Bringing in a Third: Part 1 - The First Night

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Friday crawled by slower than I ever thought would be possible. My wife Morgan came home early from work to help me clean the house and go to the grocery store. We were cooking steaks and having our friend Andi over that night, for dinner… and then to join us for some sexy fun. We were planning to all start things slowly, making sure everyone was ready and comfortable, but the fantasy becoming reality made the day frustrating, especially with Morgan at home. There was an energy flowing between us, one filled with nerves, eagerness, and pure sexual energy. Countless times throughout the day I found myself pushing Morgan up against a nearby wall, sliding my hand under her shirt to cup her breasts beneath her lace bra. She would stop whatever she was doing to randomly reach around me, stroking me through my clothing until I was hard, getting me to moan until I had to push her away, forcing myself to wait. Finally, when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer, the doorbell rang.

Andi was dressed casually, wearing a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, nothing especially sexy but something that made her look great. Seeing her wear what she would any other day made me feel silly for my earlier stressing about what I should wear, to which I had chosen a pair of khaki shorts and a bit of a nicer shirt. Morgan on the other hand had chosen a loose fitting top that showed just the smallest bit of her mid-drift and one of her favorite pairs of jeans.

The initial greeting with Andi was friendly, with a large hint of awkward. We all knew why she was there, so it felt weird trying to make small talk, asking how her day was and things like that. But we settled in to make dinner, and a few sips of wine later, and things were moving smoothly. Once we relaxed and realized nothing was all that different, it was easy to make conversation as I flipped the steaks and the ladies helped prep everything else. We settled into our dinner, and a few bites in, I broke the ice.

“So I guess now is when we talk about what we want to do tonight,” I said. Andi and Morgan both nodded, but no one said anything, before we all broke out laughing, realizing that if this was going to work, we just had to go for it.

“Well,” Andi said after a sip of wine, “You guys initiated it, so what were you thinking?” Morgan and I looked at one another and she shrugged in my direction to tell me to take the lead.

“Well,” I said, “I don’t really want to limit what we want to do, because if we want to do it and we are all comfortable with it, then we should. But I don’t think anyone should have sex tonight.” Morgan nodded and Andi agreed, saying that she was okay with putting that off the table. “So I say we get comfortable just touching each other, and being naked together… maybe even some kissing, and if we feel like it, we can masturbate or even get each other off.”

A ring of nervous, but excited, smiles passed around the table. “I think that sounds good,” Andi said, “we can just kinda see how we feel, right?”

“Right,” Morgan said, then added, “So, Andi, are you more interested in doing things with Raphael, or do you want to do things with me too?”

“Oh, I’m definitely interested in both,” Andi said immediately, laughing as she did, “I guess I’ve never really told you explicitly, but I’m definitely interested in being with a woman. I’ve never really had the chance to since I am more interested in dating men… but, yes, to answer your question, I definitely want to do things with you too.”

We talked for a little bit longer, but the nervous energy in the air was turning to something different, something more primal and excited. It was a natural que that dinner was done and we were all ready for the next step. It wasn’t long before the table was cleared and Morgan and I were sitting on the couch (I was sitting against a corner with my arm around Morgan, who was leaning back against me) with Andi in the nearby chair facing in our general direction. We sat in silence; it was the moment we were all excited for, and yet, that awkwardness that had dissipated during the meal suddenly returned. No one was sure exactly how to start. I considered just kissing Morgan, starting there and seeing what happened. I wondered if Andi would end up wanting to join in or if she would just watch until Morgan and I started doing more. I leaned in and kissed Morgan’s cheek, making her smile and turn towards me.

Morgan moved in fast, pressing her lips against mine. It was a strange sensation. We had kissed thousands of times, from small quick kisses, to deep ones filled with moans. But as I felt her warm, silky lips press against mine, knowing there was someone watching, someone wanting to watch… it was intoxicating. It was a new kind of kiss, one we had never done before, and as I slowly kissed her, each kiss purposeful, meaningful, I was in heaven. Morgan opened her lips to slide her tongue across my mine, eventually venturing inside to move against my own. She tasted sweet, but whether she was or not, I don’t know. It was probably just the moment all catching up to me. I wrapped my arm around her waist, moving my hand underneath her shirt to touch the skin of her back and side. She was warm, soft, and it was a feeling that was inherently encouraging. I gripped her tightly as she pressed against me, leaning into me more.

Just as I moved in to kiss her deep another time, Morgan stopped suddenly, just pulling back enough to break the kiss. Turning back to look at Andi, she simply said, “Is this okay?”

“Of course!” Andi said, smiling. “I’m definitely good with just watching for now.” She played with her hair, twisting it as she leaned back, her other hand resting on her stomach as if waiting patiently to do more. Morgan turned back and raised herself up, kneeling next to and over me, her arms around my neck as she opened her mouth to breath me in. I ran one of my hands over her back, the other gripping her butt firmly as she pressed her body against me. We kissed, again and again, keeping a steady balance between passion, and lust. That was when I reached for her shirt, pulling it up with both hands by the very bottom. The fabric flowed off of her easily, exposing the skin of her stomach, back, and sides. She wore a blue lace bralette that left little to the imagination and left no question as to how excited she was. As Morgan broke the kiss to allow the shirt to fall to the floor, she grinned.

“Your turn,” she said and just as quickly removed my shirt as well. Her hands moved over my chest, making a sound of appreciation and enjoyment as she did.

“This was such a great idea you guys,” Andi said, making us both turn to her. She was clearly enjoying herself, grinning excitedly as she sat forward and crossed her arms to grip the bottom of her shirt. In a single fluid motion that all women naturally know how to do, Andi peeled the fabric from her body. She was wearing a simple purple bra that only had one small detail, a bow of the same color on the band between the cups. I admit, I was completely entranced; this was the first woman I had seen in any kind of sexual way besides Morgan in over eight years.

“I think we can all agree on that one,” I said, glancing to Morgan. She didn’t respond, but I noticed her cheeks were red with a blush that flowed down her neck and onto her chest. I reached out, wrapping my arms around Morgan’s waist, pulling her back and onto my lap so she was sitting across it, facing our less clothed third. I kissed Morgan’s neck with a small peck, making her turn to me and giggle. She kissed my lips but I stopped it before it got further and said to her, “I think that it’s only fair that since we put on a little show for Andi, that maybe she should put a little one on for us.”

Morgan bit her lip and nodded, turning back to Andi, who said, “I suppose it’s only fair. What would you like to see?”

Morgan and I looked at one another for a second or two. She shrugged, so I said, “Well, that bra looks a bit uncomfortable. Why don’t we help you out of it?” Andi’s only response was a sly smile, followed by her standing up and gently sitting down on the couch next to us with her back facing out way.

“Please do,” she said. Morgan reached out to unhook the purple bra, and I watched her easily manage the clip. My eyes passed over her back and sides, her smooth skin just inches away and I felt the familiar feeling of my cock slowly getting harder. Andi looked over her shoulder as the clasp gave way, giving a sexy look as she thanked Morgan, before going back to her chair. She turned as sat quickly, dropping the bra on the armrest of the chair as she did.

“Wow,” was all I managed to say. Her breasts were picture-perfect and I couldn’t help but stare.

“They are really nice,” Morgan said, shifting on my lap. Andi just smiled, thanking us for the compliments as she ran her hands over them. Her nipples hardened as her fingers fluttered over them, as Andi massaged them, doing it in a way that clearly felt good. Morgan shifted on my lap again, and as I held her with one arm, I slid my other hand to her thigh. She gripped me tighter as I did, my fingers sending little shocks through her body. I was fully hard, pressing against her bottom, and I knew she could feel it. She rocked slightly as I massaged her thigh, as we watched Andi touch herself, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long that we were like this.

“Morgan,” Andi said, still playing with her breasts, “I would love to see yours too.” Morgan giggled as a wave of shyness moved through her, but she looked down at her own breasts. It was as if she was considering something, but then in one motion lifted the fabric above her breasts, letting them fall free, and in another pulling it off and tossing it across the room. Andi’s expression gave away a pleased look, her hands stopping what they were doing but trailing down her stomach as if wanting to do more. I took my hand off of Morgan’s thigh, sliding it up her stomach and onto her breast, giving her a massaging squeeze and passing over her nipples.

A moan escaped Morgan’s lips as she turned back to me, kissing me deeply, opening her mouth to slide her tongue inside a second after the first kiss. It was a needing kiss, one that was fueled by my touch as I massaged her, played with her, touched her in the ways that made her back arch. Occasionally we would break the kiss, pressing out foreheads together and look over in Andi’s direction where she was touching her own breasts. Each time we looked, her touches were more purposeful, with her offhand changing locations each time… first from her breasts to her stomach, and then to her thigh. Each time Morgan and I started to kiss again, there was more rocking, more moans, more touching. I slipped my hand back to Morgan’s thigh, but this time moved up.

An audible gasp escaped her lips as I pressed against her. I could feel how hot she was, how wet she was, even through her clothing. Morgan opened her legs for me, allowing me to press against her more, before closing her legs to keep me tight against her. We went back to kissing, staying like this, moving, touching, moaning to one another until… we heard a soft moan come from our right.

We both looked to see Andi, her right hand down her pants, the stretchy fabric showing exactly what she was doing. Her eyes were closed as she obviously rubbed herself, in tight, slow circles. Morgan and I enjoyed for a few moments before Andi opened her eyes, laughing as she saw us watching her. “Sorry,” she said, pulling her hand out of her yoga pants. “I just got a little caught up in the moment I guess. I hope it’s okay.”

“Of course!” I said, “Maybe it’s just time to take a few more layers off?”

“I would love that.”

“Great idea!”

The girls spoke at the same time, and the flurry of activity that followed was accompanied by excited laughter at their eager agreements. Morgan stood up in front of me and unbuttoned her jeans, as Andi also stood up. The both slid their pants down, shimmying a bit as they did. Stepping out of their bunched up clothing, I admired the two. Morgan was wearing a pink pair of panties that hugged her butt and hips while Andi had on a thong, the same color as the bra she had worn before. Morgan sat down next to me right away, but Andi hesitated, still standing.

“Is it okay if I just take these off too?” Andi asked, “doesn’t make much sense not to, right?”

“I guess not,” Morgan said, turning to me. I nodded and we both watched Andi hook her fingers under the bands of the small piece of fabric, letting it fall to her ankles. She turned to step back to the couch, flashing her butt towards us, much to Morgan’s and my pleasure. But it wasn’t until she sat down that I saw her pussy for the first time. Andi trailed her fingers down, rubbing herself slightly as she spread her legs, smiling as we enjoyed the view. Her lips were a sexy rich color and clearly she was ready to be touched, judging by the slight glisten upon them. I was still looking Andi’s way when Morgan slipped her panties off, keeping her legs together a bit more than Andi, but making sure we both got a clear view.

“This is so much fun,” Andi said as she looked over Morgan’s naked body. Her hand trailed down to her pussy, sliding a finger up and down before gently settling on her clit, and began to rub small circles that made her inhale deeply. Morgan was leaning back against me, one leg up on the couch as she started touching herself as well, slowly as they watched one another. I enjoyed the view for a moment as the two seemed to be focused on one another with no concern for me. But I was aching and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Without a doubt,” I responded, standing up and drawing both their attention. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor. My erection was clearly visible, as hard as it had ever been as I looked looking down on the two naked women, gently touching themselves. I reached for my boxers, but Morgan reached out, gripping me through the thin fabric. It caught me off guard and I moaned; both of them reacted to the sound and I stood there, enjoying the stroking the Morgan was intent to give.

“You have got to take that thing out Morgan,” Andi said. Her rubbing had become quicker and more purposeful, her other hand playing with one of her nipples. Morgan obliged, sitting up to take hold of the waistband of my boxers. Slowly she pulled it over the head of my cock, exposing my entirety as she let them fall to the floor. Morgan’s hand wrapped around me, gripping me tightly as she stroked me in long, agonizingly slow strokes. I reached down and pushed Morgan back gently, standing over her as she leaned back, giving her access to me and receiving access from her. I found her clit easily as she spread herself for me and quickly fell into a rhythm that we both enjoyed.

The room quickly filled with the sound of stroking, rubbing, heavy breathing, moaning. I asked Morgan if I could finger her and she gladly accepted. I slid my finger along her wet slit, finding her ready and waiting, easily taking me in with the least amount of resistance. Morgan’s moan reverberated within me, her grip on me tightening and getting even faster. My eyes were glued to Morgan, the way she rocked, raised herself, her breasts rising and falling rapidly as I pleasured her in all the best places.

“Oh!” It was a loud outburst that drew both Morgan’s and my attention. “I’m gonna cum,” Andi said, nearly breathless as she circled her clit faster and faster and faster. Her body tightened, her back arched, her legs straightened as she shook uncontrollably. Her moan filled the room, covering all other sounds and as quickly as it came on, she fell back, trying her best to catch her breath.

“I’m really close now,” Morgan said. Her hand fell from where she was stroking me, pushing my hand away in order to finish herself. I knelt on the couch next to her, catching her lips with mine as I started stroking myself, fast and hard. I was only seconds away from cumming and I said that to her, again and again, directly in Morgan’s ear.

“Yes, yes!” she said, grabbing me with the hand she wasn’t touching herself with, pulling me close. “Cum with me, please!” Her words pushed me over the edge and as she rode her waves of pleasure, keeping me against her as I came. My cum shot across her chest and breasts and I held her, our foreheads pressed together except when we kissed. We came down at the same time, both of us collapsing back onto the couch together. Our fingers interlaced as we tried to control our breathing, catching each other’s eye. I couldn’t help but laugh and she followed suit. It was only then that I looked up and remembered that Andi was there, watching the entire thing. Her hand was idly playing over her body in a pleasurable and flirty way, a smile on her lips.

“That was incredible,” I said as I began to clean the cum off Morgan’s breasts with a tissue.

“Definitely,” Morgan said, still trying to slow her breathing. Andi just nodded, still smiling.

What followed was a half hour of just relaxing. We made small talk about what had just happened, that we were all glad that we did it, there weren’t any weird feelings, all of those types of things. The conversations changed to other subjects, even talking about work for a few minutes as we collected our clothing and Andi replaced hers. We invited her to stay and hang out, even stay the night if she wished, but Andi opted to simply head home and go to bed, feeling relaxed as she was.

As we stood by the door as she collected her things, Andi said, “I had a lot of fun tonight… that’s what I’m supposed to say after a date, right?”

I laughed and said, “Just don’t forget to text us in the next few days so we know it’s the truth.”

“Well,” she said laughing, “I’m going to want a second date, I assure you of that.” The way she smiled at us was one that made us all quickly reminisce on the last few hours, one that made us eager for the next week, and made me, personally, very impatient to find out when we would be getting together again.