The Taboo Family Files Chapter 11

I walked up to her door and bit my bottom lip. "Take a deep breath and do it," I whispered before I opened the door. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

I just gawked at her. "Our parents aren't here, and I want some answers. Why the fuck are you just in your bra and panties and rubbing your belly?"

Her head slanted up as she smiled. "Which question would you like me to answer first?" she calmly pondered, peeking at me.

"Why the fuck did you tell Sherry that I was fucking your mom?"

"I don't know, why didn't you, Ted? I mean really, after a while, you have to admit, it wasn't a fling or a mistake, but something meaningful to you. It is not like you were even having sex with her after you hooked up with my mom," she explained, before she got up and strolled to me. "Before I answer your other question, dare I ask: Is there something you want to tell me? Think long and hard about that, could there be something worth telling me right here, right now?" she wondered, continuing to rub her belly.

I clenched my fists and broke eye contact with her. 'Oh, how the hell could she know? I don't know, but maybe she is bluffing.'

"What are you talking about, Nadine? Really, enough games, just spit it out."

"We both know what's going on, Ted," she informed me, sparking a tear. "I just hope we can still love each other. I mean, we'll always be step siblings, but I know if we ever did become more than that, we would work. I hate you, but I love you too."

I hit my left palm right on my right fist. "Do you know, yes or no?"

She closed the gap between us completely. "Will you kiss me one more time?"

I took a deep breath and then I grabbed her arms. "Fine," I replied before I kissed her for ten seconds.

Her palms made it onto my thighs, but then I pushed her away. "You got your kiss, now just answer the question."

She sat back down on her bed and placed her right hand onto her stomach. "Well, as I'm sure my mom told you, we weren't on the best of terms when you blabbed that I was involved with your dad. Although, we managed to patch things up and she wondered why I had an emotional 180. Well, it probably had to do with the same reason that she was feeling sick. Why do you think she was ill, Ted?"

My whole body began shaking and my face turned red. "I got her pregnant, Nadine!"

"Hey, there is no need to yell, and I figured that out. I guess I'll finally get a blood sibling, well, with one common parent. It would have been nice like ten years ago, but better late than never."

I placed my hands onto her face. "Are you pregnant too, Nadine?"

"Would you be happy to get a younger sibling?"

"I don't know, Nadine, just tell me, please."

"Yes, I'm pregnant with your dad's baby. I guess you Stone men know how to get the deed done. I'm not sure how far along I am, but probably close to my mom."

"Shit, Nadine, I don't know what to say," I confessed, after I dropped my hands.

She rose up again. "Do you love her? I mean, as a lover?"

"Yes, I do. Do you love my dad?"

"I do, Ted," she cried. "I love him, but I never set out to love him like that. So help me understand, you fucking moron," she said, putting her hands out and moving her fingers. "What the fuck is wrong with you? That's the real question here. There is no other question more important than that one," she sobbed.

"What do you mean? Aren't you happy to be pregnant and give your mom a grandchild?" I stammered, sparking my own tear.

She stomped her right foot and walked away from me.

'Shit, maybe this was a bad idea.'

"Why the hell did you have to reject me?!" she wailed, glancing back at me. "Seriously, why? Now both my mom and I are pregnant. We're both in way too deep, both emotionally and physically," she pointed out, strolling back to me. "Their marriage is fucked to hell now. Of course I want him because of my love for him and this baby, but at the cost of my mom's marriage? Why couldn't you just be with me?" she asked before she pushed me slightly. "What's wrong with me? Just tell me: What the hell does she have that I don't? It has gotta be something, but even she admitted she had no idea."

"I don't know, Nadine, I really don't. Although, you can't just put all this on me, you did the deed too."

She snatched my shirt with both hands. "I know that!" she roared, pulling me to her. "The point is, I wouldn't have your dad's baby growing inside me and my mom wouldn't have your baby growing inside her, if you just would have accepted my love for you. We could have been together and eventually made our baby. Whether it happened after a few months or a few years, you should have just have been with me instead of lusting after her!" she howled before she pushed me away.

She sat back down again and buried her face in her hands.

'Crap, she is crying. What am I supposed to do now?'

After a few seconds, I sat down with her. "I'm sorry, Nadine," I confided, putting my right arm over her.

She continued sobbing and I felt more tears forming on my face. "Please stop crying, Nadine. I love you, I really do, but I just love her more."

That accomplished nothing, so I just wrapped both arms around her. She didn't fight me on it, but kept the tears flowing directly into her hands.

'Wow, this is fucked up. Shit, maybe I should have just broken it off with Quinn. I don't know, but maybe this is just the rough shit we'll have to get through.'

After another couple minutes, her hands dropped and she peeked back at me. "Will you at least love me and love your new sibling?"

"Yes, of course I will, Nadine. I know you'll return the favor, but it is important for you to know: I never meant to hurt you. I know I turned you down, but I just couldn't get over how beautiful your mom is. I just want to be the one she sleeps next to her every night."

"So, the best answer I'm gonna get is: She is just more beautiful than me?"

"I guess, Nadine."

She closed the gap between us. "Will you kiss me again?"

Without delay, I just kissed her once again. That time, she failed to place her hands onto me, so I let it go on for about twenty seconds.

After that, my lips parted from hers. "I'm sure you'll keep my dad really happy."

"I hope so, now make love to me," she requested before she lied down.

"No, Nadine, I can't do that," I admitted, getting up. "I kissed you twice, can't that be enough?"

After a few seconds, she rose up and got off the bed. "Will you just one more time? We hurt each other, but let's pleasure each other just this last time," she proposed, coming to me. "You said you still loved me, so do it for me, please?" she begged me, before her hands came to her bra.

She undid it and it fell off.

"Wow, your boobs are so much bigger now."

"I know," she agreed, leaning down and sliding her panties down. "Pregnancy will do that to a woman's breasts. My mom already has big tits, but I'm sure they'll get bigger too," she mentioned, dropping her panties. "And your boner speaks for itself."

I scanned her body for an entire minute as not a word was uttered.

After that minute, she kissed me and placed her hands onto my shorts. "You don't even have to wear a condom," she pointed out, undoing them.

They fell down and my cock immediately went through my boxers.

She grabbed it and instantly began stroking it. "My boobs aren't the only ones that have gotten bigger, Ted.

Just let me feel it inside me one more time. If you do it for me, I'll love so much more. No one has to find out, we can take it to our graves if you want."

"No, I have to tell your mom if we do this."

Her eyebrows rose and she snatched my hands.

She placed them down onto her butt. "Then let's get busy."

I kissed her yet again and caressed her butt too. She slowly pushed my boxers down and I stepped out of them and my shorts.

After another minute, her lips came off mine. "Arms up."

She got my shirt off as well and brought me to her bed.

She laid down and looked at me. "Just forget how much we hate each other, and just focus on the love."

'As much as I don't want to, I'm gonna fuck her, even if its just to feel her pussy on my cock one more time. Not for her, but for myself,' I thought, prior to getting onto the bed with her.

"I do hate you, Nadine," I divulged, grabbing my schlong.

"Then prove it and find out what kind of action you'll never ever miss."

"Fine," I replied before I slid it right into her slit.

"Son of a bitch," she moaned through her teeth. "It has gotten a hell of a lot bigger, Ted. You are one stupid, but lucky fucker. Now look at me, and start making love to me. You to have to kiss me too."

"Whatever, bossy bitch," I let out before I kissed her once and began thrusting.

I put a small gap between us, but her tits still managed to touch the bottom of my chest. I seized her thighs and we looked right into each other's eyes for a few minutes as the sexual spectacle was performed.

"I really hope you can keep my mom happy, my dad and your dad certainly couldn't, but maybe you can."

"Nadine, just stop talking and let me fuck you."

She nodded and placed her hands up onto the top of my back right under my neck.

'She is grinning a little bit, but I'm pretty sure she has a hint of sadness on her face as well. Maybe I'm just fucked in the head for even fucking her the first time. Well, whatever, I'm already doing it.'

She massaged my upper back and I applied a little more pressure to her thighs. I didn't make her uncomfortable, but I made sure I could keep her in place. I knew she wanted to move around, but I made it so she could just focus on me.

She failed to part her eyes from me and as time went on, I saw her smile become bigger. I also seemed to be able to move a little easier as she was sweating up a storm.

"I know I'm not supposed to talk, but will you just tell me you love me?"

"I love you, Nadine. I certainly hope you don't just come back to me if my dad ever pisses you off. Nothing will happen in that scenario."

"Well, I can be pretty persuasive. When you have to cum, please just cum inside me. I really want to feel it."

"Fine," I said, leaning up. "Enjoy it while you can, Nadine, because I'm not cheating on your mom again."

"I know, now get your eyes off mine and watch my titties bounce around like they are on a trampoline."

I did as she commanded and peeked at her hooters. They were bigger and gave my eyes a much better show to view. With each passing thrust, I was sure they moved even more and her pussy became a little slicker.

"Oh, now you are smiling, Ted. Could it be possible that you like to see my breasts flop around? It is alright, you can admit it."

"Maybe I do," I confessed before I leaned right back down to her lips.

My arms slithered right under her and her arms were lowered to my mid back. I suspended my thrusts for the time being and just made out with my step sister.

'Son of a mother fucking bitch, maybe I did make a mistake. She is rubbing my back and just kissing me right back, as if we were a couple.'

We made out for about fifteen minutes straight and just enjoyed each other's company.

Suddenly, my lips and cock just couldn't take it for another second. "Fuck, I do love you, Nadine and maybe we both made the mistakes. I'm gonna cum now."

"I love you too, Ted, now just shoot it inside me."

I leaned my head up, but she immediately slanted it back to her. "Look at me as you blow your sweet cum right into my slit," she cried.

"Yes, my sweet, but bitchy step sister," I moaned, prior to shooting my first shot of seed directly into her.

Again, I found myself jiggling around as my cum blasted inside her. I must have came at least four times and then I just laid on top of her.

"Just say it, you are a moron."

"Maybe I am, but as you said, we're both in too deep now."

"Kiss me again."

I super glued our lips together and they failed to part for over twenty minutes. My schlong stayed inside her the whole time, but I managed to only cum a couple more times. I twitched around, but I never parted my lips from hers.

Although, after that twenty minutes, she pushed my lips off hers. "We have to stop, Ted."

I got off her and took my pecker out. "Why? I thought you wanted to have sex one more time."

"I did, and we did have sex again. Now, we should stop. Our parents don't deserve this," she sobbed, leaning up.

She took my hands and kissed me once. "We know we'll always love each other no matter what and that's what really matters. Your dad and I will have our baby and you two will your own. We shouldn't hurt them like this, we should love them. We already messed up their marriage and now we shouldn't mess up their new relationships with us. Just promise me we'll always be there for each other. The odds are they'll be gone way before us and then we'll both have kids."

"You want to be together then?"

"Maybe," she replied, grabbing onto my cock. "I'll look more like my mom by then."

I found myself aroused again and I placed my hands onto her butt. "How many times have you masturbated thinking about you sucking my wood?"

"A couple hundred at least, I'm sure. Then I saw Sherry doing it, and that just fueled me even more," she confessed, stroking it.

"Speaking of Sherry, did you really fuck her?"

"Yes, I kissed her, ate her sweet pussy and she licked my nipples too. Does that turn you on?"

I nodded. "I wish I could have seen it though."

"Well, if you piss me off enough, I may do it again."

"How was fucking her?"

"Wonderful, she is quite an elegant woman, Ted," she praised Sherry, increasing her speed.

"So are you, Nadine."

"Do you mean that?" she sobbed.

"Yes," I answered, bringing my hands up to her upper back.

She leaned towards me and my rod went up too. It touched down just above her belly button, but she kept stroking it. Then her boobs touched down onto my chest as well.

"Do you satisfy her?"

"I like to think so."

"Does she satisfy you?"


She kissed me once again and backed away somewhat. Then she peeked down at my schlong and licked her lips for a moment.

'Oh, I know what she is thinking."

She slanted her head back up. "May I suck your cock one last time, Ted? I would love you so much more if you just grant me this one last request."

"Sure, step sis," I responded before I smooched her cheek.

She smiled and leaned down onto her stomach.

She grabbed onto it and glanced up at me. "Will you put your hands on the top of my head?"

I immediately put them onto her head, but didn't put any pressure onto it. "Fulfill your sick fantasy, Nadine."

She took my schlong right into her mouth and instantly began to deep throat me.

"Fuck, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to make fall for you right now."

She giggled a little bit and let her tongue do its part as well. It attacked the bottom going left to right and right to left numerous times. I caressed her head as softly as I could, but the pleasure she was giving me was making me feel too damn good.

"I apologize in advance if I start rubbing your head too hard or begin pulling your hair," I moaned, leaning my head up and closing my eyes.

After another pleasurable moment, she slid back her lips.

"Oh, shit on a stick, Nadine, you are one sexy fox, I'll give you that."

She giggled a little bit and began thrusting her lips. The top half of my body began moving back and forth and had sweat flinging off my body too. My tongue also went out onto my lips and slathered them very quickly.

"Shit, even my hands are tingling. Your head is moving so fast that they feel like they have their own hand aches, Nadine. Maybe I am a moron."

My pecker calmly fell out of her mouth and she looked at me. "At least you can admit it, jackass," she commended me before she got up onto her knees. "Will you please just cum in my mouth, I'd really appreciate it."

"Sure, how much more fucked up could our relationship get?"

"Let's not open up that box," she suggested before she took my johnson back into her mouth.

"Good idea, my hot step sister. Fuck, you are getting close now, so keep going. Maybe then I will cum right down your throat."

As I was breathing heavily, I leaned down towards her butt. I reached over and placed my hands onto her butt.

My eyes opened up widely. "Holy shit, your ass is softer than a cloud, Nadine," I moaned before I grasped her butt cheeks.

'She is a younger version of her mom, but yet, I just find her mom so much more attractive.'

I squeezed those cheeks in the exact same place numerous times. "I love your ass, Nadine. It is soft and has the perfect texture too. It is making me want to cum, but I'm resisting. I don't want this final blow job to end."

We glanced at each other, but I didn't say anything. Everything that needed to be said, was being spoken by our eyes. My smile never faded and I just felt not to be cheating, but tying up loose ends. Then with every thrust of her lips, she seemed to push her way through a little more.

'Shit, she is just crushing my barriers as if she was taking a sledge hammer to a bunch of windows. She has the power, but Quinn has more power, I know that for sure.'

"Oh," I moaned, twitching around. "I'm cumming."

My schlong remained in her mouth as I was sure I filled up her mouth with four streams in just under twenty seconds.

"Holy shit, Nadine," I let out, catching my breath. "You are evil, that's for sure."

She kept it inside her mouth for a moment as I continued to jiggle a bit.

After a couple minutes, I found myself calmed down a bit and then she took my cock out. "Thank you, Ted," she mentioned, rising up with me. "That was sweet of you, so my mom is lucky to have you," she explained, placing her palms onto my arms.

"I aim to please, Nadine," I replied, putting my hands onto her thighs.

We kissed each other again and then laid down together on the bed. Her back was to my front and I wrapped my arms around her with my hands landing on her stomach. My pecker was still hard and poked her butt and pussy lip a little bit.

"Obviously, you wouldn't cuddle if you didn't love me, Ted."

"I'm aware of that."

We stayed in the position for twenty minutes in silence.

After that, she suddenly turned around and wrapped her arms around me as well. "I guess we are just gonna have a screwed up family, but we'll be in the center of it."

"That sums it," I answered before I smooched her cheek.

"Oh, do you hear that?" she pondered, arching her back up. "Their bed is creaking, we both know that creak. Obviously, our parents are back."

"Well, if they are busy, step sis," I pointed out, grabbing her hands. "Would you be up for another round?"

"Yes," she responded turning around. "If they get to cheat on us, it is only fair we get to cheat right back."

I made love to her again and kissed her several times. "Good luck with everything."

"Thank you, and good luck to you too. My mom is a handful," she mentioned, positioning her hands onto my back.

"I promise I'll always love you, Nadine," I made clear, thrusting my schlong.

"I promise I'll always love you too, Ted."