Squirm Under My Watch

Info Sorseress
30 Jun. '17

“Why the hell would you want to go hunting? Aren’t you working day and night to save animals? Now you want to kill one?”

My so-called other half asked, not even looking up from his newspaper. Someone cheered in the background, and my eyes involuntarily darted towards the football game. How Carl could concentrate on both the telly and his daily dirt at the same time was beyond me, but then again, he had never given me that much attention. Thinking about it, not even when we first met.  Is this what I deserved? But then I guess we choose our mates for a reason. God, I must have loved suffering.

“If you haven’t heard, hunting is about so much more than “killing”, as you put it. And besides, at least I’m not running around like an idiot, chasing a ball.”

Of course, my half-hearted reply never registered with my fiancé, nor did the sarcasm in my voice. If I didn’t know better, I would say that he was immune to anything that would hurt his ego. And that included me. I let out a frustrated sigh when he licked his fingers and turned a page. Just how many odd habits of his would keep annoying me for the rest of my life? Or the rest of his life. If he wasn’t more careful, he would quite possibly make the headlines of tomorrow’s paper. Something along the lines of ‘he was a dickhead, until his fiancée cut him up with a tablespoon’, or ‘sadly, the biggest jerk that ever walked the earth is now gone’. That, or else my whole life would ‘rest in peace’. I wasn’t having it. But what was the point in arguing? It was always like talking to a brick wall. What brick wall? At least something could actually bounce off of that, but him? Not a chance.

“I’m leaving.”

No reply, yet again, just the silent shuffling of papers, and the not-so-quiet booing from the TV. My guess was that the fans weren’t too happy this time, maybe because their guy scored in the wrong hole. My own sick joke made me cringe, but it didn’t matter. As far as Carl was concerned, I might as well have left already. Or I could have been dead. The idea was bizarre and morbid, but sometimes I doubted he realized I even existed, if I’m honest.

At first I wanted to tiptoe outside in my flip-flops. Mission impossible on its own, let alone when my emotions were at ceiling heights. Huffing and puffing I slammed the door shut behind me, wondering whether Carl would still continue to read the daily paper or finally grow some balls and come after me, dragging me back inside caveman-style. Yeah, right, I had better luck winning the lottery.

The heat of the sun hit me instantly, melting my make-up, along with my skin. It didn’t help to cool down my boiling blood, either. I lifted my chin up, as if telling the sun to fuck off (something I should have said to Carl a long time ago, but somehow the words never left my mouth). Funny, when it doesn’t really matter, then we can be brave. And when it would? I shook my head, taking a step towards the woods.

The only time Carl had shown any kind of emotion was the moment I decided to buy this little cabin. Yep, he was mad. Now, to him, that meant that he pressed his black-rimmed grandpa glasses up his nose, looking at me sternly. He didn’t say a word. In fact, he didn’t talk to me for three weeks. But I wasn’t going to back down, no way. So, in the end, I bought the cottage and he got to keep his newspaper and the finger-licking routine.

I wish I could say it was a win-win, but I was willing to make the sacrifice. Anything for my dream house, and fairy-tale environment. If my life couldn’t match a princess’s, then my home should, right? Even Carl’s annoying innuendos couldn’t make the gorgeous smell of flowers, the buzzing of bees and the feel of it all fade away.

I sighed heavily, checking my watch, hoping that it didn’t melt along with my sanity. I was even afraid I might actually shoot something, considering that animals are less attentive during this time. I was going to blame the blazing sun for not seeing properly, claiming that was the reason why I never arrived home with a trophy. Anything, just not to hear ‘I told you so’ from Carl. The fact that he was right about me not wanting to kill animals was beside the point. I needed to get away, and I had to at least pretend I was going hunting, because I knew it had a chance of pissing him off. Oh, well, never mind that it didn’t work. I was angry enough for both of us.




By the time I reached my favourite spot beside a waterfall, I was exhausted. I hadn’t walked for more than half an hour, but the excruciating heat took the better of me. Give me some rain, and I would flourish. I would dance, sing, even clap and jump up and down. But the heat is something I can’t stand. Luckily for me, normally nobody came to this part of the woods, so I could relax, and live out one of my fantasies. Carl would never approve. To him, sex had always been an in-out-in-out-puff job. He always said that I had as much time as he did, but I never laughed. It rather felt like the joke was on me.

I leaned my rifle against a massive oak’s trunk, then wondering why I was so desperate for company that I would end up with such a moron, I slowly lowered my skirt to the ground and stepped out of it. I still cursed under my breath, but the magic of the trees and the intoxicating scent of lavender soon made me forget about my not-so-charming prince. I stepped out of my flip-flops, gasping loudly when the velvety grass tickled my toes. I didn’t need a mirror to know I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I was always in my element in Nature, it simply captivated me with its beauty.

With heart pounding in my throat I got rid of my thong, too. My ‘I prefer animals to people’ T-shirt and sports-bra followed suit, scattering on the emerald grass. I glanced down for a moment, grimacing at the T-shirt. I started to figure out why Carl came with the whole animal-lover thingy. Yeah, I worked at an animal shelter, so what? It wasn’t like he gave a monkey’s ass about what I was doing, when and where. Why care now?

A gentle breeze made me shiver deliciously, and I decided it was time I enjoyed myself. I mean really enjoyed myself. The way you can only enjoy yourself when you are on your own, lost in the middle of nowhere. Yep, that’s how I could always find myself. The real me. The sexual being that I kept hidden, because Carl never wanted to meet her. Oh, well. I took the pink rubber band off my locks, letting my strawberry blonde curls caress my lower back. If I was proud of anything, it was my hair. Okay, that, and my silver eyes.

The only compliment I ever got from Carl concerned those two. I sighed, letting my eyes wander towards the crystal depths. The sound of water crashing against rocks, combined with the gentle humming of robins and a cuckoo, made me want to jump right in. What was holding me back?

Nothing, I decided, testing the waters with my left toe. It was cold, so sinfully cold, that I could feel my nipples harden just at the thought of it enveloping me in its silky embrace. God, how much I loved to swim. And there was that other thing I loved. I snickered, getting ready to plunge in, when a twig snapped somewhere behind me, and I nearly fell.

I had a nanosecond to decide whether I should duck and disappear into the water, or face whoever was behind me. Could it have been Carl? I wondered, but I seriously doubted it. This was someone else, and as my luck went, it was a guy, most probably. As if I didn’t have enough problems already, now I was facing a huge dilemma. I was sure that whether I was seen naked or not didn’t matter, nor did the fact that I didn’t want to be seen. I was here, despite Carl’s warning, and that was enough for him. How long would it be, before he talks to me again? Three weeks? Two months?

God, I nearly hoped it was him behind me. Mind that, even then I would have had to have that ‘talk’ with my man. Maybe there was still a way out. Carl didn’t have to know. If I acted as if I wasn’t stark naked, the other person wouldn’t notice it, either. Stupid, I know, but really, I was out of options here. Sucking in a deep breath I twirled around. I was so not expecting what (or rather who) was in front of me.

This male specimen was simply perfect. His alluring bad boy charm was oozing through the ether. What oozing? He could have worn a neon sign saying: ‘I’m the most handsome eligible bachelor in town, and you are in trouble’. Even if he wasn’t available as such, I would have wanted to make myself available for him. I wanted to scold myself, to remember that I had a loving fiancé at home, waiting for me. Okay, he wasn’t always that loving, and he probably still hadn’t noticed that I was missing, but still. He was mine, and I was his.

But this guy? He was something else. What was it about him that took my breath away, without him having to say a word? Was it his long black hair that framed a perfectly shaped face? Or was it his chiselled jawline, or his arched black brows? Maybe his sapphire gaze that held me captive. I was sure that if I wasn’t naked already, I would have dropped everything (including my jaw) at his sight. Okay, I might have drooled a little. Fine, a lot. I mean, seriously, what a man! Compared to Carl’s sandy hair and dull brown eyes, this guy was a Hercules. He reminded me of dark castles, vampires and the sort. God, I never even knew I was attracted to this kind of thing! Well, clearly, I didn’t know myself as much as I thought I did.

Mr Long Hair cleared his throat, shuffling his feet in the grass. I glanced down at his black riding boots, then my gaze travelled up his shapely legs, clad in white tight pants. I tried not to look at his crotch, but he seemed to have noticed me. Or rather his dick. Very much so, in fact. I gulped, forcefully tearing my gaze away, concentrating on his shirt instead. Bad idea! The burgundy material was buttoned down to his silver-spotted black leather belt, letting me get a very good glimpse of his tanned six-pack. What the hell was he, a super model? Or rather a ninja, having sneaked up on me like that while I was… Oh son of a…

My Eve costume popped to my mind, and suddenly I was too aware of the bulge in his oh-so-tight pants. What if the guy was a stalker, or something worse? I was half-expecting him to say something, and yet his voice came like thunder on a sunny day: unexpected, shocking and electrifying.

“By all means, don’t stop on my account.”

The husky voice was accompanied by a cocky grin and I searched the horizon for my gun. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to shoot him or myself that moment. But the rifle was too far from me, and also too close to him. I had to be careful what I replied, just in case. Should I plunge into the water, or should I keep standing in this awkward position? Either I had too few items of clothing on, or he had one too many. For the life of me, I couldn’t make up my mind, so I did the obvious. Shuffling my naked foot, I pushed around a white rock. Another bad idea, as I nearly lost my balance while doing so. Would he have caught me? Would I have let him?

“W-What are you doing here?”

I mumbled under my breath, suddenly finding the white pebble more fascinating than anything else in the entire world. It was so beautiful with soft brown lines and creases…

“Trying to capture all the beauty Nature has to offer.”

Was that irony in his voice? Or did he just invite me for a waltz? I glanced up from my Sisyphean task, just to meet his sapphire gaze. His eyes were twinkling at me like gems. I thought I was going blind. Wasn’t it enough for him that I couldn’t breathe, now I wasn’t going to see, either?

“I see. And have you found anything beautiful yet?”

Dumb question. His charcoal eyebrows shot up even higher, and his lopsided grin widened as he looked me up and down. I fought the urge to cover up my lady parts. I lost the battle, and he laughed as my hands shot out to save the day. The left to hide my erect nipples, and the right to mask the dripping between my thighs.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump on you, or anything.”

Oh, you won’t? Why was I so disappointed? Wasn’t this what I wanted to hear? I tried to mask my disappointment, I really did. I don’t think he believed me.

“Oh, that’s great, I guess. Well, if you don’t mind…”

I motioned backwards, hands still on my assets, hoping he would get it. Not that I wanted him to disappear, but then again, what other choice did I have? He was a stranger (a handsome one at that, but still a stranger), and Carl was waiting for me at home. Carl, oh shit…

“I do mind, actually.”

What?! His voice startled me, and I involuntarily took a step backwards. The mystery guy raised a hand in warning, but it was too late. With a loud splash I disappeared under the water. The ice-cold sensation cradled me, and I didn’t want to come up for air. But I was no little mermaid (unfortunately), so I had to face my fears and embarrassment. Well, at least the water was covering the parts of me I didn’t want him to see. My lungs were grateful for my decision, and I gulped on the fresh air eagerly, momentarily forgetting about my predicament. But I couldn’t enjoy the cool air filling my lungs for long, as a second splash sent ripples of water my way, and thus into my nose and oh-so-conveniently open mouth. I vaguely heard the long-haired guy from a distance. Wait, his voice came from closer than I would have liked.

“Are you alright?”

I glanced up, and to my utter horror, he was in the water, riding the waves in my direction. And he was damn close! For some reason I stayed put though until he reached me. It might have been the shock of the cold water, or fear that if I moved then something bad would happen (or something good). I wasn’t sure which scared me more. He placed a steadying hand on my shoulder, massaging gently, probably in an attempt to calm my nerves. Of course he achieved the opposite. His black hair was now wet, so wet that it looked like liquid charcoal. Damn, he looked even hotter like this. How did he do it?

“Define alright.”

He nodded, agreeing that I had a point there. He looked me up and down once more, but this time his eyes were searching for clues as to my condition. I sighed, waving his hand away.

“I’m fine, okay? You didn’t have to jump in the water to save me, I can swim.”

He didn’t have to know that I couldn’t think clearly when he was so close. Was it because he seemed to be so different from Carl?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. You know, when I startled you.”

It took me a few seconds to recall the incident, partly because I had better things to worry about. Like his burgundy shirt floating around him in the water, or his abs at arm’s length. I didn’t even want to think about what else was at arm’s length. And I was naked. Oh, boy.

“It’s okay, I get it.”

He took a step closer, and my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to duck again, disappearing into the water. But was that what I really wanted?

“Do you?”

His question left me speechless. How could a stranger care whether I understood his motives or not, when my so-called other half didn’t give a shit about me? I shook my head, feeling stupid that I even compared the two. I mean, how could I? I didn’t even know this guy.

“You know what? You are right. I don’t. And I don’t want to. All I want is take a swim, then go home to my fiancé. He must be worried sick about me.”

I bit my lower lip when the words were out, and a pang of sadness and guilt filled my core. I couldn’t explain why, but I regretted telling him about Carl, and I also felt bad for lying. What was the matter with me? A pair of sapphire eyes stared at me for a long moment, and I forgot to breathe. Then, as if nothing happened, he shrugged his shoulders, sending drops of water around us.

“Oh, I see. Well, I will leave you to it then.”

I wasn’t sure whether he was referring to swimming or my fiancé, but it didn’t matter. I lost appetite for both. When my mystery guy turned around, silently marching out towards the shore, I had to think fast. Was I going to apologize for being so rude? All he wanted was to help me, or so it seemed. But then, who wouldn’t want to help a damsel in distress, if the lady in question was stark naked? It didn’t take him long to climb out, considering that we were barely in the water, but it felt like it took for ever. His too-tight white pants clung to his ripped legs, and I wondered whether he would look good wearing a plastic bag, too. My guess was he would. For a moment, I pictured him in a similar outfit as the one I was wearing, and it made me break out in cold sweat. My nipples hardened some more, and I could feel my thighs moisten – and not because of the surrounding water. My inner turmoil however didn’t let me say a word, not even when he gathered his things and glanced at me, waving goodbye. That was when I noticed the camera. Why didn’t I see it before? Yeah, right, I was too distracted by his cute ass. I cleared my throat.


That was all I could say, and already it felt like I was choking on my own words. He stopped in his tracks for a moment, but then he continued packing leisurely. He wasn’t going to make this easy, was he?

“I’m sorry, okay? I might have overreacted. A bit.”

Now this caught his attention, but I nervously looked away. His blue eyes were too intense for my liking. But it wasn’t like I was hiding something, was it?

“A bit? Was that some kind of an apology?”

He raised a perfectly shaped charcoal brow, and the top-model idea came to my mind again. I pointed at his camera, and asked the obvious, cleverly changing the subject.

“What’s that?”

Okay, maybe not so clever. His gaze followed mine, and lifted the device up, looking at it closely. A mocking grin was playing at his lips.

“Well, you know, this is an object you can use to take pictures. A c-a-m-e-r-a. It’s a very neat thing, if you ask me…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence, having to jump to avoid the pebble I sent his way. My aim was pretty awesome. I could have easily hit him if I wanted to. Taking advantage of his shock and my newly-found confidence, I placed my hands on my hips, lifting my chin up in defiance.

“And this was a pebble. A p-e-b-b-l-e. A pretty neat thing, if you ask me. Oh, and have you seen my rifle yet?”

His reaction was so unexpected that I left my mouth open. He just grinned, walked back to me and held out a hand.

“How about we shoot each other then? Me with the camera, you with the rifle. Deal?”

I couldn’t say anything to that, just took his hand, and he pulled me out of the water as if I weighed nothing. But what surprised me even more was the fact that he didn’t stare. He turned around once more, making himself busy with his equipment. I was standing in front of him, in nothing but my pubic hair, and he didn’t even wince. If I hadn’t seen his bulge before, I would have thought that he didn’t find me attractive. Funny that this was my biggest concern right then. The cynic in me didn’t rest, of course. As soon as I was on safe ground, I asked:

“Oh, so you would even take pain for me, huh? How noble, considering you don’t even know me.”

He replied without glancing back, and I started to shiver. His voice was deep, husky and arousing. Very much so, unfortunately.

“I don’t have to know you. But I would take pain for you, yes, if that’s what it takes to get a photo.”

Oh, boy. Why was I feeling a tad bit furious that he didn’t come back at me with the usual line? I was sure he would say that he didn’t know me, but he would love to. But no, there was nothing usual about this guy. Not his charcoal hair that brushed his upper back, nor his sapphire eyes. Nor his manner. How was I going to stay loyal to my not-so-loving fiancé like this? I was sure I could resist temptation until this guy came along, but now? When I was sure he had something better to offer? Something I didn’t even know I couldn’t live without?

“So, is that all you want, a photo?”

I bit my lip, realizing that I didn’t want an answer. Not really. Because what I really wanted didn’t involve talking. What was happening to me? I took a step closer to him, lost in thought. He turned around too quickly, and I ended up falling head over heels for him - quite literally, as I ended up in his arms after losing my balance. Since when was I so clumsy? How pathetic – and yet, how convenient. His brows furrowed, and he pushed me away gently.

“What else should I want?”

I gulped, my heart plummeting to the sky.


I didn’t believe what I just asked in a whimpering voice, and neither did he. He pretended he didn’t even hear me.

“Do you want me to take a nude, or are you going to get dressed?”

Rejection stung. But I knew how to get back at him. I had never had my picture taken before. Well, not a nude one, that is. But an idea started to form in my mind. To hell with guys, both this and Carl. I’m gonna get the naughtiest picture I could dream up, and then I will say tata bye-bye to both. Sweet freedom, here I come. Without replying I turned on my heels, swaying seductively as I walked up to the tree trunk. I could only hope that Mr Long Hair was looking. And I bet he was. I reached down to grab my rifle, careful to give him the best view possible. He had to know what he was missing. God, Carl had to know, too. I would go home and shove the naughty pictures in his face before I left him for good, but first, I was going to have some fun. I glanced back over my shoulder, fluttering my eyelashes.

“Do I get to choose the scene?”

He nodded, firing up the camera. I stole a quick glance at his erection, and smiled to myself. This was going to be awesome.




I swear I could hear his thoughts as he was snapping away. Or were they mine? It didn’t matter, they made my cheeks burn nonetheless. I positioned the rifle in between my boobs and placing my finger on the trigger, I looked up at my gorgeous photographer. Boy, I was enjoying this, but so was he. He hadn’t said a word since our heated moment, and I wasn’t going to push. I just did whatever I felt like doing, and he took a picture in every position. Now I was standing underneath the waterfall, letting the velvety liquid cascade down my body.

Lead by a sudden thought, I started to rub the gun up and down between my mounds with one hand, while pushing the forefinger of the other into my mouth. And I sucked. I think he hissed, but I didn’t actually hear it from the deafening sound of water crashing against rocks. Another photo was taken, and I had a hard time masking my frustration. Moving the rifle down, I aimed it at my pubic mound. Still nothing. He didn’t even gulp, just continued to snap away. God, I knew I was going to snap soon, just in a totally different manner. I even considered taking him up on his offer and shoot his family jewels. That would serve him right. Too bad I had left the bullets at home. Another tiny detail I would have to account for, when Carl found out. If he found out.

But instead of shooting my not-so-charming stranger, I kept playing. I had to admit that being exposed like this made me wet. My inhibitions were slowly slipping away, and so was my reluctance. Moving the rifle up and down, I made sure it touched my sensitive spots. Every single one of them. Twice. I could even say it rubbed me the right way. Closing my eyes was my only option, the feeling of being watched while touching myself was too overwhelming. I wasn’t sure whether Mr Long Hair still cared enough to take pictures, but I knew I didn’t. If he wasn’t going to fuck me, I had to take care of it myself, didn’t I? It wasn’t like I could go home and ask my fiancé to do the job. He was probably still watching football and reading his newspaper.

Well, his loss. And besides, who said that this stranger’s presence prevented me from living out that fantasy of mine? If anything, it made me more eager to touch myself. There was just something hot and sexy in the way the water caressed my skin, the way it touched me in hidden and long-forgotten places. I needed this experience every once in a while. And, as it turned out, it was an experience I could share.

I grabbed the rifle, as if holding on to dear life itself, wanting the oh-so-longed-for climax to take over, and I moaned loudly, momentarily forgetting about my audience. Up until the moment the gun disappeared from my grasp. I glanced up, annoyed, just to be welcomed by a provocative sapphire gaze. One that set my blood on fire, his desire burning deep in them. That moment I was sure they provided a mirror image of my own lust. I inhaled sharply, raising an eyebrow. His ninja status just got confirmed. He took a step closer, not that he wasn’t close enough already. He surely wanted to make the distance between us non-existent. Funny that a silly joke popped to my mind right then. I was about to blurt it out, but luckily I managed to keep it to myself. I don’t want anything to be between us. Neither our clothes, nor air. Instead I asked:

“Enough of the shooting?”

His charcoal brows wiggled, and his eyes darted towards my lips as he leaned closer. I licked them in response, and he groaned.

“On the contrary, just getting started.”

I waited for our lips to touch, and I was sure it was going to be epic. But alas, he had other plans. Before I knew it, his camera blinded me and I stumbled backwards, disappearing under the waterfall. I’m not sure how, but the brutal liquid carried his laughter my way. Well, okay then. I did the most childish thing I could think of: I refused to come up for air. Soon realizing this was the dumbest idea ever, my eyes began to bulge and my heartbeat accelerated to the sky. I swallowed a gallon salty water, and precious air was slipping away from my lungs. Doubt filled me, and I wasn’t sure whether he would come to the rescue this time. Was I stubborn enough to drown if he refused to save me? Fortunately he proved to be a gentleman, pulling me out the last minute. I was sure my face took on an unhealthy purplish colour as I gasped for air.

I wanted to ask him what his game was, why was he doing this to me, but I didn’t have a chance. I guess he thought I needed mouth-to-mouth, because as soon as I was eye-level with him, his lips sealed mine in a scorching kiss. I wanted to scream, I wanted to tell him that I came up for air, not to be suffocated by a stranger’s tongue, but the words got stuck somewhere in my mind. Very deep.

He kissed me like he meant it, and I suddenly realized that he was way overdressed. I helped him out of his burgundy shirt, and watched bemused as the silky material floated away from us at an incredible speed.

“I guess we won’t be needing that.”

“I guess we won’t.”

He replied, cupping my right breast and nuzzling my neck, while I fumbled with his silver-spotted black leather belt. His white pants swam past his shirt, and we both giggled. We wouldn’t have that much fun hunting for them later, but then again, I had to explain why my rifle got wet in the first place, too. But who cares about the consequences, when a gorgeous guy is kissing them senseless under the most beautiful waterfall? Yep, me neither. He exhaled sharply onto my neck, sending shivers along my spine. Resting his forehead in the crane of my shoulder, he whispered:

“Aren’t we missing something here?”

I furrowed my brows, then shook my head.

“Nah, I’m on the pill, so you can relax.”

He chuckled against my neck, then buried his hand in my strawberry blonde curls, moving the other down to my left thigh. He yanked slightly, forcing me to look into his eyes as his thumb brushed past my clit.

“Glad to hear that, but wasn’t referring to a condom. What I meant was that we should introduce ourselves, don’t you think?”

To emphasize that introduction, he pressed down onto my sensitive nub, and the moon, the stars and all the constellations swivelled around my head. And here I thought guys just boasted when they said they would bring you the moon and the stars.

“Um, yeah, sounds overdue, actually. But if I’m honest, I would call you anything, if you kissed me like that again.”

And he did. Oh, boy, my insides were melting. When we both came up for air, he whispered between two ragged breaths:

“Eric. My name is Eric.”

What, like James Bond? My name is Bond. James Bond. I smiled at my joke, but of course, Eric thought I was laughing at him, so he quickly added, pulling at my hair gently once more:

“Now you will know what name to scream when I make you cum.”

As if by command, my inner muscles started to convulse, and he chose that exact moment to withdraw his hand from my clit. I gave voice to my disapproval, but Eric only laughed harder. Very well. I had a trick or two up my sleeve, too. Taking a deep breath I dived, looking for his shaft under the water. I grabbed it with both hands, then moved them up and down on its length, picking up a leisurely rhythm. I could almost hear his gasp, and I nearly choked when I spotted my rifle embedded in the sand. Should I just grab that and run? No way, there wasn’t a way out of this. Before my air ran out, I made sure to lick the tip of his cock, just to drive him a tad bit crazy. It was a funny experience, his velvety smooth skin mixing with the salty water, but it was totally worth it. When I emerged from the waves, I wasn’t sure which one of us was panting more. I shot Eric a cocky grin, licking my lips. He grabbed hold of my wrist, pulling me close.

“Not so fast, Eric. Aren’t we missing something here?”

Confusion spread on his face, and I could literally hear the wheels turning in his mind. It was priceless.

“No, not really.”

His smirk made me want to go back down for my gun, but splashing him had to do – for now. He chuckled, spitting out some of the salty water. Okay, he might not be a ninja, considering that he failed to evade my attack. He raised his hands in mock defeat and I supressed a chuckle myself.

“Okay, okay, fine, you won. So, what’s the name of this warrior princess? Ariel, perhaps?”

He made me laugh, but I wasn’t a quitter. I turned around as gracefully as the water let me, and headed for the waterfall, shouting back over my shoulder:

“Nah-ah, you need to earn that privilege. I will tell you if you catch me.”

But of course, I didn’t rush, remembering another joke. I giggled as I pictured the mouse girl telling the mouse boy before they played hide and seek: ‘If you catch me in half an hour, you can hold my hand. If you catch me in fifteen minutes, you can kiss me. If you catch me in five minutes, you can do to me whatever you want. And now I’m going to hide behind the cheese’. Since when was I in such a funny mood? I didn’t care. Eric closed the distance between us in an instant, and I squealed as a teenager when he lifted me off my feet and into his arms, kissing me on the lips briefly.

“Will you tell me your name now?”

I shook my head, and he dropped me into the water. I wasn’t expecting this, so it was my time to swallow and spit out some saltiness. But I didn’t want to get back at him this time. I watched in awe as he ran a hand through his long charcoal hair. The rays of the sun made him look like a sinfully hot demon straight from hell. He could have been the devil himself for all I cared. It was my turn to kiss him, pouring my all into that single motion, wrapping my legs around his waist. I heard him hiss, but he deepened the kiss, placing both hands on my ass cheeks and pulling me onto his cock. He was hard and thick, and I was afraid I was too tight from all those years of having sex only once in a while, but it seemed like he fit in perfectly.

His thrusts were tentative at first, but soon enough he started to set a more pleasurable pace. I moaned into his mouth when his cock rubbed against my sensitive spot, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head, the moon, stars and all the constellations returning once again. My knees buckled, and I held onto his hips with all the force I could muster, while my hands clasped around his neck. Lead by a sudden thought I buried my hands in his silky hair, enjoying the mixed feelings this was giving me. I never had sex with a guy that had long hair before, because I had always thought they were gay. Boy, was I wrong.

Mind that, I had never had sex in this position, either. Eric held my bum with firm hands, while pushing me up, then pulling me down onto his dick. He didn’t seem to get tired, and his strength turned me on all the more. Another thrust, and even the waterfall couldn’t mask my screams. I was high on his touch, and I never wanted to come down to earth. His cock just felt so right deep inside me, that I wondered whether there would ever be anyone else who could give me the same amount of pleasure. And I didn’t even know him.

I glanced into his sapphire eyes, and watched as they turn a shade darker, taking my breath away. I clenched my inner muscles around his shaft, and he thrust deeper and harder, until I cried out again as he buried his face in my hair, shooting his hot load into my wetness. My knees gave out, and I just clang there, hugging him tight like an idiot. But he didn’t seem to mind, silently caressing my hair. I would have stayed like that for ever, but reality kicked in. Something hard pressed into my tits, and it wasn’t his cock this time.

I giggled as I realized it was his camera. Reluctantly letting him go, I moved back a bit, staring at his dishevelled hair. Damn, he looked so hot, even more so than before. And nope, it wasn’t the sex hormones making me say that. There was something sinful, something even otherworldly about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. He aimed his camera at me once again, and I felt so shy suddenly.

“Remember, I wanted to capture all the beauty Nature has to offer. And right now, the most beautiful creature is in front of me. May I?”

I nodded, totally flattered. Was he saying this to every girl? He snapped a few photos, then showed me the pictures. We laughed at some, then I blushed at others. His hands were all over me, caressing my back, playing with my hair, touching my bum. I couldn’t keep my hands off him, either. Neither of us rushed to get dressed or swim to the shore. But there was only so long one could stand in the freezing water, especially if we weren’t doing anything to warm us up. We turned our backs to the waterfall, and my heart broke a little. Was I going to see him again? I doubted that. The time to say goodbye was coming too fast, and I didn’t like it. Not a tiny bit. I wanted to know so much about him, I wanted to tell him my life’s story, but I walked silently beside him instead, holding hands. Oh, God, I realized I hadn't even told him my name yet. I cleared my throat, and we stopped in the velvety grass.

"Ruby. My name is Ruby."

Did I have to go James Bond on him? But he just nodded and smiled, squeezing my hand.

"I know. It's as beautiful as you are."

I didn't have much time to think about what he said, as he quickly added:

“We should repeat this, soon. The shooting, of course.”

His grin said it all, as he brushed a curl of strawberry blonde hair off my shoulder, kissing the cane of my neck softly. I sighed, fighting back tears.

“Yeah, definitely. But how will we find each other?”

He smiled down at me, sapphire eyes twinkling in the sunlight.

“Just close your eyes, think about me, and I will be there.”

I wanted to believe him, I really did. A normal guy would ask for my number, or my Facebook, or something. But then again, he was no ordinary guy, and that was why I had given in to temptation. I nodded, closing my eyes. I don’t know what I expected, maybe that he would still be there when I opened them again. But alas, he was gone, and I was left alone to deal with my life. A previously unknown sadness darkened my heart, and it felt like I lost something I couldn’t live without. Tears of anger, frustration, pain and love stained my cheeks, and I rushed back to get my rifle and make my way home.




By the time I put on my flip-flops, it was getting dark and I shivered in my T-shirt and skirt. I looked around once more, trying to take in all the details, all the memories of our lovemaking, and that was when I spotted it. The camera was laying on the grass, its lens reflecting the disappearing light. I picked up the device, flicking through the pictures, and my heart clenched in my chest.

I had to try it, even if I felt insane. Kicking off my flip-flops I sat down onto the satin grass, looking around once more. A heavy sigh left my lips, and I closed my eyes. I pictured Eric’s royal features, his charcoal hair, his sapphire eyes, the burgundy buttoned-down shirt, the silver-spotted black leather belt, the tight white pants, the black riding boots, everything, to the tiniest detail. I could almost smell his cologne, one I would recognize from a thousand others. I could almost feel his touch on my burning skin, his hands in my hair…

“Missed me already?”

My heart skipped a beat as I glanced up into a mocking pair of blue eyes. He held out a hand, and I took it gladly, letting him pick me off the ground. I wasn’t sure whether I kissed him first, or if it was him, but the feeling was breath-taking nonetheless.

“You came back for me?”

I asked, with obvious hope in my voice. He raised a dark eyebrow, kissing me on the cheek.

“Nah, I just left my camera here.”

I smacked him gently in the chest and he laughed, pulling me close.

“Of course I came back for you. I felt so silly leaving like this. Can you forgive me?”

It was my turn to mock him. Reaching for the hem of my 'I prefer animals to people' T-shirt, I pulled it over my head, then tossed the material onto the grass.

“Only if we get to do some more shooting.”

And we did, for a few more hours. It worked. I thought about him, and he came back. After that fateful day, I sent Carl packing, and he didn’t mind. He was glad, actually. As it turned out, the guy was with me only out of a sense of duty. Oh, well, his loss. I got to keep the cabin in the woods, and he got to keep his finger-licking habit. Finally, it was a win-win.

Eric became my anchor, whenever I wanted to disappear from the world, I just went back to the waterfall, closed my eyes, thought about him, and whispered his name and he came. It was truly magical. Was it real? I would say it doesn’t really matter. Because, to me, this was the most real experience I have ever had. But I might tell you the secret one day. I might explain who (or rather what) Eric was. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy every single minute of it. And sometimes that’s all we really need. No questions asked, just pure enjoyment. I hope all of you will find your Eric one day. I know I'm glad I did.