I Shot Billy Blowing Santa Claus

Info Tristan LeMay
10 Jun. '17

I shot Billy blowing Santa Claus
With my Apple 7 phone last night
I felt just like a creep
But seeing him go deep
That made my own cock perk up
And from my dick precum seep

Then I saw Billy licking Santa’s paws
wetting fingers just so glistening bright
Then Billy’s hand grabbed Santa’s purse
Which made Santa swear and curse
Till he shot a load of cream so white

Then, my brother fucked old daddy Claus
Stretching that pink sphincter oh so tight
St. Nikolas took it deep
And my own cum couldn’t keep
I creamed my snowflake boxers
While little bro blew one deep

I still got the action on my cam
Even shot a few close-ups real tight
Watching ‘fore I went to sleep
‘der the beard I saw was Jeep
My best friend Kevin’s daddy,
The hottest DILF you’ll ever see!