finish!”

“My arm’s exhausted, Zoe.  If it’s so important to you, you do it.  Your arms are fine, aren’t they?”

Her eyes opened wide.  She took another look at my manhood.  Surprise softened into amorous eagerness.  “Are you sure?  You don’t mind?”

“Hey, it’s like you said, it’s not my body.  Logically…”

“Okay, okay, you’re a guinea pig, not a parrot.”  She got down onto her knees in front of me, brushed her hair out of her face, and tucked it behind one ear.  She parted my thighs slightly in order to fit between them.  Her dark, brown eyes looked up at me.  “Just try not to enjoy it too much, okay?  I need you to keep track of how it feels.”

“I’ll try.”

Her eyes said that she didn’t quite trust me, but she didn’t have much of a choice.  I knew she’d do anything rather than lose a shot at her precious research.  She took a small container of hand lotion out of her coat pocket and squirted some into her palm.  The scent of lavender suffused throughout the room as she neatly closed it and set it aside.  I gripped the arms of the chair tightly as I waited endlessly for her to finish her interminable preparations.  I felt as though I should be resisting this, that I should be bothered by the idea of my best friend stroking my cock, but all my worries and concerns were whispers next to the megaphone of my cock screaming at me to orgasm.

Finally, her hand reached out to me.  I watched breathlessly as she slowly reached my cock.  I quivered in her grip.  Her touch was electric.  Her soft, small hands wrapped around my shaft as she began pulling my orgasm out of me, her hands sliding up my thick cock, alternating strokes, each hand caressing my entire manhood before returning to the base of my cock, ready to begin its ministrations anew. 

“You’re good at this…”

She smiled, her innocent smile belying her actions.  “Thanks, I get a lot of practice.  Maybe I should start giving lessons, make some extra cash on the side.”

“I’d pay you…”

“For the class, or for this?” she asked sardonically, nodding towards my cock.  “Actually, don’t answer that: if I accepted money for it, it’d turn my pure, innocent sluttery into nothing more than base hooking.”

“Yeah,” I grunted.  My brain’s higher faculties were melting away beneath the overwhelming fire of my lust.  My hips bucked forcefully towards Zoe as she giggled, clearly enjoying my predicament.  It felt so amazing.  My balls tightened.  A tsunami of ecstasy rose up from deep within me.  Was this it?  I clenched my hands.  Zoe switched to just one hand, furiously pumping away, her teeth clenched as she stared intensely at my cock, waiting for it to release its load.  My whole body shuddered and froze, briefly, balancing on a cliff’s edge, before suddenly, inescapably, I plummeted.

I groaned loudly.  My cock spasmed as she recoiled slightly in surprise.  Hot, thick cum gushed out of my body in thick spurts.  It flew through the air, and Zoe barely had time to react before I came onto her face and chest, my ivory semen dripping down between her tits.  Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me before it was finally over.  I let out a deep sigh and released my grip on the chair.

Her face still exhibited shock as my cum ran down her cheeks and chin.  She blinked twice.  “Wow…that was…wow…” she sighed, dreamily.  She ran a finger down her face and slipped it between her thick, red lips, then slowly slid it out, and swallowed.  “Mmm…  Tastes authentic…  I’ll have to analyze some and see whether it’s the real stuff, of course,” she began explaining, going into more detail than I cared to listen to.  I was too busy gazing upon my handiwork.

Even as she spoke, her skin still glistened, coated in cum, my cum.  She was marked with my seed; she was my prize, my trophy.  I sat, enraptured, staring at that cute little heart-shaped face, now drenched with my essence.  She had even tasted me, swallowed me. 

And yet as soon as my lust had risen, it was already subsiding.  And all of my worries began to yell loudly now that they had the floor to themselves.  My best friend had just jerked me off.  I had just cum onto my best friend’s face.  My best friend had just swallowed my cum.  Damn…  But…but I didn’t really regret it, exactly.  It had been fun.  Hell, it had been absolutely incredible.  I had never had an orgasm like that before, a lightning bolt of pleasure, sudden and fierce, striking my entire body at once, and gone just as rapidly.  I had had no idea her hands were so talented…

“—whether you have a refractory period…”


“I wonder whether you have a refractory period.  You know, the time between when a guy busts a nut and when he can get hard again?  Usually it’s about half an hour, although the presence of a new female can speed that up considerably.  It’s called the Coolidge Effect, and it refers to when President Coolidge-“

“Yeah, I get it.”  I looked down at my wilting dick, already shriveling up.  “Well, I think I’ve got it.   I don’t really have any…urges anymore, at least.”

“Hm, damn.  If you have it, we can’t do any more experiments until you’ve properly recovered.  I hope you’re not too slow.  Why, I had one boyfriend who took hours…”  She coughed politely.  “But enough about the past, progress is about the future!  If you’re currently out of order, then there’s nothing to be done but wait, I suppose.”

“Just wait?  But I want to go out and do guy stuff!  I’m a guy!  I don’t want to be cooped up in a lab all day being experimented on, I want to go out and explore!”

She rolled her eyes.  “Alright, I won’t stop you.  But if you’re going to take the suit out of the lab, my suit, I should remind you, there are two rules.  One, you have to remember what you’re doing and report back to me later.  And two, you have to keep your cell phone on you and report back regularly.  There’s only one of those suits, possibly in the entire world.  You can’t let anything happen to it, understand?”

“I understand.  I promise I’ll be careful with it.”  I wouldn’t want to lose out on this chance, after all…  I could barely contain my manic grin as I stood up, ready to face the world as a man.  “Um…do you have any guy’s clothes I could borrow?”

“I doubt you’d get many complaints flaunting that body around outside.  Why bother?”

“I’m being serious!”

“So was I,” she sighed, “but if you’re going to be that way, I think Diaz left a change of clothes in his locker last time he went to the gym.  They should fit well enough.”

“Isn’t there anything…not used?”

“You know, shockingly, not a whole lot of people buy brand new clothes and leave them at work for strangers to steal.  Weird, I know.”  She nodded towards the lockers.  “Number 14.  Combo’s 16-39-4.”

“Why do you know that?” I asked, making my way to the lockers.  I dialed in the combination and opened the lock.  Inside the locker was indeed a bag of clothes: socks, sneakers, pants, and a shirt.  I burrowed through the bag, but couldn’t find any boxers.  I grimaced. 

“I used a stethoscope and cracked them all a while back when I was bored.  It was pretty easy.  Sometimes the needs of science outweigh petty things like property rights, you know.”

I took my package into my hands.  It felt weighty, almost massive.  I didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to comfortably fit all of it into my panties…  I never would have thought that having too big a dick would ever be a problem I’d have to confront…  I searched the locker again, but no boxers had magically teleported there in the last seven seconds.  Nothing for it but to go without…  “You should at least ask,” I countered. 

I got dressed hurriedly.  The pants were a bit loose and the shirt was a bit tight, but they’d stay on, and most importantly, I wouldn’t get arrested for indecent exposure.  I didn’t even want to think what might happen if I ended up in prison and the suit suddenly failed, revealing a naked college girl inside…  I wiggled my hips a bit.  My cock and balls swung pendulously inside.  Alright, so jogging is out…

I walked back out from behind the lockers.  “How do I look, Zoe?”

She pointed her finger at me like a gun and clicked her tongue against her teeth.  “Amazing.  Are you going to find some bonny lass to jackhammer while you’re out?”

“W-what?!  No!”

She smirked.  “You’re so easy to wind up.”  She walked up behind me and smacked my ass hard.


“Have fun!  And remember, be careful, and remember everything.”

I grabbed my cell phone and walked out of the lab, downstairs.  I pushed open both doors boldly, shoving them out of my path towards my first day as a man.  I felt bigger, taller…  I mean, I was bigger and taller.  I had gained at least fifty pounds and a couple of inches, not to mention the fact that I was taller, too.  Ba-dum tsh!  Good one, self.  Still, I thought to myself, squirming, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to having a sausage dangling around between my legs.  I guess it was just something you had to get used to…  To be fair, most guys didn’t have as much to worry about as I did.

Thwack!  A soccer ball came speeding out of nowhere straight into my gut, knocking the wind out of me and me off balance.  “Arrggh,” I groaned, kneeling on the grass.  Well, some things were the same, no matter your sex.  Damn, that hurt…  What blind idiot had kicked that into me?

“Oh, geez, I’m so sorry about that!  Are you alright?” asked a deep voice above me.  I looked up into a pair of piercing, glacier-blue eyes.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine.  Sorry, must be blind, haha.  I mean, not really, I can see really well.  20/20, even.”

He offered me a large, strong hand.  My eyes traveled up his arm, to his bare, smooth, muscled chest, glistening with sweat.  I grasped his hand firmly, and he lifted me up off the ground with ease.  “Sorry, again.”  He looked me up and down quickly, and my cheeks flared.  “Hey, we’re playing a game if you want to join in.  My team needs one more to make it even.  Wanna play?  I’m Jason.”

I shook his proffered hand, letting my touch linger.  “I’m…Guy.  Yep, Guy.  Nice to meet you, Jason.”

“Same.  Come on, let’s go,” he said, nodding towards a group of a dozen or so other young men waiting for us to return with the soccer ball.  He ran off, effortlessly dribbling the ball as I watched his perfect, tight ass and long, toned legs.  I felt an already familiar stirring in my pants as my dick stiffened.  Shit, not now…  Come on, don’t you ever just turn off for a while?  It’s like having a little yappy dog in your pants, always ready to play. 

We arrived at the group, and he introduced me curtly, obviously impatient to get back to his game, yet happy to have made the teams equal.  He slapped me heartily on the back.  “We’re playing shirts versus skins,” he explained, nodding down towards my chest.  “You can just set it down over there.”  He pointed towards a loose gathering of abandoned shirts.  He ran back onto the field and the game began anew as I walked over and lifted my shirt off over my head.

It felt strange to take my shirt off in public, taboo, almost, but I had to remind myself that I didn’t have tits anymore.  No one would mind if I walked around shirtless, for the first time in my life since I had been a kid.  How strange, I mused, tossing my shirt onto the grass, that only by changing my entire sex could I enjoy what any guy could every day of his life.  I took a deep breath.  The sun warmed my bare chest.  A light zephyr kissed my chest.  I had never felt this simple pleasure before, the Arcadian joy of being able to feel the wind and sun against my body, unencumbered by a shirt.  My skin prickled, tingling at the new sensations.  I nearly lost track of myself, only brought back by the loud thump of the soccer ball on the field.  I took off at a run and joined the game.

I ran.  I kicked.  I tripped and fell and laughed on the grass.  I even scored a goal.  My teammates gave me high fives.  For the better part of an hour, I played with them, and it was incredible, just being able to run around outside, top free, enjoying my new strength and speed and endurance.  But before long, the game came to an end.

“Alright, I think it’s time to head in, guys.  I’ve got work in a bit, anyway,” Jason said to the other players, straggling in one by one.  “Great game, Guy.  That was an awesome goal.”

My heart fluttered.  “Thanks!  I had a lot of fun!  Thanks for inviting me!”

He picked up a small duffel bag and hoisted it over his shoulder.  “Are you going to the gym?”

“The gym?  No, why?”

“I gotta shower off.  I’m due at the library soon, and I don’t have time to shower back at my place.  I was gonna ask if you wanted to walk there together.”

…Shower?  “You know, maybe I should.  I don’t want to smell bad for my girlfriend that I have, after all.”

“Girlfriend?  Oh…cool.  Well, let’s go,” he replied, noticeably deflated. 

Shit, had he been into me?  I hoped I hadn’t crushed his hopes.  There wasn’t really an easy way to take back what I had blurted out.  “My girlfriend is what I call my…boyfriend,” I pondered silently.  No, wouldn’t work.  “I call my cat my girlfriend…because I’m a clearly insane person.”  “Did I say girlfriend?  I meant open-minded, polyamorous gay lover.”  I sighed.  Ah well…  I followed him like a lost puppy, quickly catching up, and we walked and talked all the way to the gym.

Showers hissed.  Steam filled the air, the humidity clinging to my flesh.  And most prominently, towel- and sky-clad men walked around without a hint of modesty or shyness.  Dicks, cocks, wieners, baloney ponies, they all flopped about in various states of flaccidness, some shrunken from cold showers to a length smaller than my pinky, while others were comfortably tumescent, heavily dangling between their owners’ thighs.  I very much regretted not having a pair of tight briefs with which to restrain my stiffening cock just then, but there was nothing I could do but try to hide behind my towel as I followed Jason through the locker room.

We found two unused lockers next to each other, chose our passcodes, and undressed.  As discreetly as I could manage, I observed his strong, muscular body as he lifted his tight shirt up over his head.  His shorts came off next, revealing a pair of lean, toned thighs.  Now only a tight pair of white boxer-briefs stood between me and his manhood.  Already, its outline was eminently visible, a thick swelling, tracing out his long, girthy shaft, his large, swollen head bulging out like a diva desperate for attention, begging me to look.  Well, how could I say no?

He bent down, his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his underwear.  I held my breath.  His briefs slid down slowly, too slowly to be his usual disrobing speed.  Was he doing this for my benefit?  His cock, finally freed, sprung gently from its confines.  I leered out of the corner of my eye as I undressed, trying to get a good look at it.  It felt bizarre to strip naked in front of a whole room full of men, like I was preparing for a gang bang or a porno, but no one even gave me a second glance.  I was totally ordinary.  I felt like a spy, infiltrating the Male Empire.  I was giddy.  It felt so delightfully wrong and kinky and voyeuristic all at once.

“You ready?”

I bolted upright.  My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.  My chest burned and my teeth tingled.  I hoped he hadn’t noticed where I was staring.  “Y-yeah,” I stammered.  “Lead the way.  I’ve never been in here before.”

“First time at the gym, huh?”

“I’ve been here before, just never to this locker room.  I mean, I usually just shower at home, but I…forgot to pay my water bill.  So I can’t shower at home.  And that’s why I’m showering with you.”

“Man, that sucks.  Are you okay, like, financially?” Jason asked as he led me to the showers.  I spent the entire walk there fixated on his firm, round ass, and nearly walked into him when he paused to open the door.  It was an open room without subdivisions.  Sudsy water swirled about the drains regularly spaced throughout the floor.  Men of every size, shape, and color filled the room, washing themselves, lathering up their muscled forms…

“What?  Oh, oh yeah, I’m fine.  Just, you know, slipped my mind.”

He smiled.  My heart melted.  “Good to hear.”

He picked an empty shower, and I took the one next to it.  Hot water poured out.  We talked casually as we showered together, but honestly, I don’t remember a single word either of us said.  I was otherwise occupied.  It didn’t look like Michelangelo has just come through or anything, but a college men’s locker room certainly wasn’t the worst place to find eye candy.  And that wasn’t even getting into Jason…  He looked like he had been sculpted out of bronze: tanned, muscular, broad and smooth and I just wanted to curl up on his chest and watch movies with some hot chocolate, and then we’d get to a quiet part in the film and my hand would wander under his jeans and… 

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts out.  Was I blushing?  I knew I’d be blushing without the suit right now, but did the suit blush?  Could it blush?  Shit, is Jason looking at me?  I’m just showering, nothing to see here…

Fortunately, pretending to lather up my hair or wash my body made for good cover.  I was able to peek around the room, taking everything in.  Wait, was that George, from statistics?  Wow, good for you, George…  I bit my lower lip as my eyes wandered up and down his soapy, wet body, his hands casually scrubbing that hair chest, those tight buns, that long, thick cock… 

A familiar feeling suddenly made itself known to me.  I looked down.  Again?!  Well, at least I knew my refractory period was over.  Zoe would be happy.  Damnit, how do guys get rid of boners?  I could ask Jason…  No, that’d probably be awkward.  I could try thinking about something unsexy, but that’s going to be hard to do surrounded by young, naked men.  I could orgasm!  No, that’d make for a bigger problem.  Come on, think…  Right!

I turned the dial on the shower towards the small blue “C.”  The water went from comfortably hot to nearly freezing in seconds.  The sudden shock made me gasp, but soon enough, the cold water took effect, and my once rigid manhood had shriveled up, huddling against my balls.  I let the cold water run a little while longer before turning it off.  I didn’t want to repeat that again.  Besides, Zoe was probably waiting for an update.

“Hey, I have to go, Jason.  I’m meeting a friend.  But I had a really great time today.  Thanks for inviting me.”

“No problem, man.  You’re a great soccer player.  We usually play there every week, if you wanna join us again…”

“Yeah, I’d like that.  I’ll try to show up next weekend.  Maybe we can get something to eat afterwards, too.”

“Sounds good.  See ya later, Guy.”  He shook my hand heartily, I took one last, longing glance at his body on my way out, and I left.

My mind felt like I had a swarm of wild thoughts inside of it as I made my way back to the lab, fluttering around too quickly for me to hold any of them for any length of time.  Did Jason want me?  I guess he wanted the suit…  But he could be bi.  But he thinks I have a girlfriend, and he still invited me to go play with him.  Shouldn’t he respect her?  But she doesn’t exist.

Zoe was examining something under a microscope as I walked in.  The click of the door closing caught her attention, and she looked up.  As soon as she saw me, a wide smile spread across her face.  “Welcome back!  And how was your expedition?  Did you have any fascinating experiences?  Actually, wait.  My news is more interesting: I’ll go first.

“I checked out the semen sample you so generously provided, and it’s authentic.  Chemically, it’s as perfect a match as I can detect.  But, and this is the cool part, it’s completely sterile: not a single sperm cell in the entire sample, so far as I can tell.  Isn’t that amazing?!”

“I guess?  What makes that so special?” I asked.  “Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the suit could produce sperm?”

“Yes, but since it’s sterile, it means there’s no risk of pregnancy.”  She made her way over to me, her hips swaying.  “So that means that someone could wear the suit, sort of like what you’re doing right now, and have their way with any girl they wanted to without any risk.  The suit’s a virgin, after all, no STIs, no chance of pregnancy, you could ride it bareback all night long and the only danger would be from not being able to walk right the next day,” she explained as she reached me, her hand resting on my chest, her index finger lightly rubbing circles against my shirt.  “Doesn’t that sound amazing?”

My pants tightened.  I took a slow, deep breath.  “Wh-what exactly are you suggesting, Zoe?”

“You’re not the least bit curious?  You must have at least wondered what it would feel like.”

“You’re my best friend…”

“Which is why there’s no one I’d rather experiment with.  How long have we known each other?  It’s not even really you, anyway.”  Her fingers slowly crawled down my stomach and cupped my stiffening cock.  “Just think of it as a dildo.”

I shuddered.  Her lithe little fingers were deftly wrapping themselves around my cock.  In an instant, she had lowered my fly, and with no underwear in her way, her hand was soon wrapped around my hot, thick shaft.  “I don’t think friends do this sort of thing.”

“Only because most friends don’t have a Tiresias Suit.  I bet if they did, they’d do this sort of thing all the time.  I can tell you want to.  Suit or not, you’re a guy right now, and guys’ bodies are notoriously honest,” she added, punctuating her sentence with a firm squeeze of my cock.

She wasn’t wrong.  I did want to.  I was still riled up from the locker room, and to suddenly have a gorgeous woman stroking my cock….  Was this the suit thinking, or me?  Did I find Zoe attractive?  I mean, I knew she was attractive, but I had never wanted to get physical with her until now.  What could it hurt?  She was willing, I was willing, and I was sure it’d be really, really fun.  It wasn’t even my body doing it if you really thought it.  I’d just sort of be…along for the ride.  I glanced down her top.  Her petite breasts swelled slightly out from her chest.  Her nipples were hard, poking through her fabric.  I clenched my thighs together, trying to ignore my cock screaming at me to ravage her, to take her right then and there on the table, just sweep the equipment to the floor and hike up her skirt and thrust my cock into her…

“Okay!  Okay…let’s do it, I mean, not ‘do it,’ but, I guess I do…”  I sighed.  “Let’s give it a try.”

“I just knew you’d see it my way.  And, you know, I want you to know that I was serious before.  I really wouldn’t want to try this with just anyone, but you’re my friend, and I know I can trust you one hundred percent.  If you’re really not comfortable with this, that’s okay, I’ll understand.  I don’t want to force you or anything.  But this is something brand new, and it has to be tried by someone, and well, there’s no one I’d rather try it with than you, you know?”

“Thanks, Zoe.  That really means a lot.  And don’t worry, I want to try this, too.”

“So does that mean you’ll let me plough you afterwards?” she asked with a saccharine sweetness that didn’t match her words at all.

“We’ll see.  Maybe if you’re lucky.”  Hell, when was the last time I got laid?  I guess it was…four months ago?  Damn…  Maybe…  “So, how do we start?  I’ve never been on this end before.”

“Well, first we should probably lock the door,” I suggested, getting up to do just that.  “Now that that’s been taken care of, the next question is where…”  We both scanned the room.  I mentally began listing options: chair, table, floor, against the wall…  “I think using the table will be the least uncomfortable: you sitting down, me standing up?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.  Having both people on the table is pretty uncomfortable, and the chairs are too narrow to really get into it properly.  Oh, don’t look at me like that.  I practically live here half the time, I might as well have some fun.  Sometimes you just need a little quickie to clear your head and uncloud your thoughts, you know?  There’s no better cure for writer’s block than an orgasm, you know.”

“I don’t.”  Sadly, I added to myself.  Where was I while Zoe was having all this fun?  Oh well, I’d get some small measure of payback soon enough…  The thought brought a smile to my face.  “So,” I began, asking the question that had to be asked, “how do we start?”

“Well, do you want this to be romantic or just business?”

“Let’s keep it professional this time.  No kissing or sweet nothings or making love or anything.  This is just fucking.”

She grinned.  “I was thinkin’ the same thing.  Besides, we can change the variables around next time.”

“Wait, next time?”

She waved off my concerns.  “Alright, if we’re doing it this way, do you have any lube on you?”

“Yeah, of course.  I always bring a bottle of Liquid Silk to mysterious rendezvouses with my friend.  Why, I brought my keg today, what foresight I possessed this morning!”

“Doesn’t hurt to ask.  You’re definitely too big for me to take dry, so I need to get wet first, and if we don’t have lube…”  Her eyes dropped down to my crotch.  The left edge of her lips raised up.  She slowly descended onto her knees in front of me and took hold of my fly.

“What are you doing?”

“It gets me wet,” she explained, her eyes wide and innocent, while her hands reached into my jeans, took hold of my cock, and pulled it out.  “Just for a few minutes, and then I’ll be good to go, okay?”

She held my cock up to her face.  The swollen head of my manhood was just inches away from those plump, red lips.  I turned my head.  Was she really going to…oh wow, yeah…she was…  Her lips wrapped around my cock, cushioning it with warm, moist, softness, her tongue swirling around my shaft.  Still, I averted my eyes.  I should be respectful.  She’s my friend.  I shouldn’t be enjoying the way her tongue caresses my cock, sliding against it from base to tip, the way she sucks my shaft vigorously, licking and slurping noisily.

Oh, who was I kidding? 

I peered down at her.  My best friend was furiously bobbing her head back and forth, her hair falling into her eyes.  I gently tucked her hair out of the way, and her large, brown eyes looked up into mine.  I shuddered.  We maintained eye contact as she took my cock out of her mouth briefly.  She slid her tongue along its length, she kissed its head, its shaft, its balls.  She cupped my balls gently and began tenderly caressing them while she consumed my cock once again, taking it as deeply into her mouth as it could go.  Her hands grabbed my ass, pushing me deeper down her throat. 

It was surreal, watching her fellating me with such vigor, such enthusiasm, such sheer and simple joy.  She was worshipping my cock, idolizing it.  My cock was the center of her world, she sought nothing more than to bring it pleasure, and in that quest, she was entirely successful.  My fingers dug into her soft shoulders.  She smirked at my obvious pleasure.  I wished I could simply orgasm now and empty myself into her warm, inviting mouth, let her swallow my cum, let her greedily swallow every last hot drop of my semen and lick my wilting cock clean.  I was close.  Could I simply surrender to her?  I closed my eyes and focused solely on the pleasure, on the feeling of my cock inside of her tight, talented mouth.  I was getting closer.  Familiar sensations were arising, building to a plateau.  I recognized what was coming.  I was nearly panting.  My knees felt weak.  I could barely stand, but Zoe supported me.  It was coming…closer…closer…

She gasped loudly as she opened her mouth and withdrew my throbbing, red manhood.  Her eyes glistened with admiration.  “I’m ready,” she panted, a husky whisper. 

I didn’t speak.  I was too far gone.  I just acted.  I grabbed her wrist roughly and lifted her off of her knees.  She was so light, so delicate.  I brushed some papers off the table.  A pencil clattered loudly and rolled off into a corner.  I picked her up and set her down with a guttural growl.  She giggled.  She was at the perfect height.  I reached underneath her black skirt and found her moistened panties, soiled with desire.  Her scent was familiar, the smell of lust.  She kicked off her shoes and lifted her legs, and I slid off her underwear unhesitatingly, throwing them to the side.  I didn’t care where they landed.  She had no further use for them today, so far as I was concerned.

Her skirt slid up her thighs readily.  Her pussy lay exposed before it.  She was shaved smooth, with a plump mons veneris.  Her pink, almost floral, lips were visible, glistening with her dew.  I gripped her inner thighs and forcefully spread her legs.  How strange it was to be on this side of the cock for once, I mused.  So this was how I looked right before my lover thrust himself inside me…  I rubbed the entrance to her pussy, softly exploring.  She was so soft, so smooth, so moist…  She mewled softly as I slid my fingers inside of her, slowly plunging them deeper and deeper.  She tightly gripped my fingers, but they went in easily enough.  She was ready for me.

I removed my hand and grasped my cock.  Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to come.  My head grazed against her lips, against her clit.  Cautiously, trying not to hurt Zoe with my girth, I slid my manhood inside her.  She moaned and her fingernails dug into her arms, but her languid eyes and tossed back head were proof of her enjoyment.  “Oh my god, you’re huge…  I can feel you filling me up,” she cooed.  My cock vanished inside her, consumed by her greedy quim.  Her legs wrapped around me, and I took hold of her hips with both hands as I began to thrust.

Working slowly at first, I quickly got used to the routine, and began to pound her, harder and faster.  With each thrust, a moan of ecstasy and delight escaped her smiling mouth.  My cock led me on, urging me to fuck her, ravage her, batter away at her gates like a medieval siege machine.  I had never fucked like this before, so primal, so bestial.  There was something so passionate about this, fucking my best friend, both of us almost fully clothed, on the table in the lab of a school building.  Was it the taboo factor?  The novel sensation of having a cock?  It couldn’t be just that; Zoe was equally ecstatic, screaming in delight as I fucked her hard. 

She gripped me tightly.  Her legs pulled me deeper inside of her.  “Don’t stop,” she cried.  “I’m so close.”  I continued my pace.  Her breathing got heavier.  Her muscles tensed.  Sweat beaded on her bare skin.  She screamed a wordless utterance as her body shook and quivered, impaled upon my thick cock.  Her pussy tightened, grasping my manhood urgently, desperate to keep me from escaping just yet.

Again, I felt myself reaching that familiar plateau.  I knew I was close.  I was about to climax inside of Zoe’s warm, tight pussy.  All at once, pleasure overwhelmed me, a tsunami of sensations obliterating everything else in my mind except for me and her.  Before Zoe has finished her own orgasm, mine came, our orgasms intertwining, our bodies wrapped in each other’s arms.  My entire body warmed, ecstasy coursing through me.  My cock shuddered inside of her.  My balls tightened, releasing their load.  I kept thrusting, my force rapidly evaporating as my entire body faltered, its task finally completed.  Ivory drops dripped out of her pussy, falling onto the floor.  I slowed, and stopped, exhausted, lying on top of her on the table, both of us panting.

Slowly, the golden glow subsided.  My cock still sat snugly within her. Our juices mixed together and dripped down her thick thighs.  I could feel both of her heartbeats, beating to the same rhythm.

“That was incredible,” I sighed. 

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve been fucked so well…” Zoe said.  She opened her eyes and looked deeply into mine.  “So,” she asked with a smile, “when is it my turn?”