The Lubrication

Everybody's taking it up the ass, now
(Come on baby, grab the lubrication)
You know you're gonna like it if you give me a pass now
(Come on baby, grab the lubrication)
The next door neighbor Timmy was the first for me
But now my butt hole’s ready for your big wee-wee
So come on, come on, grab the lubrication, do me
You gotta grab my hips, now

Come on, Johnny
Push up
Pull back
Well, now, I feel you in my crack
Wo, wo

Now that you can take me, let's bring in Dwayne, now
(Come on Johnny, your turn with the lotion)
His big old hard-on sure of course will give you some pain, now
(Come on Johnny, take it like a champion)
Open up that man pussy, now, take it whole
You gotta ride his fat cock while I take your pole

Come on, come on
Rub that lubrication in me

Move around inside me with that cool lotion
(Come on Johnny, rub the lubrication)
Reach around for my cock as you keep the motion
(Come on Johnny, use that lubrication)

There's still a few more guys that will join the crew
Some might even want to slap your butt, it’s true
But come on, come on, you know you want to do it with me

Go ‘head and grab my nips, now
(Come on) that's right (we’ve got lubrication)
You're doing fine (come on, you have plenty of lotion)
Come on, Johnny (come on, we’ve got lubrication) hm-hm-hm
Push up (come deep) pull back (I’m filled up with lotion)
You're feeling good (condom, we’ve got lubrication) hm-hm-hm
Push up (don’t weep) push back (take it like a champion) hm-hm-hm yeah yeah yeah