The Recovering Nymphomaniac

Info AlexSnowdog
11 Jun. '17

Kayleigh sat alone in silence staring at the ceiling while she waited patiently in the office of Dr. Alexander Newman, a psychiatrist who specialized in addictive personality disorders. She was there for one of her bi-weekly therapy sessions, hoping to resolve personal issues between herself and her long time boyfriend named Michael. The two had considered themselves a “serious couple” ever since they had first met at a mutual friend's birthday party during their freshmen semester of college. At one point, she had been satisfied with being physically and emotionally engaged with only Michael. They had once planned out their future lives together; a large suburban home, a beautiful yard and possibly a few children as well. Following the tragic murder of her father one year prior, everything seemed to rapidly change about Kayleigh's life goals and personality. The young woman assured her friends and family that she could properly handle the tragedy's emotional impact on her own terms. She did not fall into a typical state of grief or depression as you would expect with most people, but instead she coped by actively seeking out the company and attention of other men; regardless of her relationship with Michael. It began with a few minor incidents where her boyfriend had discovered some evidence of Kayleigh chatting online with other men behind his back. After a few months, she had progressed to preforming strip teases on live-cam streams, often while wearing a wig in an attempt to protect her identity hidden an alias character. Michael was finally pushed to his breaking point after discovering that she had met multiple men in real life after posting several personal escort adds on the internet. He demanded that she seek professional help for her emotional grievances or else he would finally leave the relationship for good. She had initially refused his desperate request, but finally agreed to look into therapy once she opened her mind to accepting the truth. Kayleigh understood that something inside of her had changed, she was losing all control over the extreme sexual urges that frequently overcame her. And the recent thoughts she had experienced about Dr. Newman were certainly not making the situation any more easier to deal with. She found the young doctor to be quite attractive, and truly believed that there was some sort of unspoken mutual connection between them. In reality, he was merely a humble family many who only wanted to assist anyone that was in need of guidance.

The spacious light blue room held a calming ambient buzz to it. This reminded her of all the various sounds she would often hear coming from out of her father's workshop growing up as a little girl. Kayleigh stood up from the designated client lounge chair area, and took it upon herself to explore the contents of Dr. Newman's office. She examined the numerous certificates and diplomas from his university days that were hung proudly on the wall adjacent to his large wooden desk, “St. Johns, so there is a bad boy hiding down in there somewhere I see” she thought to herself. The young woman's attention then switched to a small picture that rested on top of the large mahogany desk. It was an image of the doctor posing with a gorgeous young blonde woman, they were smiling and standing out on a beachfront balcony, probably on an island somewhere. Suddenly, Dr. Newman returned from his urgent phone call and re-entered the room to find his new patient carelessly rummaging throughout his personal belongings. “I dearly apologize for that brief interruption Ms. Lawson, another client appeared to be experiencing some sort of an extreme crisis. She could not force herself to leave the shoe store without--”. He stopped abruptly after noticing that Kayleigh was holding his personal photograph. She continued to stare down at the image, “Is this your girlfriend?” she quietly asked. “That happens to be my wonderful fiancé actually, and her name is Amber” he replied. She placed her index finger over the girl's face and imagined herself in the place of the woman captured within the photo. “You two look so happy together…” said Kayleigh before carefully placing the picture back down on the doctor’s desk. She then casually walked over to her spot on the client lounge sofa, took a seat, and waited for the therapy session to continue. Dr. Newman shook his head and walked towards a file cabinet that laid in the corner of his office, he retrieved a red notebook filled with client oriented information. The doctor moved back across the room and sat beside the young woman in a large black leather chair decorated with golden studs. “Shall we continue then?” she asked the doctor. He opened the notebook and adjusted his glasses before speaking further, “Kayleigh, tell me if you will please, what is exactly that you hope to achieve with these meetings we have together?” he asked. She gave a slight grin and quickly looked away from him before responding. “There's just… something that’s keeping me from loving my boyfriend Michael in an honest and fair way, even though he's everything I could have ever asked for in a man... But there are so many things wrong with me that I realize cannot be controlled without outside help” she explained. “And what is it that makes you so certain of this Ms. Larson?” asked the doctor. Her eyes glanced back at the doctor with an expression that felt curiously intimate. “I'm the only one in the relationship who can't seem to 'help' themselves doctor” she replied. “But what specifically do you mean when you say that Kayleigh?” he said with an puzzled looked. The young woman slightly rose up from her seat, she began to grab towards the top of her skirt and blouse. “Well... I could always show you what it is I mean by that...” she replied seductively. The doctor found a greater understanding of Kayleigh in this type of response, rather than a further sense of concern as to if he would be able to maintain providing services for her or not. Throughout his career, he had dealt with various compromising situations due to difficult clients, from excessively violent individuals to ones who were obsessed with his every waking movement. “I prefer that you tell me more about these feelings with your words instead Ms. Larson, it is absolutely crucial that we try to learn and understand the source of these behaviors” he declared. Kayleigh continued to toy around with her shirt, ensuring that the doctor maintained an unavoidable view of her breast and cleavage. “I will, if you tell me more about that fiancé you have waiting for you back at home” she replied. Dr. Newman paused to think for a moment. He had long considered it unwise to expose his personal life around clients, especially when dealing with sexually oriented cases; but he felt confident in his abilities to end the girl's lude advances by reinforcing the importance of his own relationship. He sighed and closed the top of his ballpoint pen before placing it into the side pocket of his grey suit jacket. “I’m not sure if that would be appropriate for us to discuss that during this point of your therapy sessions Ms. Larson” he said. She rolled her eyes and sat back against the seat cushion, “I guess she must not be that much fun for you then” quipped the young woman. The doctor lightly chuckled and stretched his arms out above his head in a relaxing manner. “Me and Amber have been together for nearly five years, and I can say that without a doubt, she is the absolute love of my life, you are only twenty-five yourself, but I'm sure you can understand that kind of bond with another person” he replied. Kayleigh grumbled something underneath her breath and folded her arms up across her chest to hide her previously exposed breast. “So how did you end up getting together with Little Miss Perfect then?” she asked. The doctor stood up from his seat and slowly moved next to the young woman as she sat up in attention. He lightly placed his hand on top of her shoulder in a sign of comfort, “It's because we share an unconditional trust between one another” said the doctor. Kayleigh carefully reached up to position her hand on top of his own, but the doctor pulled his away just as she had gotten close enough to do so. He walked back to the large leather chair, reclaimed his seat, and began to write down bits of information within his session notebook. “I believe that will be more than enough for us to cover this afternoon Ms. Lawson, now I would like you to please do some ‘homework’ for me before our next scheduled appointment” he exclaimed. She playfully whined and questioned what it was that he had planned for her to do. “Please don’t make me go out on another one of those long ‘self-discovery’ nature trips Dr. Newman” pleaded Kayleigh. He laughed at the young woman’s satirical concern “What’s wrong with those long walks that I assign to you? I’m sure you actually find them to be quite peaceful deep down inside somewhere” he said. Kayleigh stood up from the lounge chair, walked up to Dr. Newman, and gingerly brushed her hand across his face. “I think that it’s inappropriate for us to be talking about ‘feeling things deep down inside’ doctor” she whispered into his ear before walking out of the office door.

Michael sat in the parking lot of the medical office scrolling through work emails on his cellphone, he looked up just in time to spot Kayleigh exiting the building and drove his black SUV to the curb and picked her up. She climbed into the vehicle and greeted him with a kiss hello. The young couple pulled off onto the main road and headed towards their shared apartment a few dozen miles away. Kayleigh gazed nonchalantly out the car's passenger window and watched the changing scenery that passed by, meanwhile Michael tried his best to think of a proper way in asking her about the recent therapy session. “How are you feeling this afternoon dear?” he asked finally. She turned her head to look back over to him. “Honestly, I've been quite bored all day long” she said while reaching over to Michael and placing her hand on his inner thigh. He kept a stern focus on the road ahead, but allowed her to continue with protest or interruption. “And I simply could not wait to be finished with everything, so that I could finally have some fun for myself” said Kayleigh as she slide her hand closer down to Michael's crotch. He glanced down and saw her going for his belt “So, do you feel like things are starting to get better then?” asked the young man. She went on to undo his belt buckle reached her hand down below his waistband and started to gently stroked her fingers along the top his abdomen. “I would tell you if there was something to be worried about Michael” she replied. He laughed and released a shot of hot air from his nose in a sarcastic manner. “Well now, we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place if that were truly the case now Kayleigh...” he replied sharply. She playfully frowned and slipped her hand down a bit further to massage his genitals with her hand. “Trust me Michael... You do not have to be concerned about that kind of stuff happening anymore” she whispered. His expression shifted to a look of semi-discontentment. “I would really love to believe that” he mumbled. She ignored his cynical gesture and tried to keep the focus off of her therapy session“What about you, how was your day?” she asked. He shrugged and tilted his head to the side slightly. “There's a chance that I won't be able to make the T74 Conference in Europe this fall, the company has lost a number of contracts in the last quarter and I'm needed here now more than ever” he explained. Kayleigh continued to gently stroke and rub along his stomach before moving her hand further down to the tip of his penis, she could instantly feel him starting to get hard in her hand and tightened her grip around it. “Awhhh I'm really sorry Michael, I know how excited you've been lately about going to the conference she said. She released hold of him and reached into her purse to retrieve a hair-tie before quickly fashioning her long black hair into a pony tail. “Let me do something that will help out with the stress a little, its the least I can try to do for you to relax more” she said. The young woman carefully positioned herself underneath the steering wheel and began to orally pleasure Michael as his continued to drive them home. “Be... be careful...” he moaned. Kayleigh giggled with him still inside of her mouth, she slowly inched his penis further down her throat and massaged his shaft with her tongue. She slid his penis back up her throat and began to firmly stroke it with both of her hands. “I think you're the one who should worry about being careful” she said in a seductive tone of voice.