The Subdivisions of Zeta - Ch.2

Info Xenosmilus
13 Jun. '17

The morning sun is glaring and hot. The air is dry and dusty. I'm starting to swear they dropped us off in Texas or Nevada somewhere. But, I don't see any mountains. Just flat desert as far as the eye can see in one direction. Yet, dense and green forests in the other. Strange. Maybe we're near a forest preserve with a water reservoir?

Me and Owen are in wife beater shirts, bent over in one of the huge square crop fields. It's full of healthy and filling crops, where a small planting can feed lots of people. SMART. Well, duh. Zeti Reptiliyoos. Or whatever.

He's been talking non-stop about random crap. Half-pipes, BMX stuff, how his most precious thing is his mp3 player filled with Marley. It made me wonder if they let me keep my... ughhhhhhh, yeah. That's right, no they did not. My CD's full of metal are gone. Still in my car. The Screaming Pigs and Broken Toad. Damn it! I wanted to hear "Wipe My Ass With Dirty Coffee Filters" one more time. It's about how, like, demons popped up from the floor, with bags of used and tossed out coffee filters. And that they make this girl wipe her ass with them. But she starts to get a hard caffeine buzz from coffee still in the grounds, so it's caffeinated sh-

"Dude, you're last name is Nubian, man. That's boss as shit."

"Uh... thanks, man. Your's is... I don't know yours."

"Alzarando. Philippines, my man."

"That's cool. Pretty sweet."

"Is your hair dyed red?"

"Nah, always was. My dad has red hair too. And he's black. So, it's cool. Anyway, how long do we have to be out here?"

I feel too warm. I feel more open to emotions now. Like... I I wanna talk more? I stand up and wipe the sweat off my brow. I wish I could get some cool A/C. Not used to heat like this.
He stands up, scrawny body dripping sweat. His dreads look more like wet silk now. He wipes his thin goatee.
"I 'unno... but I was thinkin'.... maybe you got powers or somethin'."


"Dude... you're Nubian. Nubians built their own pyramids too, right? So, like... your ancestors were psychics, man."


"I was watching the The Old Shit Channel, and they said your people could, like, see into the stars and built pyramids to commune with, like, naked space Valkyries, who would twerk in the stratosphere. And that, like, because their asses were so big and white, humans thought it was clouds. And the twerking celestial butt cheeks made thunderstorms every time the ass cheeks clapped together. And the ass cheek meat lightning that struck the pyramid tops, then like, teleported you guys to,, another world. A world where the humans trapped there had adapted to space travel."


"No, I'm serious. I mean, if a historian said it, it must be true, right? I mean, he HAS a doctorate. Did you see that movie "Gods of Japan"? According to what new science says, there were barely any Asians in Japan. The few there were slaves. I mean, look, I'm sorry, but only Asian-centrists say Japan was Asian. It was IndoEuropean, haven't you seen the reconstruction of Nobunaga? He's Nordic."

"Owen.......sweet Jeebuz....Owen, if the people themselves made the pictures of themselves, and they LOOK like Asian people, then they were Asian. How can you have pictures Japanese made of themselves that look Asian, but believe someone saying Japan... WHY THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS STUPID SHIT?!"

"Dude, the DNA analysis says the Feudal Era Japanese were Europeans."

"You do realize there is such a thing as "lying", right? Or falsifying information? There is such a thing as faux pseudoscience: lies and bullshit that's disproven by common sense and deduction, but is dressed up real pretty by someone who knows how to sling scientific jargon to make a lie look and sound scientifically proven, when it's not. A liar who knows how to swing scientific jargon could "prove" to the world and the layperson that the monster under the bed is real."

"But The Old Shit Channel rocks, bruh..."

" smoke alot, don't you?"

"Why? ..................*snff* cool?"

((I KNEW it.)) "Man, the Old Shit Channel is just... stupid. And having a PhD doesn't mean the doctor isn't wrong. Or batshit insane."

"I wanted to talk to the Zetis, man! Maybe they can impart some amazing star wisdom from the star troll on me. Open my 3rd eye..."

It makes me think about when I got to talk to them... wisdom? Heh... Yeahhh... Sure. Then it makes me wonder...why do they talk like that? Did they receive transmissions of rap videos and basically break down the verbal and body language to actually understand what was being said? And then they think it's...maybe...intellectual? I mean...some rappers are pretty genius. Maybe....maybe...I don't know.

"I....wouldn't get my hopes up." I say to him.

"FELLAS!" yells a woman's voice from near us. It's the tawny haired, middle-aged lady in the apron that I saw before. Siggy Frither. She's leading us while we all garden these crops.

"Less chit chat, boys."

We bend back over, tending to the soil. It's moist, fresh, obviously hydrated from below. There is a series of small streams that run along down the bank, like a naturally "mini-Nile".

"Dude..." Owen whispers; "I'm gonna go on a trek. You should come."

"Might not be a wise idea. We've been here, WHAT? ONE day?"

"I don't think this is Earth."

"Are you high right now?"

"No................okay, maybe a little."


"But seriously, did you see the sky last night? NO moon. And why's the sun setting at 8? Why does 7:30 in the morning look like 5? You ever notice?"

"....whoah, I didn't."

"Man, I'mma get some food, bottles of water, and go trekking. I wanna see if this is a alien world or not. We should go on a broventure as bros, bro."

"It's probably just the center of Australia or something. They're aliens! I don't think they'll have a problem keeping us locked up. Why fight it?"
"Dude, like, if-"

"Mmm, you guys look thirsty!" cheers a voice coming through the field. It's Mrs. Fritzl. She's a older woman, with a large hooked nose, greying red curls in a huge bun, huge breasts, wide hips, a flat flabby stomach, and a VERY pretty and tender face. I learned that she used to be a librarian before she got sent here. And she still looks like a librarian. Well, to me anyway.

She walks through the field with a little red wagon. In it is a plastic gallon water jug filled with icy cold lemonade, fresh lemon slices cut in half so they could be shoved through the jug top, float in the grey deliciousness. Hard heavy plastic cups rattle in the wagon.

"U-u-uh, HEY, Val, what, uh...what are you doing here?" uncomfortably smiles Siggy. She puts on fake friendliness to cover for anger, annoyance and frustration. She then takes the stance women do when they're acting nice, but being aggressive. "Nice-nasty", I think it's called.

Valary Fritzl plays just as friendly, but she takes the same stance. What are we in the middle of?

"I wish you had told me before you came out here. BECAUSE......uh... I'm such a mess, my boys and me. We could have been prepared for a sweet visit. Heh hehee."

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know. But I saw these MEN out here, hot and sweating, and I said, why not make everyone something cool and refreshing? You know? Being neighborly, loving and kind, someone who can take care of you."

The smiles and gentle hugs and kisses don't hide that the tension is thick enough to cut with a rusty chainsaw.

Valary turns to us, her back to Siggy. "You MEN thirsty?"

"I sure am, pretty mama!" yells Owen. He waltzes over, as she flits and swishes around like a teen girl, pouring him a massive glass. He reaches for it, but she snatches it away, giggling.

"WAIT a minute, sir! I have to put the ice cubes in! I want it cold for you!"

Valary drops the gorgeously perfect cubes into the plastic glass, frosted with the cold. She hands it to him in a way where he has to touch her hand to get it. As he drinks, her blue eyes stare and flicker up and down his sweaty, light caramel body.

"You, sure've been working hard out here.... you're just....*gulp*...sweating so."

Her lips slightly plump up, as do her breasts. She pulls her dress taught.

"Hey, Red!" she giggles at me. I look up, my chin-length thin braids are wet. "You going to have some lemonade?"


"Valary..." smiles Siggy, walking upwards. "I appreciate you, but... it's not break time yet. I haven't told my boys they can stop yet."

"I'm sorry, dear. I thought, sweating so hard as they are, these men need a drink. Is offering to feed a man a sin?"

" MIGHT be, if it's taking over someone else's schedule."

"I'm not taking over anything. Hey..." she looks me up and down. "Oh, lemme get that BUG off..." she frowns, pressing her hand against my naked shoulder. I cough, and she seems to....uh.... breathe deep. As if not smelling, but trying to inhale my very scent. She stops still, her eyes close gently, as if trying to get herself together.

"Uhh..." I see her white hand plastered to my jet-black shoulder. It's covered in my sweat. She snatches it away, pretending to scratch her bottom lip and chin, while blabbering an excuse.

"Sorry, I was trying to get that nasty little mosquito off."

"There was no mosq-" Siggy interrupts. I see that a drop of my sweat wets her bottom lip. She deftly smiles, pretending to move normally, but I saw her slurp down my sweat. Her breath deepens, and her chest heaves up and down faster as she pours me a glass of lemonade.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Okay, that's enough." Siggy interrupts.

"His hair is naturally red, dude. Like people in Soma-"


"I'm just a bro standing up for his bro, bro."

"Valary, THESE are MY boys. I appreciate the lemonade and all, but next time, you can't come barging into my work and doing anything with MY boys unless I say so. Do you understand?

"They're not YOUR boys, and they're MEN. You don't OWN them, you don't own these crops, you're just in charge of working on them!"

Siggy gets in her face.

"You should leave. Now."

"TODDD!!" I hear Ginger yell. She stands on the road in the distance, hands over her eyes, calling for me. Like a mom coming to pick up her kid.

Last night, I didn't sleep well. After the 8 o' clock meeting, I just went "home" to Ginger and Kaelyn's house. Passed out in my bed. That morning, Kaelyn went off to the mall-like building. And I was taken by Ginger to the crops, where I met Owen, and Siggy controls us. I think she and two or three other ladies control the farming. Or this one particular field.

"YOU don't get to leave, Todd!" barks Siggy. She jerks my shoulders. This middle aged brunette is STRONG. And rough. Her breasts shove into my back, and I feel a thickness mash into my rear. Normally, I'd get pissed. But... I feel calmer. More thoughtful instead of reactive. Less aggressive. I just... feel intimidated. WTF?

"Hey Siggy." Ginger walks up, smiling. Siggy's demeanor is aggressive. Territorial.

"It's not 2 yet. You can get him at 2."

"Oh, I' bathroom is flooding, and I need him to help me before the house floods!"

"You can get your daughter."

"By the time I'd get across the burbs to the mall, the whole downstairs will be wet! I need Todd now! Siggy, if my house floods, I'm going to tell Karyn, and if not Karyn, I'll tell Mary Anne... and Sharon."

Siggy inhales deep. She walks up to me, smiling lovingly.

"Todd, I'm allowing you to leave early today to help your "mom". But if you're not here tomorrow, I'm going to be mad."

I leave with Ginger down the path, then up the street back to, our house. I guess?

As I melt with pleasure from the cool, blowing A/C, I get ready to deal with this water. I hear Ginger giggle and close the door.

"I'm sorry, but I lied. There is no leak."


"I just wanted somebody to snack with." she chimes in a harmless sing-song tune.

"I'm definitely not complaining..." I smile, getting ready to traipse upstairs. "Is there showers?"

"Yeah, but don't run off just yet. Come on, relax a second, bro dude! Ha! Here, have a pizza bagel!"

She pulls out a big plate of those things. When pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime.

Because shut up.

I sit on the couch, as she gets down on her hands and knees on the floor. I got to admit, seeing that blonde soccer mom with her big ass in those jeans was attractive. She fiddled with the VCR looking thing. The TV blipped on in all blue, showing what looked like a list of movie titles. The mouse clicked on something I'd probably never watch, some frump-hag in a small hick town finding love in a super small, closed-off, genetically-dirty circle.

Okay, I'm sorry. That was mean.

But isn't that, like, 80% of all rom-coms? A hag in a small town? Debbie Doo McIncest in Squatshit, Utah?

Alright, I'll stop.

"You like Hag Clique In The City?"

Hag Clique In The City. A pack of gossiping snobs, who look like goblins in Barbie wigs, traipsing around putting others down and chasing after asshole men.

I don't want to see that.

"Sure. It's okay."
I relax finally, eating the snack. My sweaty wifebeater I took off to dry, and I wear the dry shirt I left with. My braids are still damp. I want to go shower. I smell like soap and plant garden. The movie plays with low volume. Ginger gets her big wide ass off the floor and plops down the chair across from me.

"You know what? You did great for your first day. I mean, in Beef Twerkyville! In this, ET zoo thingy."


"I used to be horrified, but as I look at it... no more traffic. No more wars. No more bad news. No more bullshit. I think we are extremely lucky."

"Yeah....I never thought of it that way."

"Y'know what, Todd? Let's celebrate! You like wine?"


She gets up, and pilfers into her cabinets. She pulls out two bottles. One is clear, one is yellow.

"Well, it's not really wine, per se, but it's all I got to keep when they threw me down here. I guess we may have to figure out how to make our own booze, huh? Hehehehe!"

"If you have fruit and stuff, you can."

She pours us two glasses."

"Don't tell Kaelyn, but I think me and you, we deserve a celebratory little drink."

She toasts me, and sips her drink. I sip mine, it burns like acid.


"Haha, awww... I thought you were a real man." she teases, barely sipping her glass.

I sip more, just to show her.

"Hey, wanna play a game. Let's chug our glasses. On 3."

"This stuff is kinda stro-"

"No balls?" she teases.

I think about how my balls have gotten kind of smaller. As if it's trying to become a little purse more than the big bag I normally have. It feels softer, a little bit smaller than usual. Her words make me self conscience. I've played the shot game before. Once. I couldn't stand after one saki smasher. But my buddy couldn't walk. So I won. The bigger man. Okay, if this soccer mom thinks she can "out-man" me, then she's got another thing coming.

"Okay, you're on. You'll see."

"Okay, on 3 then, baby. One... Two..."

I hold the glass to my lips, my eyes locked on hers, making sure she doesn't chicken out.


She gulps the glass, and so do I. I swallow down what feels like fire. I open my mouth in a loud hiss, as the hot lava rolls down my stomach. I suddenly feel like I've been slapped by a boxer. WoooOOoo....

Ginger opens her mouth, spitting out a mouthful of the glass's drink. She giggles at me, like a jokester. She got me.

"Sorrrryyy.... I kinda chickened out."

"ThHat's not FaAirrr..."
I feel like I'm on a elevator. My body feels warm, my groin feels sensitive and excited. I feel open. Less inhibited.

"Okay, I'll make it up. I'll chug 2 glasses at once."


"But you got to drink a Pisser."

"A what?"

"You pour some brown into some clear. Then slap it down."

"I dOunn'-"

"Chickening out? I thought you were a MAN."

"OhhHH... you heiffUur..."

She pours some clear into the glass she spit out. It's mostly liquor. But I can tell some of her saliva is thick in the drink. She hands me the glass she spit her mouthful into, now mixed with strong clear liquor. I hold the glass, but part of me doesn't care that her saliva is in it. I feel like I'm on a elevator.

"Scared? Of a little woman's spit?"


"Okay, on 3! One.... Two.... THREE!"
I down the super powerful drink she gave me. She downs a whole glass herself. I feel her saliva swimming in my mouth and throat. I know some of her saliva is rolling in my belly. It kind of turns me on.

Badly. I don't know why.

Her cheeks flush red, obviously the glass she swallowed has effects. She doesn't touch the other glass. She seems normal. Fine.

"WhYy aren'tT Y-"

"Tolerance, baby. I can pop 3 of those before I'm as smashed as you."


"Ha. Ha. I win!"


I go to stand up off the couch, but my world spins. I'm fine, but I notice she jumps up and holds me. She holds me close.

I see a hard bulge throbbing in her jeans. The groin is zipped open, letting a upward curving thick sausage shape wrapped in white panties poke out the zipped opening. A wet stain dribbles at the tip.

I look down at the big dong. Bigger than mine ever was.

"Damn, you're bi- sorry!" I stop myself. She sits with me back on the couch. She laughs a little. "OOPS."

"You zipped it out on purpose."


"Just because it's too tight, I know how that goeszzs..."

".........sure. Just because it was too tight. I'm sorry, it's just... weird. Uncomfortable. I don't know how to accept this is me now. Forever from now on. I'm sorry..." she struggles to shove it back in. But it's too hard. Too big. Too sensitive. A throbbing 6 inches, with a hard upward curve. And a gigantic head. The white panties stain clear at the tip.

"How does it change you?"

"Oh... from what I noticed...and myself... the urges are incredibly strong. To think sexual things constantly. To wa- no, NEED to masturbate all the damn time. Some of the ladies get really aggressive. Easily get extremely angry. Some of them have come to blows. A lot, I should say. It took making these little "queendoms" to settle things down. And the more we've been around you guys, the attraction and urge is very hard to deal with. Being a woman, you want a man as badly as he wants you. But now, it's...10 or 20 times worse. They could have tossed more guys in here to make things easier, but they didn't. And I guess, we have to just deal."

"I mean... the guys? How have they changed?"

"Voices got higher. Not like ours, no. Just softer, you know. Not hard. Their skin and hair gets softer. They don't look as hard or rugged, but softer. A little plumper. Rob, the first man dropped here, said his balls have become smaller and more like a gentle little one-piece purse rather than a big bag with two big balls. He also said it's more difficult to get hard, but he is more sensitive. More emotionally attached. Easier to get upset. But also less aggressive and quicker to think before he acts. So, it's not all bad."

She runs her fingers through my wet braids.

"Your hair is so pretty."

"...thanks." I feel kind of hemmed up against the couch corner by her. She's leaning into me, touching my hand and my hair. This soccer mom.

"You're sexy..."

"Thanks...." I pat her hand, trying to push her back.

"Gimme a kiss, Todd."

"N-nah, c'mon, Ginger. Stop." I sneer my face away.

"You don't wanna kiss me?"

"Ginger this is weird."

"Todd. KISS ME."

"Ginger, I do-"

"I'm NOT going to ask you again. I'm NOT going to be used for my hospitality!"

((WHAT?!)) "WHAT?!!"

"You bring your ass in here, in my house, with my daughter, and you think you get a free ride?"

"What are you ta-"

"I DESERVE a kiss!" she grabs my face, kissing me hard. Our lips part with a loud smwack!

"Was THAT so bad? TODD?"

I feel kin...I'll be honest. I feel scared. Intimidated. Cornered. And I have nowhere I can run.

"Come here, Todd...." she leans on top of me, as if trying to mount me on the couch. As my hands lightly push away at her, she slaps them away aggressively, pinching and rubbing me, slapping away my hands.

I start to heave deeply. I'm so fucking turned on. I'm so FUCKING hot for her. Damn, those lizard men.

"You want me to kiss you, honey?" she smiles; "You want my hand down there? You want my white hand jerking that juicy black cock?"

I feel weird. Not like a guy who wants to get hard and get into it. But I want to lay back and open up for her. Let her just mount me and take me. Like an urge. As I breathe in, smelling her hair and her breath, I have this urge like.... she's just the right one. Not right as in, who I want...I don't know. Just, something about her makes me want to open up, and let her just do her thing. Plant her seeds.

Her hand forcefully unzips my pants, jerking them down. My black cock bounces up. Her plump, pale hand wraps around the shaft, stroking and squeezing. Hard and painful, yet sensory overload. I thrust into her hand, gasping. My nipples extend out, long and hard. My chest feels hot. My bellybutton feels warm inside. I just....I don't know... feel "ready". If that makes any sense?

She furiously strokes me. My cock has NEVER been this sensitive before. She breathes in my face, licking my chin and my lips, as if she's a dog. My lips, chin, and throat are wet with her saliva. I feel like she's just licking and invading me. And I love it.

"OHHhh FUCK..!!!!" I yell, feeling a throbbing surge in my groin. She stops, clenching down on my shaft as hard as she can. The orgasm that was going to burst within 4 to 5 more strokes, now sits in my shaft. Like a hurricane in a box. It slowly calms, tumbling back down into just arousal. My chest heaves hard, as I try to exhale with the surge in my body. Ginger lets my cock go and starts trying to mount me. At first, she opens her thighs, grinding me hard. But in the grinding, it slowly starts to turn to her ass easing between my thighs, her thigh forcing my much smaller legs open. The grinding cowgirl slowly transitions into a pounding pipelayer.

"Get on the FlooRrrr." she gasps. Her breath smells like hot lust, saliva, and alcohol. I slide off the couch and onto the floor, my back on the soft carpet. When I look up, I see the goofy show playing. It's quiet banter the soundtrack to Ginger and me being horrible.

She rips my pants off, then wriggles furiously, kicking her jeans off. She shoves her panties down, letting a big, white cock bounce out, wet with beads of precum. She shoves my shirt up over my head. It covers my face, only letting me see white shirt. For some fucked up reason, I love it. Not seeing what she's doing. I feel a glob of drool splatter on where my lips are. Her saliva dribbles onto and into my lips. I feel her nails rake down my chest, squeezing and touching as if her hands are starving for affection.

"Open up, for mama...." she gasps, squeezing her fat, naked thighs between my legs. I feel weird, as her grinding makes me over aware of my ass and taint. I arch my back, and raise my taint for her. I feel like my manhood is being ripped down off the wall and pissed on. feels...normal? Like, urge. Just natural, to do this...

"Okay, here it comes... relax... relax...." she whispers. I don't what she's DAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUWWWWWWWwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwuuunnnnnnnnnnnffffffffffff!!!!!!...................................................

I feel the invasive, uncomfortable poke that makes me jerk and want to push away. Get it out. But the feeling of her huge breasts crushing me down, and her huge mom thighs forcing my thighs to the floor and open, just makes me.... want to do nothing else but lay still and arch my back, so she can get in deeper.

Which she does, quickly.

Several hard thrusts that make her ass wobble, and my thighs are trembling.

She grips me in a tight hug, kissing my face through the cloth. I feel's like the feeling of having your taint rubbed and your prostate massaged at the same time. Yes, there is the uncomfortable, sore penetration of anal sex. taint and prostate have never felt this sensitive in all my life. I want to cry, laugh, and scream from pleasure. All at once. She works her cock slow and deep. Experienced. Mature. Adult. Healthy. Strong. Genetically superior. Her white hands are planted on the floor. Her pale pink and white ass slams like a territorial bull staking it's claim. On my ancient, jet-black genes. She's going to pour her genes all over my ancient Nubian cells. Wash away with white white semen.

And I can't wait. I love it. I want her deeper. And deeper. And she gives it me. Beyond what I thought I wanted.

She pounds me till I start cumming. It feels like a thunderstorm hammering a anvil from inside my taint to up through my cock. My cock quivers and bounces, bubbling up clear, watery cream. It's like clear, thickish water. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CUM?! I remember what I was told, but still, MY CUM. Hearing is one thing, but experiencing it. Seeing the shit? That's another muh fuck.

"Ooooh....Woooh....." she starts grunting. She presses as deep as she can, pinning me down to the floor, so she can get as deep as possible. And force me down into a position where I can't move.

I can't move from her heavy weight and iron grip. Through the white cloth of the shirt over my head, I see the blonde bob soccer mom looking down at he, gasping. Her face is twisted in pain. She starts slowing her thrusts, as if struggling to hold back.

Wait.... wait....wait,wait,wait...I'm drunk, I'm horny, I'm coming down from a back-breaking orgasm... wait.... WAIT.... preg... male impreg....IMPREGNATION. I think about the guys I saw with small, round guts. N-n-no! Noooo, not me. NOT ME! She's gonna knock me UP!


She keeps thrusting, as if she can't hear me. I KNOW she can hear me.

"GINGER...GIN...GIN!!!!!!!!!!" I start cumming again, hard. My body wracks on the floor, as I scream my lungs out, cumming harder than I ever have before. Her slow pumping milks my orgasm like a merciless anvil slammer, banging milk out of a ice anvil.


She grunts long, low, and hard. Pulsing her big white cock deep inside. She pins me down down where I can't move. She keeps it deep, seemingly lost in her own orgasm. She violently shakes her head from left to right, causing her blonde bob to whip and fly in the air. Her face is scrunched up, red, and grunting hard. As if she's pulling a nail out of her hand. She looks like she's in so much pain. But I know it's pure pleasure.

I feel her huge balls squeeze and shrink against my ass. I realize they're emptying Ginger's genes into me. Up my belly. I feel something inside flex as I cum. I feel all the hot wetness of her sperm inside. But as I cum, and dribble my own clear, spermless water, I feel something in my belly button flex and a whole lot of the wetness she shot inside me seems to disappear. Sucked up inside.


I groan in my orgasm, screaming 'nooo' as I know her sperm is swimming up in my womb. I don't wanna be a pregnant man. Especially with the child of the mother of the girl I'm rooming with. That's hillbilly shit. NOT ME! NO! STOP CUMMING! PLEASE!

Her blue eyes cross as she bites her bottom lip and jets more of her ball's load inside. I can feel it. It's hot and like slimy honey.



Her only response is feeling her cock pulse and put more in there.

She whispers to herself silently....
"Mmmmrrr put a baby up you, bitch....get my family tree spreading.....knock you up gooddddddd..."

I'm drunk, and there's tons of grunting and screaming, but I THINK I heard that. I'm not sure.

I swore I did.

Or was it the TV? After all, that one woman is supposed to be having unsafe sex or something with some nasal voiced guy.

Was it the TV?

She pins me down the floor harder when I try to move. I try to muffle through the shirt over my head "What're you doing?!"

But she won't answer.

She won't respond.

She acts like I said nothing.

So she can hold he still to the floor, she keeps her cock deep inside. Still dribbling and gurgling her thick, potent, white loads of genetic oceans to conquer my eggs. MY eggs... THE FUCK?

My thighs relax and just.... I don't know. I'm too tired. Maybe... maybe I'll be lucky, and her sperm won't hit the bullseye? I hope.

"Shhh...shhh....hold still, baby... Let mama make you.... grnnnn!!!"



The giddy blonde and her equally bleachy friend trot down the suburban street, holding high school book bags they haven't used in years, which are now full of supplies.

"...that's right, Cupcake! And I told her, directly to her cheap-make-upped face, like, I said "Now look here, ho. Kaelyn is going to put... the HANDS ...on a bitch. YES, matter of fact, I certainly DO go hard in the candy paint. And fuck a hand, because Kaelyn is going to put THESE PAWS on a ho. Bitch, I will drop down to my knuckles, chimp out and bite a bitch's face off. Try me. Try... ME!"

"Wow, Kaelyn! You, like...ugh! Really had some choice worrrrrdssss for that bitch." gossips her friend, an air-headed valley girl. "I would have, like, just, ugh! Bit that bitch's face oofffffff. Like, oh ma gaw! Because we will, like, ugh! Riiiiide... on our adversarieeeesssssss. These n1gg*rs just, like, don't knooowwwwwww! Jeeeeezzzz. Drillllll.... TIME. OH MA GAW."

The sound of the girls coming snaps Ginger to attention. I started to fall asleep under her warm, soft body. She laid on top of me, slowly kissing my face and neck, easing me into sleep. And she NEVER pulled out. I feel so hot, wet and slimy inside. As if I have really watery oil from a enema pumped in me. And I have a leaky buttplug inside. One that softens, then re-hardens. When it got it's softest, I pushed down like going to the bathroom, and a huge waterfall of what felt like hot oil ran down my buttocks. I knew it was sperm. HER sperm. The sperm of a soccer mom who took me in as a adoptive son, and may have knocked me up while her daughter wasn't home. Took me from work early, to seduce me, and knock me up on the living room floor. And I laid under her, laying still, letting fate take it's course. The only resistance to her millions of swimmers is just a inkling of hope in my dreaming mind that I don't carry her baby.

She snaps to attention, snatching her chub out of me, furiously getting to her feet. A berserk blur of panicked movement. She lightly slaps me awake.




I'm already sober. My head slightly aches. I have a really fast system. I can get so drunk that I can't walk. And in a hour or 2, I feel like I barely had one glass and slightly hung over.
I try to sit up, but my ass feels sore and loose. Yet, when I expect a slimy waterfall to push out when I push down inside, nothing happens. I feel if I keep forcing it, I may hurt my colon. Or embarrass myself with a possible fart.

Did the muscle "door" close already? DID IT CLOSE, WITH ALL THAT INSIDE?! All that busted nut from her balls?!?! NO!

My adrenaline rivers through me, as I hurry to my naked feet. I feel some watery "diarrhea" inside. But I feel no urge to go. And nothing pours out. Nothing. Only spermy moistness between my legs.

Oh gods. Oh gods. It's locked inside my "canal" that leads to.... my cerv-thing? Oh gods. Is this how girls feel?! Oh gods! N-n-n-no, I don't wanna have a soccer mom's baby!

We hear Kaelyn and her friend outside the house.
[Let me tell you, Kaelyn. Me, and like, all of my BFF's? We are them n1gg3rs who, like, ride, or like, die! We pop off the caps in buns and fake breasts. Like, all daaayyyyy-UH! I popcorn caps at my adversities. Oh-Block Barbie Whore Trill Drill Gang. Four 5th Thirty eiiiiight, and like, C block doubled back G! Like O, M, jjjeeeezzz. Dentist Drill Clique. Because, like, we stay putting our hammers in bitches' mouthhhhhhs. Dentist Drill Clique! YAAAAY!]

I have....NO idea what the hell ANY of that meant. But that shit sounded ignorant and ridiculous. What kind of ignorant asshole would even think something like that up?
Ginger jumps back into her jeans, sending cold and thin strings of sperm everywhere. She shoves her limp thickness back into her pants, zipping them up. I try to get back into mine, but I feel sore. And weird. My mind is more focused on worrying about what's inside me rather than anything. I can barely focus.

"Todd!!!" Ginger hisses, straightening her hair down, and trying to fix the shirt that she pulls back on. She rushes to stuff her bra under the couch. "TODD!"

"I'm going, I'm going!"

"C'mon, hon!" she grabs my pants, jerking them up over my literally black ass. We hear the blonde buffoonery outside.

[Oh no, Cupcake, you did it now!] we hear Kaelyn yell, just outside the door. The twist of the doorknob stops, showing her hand has pulled off it. Thank heavens! I jerk my shirt down, as Ginger roughly jerks my pants up. My anus' outer ring sings a song of pain opera, from it's new stretching. And the groin of my pants slaps my balls. It... I'm disturbed it didn't hurt as bad as it should have. Maybe I'm just... tougher, or something.

[Here I go, Cupcake! Here I go..... Yo, like yo, and a ho ho ho! Now these bitches stay steady snapping on your girl; but they are stuck in Kaelyn world. I drip in red, screaming all high pitched! Leave them with fish swimming around their asses..... Ditched!
Am I lying? Heeeelllllllllllllllllllll no! This is Kaelyn's world. All red, bitch....



OOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! screams Cupcake.

Latte in my left hand, celly in my right, chihuahua under your girl's arm, bitch it is time to fight!
Stay posted on my twitter fffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed?!! You've got me bitter, bitch! Time to bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddd!!
Like, I'll, like, like to unlike your like, cuz like, I like to like, Like. Roll my Liu Kang-ized toned cut legs on your paper thin tired ass: no scissors, all bike.
My keypad is my glock, my fingers stay steady squeezing! Steady glitter trigger finger bitch on you, bitch! I'mma leave your message board BLEEDING.
I'm the boss, bitch. So look upon me, the boss-bitch. This boss-bitch is gonna boss, bitch. So get tossed, bitch. You're a tossed-bitch. Flipped like a salad-tossed bitch. I'm the boss-bitch, bitch. So I'mma boss-bitch like a boss, floss bitch.
The only thing you are is a cost, bitch. That means you're a Cost-Bitch. That I'mma accost, bitch, this cost bitch to fix my costs, bitch.

Barbie Bars. Barz-Be.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! screams "Cupcake". She screams as if she's in a horror movie.]

I don't..............even wanna......absurd garbage.....
FINE. Admittance time.
She has bars. Even the "Barbie Bars" line. Barbie Bars, Bars Be: as in Bars this is/be? I can't...
She's fire.
I'm sorry.
I'd buy her mixtape.

"I taught her better than that...." grumbles Ginger, snatching my underwear and shoving them under the couch. "Watered down bars..."
We finally look presentable, but I don't wanna sit down. I feel Ginger's busted nuts inside my pelvis. I'm afraid if I sit down, I'll just smush it up deeper wo......m......... yup. Inside ME. I have a mental image of my black belly all swollen and some blonde chick kissing me and stroking it. I almost scream, shaking my head as if that can shake the mental image out of my skull.

"SIT DOWN, TODD!" Ginger hisses, grabbing the bottles and glasses, fluttering into the kitchen.

"NO!" I hiss back.


Something soft and compliant inside me just... kinda.... obeys. It IS her house, she is older. And heavier. And more experienced. And probably smarter. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the underwear drawer, to say the least. I'm good at math, but other than that? Dude.

Okay. The alchy is still bubbling in my brain.

I sit down, obeying this woman as if she's my mom. I feel the warm wetness gush up just a little. Like holding in a tiny bit of enema, and sitting down while still holding it inside.

The doorknob clicks open, and in walks Kaelyn. Bleach blonde and bubblegum as ever.

"Hey, Todd! How was your first day, buckaroo?"

((Buckaroo? Buckaroo..... BRUH.)) "It was okay, thanks."
I'm not going to lie. Siggy's bossiness got old. REEAALL quick.

"Mom, you know the church building?"


"Sharon just sent everyone a text. All 3 subdivisions will be using it as a meeting hall now. We all have to be there tonight at 7:30."

"SHARON said so? YOU got a text from SHARON?"

"Look for yourself!" Kaelyn haughtily smiles.

Who the HELL is "Sharon"? Why is Sharon such a big deal? I guess I'll find out.

Kaelyn's face begins to slowly blush, as does her neck. She breathes deeply, casually stroking her blonde sweeping bangs from her eyebrows. I notice her pink thin lips, like liver strips, then begin to plump up fat and juicy. Her breasts seem to swell rounder. Swelling breasts is a woman's "erection". Along with the nipples standing up, and everything else. Don't ask how I know.

Because science.

She looks at me, her eyes staring as if I'm a alien sitting there.

", I'm going to take a shower. Heh. Get this dust out of my hair..."

"Okay, hon. But when you get out, we're going to have serious family meeting."

"A-about what?"

"I have something very important to discuss with you. Something that may is serious for our family."

Oh no. OH NO. Don't tell her. DON'T TELL HER.

***************************[ UNDISCLOSED MINUTES LAY-TUH ]*******************************

Kaelyn has been in the "shower" forever. I wish I'd got up there first. To wash the morning work off of me. And try to.... um..... stick some fingers up inside and get out all of Ginger's white creamy "relief."

Ginger sets the table. It looks like TV dinners. Fresh out of a microwave that looks like something someone in 1950 would imagine how a microwave would look in 1990. A big, overgrown chrome toaster with a door. And some kind of "telescope" looking thing to show you your food cooking. Did the Zeti's really think THIS is a microwa...whatever. They talk like black trash from the hood anyway. When it comes to them, maybe I should just... take it as I see it?

I sit down to a Basement Troll Tv dinner. It has a sloppy, stinky looking white guy on it, with a tabletop game miniature in one hand and a computer mouse in the other, covered in dried sperm and cheese curl cheese. A White Pride ninja bandana is on his forehead, and on his shirt is a female sign of Venus is crossed out with a big, red cross-out sign. A racist caricature of a Asian is a poster on his wall. YET... there's a anime girl pillow on his bed. That's.... a oxymoron. Oxymorons don't oxy for morons, I guess.
Misogynistic, racist, unhygienic, hateful, angry, bitter, forum-warlord, keyboard commando, eye-rolling, head jiggling, hands-on-hips, groin-smells-like-doo-doo-in-a-dumpster kind of guy.

Computer-Room deity.

This dinner is Salisbury steak, green beans and potatoes. The box in the garbage can says "All Feminazi Suck and can't play Call Of Tantrum" Meal.

Geez, they sure have imaginative names.

Can't they just say "Salisbury Steak with Green Beans?" Does it need to have such a long and wild name? I don't.... I never bought one of these meals back home. Obviously. I mean, most people don't, due to the fanbase. Or foodbase. I don't even know. Whatever. A commercial on the box shows a tall energy drink can called "Forum Devastation Fuel: Gas Up to Type hateful forum messages 1,000 times a minute! OnLY with Forum Devastation Fuel!" Only for basement gob-sloblins!

I can't believe someone makes this shit.

Umff....(chew chew)...

Kinda good, though....



"Can you wait for Kaelyn to sit down at the table before you eat, please?"

"Sorry. Sorry."

"It's okay hon. I, uh, KNOW you're hungry." she giggles. "I'll feed you, hon. Make sure you two get all your nutrition."

You TWO? What....what's that s'posed to mean?!.......Ohh, KAELYN, riiiight. Right. Me and Kaelyn. Okay.

"...and Kaelyn too."

"What do you mean, 'You two, and Kaelyn too."?"

"Huh? Oh, just...meandering in my own head. You know."

"No, I don't know. You two, plus Kaelyn equals 3?"

"Mmmm! Basement Warlord TV dinners? I mean Computer Dinners." Kaelyn bursts in around the corner in a new set of clothes and a towel around her head. "Mom, how many can we eat before we have to totally rely on the fish and veggies?"

"I'm sorry, but the zookeepers didn't give us a ton. Maybe 50 per house? We might need to start "living off the land" in a month or so. But the fish and plants are really lush and healthy. I think we should trust in the zookeepers. They won't let us starve. They're up in the sky, protecting us."

We all start eating. And I feel voracious. I KNOW it's because of working all day, only having breakfast since this morning. Getting my brains fucked out. And loving it.... And then, sitting around waiting to eat. But part of my brain keeps poking at me... am I so hungry, becau..I'm...eating for t-NO. NO. NO NO NO. NOPE. Not me. NOT Todd Piyenkheret. Nope.

"So..." Kaelyn mumbles over her salisbury steak; "What is this...uh, family meeting about?"

"Well..." Ginger sighs, cutting her Tantrum Meal of meatloaf and potatoes. And a brownie. Always, the brownie. Always. Forever and ever.

"...well, hon, as you know. Todd is now a part of our family."

"Sure! Kind of a big brother, huh?" she smiles at me, giggling.

"Yes, and in this...situation. You're a part of our home, a part of my family now, Todd. MY family. We are all we have now. So, you're a Smithington."

"Thank you."

"Todd Smithington. Heehee! That sounds cool!" laughs Kaelyn.

"Heh....n-n-no thank you. My last name is Piye-"

"Well, think about it." Ginger smiles cheerfully, behind a bubbling veil of anger. "If you're going to be in my house, and uh, hehe, part of my family, eating my food... I'd appreciate if you showed that by carrying my maiden last name."

I feel...kind of... cornered here. I mean, I can't just UP and leave. I have no clue WHERE I am. And if I try to leave, I'll probably die of thirst or hunger. That is, if flying saucers don't just suck my happy ass up and throw me back here.

"WE are a family unit now. The old stuff is out the window. We have to rebuild. And live good. Follow the zookeepers' wisdom. And, so, if men are having the babies, and women are the fathers, then it's only right that your name be Smithington, so everyone knows you are a part of my family."

"I'm down, but my last name is P-"

"I've decided for you, Todd. Discussion is over. Just how it is. Now, let's get to the real family issue here...."

I feel the blood rush from my face. I don't want my sexcapade with this girl's mother to come out. I JUST got to this damn... human zoo. Can't I just be left alone? Am I going to have to run away? Or something?

"Kaelyn. When you got home, there was something unsettling going on. And you need to know..."
Oh no...

"What, mom?"


Oh no....

"Those bars were pitiful."



"Honey, I love you, but I'm your mother. And there was nothing fire about your bars. That shit you were spitting was cold enough to give me pneumonia, darling."


"Honey, you're going to have to do ALOT more training before your bars are even bathwater warm. I'm sorry to hurt your feelings, but it's for your own good."

Kaelyn begins crying, slamming her fork down and snatching up from the table. She screams a whiny cry:
"MY BARS ARE DOPE! I STAY IN THESE STREETS! HEAVY WITH THE TECH!! ME AND ALL OF MY BITCHES ARE JUST THE STRAIGHTEST DRILL TIME, LIKE, EVUUUUR!!!" Kaelyn screams like a angry spoiled Beverly Hills princess, tears running down her face.

Ginger eats her food without emotion. Her eyes down on her plate. She speaks in a cheery, housewifey tone of a mother trying to calmly chastise her child.
"And, may I ask, just WHERE do they do DAT at? Where do they spit that shit at, darling? You-All just can not rock straight 3-5 Block Minivan Clique. Volleyball down, on all of you-all baby G's."

Kaelyn stomps her food, making the floor barely shake. She throws her face in her hands, fleeing upstairs loudly crying in rage. We hear her sobbing, feet hitting the stairs before she runs in her room and throws herself across the bed, sobbing loudly into her pillow.

I thought I heard her scream something about latte gang or something. I just eat my food and try not to get mixed in this ridiculous shit. Look, man, I DON'T KNOW. I know why as much as you, bro.

"Todd, as for the name thing, I take my 2 babies very seriously. And this is not something I will compromise on."

Her two babies, huh. I guess in her mommy mind, me and Kaelyn are her babies.

"I don't think Kaelyn will be joining us at the church tonight. So, it'll just be me and my other baby then."

"Heh... thanks "mom". I didn't know I was your baby."

"Hehehe, Todd you're not a baby."

"But you said, your two ba...bies...."

"Look at the time! C'mon, we better get walking if we're going to make it! Sharon is a shtickler for time!"