The Taboo Family Files Chapter 12

I found myself sitting on my bed. "Son of a bitch, I don't want to do this," I groaned, hitting it. "It has to be done though, we can't hold off on it forever. Damn, I'm already feeling like I'm in a sauna," I moaned, rubbing my forehead.

I peeked at my closed door. "What could be taking him so long? I told him six, but it is twenty after already," I bitched, prior to looking away from it.

"Anxious to get it over?" he pondered, opening the door.

I put both hands onto my face. "I guess." I kept them there, but then I felt him snatch my arms.

"It's okay," he assured me, pulling them down. "Wow, I guess Nadine really does get her beauty from you. She is one stunning young woman, not that you didn't know that. The pretty face, nice chest and straight black hair."

He kissed me once and sat next to me. "Nadine mentioned that you were sick not too long ago. Are you feeling alright now?" he questioned, rubbing my leg.

"Physically, yes; emotionally, it has been a bit of a roller coaster."

His arms went around me from my side and he pressed his lips onto my head several times too. After a moment, his left hand came over onto my stomach. "Damn, I guess Ted gets that from me; we go for the goal," he pointed out, caressing it.

"Evidently, but what are we gonna do now, Hank? I'm pregnant with your grandchild and she is knocked up with mine. Are you even ready to be a grandfather?"

"Are you ready to be a grandmother?"

"Withdrawn," I giggled, glancing forward.

Then he grabbed onto my right hand and held it tightly. "Well, I guess the most important question to ask ourselves is, are we happy? Although, my answer would directly depend on what your answer is, Quinn. I mean, I certainly want you to be happy, but how can I be happy if you aren't?"

I just shrugged my shoulders. "Do you think we should abort them? Would that be the best course of action here? Both are clearly unplanned, but who knows what the future might bring."

"No, I think that would just bring too much heartbreak," he answered before smooching my cheek. "Maybe we should have had our own baby and then we wouldn't have shacked up with each other's kids," he chuckled.

"It is a theory, but let's not play that game. I think we just did it because it was taboo and uncharted territory. We might have been bored or maybe they were just crimes of opportunity. I caught Ted peeking at me from that closet right there and you confessed a crush you had on Nadine on this bed. Maybe all of it was just a chain reaction that ends with us breaking up."

"So, you agree we should?" he sobbed slightly.

I shed a couple tears myself and looked at him. "Well, considering the feelings we have for them now, it might be best. I'm sure, deep down, they both have feelings for each other they are gonna have to let go of too."

We both were silent for a moment.

"I hear some creaking now, maybe they are working those feelings out now, physically speaking," I pointed out, rubbing his leg.

"Well, forbidden sex can feel so wonderful, but cause the worst consequences at the same time."

"Very true. I know neither of us planned on cheating, but it happened. Maybe we were just exploring deep down, but we got more than we bargained for."

"Maybe," he muttered, leaning towards me. "Although, we are still married to each other," he put on the record, stopping right in front of my face.

I licked my lips for a moment and kissed him. Our lips stayed together for about a minute and our hands stayed off each other.

After that moment, his lips came off mine. "I can't even remember the last time we had sex."

"Yeah, it has been quite a while now. Maybe it was our last anniversary."

"Damn, that was six months ago," he laughed, hitting his knee.

"Nothing to be proud of, but let's make up for some lost time while we still can," I proposed, before I took off my shirt and bra. "We know our kids are doing it right now, so why not?" I asked, leaning right to him.

"Wow, your breasts are stunning, but do you really think they are having sex right now?"

"Yes, so let's join the club," I suggested before I kissed him.

Our lips stayed together for over five minutes and our arms went around each other too. After that five minutes passed by, his hands pulled up my skirt and then landed on my butt.

His lips parted from mine. "Were you planning on having sex with me?"

"It crossed my mind," I confessed, bringing my hands to his crotch. "Maybe I wanted to feel your cock inside me one more time," I pointed out, undoing his shorts.

I pulled out his rod and immediately began stroking it. "You already have my skirt up, so why don't you slide off my panties too. I think your hard schlong would love that."

We stared into each other's eyes for a moment and said nothing. I kept my hand moving for the time being and his grin just got a little wider. I sucked my lips into my mouth and my eyes became slightly more focused on his.

He slid my panties down to my feet and I kicked them off. "I love you, Quinn, don't forget that," he told me, pushing his own pants and boxers down.

"I know, I love you too. We'll always love each other, Hank," I reminded him, getting out of my skirt too.

"The point isn't why we cheated, but how we both took the leap with each other's kids. Was it lust, love or what, exactly? Let's not beat it to death, just make love to me one last time," I requested, before I let go of his member and laid down next to him.

He stripped completely, positioned himself over me, grabbed onto my thighs and leaned onto me. "Okay," he answered, before he let his manhood slide right into my pussy. "Oh, it is still slick and very flexible too," he moaned, slanting my head back.

He instantly began thrusting his wood at a slow pace, but kept his head up. I closed my eyes, but my hands still easily found their place on his butt. I caressed his cheeks as I tried my best to breathe steadily.

"I hope you can still handle me, Quinn, I've been sharpening my skills a little bit. I guess I've learned to really make love, and love every second of it."

It sparked a single tear and I opened my eyes. "If that's true, then look at me as you make the sweetest love imaginable to me, Hank."

His head angled back down and he instantly kissed me. Our lips stayed together for about five minutes as he kept thrusts going ever so slowly. My hands remained busy rubbing his soft ass and I made sure to keep my smile intact as well.

'Oh, I'll never know what the right thing is,' I thought. 'I absolutely love Ted, but now Hank is making it incredibly difficult for me to just let go of him. I love him and I'm sure I always will, but I just know that everyone is in for an emotional bumpy ride.'

His lips abruptly jumped off mine. "Damn it, I wanted to last longer."

"It is fine, pull out and cum on my stomach and hooters."

"Okay," he replied, extracting his member.

"On second thought," I said, arching my back up, standing up and grabbing his cock, "shoot it up onto my tits," I ordered him, stroking and scanning it.

He slowly wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him right before his first shot came out. "Oh, fuck, that's good, babe," he moaned after that shot.

I had him deliver a few more streams of his steaming seed right onto my chest and stomach as he held me ever so tightly. Of course, he had to jiggle around nonstop the whole time, but he got the job done. We maintained that postilion for about four minutes, but he smooched the top of my head a few times though.

"Damn, short, but oh so sweet, Quinn," he muttered, letting go of me.

We looked at each other and smiled for another wordless moment.

"Is it fair to say that he makes you happy?"

"Yes, and I make him happy. I feel I should point out that I don't just mean sexually," I let him know, rubbing my nipples.

"I thought that went without saying, grandma."

"Hey!" I snapped, spanking his ass. "I'm not officially a grandma until the bun is done cooking and it comes out of her oven," I mentioned, prior to sitting back down.

"Okay, now that we're clear on that," he mentioned, plopping his butt next to me and placing his palms onto my breasts. "I can still enjoy these," he said, squeezing them.

I began cheesing a little bit and vibrating myself.

"Oh, are you liking this? I see you left a wet spot."

"Really, don't you mean I'm giving the sheets and the mattress a sexy aroma?"

"Yes," he replied, before he pulled me onto his lap with my face to his. "That's exactly what I meant," he informed me, prior to lifting me up a bit.

I instantly reached down to his rod and guided it right into my twat. "I can still be your cowgirl one last time," I spoke up, wrapping my arms around him.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," he agreed, snatching my butt cheeks.

"If I didn't have your dick inside me, I'd slap you across the face."

"I can take it out if you like," he chuckled.

"I could just slap you for no reason," I giggled.

"You could," he pointed out, getting in my face. "Although, you won't," he reminded me before he kissed me.

We made out again for about ten minutes as we massaged each other's butts endlessly. I had a few more tears flow out onto my cheeks and I felt my heart beat faster and faster as our make out session progressed.

As my boobs began pressing onto him, I parted my lips from his. "I'm not that predictable," I informed him before I softly slapped him.

"My mistake," he admitted before his face dove right in between my bosoms. His tongue slipped out and he began motor boating them.

"Oh, you like that?" I pondered, positioning my hands onto his head.

"Yes, I do. I can always enjoy a giant pair of knockers," he replied before he licked me right between them.

"Oh, that tickles," I giggled, twitching around.

"Good," he answered before he began licking me repeatedly.

I felt myself having some mini twitches directly after each lick. "Oh, you are pleasuring me with your tongue, cock and hands, so you must really have a thing for me, Hank."

He failed to halt his pleasuring, in fact he pulled out his 'A' game, so to speak. His cock began thrusting a little faster and his tongue gave my cleavage full licks from top to bottom. Then my mouth opened again and I closed my eyes.

'Oh, what an intimate man. In the end, maybe everyone will be happy. If he shows this to Nadine all the time, then she might be truly happy. I don't know, but the pleasure can be quite powerful,' I thought, before my hands slithered down to his lower back.

He continued pleasuring me, but I just leaned my head forward and held him in my arms.

"You like my MILF booty, Hank?"

He leaned his head back and peeked at me. "And your hooters too," he informed me, prior to taking my right nipple into his mouth.

"Damn right you do, hunk," I moaned, positioning my hands onto his head. "Suck on your wife's nipple, I know you love it. You can't just let go of me without tasting my nipple again, can you?"

His eyes met mine and he shook his head no. I found myself twitching around a little bit more as he sucked a little bit harder with each passing second.

"Shit, Hank, are you just trying to make me jealous of Nadine now? I don't remember the last time you sucked on my nipple like this. You are making my entire body as slick as ice right now, but you have me feeling like I'm baking inside an oven."

My nipple calmly fell out of his mouth. "I'll do whatever I have to in order to send you off a happy woman, Quinn. I might have lost you, but I intend to make it known how stupid it was to hook up with your daughter. I love her, but it was a mistake."

"Don't say that; we both just fell for each other's kids, that's all. We didn't make mistakes, we just fell in love at inconvenient times," I reminded him before I kissed him. "That's all."

We made out for about ten minutes straight as we both massaged each other's backs and butts.

'He is twitching, but keeping his lips on mine,' I thought. 'I think he might really love me, to cum inside me and kiss me at the same time.'

Immediately after he was done, his lips jumped off mine. "I'm sorry, but I gotta catch my breath, hun. You felt me shoot my load inside you, didn't you?"

"Yes, and it was quite sweet of you too."

"May we just forgive each other then?"

I lowered my face somewhat. "I think we can; besides, we're both gonna be visiting each other's new kids numerous times in the future."

We held each other for a few more minutes in that position, but then we both lay down.

He pulled the blanket over us, so only our heads were visible and kissed me as we were both on our sides. "I'll never stop loving you, Quinn."

"Thank you, I'll never stop loving you either, Hank."

Then Nadine knocked on the door. "Hey, Mom and Hank, may we come in?"

"Sure, sweetie."

"Are you two gonna be okay?" she pondered as they both stopped in front of the bed.

"Yes, babe," Hank responded, rubbing her stomach. "Are you holding hands?"

"Let's just say we've decided to be somewhat happy for each other," Ted answered.

No one said anything for a moment as all four of us shed tears.

'I don't know what to say right now, but I think something needs to be said.'

"Will you two just give us a minute? I know we need to talk, but we just need a moment."

"Okay, Mom," she replied before she leaned over and smooched my cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

They left and shut the door.

I turned right to him, but he took my hands in his. "The most important thing is: that we all love each other. No one can just bail on anyone here, we have to stick together. It is beyond fucked up, but our family has to be maintained. Do you agree?"

"Yes, of course I do. What do you want to do?"

"I want all six of us to live here together. At least until everyone can make our relationships and financial situations remain stable. Two new lives are gonna be coming into the world in the coming months, Quinn. The best thing we can do is bring those new lives into a happy family."

"Are we gonna get divorced?"

"I think we should; we both want to move on, don't we?"

I nodded and kissed him once. "Just please don't hurt her, she means everything to me, despite her actions."

"I understand, Quinn," he made clear, prior to laying another kiss on my lips.

His lips came off mine after a moment and both of our eyes drifted down. We didn't say anything for a couple minutes.

His right hand calmly slithered onto my right leg. "I guess we should get dressed and address our kids."

"I think you're right," I answered, placing my right hand onto his leg. "And I'll return the favor for Ted."

We stayed silent again, but grinned at one another.

"Are you two decent yet?" Ted asked through the door.

"No, Ted, just give us another minute. She is still my wife as of this moment."

I glanced at him again and licked my lips. "May I have one more kiss?"

He instantly brought his lips to mine and we made out for over three minutes. The whole time, we heard knocks on the door and some complaining, although it seemed to have no effect on us as we also caressed each other's legs as well.

Our lips mutually parted and we smiled again.

"Hello, Mom, Hank; we're waiting."

"Damn, you are both ravishing and sweet, but impatient," he laughed.

"Well, prepare for the third generation, because it is baking in her oven right now."

"I'm forewarned," he chuckled before he kissed me again.

We both got dressed and went out into the hallway.

"You couldn't just wait in the living room?" I pondered, wrapping my arms around Ted.


"Good," I replied before I kissed him.

As I made out with him, I peeked at Nadine and Hank. They were kissing too.

"Did you two have sex, Nadine?" he asked her.

"Yes, Hank; you aren't mad, are you?"

"No, I'm not. For right now, all of us are gonna live here. We think it'll be in the best interest of the babies. You two still love each other, we still love each other, so I think we can make this work."

"Okay, Dad, but we aren't gonna all be living here together forever, are we?"

"No, but until we all are comfortable, I think we should all stay close to each other. The only difference will be that none of us will be trying to hide anything," he explained before he looked at her. "We can just love and be with the people we want to be with."

Then I came to her and she let go of Hank. We met right in between the guys and immediately felt one another's stomachs. More tears were shed, but I was sure everything that needed to be said, had been.

After a full three-minute stomach rubbing session, we each enveloped the other in our arms.

"I love you, Mom," she cried. "I never meant to hurt you or your marriage."

"I know, and I love you too, Nadine," I sobbed, rubbing her head.

I let go of her and kissed her forehead. "I hope you have better luck with him than I did."

"I'm sure I will, Mom," she responded before going back to Hank.

Both couples hugged each other as we glanced at each other. Once again, nothing was said. I went to Ted's room with him and Hank went to Nadine's room with her. In the weeks after that, Hank and I divorced each other, but it was completely mutual.

Nadine and I both had our babies as we were married, but we both had our separate weddings on different days. We're raising them in the same house now, and just loving that everyone can get along and love each other.