Rationalville - Part 1

Info Xenosmilus
19 Jun. '17

A news anchor grimaces in the camera. All the blood drains from his pale, horrified face. He takes a deep breath and begins...

"This is an emergency. I repeat, this is an emergency. Enemy forces have just hit the Eastern shores. As well as enemy forces have begun sweeping in from the south and the north. They have stated they are lenient on those willing to prove loyalty to their cause, but will execute and capture all who they deem supporters of the state! Keep your windows and doors locked, and DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT engage them in combat in any manner! Please we ar-FzzzZZZZZZZzz!!!

The television is cut off. A dusty VCR player is pushed, and a refurbished videotape pops out, labeled "History Tapes, v.1: NeWz."

A tall, lanky guy with dark chocolate skin, curly blonde hair in a short ponytail, and goggles sitting up on his forehead, holds the tape in his hands. He wears a tattered satin white nightgown like a T-shirt, and baggy camo pants with high black boots. Duct tape forms a layer around where the pants and boot tops meet. A necklace with animal bones hangs around his neck. He looks young, around 22 or so. His light brown eyes blink in the bright sun. A heavy duty tan book bag sits on the ground next to his dusty boots, heavy and filled with supplies.

He smiles, hopeful. His blonde eyebrows on his heavy brow drip with sweat and dust.

"So what you think? I got a ton like these."

"Hmmm....." says a tall, broad-shouldered woman with short black hair. She looks like a warrior princess, except far more muscular, and her hair cut into a fem bowl-cut. Her pale skin is covered with freckles. Her bright blue eyes blink.

She smiles at him, grabbing his head and kissing him hard in the mouth, like a weird mix of lust and happy welcome.

"Come on, Luke!"


A green army truck drops "Luke" off in a perfect suburb. His hair is now washed and in a neat ponytail. He wears a light blue button down shirt. Comfy denim cargo shorts. Nice, clean white Jordans. And carries multiple tan book bags. He smiles, while walking towards a beautiful two story home.

The neighborhood looks lush and green. Like the perfect neighborhood from a 1950s TV show. There are more cul de sacs like this. And if you keep going, there's a peaceful little town, full of mom and pop stores and businesses. And most importantly, a huge church in the middle of town. White wood, and giant parking lot.

He smiles, as he heaves a fresh breath and ambles up a long drive way. He did alot of risking his life to get here. His scrawny black hand knocks on the door, and a tall guy with square black frame glasses opens it. He looks like the typical "dad" from a 1950's commercial. Inside, his wife, a soccer mom with sandy brown hair in big curls and bright blue eyes, smiles with rosy cheeks. She bakes cookies, smoothing out her white apron over her pink house dress.

"Hello, sir. What can we do for you?" the man smiles.

"My name is Iluka Nagalajarri. But most people just call me "Luke". I was-"

"Oh! Luke! Yes, yes! Come on in! Come in! We got the call you were coming. Yes, it's our holy duty to give you sanctuary until you can get your own home."

"Uh, thank you."

"I'm Steven Smith, but just call me Steve. And this is Mary. Her cookies and muffins are to die for."

Mary flutters over holding a hot sheet of chocolate chip cookies in a tray. Luke smiles and takes one, a tad unnerved by their forwardness.


"Your room is down the hall, to the right. We got it all fixed up for you!"

Luke smiles, dragging his heavy bags into the 1950's style house. He laughs, thinking Patty Duke or Beaver Cleaver may pop around the corner at any minute. He shuffles into a small but comfortable bedroom. One twin bed. One window looking out over the street below. A all-wood dresser, night stand, and a closet. He sits on the bed and heaves a sigh of relief, finally comfortable in the air conditioning. The walls are covered with posters of strange religious symbols. Cartoons of people of all races, dressed in 50's style clothes, raising their hands and bowing before a giant blonde woman in a red robe. Her eyes are red, and she smiles gently. Lovingly.

Oh boy...


The three sat around eating dinner that evening. Potatoes and roast.

Being shy, Luke hasn't said much. Just smiled, not used to this.

"So, how do you like White Water? Ain't it swell?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, don't call me sir. Just call me Steve. So, guy, what's it like out there? How did you come to our little town?"

"Well... it's pretty rough. I mean, the most valuable thing I could find were working DVD's and videotapes. But videotapes sell for more, because they're easier to duplicate. As you know, decades ago, the world went to this huge war. They called it World War III. These horrible weapons called atom bombs and satellite blasts were used against everybody."

Mary's eyes bulge wide. Steve kind of grimaces. Hiding his very slowly rising anger.

"Most cities were turned into rubble. Most people died. Things were very bad. The survivors started cannibalizing their own tech to make more and more weapons, and then they died too. Most books were burned. The most advanced thing left found is stuff from a year called 1980. VCR's, computers, those are the most valuable. But it's almost suicide trying to find them. Every working vehicle found is only hidden vintage collections from a year called 1950, or less than that number."

"How dangerous is it out there, Lucas?"

"It can be bad. Not always. But... besides the animals, there are dangerous people. People mutated by disease. Strange animals that can kill you. But I grew up in Tent City, just outside White Water. The most dangerous thing were just wolves, killer birds and bear-rats. But as long as you can get up a tree, they can't get you. I never been even past the river. But, I heard stories of mutated mon-"

"Oh, will you look at the time! It's 8 o' clock. Well, you get some rest there, Luke. We'll see you bright and early in the morning for Revival."


"Good night, Luke." :)


Early that morning, the Smiths laid out a nice set of clothes for Luke as they dressed their very best. The car turns the corner at a large white wood chapel. On top of the steeple is a sign like a rake end, almost, but gold.

They get out of the car, and Luke follows behind them. He's never seen anything like this. The entire town is there, every pew filled to the max. Everyone in their finest clothing.

At the pulpit, a middle aged woman with long dark sandy-blonde hair sings. She has grey roots, bright blue eyes, and smooth skin. She is short and dainty, but over animated and lively. A wreath of green and brown plants sits on her head like a hat. The congregation seems to sing rhythmic song in Celtic tongue. Each holding open books that look new, neat and clean. She smiles, and they all sit down. Luke blinks, wondering what's next.

In the front pew are a bunch of people, male and female. None look younger than 5, the oldest in her 30's. The entire front row is people who are unusually colored. Their skin is flushed and smooth, they're eyes are so light blue that they almost look to glow. Their hair is white as snow. But they are not albino. A few of them have facial features of different races. The rest look European. But they all look related.

At the pulpit stands a very tall man. He has long, silky white hair, parted the middle. It is perfectly smooth, glistening, and silky. It falls down to his calves. He wears a red robe. His eyes are blue as ice, and he has a round face, with a small feminine chin. Weird.

The entire building hails him, calling him "Admirend Genvivus".

He stands, giving a long speech about morality, and right from wrong. Then he begins talking about the past. Everyone seems to absolutely agree, even before he finishes his point.
He then smiles cleverly, and begins:

"As you all know is absolute fact, the stars fertilized the moon. And from the moon's vagina rose our queen and mistress, Lady Hoo-Bah-Lah Doo-Bah-Lah. Because we didn't do everything she said, she split into 1 million different people, and cursed the world with monsters, disease, and horrors to besiege humanity. SOME....people.... believe the lies of evil beings, and spread those lies. Such as things of a "world war", or things as ridiculous as Air-o-planes. A car that flies."

The entire building laughs. Genvivus leans over the pulpit, his ice-colored eyes spearing Luke.

"SOME people, would have us believe that rats used to be small little creatures. And that the mammoth and the knife toothed cat were once extinct. But, the evil ghosts made up things, such as video tapes, CD's, and books of lies, to confuse us all."
(TELL 'EM!) (Yay, Admirend!) (Let them all know!) (May HoobaDooba burn the heretics!)

"But we must forgive the idiots who don't agree with everything we say, which is irrefutable fact. Give one proof of airplanes, or of computers that are as big as a palm. Where's the proof? Nobody has shown any yet. So, it's obvious they never existed."


After the service, Luke was glad it was over. The books were full of a weird cobble of science and... well... the other end was written by a guy who seemed to have got caught in a lie. So, he made up a new lie to cover that lie. And when his opponents caught him in that lie, he made up another lie to cover that lie. And the layers of lying and fanboying turned into....a whirling, wiggling, tentacled mess of....stuff.

After they drove home, Luke sat uncomfortably on the couch, reading a book. In the lounge chair sat Steve, a town newspaper open. There is a small TV, but it's off. Everything seems quiet. Luke sits there waiting for someone to bring up the.....woman....in the basement. She can be heard running and thumping downstairs. Mary hums a happy tune while cooking dinner.

Luke has never seen anything like this before, except in very old vintage artifacts.

A light knock on the door, and Steve opens it. "Hmm, who could that be?"

He opens the door, and in walks the minister, Genevivus, in a red robe. He comes with several similar looking fellows who could only be his sons. Or relatives. They look like younger, but more built versions of him.

"Oh, sir, what a pleasant surprise!"

"Oh, Admirend!" cheers Mary; "Please come in!"

He walks in, and one of his 2 fellows closes the door behind him. Also, is the curly haired lady with the wreath on her head. All 4 are dressed in red robes. They all take a seat in the living room. Luke wonders if he should excuse himself, but the reverend demands he stay, since he is new, and it would be good for him to stay.

The reverend folds his hands in his lap, his long silky white hair forming a cape down his back and along his youthful face.

"Mr. Smith... I think we need to have a very serious discussion."

"...yes, sir?"

"Your wife came to me after Rationale this morning, and told me the wonderful news that you two have taken in a brand new citizen to our wonderful community."

"Yes, Admirend. I hope nothing is wrong."

"Well... she also made me aware of last night's... incident. Now, as a newcomer to the fold, and irrational and unenlightened, we can forgive Iluka here. BUT... you, as a long time citizen and married man, could be a father one day. And you did use... brutish and sinful language."

"Admirend, i-i-i-it was a accident! I di-"

"I know. I know. We are all human. BUT... that is no behavior for a husband and possible father. And I think you would agree, that it would be in the best interest of the community, and the intellectual thing, for your child to not carry such a sinful nature."

Steve's face goes pale, as he looks to be slowly panicking inside. Luke doesn't understand what's going on, listening intently, his blonde eyebrows on his dark chocolate skinned brow furrow in confusion.
Mary looks to be pitying Steve, and gently rubs his shoulders, trying to calm him. Her cheeks blush bright red.

"The Blue Book says, 'the road to righteousness is one paved with hardships'. This is just a hardship. BUT... like a gold miner, you have to dig hard, dig long, and go through some suffering. And you will see that the little bit of pain you went through, turns into a treasure of gold. Right?"

Steve doesn't seem to have changed.

"W-w-well, Admirend, maybe... is there anything I can do? Anything else? I-I-I mean, I...I can change. Please tell me it doesn't have to-"

"No, Steven. This is how it must be. And the only way you and your household will come into the light is by your wife's womb heavy with a pure and clean child."

Genevivus stands up, pulling off his robe. It falls to the floor, revealing a throbbing 12 inch long, wet and dripping cock. Huge, hairless pale balls hang beneath, nearly as big as bull's balls. Each as big as his fist. They are smooth, round and swollen. Filled to the brim with sperm. Long drips of cum spill from his cock head. His body is hairless and hourglass shaped, like a effeminate form.

Mary kisses her husband's cheek, like a sad girl telling a boy they can just be friends.

"I'm sorry, honey. But he knows what's right."

"But... this is your dangerous time!! When y-y-you're most fertile! We...w-w-we've never even been intimate. I've never even seen you naked!"

"Then this is a blessing in disguise! How fortunate is it that every monumental event in our lives, the Admirend is there to guide with a helping hand. Remember our wedding?"

Steve remembers how the love of his life, the woman he'd do anything for, kissed the drooling cockhead of the reverend. And he had to as well. He did it for her.

"Admirend, since I love him so, may I ask a favor?"


"Since we are married, and he has worked so hard, and we've never ever been more intimate than just a peck on the lips, may he see me undress?"

"Well, he IS your husband after all. So, he may sit in a chair in the bedroom, and watch you undress and let me impregnate you."

"Oh thank you, Admirend! Steve, if you really love me, then you'll lead him to the bedroom and make sure he's comfortable."

Steve led the erected man and his tent-groined associates up to the bedroom. Mary smiled and began sexily undressing just for Genevivus as he sat on the bed. Her back to her husband.
Steve was given a plain, wooden chair to sit in, facing the foot of the bed. He sat there, trying not to cry. Mary's body was perfectly thick and stacked. Huge, perky breasts, wide firm hips, solid buttocks, hairless groin, and a toned stomach. She undid her hair, letting her sandy brown curls drop to her shoulder blades.

This was the very first time Steve saw her in less than a towel after the shower. The gigantic cock jutted out from the white-haired man's lap like a angry pillar god. Constant drips and drops of glistening precum stained the carpet between his legs. Mary drops to her knees and her head begins bobbing deep and slow between his legs. He looks down, not saying anything. Her gurgling and swallowing signals she's taking all the precum down to her stomach. The wreath-headed woman takes her robe off, now nude except for her headpiece. She gently pats Steve's shoulders, trying to comfort him.

"This is a good thing, Steve." she cooes; "Remember when you proved your love to her by you both kneeling in front of the congregation and kissing his cock? Remember when you had to get married by you both kneeling at his crotch before the congregation, and she sucked him until he was ready to cum? I was there. I remember. And just when the Admirend was about to blow his load, she let go and said if you truly loved her, you would swallow the load instead? And you proved to us all just how much you loved her by swallowing those huge loads? That's a good man! I wish I had a husband who loved me that much! And here you are, supporting her and being there for her while she's getting impregnated by someone else. That's a real man. And your bond is powerful. Because you know how big and thick those loads are since you swallowed them all. She still doesn't know anything about the Admirend's ejaculations. So, you are a leader. Because you have a intimate understanding of just what will be shooting off deep inside her. You know how much, how strong, how thick, and even how it tastes! "

Steve's eyes watered, and he smiled. He wished this wasn't so difficult. Maybe he was a weak man because he didn't want to watch another man impregnate his wife in their marriage bed. Maybe he didn't want the first sex in his wedding being between his wife and someone else. Maybe he didn't want to raise another man's child. The child of the man who he blew and swallowed his load. In front of the entire town. Maybe he's tired of the Admirend telling the choir how amazing Steve can deepthroat and take every ejaculation without spilling a drop.

Wow, he needs to toughen up and be a real man.

Genevivus pulled Mary's head back, her pink lips popping off his massive cock with a loud POP! When she opened her mouth, massive amounts of what looked like clear syrup filled her mouth and submerged her tongue. She opened wider, smiling, then closed her lips and swallowed loudly, opening again to show a clean mouth. She swallowed ALL that precum.
Genevivus stood up, his ginormous balls swollen even bigger now, and pressed up against his taint. Steve remembered that when bulls are ready to breed, their balls swell and clench up to their body, to maximize sperm output. He looked at the size of those big balls between the legs of the long haired man. He knew millions of sperm were roaring forward to invade Mary's womb. Genevivus' cock thumped with his heartbeat and kept pouring streams of precum, leaving a slimy wet stain on the carpet near the bed. Mary kept her back turned to Steve the whole time, not allowing him to even see her naked breasts. She cleverly slid under the covers, only allowing him to see her naked butt. Genevivus stood up, letting all see his cock. He walked over to where Steve was sitting, his huge cock inches from his face. The wreath-headed woman grabbed his cock and gently stroked it, before dropping to her knees and lapping under the head, and then taking it down her throat. The huge balls gently pulsed, signaling a new load of precum was pumped into her mouth. She swallowed, smoothly and slowly sliding her lips back along the shaft and letting a thread of precum extend between her tongue and the dick head.

"It is only right to be honorable, Steve." he said, looking down. The wreath headed woman pulled Steve's glasses off, and kissed his cheek, leaving a precum stain. Steve cried slowly, kissing the salty, superior cock that his wife was in love with. A bigger cock. Better. Superior. Alpha male. As he kissed it, tears going down his face, a salty wave of precum pumped out and spilled into his lips and down his tongue. Mary smiled.

"If you truly love me, you'd swallow it."

Steve loved her more than his own life. And he frowned, then swallowed. A huge gulp, like taking down a mouthful of syrup. He opened his mouth wide to show her.
"I love you honey. You're my one and only." she smiled.

Genevivus turned and got under the covers with Mary. She positioned herself under him in a hurry, spreading her legs and raising her knees. He mounted on top of her, only allowing Steve to see his long, silky white hair and the shape of his ass under the sheets. Mary bellowed out a deep groan of pure lust as if she was in heaven. The reverend's ass plunged down between her thick thighs. He began a deep and slow rhythm, making her groan and grit her teeth loudly with each thrust. It was the same kind of screams Steve heard her yell when she went into choir's office alone. All Steve could see is his back, and his long, voluminous hair. His wife's trembling knees clenching around his back. The wreath woman smiles at Steve:

"A real man is too confident and strong to get upset when his wife is fucked by another. A bigger, superior, better cock. And a real man will stand next to his wife and support her, while she gets impregnated by a superior man than you, and carries another his child for you to raise. Even if you're still a virgin, you're a real man. I salute you."

The two big guys undo their own robes, revealing massive erections, drooling a equally big mess. The wreath woman drops to her knees, and begins a frenzied mix of sucking and lapping and stroking the two 11 inch cocks, as they spill precum stains all over the carpet. And Steve proves he's a real man by sitting there, in support of his wife.

The Admirend begins grunting hard, and starts pumping extremely deep. Mary screams as if someone is killing her. She screams, shivering in the hardest orgasm she's ever experienced in her life. Steve can only imagine that those giant balls are unleashing their millions upon millions of sperm into her fertile womb. He can't even see her, just that long silky hair, and the deep pumping ass, between her knees. UNDER the sheets.
He pumps one more time, deep, and holds it, grunting deep and hard and long. Mary screams in another earth shattering orgasm: "SOOOOO BIGGG!!!!!! SO BIG!!!!!!!!! OH STEVE!!!!!!! HOLD MY HAND!!!!"

Steve runs to the bedside and holds her hand as she squeezes it too hard. Her face is red and pouring sweat as she screams about how good the other man feels inside, and how much cum he's shooting. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S STILL SHOOTING! IT'S SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! OH STEVE, STEVE HE'S AMAZING!!! IT JUST KEEPS POURING INSIDE ME!!!"
The Admirend's head is buried in her shoulder, his pumping making her pound up and down into the bed, her eyes rolled up in her head as she screams again. All he does is grunt long, hard groans and grunts. Steve knows those huge balls are delivering their load home.

She lets go of Steve's hand, and her and the Admirend deeply kiss one another. Deep, long, passionate. They break their kiss, and he grunts, pulling out of her. He rolls over, and gets out of bed. His long limp cock looks like it's been dipped in slimy sperm. Long streams still drip and spill down his much-smaller-now balls and onto the carpet. Patches of white cum coat his cock, as if he dipped his dick in a paintcan full of white snot.

The two other guys start grunting, one pounding his cock into the wreath woman's throat. The other being feverishly stroked by her. Long, rushing streams of precum pump and pulse out of them.

"Don't waste your cum, it's evil!" she shouts, pointing her finger at the heaving, sweating Mary. The two big muscular guys with long hair bounce as if they have to pee. One furiously rips the covers off, revealing her open legs, muscular stomach, and stretched out pussy leaking a river of never-ending cum. His 11 inches plunge deep inside, causing pools of cum to spill out of her lips and all over his balls. He begins furiously pumping inside her, and she grabs Steve's hand again, screaming in pleasure.




The guy begins grunting and pumping deep, unleashing a tidal wave of his own cum to the mix. The other guy can't hold any longer. He  jumps on the bed and grabs Mary's hair, she turns her head away from Steve and engulfs the huge cock, swallowing loudly as the huge balls unleash their pent up load.


Mary heaves in the bed, finally able to catch her breath. Her pussy seems to never ever stop leaking and pulsing huge white loads of cum.

She smiles at Steve, and puckers her cum covered lips for a kiss. Steve frowns, and she shakes her head at him sadly. "I thought you loved me?"

Steve puckers up, and for the very first time, she kisses him with tongue. Her mouth is full of salty cum, and she uses her tongue to slather his mouth with the sperm-filled loads from a bigger, stronger, more endowed man. Steve swallows before he stops to think what he just did and feels ashamed.

The wreath headed woman smiles.

"You two have finally begin to come into the light or rationale."

Genevivus walks over and stands in front of the kneeling Steve, his limp cock looks like it's been dipped in a vat of vanilla pudding. The man on his knees holds his freshly-fucked wife's hand and looks up with sad, pleading eyes.

"Well? You wouldn't honestly let me leave the house a mess, would you?"

"I'll...I'll get you a towel, sir."
But as Steve goes to get up, the reverend's hand presses him back down. It pats on top of his head.

"I thought you were a real man!" whispers Mary; "A REAL man is so secure in his masculinity that he's not ashamed to show other men his dominance and strength by putting his mouth on their cocks. Especially the cock of the guy who knocked up his wife. Are you a REAL man? Or just a sissy?"

Steve gets furious. He fills with rage. "I'M A REAL MAN! I'LL SHOW YOU ALL WHO'S DOMINANT!" he says with fury, opening his mouth wide. The 10 inch limp cock, coated in layers of sperm and pussy juice, splats into Steve's mouth with a sloppy splat. He engulfs the limp cock, slurping and sucking all the salty, sperm-filled, high protein fuckslime off. As he keeps slurping, dollops of fresh cum spill inside his mouth and down his throat. He wraps his hand around the cum-coated base of the shaft, and pulls back, cheeks filled. He wants to spit.

"Wow." says the wreath woman; "That's the most alpha male thing I've ever seen. Way to go, Steve! You're a real man!"

"I don't know..." says one of the long haired guys, also with a limp fuck slime coated cock; "I think he's a wimp who will probably spit."

Steve's face blazes with fury. "Auwl shwow FUHWooh!" he says, before swallowing the mouthful down. He opens his mouth, showing all his wife's pussy juice and her lover's sperm went down into his stomach.

"Whoah. He's a stag!" the wreath woman cheers. Steve wolfs down the huge limp cock, slurping and sucking till it's 100% clean of his wife's pussy juice, and it's own slimy rivers of sperm freed from those huge, superior balls. A wad of cum sits on his upper lip, and he instinctively licks the cum off and swallows it, all of a sudden hating himself.

But as soon as he wipes his cum-coated fingers on his shirt, the big muscular guy who came in his wife walks up. 8 inches of limp cock coated in fuckslime and dripping white drops of sperm.

"I love my husband, but..." Mary looks sad.

"NO!" Steve barks; "I'm a REAL man!" and he engulfs the limp, fuckslime coated cock of the bigger, superior, more fertile male who may have knocked up his wife, in his marriage bed. He slops and slurps, guzzling down the limp dick till it's glistening and clean. But as he keeps lapping it clean, just to impress his wife and prove his love, the cock erects. Throbbing and veiny. Spilling white drips.

The wreath woman smiles. "Now, comes a struggle of dominance. Either this young man will mount Mary and impregnate her as the superior bull, or Mary's chosen mate will prove who's the alpha, and stop his ability to breed, by taking his seed away."

"I'm the superior bull." laughs the guy with his erection sitting on Steve's face. His balls bulge, ready to deliver another heaping helping of genes into Mary's hungry womb.

"If he's the head of this house, he'll prove it by getting rid of your cum." quizzes the wreath woman.

Steve heaves a sigh of anger, confusion and defeat. He opens wide, and lets the superior cock plunge deep in his mouth in front of his wife. The cock that just minutes ago may have impregnated her. Steve had to do SOMETHING. What kind of man would just sit there and let his wife get knocked up by another man? Without stepping up?! So, Steve stepped up, and swallowed. He remembers his marriage, where he had to deepthroat the reverend in front of the whole congregation, just to show his wife he loved her. He remembers how he chugged all the cum, because they told him that was how marriages are sealed. And now, here he was, proving to all who the real alpha is.

The long haired guy grabs Steve's head and pushes the cock down his throat, grunting and heaving.
Mary cheers "Go, hubby, go!". Steve takes the huge head down his throat, and feels it pulse. Huge, creamy loads flood his throat and fill his belly. After 3 or 4 hard thrusts, the pale cock limps and plops out of his mouth, leaving strings of white cum down Steve's chin. He coughs, being thankful it's over.
Until the 3rd guy approaches, his cock limp and coated in cold fuckslime. Steve sighs in exhaustion and opens wide.

"That's a real man." beams the reverend.

After Steve slurped the 3rd cock clean, Mary opened her legs wide and called him to the bed. It was the very first time he'd seen her breast, now covered in hickeys by other men. And the very first time he saw her privates, now stretched wide and leaking out waves of thick white cum.

"You're married, Steven." smiles the reverend; "It is a husband's duty to clean his wife by slurping other men's fuckslime out of her."

Steve sighs and crawls between Mary's legs. Her femininity is coated in cum and smells like alpha male cock. He opens wide and dives between her thighs, sucking and slurping heartily. With each suck on her puffy, swollen lips, he gets a mouthful of jizz. After the 3rd or 4th suck, and the 6th swallow, his stomach feels full, and he wonders just how much was shot inside her. It never seems to end.

After the 20th suck, and 17th swallow, he can't believe her cunt hasn't run dry of cum. He sighs to take a breath, feeling his stomach gurgle with other men's jism. He just hopes he was fast enough to guzzle it all out before she got pregnant. Her pussy seems clean, and pink again. But she coughs, and a fresh palm full of white jizz bursts out the lips. He opens up, lapping the mouthful out of her and then expertly sucking it's watery mix with pussy juice out.

"Honey, make them some lemonade. Ejaculating is exhausting and taxes these poor fellows. The least you can do is make sure they have something cool to drink."

Steve staggers up and sadly walks down stairs, the robed men and one robed woman behind him. He washes his hands and face, leaving the towel slimy with sperm. He then reaches in the fridge and pulls out ice cold lemonade, making sure everyone feels better after busting their nuts in his wife.

That's what a real man would do.

Luke laid on the couch that night, his eyes wide and confused. He saw Steve sit at the table and cry. Before he showered 5 times and went to bed. Dry, shiny stains had covered his chin and his shirt. The sound of Mary upstairs loudly snoring, as if she hadn't slept in 500 years. And that evening, the trap music and drill music started to thump down stairs again.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit." Luke whispered to himself. "Maybe... I was too hasty about leaving tent city... what the hell is going on here?"

The rhythm of the hard trap beats sent him off to sleep on the couch. He didn't want to go upstairs, with the snoring and showering. And... whatever happened up there.


The next morning, Mary gleefully sung in the kitchen making pancakes. She walked funny, as if she took a baseball bat up the cooter. And loved every inch. But she is refreshed, joyful, motherly and full of song. Steve sat at the table quietly, looking as if he had no idea what to do.

There was knock on the door. Steve moped over to it, before he gasped loudly. He nervously opened the door, like a kid afraid of a bully. It was about 10 guys, like the two built ones who came with the Admirend the other day.

They all had white robes, long silky hair down to their calves, hourglass bodyshapes, ice colored eyes, and gentle faces. They walked in, as if they owned the house.

"OH! Hello!" cheered Mary, a excited gleam in her eye. She looked down at the huge tents that began to rise in their groins. Wet stains at the tips began to form. Drops of liquid started to drip on the carpet underneath their robes.

"We heard about you saying the dee, ay, em, enn word. And we just wanted to come, and offer you a pamphlet on how to shed irrationale and come to enlightenment."

"Oh....thanks alot!" Steve seemed in a hurry to get them out the house.

"Mrs. Smith, may we talk to you in private upstairs in the bedroom."

"Uhhh....okay. SURE." she looked confused. Their tents began to throb with impatience as her big ass swished in her dress.

"No!" Steve stood his ground. "Please....please....no counseling my wife. N-n-not today, please."

"STEVEN!" Mary gasped, shocked at his disrespect.

"Mr. Smith..." said the biggest one, he looked like a barbarian with a butch woman's face, and a super model's hair; "Your wife has caused a very painful issue."
He pointed to the 10 men's throbbing, 9, 10 and 11 inch tents in their red robes. Each one soaking with a wet spot at the tip. Hundreds of half-alive or dead sperm slid down the gowns in clear and slow drops of precum. Thought hey were dying or dead, there was still slim chance one of them can still fertilize an egg.
"It is wasteful and irrational to let them go to waste. We must be relieved of this overpowering pain."

Steve readjusted his glasses nervously. He looked at the calendar, still showing the pink squares which were Mary's most fertile periods. Like TODAY. And especially yesterday.
"Well.... can you all just.... you know? Relieve yourselves?"

"Masturbation is evil and irrational." one sadly says, his long fingernailed hand over his chest. "For the Free Contemplators, such as us, it is forbidden. Masturbation is ignorant and backwards and violent. And you know, that for the Contemplators to waste their seed is against the law."

"Well..........can you just.......just get relief from her mouth? Can't you go to someone else?!"

"STEVEN SMITH!" Mary gasps, flabbergasted; "You know how painful and distracting their suffering is! And you know they can't ejaculate on the ground, or in a condom! That's unhealthy. It must be down a throat, or in a natural hole."

Steve stands his ground aggressively. He becomes furious.
"No. No, no, no. Please, please, not today. Please, please, NO. You will not be using my wife for relief. Not today."

The 10 look surprised. They look at one another, the rest of them looking at the biggest one in front, at least 6'9" feet tall. He gently nods.
"Well, there must be relief, Mr. Smith. And since we are here at your home, and you deny us relief inside Mary, we must find relief from another enlightened person."

"I'm sorry."

"Mr. Smith, either we will HAVE relief with Mrs. Smith. Or there will be someone to take her place. It's one or the other. We will either get relief in her womb, or in someone else in this home. Now, what do you choose. It cannot be the newcomer, as he has not come into the Clique. And bestiality is idiocy. So, that only leaves you. Now choose, we will take her anyway, and pump our seed deep inside. Or you can stand in her place."

Tears begin fogging up Steve's eyes. He looks at Mary, who without thinking about it, rubs her belly. Which may already be impregnated. He looks at the wedding ring on her finger, the one covered in spunk last night. He slurped her all night long, till he finally got the last load out. He would die for her. He would go through 1,000 Hells for her. Steve loves her with all his heart.

"......I....I will stand in her place..."

They smile and applaud him. "You are the most alpha superior husband we have seen yet, Mr. Smith." The tall one takes Steve's glasses off gently and tosses them at Mary, who catches them. She looks sad and waves bye bye like a mom telling her kid bye after dropping them off at school.
The 10 men open the front door, revealing a huge vehicle like a giant red van. They lead Steve out, gently patting his back. Each giant tent throbbing and wet. Mary smiles and goes back to cooking.
They open the van door, showing that the back of it is nothing but plush cushioned carpet flooring, and religious posters all over the walls. One gets in the driver's seat and revs it up. The others push Steve kindly and gently into the back before opening their robes and climbing in behind him, one after the other. Another gets in the passenger seat, and the door shuts closed.

A loud bellow of pain muffles from inside the van. It then begins rocking up and down hard, as groans and bellows of agony echo out from it. As if someone is getting opened up where they've never had anything big go up inside before.
The van drives off towards the weird temple, disappearing out of sight.

Luke rubs his hand through his blonde curls, before making a ponytail. His brain just farted. And his urge to get the fuck out is rising. Obviously.
"S-so...uh.... Mrs. Smith. All of...uh... White Water obeys Admirend Genevivus?"

"Hm? Oh, well no. White Water is more like a bunch of cities, really. Think of it like one of those wooden construction toy sets. There is a small town, surrounded by a armed wall. And several short roads lead out of that town. Each road leads to a identical town, built in a circle and surrounded by a wall of soldiers. But each town has it's own people, it's own rulers, and laws. It's how people survive together, without getting into conflicts over things like beliefs or laws. They say it's so dangerous outside that we have to live this way. But even though each town is it's own, we all are connected as 'White Water'. This town is Rationaleville." she smiles, rubbing her belly.

"....hm. Aren't you....uh.... worried about Steve?"

"He's in the loving hands of the Choir. He must be a man and toughen up."

"Uh..... no offense but.... does the Admirend and the Choir do these kinds of things often?"

"Why, yes. As rational, intellectual people, it is their natural duty to make sure Rationaleville's citizens continue to develop into the enlightened and correct path. If a husband is seen as irrational, he is blessed by the priests coming in and making sure his child is a good person. And if a woman shows irrationality, they show her enlightenment by filling her with child. Why, even, troublesome fellows get taken to the temple's catacombs down below and live their lives in study, meditation, and getting their lustful urges tamed by the long shafts of the choir. My brother got into quite a bit of trouble. And now, he is a shining example of intellectualism. He lives in the catacombs, spending his nights on his back, providing relief to all the Choir whenever they feel the need."

".......ohhh... Well.... uh, if I wanted to visit another town, how can I do that?"

And so, Iluka, quite the clever young man, left the glorious and wonderful walled town of this beautiful and righteous place. But only the irrational and ignorant backwards primitive would do such a thing. And what happened to Luke? Only Lady Hoo-Bah-Lah-Doo-Bag-Lah knows.

Well, then welcome.

Welcome to Rationaleville.