A Summer Memory

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17 Jun. '17

May 31st of 1960 marked both my nineteenth birthday and the end of my freshman year of college.  That night was the last Debbie and I would spend together until fall.  Tomorrow, she’d get on the train back to Chicago for the summer, and I'd drive back to Mom and Dad’s on the outskirts of White House, Tennessee.  

We had dinner at Mel’s and ended up in the parking lot at her dorm.  I knew Debbie would never agree to sex in my car.  She was firm about sex before marriage, but at least we could kiss and do some heavy petting.  She enjoyed it when I stroked her breasts and nipples, and when she was really excited, she’d let me slip my hand under her skirt and touch the satin-soft skin between the top of her stockings and her cotton panties.  

That night, I went through my usual routine of deep kisses, unhooking her bra, and fondling her breasts.  Debbie wasn’t very big; her breasts were two small mounds topped with little nipples that quickly hardened when I touched them.  I pulled her sweatshirt up and kissed one of the little wrinkled bumps.  Debbie moaned.

In a few minutes, I let my hand fall to her knee and slowly worked my way up.  The slick nylon ended and I touched the soft skin of her inner thigh.  Debbie pulled my face into her breast, opened her legs, and slid lower in the seat.  I got brave and ventured higher.  The soft curls of her pubic hair were springy under my fingertips.  After a little gentle rubbing, I slipped my fingertip lower and waited for some reaction.  Debbie didn’t  pull away, so I slipped the finger lower, then lower, until I felt her slit through the panties.  After a couple of minutes of gentle touching I felt her panties getting damp.  Debbie was breathing heavily.  I sucked her small nipple in my mouth, and pulled back gently.  She gasped and grabbed my hand.

“Oh God, Gary.  Quit.  If you keep this up, I won’t be able to stop, and I just can’t do this.  You understand, don’t you?”

I said I did, and we spent the last half-hour just hugging and kissing.  At five ‘til ten Debbie fastened the hooks on her bra and arranged her sweatshirt.  I walked her to the door of the dorm, kissed her one last time, and drove back to my own dorm to pack.  We’d promised to write back and forth over the summer.

By noon the next day, I was cruising through Nashville on the way to Mom and Dad’s.  Ours was a big house that had once been the home of a well-to-do farm family.  As the city limits had expanded, the farm had been subdivided, and there were houses on both sides and across the street.  When I turned into the drive, it felt good.  I had three months to work for college money and relax before hitting the books again.

There was a two-story carriage house in back that was left over from the horse and buggy days.  Half of the upper floor had been used for hay storage, and half for the groom’s quarters.  The groom’s quarters were small, with only a living area and a bedroom.  When I graduated from high school, Dad put a bathroom in one corner of the bedroom, installed a small stove and refrigerator and let me move in.  It was his way of saying I was grown up, I guess.

I had always dreamed that my first place would have a panoramic view of a lake, the ocean, or the mountains.  Instead, my single bedroom window had a small view of the neighbor’s house and back yard.  When I considered the rent, which was only that I mow the grass once a week, it seemed like trading mountains for a small house and a vegetable garden was a good compromise.  Besides, I wasn’t home much during the day, so I seldom looked out that window anyway.

That summer in the carriage house started off normal enough.  I stocked the kitchenette with snacks and sodas, made the bed, and made sure the TV worked.  On Monday morning, I started working for Jim Cravens, a local farmer.  There was always something to do on a farm, and Jim liked me.  Just as I’d done last summer, I’d be helping him with his crops, cattle and hogs.  It was hard work, but it paid pretty well and I got a killer tan by being outside most of the time.  

When I drove home from Jim’s that night, I saw a woman mowing the yard in front of the neighbor’s house.  According to Mom, the older couple who owned it had retired to Florida, and the house had been sold in April.  It was a small house, so I figured this must be the wife of a young couple who couldn’t afford anything more.

That night, I ate dinner with Mom and Dad, and asked about our new neighbors.  I knew Mom would have met them by now.

“Oh, that’s Louise Green, and she lives there by herself.  You probably don’t remember her.  She’s five years older than you are, I believe.  She married one of the Green boys, Mitchell, I think it was, and they moved to St. Louis.  From what I hear, he had an affair with a woman from work, and Louise caught them.  She divorced him and moved back here to be close to her folks.  It’s a shame.  I always said those Green boys were trouble.  Needed some good whippings when they were little, they did.  She was such a nice girl, too.  A little on the wild side, sometimes, but she was nice.”

The next morning, the alarm went off at my usual time of five, and I rolled out of bed.  On my way to the bathroom, I noticed a light through the bedroom window.  It was coming from the neighbor’s house.  I’d never been in that house, but I knew it had to be the bathroom window because the bottom pane was frosted glass.  From my high point of view, I could see through the clear, upper pane.  What I saw made me step back from the window and just peek around the curtain.

I knew she was older than I was, but she didn’t really look that much older, and she was naked.  At least, I figured she was naked.  I could only see her breasts and part of her belly.  She was standing in front of the mirror brushing her long, blonde hair.  When she raised her arms to reach the top of her head, her breasts rose up on her chest, and her large, dark nipples stuck out.  I’d never seen breasts like those.  Well, I’d only seen two other women’s naked chests before.  I’d caught Mom running from the living room one day when I walked in the house unexpectedly.  Dad was in the process of zipping his fly and had a stupid look on his face.  And, of course, I’d seen Debbie.

Mom’s boobs were pretty saggy, or so it seemed to me compared to the women I’d seen in men’s magazines.  I didn’t get a chance to see more than a glance of her nipples before she disappeared into their bedroom.  Debbie’s breasts were firm cones that stuck straight out from her chest and her nipples were small and pale.  This woman had large, round breasts with dark circles around the nipples.  I could tell they were heavy, but they didn’t hang down like Mom’s.  They moved when she moved, with a soft, rolling motion.  That motion was exciting to watch, and it was exciting me.  Without realizing it, I had started stroking my cock.  Just before she walked out of the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of a waist that blended into high, firm, butt cheeks.  That was enough.  I closed my eyes, remembered those breasts and jacked off into my hand.

That night, I sat in the dark by that window until ten, but her bathroom light didn’t come on.  The light that I supposed was in the bedroom did, but there were heavy curtains on the windows, and I couldn’t see anything.  I fell asleep thinking about those breasts.  I didn’t see her again until that Saturday.

About ten, I was pushing the lawnmower through the back yard and working on my tan at the same time.  I wore just my cutoff jeans and some sneakers.  As I passed by the carriage house, I happened to look at Louise’s back door.  Actually, I’d been looking at her house all morning, but nothing had happened.  This time, the door opened, and Louise walked out.  The little white bikini made a nice contrast with her tan.   She carried a blanket and a bottle of suntan lotion.  I was watching so hard I pushed the mower into a big clump of watergrass and killed it.  Louise didn’t seem to notice; she spread her blanket on the ground behind the house.  I fiddled with the choke on the engine while I watched her sit on the blanket and spread the lotion on her legs.

There was something about the way she rubbed in the lotion.  She put a little squirt on her palm and slowly wiped from her ankle to the knee and then back down.  She was also smiling, and I figured she was enjoying this.  I’m sure my mouth fell open when she spread her thighs wide and started putting lotion on the inside.  I could see all the way to the thin strip of fabric that covered her crotch.  Even though I’d touched Debbie there, once, she’d never let me look.  Here was a woman spreading her legs wide for anyone to look, and rubbing lotion from her knees all the way up until she was touching herself there.  I kept watching her slender fingers as she slowly dragged them higher and higher until she just barely slipped them under the leg of the bikini bottom.  

I couldn’t keep staring without attracting her attention.  A quick yank of the starter cord brought the mower to life, and I mowed to the end of our lot.  When I turned to come back, Louise had started putting lotion on her chest.  Her breasts bulged out of the bikini top, and she spent a lot of time making sure every square inch was covered.  I didn’t kill the mower on that patch of water grass again, but I didn’t miss much of Louise either.  Before I’d finished the back yard, she was lying on the blanket with her eyes shut, her thighs spread wide, and just a hint of slit showing through the crotch of the bikini.

I needed to cool off.  It was getting difficult to walk with my stiff dick trying to push it’s way out of my shorts, so I went to the carriage house for a soda.  It was so easy to go in my bedroom, stand beside the window, and stare down at my blonde neighbor.  I hadn’t really looked at her face either time I’d seen her.  It was a pretty face, almost cover girl pretty. Her wide mouth had full, sensuous lips.  Her mane of blonde hair framed arched eyebrows that accented her eyes and small, well-defined nose.  She was better looking than all the other women I knew, and rivaled the women in my magazines.

I took a drink of my soda, and then blew most of it out through my nose.  Louise had just stuck her fingertips under the front of the bikini bottom to scratch some itch.  I figured it must itch a lot, because she kept her fingers down there, and I could see them moving under the stretchy fabric of the panty-like garment.  Then, I looked back at her face, and realized what Louise was really doing.

There was no reason for her not to; she was far enough behind her house to hide her from the street or the houses on either side.  Her back yard was hidden from the house behind by the growing sweet corn and caged tomato plants in her vegetable garden.  It was only because I was on the second story of the carriage house that I could see her, and she couldn’t have known I would be looking.  

Louise was lying there with her eyes closed and her lips parted.  Her pink tongue slowly licked over her upper lip.  I couldn’t hear her, but I saw her chest heave in a gasp, just like Debbie had done when I touched her through her panties.  Louise’s free hand stroked up her flat belly, slipped over the bikini top, and squeezed her right breast.  The index finger slowly traced a circle around the center of the cloth-clad mound, then moved up and slipped the strap from her shoulder.  She gently pushed the cup down until I could see the dark circle around her nipple.  Louise’s fingers slipped beneath the material and her breast rolled up in her palm.  

Louise pulled her hand from the bikini bottoms, put her middle finger in her mouth and then rubbed it around her right nipple.  I watched it grow firm and rise from the dark surface.  The finger went back to her mouth, and came out glistening.  Louise quickly slipped the hand back under her bikini bottom, and I watched her arch as the wet finger slipped deep.

I couldn’t help myself.  The next thing I knew, my shorts were around my ankles and I was slowly stroking my stiff cock.  This woman was exciting me more than Debbie ever had.  Part of the excitement was that I knew she had no idea I was watching her.

Louise’s hips lifted off the blanket and her hand plunged deep into the crotch of her bikini.  Her mouth was open in a silent moan and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut.  I stroked faster when she took her nipple between two fingers and began to roll and tug at the swollen nub.  When her hips began to rock quickly against her hand, I felt myself going over the edge.  I cupped my hand over the end of my cock just as she arched high off the blanket, hung there for a few seconds, and then fell back.  When she arched up again, I filled my hand with cum.

I stood there enjoying the feeling of my continued soft stroking and watching her recover.  Suddenly, Louise opened her eyes and looked directly up at the carriage house window.  I quickly ducked back behind the curtain and hoped she hadn’t seen me.  I expected her to scream and run back in the house.

I knew I was fucked.  In a few minutes, one of the town cops would pull up outside my house and I’d be taking a trip downtown to his office.  I wondered if I should face up to what I’d done, or just leave town and save Mom and Dad the embarrassment.   I pulled the curtain back slightly and peeped down.  Louise had pulled the strap of the bikini back up over her shoulder and was staring up at my window with a funny look on her face.  After a few seconds, she made a sheepish little grin, picked up her blanket and lotion, and went back in her house.

I remembered I was standing there dripping cum all over the floor.  I shuffled to the bathroom and washed my hands.  Maybe she hadn’t seen me after all.  The window was pretty dirty.  That must have been what happened.  Louise had opened her eyes and realized that anyone standing at that window could have seen her.  She stared for a while, trying to see if anyone was there.  When she hadn’t seen anyone, she just grinned to herself and went inside.  I figured I’d probably had my last show from her, though.  She wouldn’t do that again knowing she could be seen.

I looked at Louise’s bathroom window every morning the next week, but she evidently didn’t get up until after I left for work.  I saw her a couple of times in the evening.  She would use the cooler hours after dinner to weed her garden.  Although she wore shorts that gave me a nice view of her slender legs, I really wished she’d worn that bikini.  

On Friday night, I was eating dinner with Mom and Dad.  I almost choked when Mom told me Louise had asked if I would help her on Saturday afternoon.

“She wants to rearrange her living room and needs some stuff carried down to the basement.  She asked if you might be interested in helping her.  She said she’d pay you, so I told her I’d ask.  She doesn’t have anyone else, and like I said before, she’s a real nice girl.  Can you go over and help her out?”

How should I answer this?  I’d be embarrassed as hell to talk to the woman.  After all, I’d not only watched her play with herself until she came, I’d jacked off while watching her.  Still, Mom seemed to be saying she wanted me to help Louise, and I couldn’t say no.  After all, I was living there for free.

I got up early on Saturday and mowed the yard.  I got a quick lunch at twelve, then showered, shaved, and put on clean jeans and a clean T-shirt.  At one, I knocked on Louise’s door.  I was nervous and it got worse when she didn’t immediately open it.  I knocked again.  

Louise was dressed in white short-shorts and a white cotton blouse that molded itself to her body, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.  I could just see the outline of the bra under the lightweight material of the blouse.  If she’d had one more button undone, I’d have been able to see the bra itself.  As it was, I had a great view of her cleavage.  The open sandals revealed the red-painted toenails on her small, delicate feet.

“Hi…. Gary, isn’t it?

Her smile was devastating.

“Y-yes, I’m Gary. Mom said you needed some help, uh…moving some furniture or something.”

“Boy am I glad you could come over.  I’ve got this couch and chair that I just can’t budge by myself, and I’d like to move the bed, too.  The movers set it up, but I don’t know how to get it apart and put it back together.  I’m not very mechanical, I’m afraid.  Oh, and I’ve been going through my stuff, too, and I need some boxes carried down to the basement.”

The couch was one of those that have a foldout bed inside.  The damn thing had a steel frame and it weighed a ton.  Louise wanted to move it only a few feet, but she also wanted to move the rug on which it was sitting.  I could pick up one end easily, but all I could do with the thing was move that end about a foot.  I’d then put it down, walk to the other end, and move it.  After six trips, I had the couch off the rug.  Louise stooped down and pulled the rug to its new location.  In doing so, her blouse fell away from her chest, and I got a nice view of her lace-clad breasts.  I felt my cock give a little twinge.  God, I couldn’t do this now, not with her only a few feet away.

Louise raised up and smiled.

“There.  That’s going to look a lot better.  You know, I didn’t realize moving that couch would be hard for you, too.  Maybe I can help you get it back where it goes.”

She grabbed one end and I took the other.  Watching her struggle made it difficult for me to do my part.  It wasn’t the struggle so much as the positions she managed to get in while trying to horse her end over the rug.  She had to bend over and I could see her breasts spill over the tops of the bra cups.  Then there was what she did with her hips.  

Louise’s hips were not fat, by any means, but they were full and round.  When she tried to lift her end of the couch, she had this way of cocking one hip and pushing with her legs.  Her short-shorts rode up on her thigh when she did this.  It was beginning to bother me.  

We finally got the couch where she wanted it, and I moved the chair and coffee table into position.  Louise stood back with one hip cocked and her hand on her chin and looked at the arrangement.  I couldn’t see that we’d done much, but then, I hadn’t felt the need to move anything in the carriage house for two years, either.  

“Great.  That looks great.  Let’s go move the bed now.”

Her bedroom was where I’d thought it was.  At some time, the former owners had sectioned off part of it to make a second, smaller bathroom.  The result was an ell-shaped room, and the bed sat back in one leg of the el.  

“It’s hot in here at night.  I want to put the bed under the window so I can get the breeze.”

She’d already taken off the bedspread, blanket and sheets.  They were neatly folded and stacked on the dresser.  The little alcove was tight, but I lugged the mattress and springs off the frame and leaned them against the one empty wall.  

“Mrs. Green, do you have a screwdriver and a pair of pliers?  I’ll have to take the frame off the headboard to get the bed out of there.”

“Yeah, somewhere.  I think they’re under the sink.  Let me go look.”

I followed her into the little kitchen.  Louise opened the single cabinet door under the sink, got down on her hands and knees, and started rummaging through the bottles and assorted other stuff that resided there.  I was starting to feel like a pervert.  Everything Louise did was turning me on.  Her little short-shorts weren’t helping things much.  She had let her back sway down, and this pushed her butt up in the air.  The legs of the shorts went with her bottom, and let her butt cheeks peek out.  The two little arcs were like rings around a bullseye, and I was feeling those twinges again.

“Ah, here they are.”

It didn’t take much time to get the bed in its new location.  While I was working, Louise pulled the curtains back and tied them to the frame with some tasseled ropes.  As I was putting the mattress back on, I looked up through the window and realized I could see the carriage house.  I hoped she’d leave those curtains open tonight.

The basement stairs were just open boards placed at a very steep angle, and there was a handrail on only one side.  The boxes she had weren’t very heavy, but they were large and it was difficult to see when going down.  I had taken down the last big box, and met Louise coming down as I started back up.  She was holding a smaller box high and her blouse had pulled out of the shorts.  I could see her smooth, rounded belly and the band on her bra.  Damn, did she have to show me her body at every opportunity?  I was getting hard again.

Louise realized I was coming up the steps and tried to move to one side to let me through.  Her foot slipped off the step.  The box went flying and she yelled.

“Oh, crap.”

She grabbed for something to stop her fall.  The something she found was me.

It was only my grip on the handrail that kept us from both falling down the steps. Her arms went around my neck and she crushed herself into me.  I felt her breasts mash against my chest and her cheek press against mine.  One of her thighs pressed into my crotch and my cock pushed back.  I circled her back with my arm to hold her up.  Maybe I squeezed a little, too; I don’t really remember, but I must have.

“Gary, uh…,you can let go now.  I’m all right.  Thanks for catching me, though.”

I tried to make out as if nothing had happened, but I didn’t need to look at my jeans to know what she’d felt.

“Oh, it was nothing.  You ought to get another handrail on that side.  You might really fall one of these days.”

“I suppose you’re right.  It’s a good thing that was the last box.  I don’t think I’ll go down there again ‘til I can get it fixed.  Maybe you can do that for me one of these days.  Right now, I’m hot and thirsty.  How about a glass of lemonade?”

Her kitchen table was small, so I sat at the end chair.  

“Hey, Gary, your shirt’s got some dirt on the back.  You must have rubbed against something downstairs.  Would you take it off so it doesn’t get on my cushions.”

I must have seemed reluctant.

“Don’t worry. I’ve seen a man’s chest before.  Your Mom told you I’m divorced, didn’t she?”

I nodded, peeled the T-shirt over my head, and dropped it on the floor.

Louise sat two glasses of iced lemonade on the table, pulled out the other chair and sat down facing me.  She was so close our knees were almost touching.
“It’s a good thing you were here to catch me.  I can just see myself falling down and breaking my leg and ending up in a cast up to my thigh.  They’d love that at work.”

“Where’s work?”

“I’m a sales girl at that new department store, the one over on Poplar.  Funny, I haven’t thought of myself as a girl since I got out of school, but that’s what they call me.”

“Well, you look like a woman to me.”

“I thank you for that… I think.  I probably seem pretty old as far as you’re concerned, don’t I?”

“No.  Mom said you were five years older than me.  That would only make you twenty-four.  That’s not old.”

“Is that why you were watching me last Saturday?”

Oh, shit.  Where was she going with this?  I’d have to admit seeing her when I mowed.  I knew she had to have seen me looking.

“Uh… last Saturday? Oh, you mean when I was mowing the yard.  Yeah, I thought you looked pretty good in that little bikini.  Not many girls around here wear them.”

“Uh-huh.  When you were mowing… and then after you finished the yard, up in your room, in the carriage house?  You were looking out that window, weren’t you?”

I know I turned red in spite of my tan.  I was in big trouble now.

Mrs. Green, I’m awful sorry about that.  I went up to get a drink, and when I looked down, you were… you were…well, I couldn’t stop looking.“

“I was making myself feel good, Gary.  Do you think there’s something wrong with that?  Weren’t you enjoying it, too?”

“Well, no.  I mean, yes.  Oh shit, I mean, no, there’s nothing wrong with what you were doing.

I hung my head.

“And yes, I liked watching you.  I’m real sorry.  Are you gonna turn me in?”

Louise started to giggle.  The giggle turned into a laugh that shook her whole body.  She laughed so hard she spread out her legs and slid down in the chair until my knee was between her thighs.  The legs of the short-shorts gapped open so far I could see the white lace edging of her panties peeking out.  She finally got control of herself.

“God, have I got you worried?  No, I’m not going to do anything like that.  I’m not ashamed of what I did, but I don’t want to explain it to some cop, either.  And don’t be sorry.  Knowing you were watching made it better.  I’ve been divorced for six months, and the year before that, Mitch hardly touched me.  He was too busy banging his little brunette bimbo every day to bother with me.  It’s pretty nice to know at least one man thinks I’m sexy.  So tell me, were you doing the same thing?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“OK, Gary.  I saw your face looking out of the window.  If you weren’t jacking off, I’ll be really surprised.”

Damn, she’d said, “jacking off”, and she knew I’d been doing it.  I must have had a really stupid look on my face.

“Does that embarrass you, that I said jacking off?  All women know what you guys call it.  I used to do it for Mitch.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

“I’ve just never heard a woman say it before.”

“Well, were you… jacking off, I mean?”


She’d said she wasn’t going to have me put in jail, but I figured she was still pretty mad about the whole thing.  I looked at her expecting to see the look Mom gave me when I’d screwed up.  Instead, I saw a big smile and a twinkle in her eyes.  She was still stretched out on the chair, but she’d moved her left leg out more, and now, her panties weren’t the only thing that was showing.  They were pulled tight against her body, and made a shallow crease over her slit.

“Gary, I’m glad I did that to you, because you’re the reason I was playing with myself.  I saw you out there without a shirt, and it made me excited.  Does that shock you?”

“A little, I guess.”

“Well, it shouldn’t.  Women get the same urges you guys do.  We just don’t show it… like you’re doing right now.”

I knew my cock was hard.  I just didn’t know it was pushing my jeans out so far.  I had been trying to stop it, but I kept looking at her crotch and it wouldn’t go down.  I looked at my bulge and then back to her face.  She smiled an even bigger smile.

“I’m doing that much to you, even though I’m not in my bikini?  I’m flattered.”

“It’s your shorts.  They’re kind of open.  I’m trying not to look, but…”

Louise reached up and lightly drew her fingernail across my chest.

“Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s panties before?  You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“Yes, but she’s never… well, we’ve never gone all the way.”

Louise rubbed down over my chest to the waistband of my jeans with her soft palm.  She had a funny look in her eyes.  They were brighter, somehow, and they seemed bigger.

“You have a nice chest, Gary.  Stand up so you’re not all slouched down.”

I stood up and she followed.  Her hand rubbed over my nipple and then back to my belly.  All of a sudden, I felt really alert.  A little tingle raced from my chest down through my swelling cock.

“You have nice muscles.  You must lift a lot of stuff.”

“Yeah, I’m working this summer over at Jim Craven’s place.  I carry a lot of sacks of hog feed.”

“Your stomach’s hard too.  I like that.”

Louise’s hand slipped under my waistband.

“Am I doing anything to you, Gary?  You’re doing a lot to me.”

Hell no, she wasn’t doing anything to me.  I was just about to split the front of my jeans with my hard-on, and her hands were making shivers run up and down my spine.

“Mrs. Green – “

“My name’s Louise.  I’m not married any more, so call me Louise.”

I couldn’t say anything any more.

“If you won’t tell me, I’ll just have to find out for myself.”

I felt her unfasten my belt and undo the button.  Her fingers found my zipper, and I heard the quiet sound as she pulled it down.  I about lost it when she touched me through my shorts.

“You have a nice cock, Gary.  Yes, I know.  I said cock, but it’s a very nice cock.”

She pulled the waistband of my shorts out.

“My, my, it’s standing up.  I’ll have to do something about that.”

The soft fingers of a woman touched me for the first time in my life.  Louise just brushed the underside of my cock lightly, but my hips thrust up all by themselves.

“That’s right.  It feels good when I do this, doesn’t it?  Mitch always liked it when I did that.”

She lightly stroked me again with the same result.  I’d never felt anything that felt so good.

“I’d like it if you touched me too, Gary.”

Louise lifted my hand to the leg of her shorts.  I couldn’t believe this, but I wasn’t about to stop.  The skin of her thigh was soft, but not as soft as what I felt when I slipped my finger under her panties.  Her slit was partly open, and my fingertip touched very soft, very wet skin.  I moved it down a little.  Louise groaned, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.  Her lips opened and her tongue slipped in between mine to search for an entrance.  She ran the tip over my upper lip and electricity shot all the way down to my cock.  It twitched and she closed her hand around it.

Suddenly, Louise stopped kissing me, took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom.  Evidently while I’d been carrying boxes downstairs, she’d put the sheets on the bed.  Louise stopped beside it.

“Undress me, Gary.”

I had some difficulty.  I’d had lots of practice with blouses and bras from parking with Debbie, but I’d never done it while a woman was stroking my cock and kissing my chest.  Louise stopped long enough for me to slip the blouse from her shoulders and undo the bra hooks.  She held the cups to her breasts and gently pushed me back.  

Very slowly, she let the cups slide from her body.  I held my breath until her breasts were bare.  I stopped breathing again when she put my hands on her shorts.  My hands shook as I undid the button and lowered the zipper.  They shook even more when I slid them down her golden thighs.  Louise put her arms around my neck and breathed softly in my ear.

“Now the panties.”

I slipped them from her round, firm hips and down her thighs.  I caught the scent of perfume, and then another heady scent that I’d never smelled before.  Louise stepped out of her sandals, shorts, and the panties at the same time.  God, she was beautiful.  The only place she wasn’t tanned was one triangle over each breast, and one between her thighs.  

She dropped to her knees, reached for my jeans and slowly pulled them down my legs.  I slipped off my sneakers and then the jeans.  Her thumbs hooked the waist of my shorts and pulled down.  The head of my stiff cock caught in the waistband, but Louise kept pulling until it popped free.  I felt her lips close around the swollen head when it bobbed into the open.  Her tongue slipped back and forth on the underneath side, and I started thrusting.  She stopped.  Her voice was deep and throaty.

“I don’t think you’ve done this before.  Maybe we’d better save that for later.

Louise led me to the bed, gracefully eased herself down, and stretched her arms over her head.  Her breasts rose on her chest into soft mounds topped with large, dark nipples.  She smiled at me and opened her thighs.  The folds of her pussy opened slightly through the pale blonde fringe of curls.

“Gary, you’ll have to get closer than that.  A whole lot closer.”

I lay beside her and began doing what I’d always done with Debbie.  I ran out of experience after cupping her warm breasts and kissing her nipples.  I tentatively slipped my fingers down over the slight roundness of her belly to her slit.  Louise made a little gasp when my fingertip went deeper.

“Yes, there.”

My fingertip went lower, and Louise rocked her hips a little.  I found her entrance and slipped my middle finger in.  She was wet and warm inside, and the walls of her passage seemed to close around my finger.  Louise pushed up against me and then pulled her hips down.  My finger slipped out of her pussy.

“Go in and out, Gary.  In and out.”

I started quickly pumping my finger in and out of her wet box.  Louise grabbed my hand.  Her voice was almost a moan.

“Go slooooow.  In…oh…and out…, like this.   Slow…Oh God, yes… slow and deep….”

I kept that finger slipping slowly in and out of her wet, clasping depths.  Her nipples were standing high off her breasts.  They were taut on the sides and all wrinkled on the tips.  More little wrinkles and tiny bumps covered the dark circles around those nipples.  I bent down, slipped my lips around the right one and sucked gently.  Louise immediately groaned and arched her hips off the bed.  I sucked in harder.  Louise mashed my face into the soft, yielding globe and cried out.

“Oh, yes.  Harder.  Suck harder.”

I opened my mouth slightly and sucked in hard.  The tip of her breast as well as the turgid nipple filled my mouth.  Louise bucked into my hand and a little cry slipped from her lips.  She grabbed my hand and pulled it up.  There, at the top of her large, velvet-soft inner lips, was a little bump.  Louise started moving my finger around it in a little circle.  I continued the motion, and felt little contractions in Louise’s soft belly.  I released her right nipple, and inhaled the left.  Louise gasped and the rippling of her belly became stronger.  I felt her hand grope for my cock, find it, and begin slowly stroking me.  

I’d thought I was hard before.  After a minute of stroking by her soft hand, my cock head was huge, dark purple, and throbbing.  I was getting ready to cum, but I didn’t know how to tell her.  As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about it.  I lost suction on her breast and pressed my lips together to hold the stiff nub in my mouth.  In the process, I pinched her nipple and the result was unbelievable.

“Ohhhh, fuck.  Bite down again.  I’m there.  Now, now, now.”

I bit just at the base of her nipple, gently, and then sucked in.  Louise exploded beneath my hands.  Her back arched high off the bed and her hips rocked quickly.  I felt a gush of warm fluid against my fingertips.  Louise grabbed my hand, pushed it down and forced herself over my finger.  She cried out again.


Her hips fell back to the sheets and I figured we were done, but Louise kissed me, moaned into my mouth and wrapped her tongue around mine.  I felt her pulling me toward of her, and moved my legs so I was between her thighs and poised over her.

Louise gently pulled her mouth from mine, and whispered into my ear.

“Put your cock in me.  I need you inside me, now.  Oh, God, fuck me, fuck me now.”

Her pussy was so wet from the fluid I’d felt before that I slid my cock all the way to the hilt in one slow motion.  The feeling was incredible.  She was hot inside, hot, and wet, and I felt little pulling motions as her passage closed around my shaft.  Her hips would not be still.  Louise was almost shaking, so fast were her hips rocking up and down over my length.

“God, Gary.  It’s been so long.  I’m almost there again.  Fuck me fast and hard.”  

With that, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers.  While her lips and tongue were trying to touch all of my mouth at the same time little moans kept bursting from her throat, Louise put both her legs over my back and pulled her throbbing pussy over my cock.  I was pumping away quickly, but she beat me to the end of every stroke.  She seemed to be trying to push me deeper.  My cock head bumped against the end of her passage with every stroke, and when it hit, her pussy clamped down over the base of my cock.  When I pulled back, her delicate, soft pussy lips dragged over my length.  I couldn’t take any more.  

I felt my muscles contract and send a spurt of cum through my cock.  The feeling of Louise’s body against me, of her taut nipples boring into my chest, and her thrusting hips and grasping pussy were fantastic.  I could not control the speed of my strokes. I was just pumping away as quickly as I could, and my cum was leaking around my cock even after I’d spurted the last.  I felt Louise lift us both off the bed, heard her cry, and then we fell back down on the sheet.

It took a few minutes before either of us could say anything.  She just lay there under me, still impaled on my cock, and gently rubbed my back.  I felt her pussy grip the base of my cock from time to time.  She kissed me deeply, and gently rolled me from the cradle of her hips.

“God, I didn’t think I’d ever feel that again.  You’re very good, Gary.  Your girlfriend doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

Louise looked down, took my soft cock in her hands, and gently squeezed it.  I grunted.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  It’s just nice to touch a cock again.”

“It didn’t hurt.  It’s just kind of sensitive for a while, afterwards.”

‘I can fix that.”

Louise turned on the bed, and closed her lips over the head of my cock.  She sucked in gently, then licked.  The feeling was exquisite.

“If you keep that up, it’s going to get hard again.”

“God, I hope so.  That’s what I want it to do.”

After a couple minutes of her mouth and hands, I wanted to whimper.  I was going to cum again.

“Louise, I’m going to –“

She cut me off by tightly squeezing the base of my cock, and giggled.

“No you don’t.  Maybe later, but not this time.  I want you inside me again.”

With that, she straddled me, held my cock to her pussy lips, and slowly sank down over me.

I discovered the joy of being able to play with her breasts while she rode me.  I lifted the swinging globes, fondled them, squeezed them, and pulled her down so I could bury my face between them.  Louise bent lower, kissed me, and then sat down on me hard.  My cock pushed deep.  Louise stayed like that until I thought I’d explode, and then raised off me.  In a minute, she pushed my cock between her swollen lips again and resumed the slow, rocking ride that let her control everything.  I gently pinched her nipples between my thumb and finger and pulled a little.  Louise slammed down again and sagged against her arms.

“Damn, that feels good.”

I tried rolling them between my fingers, like I’d seen her doing that Saturday afternoon.  Each roll brought a moan.  I tugged again, harder this time, and Louise gasped.

“Yesss, again, again.”

I rolled both nipples and pulled at the same time.  I thought Louise would drive us both through the mattress to the floor.  Her hips jacked up and down quickly, causing her cries to become little spurts of sound.

“Uhhhh…ye…ye…yesss…mmmm…uhhh…n,n,now…, now,now,now.”

I felt the warm flow of fluid again as she ground her pussy into my belly.  My cock throbbed once, then again, then again and shot more cum into Louise’s rippling passage.  

She collapsed on my chest, buried her face in my neck, and hugged me.

“God, that was even better than the first time.”

I felt a little funny when I ate dinner with Mom and Dad that night, but they didn’t seem to suspect anything.  I watched a little TV with them, and then went out to the carriage house.  Before turning on the light, I looked over at Louise’s house.  Her bedroom curtains were open, and I could see her lying on the bed.  She was naked and reading a book.  While I stood there, remembering that afternoon, Louise put the book down, looked up at my window, waved and blew me a kiss.  I went to bed a very happy man.

The rest of the summer was an education in pleasing women.  Louise always lay in bed naked with her light on until I turned mine out.  It seemed as if she enjoyed displaying herself for my enjoyment.  Sometimes, when she knew I was looking, she would stroke herself to an orgasm while I watched.  One night, I stood in front of the window and jacked off at the same time.  I saw her eyes locked on mine as she rubbed her pussy and nipples.  After that, we entertained each other through our windows every night.

Weekends were when school was truly in session.  We couldn’t do much during the day; my parents would have realized something was going on.  After dark, though, I’d slip out the back door of the carriage house and go to Louise’s, or she’d come visit me.  On many nights, we didn’t go into either place.  Louise just brought her blanket and we’d lay in her back yard.  She taught me more about making love in those three short months than I’d learned since Dad had that first talk with me when I was thirteen.

We explored many different positions.  Louise really liked being entered from behind, and I enjoyed being able to lift and fondle her breasts while slowly stroking in and out of her pussy.  When she felt like being in control, she’d push me on my back and ride me.  She also taught me to lie on my side, my belly against her ass, and then enter her from the rear.  When she squeezed her thighs together, her already tight pussy got even tighter.  That move was guaranteed to make me cum immediately.  

She seemed to enjoy making me cum with her mouth or body and then teasing me hard again.  It was exquisite torture.  When she taught me how to pleasure her with my lips and tongue, I got my revenge.  It was fun to lie there, her soft thighs squeezing my cheeks, and lick and suck until she exploded in an orgasm.  She would be supersensitive for a while, and I had to take it slow, but I could keep her excited by toying with her nipples.  After a few minutes, I’d have her writhing through another climax.  Only when she begged would I stop.  

I went back to school in September.  The rules had changed, and I could have an apartment.  The money was tight, but I managed to find a part time job, and I survived.  Debbie and I didn’t.  On our first date, I tried out some of my summer education.  She was soon panting in my lap.  I had her hard little nipple gently clamped between my teeth, and she was rocking herself over the finger I’d slowly sneaked into her pussy.  Debbie screamed when she climaxed, and then got very quiet.  The next day, she called me and said she thought we should cool things off for a while.  I never saw her again.

A month later, I met Roxanne.  She had red hair, a body to die for, and a libido that wouldn’t quit.  On the fourth date, I tasted her pussy, and she held me between her thighs as wave after wave rocked her through the orgasm.  I stopped licking her full, inner lips and clit when her hips quit moving.

“Gary, where in hell did you learn to do that?”

“I don’t know.  I just kind of picked it up, I guess.”

Roxy pushed my face back down to the patch of red curls between her thighs.

“Well, do it again.”

Mom wrote in October that Louise had been seen in the company of Jack Horton.  Jack was a little older than Louise, and was an account manager at one of the banks.  Everybody said he had a bright future.  Only I knew just how bright his future really was.  In January, Mom wrote that he and Louise were engaged.  The wedding was in June, just after I got home.  At the reception, Louise hugged me and whispered, “I’ll always remember our summer.”.

Roxy and I got married a year later.  We’d been planning to marry when I graduated, but she was almost living in my apartment anyway, so there was not much point in waiting.

We have grandchildren now, but my little red-head can still be a fireball in bed.  Most of the time, we have a nice slow fuck and go to sleep, but there are the occasions when she spreads her thighs wide and pushes me down to her great tasting little box.  Roxy doesn’t like to do things half way, and it’s usually one or two in the morning before she’s had enough.  She gives as good as she gets, so the next day we’re both pretty laid back.  We’re too tired to be anything else.

Louise still lives with Jack in White House.  He’s the president of the bank now.  Mom always says it’s funny how he changed after he married Louise.  Jack was always calm and quiet, and hardly ever smiled.  She says he’s been smiling now for almost forty years, and she can’t figure out what happened.  I know what happened, but I’d never tell her.  Some things are best left in our memories.