The Taboo Family Files: Chapter 10

"Shit, I wonder what this is about, my hands are shaking. She just said we needed to talk," I muttered, walking down the hall. "Damn, it seems like Ted's door is shut every single time I see it," I said as I passed it.

I strolled another ten feet and I arrived at her door.

I took a deep breath and knocked on it. "Nadine, may I come in?"

I heard nothing back, so I just opened it. "Nadine?" I asked, sneaking in there. "Why are you crying, angel?"

I whispered, shutting the door.

I came right to her and sat down next to her on the bed.

I put my right arm right over her and brought her close. "What's wrong, babe? Did your mom find out about us?"

She immediately dispensed out several more tears and encased her arms around me. "Please tell me you'll never stop loving me, Hank."

I wrapped my arms around her too. "I have no idea what's going on, Nadine. Please fill me in, did your mom find out about us or not?"

"Just please promise me," she pleaded, glancing at me. "Step dad, I'm begging you."

"I'll never stop loving you, Nadine, I promise,"

After about thirty seconds, she stopped balling and leaned away from me. She failed to make eye contact with me and just slanted her head down.

"Nadine, you are gonna have to talk to me."

She took a deep breath and turned to me. "I love you, Hank. I know we first had sex because you were consoling me, but there was an ulterior motive I had that I never told you about."

"What are you talking about?"

She was silent for a moment as she couldn't look at me again. I saw the tears flowing down her cheeks and then I pulled her to me.

Her head rested on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. "Just tell me, Nadine. Whatever it is, I'll still love you and want you."

"Good, but, I never actually wanted you, Hank," she confessed, leaning up off me.

I nodded and placed my right palm onto her leg. "You wanted Ted, but he rejected you, so you got back at me by doing it with me?"

"Yes, but I never meant to hurt you, Hank," she made it clear, rubbing my legs with both hands. "You are a very sweet and loving man, even to your step daughter. You never just saw me as someone to deal with, you just loved me for me. I still wanted him, so I pulled a Hail Mary, and just pulled a move on you."

"Is that what was so hard to tell me? I kind of figured out that you definitely had the hots for Ted, but what are you talking about exactly?"

Again, she stayed silent for a minute and I found myself vibrating a bit in anticipation. 'Oh, just what the fuck could be so bad? She is just crying and telling things I already knew.'

"Unless you committed a crime, you can tell me anything, sweetheart," I assured her, grabbing her arms. "Just please tell me, Nadine. Now you are freaking me out a bit."

"Hank," she said, not looking at me.


"My mom knows about us."

My heart immediately felt like it stopped. "Fuck, how'd she find out?!" I whispered loudly, hitting the bed.

"Did she see us together?"

"Oh, damn, I'm gonna have to tell you everything now. No, she didn't see us. After he rejected me, I found out that he wanted to be with someone else, but I don't mean Sherry."

"Then who?" I inquired, raising my hands. "And what does this have to do with your mom finding out about us?"

"Just please don't hit me, Hank," she sobbed, putting her hands onto her face.

I took in a deep breath, closed my eyes and clenched my fists. "Okay, Nadine, I love you and wouldn't ever want to harm you, but I really need you to get to the point."

"Ted and my mom have been seeing each other too."

I instantly smirked and placed my hands onto my forehead. "Oh, motherfucker," I chuckled. "That makes a lot of sense."

"It does?"

"Yes, all the times when they were oddly missing. When we had our threesome for instance. I wonder where they were," I replied, rubbing the top of my head.

She wiped away some tears. "I'm sorry, but I still haven't told you the worst part."

I took another deep breath. "What is it?"

"I told Ted about our relationship."

"What, why?"

She kissed me on the lips. "Are you mad at me?"

"Yes, just a little bit, but finish the story," I ordered her before I kissed her back and grabbed her hands.

"I saw him cheering and heard him admit that he fucked her. That night when you two left and we had sex, I confronted him about it beforehand. He denied it at first, but eventually confessed. I never intended to blackmail him, but it just kind of went in that direction. Anyway, we had sex and I thought it might change his mind about me, but it didn't. He still wasn't interested, but a couple days later, you made the comment to us that you knew we were a couple. Then we had sex, but then I told Ted in a cocky way to get back at him."

"Mission accomplished there, then what happened?"

"I pleaded with him just to be with me, but he refused," she answered, tightening her grip on my hands. "I laid out the options that both of us would secretly see one another's parents, or he could just be with me. He still picked her. I was right, shit did happen and now the fireworks are going off. Now I gotta set off an unforeseen one," she cried.

"What do you mean? Is there more to tell?"

Her teary eyes met mine as she took my hands and nodded. "Hank, please don't hate me, but I'm pregnant."

My head instantly arched back and I sighed. "You are pregnant, Nadine?"

"Yes, I got sick and took the test. We've been together so many times, that it makes sense. I had sex with Ted once, but by the numbers alone, it is no contest. I suppose it is a small possibility, but I'm pretty damn sure you are the father. That first time we made love, you came inside me."

I immediately wrapped my arms around her from her right side and shed a few of my own tears. 'Holy mother fucking shit, this is huge.'

I squeezed her rather tightly for a couple minutes as we both cried. She leaned her head onto the side of mine and we seemed to console each other by being together. After five more minutes, I let go of her and felt her stomach.

She turned to me. "Just please don't tell me to get rid of it, I can't bear it, Hank. I so wanted Ted to love me the way you do, but he gave that love to my mom. Now I'm pregnant with your baby, so what do you want to do? Tell my mom?"

"Well, if we keep it, we're gonna have to tell her, hun," I warned her, caressing her leg and stomach.

"So, do you want to keep it and be with me?"

I took a very deep breath. "Well, she already knows that we're seeing each other, so she must have thought about this."

"Yes," she agreed with me, prior to swallowing. "I think she could be knocked up too, Hank."

I bit my top lip and put my hands up. "Why do you say that?"

"I talked to her in the hall last week, and she suddenly got sick. She ran into the bathroom and threw up a few times in the course of five minutes. I had no idea about that at the time, but now I think it fits. You two haven't been together in quite a while, have you?"

"No, we haven't. I've just been with you, except for Ralph, but I can't get him pregnant," I chuckled.

We both laughed for a moment and I smooched her cheek. Then we just smiled slightly at each other for another minute.

"I still can't believe this shit, she is cheating on me with my son. Although, I'm cheating on her with her daughter. It is like out of a soap opera, only it is real."

"Are you mad at her or him?"

I shed a couple more tears and nodded.

Then I pulled her to me again and felt her stomach. "Well, if he had told you he wanted to be with you, then I never would have confessed my crush and we wouldn't have started seeing each other. Then you wouldn't be pregnant, and I'd love to have a baby with you, Nadine. You definitely are a beauty that can bear a child and love me at the same time. I never thought your mom be able to do that," I explained, rubbing her stomach.

"So, you are happy with me?"

"I guess, Nadine. You did pull a couple bitch moves, but the end result is here. Well, there is some more to get through. Obviously, I'm gonna have to talk to your mom about all this. I'm sure she'll have her own news divulge too. I gotta ask you one thing, though."

She wiped away her tears. "What?"

"Is this what you want? I mean, I know you wanted Ted, but as you said, the numbers are in my favor. Do you want my bun in your oven? You said you couldn't bear me to tell you to get rid of it, but now are you really sure you want it. You still have much of your life to look forward to, so are you okay with starting a family now?"

"Are you gonna take care of us? I mean me and the baby?" she asked, caressing her stomach.

"Of course, I will, Nadine. We didn't keep carrying on an affair only because of the sex, I love you and I'll do anything for you. I never even told your mom that I was bisexual. You didn't tell her about our threesome, did you?"

"No, that was just for us."

"And this just for you," I assured her before I kissed her.

We made out for a moment before our lips parted. "Babe, why are you crying?"

She immediately put her head down onto her hands and continued sobbing for a moment.

I just wrapped my arms around her and held her close. 'She really does remind me of her mom.'

"Don't worry, babe, you have me now. I'm here for you, Nadine."

She slowly brought her head up. "Are you sure you want me, though? You have me both emotionally and physically."

"Nadine, you are beyond stunning. Ted is a dummy for not wanting you. I swear both your mom and I would have supported the hell out of you two, but now they can be together. Shit is gonna hit the fan, but it'll all be worth it after it is all over. Then we can actually sleep together while I hold you in my arms," I reminded her before I smooched her cheek. "I'm guessing someone is gonna have to move, but if I get to wake up next to you every morning, it'll be worth it. So, yes, I'm sure I want you both physically and emotionally," I explained, rubbing her thighs.

"Would you feel that way if I wasn't pregnant?"

"I can't say for sure, Nadine. I'd love to just say 'Of course', but you never know how you'll feel in any given hypothetical situation," I let her know, prior to placing my hand onto her stomach and the other on her boobs. "Now, I'm just looking to the future with a baby in it," I said, caressing her stomach. "While these get bigger," I mentioned, shaking her bosoms.

She smiled and hugged me again. "I love you, Hank."

"I love you too, Nadine."

After a moment, she let go of me and peeked down at my crotch. I just watched her as her hands slowly made their way onto it. She undid my shorts and made her way down onto her knees on the floor.

Her eyes went back to mine. "Would you like me to give you a blow job, Hank? Remember, I'm not your wife, I'm your pregnant girlfriend on the side."

"Well," I said, smiling. "Sincse you put it that way, hell yes."

She pulled out my rod and stroked it for a few seconds. "Nice and hard, just the way I like them."

I leaned down onto my elbows and she smiled back at me. "Just make sure you don't go having sex with someone else, even if I start sucking on some other guy's cock, okay?"

"My schlong will be available to you whenever you need it, sweetie. So you won't need to suck on another one."

"Good answer," she praised me before she took my member into her mouth.

"I could never cheat on you, Nadine. I could never give up those lips, they are too perfect," I moaned, lying flat on my back.

She instantly began thrusting her lips, but kept it at a medium speed. She also managed to keep it consistent and grabbed onto the base to hold it steady.

The top half of my body began vibrating a bit. "Your mom might be an angel, but you are the angel's angel. You certainly know how to pleasure a guy and make him love it too," I moaned, clenching my fists.

I already fought the urge to cum and I wagged my feet a little bit. She had no problem keeping her speed right and massaging my thighs a little bit too. I even closed my eyes and tried to think of anything else just to make sure I didn't shoot too early.

"Well, just like your mom: you are pure evil," I branded her, peeking back at her.

A few seconds later, she halted at the halfway point and angled her head up a bit. She looked right at me and raised her eyebrows. I kept a straight face as she stayed still. Suddenly her eyebrows started going up and down.

"Am I supposed to say something?"

She threw me an odd face and then lazily let my wood fall out. "No, but saying, 'Oh, fuck yes, make me cum, so I can shoot it all over your face.', would be nice."

"Okay, oh, fuck yes, make me cum, so I can shoot it all over your face," I moaned, smiling at her.

"Yes, sir," she replied before she took my wood back into her mouth.

She immediately went all the way down to the base and applied slight pressure onto it.

"Oh, just like that, my sexy step daughter. Just don't bite it off, please."

She chuckled somewhat and leaned her head back again so she could see me. Her eyebrows rose again and then her arms gradually came over to my wrists. She seized them and brought them towards her head.

"Oh, I understand now, you could have gave me a hint, Nadine," I informed her, placing my hands on the back of her head.

My schlong slipped out of her mouth again. "You want to be a couple, right?"


"Well, you'll learn my quirks better if we're not just sneaking around. Usually, when we have sex, it is just about to trying to fit in as much pleasure as we can before someone shows up," she reminded me, stroking my rod. "When we're a real couple, we can take all the time we need, at least until the baby comes."


She leaned her torso up and put her hands at the bottom of her shirt. "Would you like to see my titties?"

"I'd like to ogle and touch them too."

"That can be arranged," she let me know before she took off her shirt.

Then she leaned towards me and stopped about a foot away. "Would it please you to take off my bra?"

"All too much, Nadine," I whispered with my hands wandering to her back.

I unhooked it and threw it on the floor. She backed away slightly and my eyes instantly became glued to her hooters.

"Damn," I muttered, placing my palms on them right over the nipples. "These are spectacular."

"And they are only gonna get bigger," she reminded me, positioning her hands over mine. "You must like this, your cock is standing straight up."

"Yes it is, Nadine," I whispered. "I swear I love you, and want nothing more than to be your husband."

"I'm not accepting that as a proposal, if you meant that as one. You at least have to get down on one knee, and I also need a ring," she informed me, rubbing my hands.

"Oh, I know that, I can be classy."

"Your hands are shaking now, Hank. Do I see a huge cheesing smile coming upon your face?"

"Yes," I moaned, jiggling around. "Holy shit, I think the milk is already getting in there. They feel squishier."

"As opposed to yesterday, when you didn't know you knocked me up?"

"Yes, my dear step daughter."

"I know you are loving my tits, but would you like me to get back to sucking your dick so you can shoot it all over my face? That was your quote, correct?"

"Yes, and yes."

She instantly dropped down to her knees and snatched my cock. "Do you like cumming on my face?"

"I guess."

"You guess?"

"It is a little weird afterward, it is just different from your boobs."

"Well, do it on my bosoms then, whinny-ass," she advised me before she took my schlong back into her mouth.

"That's good advice," I muttered, grabbing onto the bed sheets. "Oh, really good advice, because you don't see, smell or breathe from your hooters."

She giggled and nodded somewhat.

"I got the sweat coming down again, babe. Yeah, keep going, I want to douse your knockers with my seed. I want the aroma of it to be stuck on them forever."

She immediately began thrusting her mouth even faster. I covered my face and pressed the tips of my fingers right onto my forehead. I also bit down on my bottom lip and clenched my toes.

'With every passing thrust, I feel myself being pushed closer to the edge. She is so freaking beautiful, seems to be very passionate about me now and I'm not too sure her mom has ever been this into me.'

"Call me crazy, but I think you might be crazy about me," I pointed out, looking right into her eyes.

Her palms came up with her fingers open. I brought my open hands right to hers and they came together. We held hands, but only applied some pressure. I did my best to keep eye contact with her, but it was next to impossible.

"Fuck, you have me breathing ever so heavily. I feel like I'm in a volcano and I'm not sure I could love you more," I mumbled. "Shit, now I gotta shoot, Nadine."

She let my wood fall out. "Cum on your step daughter's melons," she moaned, lifting them up with both hands.

I stroked my rod and let it spew a few streams of my seed onto her magnificent rack. "Just like every other time, I feel so feel so drained, but so pleasured," I moaned two seconds after my fourth and final shot.

I fell onto the bed and immediately lied down on her left side. We stayed silent for a few moments and cuddled. We both wrapped our arms together.

"Did you get Ted's mom pregnant before you married her?"


"Did you love her?"

"Of course."

She leaned up over me and brought her face within a few inches of mine. "Good," she mentioned before she pushed down her shorts and panties.

After she was stripped completely, she seized my wood and let it slide into her slit.

"You'll be the sexiest wife yet," I mentioned, arching my back up.

"Maybe your third wife will be the charm," she pointed out, placing her palms onto my shoulders.

"Yes," I agreed, putting my hands onto her butt.

I began thrusting my johnson a bit and had her bounce a little bit too.

"Oh, you are making my breasts flop around," she pointed out, moving her torso around.

"I know," I replied before I spanked her.

"Kinky bastard, aren't you? You'd like to spank your step daughter too? Oh, that's naughty, Hank."

"Yes, I know, hot woman. Damn, you drive me crazy," I moaned, leaning my head back and squeezing her butt. "Now Santa won't bring me anything."

"I think I could convince him otherwise," she pointed out before she kissed me.

We both failed to say a word for a few minutes, as we just pleasured one another. Her pussy effortlessly slid up and down on my rod and she had me moaning nonstop as well.

'Oh, those great hooters, they are already big, but they'll just be getting bigger. I have this woman in my life now, and it just seems too good to be true. Why does she love me so much? She wanted Ted, but now I have her. Is it just because I got her pregnant?'

I rubbed her butt ever so softly and began grinding my teeth too.

"Dare I ask: am I making you want to cum, Hank? It's okay if you have to cum, there is no shame in cumming too early. Especially with your dazzling step daughter."

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. "Yes, fuck me, Nadine, I'm cumming again," I moaned, as the white juice bolted up into her pussy.

"Yes, cum inside me and squish my titties, you horny dude," she let out, enveloping her arms around me.

We held each other again as I twitched over and over again. Her body pressed onto mine and then we managed to stay up.

"Well, you certainly know how to fuck a woman and love her too."

"I try," I murmured, prior to leaning onto her.

She rubbed my back and kissed my right shoulder a number of times. We maintained that position for a few minutes as we cooled down.

"I think I hear Ted's bed creaking, Hank. Well, either everyone is stupid, or just desperate to get it out there."

"We're definitely not stupid, I just fucked a steaming hot young lady."

"Well, we better enjoy this high while we can, shit is about to hit the fan."

Then we both lay down.

"I know, let's just power through this, Nadine. If I move out, I certainly hope you come with me."

"I think the baby would appreciate it if I do," she pointed out before she kissed me. "Don't you think?"

"I do."