Moving On

You said you’d come

You wouldn’t run

You said to wait

That we were fate

To lie in bed

The story read

The fantasy fed

The words all said

But you didn’t show up

You didn’t grow up

You stood me up

Left me fed up

When you came back

To clear out and pack

You found the light dim

You found me with him

You knew I wouldn’t be alone

So how dare you use that tone

How dare you act entitled

Your vitriol embridled

You knew I would not refuse you

You knew I’d missed your body too

You took advantage of my weakness

You used the power of your nakedness

The strength of your tenderness

The authority of your softness

The command of your loveliness

To sneak your way back into my awareness

You forced the memories back on me

You gave me all the past to see

You brought back the perfumes

The recollections of the rooms

You made me taste your sweet hot lips

You took my pole for a few more dips

You drove my balls to tingling bliss

Back to that game of hit or miss

While he watched us sitting there

Rubbing his cock with a lonely stare

Till he shot his load

And made me explode

I realized it wasn’t you

That you and I were finally through

I really needed to move on

And I needed to do that with Devon

He is my future, he is my glove

The one that fits with all my love

Goodbye Simone you are before

Memories to cherish and adore

My life is heading in a new direction

And I will take that drive with Devon.