The Old Farm House

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12 Jun. '17

The house had been built when families were large, and had been part of a farmstead in the early 1900’s.  The farm passed through two more generations of boys raised with the black soil of the fields under their fingernails and the smell of fresh cut hay, corn and soybeans as scents they lived for.  Their women loved the life too, from feeding the hens and gathering their eggs to hoeing their gardens and then putting up enough vegetables for the winter and then some just in case.

The third generation was college educated to become a doctor and two school teachers.  They had neither the time nor the inclination to follow Nature’s cycle of the seasons to tell them when to plant, when to cultivate, and when to harvest.  Their meals were purchased in cans or boxes or from the meat case at the big-box grocery instead of from the large garden behind the house or the livestock and chicken pens.  When their father passed away, they met to discuss their inheritance.

Paying the inheritance tax would mean taking out loans using the land as collateral.  None of them wanted that.  Renting the farm to another farmer for a share of the crop would have helped pay the loan, but there was always the possibility of a bad year and little income.  The mutual decision was to sell the farm, and use part of the proceeds to pay the required taxes.  The rest would go into their retirement accounts.

The community bordering the farm was growing and the farm was quickly snatched up by a developer.  He cut and paved blacktop roads through the fields that had once been dressed in the spring greens and fall browns of corn, oats, and soybeans, then began building houses.  

The old house didn’t sell with the farm.  The developer didn’t want it, so the family listed it with a local realtor.  It was purchased by a couple with four children.  The children slept in the four bedrooms on the second floor.  The couple used one of the two bedrooms on the first floor.  The other became a studio where the wife painted pictures she sold at the local art fair every year.  The family ate their meals in the dining room, watched television in the living room, and the children practiced their piano lessons in the parlor.

As life always goes, the children too quickly became young adults, and then moved away from home.  The big house that had echoed the excited shouts of small children and quiet sobs of teen girls who’d broken up with their boyfriends became too large for the couple.  After consulting with a local contractor, the couple converted the house into a duplex of sorts.  

The original kitchen, living room, dining room and parlor were left as they were, as was the stair to the second floor.  After the contractor added a bathroom there, the wife moved her studio to one of the upstairs bedrooms above that half of the house.  The couple used the other upstairs bedroom as their own.

The front bedroom in the other half of the house became a living/dining room with an entry door.  The second bedroom, the one that had been a studio, became a kitchen with a bath.   A new stair narrowed the living room somewhat, but allowed access to the upper floor and two bedrooms, one with its own bath.

They rented the remodeled half to another couple but that didn’t work out very well.  The couple fought continuously, or so it seemed, and the owning couple finally made them leave.  They didn’t rent to anyone after that.  As they grew older and climbing stairs became more difficult, they cut a door between the two sides of the duplex and moved their bedroom and the studio back down to the first floor.  So the old house remained until the husband passed away and his widow decided to move to an assisted living facility.  She put the house up for sale.  It was on the market for months, and with each passing month the price decreased.  No one wanted such a large house, and no one wanted such an old house when there were new houses in the former fields behind it.

Marion signed the divorce decree on the twenty fifth of June.  Her lawyer had done well for her.  In lieu of alimony she’d gotten the house and her car, and her ex-husband paid all the legal expenses.  She agreed to that settlement for a couple of reasons.  

Alimony would have reminded her of Rich every month, and she didn’t want to be reminded of what caused her to file for divorce.  She’d come home from a business trip to visit several customers a day early, and found Rich in their bed with a girl barely out of college.  It had been a blow that he’d cheated.  It was a bigger blow that he’d cheated with a girl almost young enough to be their daughter Sharon.

Old is how she’d felt after she’d caught Rich.  Her logic told her forty wasn’t all that old, but her breasts had increased in size over the years and her tummy wasn’t flat and her hips weren’t tight and narrow like that girl’s had been either.

Carrying her daughter for nine months had caused most of that.  Eating with clients hadn’t helped although she did try to order small and eat smaller.  Gravity had also played its cruel trick on her breasts.  As they increased in size and weight, they began to hang lower and her nipples pointed more down than forward.  A good bra and careful selection of clothing hid that when she was dressed, but that was the woman Marion saw in her bathroom mirror every morning.

There were other things as well that she interpreted as aging past being desirable.

She had been coloring her hair for years to cover the silver strands that began showing so early in her life.  The beautician said many women had that happen and not to worry, but Marion only saw age creeping up on her.

Then there was her loss of interest in sex.  She’d never had a strong drive for sex, but over the years she’d thought less and less about sex with Rich until she felt nothing.  When her female co-workers made comments about how hot this or that guy was, Marion felt nothing.  It was like someone had toggled a switch in her mind and erased all the instincts that made women want men to touch them and want to touch them back.

She and Rich hadn’t been intimate for two years before the divorce.  She couldn’t stand to have him touch her.  Marion knew that was at least one of the things that caused Rich to find another woman.  She thought her lack of libido was normal for some women, or at least, that’s what the magazine article she’d read at the salon said.  

Yes, it was normal for, as the writer had put it, “women who are approaching the end of their fertile years”.  Though she wasn’t there yet, to Marion, approaching that time meant she was getting old.  Her daughter thought she was old as well.  Sharon had told her as much one day when they went shopping together.

“Mom, I don’t think those shorts are right for you.  They’re pretty short and…well, remember when you said if you ever looked bad in something I should tell you?”

“What’s bad about them?  I think they’re cute and they’ll be cool when I’m working around the house or shopping.”

Sharon had frowned.

“Mom, your thighs are kinda heavy.  That happens when a woman’s as old as you are. You’d look better in jeans.”

Marion knew Sharon was trying to help, but that statement, “as old as you are” still hurt.  Maybe that was why she hadn’t wanted Rich to touch her – she was just too old.  She didn’t want to be reminded of that every month when she got Rich’s alimony check.

The other reason was by keeping the house and car, she had a familiar place to live while thinking about the rest of her life and she needed the car for work.  Neither was paid for, but she figured she’d cross that bridge when she got her mind around what had happened and where she was going.

Marion took a week off work to think.  She reviewed her financial situation and realized her salary wouldn’t allow her to eat and keep both the house and the car.  She had to eat, and she needed her car to get to and from her job.  She’d have to sell the house, but then where would she live?  The realtor who listed her house had a solution.

“You’ll come out of the sale with about twenty thousand over the mortgage amount.  You’ll have to buy another house or pay capital gains taxes on that money, and I have a house that might interest you.  

“It’s been on the market for a long time, but it’s a nice house.  The problem is it’s a really big house and at sometime in the past, it was remodeled into a duplex.  There is a door between the two sides, so you could use the whole house if you want, but if it was me, I’d lock that door and rent out the other side.  You can probably rent it for almost as much as your house payment.  It’ll be like getting a house for free.”

Marion looked at the house and was charmed by the inside.  The original trim was real, varnished wood, not man-made like in her old house, and the high ceilings gave each room an open feeling she really liked.  She wasn’t thrilled with the rental side, but if she rented it, it would bring in some money.  She asked about the price.

“It started out at a hundred, but it’s down to fifty now.  I think if you offered forty five, the owner would accept.”

Marion’s house sold a week after it was listed, and she closed two weeks later.  As soon as her house sold, Marion offered forty for the old house and settled for forty two.  Getting the mortgage took a week, and after signing all the paperwork, she moved in on the last day of July.  After another week to get things put away, she asked the same realtor to advertise the rental half of the house.

The first applicant was a single guy twenty years younger than Marion.  She didn’t want the parties and young women he’d probably have on the other side of the separating wall.  She politely told him no, just as she did the next three.  Two were also young men and she turned them down for the same reasons.  

The third was a younger couple who just looked weird to her.  The man had tattoos all over his arms, and from what she could see under the shirt with no sleeves he wore, likely all over his chest.  The woman was worse.  She didn’t have on a bra and the tight tank top showed her nipples as well as the bumps on each side from what had to be piercings.  She also had one eyebrow pierced as well as a stud in her tongue that she clicked against her teeth.

The fifth applicant was a woman more Marion’s age, and Marion instantly liked her.  Sandy seemed to be intelligent, and her smile was contagious.  Marion found herself smiling at the woman’s every word.  

Sandy liked the rooms, and she said the rent wasn’t a problem.  Marion knew the realtor would have already run the credit check, so she told Sandy she could move in as soon as she paid the first and last month’s rent.  Sandy dug through her purse and finally produced a checkbook.  She wrote out the check, handed it to Marion and smiled that smile again.

“I can’t move in for another week, but that’ll give the check time to clear.”

Sandy handed Marion a business card.

“If there’s any problem, you can call me at this number.”

Marion looked at the business card.  Sandy was a buyer for a well-known chain of department stores with their main office in the city.  She looked at Sandy and smiled.

I work in sales so I guess we’re usually on opposite sides of the conference table.  I think buying would be more fun.  What do you buy for your company?”

Sandy smiled back.

“Lingerie, but it’s not all fun.  Seeing what the sellers have to offer is pretty neat.  Negotiating quantities and prices isn’t.”

“Yes, I know what you mean.  I have the same trouble in reverse.  I get paid partly based on how much I sell, but it has to be sales with a profit margin.  It is tough.”

Sandy grinned.

“We’ll have to talk sometime.  Maybe you can give me some pointers about how to get a supplier to lower his price, and I’ll tell you how to get a buyer on your side.  Well, I need to be going.  I took the morning off but I have a meeting this afternoon I have to attend.”

Once Sandy moved in, they did talk.  The front porch had an old-fashioned swing with a seat wide enough for three people.  Marion had started sitting in the swing after dinner.  It was quiet then and the evenings were cool enough to be comfortable.  Sandy usually joined her.

One evening, Sandy walked out on the porch and grinned as Marion scooted to one side of the swing and patted the other.  Sandy sat down and sighed.

“This is like I hoped it would be – quiet.  No car horns, no people yelling.  That’s what I had with my apartment in the city.  It was nice being able to walk down the block to a restaurant if I didn’t feel like cooking, but the noise was awful.”

Marion chuckled.

“I know what you mean.  Last week I stayed in this hotel in Atlanta.  All night long there was loud music and people on the street yelling at each other.”

“Why were you in Atlanta?”

“A customer.  They’d been buying our stuff for years and then hired a new buyer who decided to change vendors.  I went down there to find out why and see if I could do anything about it.”

Sandy frowned.

“That sounds odd.  I don’t like changing vendors.  You never know what you’re going to get, especially now.  I looked at some bras the other day made by a new company in Vietnam.  They looked nice and the price was great, but they weren’t put together very well.  I could just see one of our customers having hers come apart when she was at something important.”

Marion laughed.

“Yes, that would make me pretty hot, and you’d be sure to hear about it.”

“Well, it won’t happen with any of our bras.  I didn’t buy any.  I did tell them what then need to change though.  How ‘bout you.  Did you get your order back?”

“No, I wouldn’t agree to the buyer’s terms.  He didn’t come right out and say it, but basically, if I slept with him, he’d give us the order at the price we wanted.  If I didn’t, his order would go to someone else.”

“I take it you weren’t interested.”

“God no.  He was short and fat and had greasy hair, and he kept looking at my boobs instead of my face.”

Sandy chuckled.

“Well, you do have a pretty nice pair, you know.”

“It’s all my bra.  When I’m naked…well, they’re not so nice.”

“I don’t get that so much.  Most of the men in the lingerie industry are gay so they aren’t really interested in me.”

Marion sighed.

“That would be a nice change.  Most of the buyers I meet with are men and they are interested – too interested.”

“I’d think you’d take that as a compliment, men liking to look at you.”

“Twenty years ago maybe, not today.  I don’t…I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you’re a woman so maybe you’ll understand.  Men don’t do anything for me, not anymore.   Even back then, I never was the type to get all ga-ga over a guy.  I liked some of them, but I wasn’t just itching to find out what sex was all about.”

Sandy touched Marion’s hand.

“A lot of women feel the same way, or didn’t you know that?”

“Well, I read about it and it’s supposed to be normal for a woman my age.  I don’t know if I believe that or not.  I mean, I was always taught that girls grow up to be women, get married, have kids, and then have a nice life afterward.  I grew up, got married and had a daughter.  I was happy I had her.  When she left home, it didn’t seem like there was anything left.”

“You were married?”

“Yes, up until a couple of months ago.  It was partly my fault, I guess.  When I say there wasn’t anything left for me, there wasn’t any of me left for him either.  I didn’t like him touching me and I didn’t want to touch him.  He found someone else who liked both.”

Marion’s voice cracked a little.

“She was about twenty five I think.  Sharon’s twenty one, and this girl looked only a little older.  I walked in on them one night.”

Sandy squeezed Marion’s hand.

“You poor thing.  I don’t know what I’d have done.  Probably gone some where and cried my eyes out for a while.”

“I didn’t do that.  I knew why he did it.  I just didn’t know why he did it with a woman so young.  That made me sad, but it also made me mad at myself.  If I’d just let him –“

Sandy cut her off.

“Marion, when you say ‘let him’ you mean let him use you.  You would have felt worse and he wouldn’t have liked it.  It probably wouldn’t have changed anything.”

“Yes, you’re right, but it still hurts to know that he slept with a young girl.”

“So, you’ve been talking like this to yourself since then?  Not a healthy thing to do, girl.  You need to get over that and start living again.”

“I suppose I have been.  I just don’t know how to put it behind me.”

Sandy patted Marion’s hand again.

“I can tell you what I did.”

“You were in the same situation?”

“Yes.  I wasn’t married, but the same thing happened.  The girl was young with perky breasts and a body straight out of a fashion magazine.  Actually, she was a model.”

“So what did you do?”

“I went to the next fashion show looking for someone else.  Hey, there’s one in New York in three weeks.  I can get a couple of tickets.  Why don’t you come along.”

Sandy grinned wickedly.

“You’ll get to see the down and dirty of lingerie fashion.”

“I thought you said all the men are gay?”

Sandy smiled.

“There are some who aren’t.  Maybe you’ll get lucky, and even if you don’t, I can get us a free sample or two.  Ever worn a designer bra before?  You wouldn’t believe how one makes you feel.”

The fashion show was amazing to Marion.  She’d never seen so many women in just bras and panties before.  She’s also never seen so many slender women in one place before.  She touched Sandy on the arm.

“None of them have any boobs or butts.”

Sandy laughed.

“I know.  That’s part of the sales pitch.  We’ll do the same on the mannequins in our stores – no boobs and no butt.  When you go shopping, you’ll look at the mannequin and fantasize if you buy that, you’ll look just as young and tight.”

Marion laughed.

“My imagination isn’t that good.  Nothing’s going to make my butt as narrow as that blonde’s, and my boobs…well, I suppose there’s surgery, but that’s about it.”

“Nah, you look great just like you are.  These are just girls.  You look like a woman, and believe me, you’ll get some offers because you do.”

When the last model strutted down the runway and then back, Sandy whispered to Marion.

“All this was just for the fashion magazine writers.  Now I’ll show you what this whole thing is really about."

Sandy led Marion through a door and into the dressing area.  The models were in various stages of getting out of the bras and panties and into street clothes.  Off to the side were tables with chairs.

“This is where I meet the designers and manufacturer’s.  I’ll tell them I’m training you to be a buyer.  You don’t need to do anything.  Just watch and enjoy.”

Marion had to admit that Sandy knew her job.  She sat quietly while Sandy inquired about product availability and prices.  If she wasn’t satisfied, she’d start to stand up, and suddenly the price got lower.  It was a lot like what happened to her when she made sales calls.

At one table, Sandy seemed almost ready to sign an order.  She kept nodding when told about how many bra and panty sets the manufacturer could deliver and when, and she smiled when they agreed on a price.  Then she looked up at the woman on the other side of the table.

“There is one more thing.  A lot of our customers are bigger than your models.  Are you sure your size range is wide enough they can find something that fits?”

The woman smiled.  

“Why don’t I fit you both?  Then you can decide, but I know you won’t be disappointed.  You’re about a thirty four and probably a B, right?”

“Thirty two and usually a C cup.”

“Ah, yes I could see that.”

The woman turned to Marion.

“How about you, Sweetie?  I think maybe thirty six and a D?”

Marion blushed.

“Well, I usually buy a thirty eight C.”

The woman smiled.

“I don’t think that’s the right size for you, but most women buy the wrong size.  You two come with me and I’ll fix you right up.”

It was a little embarrassing for Marion to be in the same room when Sandy took off her top and bra.  It didn’t seem to bother Sandy at all.  It also didn’t seem to bother her when the woman helped her put on a black bra with lace cups and a tiny little red bow where the two cups were joined.  Without the bra, Sandy’s breasts were a little long and cone shaped around her nipples.  With the bra, they became full, rounded, and her cleavage was so soft and deep it looked like she was quite a bit bigger than she really was.

After moving the bra cups a little, the woman stepped back to look at Sandy.

“Yes, that’s the bra for you, and you got the size just right, I think.  You’re not pooching over the cups and I don’t see any wrinkles.  How does the band feel?”

Sandy smiled.

“It feels great.  Everything feels great.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do for Marion.  Take off your blouse, Sweetie.”

It was more than a little embarrassing for Marion to take off her blouse in front of a woman she didn’t know.  The woman smiled as she watched.

“You’ve been buying the wrong size, Sweetie. She stroked her finger over the soft underside of Marion’s breast that had slipped out from under the band.

“You’re breasts are coming out the bottom because the band is too loose.  I can push your breast back up, like this –“

Marion felt the woman’s soft fingers pushing her breasts up and back into the bra cups, and then another tingle.

“but they won’t stay there.  And, look at how your breasts are all pooched out over the tops of the cups.  That’s because a C is too small for you.  Let’s take that one off and try what I think you need.”

When Marion removed her bra, the woman frowned.

“There’s the problem.  Your breasts are a little low, so when you measure, they measure differently than they really are.  If you buy that size, the bra won’t fit.  She stepped forward, cupped each of Marion’s breasts in her hands and lifted them up.

“If they were up here, you’d be able to measure correctly. Remember that, OK?  Now, let’s try my thirty six D cup and I’ll show you how this works.”

The woman held up the bra and when Marion held out her arms, slipped the shoulder straps over then and onto her shoulders.  She then pulled the cups down until each breast was sitting in one.  Then, she walked behind Marion and hooked the band.  

“How does that feel – tight or loose?”

“A little loose maybe?”

The woman move the hooks to the next set of eyes and then slipped her finger between the front of the bra band and Marion’s right breast.  Marion had felt a tingling sensation when the woman had lifted her breasts before.  She felt the same tingle then.

Marion was amazed at how the bra fit.  The band wasn’t tight like she was used to, and the cups molded her breasts into the same round softness she’d seen with Sandy.  The woman stroked Marion’s breasts through the bra and then slipped a finger between the band and Marion’s right breast again.

“How about now?  Not too tight is it?”

 “No, it feels great.”

“Well come look at yourself in the mirror.  You’re all sexy and seductive now, not hanging out under the band and pooching over the top like before.”

The woman took Marion’s hand and led her to a full length mirror.  She put her hands on Marion's shoulders and pulled them back.

“Stand up straight, Sweetie, and look at how sexy you are now.”

Marion shivered when the woman’s hands stroked down her arms, but she didn’t notice that as much as she did the woman who looked back at her from the mirror.  That woman looked young with full breasts that came together in the center of her chest in a deep cleavage.  She cupped her breasts and moved them back and forth.  Nothing changed.  Her breasts didn’t move around inside the cups and they didn’t slip under the band.  The woman chuckled and Marion felt her soft, slender fingers on her bare shoulder.

“See, I told you.”

Sandy cleared her throat.

“OK, you’ve convinced me.  Marion, we need to see a couple other manufacturer’s yet.”

Sandy signed the contract with the woman, and then went to a different table.  All in all, they talked with four more suppliers, and they each brought two more bra and panty sets back to the hotel.  She was a little disconcerted that she’d been touched so much during the fittings, and while they ate dinner, she asked Sandy if that was how things normally went.

Sandy smiled.

“They didn’t so much with me, but they know me.  You should take those touches as a compliment.  All those women really liked you.”

“Liked me?“

“Yes, liked you.  They liked you a lot.  If you’d been by yourself, you’d have heard an invitation from most of them.

“You mean to…?”

Sandy nodded her head.

“Yes, like your thinking.”

“But they didn’t say anything, even when you couldn’t hear.”

Sandy smiled.

“That’s because they thought you were with me.”

“You’re a…”

“Do you think it would be a bad thing if I was or that anything between us would change?”

“I – I don’t know.  I never met one before.”

“I’d bet you have and just didn’t know it.  They don’t all cut their hair short and wear leather.  Most look just like you and I look.”

“So they weren’t touching me to make the bra fit better.  They were touching me to…why were they touching me?”

Sandy smiled.

“Julie, Maxine and Liz were attracted to you, that’s all.  What they did wasn’t much different than if you were to touch a man on the arm or his chest.  They were just telling you they thought you were sexy.  Did you feel sexy?”

“A little, I suppose.  The bras did make me feel pretty good about how I looked.”

“How about the touches?  Did they make you feel good too?”

Marion took a sip of wine before she answered.  She had felt something, but that was wrong.  It had to be wrong because her mother had told her it was.  

“What if they did?”

Sandy shrugged her shoulders.

“It might not mean anything, or it might mean you liked it.  Ever thought about another woman?”

“Have you?”

“Sure.  Most women have at one time or another.”

“I don’t know if I could do that or not - be with another woman I mean.  I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Sandy smiled.

“Yes you would, but that’s a conversation we need to have somewhere besides here.  Are you ready to leave?”

Sandy followed Marion through the door to her room.  She carried the half-finished bottle of wine from dinner and their two wine glasses.  Once inside, she slipped off her heels and sighed.

“I love dressing up, but it’s good to get out of these heels at the end of the day.”

Marion sat on the bed and took her heels off.

“I know what you mean.  I wear heels when I go to my customers, but after a day in them my feet start to hurt.”

Sandy smiled.

“I can fix that.  Lay back on the bed.”

Marion frowned.

“You’re not going to try anything are you?”

Sandy shook her head.

“No, silly, I’m gonna massage your feet.  What would I try anyway?”

“I don’t know, but you seem to know a lot about women who like other women.”

Sandy chuckled.

“Well, I work with them almost every day.  A lot of really creative designers are gay or lesbian.  Now just lay back and let me make those tootsies feel better.”

At the first touch of Sandy’s hands, Marion stiffened, but then sighed as the fingers worked on the soles of her feet.

“You’re right.  That does feel good.”

“A guy at one of the shows taught me how to do this.  He wasn’t interested in anything else, of course, but he did like my feet.  Don’t know why.  How about when I do this?”

Marion felt the tension leaving her calves.  It was replaced with a warm feeling.

“Oh wow.  I’ll be needing you to do this every night.  You’ll have to teach me so I can do you too…your feet, I mean.”

Sandy just chuckled.

“I know what you meant.  Now relax. so I can do the other foot.”

When Sandy finished, she walked to the table and picked up the bottle of wine.

“This stuff was expensive, and even though my company paid for it, we shouldn’t let it go to waste.  Want another glass.”

Marion nodded, and Sandy poured the two wine glasses half full, then brought them to the bed, sat down beside Marion and handed her one of the glasses.

“Here’s to a day when you found out what bra size you really wear and found out the right one makes your boobs look sexy.”

Marion sipped the wine, then laughed.

“I’m not sure I’d call them sexy, but they do look better.”

“Well, that’s what Julie, Maxine, and Liz thought.  Maxine told me she thought you have a very desirable body.  Maxine always pretty much says what she’s thinking at the time.  She asked me if we were together or if she had a chance.”

Marion choked on her sip of wine.

“She wanted to…with me?”

“Yes.  Does that surprise you?”

“Yes it does.  You didn’t tell her I would, did you?”

“No, I said we were a couple.  She said she understood.”

Marion sighed.

“Well, that’s good, I guess.  Like I said before, I wouldn’t know what to do if she tried anything.  What do they do, anyway?  You said you’d tell me.”

“Some of it is the same as you do when you do yourself.  Don’t tell me you don’t because all women do.”

“Yes, I do, sometimes.”

“It’s a lot better with another woman because you aren’t doing it yourself.  Another woman knows what you like too, because she likes the same things.”

“I take it you’ve had the experience?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Was it better?”

“Mmm…a lot better.”

“You said some is the same.  What else happens?”

Sandy giggled.

“You’re awfully curious for a woman who doesn’t think she could ever do it.”

“I just never talked to a woman who has. It’s pretty interesting.”

“Well, girls kiss a lot, and you’ve never really been kissed until you’ve been kissed by another girl.”

“Isn’t it the same as kissing a man?”

“Want me to show you?  You’ll never understand otherwise.”

“Oh, I - I don’t think so.”

Sandy touched Marion’s hand.

“Why not?  It’s just the two of us here.  You might not like it, but at least you’ll know what it feels like.”

“It would be just a kiss?”

 Sandy took Marion’s wine glass and sat both glasses on the bedside table, then put her hands on Marion’s shoulders.

“Close your eyes, Marion”

Marion caught her breath when she felt Sandy’s lips touch hers and she couldn’t close her mouth again because Sandy’s lips had covered them. She felt a soft brush of air against her cheek as Sandy exhaled, and then the tip of Sandy’s tongue sliding over her upper lip.

Sandy’s gently pushed Marion back until she was lying down, and then moved over her until their breasts lightly touched.  Her tongue slipped over Marion’s lower lip and then between her teeth.  

Marion could not believe the sensations she felt.  It wasn’t anything like when she’d kissed Rich.  He’d always been a little too fast, a little rough and his beard stubble scratched her face.  This was so slow and sensuous.  She felt every movement of Sandy’s lips and tongue, and Sandy’s skin was like satin against her face.  Without realizing it, Marion began to respond.  She was letting her tongue entwine with Sandy’s when Sandy gently backed away.  Marion opened her eyes and saw Sandy smiling.

“So, what did you think?”

“Oh my.  I can see why they do that a lot.”

Sandy grinned.

“I thought you were feeling something.  You were, weren’t you?”

Marion felt her face and chest grow warmer.

“Well, I don’t know that I’d want to do it all the time, but yes.  It was…I don’t know how to describe it.”

Sandy kissed Marion on the forehead and then raised up to sit on the bed again.

“That’s OK, Marion.  I know what you felt.  I felt the same thing.”

‘You did?”

“Of course I did.  It’s like Julie, Maxine, and Liz said.  You’re a very sexy woman.”

“They wanted to kiss me like that?”

Sandy picked up their wine glasses and held out Marion’s.

“Among other things, yes.  Want some more wine?”
Marion sat up and took the wine glass, and then took a sip.

“What other things?”

“Well, I’m sure they wanted to touch you in all the places you touch, and they’d like to kiss those places too.  That’s what Julie did to me.”

“Like foreplay, I guess.”

“Kind of, but it’s not like they’re getting you ready and then change what they’re doing, like a guy does.  It’s more like they keep doing everything until that magic moment happens.  You wouldn’t believe how strong that magic moment is.”

Marion gulped at her wine to have time to think a little.  Sandy’s kiss had indeed had an effect on her.  Listening to Sandy was doing the same thing.  She’d felt excitement she’d thought was gone forever, and that worried her.  She wasn’t a lesbian, was she?  But, maybe that was why she’d not felt anything for Rich.  No, she’d loved him when they were first married and wanted him to have sex with her.  A lesbian wouldn’t want to have sex with a man.  Could a lesbian love a man and not want sex with him?

When she thought about it though,she didn’t really want him to have sex with her; sex was what her mother told her wives did for their husbands.  She didn’t remember ever having one of those “magic moments” with Rich inside her.  That always came when she took a bath or when he wasn’t in the house.  

The kiss had been exciting.  Why was that?  Was it possible for a woman to be normal one day and become a lesbian the next?  She didn’t think so, but hearing Sandy say those other women thought she was sexy was exciting too.  

If Maxine had done the things lesbians do with her, how would she feel afterward?  Would she be ashamed for doing something that her mother said was wrong, or would she be happy?  

There were so many questions in her head Marion couldn’t think.  She took another gulp of wine and then answered Sandy with another question.

“Would Maxine have done that to me?”

“Yes, and more than once if you were agreeable.”

“What does it feel like?”

Sandy smiled.

“I suppose it’s different for all women, but I couldn’t believe it.  It was like Julie said it would be – this feeling of intense pleasure that took away everything else.  I remember it feeling so intense I needed to scream but so intense I couldn’t.  Hey, you look flushed.  Is this turning you on?”

“No…well, yes…I don’t know.  I’ve had more wine than I usually drink, and between that and you kissing me and now this, I’m getting really confused.”

“Confused?  Why?”

“If I felt something when you kissed me, does that mean I’m a lesbian?  I don’t know if I want to be one or not.”

“It doesn’t really matter tonight, does it?  I mean, it’s just you and me talking about what girls who make love to girls do.  What did you feel?”

Marion smiled shyly.

“It was exciting.”

“Exciting as in ‘Oh boy’ or exciting as in becoming aroused?”

“The last one.”

Sandy giggled.

“Well that makes me feel good.  I’d hate to think I kissed you and didn’t cause something to happen.”

“What else would happen if Maxine had kissed me and I let her keep going?”

“You’d have an orgasm like none you’ve ever had before.”

“If I let that happen, does that mean I’d be a lesbian then?”

Sandy giggled.

“No, but it means you’d be really happy.”

“What would she do to me?”

“She’d undress you first.  Remember I told you she thought you had a very desirable body?  She’d want to see you naked.”

Marion chuckled.

”She’d probably be disappointed.  My boobs and butt aren’t that sexy.”

Sandy casually let her hand stroke Marion’s knee.

“She’s already seen your boobs when she fitted you with that bra, and I saw her licking her lips.  I’m sure she’d like your butt too.  It looks really sexy in that dress.   She wouldn’t be disappointed.”

Marion had felt Sandy’s hand on her knee.  The little tingle made her feel very warm and excited again.  She tried to visualize how Maxine would undress her.

“How would she do it?  Would she kiss me while she’s undressing me?”

“If you’ll stand up, I’ll show you.  Don’t get that worried look in your eyes.  I’m just showing you what Maxine would do.  You have to get out of that dress some time  anyway, don’t you?”

Marion stood up, and Sandy moved behind her. Marion felt Sandy’s warm breath on her neck for a second.  Then, while Sandy pulled the zipper of her dress down, Marion felt the same breath as Sandy kissed her neck.  The sensation made her catch her breath, then once again when Sandy began nibbling the skin between her neck and shoulder.

Sandy stooped then, caught the hem of Marion’s dress, and lifted it.  Marion felt the cooler air of the room on her thighs, then her tummy.  Sandy nibbled Marion’s neck again, and then whispered, “raise up your arms, Honey.”

Sandy pulled Marion’s dress over her head, then carefully laid it on the foot of the bed.  She turned back to Marion and smiled.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

“It’s just this fancy bra.”

Sandy moved in front of Marion and lightly stroked her arm.  Marion felt the same tingles race up her arm and into her mind.

“No, Marion, it’s everything.”

“Just not my butt, though, right?”

Sandy’s hand slipped from Marion’s arm to her back and then down to the curve of her hip.  Marion shuddered as Sandy stroked the full, rounded cheek.

“Marion, Maxine would love your butt.   It’s a sensuous woman’s butt.  She’d want to make love with you.”

Marion felt little shocks racing into her tummy, shocks that were like when she stroked her breasts and the soft lips between her thighs.  She shouldn’t feel that, she thought, but it was there.  She couldn’t stop the gasp when Sandy cupped her hip and squeezed.  Sandy’s voice seemed far away.

“I think you’d like it if Maxine had done this to you. I think you’re getting a little excited too.  Are you?”

Marion caught her breath when Sandy stroked the crease where her hip joined her thigh.  Yes, she was getting excited, more excited than she’d ever been with Rich.

“Yes, I don’t know why, but I am.”

“Maxine would take off your bra now, I think.”

Marion felt Sandy’s breasts pressing into hers as Sandy put her arms around Marion’s back and unhooked the bra band.  Sandy slipped her hands up Marion’s back then, causing Marion to shiver, and then eased the bra straps from her shoulders.  Marion’s breasts slipped out of the cups and down onto her chest.  She felt Sandy stroke the side of her right breast with one finger.

“Marion, you have beautiful breasts.”

“They sag too much.”

“No, they’re just pretty big.  Maxine said she loved them.  That’s why she was feeling you so much.”

Sandy lightly brushed Marion’s nipple on that breast.  Marion felt the sensation shoot into her tummy and cause it to tighten.  Marion gasped when Sandy gently pinched that nipple.

“You’re doing more than undressing me.”

“I know I am.  Do you want me to stop?”

“I don’t know.  I’m still confused.”

Sandy stroked Marion’s other nipple until it was stiff, then pinched it lightly.  Marion felt her knees grow weak and she pulled herself away as she sat back down on the bed.  Sandy sat down beside her, pulled Marion to her and kissed her again.  Marion moaned around Sandy’s probing tongue and then slowly put her arms around Sandy’s neck.

She felt Sandy lifting and caressing both her breasts, and then Sandy’s fingers moving slowly down her body.  Those fingers slipped lower, then still lower until Marion felt them lightly stroking her sex.  Without thinking about it, she opened her thighs, and the fingers slipped lower to stroke her lips.

Her mind was reeling with the sensations Sandy was causing.  She gasped when Sandy pulled her panties to the side and touched the soft hair that covered her lips.  She gasped again when Sandy slipped a fingertip between her lips and stroked gently.  Sandy broke the kiss and whispered.

“I need to get undressed too.”

Marion could only lay there when Sandy pressed her naked body against her and felt down her tummy again.  She raised her hips to let Sandy roll her panties down to her thighs, and then lifted her legs to let Sandy take them off.  She felt Sandy’s soft inner thigh on hers and then the soft press of Sandy’s breasts.

Sandy kissed her again, and this time, Marion fell into the kiss and returned it.  It wasn’t a conscious effort; her mouth just did what felt right, and she moaned at the sensations.  She moaned again when Sandy nibbled down her neck, then down the swell of her breast, and then finally closed her lips around Marion’s nipple.  The tightening in her tummy was exquisite and she felt her hips rock slightly.

Afterwards, when Sandy lay beside her, stroking her side, Marion tried to remember everything that had happened to her.  Everything was just continuous sensations from her breasts, nipples, and the secret lips between her thighs.  Sandy had entered her with first one finger and then two, and found a place that made Marion delirious with the sensations that shot to her tummy.  When Sandy licked her soft, rippled lips, Marion arched her body a little.  When Sandy licked the stiff nub at the top of her slit, Marion had cried out and her hips rocked uncontrollably.

It seemed to her as if the sensations were not only just one continuous, exciting feeling that made her want even more, but were ever increasing in strength.  Her body strained up as Sandy closed her lips around Marion’s taut clit, and then jerked when Sandy rolled both her nipples.  She felt the tension building in her body.  

Sandy pushed three fingers inside her and that tension became agonizing pleasure that made her pant.  Sandy curled her fingers up into that same spot she’d found before and firmly massaged the little pad of flesh.  Marion cried out, arched high off the mattress and hung there as the orgasm wracked her body with wave after wave of incredible sensations.  She was still panting when she eased back down on the mattress and Sandy move up tight against her side.

Neither of them said anything for a while.  Sandy just lightly caressed Marion’s breast, side and hip, then kissed her again.  Marion sighed when Sandy pulled away.

“Is this how I’d feel with Maxine?”

“Maybe even better.  She’s a very good lover.”

Sandy stroked Marion’s cheek.

“Still confused?”


“Don’t be.  Just think of how you feel tonight, OK?”

“Mmm…I can’t even describe how I feel.”

“You don’t have to tell me.  I know how you feel.”

Marion woke the next morning and looked to her side.  Sandy was still asleep.  Marion lifted the sheet a little out of curiosity.  She hadn’t really seen Sandy the night before.  She’d been too involved in what Sandy was doing to her.  Now, she smiled as she uncovered Sandy’s body.

She’d seen Sandy’s breasts when they tried on the different bras.  They were firm and sat high on her chest, and her nipples were darker pink nubs on the same color nipple beds.  Marion pulled the sheet lower.  Sandy’s tummy was flat, and pulling the sheet down more showed Sandy’s hip bones.  Marion took a deep breath and pulled the sheet lower still.  Sandy had no pubic hair, and her soft lips and the little fold of skin between them made Marion catch her breath.  She dropped the sheet when Sandy chuckled.

“Like what you see?”

“I’m so sorry Sandy.  I just wanted to…”

“It’s OK.  I saw you.  You can see me.”

Sandy pushed the sheet down, then pulled her legs from under it and laid them on top.  She stretched then, and opened her thighs in the process.  Marion saw puffy outer lips and the rippled inner lips that protruded from them.  Sandy giggled.

“You’re sitting there with your mouth open.”

“I’ve just never seen…well, you don’t have any hair and you stick out down there.”

Sandy laughed.

“I shave when I shower.  It feels nice to me, and other women seem to like it too.  As for sticking out, I’ve been that way since I became a woman.  I used to think there was something wrong with me because my inner lips are so large.  An older woman convinced me there wasn’t.”

“When was that?”

“When I was nineteen.  She was the house mother in my dorm.”

“Did you…did you do what we did last night?”

“Yes.  She was supposed to be there to help us girls with our personal problems.  I went to see her a lot after that first time.  She fixed my problems and taught me a lot too.”

“My house mother was sixty six and fat.  I don’t think I could have done anything with her even if she wanted to.”

Marion laughed.

“All she ever told us was to make sure the guy used a condom.”

Sandy stroked Marion’s thigh.

“Vicky was forty five, beautiful like you are, and could make me see colors when I came.”

“Did you do the same for her?”

“Yes, after she taught me how.”

Marion snuggled closer to Sandy and tentatively caressed her soft breast.

“Would you be my Vicky?”

The old house is still stands, and Marion and Sandy still live there.  There have been some changes though.  

The door between the two sides of the house isn’t there anymore.  Marion had it taken out three months after the lingerie show.  Only an open passage between the rooms is left.  After three months of getting to know Sandy better, she decided there was no reason for them not to share the whole house.

Sandy doesn’t exactly pay rent either.  Marion tore up the lease on the same day she had the door taken out.  Instead, Sandy pays the utility bills and Marion pays the house payment.  They buy their groceries together and share the cooking.

Marion isn’t confused any more, at least about how she feels about men and women.  It helped when she sat down with Sharon and explained why she took out the door.  Sharon hugged her and said she understood and was happy for her.  Then she asked if she could bring Mary to visit sometime.  It seems as if genes are more important than a mother’s explanation of how things should be.

Marion and Sandy go to lingerie shows on occasion.  They both like watching the models strut down the runway, and Sandy always whispers something to Marion like, “you’d be hot in that bra and those panties.”  Marion blushes then, but always strokes her hand over Sandy’s butt.  Sandy just grins and whispers, “When we get back to the hotel, I’ll want you to do that again.”

They both like the free samples as well, though it’s as much the fitting as the lingerie.  Marion is coming to grips with the fact that other women find her attractive and enjoys the attention.  She’s had several offers, but she always says she’s with Sandy.  She hopes that won’t ever change, and Sandy says it won’t.  

They had the old house painted this summer.  It used to be white.  Now, it’s pastel blue with dark blue trim.  If old houses can feel anything, it probably feels like Marion felt  – before, a little old and something nobody really wanted.  Then the right person came along, and after that, it changed into something that special person loves, wants and needs.  It probably feels really good about that, just like Marion does..