The Buck Lick Fourth of July Barbecue and Hog Wrestle

Buck Lick is a small town in West Tennessee that still holds tightly to old traditions.  One of those traditions is the annual Fourth of July celebration.   Now, for a lot of folks any more, the Fourth of July is just another day they don’t have to go to work, well, unless they work at the Walmart in Jackson.  The people who work for Walmart have to work that day.  The Walmart employees who live in Buck Lick, all nine of them, don’t like that much and for a very good reason.  For the folks in Buck Lick, the Fourth of July is a big party that involves the whole town.  If they work at the Walmart in Jackson, they call in sick on the Fourth of July.

When I say the whole town gets involved, I mean the entire town and people on the surrounding farms– all five hundred and three people as of last count.  I guess we’re really five hundred and five, because that doesn’t include Cindy Jean Clemmons and Billy Joe Maxwell.  They were born after the last time we counted noses.  I don’t think that matters all that much.  They’re only six months old so they can’t do that all much participating.

The whole shebang starts off after lunch on the Fourth with the talent contest.  Reverend Dobbs, the minister down at the Baptist Church and his wife run that, and make sure all the acts and people are what the TV shows call “family friendly”.  Last year, they had to tell a couple of girls to change their costumes.  See, Margie Lou Davis and Elizabeth Ann Jacobs thought they’d dress up like girls in one of those teenagers-in-love beach movies and sing a song.  Reverend Dobbs let them sing their song, but he just couldn’t allow them to do it in bikinis.  

Well, the way I heard it was it was actually his wife, Margaret Ann, who stopped the bikini thing.  Margaret Ann is on the conservative side and thinks women should always wear dresses that almost cover their ankles.  I’ve never seen any more of Margaret Ann than her ankles, so I guess she practices what she preaches.  It’s funny that they’ve been married for fifteen years and still don’t have any kids.  I figure she doesn’t show the Reverend any more than her ankles either.  She just seems like that kind of woman.

I thought that was a real shame.  Margie Lou is nineteen and Jackie always jokes that she doesn’t know how Margie Lou can sit up by herself because her breasts are so huge.  Elizabeth Ann is also nineteen, but she doesn’t have big breasts.  What she has is an ass that’ll make any man stop whatever he’s doing and just watch.  Jackie says my tongue hangs out when I see Elizabeth Ann, but I don’t believe her.

Oh, Jackie’s my wife.  My tongue does probably hang out when I look at her.  Her breasts are as big as Margi Lou’s and her ass is …Sorry, but thinking about Jackie always make me lose track of what I’m trying to say.

After the talent contest comes the cake-baking contest.  All the single girls over the age of eighteen bake a cake and decorate it for the contest.  As the Sheriff of Buck Lick, I get to be on the judging committee.  The other members are Otis Ward, the town barber, and Walter Jeffries who owns the feed and seed store.  

We look at the decorations, then cut a slice out of each cake and have a taste.  We’re pretty professional about the judging process.  We always swish out with some of Mabel Jeffries’ iced tea to make sure the taste of one cake doesn’t interfere with the taste of the next.  We don’t spit out Mabel’s tea like they do on TV, but if those guys ever tasted Mabel’s sweet tea, they wouldn’t spit it out either.

About three in the afternoon comes the hog wrestle.  Estle Franks brings in a dozen of his market hogs and greases them up really good with some lard.  When all the young single guys in town are lined up beside the hog pen, Estle opens the gate and lets the hogs loose into a fenced in area put up by the Sportsman’s Club.  Those hogs weigh about a hundred and fifty pounds, and they’d be more than I wanted to tackle even if they weren’t all covered with lard.

The guys chase down the hogs, and the first one to keep ahold of one for at least a minute wins the grand prize.  The grand prize is the cake that won the cake baking contest, and the girl who baked it stays with the winner for the rest of the day.  It’s not what it sounds like.  I mean, if the girl really doesn’t want to be with the winner, she doesn’t have to, but most of them are good sports about it, guys and girls alike.

I can tell you that hog wrestle can sure make for some strange couples.  Four years ago, the cake-baking contest was won by Becky June Alders.  Now, Becky June isn’t beautiful, but she isn’t ugly either.  She’s just sort of plain in the face…well, a little plain anyway.  The rest of Becky June is what all young men dream about sometimes, and what some young men dream about all the time.

Becky June’s only about four feet ten, and I’d guess her at about eighty pounds soaking wet.  It’s where those eighty pounds are that had all the guys drooling.  Jackie says Becky June has what the women’s magazines call an hourglass figure and she says that means Becky June has big boobs and a wide ass.  

Now, Becky June’s breasts aren’t really all that big.  She’s just really small so they look that way.  I think Becky June knows full well what those breasts do to the guys because she always wears plaid shirts that are about two sizes too small.  She has to leave three buttons undone at the top because she can’t begin to get them buttoned.  I have to admit that deep cleavage she shows is pretty enticing.

 It’s the same with her ass.  It’s pretty small, really, but when Becky June puts on a pair of tight jeans, it’s like watching two baby pigs trying to get out of a burlap sack.  I know what all the young studs are thinking, because I think the same thing.  That’s what she was wearing that Fourth of July – tight jeans and a red and white plaid shirt.  

Once Estle had all his hogs greased up, all the young guys in town stripped off their shirts so they could show their muscles and chest hair, and lined up for the hog wrestle.  Estle let those hogs go, and you never saw such a ruckus.   There were hogs running everywhere with guys chasing and grabbing for them.  A guy would catch a leg and get dragged a few feet before the hog shook him loose and trotted off.  The guy would get back up, wipe the lard off his hands on his jeans and off he’d go again.  

I noticed one guy just standing there in the pen watching and grinning. Elmer Eugene Biddles is a little over six feet six, as big as a house and strong as a bull.  He earns his living down at the feed and seed store loading farmer’s trucks with animal feed and seed corn.  He loads fast because he carries two fifty pound sacks at a time, one under each arm.  He never impressed me as being all that smart, but then, Elmer doesn’t talk very much so it’s hard to tell.  He just grins all the time

Anyway, Elmer Eugene just stood there watching for a while, and then started walking into the mess of guys and greasy hogs.  I could see he had his eye on one particular hog because he kept turning in the direction that hog was going.    Pretty soon, one of the other guys grabbed that hog around the middle and held on tight.  The only problem he had was that lard.  The guy scraped it off with his chest and arms as the hog wiggled out of his grasp, and I’m pretty sure he got a good mouthful or two before the hog shook him lose and trotted off straight for Elmer Eugene.

When that hog got close enough, Elmer reached down and grabbed him behind the front legs and picked him up right off the ground.  Now, the hog wiggled and squealed a lot, but since he didn’t have any feet on the ground there wasn’t much he could do but wiggle and squeal.  Elmer just held on and grinned.  Randy Ray Masters, the man who owns the hardware store, ran up and started his stopwatch.

I’ll tell you it seemed to take forever before Randy Ray blew his whistle.  Elmer Eugene eased the hog down gently and patted him on the back when he ran off.  Randy Ray raised up Elmer Eugene’s arm and declared him the winner.  Elmer Eugene just grinned some more.

Randy Ray led Elmer Eugene up on the stage in the park pavilion.  Becky June was already there with her cake.  Elmer Eugene grinned at her and Becky June blushed, but she grinned back.  

Well, after the hog wrestle, the guys go home and clean up, and then come back for the barbecue.  The barbecue is really just a big potluck except the town furnishes the meat and the Buck Lick Sportsman’s Club is in charge of cooking it.  Cyrus McCain, the man who owns the grocery store, gets the town a good bargain on chicken halves and pork chops every year.  The Sportsman’s Club stacks up two rows of concrete blocks about three feet apart, lays down about a cord of maple logs right after lunch, and by about four, they have a bed of coals fifteen feet long between the blocks.  They use some grates made by Vance’s Welding over in Jackson and start slapping on the chicken and pork chops.  In about an hour, you’ll start to drool just by walking by that fire.  

The women of the town try to out-do each other with what they bring and they bring a lot.  The Fourth of July is about when gardens start to yield tomatoes, green beans, and other vegetables, and the women need to clean out last year’s canning to make room for this year’s.  There’ll be casseroles made from every vegetable you can think of, Jello molds full of berries, pears, apples and about anything else you can think of, and berry and sweet potato pies that’ll put you into a coma if you taste them all.

That year, I kind of lost track of Elmer Eugene and Becky June. Being the town Sheriff and all, I didn’t want to insult any of the women in town by not tasting what they brought.  Jackie kept looking at my plate and shaking her head.

“You keep eating like that and you’ll never be able to get close enough to me to do anything.”

I swallowed my mouthful of lime, pear and cottage cheese Jello salad and then grinned.

“You can always play cowgirl, you know.  You like that as I remember.”

Jackie smiled and patted my stomach.

“Just don’t eat so much you won’t want to play tonight.”

I knew what Jackie was talking about.  See, Jackie has a little quirk that nobody except me knows about.  She tends to get emotional about things sometimes, and that emotion turn into her being horny.  It can be a movie on TV or watching the Christmas Day Parade or something like that.   Once it got dark, the fireworks the Volunteer Fire Department always shoots off down by the river at the end of the Fourth of July celebration would have her emotional and then horny like it always does.

I promised I wouldn’t eat too much, but as soon as Jackie walked off to talk to some other women, I headed back to the picnic tables for a slice of Thelma Rose Parr’s raspberry pie.  Myra Lou Johnson’s cherry pie looked pretty good to, so I got a slice of that as well.

By the time it started to get dark, I was as full as a tick.  People started meandering down to the river for the fireworks display.  I had the honor of starting things off by shooting the town cannon so I meandered down there too.

The cannon sits down there by the river between the flag poles that fly the Stars and Stripes and the State Flag of Tennessee unless it’s raining.  The Legion Hall makes sure of that, and they keep that old Civil War cannon all shined up too.  I got down there just as they were loading it with a pound of black powder in a cotton sack.  Jesse Lee Johnson, the Sergeant At Arms, rammed it home, then stuck an ice pick down through the touchhole.  He pulled out the ice pick and stuck in about six inches of firecracker fuse, then turned to me and smiled.

“She’s all ready Sheriff.”

I waited until all the town was sitting on their blankets on the grass, then looked over at Ronny Joe Wimsey, the Fire Chief.  He nodded, meaning he was all set.  I used the punk stick he’d given me earlier to light the fuse on the cannon.  For about five seconds nothing happened, but that’s always how it is.  Once the fuse burned down into the black powder, the cannon made a huge boom and fire flew about ten feet out of the muzzle.  I saw the road flare Ronny Joe uses to light his fuses moving down the line of tubes he’d stuck into the ground.  He stopped in front of one and there was the flash of a fuse lighting as Ronny Joe backed quickly away.  Then came a heavy thump and a trail of gold sparks as the aerial bomb flew into the air.  A few seconds later, the sky erupted in stars of red, white, and blue.  The people assembled on the park lawn erupted in a chorus of “OOOO’s”

I thought the fireworks display that year was really great.  It was full of aerial bombs that painted the sky with clusters of stars of different colors or things that looked like flowers.  Some even had pinwheel things that whistled. In between the aerial bombs, Ronny Joe touched off some waterfalls that lit up the crowd with brilliant white light, and a few pinwheels that whistled as they spun faster and faster and then finally exploded with a loud bang.  The end started with an American Flag done in fireworks, and as soon as it was lit up, Ronny Joe touched off a display on each side of that flag of stars, explosions, and roman candles that must have gone on for at least two minutes.   I figured that two minutes was worth about two hours before Jackie would let me go to sleep.

Jackie and I were walking back to our car when she tapped me on the arm and whispered, “Look, over there”.

The lights of the parking lot lit things up just enough I could she she was pointing at Elmer Eugene and Becky June.  He had her sitting on the hood of his pickup and that made her face just about even with his when he was standing on the ground.  Becky June had her legs spread so Elmer Eugene could get close enough, had her arms around his neck, and they were kissing up a storm.  

It knew it was bad of us to watch, but it was kind of fascinating.  Becky June sort of disappeared when Elmer Eugene wrapped his arms around her.  We knew she was still there because we could see her face against Elmer Eugene’s but that’s about all of her tiny little body that showed.  Well, she did wrap her legs around Elmer Eugene’s waist, so we could see those too.

Jackie pulled on my shirtsleeve about then.

“They’re having fun.  Let’s leave them to it and go have some fun of our own.”

We went home then and, well, it was a pretty unusual night.  We got home and Jackie headed to the bathroom.  Now, that’s not unusual at all because Jackie goes a lot.  She always laughs and says three kids gave her a bladder the size of a walnut.  

What was unusual is that she yelled at me after about five minutes.  She usually likes her privacy because if I’m in there with her I won’t leave her alone.  This time she said she wanted me to come in.

I opened the door and there sat Jackie, naked as the day she was born, on the vanity counter.  She spread her legs and said, “Come kiss me Babe.  I wanna feel what Becky June felt.”

Now, Becky June still had on her jeans when we saw them, so I didn’t think Jackie was going to feel the same thing, but there she sat with her big soft breasts and dark brown bush calling to me.  I walked up between her spread thighs, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her.  Well, Jackie can kiss you like you wouldn’t believe, and this time wasn’t any different.  She had her lips locked against mine and her tongue was starting to try to find mine when I felt her hand rubbing the front of my pants.

Being the mostly normal man that I am, my cock paid attention and stood up.  Jackie kept rubbing it until it was starting to get uncomfortable and then pulled away and grinned

“I want you to fuck me right here.”

“Well, OK, but we’d be more comfortable on the bed.”

“Nope, I know Becky June was feeling his cock and I want to feel yours.”

“They still had their clothes on, though.”

Jackie unbuckled my belt buckle and then upbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

“Yes, they did, but the aren’t married.  Now, get your little deputy out and make me feel good."

I’m happy to say my little deputy did his duty a couple times that night.  The first time was with Jackie sitting on the vanity like she wanted.  She just spread her legs wide until I was all the way inside her wet little pussy and then wrapped them around my waist.  

It was a first for us, and it was kinda neat.  All I had to do was stand there and play with Jackie’s big breasts and stiff nipples while she used her legs to push my cock inside her.  When she eased up, I did have to pull it back out of course, but she seemed to like being able to push it in slow or fast.  It didn’t take her long before she put her arms around my neck and started pushing at the same time she pulled with her legs.  

I’ll tell you, that was something else.  Jackie was leaning back and holding herself in place with her arms around my neck, and I don’t remember ever being in her so deep unless she was riding me.  I think she felt the same thing, because she started telling me about it.

“Oh, God, did your cock grow when I wasn’t looking?”

“No, not that I know of.”

“Your so deep…oh God…I’ve never felt it like this before.

I chuckled.

“Want me to stop?”

Jackie rocked her hips up over my cock and then moaned.

“If you do, I’ll shoot you.  Faster now, Babe.  I’m almost there.”

Well, I stroked faster, fast and hard enough I scooted Jackie across the top of the vanity and had to pull her sexy ass back to the edge.  She came a little bit later with a little, long moan and some writhing of her hips that wouldn’t let me hold back any more.  She was still writhing when I’d shot my last and was just standing there trying to breathe.

Well, that did my deputy in for a while, so I practiced some creative fingerwork while I nibbled Jackie’s nipples.  That was after I convinced her to get on the bed.  She sat down on the edge, rolled herself onto her back and spread her sexy legs again.  She grinned when I crawled up beside her.

“You got anything left?”

“No, but if you’ll give me half an hour, I will.”

Jackie sighed.

“A whole half hour?  I need it again, now.”

I slipped two fingers in her slippery pussy.

“Maybe you’d settle for this for half an hour?”

“Mmm…I could.  Is that all you’re going to do to me?  I might need more.”

I leaned down and nipped Jackie’s right nipple and she gasped.

“Oh yeah, more of that…and pull.”

Well, I overestimated my recovery time a little.  After Jackie had cum again and left a wet spot on the sheets, my cock was standing tall.  As soon as she stopped panting, Jackie felt for my cock and giggled when she found it.

“He’s all ready again.”

“Yes, but you do that to me, you know.”

“Lay on your back and I’ll show you what else I can do to you.”

Watching Jackie ride me is one of my favorite things.  Watching what she does while she’s getting ready is almost a great.  I suppose most women would just grab a man’s cock, move it around until they found the right place and then sit down on it.  Jackie’s done that before and it’s really nice.  Lately, though, she’d been doing some things that would guarantee I’d be rock hard and ready.  She straddled me and spread her legs and then stretched her pussy lips out and…well, I guess you’d had to be there.  That isn’t gonna happen, by the way.  I’m keeping Jackie all to myself.

Anyway, once she had everything where she wanted it she just sorta eased herself down really slow like.  When she had about half my cock inside her, she squeezed it with her pelvic muscles.  

“Like that, Babe?”

“Hell yes.  If you do that very many times, I’ll be cumming before you’re ready.”

“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?  I’ll take it easy on you.”

Jackie lowered herself another inch or so and I felt her tighten up around my cock again.  I groaned and Jackie giggled.

“I read how to do this in a magazine down at Sadie’s salon, but I didn’t think it would work like the article said it would.”

“Well, it’s working too well.”

Jackie sank down the rest of the way and then started bobbing her tight pussy up and down over my cock.  She didn’t need to squeeze it to get me where I was going way too fast.  It didn’t help my efforts to keep myself in control when she leaned down, pushed her right nipple into my mouth and whispered, “Suck…hard.”  I did, but I was thinking about what kind of new lawn mower I’d buy to finish out the summer with.  That was the only way I could keep myself in control.

That lasted until Jackie groaned and started grinding her pussy lips into the base of my cock at the end of every stroke.  She started squeezing my cock again, too, and I was losing it fast.

“Jackie, slow down a little.”

“Nope.  Rub my clit and I’ll be there with you.”

She was after half a dozen little strokes to the swollen, wet, slippery tip.  All I could do was lay there while Jackie rocked up and down and gasped out the orgasm.  I felt my cock lurch as the first shot splashed inside Jackie.  After that, I couldn’t tell much except that I was humping into her rapid hip strokes as fast as I could.  

Jackie finally collapsed on my chest.  When my cock slipped out of her, she rolled to my side and put her silky thigh over mine.  Then she giggled.

“I wonder how they’d do it?

“How who would do what?”

“How Elmer Eugene and Becky June would have sex.”

“Well, I suppose like everybody else does.”

Jackie giggled again.

“He’d mash poor Becky June flat if he was on top of her.”

“Maybe she’ll ride him like you just did me.”

“That’s the only way I can see they could.  I wonder how big his cock is.”

“Why?  You thinking about giving him a try.”

Jackie slapped my arm.

“You know I’d never do anything like that.  It’s just that he has really big feet.”

“Well, everything about Elmer Eugene is big.  That old saying is a lie anyway.”

“I hope that’s the case.  If his cock is as big as the rest of him, he’ll split her up the middle.”

“Jackie, they were just kissing and you’re thinking like they’re already married.”

She just laughed and then explained.

She said Becky June works down at Sadie’s Beauty Parlor.  I guess working isn’t really the right word.  Sadie’s teaching her how to be a beautician so she’ll have someone to help once in a while like before holidays and weddings and such when the town women want to look their best.  Becky June has to stand on a box because she’s so short but according to what Sadie told Jackie, Becky June is a natural.  Sadie also told Jackie that Becky June and Elmer Eugene had been seeing each other for a while.  It hadn’t been actual dates; Becky June just went down to the feed and seed store when Elmer Eugene took his lunch break and they ate their lunch together.  

Well, that made sense of something I’d heard at the barbecue.  Estle told me Elmer Eugene didn’t enter the hog wrestle until after Becky June won the cake contest.  I guess he knew he could win it, and didn’t want to spend time with another girl.

Elmer Eugene and Becky June got engaged a couple months later, and they were married the first of June the next year.  Jackie and I were invited to the wedding.  It was about like all the weddings are in Buck Lick.  All the women cried through about three hankies and the men kept pulling on their buttoned shirt collars so they wouldn’t feel like they were choking.  Everybody had to laugh at the end, though.  When Reverend Dobbs said, “You may kiss your bride”, Elmer Eugene reached down and lifted Becky June up under the arms, kissed her and then put her back down on the floor.

I saw Elmer Eugene about every day after they got back from their honeymoon.  There’s always a few farmers down at Walter Jeffries’ feed and seed store playing checkers or just sitting and talking because Walter keeps a big jug of his wife’s sweet iced tea in the refrigerator and it’s free.  I usually take a walk down there every afternoon for a glass and to listen to the conversations.  I think I told you about Mabel’s sweet tea.

Well, anyway, I saw Elmer Eugene about every day. He still didn’t talk much, but he seemed to be grinning a lot more and a lot wider since he and Becky June got married.  I figured I’d be grinning too.  If everything about Becky June was as small as she was on the outside, well…

They’d set up housekeeping in a house out in the county that Becky June’s daddy owned.  It wasn’t much of a house, just a cabin really, but there was just the two of them and they both worked during the day, so I suppose it was big enough.  

The east property line of that property is Sunfish Creek.  On the other side of Sunfish Creek is the Buck Lick Township park.  Harry Lee Jacobs, the township road commissioner, keeps it mowed and the local Four-H club built a small pavilion and some picnic tables for people to use.  It’s a nice, quiet place to go on a Sunday afternoon for a picnic.  Jackie likes picnics, so we headed out there the third Sunday in July.

Jackie’s chicken salad sandwiches and potato salad were really great, and I ate a little more than I probably should have.  I was getting ready to stretch out on a picnic table for a nap.  Jackie wouldn’t have any of that though.  She wanted to take a walk and she said it would do me good to get a little exercise.  I laughed and said I thought I was getting a lot of exercise in bed.  Jackie smiled.

“That’s not enough to work off what you just ate.  Come on, get your lazy butt up.”

Now, Buck Lick Township Park is a small park, so there’s not much of any place to walk except down by the creek.  The Four-H club cut a trail that wanders along the creek bank so it is a pretty nice walk.  There are a couple places where you can fish too, but there weren’t any other cars in the little parking area, so I figured we were alone.  It wouldn’t really have mattered if we weren’t alone.  That trail kind of winds through some trees that hide the creek from anybody in the park, so even if someone else had been in the park, they wouldn’t have seen us.  

As soon as we started down the trail, I squeezed Jackie’s ass cheek.

“Wanna get nekkid and have some fun?”

Jackie grinned.

“Like we used to before the kids?”


“That might be fun, but we’re supposed to be taking a walk, remember?”

I cupped Jackie’s big left breast and squeezed.

“We’re walking aren’t we?”

“I think I’ll just stay dressed until we get home.  If you’re a good boy, I’ll make it up to you then.”

I hadn’t been down by the creek yet that year, so I didn’t realize the Four-H club had been doing some more trail work.  In this one spot, they’d cut all the brush away and made another place to fish.  That spot happened to be just across the creek from Elmer Eugene and Becky June’s cabin.  Just before we got to that cleared spot, Jackie grabbed my arm and stopped me.  Her voice was a whisper.

“Look, over there between those two trees.”

Well, Elmer Eugene had been doing some lawn work as well.  He’d mowed all the way from the house down to the creek and we could see their back porch.  We could also see Elmer Eugene and Becky June on that back porch.

Now, ordinarily I’d have kept walking and yelled “Hey Elmer Eugene” and waved when we got into the clearing.  I didn’t think either Elmer Eugene or Becky June would appreciate that right then though.  They were both naked and Becky June was jacking Elmer Eugene’s cock.  Well, at least she was trying to.

Jackie whispered at me.

“Look at him.  He’s huge.”

I guess in Elmer Eugene’s case that thing about a man’s feet and his cock is true after all. Becky June had to use both hands to get all the way around it and it still looked a little soft to me.  Becky June knew how to fix that, though.  She leaned down and kissed the head of Elmer Eugene’s cock.  It lurched and got stiffer.  She opened her little mouth then, and tried to get her lips around his big cock head.  She couldn’t, really, but what she got in seemed to make Elmer Eugene really happy.  He reached over and lifted Becky June’s bare breast and then worked his fingers down until he was holding her nipple.  

That wasn’t the least bit hard for him to do even though Elmer Eugene’s hands are pretty big too.  Becky June had the longest nipples I’d ever seen, not that I’ve seen all that many.  Elmer trapped that long, thick nipple between his thumb and index finger and squeezed it flat, then pulled it up and out.  Becky June moaned around her mouthful of cock and started jacking Elmer Eugene a little faster.

I heard Jackie catch her breath then, and looked over at her.  Her face was flushed and her eyes had this sparkly look that they always get when she’s horny.  I reached over and cupped her breast, and then squeezed.  Jackie shivered a little, looked up at me, and grinned.  Then, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.  The big breast in my hand sort of slipped out of the bra cup and I had to find it again.  Jackie shivered again when I felt her stiff nipple poking my hand through her thin tank top.

Once I’d slipped my hand under Jackie’s top and was rubbing her nipples, I looked back at Elmer Eugene and Becky June.  Elmer Eugene’s cock was standing tall by then.  Becky June had leaned back in her chair and scooted her little ass down to the edge so Elmer Eugene could get his finger in her pussy, and he was stroking it in and out.  

I slipped my hand off Jackie’s breast and down the front of her shorts.  When I eased my fingers under the waist band of her panties, Jackie put her arms around my neck and spread her legs.  A second later I was probing the patch of hair on her pussy to find her clit.  When I did, Jackie sort of sagged into her arms for a second and she stifled the gasp she made.

I don’t think Elmer Eugene and Becky June would have heard Jackie if she’d yelled.  Elmer Eugene took his finger out of Becky June’s pussy and scooted down in his chair just like she had.  Becky June stood up then, threw one sexy little leg over Elmer Eugene’s, and straddled him.  She reached between them found his swollen cock and guided it between her pussy lips, and then tried to sit down on it.

It was an amazing thing to watch.  Becky June pushed down and then started wiggling her little ass around.  Elmer Eugene’s big cock slipped in a little and then stopped.  Becky June raised back up, then pushed back down again.  After a lot of wiggling and with Elmer spreading her ass cheeks, she got a little more inside her.  

About then, Jackie unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, then pulled down her panties.  I moved my finger lower and slipped it between her pussy lips.  She was wet, wet enough my finger slipped inside her with almost no effort on my part.  Well, Jackie took care of the effort by pushing her pussy over my finger.

While I moved my finger in and out of Jackie’s wet pussy, Becky June kept trying, and after a couple of minutes, succeeded in getting all of Elmer Eugene’s cock inside her.  From where I stood, it looked like she was stretched out awful tight, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She just put her hands on Elmer Eugene’s shoulders and started bobbing her tiny little body up and down.  

She’d raise up until it was almost out, and then sit back down.  We heard Elmer Eugene groan a couple of times and I could understand why he would.  If my cock was sliding into anything that tight, I’d have groaned too.  I looked down at Jackie.  She’d put one hand under her top and I knew she was pinching her nipples.  I slipped another finger inside her and felt her body jerk.

Well, we watched Becky June ride Elmer Eugene’s cock for what seemed like a long time.  I don’t know how he held out as long as he did because once he started sucking Becky June’s long, stiff nipples, she started stroking a lot faster.  After a while, Elmer Eugene started raising up to meet those strokes, and each time he did, Becky June would moan really loud.  

I knew Jackie would be moaning too if we’d been alone.  She was wetter than ever and starting to push her pussy into my hand with every stroke.  As it was, she kept quiet and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

About that time, Becky June shrieked and slammed her little body down over Elmer Eugene’s cock.  She started to shake all over, but most of the shaking was her pussy rocking over Elmer Eugene’s cock.  He groaned a couple of times, and then raised up off the chair and started stroking in and out of Becky June.  She shrieked again just as Elmer Eugene groaned and lifted her a little higher.  He made three quick thrusts as he came and then eased back down on his chair.  Becky June kept riding him as she panted out her own orgasm.

That’s when Jackie came too.  She buried her face in my chest and started to hump my hand.  A second or two later, her body jerked, then jerked again, and I felt her weight settle on my shoulder.  When I touched her stiff clit, Jackie jerked, grabbed my hand and whispered, “Let’s go home.”

Well, the rest of the afternoon was pretty neat even if I’d been expecting it.   As soon as I closed the door, Jackie put her arms around my neck, gave me one of her “fuck me until I can’t move” kisses and dragged me off to the bedroom.  I sort of lost count after the third time she came.  I have a really good excuse though.  It’s really hard to count when your cock is being sucked until it’s hard enough for another round.

I didn’t see Becky June again for several months, but that was pretty normal.  I don’t get down to Sadie’s Beauty Parlor very often.  A man in Sadie’s would seem almost as bad as a man in a ladies restroom, at least to some of the women who go there.  Almost all the women in Buck Lick have gardens too, and they tend those gardens like they tend to their children so they don’t have a lot of time to go shopping.  I figured Becky June was doing the same after she got off work so she didn’t stay in town.

When I finally did see her in late October, it was pretty obvious she and Elmer Eugene had been having a great time.  Becky June needed a wheelbarrow for her tummy.  I counted the months on my fingers and came up with five months since the wedding.  If she was only five months pregnant, she’d be needing help at eight.  She grinned when she saw me staring.

“What’s the matter, Sheriff? Haven’t you ever seen a woman who’s expecting before?

“Well, yes, but usually they’re bigger…well, what I mean is the woman herself is bigger.  You’re so little…well you were before.  You’re what - four months, maybe five?”

“Almost five the doctor says.  I guess I am kinda big, but I’m doing fine and I’m so happy.  Elmer Eugene is about to bust he’s so proud.”

“Well, I’m happy for you both.  You tell Elmer Eugene I said Hey, OK?”

Becky June waddled off toward the feed and seed store then, and I went home for lunch.  While I chewed my tuna salad sandwich, I told Jackie I’d seen Becky June.

“She looked like she was hiding a beach ball under her top.  I don’t know what she’s gonna do in three months.”

Jackie just laughed.

“She’ll do just what I did – she’ll waddle around and need help to stand up.  You remember, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.  I also remember you being in the mood a lot.”

“Well, that was the hormones.  Sometimes it works that way.  Aren’t you happy it did?”

“Oh yeah.  Say, I don’t have anything on my schedule for this afternoon.  What say we see if those hormones are still working like they did then?”

Jackie grinned.

“My hormones are just fine, and no, we can’t.  I have to clean my kitchen this afternoon.   You go back to being a Sheriff.  We’ll talk after dinner.”

We didn’t really talk much after dinner.  I just asked Jackie if she thought Becky June was still riding Elmer Eugene’s cock like we’d seen that day or if they’d changed to another position.  She just chuckled.

“I don’t see how they could keep doing it like that because we couldn’t.”

“Yeah, I remember.  That’s when you figured out you like it from the back.  I’ll bet from the back he could still get that big cock in all the way.  Becky June’s ass still isn’t very big.”

“Not like mine, is that what you’re saying?”

I stood up and walked over to the kitchen sink where Jackie was rinsing off our plates.  I cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed.

“Jackie, your ass is fantastic. If you’ll put those dishes in the dishwasher, I’ll show you just how fantastic I think it is.”

I slipped my hands under Jackie’s top then and fondled her big breasts through her flimsy, everyday bra.

“I’d love showing you how fantastic these are too.”

“We didn’t have dessert yet.  I made a chocolate cake.”

I stroked my way down and then under the waist band of Jackie’s jeans.

“The cake can wait.  This is the dessert I want right now.”

Well, we did eat that some of that cake.  It was two hours later, but it was good.  My first dessert was better though.  Jackie seemed to like it as well.  She liked it three times in fact.  I guess her hormones are still in good shape like she said.

Well, the Fourth of July is almost here again.  We’ll have the same big party as we do every year, and like every year, some guy who can wrestle a hog will get to spend the day with some girl who really knows how to bake a cake.  Those couples usually don’t end up like Elmer Eugene and Becky June, but you never can tell.  

Oh, by the way, Becky June had a boy – six pounds and eleven ounces.  Jackie says she was lucky he was so small. Ricky Ray Biddles is two now, and he’s big enough to look almost three.  Becky June sort of blossomed along about her seventh month, and those big breasts gave little Ricky Ray everything he needed to grow like a weed.  

Becky June is pregnant again, and this time she looks about the same except those big breasts didn’t seem to get smaller once Ricky Ray started eating real food.   She told Jackie she feels as big as a cow, and then giggled that her boobs are as big as a cow too.

Well, whatever happens this year, I know I can count on two things – I’ll eat way too much and Jackie will get all worked up during the fireworks display.  I figure the two or three hours it’ll take me to get her settled back down will take care of the extra pie and cake I eat.  

I’ll have to think of some way to work off the rest.  Jackie has been teasing me about my belly.  It’s not that big, at least I don’t think so, but she read this magazine article over at Sadies Beauty Parlor that said men with big bellies tend to cum too fast.  I don’t think I have that problem unless Jackie does that cock squeezing thing with her pussy, but Jackie is Jackie so I need to do something.  

Maybe if I start running around the house every day before I go to work…no, I need a better reason than that to run.  Maybe I can convince Jackie to strip naked and run around the house so I can chase her.  Yep, that’d work, and I’ll tell her she’d be losing that weight she’s always worried about.  Now, she doesn’t need to lose any weight, but she’s a woman and women always think they do.  Once I catch her, I’ll show her that she’s just fine like she is.  Knowing Jackie, I’ll have to show her at least twice…maybe three times if I’m lucky.