The Faery & The Tikoloshe

The northern waters are cool and windy.

A refreshing ocean wind blows the waves, under the cloudy and grey evening sky.

A large and sturdy trading boat, looking like a odd mix of Arab with a touch of Roman, and African imagery on it, comes to rest in a port. Simple yet sturdy wooden planks form it, as light skinned men smile and approach, meeting men in turbans and their chins covered by masks of cloth. Only their eyes and the almost jet black skin of their faces and noses peeking out. They shake hands, each speaking something the other would understand. Trade is the source of the long visit. Money is to be made in mass amounts by entrepreneurs and business savvy fellows good with coin and predicting human wants.

The burning copper and iron lanterns of the Moors, Tauregs they call their group, look gorgeously designed. The smiling dock owner shows off his silver tooth and good loop earrings, a symbol of his clan's wealth. They shake hands and make friendly, no hostilities existent.

But as the last of mankind yawns and ambles off the boat, his silky "genie shoes" smish-smishing away into the dark... bright red eyes glow in the shadows of the moored Moor vessel. Large, red eyes that shine with a mischievous intellect.

Despite their glow, they don't look evil. Or frightening. But large and babyish. In the darkness, a creature almost resembling a 2 foot tall vervet monkey slinks off the boat, silently landing on the wooden dock boards. His ears are like a jackal's, only hairless. All his teeth are tiny and sharp. His fur is sandy brown, the color of Savannah grass. His feet are hairless, pale and human-like. His face is human-like, yet grey skinned. His eyebrows, sandy-white. A barely-existent beard extends from his throat to just under his chin, making one unsure if it's just fur, or actual facial hair.

His large hands, dark grey with white claws, silently touch down to the wooden dock boards, as he silently oozes to the hard, green land.

Everything smells strange. Different.

It's cold. WET.


nZiki blinks his bright red eyes hard. The dark is nothing to him. His father, who had more in common with a gibbon that had gremlin ears, barred him to ever lurk among men. Only the uMenzis, or magic smiths, could do that. At only a mere 33, he was still too young, just into his true adult years.

His feet touched the green, cool, mossy ground. WHAT? His little sharp teeth flashed in the starlight, as he grimaced at the sponginess of the moss and green moll. He snuck onto the ships of the men who wear turbans and cover their almost jet black faces in cloths. And in all the trips he's taken hiding on their ship, he's never seen this before.

"mmmmGgggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........." wisps behind him. He hears massive thumps bump the wooden dock. His ears skint back in fear, as he slowly turns.

One of the biggest dogs he's ever seen in his life is eyeing him. The largest he's seen is the wild dogs. And as far as dog SHAPED, the hyenas. But they're more like giant mongooses rather than dogs. But this? This big, ugly, flat faced, floppy skinned monster must be 200 pounds. Easy. Thick slops of drool ooze down the mastiff's jaws, as his hair rises on his back and he begins a speeding-up trot.

nZiki's big, grey feet crush into the spongy land as he flurries away up the green, steep hill. The huge dog loudly barks up a commotion, running up the dock and trying to bound his way up the steep green molls. The quick little sprite dashes out of sight, by the time men burst out, screaming in their strange tongue and jerking the dog by a leather collar as he furiously barks and drags a man up the hill.

nZiki runs. And jumps. And flips. And mini-teleports. The last thing he saw was that monstrosity of mankind's breeding charging up the hill, dragging his screaming, bearded owner with him.

After so much of his parkour-magic acrobatics and athletics, he flops down behind a tree in a forest. His grey hands with white claws clutch his chest, as he heaves from the run. The air is deathly quiet, minus the sound of crickets, owls, and frogs. He laughs to himself, his voice is deep and smooth. His tiny sharp teeth showing his thick-lipped smile.

"Ach! Yer mighty spry!" echoes a jesting female voice from the dark.

His big, red, puppy-like eyes flash open. They scan the night, better than almost anything's eyes for seeing what's in the dark. Even better than those shark-mouthed vampires, those damn obayifo.


"Up here!"

He looks up, seeing what looks like a human woman, not much smaller than he is, floating in mid air. She seems to glow ever slightly. She looked to be human, light-skinned like the humans he saw that owned the docks. nZiki never paid much attention to the different styles of human. They're like parakeets: all the same thing. He just knew, you have to be careful. They can wield magics too, or commune with the celestials as easy as focusing and speaking. That is a great amount of power for creatures so stupid. Strange, though. This girl definitely isn't human, he can hear and feel it. But she looks so human. Her eyes glow green. Her long and wispy blonde and red hair is parted down the middle of her scalp, floating down her back and the sides of her face. She is naked, minus a cloak that seems to be from the pale plant skin of a leaf, or flower pedal. Her finger and toe nails are white and glisten like diamonds.

She floats down, sitting on top of a large red toadstool with white spots. Big as a human's footrest for 2 feet. Despite her size, she reminds him of a human woman in her 20's. Well, where he comes from, human women who look 20 could easily be 40. She sits her naked, pale cheeks on the stool. They are smooth and plump. Her arms and legs look perfectly smooth, but if your vision is as good as a owl's, you can see they are covered in fine, reflective hair. The bush between her legs has more in common with a oyster's inner shell, reflecting light to glimmer in weird colors. Her ears are round and small, perfectly human. Minus the invisible tuft of hair on the top tips of them. Only in the right light, can you see them. Like hair made from glass.

She sits with her legs pressed together. One elbow on her knee, and her chin resting on her fist. She smiles her charming, thin pink lips at him, fluttering her incandescent eyelashes.

"What's yer name? You're too hchandsome to be a trow. Are ye one of those trolls I've heard uh?"

She's so forward. nZiki isn't used to this. Where he's from, even the sprite females were shy and quiet, like the human ones. Never speaking first, always quiet and shy, or only showing their interest by blushing and peeking from beneath giggling eyelashes. Giggling at everything you say. Low voices. But this girl? She speaks boldly. To the point.

"Miss, tell me yours, and I will tell you what I am called."

"Heh! A trickster, are yeh?"

Everyone knew the tikoloshes were tricksters. It's part of their charm. And their horror...

"If I tell yeh my name, then ye won't gimme yours. But gimme a list ah nicknames, flip-flopped titles, or the sound animals make when they see people. Maybe somethin' not even YOU at all, but names for things like you. OR you'll just give me a riddle, where you gimme a list of descriptive names feh a certain thing, and then I gotta answer what that thing is. Am I right?"


His thick grey lips part in a sharp-toothed smile as he laughs to himself. She got him.

And just out naked with it too. Not even trying to verbally joust, or challenge him with a reversal, or a ill-fated bet.

nZiki leans back against the tree trunk, his furry and small-muscled yet muscular shoulders relaxing. His human-like face arches a light sand-colored eyebrow, as his big ears perk up at her. He rubs at the yellow-grass colored thin smooth hair at his chin.

"I guess I can not trick you?"

"Maybe yeh can..." she winks, "...but tricking faye is no easy task. Even fer other fair folk."

"Fair folk?"

"Aye, you know. People like me, like you. Like us. Fair folk. Faery's. Sprytes."

"Ohhh, you mean intwazana yentsomi?"


"Madam, it is very lovely to make your acquaintance."

She bows her head in response, revealing her slightly glowing and blushing cleavage. She has a body like a painting of Venus, yet smoother.

"And likewise teh ye, male-traveller. I am Gwrythmid."

"And so, you are." he smiles a cocky grin.

She giggles, covering her mouth with one hand and wagging her finger at him with the other. "It's most unwise to not show kindness to a faey, or reciprocate their manners."

"And woe to those who dare to chase a tokoloshe, especially when the waters or the plants are favorable."

"Yeh deu realize, it is us elfs who cause illness and internal pains to men and livestock, aye?"

"You just do this without the provocation?"

"Sometimes. If we feel it necessary. Or they got it coming. Or we feel like it."

"And you do this without a challenge? A gamble? Even a game where they have a chance to escape?"


"How boring! Magics are best when paired with games of intellect."

"So says a mean-spirited trickster."

"And so responds a unpredictable sadist."

They both laugh. The night air fills with light sparkles and the shine of stars beaming in through the oak tree tops.

"I am nZiki."

"Oh, I FINALLY get yeh name now?"

"You gave me joy in my belly. How could I not reciprocate kindness to such a lovely beauty?"

She blushes, looking down smiling.

"You're a quick tongue. Ahh, but I do get so ever tired of hearing that I "look too human." "

"Beauty is beauty is beauty. And you, are the most beautiful of all the beauty I have witnessed. Truly."

A squeak of a giggle bursts out of her in one "HEE!" before she catches herself and gathers her composure.

"And you are so very sweet, and mischievous. And......" she blushes, her eyes twinkling, "...I like your ears, they're so big n' cute."

"All the better to hear you with."

She bursts out laughing. nZiki looks confused at her laughter.

"I do not understand?"

"Ohh... you must truly be from afar. What you said is reminiscent of a tale told to children."


"Yes, a werewolf who uses his smooth speech try to eat a 4 year old. I forgot the rest of it. I do know it's called "Little Red Cap."

"Werewolf? Like a werehyena?"

".......yessss....whatever a 'high-ee-nuh' is."

"A giant mongoose who runs like a dog."

"........whatever a mongoose is....."

They laugh. As she laughs, her flower gown falls, revealing her naked, pink-nippled breasts. She blushes, gasping loudly. nZiki doesn't even react.


"Me breasts! They flopped out!"

"And? Why do you act out over this. Is that not normal? To have your breasts out?"


He shrugs.

"Where I am from, women, human or not, have their breasts out often. It's just a beautiful aspect of the feminine form. Like a man's beard, or his pecs. It's nothing obscene or to be hidden. It is what it is. Now, to expose groin, or to let your hair all the way down, uncovered and out? That is sexual and to only be in private."

"Whoahhh..." she smiles, nervously uncovering her breasts. She burns with blushing, looking down as she fights the temptation to cover her chest. nZiki doesn't even react.

"So, this isn't seen as... risque?"

"No. Is my shoulders uncovered risque? Because it would be the same thing."

"Well, my hair IS down and out. Not done up Is that... sexual?"

"Ummm...." his big red eyes roll nervously, "....mayhaps."


"BUT, BUT, your hair is very beautiful. Extremely lovely."

She looks up to see his face.

But he's not there, sitting at the base of the tree, not anymore.

"Hmmm..." she smiles with a mean look of determination. Nobody out tricks a faey.

"You forgot to look up, beautiful silly woman."

She looks up to see him laid back in a nook of a branch, his legs crossed and his foot jiggling. She laughs a "okaaay I'mma get you back" laugh, while flying upwards, floating in mid-air.

"How do you fly with no wings?" he laughs, teasing. She smiles, arms folded, breasts out. The transparent leaf only lazily drips around her waist.

"A fairy, with WINGS? HAH! That's absurd. Who would think such a thing?"

"Is it?"

"Hahahaha! Yes! What next? Vampires who sparkle?"

"Truly, you are mesmerizing..." his toothed smile grins. Innocently. His red eyes flick up and down slowly, drinking in her sparkling body. She smiles wide, staring him deep in the eyes. She tries to hide the fact that she is becoming incredibly aroused by this southerner. She undoes a braid in her hair, just by flicking it with her finger. All her hair falls loose, thick, long, and a not definite wave between white-blonde in the star's light to a tawny reddish brown in the dark. She's never met a sprite younger than her who has been able to stump her and make her have to keep so quick witted before. She hopes he's smart enough to keep up. Because he's turning her on badly.

"Are you enough to keep up?" she flirts, her eyes brightly glowing green in the night.

His sharp toothed smile opens inhumanly wide on his human-like face. His eyes seem to glimmer red, before he fades into nothingness. Only his jagged smile seeming to float by itself in the night, like a Cheshire cat. The mouth laughs with cocky snark. "And what do you wager for your challenge?"

"Wager? Heh, are you like a demon with these deals? Fine... if you win, I will forever owe you favors, and be at your service. BUT... if I win, you will be trapped in this forest forever. With us."

The sharp-toothed smile widens.

"I accept what I must give up. But I meet your wager with a new one: you must give me your heart and the source of your power. The deal is accepted..."

"What? I did not yet acc-"

"You made the wager first, thus making the deal and accepting it. I merely improved the....contract."

"Hmmph!" her dark brown eyebrows furrow with anger, her lips twist into a pout. But her heart thumps hard, pumping her groin swollen, hot, agitated, and very wet. She inhales deep, as if she just jogged. She's getting insanely aroused by his wit, his foreign accent, and the ability he's pushing her to her mental limits. She's never thought of a contract being that complicated before.

Well, she has. But not at length. Not that she'd ever imagine herself at the helm of one.

The grasses below her blow in the wind. But the sound of the wind whipping through the grass echoes with a voice, as if the grass-whip sound forms words.

"What is your challenge? Name it, and let us do it."

The floating, 2 foot tall woman with glowing eyes and color-changing hair smiles as her long, thick hair flows in the wind. She thinks up her favorite trick.

"If you can grab a lock of my hair and touch the ground with it, then I am the loser, and will grant any wish you desire."

"And if I win, you will give me all that which grants your power..."



Gwyrthmid's fear is overridden by this heart thumping thrill. Her stomach knots in nervousness, and she feels her back sweat. But the fear makes her groin swell and quiver, letting a tiny drop of clear juice run down the fat of her inner thigh. She gasps out hard, a deep breath like a jogging runner. She then warps into a ball of light and begins rapidly bouncing through the dark forest.

The forest begins to sing with the sound of disembodied laughter, in a raspy, sinister laugh. He loves the thrill of this. Using the grass and the land to ply his trade. He knows she can't see him, but she can feel him. He's zipping through the tree tops, and down into the deep grasses. She furiously floats deeper into the woods. She slows down, as if tired, right over the ledge of a cliff.

Above the wisp, floating over lethal cliff nobody would see till they fell over it trying to catch her, she hears a cackle. A tree branch above her bounces and flexes in the dark with a small shadow. The sound of something like a cat deftly traversing the trees sounds, letting her know he was a step ahead. Well she thinks so. But she almost caught him. Thankfully he stayed to the branches, he was a few steps from tumbling down that steep cliff.

A squeaky giggle echoes from the ball of light. This game would be lethal for humans. But these mischievous sprites, it's treacherous fun. She floats deeper in the forest where the trees form a insanity-causing maze. But she sees the shadow spin up the trees, high. Too high to get lost, and not catch up with her. A noose made from a loose piece of tree flips over her. She squeals in horror and surprise, then excitement. Jeez, she's soaking. Well, she will, when she's not a wisp anymore. She doesn't know if he legit tried to get her, or was just teasing. She has another trick up her sleeve, this one's a oldie but goodie.

She flurries to just over a pool of still, dark water. But the water is very deep. She floats over the mini-lake, in the middle of it. She laughs, knowing he can't get...what. She sees a image like a pointy eared gremlin zooming the lake like a fish. As if walking under the waters. A gurgling voice laughs below her.

"Water? Really? Water is my specialty."

"HAHAHAHAHA! Come and get me then, boyo!"

The wisp disappears under the surface, dashing out of range. It morphs back into the 2 foot tall woman. She zooms down the black water like a torpedo, bubbles rushing upwards. Her feet hit the floor of the pool. She laughs, knowing she's won. But as she laughs, she feels a claw tap her naked thigh. She looks down to see his big red eyes in the dark, he's holding her lock of hair to the ground of the pool.

She frowns, mouthing words to him without speaking. But her voice echoes anyway, as if in the air, normal.

"I guess you have won. You will take my secrets... in ways I have not expected even yet."

"It's a tie, miss..." he smiles, talking back to her. But he seems better at doing things underwater than she ever could. "By the time you hit the ground, I got your lock."

"So, I am forever owing you favors and must give you my inner secrets?"

"And I must be in your debt forever?" he quizzes.

She trembles under his grey finger's touch. He stands up, within inches of her. Her nipples touch his chest. His red eyes stare down into her glowing green ones.

His grey hand raises up, gently rubbing her face. She blushes, red as a apple. Her lips plump bigger, as her breasts swell, and her clitty bulges out from her hood. Her fluids drip into the water near their waist, warming it slightly. She walks closer to him, letting her swollen breasts push into his chest, her nipples stabbing him. His long, pink, pointed cock, ringed with ridges, a flared glowing cock head, mini bumps like soft spikes, lifts up. He can't control it, her leaking nectar has conquered his ability to control his base body. His furry balls swell bigger, and press up against his taint. His red eyes focus on her her glowing green ones. They become lost in one another.

Gwyrthmid grabs nZiki's hand, pressing it to her soft, round cheeks. Her plumped-up thin and pink lips open in lust: "What are you?"

He presses closer to her, his other hand sliding around her waist.

"A tokoloshe. A water... "fair folk" as you said."

"You remembered what I said?"

"How can I forget anything you said? How can I ever forget you?"

Her heart jumps like a engine on a freight train.

"You want my inner secrets?" she smiles. Her hand slides down his furry chest, down his furry belly, and then gives a slight rub to his pink cock. Making it twitch, and dribble some precum into the water.

"You are in debt to me. So, repay me..." she grins, walking backwards away from him. She leans on a smooth, large stone, that is flat. Her long, thick hair forms a tawny cloud big enough to be a cloud around her entire body. She lays back on the rock, lifting her legs up, knees upward, thighs closed. Her swollen loins, covered with thin and glowing hair, is exposed, pink and swollen. Ready. Hungry.

"As repayment for your debt, you must come and take my inner secrets. BUT... you can only use your farm tools which are not farm tools to intrude on my deep lain treasure."

He stands there, his large and pointed ears flicked back under the water. She impatiently rubs her closed thighs together, flicking her naked feet in the air.

"WELL? Are you fearful of a faery, tokoloshe?"

"Heh! What is a faery to a tokoloshe?!" he snarks back, walking up to her. As he approaches, she very slowly and gently presses her feet on either side of his furry body. Her toes rub and pinch at him. His cock's tip pokes at her soaking loins, causing her bright glowing eyes to flicker. Her hair forms a floating tawny and gold cloud that surrounds them both. As he leans forward, her thighs ever so slowly open bit by bit, clenching around him in a death grip. She throws her hands up behind her head, laying on them. Letting herself be opened and completely unprotected to him. She arches her back, laying there, open, "takeable." He can do anything to her. Her head back, exposing her toned, ivory neck. She is completely open, easy to plunder.

She can't wait. She's impatient.

His hands squeeze the insides of her thighs, making her quiver and gasp air bubbles. As his hands slide closer, her locks of hair latch around his wrists like ropes.

"Ah ah ah... no hands. Only your farm tools, which aren't farm tools..."

"Seed planter that isn't used for crops...?" he quizzes.

She smiles, breathing hard, her chest heaving and tiny bubbles rising from her lips. "Ye a smart one..."

His huge flared pink head very slightly glows. It pushes against her pink lips, which suddenly open and engulf the massive cock head. She presses head back, gasping bubbles. Her hair forms silken tendrils, grabbing his wrists, tying them upwards where he can't even touch his own groin. More hair forms silken tentacles that latch around his ankles and his waist. Another wraps around his neck.

He smiles wide, loving her aggression and passion. His cock is all reddish-pink, and it's shaft has thick rings of flesh down it, like it's super ribbed. And the fringes of the cock head have soft-tipped spike-bumps along it. Her vagina jiggles and bounces as it engulfs the first ring. Her green eyes flash like flashlights, as a huge bubble of wantoness bubbles upward from her pink, thin lips. The next ring pops inside, rolling against her walls. She grabs the sides of her head, heaving hard, lost in the pleasure.
The next ring pops inside, her chest heaves harder. 2 more to go. She can't wait. nZiki can't grab her hips anymore. He digs his clawed toes into the sandy bottom floor, and thrusts his furry ass forward, plunging the last 2 rings inside.

She screams, being jerked in a electric orgasm. A huge bubble bursts up from her open mouth. Her body flashes like a disco light, and her hair tendrils clench him tighter, lifting him off the ground. He's balls deep in her and she can't get enough. Her canal clenches and squeezes around him, milking him. He feels like she's going to crush his cock off.

She clenches down so hard on the head that it hurts. Immensely painful.

He can't get enough.

nZiki uses his big feet and water sprite powers to press on top of her body. His furry balls lay against her glistening ivory buttocks. Her hair begins to wrap around him, like a mummy of silky, tawny hair. He is being thrown into a pleasure he's never known. She wraps her hands around his back, now coated in a silky wrap of her own hair. His furry hips deeply thrust with heavy, perfected rhythm. More like a exotic dancer vibrating and rolling his hips, rather than a simple up and down. Her green eyes flash like disco lights, as she shudders and screams into another orgasm.

nZiki couldn't pull free if he wanted to. She's clenched him tight, milking him of everything. Anything. He feels her uterus kissing his cock head. Tiny fleshy tentacles inside roll along his cock. One snakes down his pee hole, and penetrates down his shaft. She's penetrating him as he penetrates her. A thick, fleshy...penis? type thing begins pumping deep in his urethra and down his shaft. She's fucking him while he fucks her. Underwater.

"OHHHH!" she screams, rocking in another orgasm. She licks his cheek with a long, purple tongue, before biting the lobe of his big pointed ear. The cloud of tawny hair begins to snap around them, like a angry cloud turning forming into silky hair ribbons and cocooning them without mercy.

His sharp teeth nip into her ivory neck, making her squeak and bite him back. They laugh and kiss each other tenderly as they suddenly become tightly cocooned in a tawny hair cocoon. It pulses and throbs with their movement. They are wrapped together in a kiss they can't pull out of.

Her long, purple tongue snakes down his esophagus. nZiki feels like he's deep-throating a tentacle. His sharp teeth poke her tongue as she moans, making bubbles dribble up from the pulsing brown-hair cocoon.

nZiki's red eyes flutter in the dark cocoon. Her nipples poke him, feeling he's going to cum. She laughs passionately, excited and hungry for him. Her tongue pumps down into his stomach, ejaculating like a cock. Spilling fairy female fluid into his belly. He feels like he deep-throated a tentacle-like cock that just ejaculated in him. The tentacle pumping his urethra begins orgasming. She screams into his mouth, vibrating and thrashing in passion. The tiny tentacle in his pee hole begins pulsing her load inside him, pouring her...ejaculate into his already full balls. Did she just cum in him? His balls feel weird, warm inside. Much fuller. As if she just shot a shot glass worth of something into his balls. His gonads shudder as they swell up with her fluid, then leak her fluid out into the insides of the big furry ball sack. It pulls out limply and spent, as the uterus becomes kissing and sucking at his cock head. She's open and ready.

"C'mon, tokoloshe. COME ON... all inside me. I want you inside me! Us inside each other!!!" she screams. He can't hold it anymore. The hair tying him pushes his ass down and locks their hips together. Between her walls locking him inside, and the hair forcing his ass down between her locked legs, he has no choice but to pump everything deep inside. He doesn't know if he should, but she made the choice for him now. She's in charge here. And she's sucking at his cock head before he even.....even.......

A deep, smooth grunt almost roars like a death cry, as his body locks into a painful hug on her. She loves how tight it is. So tight that it hurts. Their heads are still stuck together in a kiss. Her tongue spasms inside, pumping another load in his belly, splatting pink sperm all over his belly walls. His red eyes roll into his head as the orgasm breaks him over it's knee.

"AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!" he screams. His huge, furry balls pulse and vibrate, dumping everything in his furry body into her. Her uterus is so hungry and impatient, that every jet of sperm (with a bunch of whatever she pumped in his balls) that spurts out, her uterus automatically just slurps it up. Like shooting a watergun into a vacuum hose. His huge, flared head swells, pushing it's spikes into her vagina walls, sending her screaming and spasming into another solar eclipse of sex pleasure. The rings in his red dick swell and vibrate, making her legs crush around him so tight that it feels like his hips will crack. His cock knots deep inside, trapping him into the already-trapped-him flower.

Gyrwthmid's womb quickly begins sloshing and filling with her lover's sperm, slurping every spurt and locking it away safely inside of her. A tendril of her hair rolls and tightens into a form like an silken-looking cock. It rapidly tentacles behind him, and then plunges up inside his rectum to cause a scream mixed with pleasure and shock. The silky penetrator presses down hard on his prostate, making his loads keep going and increasing in watery amounts. She's milking him. Of every damned drop possible.

Spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of white, watery, gooey sperm jets against her womb wall, like a fire hose hitting a steel door. The uterus opens, slurping and sucking it all up. Greedy, not giving any a hope of a chance of leaking out or spilling. His ears skin back, as he screams into her mouth, they both still locked in a kiss. His throat milks and squeezes her tentacle-like tongue, making them both spin in a orgasm.



The silky penetrator made from her hair, smacks down on his prostate like a hammer. Her walls crush down around him, as her nails claw into his furry shoulders, and her thighs crush on him.

"YES!!! YES!!!!"

"I LOVE YOU!!!!" he gasps, feeling another jet of his sperm be vacuumed up by her womb. Her tongue pulls out of his throat, and their lips part, letting them kiss again fully and hard. Her nails in his back grip so hard he feels like she's injured him. She's letting him know without words how much she loves him too.

The silken cocoon glows bright, flashing like a star. She loves him.

The water around the cocoon bubbles and whips. He loves her.

His cock knots hard inside. The cocoon softens, but still locks around them like a sleeping bag. Her hands gently stroke and pet his fur, as his arms hold her tight to his body as if she's the greatest treasure to ever exist. The press their cheeks together, relaxing and sighing bubbles, lost in each other's hold and glow. Her legs soften their grip, but don't dare unlock around his back. She's greedy. She wants it all. The knot prevents them from parting anyway.

"Do yeh really love me, nZiki....?" she sighs in heavy gasps that slow down She groans in the pleasure of feeling all of his spunk sitting safely locked away in her belly.

"Yes.... Yes, I love you. I love you more than any words created can communicate."

The cocoon of glowing silken hair sits like a tent of love under the still pond. No longer glowing or bubbling.

"Faeykoloshe?" she says in his ear. "Tokolaery?"



Gwrythmid leans upward to kiss nZiki deeply. He kisses her back even harder. The kiss is broken and she pulls his head to lay on her chest with a satisfied sigh. She lays back, closing her eyes and smiling while falling into the inky blackness of sleep. Her diamond-like nails stroke and comb through his hair as she feels her lover still and fall asleep on top of her. The knotting lock will keep them conjoined together for awhile. Maybe by the time they wake up, they can pull their groins apart.

But as for two intertwined souls from 2 different hemispheres...