Tomb of Edward

The sky had turned to a lovely and cool blackish navy blue.

The stars shone in the sky like glowing balls, and the moon’s light shone down to the ground, like a celestial spotlight. The cool summer winds blew sweetly, massaging one’s body with comfort and joy.

In the quiet and secluded pine forest, Bella held tightly onto Edward’s hand.

“I love these walks with you...” Bella looks down and turns, trying to imitate the beautiful models she’s watched on TV.

“Really?” Edward said, turning his face down, but looking up at her through his eyelashes. Bella’s cheeks blaze bright red. She can’t stop the smile that spreads across her face.


She knew he noticed her sure-to-look-pitiful attempts at flirting with him. She felt tense, hoping he wasn’t disappointed. Edward smiles and leans in, kissing her cheek. He looks deep into her eyes and they stand there, staring at one another for what seems like forever. He lays her hands on his shoulders, feeling how strong they are. Bella looks down hoping to hide her blushing from feeling his strong arms wrapped around her waist.

“I like it when you hold me like this.”

Edward smiles. His expression shows that he already knows. He leans in and Bella closes her eyes, giving up herself to feel him press against her. Their lips press together, and she feels excited by the feeling of his cold but soft kiss.

A sound like a flat piece of metal being whipped over their heads causes them both to jump. Bella gasps and bugs her eyes, looking around to see what that was. Edward lets her go and turns around, pushing her behind him. His eyes turn bright red and he bears his fangs, looking up the hill.

Standing there is a man with fangs too. Another vampire Bella believes. But his skin is dark as dark chocolate, and his hair is cut strange. He has sunglasses on, a vest, and a black leather jacket with a red inside. His face is in a scowl and he folds his arms.

Edward yells “Back off!”

The man answers back in a deep, raspy voice. “You’ve twinkled your last, vampire.”

Edward pushes Bella down till she falls on her butt in the forest floor.

“Run! Don’t look back!” He then rushes towards the man in black with the blinding speed of a vampire. The man smiles like he’s seen it all before. Like Edward is not impressive and boring. Like he doesn’t care.

The man flips up into the air over Edward, and then reaches his arm out to balance on Edward’s head. He is upside down, only holding himself up by balancing on Edward’s head.

Edward screams and swipes at his wrist, but the man only spins like a breakdancer, making Edward spin too and then fall. A very loud gross *crack! * sound comes from Edward’s neck.

The man lands on his feet, and wipes his hand clean on his coat with style. Edward gets up off the ground, twisting his own neck hard until it cracks again. He then flexes his head, then shakes it before jumping back to his feet.


“I know. I’m a pain in the neck.”


Edward rushes him again, faster this time. But when he reaches the man, the other vampire just turns deftly to the side, letting Edward face only his shoulder and side. He lifts his one arm up like a old 70’s Kung Fu master, using just the one arm to block and parry everything Edward throws at him. The entire time, he stands on one foot. He then uses his lifted up leg to kick out hard to side, sending Edward rolling backwards down the hill like a kid who fell down.

Bella wants to run. Like he told her.

But she can’t.

She feels mesmerized. She can’t stop watching how amazing this marvelous man’s uncanny skills are. His might is incredible and seems invincible. She feels flustered and excited inside.

“Mmh...” she lets out by accident, as she looks the man in black up and down.

“You won’t touch her!!!” Edward screams.

“I don’t want her. She smells like mayonnaise and moldy clothes.”


“I choose Truth.”

Edward and the man clash again, but this time he looks more serious. He faces Edward and his arms fly at him like a boxer hitting a small punching bag. It sounds like someone super rapidly clapping one their fingertips into their palm. He then drops to one knee and sweeps a long leg in black pants behind Edward’s heels, sending Bella’s beloved to fall into the dirt again like a clumsy kid.

Bella feels her bra get tighter. Her breasts have swelled, meaning she’s aroused. She feels even more excited now. She walks a little closer. Just to get a closer look at the man in black. The wind blows a different direction, carrying his scent to her nose. He smells like testosterone, steel, and leather.

“Mhh...” Bella whispers again. She parts her lips and licks out a little, wetting them. She clenches her thighs together, noticing her groin is now more sensitive. He’s a strong man. With style, balance, athletic. Confident. Muscular. And he could care less that she’s looking. He doesn’t even notice her.

He looks up from above his glasses. His glowing yellow eyes show he does notice her. But he doesn’t care. He’s not interested.

“MMH.” Bella hears herself mutter, before looking down fast at her feet. She stares at the man’s groin, noticing the bulge in the crotch. Obviously much more than in Edward’s pants. “Ffmm….”

“RUN BELLA!” Edward screams, jumping up and standing on the tree branch. The man in black looks up and spins a metal bar, making it extend to a staff.

“I think your Crouching Tiger is looking for another Hidden Dragon.” He spins the staff up into the air, making it look like the twirling top of a helicopter’s blades. Edward tries to jump to another branch, but the moment the tip of the staff hits his shoe, he screams a high pitch screech like a girl. Or a little kid stung by a bee. And falls to the ground.


The spinning metal staff falls and the man catches it perfectly, re-spinning it until it’s small as a crowbar. He looks up at Bella with those glowing yellow eyes.

“Looks like my taijutsu has your boyfriend... shocked.”


“You’re a Mormon, aren’t you?”


“Dumb as a doornail. But… speaking of nails...”

A small silver spike spins in the man’s hand. He then flips on top of Edward, pinning him down with one foot and holding a silver stake in the other.

“...I hope you don’t mind, ugly duckling, but I’m about to nail your boyfriend.”

“NO!” Edward screams.

“I admit, once I penetrate him, I’ll break his heart.”

“TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!” Bella hears herself scream. It just came out. She didn’t want to see anyone get hurt or killed. Well, not killed. But she was ashamed at how hot she had become. Her breasts strained in her bra, and she can feel her hard nipples poking against the fabric.

“But...” mumbles the guy in black, “...there is garlic in this spike. I was going to say after he burns up that ‘the garlic in the steak gave him heartburn.’”

“That’s classic.”


“If I give myself to you, will you please spare him?”

“One, I don’t want you. Who would? Two, vampires are a scourge that need to be expunged.”

“What does expunged mean?”
Bella was trying to keep him talking as long as possible.

“Eradicated. Driven to extinction. Terminated. STERILIZED.”

“What if I make a trade for his life?”


“Unlife, then.”

The man in black stood still as a statue, the silver spike ready to plunge into Edward’s heart at a moment’s notice. But his glowing yellow eyes looked up at her from the side of his face. He frowned with disgust, and when he spoke his fangs shown in his mouth.

“I don’t make trades.”

“You’re a Uncle Tom them!”
That seemed to royally piss him off. His grimace only got worse, and he grit his teeth, showing his long white fangs behind his thick, pillowy lips.

“Stupid little girl, don’t use words you don’t understand.”

“I know what a Uncle Tom is! When minorities hurt other minorities for white people! O-or-or, or people go against their own race for another!”

“Vampires aren’t a race. Their an infestation! A plague!!”

“You’re a vampire, how are you going to hurt your own kind!”

“You little shit!” the man in black grimaced. He stood back up to full height, spinning the spike back into his belt and looking at her through those dark sunglasses. Edward moved just a little, and in that instant a long silver blade flashed from the man’s back and stopped with the point touching the tip of Edward’s nose. A trickle of blood and a red welt formed on his nose tip. His eyes bulge at the silver blade.

“I’m a Dhampir, not a vampire! Vampires killed my mother, and try to kill me!”

“But he didn’t do anything!”

“They see humans as nothing but food. Sustenance. And besides… snff snff… you’re not the loyal kind anyway. Dog lover.”

“HOW DA-” Edward tries to scream, before the sword tip pokes him in the nose again. He lays all the way back, and then swallows hard, staring at the silver blade.

“That was in the past!”

“Stupid girl. Don’t you know they all just see humans as meals?!”

“Then train me!”

Both Edward and the man in black say the same thing at the same time: “….what?”

“Yes! I don’t want to be feel helpless or at their mercy! Take me! Make me yours!”

Edward’s eyes bulge in shock. “Bella?”


“You say you want to eradicate them! You want to protect humans, right dhampir?! Then prove it! Spare him and train me to do what you do!”

“Why should he be spared?”

“Because, he got me pregnant with a vampire baby! And after I gave birth to that thing, I’ve been in a confusing love triangle with him and a werewolf for years!”

“That’s your problem. Now stop stalling for time. Either say good bye or go to your werewolf friend.” The man in black draws back to take off Edward’s head with the silver sword.


He stops, irritated.

“If you’re such a savior, then would you really doom me to raise a vampire baby all alone? That thing needs a parent! AND I don’t want to be IT. AND I want some sort of vindication. I want to get out of this one-horse whitebread small town and see a marvelous city. And how many years have you been doing this? They don’t really decrease that much. Maybe there’s another way to deal with them?”

“You’re confusing.”

“If you’re really making a difference, then train me. Be my master. And let him live, so I can learn and get my vindication at the same time! Unless you’re just a scary dhampir who’s afraid of some little white girl.”

“I don’t give a damn about what race you humans are.”

“Yeah? Guess you’re afraid of the little human girl.”



Blade chained Edward in silver, and they went back Bella and Edward’s home.

When they walked in the door, Bella slammed it shut and began to take off her clothes. Blade’s eyebrow raised in suspicion. Edward glowered at her with fury. He figured she was making this part of her plan.

“What’re you doing?”

“He made me feel humiliated.”

“So? That’s what vampires do.”

“Well...” Bella stood there in nothing but her panties and bra, looking up at the huge dhampir. Her chest heaves deep and hard because she feels so excited being locked up in a house with him. This huge, dark skinned powerful man who smells like leather, steel and testosterone. Mmf.

“Edward said nobody should see my breasts.”

“Yeah. And?”

Bella popped her bra off, letting her perky round white mounds bounce out in the dhampir’s face. Blade made a grimace like he is unimpressed.

“Put them away.”

“And if I do that, it will make the vampire feel better.”

Blade uses one hand to toss Edward’s chained body onto the couch of the dimly lit house. He stands there, looking her up and down. His paranoia is ever searching for a trap or danger.

“You’re Blade, the Daywalker, aren’t you?”

Blade says nothing.

“They talk about you in the vampire circles, and all the covens.”

“I’m sure they do.”

“They said you’re just a urban legend. That your mom was violated by a vampire.”

Blade grimaces, showing his fangs. He storms up to Bella, now only inches from her face. Her naked breasts and long pointed pink nipples poke into his armor. She almost shudders from feeling his burning body heat radiate out his vest and fill her nipples.

“Don’t you EVER...EVER mention m-”

“Why not violate me? Right in front of him?”


“Pay them back. By just fucking the ever loving SHIT out of me.” Bella runs her hands down his arm, squeezing the rock hard large muscles under his leather jacket. She normally would feel ashamed of herself. But she’s so turned on right now. And ever since she’s heard of the urban legends about the Daywalker, her and many vampire girls, have spent entire days and nights masturbating about him. And here he is. In her house. Standing over her. Strong enough to just take her as he wishes.



“Edward is lousy in bed. Absolutely lousy. With those pouty lips and rounded jaw, he makes a better woman than any kind of male anything. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Blade’s eyebrow arches in absolute confusion. Bella reaches up and pulls his sunglasses off. In a blur of motion, he catches her wrist in a grip like titanium. She stares hard into his glowing yellow eyes and bites her bottom lip. She clenches her thighs together and mashes her breasts into him, then shudders in a mini-orgasm. Bella opens her mouth wide and sighs loudly, flicking her head back and up, blowing her breath into Blade’s face. Her entire chest, face and butt blushes bright red.

Blade’s eyes twitch to the side to look at Edward. His face is the most furious and outraged Bella has ever seen it in her life. His fangs are long and sharp and he hisses, trying to wriggle free.

“You know what he said about the Daywalker, Mr. Dhampir? He said the vampire that mauled your mother should have finished the job.”

“I DID NOT!!!”

Edward is flabbergasted at Bella’s lying. He knew she could be vindictive. He knew she was known to give in to her urges sometimes. But this? This was just too much.

“No, he did. He really did. He said, “I hope she was a good a meal as she was a lay.”



“Don’t lie, Edward.” she sighs, staring Blade deep in his eyes. “He said dhampirs have little dicks...”

Bella’s hand clenched up into Blade’s crotch, feeling the huge lump sitting in it. The vampire hunter blinked hard, letting go of her hand for a moment. She put his glasses on her own face and laughed. Bella had been hiding this pent up frustration of her sexual side for so very long. Her romance with Jacob only made it worse. She wanted deep, sweaty, squeezing, pinching, penetrating, unsafe, wild, screaming sex. She wanted a man to be on top of her and stroke her until her eyes crossed and she screamed herself hoarse. She wanted to feel a huge, virile real man’s cock empty his cum deep inside her fertile womb. While Edward watched.

She stroked Blade’s long limp thickness until it began to swell bigger and bigger. He didn’t want to be aroused, but looking down at the girl’s head pressed into his chest and smelling her hair while feeling her hand grab and squeeze at his shaft without any sense of mercy or restraint got him completely hard in seconds. The long thick outline filled down his pants leg, and Bella snickered as she stroked and squeezed at it. Her tiny white hand viciously tugged and snatched at Blade’s zipped leather groin, while his own black-gloved hand with long sharp fingernails tried to slap her away.

“I bet you could do some martial arts with THIS.” She pressed herself against Blade, wearing nothing but panties. She turns and smiles at Edward to taunt him. The angrier he becomes, the funnier it is. And the harder Blade’s blade becomes, the wetter her swan gets. She doesn’t know what she wants to do more, ride the dhampir raw and unprotected in front of Edward or….

She really wants to watch Edward get fucked. Like the girl sissy he is.

By this time, Edward’s hair had grown to long down to his chin and neck. Bella felt he looked nothing like a man. Matter of fact, she sometimes found herself in the mirror trying to see if she could out-pretty him. She hated it. She wanted to see a big black dhampir cock in his plump white lips.

“Watch this.” she smiles and walks over to Edward, who is absolutely shivering with rage. She slaps him so loud that it sounds like a hard clap. It doesn’t hurt him, but it really gets to him mentally. She grabs his hair, and using some pink scrunchies, parted his long brown locks into pigtails. If the silver chains and cuffs weren’t making him immobile, he’d...he’d….do….something. Bella then pulled out hot pink lipstick and slathers his thick, puffy lips with it. She looked at how beautiful he is, and thought how much prettier Jacob would be.

“Bella, what’re you doing?!”

“I need a real vampire. Like a Dracula type. Not some twinkle toe high schooler.”

“I’m not a vampire.” Blade said.

“Close enough.” Bella smiles. She bends over in Edward’s face, knowing his senses can pick up how her entire pelvis is bursting with blood that is swelling open her lips. She knows he can smell and taste all her moisture drooling into the seat of her panties. She smiles to herself, knowing he can hear her heartbeat thumping in her swollen and bulging clit. He hates it. She loves it.

She slides her panties down, letting the sweet scent of her soaking sex hit Edward smack in the face. He looks like a highschool girl who is prettier than she is right now. So it feels even better to do this to him. For Bella, it’s 2 pleasures at once: domming Edward, and wanting to fuck a powerful vampire until she drained his balls dry of every cum drop.

Bella’s panties fall to her ankles, damp and lacy. She steps out of them and sticks two fingers in a leg hole while pulling the other end like a slingshot. She lets the damp wet panties splat Edward dead in his face, giving his hot pink lipstick a slick gloss look.

“That’s enough of this.” Blade clears his throat, and tries to stifle his massive boner back into his pants. Bella stands back up, throwing her head back to make her long hair flip through the air and slap her naked back. She knows this is to waft her scent into Blade’s face. He stops and frowns, feeling his heart thunder a little faster and his erection roar to an even harder life.

((There’s something about her…)) he thinks to himself, angry at being so unusually aroused. ((...her pheromones, or hormones, or something. Something.))

“Is it true, Blade?”

“Is what true?”

“That human-vampire hybrids are not just immune to sun, but are born with extremely big cocks?”

“I’m finished with this stupid shit.” he mumbles in his straight-laced grumbly voice.

He walks over to grab Edward and end this night’s work, but Bella presses herself against him. She feels his tall hard body and his intense strength. She feels how hot he is, unlike Edward. She knows there’s nothing she could do to stop and push off this huge, hot, hard handsome vampire man.


Bella scratches hard at a scab on her neck, letting fresh red stream of her blood flow. Blade stops in his tracks and shuts his eyes, struggling to shake off his own urges. There’s something about her blood, and her pheromones. Something.

“Will you lick me?”

“Get out of here.” he tries to push her, but she latches around his arm like a humping dog. Bella cranes her neck to the side and sighs loudly. She smiles when she hears Edward hiss with outrage.

“Just one lick? Right in front of the vampire who said your mother deserved it.”

Blade feels his temper royally burst to the surface. He’d like to throw Edward into a room with the Hulk. But that would be too cruel. Maybe let Moon Knight find him in an alley? No, that’s even worse. He feels a mix of hatred, starvation, lust, and he’s tired. He hasn’t ate in a week. He’s all out of serum. Blade swallows hard, trying to control himself. Like a starving man sitting next to a hot steak. Bella smiles at Edward, with that knowing grin. It’s only a matter of time.


She smears the red on her neck and thrusts her hot hips against his groin, knowing if he could easily resist, he would’ve just flung her like a ragdoll. But he won’t, because heroes like him don’t do that.

“I’ve been duped and taken advantage of by a vampire, Blade. At least, let me show you I’m thankful.”

Blade can’t stop himself anymore. He grabs Bella and clamps his mouth over her soft white neck. Edward almost explodes with rage, and Bella gasps loud while cumming hard. She feels his smaller fangs enter her neck and his tongue swab every bit of blood off her. Her pussy floods her thighs, sending tiny little streams down her legs. She loves this feeling of his fat pillowy lips on her, his hot breath, the scent of testosterone and leather and steel. GUH!!!

Bella shudders and cums again in Blade’s big strong arms, feeling his iron grip take control of her.

He shoves her back and takes his mouth off her, horrified at what he just did. Her neck is completely clean, except for 4 small leaking holes on the area where her neck meets her shoulder. His hot steamy breath has warmed the entire area to a blushing red. With her blood in him, Blade’s cock grows to maximum length, stretching out down his pants leg. Bella uses the opportunity to quickly unzip it, letting the huge swinging dhampir monster out. The cock pulses as a long, hard, perfectly black pole with a bright pink head.

Edward’s eyes bulge in amazement at how big the cock is. It’s true, dhampirs really do have cocks bigger than humans or vampires. Something in Bella’s blood makes Blade shake his head hard. She had some strong herbal tea that day. Maybe something in it has an effect on vampires? Must be.

“Do I get to suck on you now?” she flirts. Bella knows it sounds corny, but she doesn’t care right now. She drops to her knees, looking at Edward, and opens wide. Her small white hand holds the base of the massive literally-black cock, and the bright pink head disappears between her lips. Blade lets out a long groan, and Bella’s pale white cheek blushes bright red and bulges out. She jukes her head slow, gulping it down every time, until she pops it out her lips with a loud mPOWP sound. Her drool drips off the head like long spiderwebs with water drips on the end.

“This is a REAL vampire dick.”


“He’s got the black coat with the red collar, the widow’s peek too. Closest thing to Dracula. Closer than you, pansy.”

Edward begins to sigh and look down at his lap. He frowns so hard, but he looks so beautiful. More beautiful than her.

Blade seems a little in a daze, trying to shake off the odd sensation. Like a weird fog in his mind. Bella snatches his pants down, revealing his perfectly cut and muscular dark chocolate legs. She traces her pale white finger down every muscle crease and valley, and then licks up the valley between the quad muscles, before turning and letting her tongue slide over to one of the huge literally-black balls. She kisses it, then licks on it, and then sucks it.

“YOW!” Blade gasps, still blinking fast trying to clear his head.

“Guess you’re not so invincible after all, huh Daywalker?” Bella cups his huge nutsack in her hand, bouncing the balls up and down casually. She strokes the shaft and then engulfs an entire ball, rolling it with her tongue. It pops out, throbbing with pain. But Bella smiles at all her slobber she’s left on Blade’s sack.

“You know what I’m doing, don’t you?” she looked up at Blade, and then stuck her tongue out, flicking the other testicle. “I’m massaging them so you produce more sperm for me.”

“Bella...” Edward sighs, knowing he taught her how to do that so they could have a baby.

“You see this?!” Bella slapped Blade’s rippling giant thigh muscle. “THIS is power! THIS is a vampire! When I think “vampire”, I think this, I think Dracula, I think Nosferatu. Instead, what do I get? A bride of Dracula who thinks he’s a Carebear.”


“Because, they stand in the sun, and sparkle their bellies at people.”

“No, they use the power of love to shoot the bea-”

“SEE?! THAT’s what I mean! Why would a fucking vampire know or care about a fucking Carebear, Edward!?!?”

“……….I…...Bella, put down that big black dhampir cock this instant!”

“I will put it down. Right down my damn throa-oggmmmffff….Mmmmmmm!!!!!”

Blade groaned loud, and Bella’s little white hand slid up his belly button where she could molest his rock hard abs. If anyone had an 8 pack, it was him. Abs as big as small pop cans. She gagged on his cock and squealed a muffled yell. Her thighs shuddered hard and more streams of her nectar flooded the floor. Bella then got up on her knees and squatted in a stripper position, stroking herself rapidly like a rabid madwoman.

All Edward could see was her back and the back of her head bobbing and gulping too loud. So loud that it filled the whole house with a glougging sound. He was glad their baby was gone to stay with someone else.

She let loose a loud throat gargle sound and shook her head from left to right, driving Blade’s dick insane in her throat. She smiles around the shaft, knowing she’s pushing him to an edge he may have never been to before. Right in front of her sparkly pushover for a vampire.

Bella pops the pink head out her lips, leaving long ropes of drool on it. She then stands up and presses her back against Blade, making sure his long cock was sticking out between her closed thighs. It was slick and dripping with her drool and her own juices. A drop of her pussy stream ran down his black shaft and dripped right off the pink head’s tip. She squeezes her thighs together, teasing the cock even harder. For the first time, she feels a hot huge vampire cock. And she loves it.

“Bella, I’m sorry. Whatever we can do to fix our marriage, we can talk about it. Please...”

“You’re a dud, Edward. And I’m a wild girl. I’ve been torturing myself to not go sleep with Jacob. And to be honest, you know I’m not the loyal type anyway. Good guys shouldn’t date bad girls.”

“Then what about him? He’s a good guy!”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t want me. And I want to corrupt his morals. If not for those 2 things, and the fact that he knows such bad ass kung fu...”

“It’s just because he’s black isn’t it?”

“Really, sparkles? If he was white, I’d feel the same. He’s bigger than you, stronger than you, more skilled than you, he looks older, he’s got high moral standards, and he’s got awesome styled clothes! And the shades. The shades make me WET.”

“So...if I was like him, th-”

“If you were bigger, looked older, had a kick ass sword, pussy-soaking shades, and acted confident and strong, then yes, I’d feel about you just like I feel about him. But you’re not him. Because you’re dead, and you can’t get bigger, or older anymore. You look like a teen girl. And I want a MAN.”

Bella strokes her hand along the huge black shaft.

“If that Dracula from Bram Stoker’s was here, I’d let him go anal on me in every way and cum all over my back. And then make you lick it up.”

“That’s a movie!”

“That gives me an idea...”

Bella begins thrusting her hips, stroking the huge cock. She leans backwards, clawing at Blade’s jacket and vest with her nails. She sighs loudly when his hand slides up her naked body and his long claw-like fingernails gently rake her flat stomach.

“Unnhhhh….UNHHHHH!!!!!!!” Bella’s body spasms and bounces against him. She cums just from the black hand with clawed fingers rising up her stomach and grabbing a breast. Edward could never do that. He hated dhampirs now. All of them.

“If a human plus a vampire makes a dhampir….” Bella sticks her tongue out at Edward. She then pushes herself off Blade and bends over. She arches her back hard, raising her ass as high as it will go. Her hands grip the edges of Blade’s jacket like angry fists.

“...what will a dhampir plus a human make? Nobody knows? So, maybe we should find out...”

Edward didn’t get it. But he started to when Blade’s hands wrap firmly around her pale white waste and start pushing the bright pink cockhead against her swollen puffy pussy. Her lips open against the pressure, swallowing the pink head and gulping down the rest of the literally-black shaft.


“OHHHHHHH GGGGUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!” she screams and racks her body up and down. She holds onto his coat, but leans all her weight forward, letting his hands pull her back against him and open her tight walls with his massive throbbing long smooth shaft.

“Bella what are you doing?!”

“Breeding! What does it look like?!”


“He’s a good guy with super powers! So, I gotta help make MORE.”



Bella whips her head in another spasming orgasm. She screams so loud that it rocks the entire house. Her furious pounding backwards is so frenzied that even Blade has a hard time trying to hold her off him. His mind feels cloudy, and his judgement feels impaired. He’s never been drunk or high before. So, this is a new and strange feeling, struggling to think.

But the hot, wet and tight sleeve of Bella’s tight pussy squeezing and squiggling all over his cock was bringing him to a fast orgasm. The pleasure is so high and the tight wetness causes so much sensation that the pleasure sometimes feels painful. Blade’s never felt his cockhead squeezed and milked until it was oversensitive and hurt a little, just from too much pleasure.

“HUNRRNNN...” he gritted his fangs, struggling not to cum. But Bella wouldn’t let him have any salvation from her gluttonous womb. She slams herself backwards faster and harder. Her walls clench shut and squeeze so hard that it hurts. She’s determined to suck him dry.



“Gnrrrnnnn….gonna cum deep...” Blade slurred, trying to push her. But his hands only slipped and slid along her wet, sweaty body.

“Oh, please cum inside, Mr. Daywalker! Teach the vampire a lesson!!! Make me YOUR WOMAN!!! GUUUUUUUURRRRRRR!!!!!!!”

Bella screams again, rocking the house and hurting the ears of both blood suckers.

“Bella stop!!!” Edward screams. “I’LL DO ANYTHING!!!”

That is when Bella stopped and looked up at him. She lifted her ass higher, making sure Blade was firmly planted deep inside.

“He’s gonna cum, Edward. It would be wrong to not finish what’s been started.”

“Honey, please don’t. Please!”

“If you truly love me, then you’ll do what I want.”

“What do you want?”

“I wanna see you suck and swallow.”


“I want to see you sparkling with a big black cock down your throat.”


“I’m tired of this boring ass life with boring ass pretty ass glittery you!”


“You don’t want me to leave?”

“No. Please...”

“Prove it. If you really love me and value me as much as you say, come show love to a dhampir, that which vampires hate.”

“No self respecting vampire would ever make friends with a dhampir!”

“I think Blade would put me and my feelings above his self respect. That’s why I’m going to make sure he cums nice and deep, and puts a marvel in me.”

“OKAY! Okay, okay, okay, okay….” Edward sighs.

Bella pulls off Blade’s cock, letting the huge pole dripping wet with her juices shine and glisten in the cabin’s light. It pulses up and down, ready to shoot at any second. Edward whews with relief, knowing he barely stopped her from getting filled by that gravy train.

Blade walks over to Edward, with Bella refusing to let go of his slick wet cock. Bella pulls Edward off the couch and onto his knees, with the huge pink throbbing cock head just an inch from his hot pink pursed girly lips.

“Go ahead, sparkles.”


“Like this...” Bella grabs the base of the shaft and slathers her wide pink tongue along the base of the cock, and all the way to the tip, making the cock flinch upwards. She laughs, and then kisses the head that is soaked in the freshest drippings from her womb door.

“How could you?”

“ thisssooouuunnngggmmmffff...” Bella gulps the huge cock down again, locking her lips around the shaft like a pink rubber band around a black baton. She looks up smiling, seeing Blade’s chest heaving hard, seconds from blowing his load. She holds perfectly still, letting the dhampiric monster calm down. She then very carefully unthroats it, letting the glistening dick pop back up into Edward’s face. It smells like Bellas pussy and her spit.

“I don’t wanna suck my wife’s lover’s cock...” Edward felt ashamed at listening to what he just said.

“Then, I’m going to let him cum inside me, and become his wife. You had you’re chance.”

Bella stood up, preparing to bend over again and prepare for motherhood.

“OKAY! OKAY!” Edward gasps. She squats back down and very carefully grabs the shaft of the throbbing cock. Blade’s clawed hand lays on top of Edward’s head, and the claws deep in the long thick honey brown hair. When Edward jerks back, his pigtails jiggle adorably.

“Kiss it.” Bella commands. Edward kisses the tip, causing his lips to be soaked with Bella’s cum.

“Kiss the shaft.” she smiles. She lifts and angles the cock, and Blade’s hand pulls Edward in to leave bright pink kiss marks all down the jet black throbbing shaft.

“Now, open wide. And prepare to drink him dry.”

Edward groans a long low sad sigh, before opening wide. He sticks his tongue out long and flat, letting the bright pink head slide along it like a plane on a landing strip.

“Good boy.” Bella cooes, kissing Edward on the cheek. She then grips onto Blade’s had, and pushes his head down further, forcing his bright pink lips to slide along the neverending black shaft. Edward smells and tastes Bella’s deepest pussy all over the cock and feels it’s heart throbbing. The heat and smell of Bella honestly reminds him of eating her out. It breaks his heart. Sucking her lover’s cock reminds him of eating her out.

Edward’s cheek bulges out with the huge pink cockhead in it. His entire mouth tastes like Bella’s mouth, her breath and her pussy. The tip of the cock tastes like the very deepest depths of her treasure, meaning Blade’s cock has pushed and opened up depths Edward never has, and never can.

“Can you taste me on him?”

Edward glares at Bella, looking like beautiful brunette girl with a mouth choked full of literally-black dick. Bella grabs Blade’s hand and presses it down on the thick, long silky hair of Edward’s parted pigtails. She smiles evily, knowing a man feeling the thick lush hair of a girl driving him crazy with her mouth will only make him cumming happen faster. Bella’s squatted low pose has puddled the entire floor with her pussy juice.

Edward loudly slurps and swallows, helping the huge pink cock head be enveloped into his throat.

“The more you please him, the more that shows you love me. But if you don’t, I guess that shows he’s really the superior male. But that’s alright, more sperm for me.”

Edward loves her so much. So very much. So, now that he’s angry, he uses his rage to juke his head forward and gulp down the long black shaft. His eyes blaze red and his face looks totally furious. And his lips are locked like a air-tight seal around the black shaft. Edward thinks ((I’ll SHOW HER! I’ll show her! I’ll suck him better than she ever did.))

Bella grabs and massages Blades balls, and everytime Edward’s girly mouth slides back along the throbbing shaft, Bella sticks her tongue out and licks his slobber off Blade’s cock. She wants to feel the huge urethra tube on the underside of the cock pulse and swell up with sperm when he cums. Everytime she rolls her tongue along the underside the shaft and moans, it pisses Edward off to no end.

“Don’t spill it all… I want to finger myself with his cum as lube...”

Edward thinks ((She thinks she’s smart, but I’ll prove who’s smarter. I swallow every drop and stop her from getting any!))

Blade’s chest begins to heave hard and deep again. His 8 pack starts breathing hard and the cock tenses up. He’s about to burst. Bella loses herself in lust and tries to pull Edward’s head back by his pigtails. She opens her mouth wide, suctioning the side of the shaft and hoping to deep throat the head as soon as the cum starts flowing.

This sends Edward into a territorial jealous rage. He refused to let her suck this dhampir’s cock anymore. And he wouldn’t let any other man’s cum near his beloved wife. So he did what any loyal, loving husband proving his love would do. And using his strength, he swallowed the cock down and slammed his face into Blade’s groin. Bella desperately tries pulling at his thick brown pigtails, but Edward locks his bright pink lips on the literally-jet-black shaft covered in pink kisses and drool. He remembers how Bella liked to get a dick in her mouth and shake her head from side to side to send the cock into ecstasy. So, once he got all of Blade’s monster down his throat, she clenched his eyes shut, locked his plump pink lips down tight, clenches his throat around the cock’s length… and shakes his head “no” long and slow.

Blade grabs Edward’s head with both hands, digging his long white claws into the thick sea of brown silky hair. The dhampir screams and stands up on his tip toes, making his already rippling calves bulge out bigger. Bella squeezes his balls painfully, like squeezing two tomatoes. She uses the other hand, trying with all her might to pull Edward’s head back, but he’s too strong. His face is pressed in Blade’s groin, and his lips are locked like a vice around the base of the cock.


Edward purpose wags his head hard and slow, and he rolls his tongue along the underside of the base and the top of the balls. Blade screams a long, growling yell and his urethra on the underside of his cock starts pulsing. Huge oceans of cum begin splashing and shooting all down Edward’s femboy throat. He swallows hard, purposely using his throat to milk Blade dry of every drop. He doesn’t want to risk Bella having access to ANY dhampir sperm, so he’s going to drain every sperm cell out that he can. He swallows his wife’s lover’s sperm to show how good a husband he is. Edward swallows so much, that even Bella gasps in shock. She leans in and kisses his throat apple. Everytime Blade’s balls squeeze, she kisses Edward’s Adam’s apple, helping the cum go down.

Blade screams in pain because of the oversensitivity. He tries to pull out, but Edward locks his lips and throats around the cock. He keeps swallowing and milking, guzzling down every single spat. Edward feels the huge, warm load sit happily in his stomach. His vampire physiology starts to feed on the protein and energy in the sperm. And...and… it feels great. His own cock throbs to life and he feels himself cumming now. Edward spasms hard, jizzing all over the inside of his pants, and swallowing another 2 spoonfuls of sperm down, all at the same time. He’s so turned on by making this dhampir cum that he cums without even needing to be touched. Or maybe it’s the odd element in Blade’s genes? He doesn’t know. He just knows that he’s cumming. Hard. And the fact that he’s making his wife’s lover quiver at the knees makes him feel in control. All he has to do is swallow or slurp to make the once mighty slayer groan and gasp like a little bitch.

“Oh, Edward… you do love me.”

Edward locks on, making sure no more cum leaks out before popping his mouth open and letting the huge Daywalking pole slide out. He gulnkug’s and mngluk’s loudly when the wet, drool-covered pole exits, with not one drip of sperm in sight. A tiny white bit drips down Edward’s thick pouty pink lips. Without thinking about it, he reacts by licking his lips clean and swallowing. Suddenly, the vampire realizes what he just did and sighs in embarrassment. His own pants are damp with his spent jizz.

Bella flicks his thick, silky pigtails and kisses him. Blade staggers back, gasping and heaving now because he is relieved his cock can finally relax. His balls are now smaller, and Edward’s stomach is full. But the vampire kisses his wife back, thankful, because he’d rather have a dhampir’s sperm in his own stomach rather than in his wife’s womb. By swallowing, he prevented another man from impregnating his wife. And by sucking his wife’s chosen lover to climax, he proved he loved her. And by sucking cock better than her, he proved he was a good provider and protector.

Bella deeply kisses Edward with both her hands on his cheeks. Her tongue molests every nook and cranny of his mouth. She breathes deep, sniffing his breath as they kiss. She grabs him harder and pushes down on top of him, trying to jam her tongue down his throat. They break the kiss and Bella pops her lips, savoring the taste in her mouth. Edward looks up at her lovingly.

“Mmm, I love how his dick’s flavor mixes with my husband’s mouth. But you could’ve saved me a drop to lick out of your mouth.”

Edward is shocked that her deep kiss wasn’t so much for him, as it was her greed to taste and suck out every taste of her lover’s orgasm. Edward burps loudly and she sniffs his mouth deep, smelling the scent of dhampir sperm.

“Mmmmmm! It smells sooooooo good.”


Bella never sucked off Edward. She never let him cum anywhere near her, except the few times inside her. But other than that, she acted like his semen was gross and disgusting, and didn’t want it to touch her. But she was voracious to get any drip of Blade’s. But he loves her. He will do whatever it takes to prove his love.

“You look like a beautiful girl...” Bella stands up and walks over to a chest where she keeps her clothes. She pulls out pink lingerie with bat wings on the back. It’s his size.


That’s their private business. Edward dressing up like a woman.

“I think it’s time for you to not just LOOK the part. You need to put this on, and prove you love me enough to want to experience what I experience. As a woman.”


“Remember when you got me to try anal? Now, it’s your turn.”