The Couple In The Next Apartment Building

My name is Megan, I'm 26 and I have black hair and brown eyes. I live alone and I haven't had much luck in the boyfriend department. Honestly I've thought about moving back in with my mom, but I'm not ready for that just yet. Unfortunately I haven't been getting a lot of sex. Although one night, when I got home after a long day of work, I came into my building and went to my apartment. I had to work late so I didn't get home until about 10:00 or so. Walking into the living room I just sat down on the couch, turning on the television I discovered that the cable was out, due to some malfunction with the cable company.

“Son of a bitch,” I said.

So I decided to take a shower, I needed one anyway, stripping of my clothes I got under the hot water. Of course as I was in here I couldn't help but put my fingers in between my pussy lips and rub one out. It's not like I had a guy to do that for me, so I masturbated 3 times while I was in there. It has became almost meaningless honestly, masturbating just lost it's appeal. After my shower I got into my robe, like I always do, and went out into the living room with the lights off. I went to the glass door. Since I didn't have any television to watch, I thought I'd take a look out there and since I was 8 floors up, I'd have a view. I took a look around and saw various things like an airplane in the distance and people on walking on the sidewalk as well but something, or someone, I should say caught my eye. In the apartment building across the street from mine I could see a man and a woman together with their arms around each other making out passionately through a similar glass door.

“Now what do we have here? Someone having some kinky fun?” I asked.

They had their lights on and were right by their glass door, so I could see them clearly. It was late, so maybe they thought there was zero chance that anyone would be watching, I didn't know exactly, but what I did know was this: they were undressing. She took off the dress she was wearing, leaving her in her bra and panties. Then she began undoing his pants as she got down on her knees to pull them all the way down. He got out of those pants completely and of course she pulled his boxers down as well. His dick looked to be very hard, I wasn't 100% sure because I was that far away, but it looked long and hard. She took his cock in her mouth and began blowing him.

“Holy shit, this is hot,” I said.

Honestly I never thought of myself as a voyeur, but this opportunity came up and I couldn't help but undo my robe. I had my lights off, so it would very hard for them to see me and it wasn't like I was right up against the glass either. I did what I did best, I masturbated again, but this time it was to two people that I had never met before. She was blowing him passionately still and he had his hands on her head as well.

“Oh yeah, suck on his cock like it's the last thing you do woman, make him cum a river,” I said.

I put my hands on my pussy and spread out my pussy lips. I put my left pointer finger deep inside my pussy, so my hand was soaked in about 4 seconds. What I was watching was just so damn hot honestly, I never would have thought I'd get so turned on by watching someone else having sex. She stood up and they began making out once again as he put his hands on her back and took off her bra. Then they looked at each other for a minute and he got down on his knees to took off her panties as well.

“Yes, get that woman naked and plow her like mad for me,” I said as I moaned a bit.

It was such a turn on that I had to get down on the floor to masturbate. He was on his knees fucking her doggie style and was giving it to her pretty damn good. I had wished so many times for a guy to do that to me, but that wish had gone unfulfilled. I also wished I could at least hear them, I mean that would have been nice, but I had to settle for just watching them. Then I just couldn't take it anymore, I came all over the floor.

“Now that was hot,” I said.

By then he was laying on the floor and she was riding him bouncing up and down like mad. I really wouldn't think that would be too comfortable doing it on hardwood, but that didn't stop them from doing the deed. Even after I came all over the floor, I still watched them have sex. It was the most kinkiest thing I think I ever did in my life. I put my fingers back into my pussy and stuck them in there as deep as I could. By then I really didn't them anymore, I had just become so aroused by the whole thing that I was beyond turned on. So I just laid there and masturbated again. A minute later I opened my eyes and looked over at them to see him cumming on her stomach.

“Oh yeah that is how you do it my man, cum all over your woman,” I said.

They both laid down there for a few more minutes and I stayed on the floor to watch them a bit more. I saw them kiss a few more times as well and then a couple minutes later they got up. I guess they went to their bedroom. That was the first time I had ever seen anyone else do it besides in porn. That couple have done it a few more times since then. Now I always make sure I keep an eye out towards their apartment to see if they wanna get things on again right by their glass door, but I still haven't had any guy luck, so I'm hoping they do it again soon.