A Biting temptation

Info vampgirl
05 Jul. '17

They were rolling around like two wrestling foxes in the woods, but Brandon escaped her grasp and ran. They were in the middle of nowhere, in a cabin deep in the woods, and Faith had found someone who matched her. Someone who would not let go in a fight, and was just as stubborn as her. This made their love-making all the more troubling. She saw him standing there, his back facing her. He was staring out the window like an puppy awaiting his master. She knew who the master of their relationship was. She liked the way he would follow her every beckon and demand. She stepped forward for a moment and saw him turn to look. She was faster than him as well, a newly turned vampire was always slow with their senses at first. Hiding she waited for him to find her, yet the time never game. She looked around the corner to see he was no longer there, a spike of fear went through her spine and she swallowed hard. Suddenly, she felt the impact of his chest against her. She was on the ground, his hands holding her down and his teeth finding her neck. Biting down she felt the spike of adrenaline and energy pump through her. She smiled and moaned as she rolled on top of him.

“You are getting better, and harder.” She smiled as she saw his intentions.

He rolled himself back on top of her and pressed himself against her, the feeling of anticipation grew inside her like a spinning ball. She wanted more. He held her hand down on the soft carpet but she could still lift up her chest. Bringing her head to his neck she bit down as hard as he could, his body started jolting and released her.

“Still can’t fight that, can you?” She said and bit him once again.

She could feel his shudder of pleasure, he liked the biting as much as she did. However, for him the pleasure was still so raw he could not control his body. He bit at her as well. They rolled around touching, biting, and holding each other. Their clothes found the floor and soon their cold bodies were cooling the carpet with their skin. Brandon was shaking, she could see his eyes were sharp with desire.

“Bite me.” Faith told him, and placed his mouth on her hard breasts.

He obeyed like a good lover, and she began to command him further. Their skin on skin contact was making her eager to begin. His fingers traced along her back and down the curvature of her hips and thighs, grabbing firmly at her he pulled her legs apart and worked his mouth down her leg. She felt the rapid bolts of pleasure the closer his mouth went closer to her center. Teasingly he, just as he was about to begin his decent into her, he returned to her face and turned her head. She felt the internal pulling for him, she no longer just wanted more, she needed more. Brandon was growing in his strength and ability, she could ask him to do anything and he would do it.

“Against the wall.” She said, she did not even have to explain it further.

He slammed her hard against the wall, she felt herself fall into it slightly and the cracks of wallpaper could be seen behind her. He pulled her down onto him, and she could feel how body being to erupt. It started as a small orb of pleasure. She felt it twist and turn with each bite and pump he gave her. Though the feeling of love was the strongest of them all, as a second passed or even a minute, she could see him staring deep into her. He was not searching for anything, he was not looking for what she wanted or needed. He was only looking at her. It was as if he had nowhere else to look, nowhere else he wanted to look. She was enough. She was the light at the end of the tunnel. Since he would no longer die, he no longer had to worry about what could happen. She shivered as she felt her body weaken from his touch, each moment was surpassing the last in feel-good emotions.

“To the roof.” She told him in a whisper.

She thought he would ask why, or at least give her a confused look. That was not the case. He carried her in his arms like a babe, and climbed through the open window onto the roof. He placed her on her back and bit at her neck one more time. The sky was bright blue, the tops of trees were in the corner of her eyes as she looked up to the open world above her. The air smelled of pine trees and sap, but Brandon smelled of lust and vanilla shampoo. His brown hair was going in every different direction, and his eager eyes looked at her awaiting her next order of business. She would never tire of playing this game, and with the lifespan she had, it was a good thing.

“Love me.” She commanded, and let her hands wrap around his back.

And he did. She knew he would have no trouble when it came to it. He placed himself in-between her legs, and kissed her softly on her chest and neck. Their bodies intertwined like weeds dancing in a garden, their hearts were connected by the soullessness of their core. When making love to a vampire Faith knew one thing was certain. It did not matter where or how it occurred, the only important thing was that once the love was made. It would be in her memory forever. With Brandon’s teeth and lips finding their way along her cold skin, she knew she would not mind having this memory forever.