Picture Perfect

Info silverhawk
08 Jul. '17

The photography business has been a little slow since the advent of digital cameras and their later incorporation into cell phones.  There’s a pickup at the start of school for senior pictures a little better than the guy who takes yearbook photos can produce, and again at prom and graduation times.  Weddings bring in some business, but the time involved in photographing a wedding makes the cost pretty high for a lot of couples.  They’ve started relying on a brother or uncle to record their special day.

I own ‘Picture Perfect’, a studio in the suburbs, and I while I was keeping my head above water, things could have been better.  Some of the other studios had closed, but I liked being my own boss.  All I needed was something to fill in the low spots and I’d be doing OK.

The digital camera boom also spawned another industry – websites for people who like displaying themselves to other people.  One day as I was looking at one, I wondered if there were any women out there who’d like pictures just for their husband or boyfriend.  

Next door to my studio is a hair salon.  I figured there was no better place to find out than there.  I’ve known Virginia, the owner of the salon for several years.  She’s talks to lots of women every day, I figured she might have heard about something like this.  As it turned out, she had.  After a few cups of coffee and one dinner, we had a plan of sorts.  Virginia would tell the women she thought might be interested about my studio, and I’d make up some brochures for her to put in her salon.

The brochure I worked up required some sample photos, so I went looking for a model.  That was harder than it sounds.  My samples had to be of a real woman, not the slender, ravishing girls created by advertisers and magazines with the liberal use of an airbrush.  I got about a dozen responses from girls just like that before almost giving up.  When it looked like I wasn’t going to find a model, I told Virginia I might have to postpone my plan.  She just grinned.

“How ‘bout using me?”

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to ask her before, but she was perfect.  Virginia is a pretty woman with a figure I like – round and soft in all the right places.  Though the loose pants and tops she wore at her shop didn’t reveal much, she looked to have a pretty nice body.  At around fifty, she was also old enough to show more mature women they can still look desirable.  We decided to do her photo shoot the next Sunday.

I was setting up my lights when she came out of the changing room in a robe.

“This is harder than I thought it was going to be.  Nobody’s but me and my cat’s seen me undressed in a long time, and Rufus doesn’t care what I look like as long as I feed him and change his littler box.   You won’t laugh when you see me will you?“

“Only if you say something funny.”

She untied the belt on her robe and let it fall open.

“You said to bring some sexy undies.  Are these sexy enough.”

The light blue teddy with matching bikini panties was a whole lot more than just sexy on her.  Virginia’s hips were deliciously wide, soft, round and absolutely hot, and her breasts…Well, the teddy wasn’t sheer, but it didn’t have to be.  Virginia wasn’t huge in the breast department, but she was nicely endowed. The air conditioning in the studio had caused her nipples to stiffen into two firm bumps on the front of the teddy.

I took about a hundred shots of Virginia in various poses.  Some were not revealing at all.  They were shots of her face and chest down to the top of the teddy, and made her look soft and innocent.  Some were of her stretched out on the twin bed I’d installed in the set.  The black spread I put on it contrasted nicely with her pale skin and the light blue satin and lace.  I tried to get a selection from mysterious, to sensuous, to erotic.  I figured that would cover what most women would like.

My offer to pay her was met by Virginia shaking her head.

“Nope.  Just give me a copy of the files.  I want to put some of these on my dating site.  Maybe they’ll get some great guy’s attention.”

It took a week to put the brochure together and get it to a printer, and two more days to get the thousand copies I’d ordered.  A hundred of these went next door to Virginia’s salon.  

A week went by with no responses, then about five one night, a woman walked into my studio with one of the brochures in hand.  I guessed her at about forty, and she was really cute in her shorts and tight top.  She had a few extra pounds maybe, but she wore a wedding ring and I figured those pounds were left over from having kids.  I asked if I could help her.

She took a deep breath.

“Can you take pictures of me that look like this?”

“Sure.  That’s what I’m here for.”

“And they won’t go anywhere else, just to me.”

“That’s in my contract.  You can sue me if they do, but you have my word they won’t.”

Marylyn signed the contract and we set her appointment for three the next afternoon.  I also went over a few things from my brochure that would help her pictures look better.

“Put on your makeup like you were going to a party, and especially your eye makeup.  Your eyes will be a focal point of the pictures. I can ask Virginia to help you with that if you need it.  

 “I have a changing room in that part of the studio you can use.  If you want lingerie shots, bring a selection.  Since I’m taking digital pictures you can see what an outfit looks like right after we take the pictures and change it if you’d like.

“We can do anything from street clothes to totally nude.  It’s your choice, but the less you have on, the more things will stand out.  If you want total nudity, you shouldn’t wear any underwear the day of the session.  That way, there won’t be any strap or elastic marks on your skin.”

Marilyn came in the next afternoon carrying an overnight bag.  She was obviously embarrassed to be there, and blushed when she asked if she should get undressed.

“Let’s just get you warmed up to the idea that you can look sexy first.  Then we’ll see how far you want to go.”

I took twenty or so shots of Marilyn in several poses, and even the loose jeans and sweatshirt didn’t take away her natural charm.  Instead, they gave her a very soft, very innocent look that contrasted erotically with her smile and sultry, dark eyes.

She looked at the samples, then looked at me, and grinned.  

“You can make me look sexy, can’t you.”

“It’s not anything I’m doing.  It’s just the way you are.  Do you like these, or would you like to try something a little bolder.”

She grinned again.

“Brian isn’t gonna believe it when he sees these.  I want to try bolder…a lot bolder.”

She came out of the dressing room wrapped in one of the big beach towels I keep there.  She was nervous again.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.  Do I just take off the towel and you take pictures or what?”

I tried to stay professional, but the shape that towel was wrapped around was making it difficult.

“Let’s take it in stages again.  You can ask to stop any time you get uncomfortable.  Try laying down on your stomach on the platform.  That’s right.  Now, just pull the towel up over your bottom a little so the curve of your hip just shows… little more…little more.  That’s perfect.”

I snapped the shutter, then snapped it again.  The picture looked pretty erotic to me and I told her so.  She looked at it, then blushed and said, “Let’s do some more…with more of me showing.  I want Brian to get a real surprise.”

And so it went for the rest of the hour.  Marilyn walked out of my studio with a big grin on her face.  She’d not really shown the camera much of her body, but she didn’t have to.  The poses and lighting accented all the best parts of her figure and her face gave the pictures the erotic quality she was after.

Two weeks after I gave Marilyn her pictures, I was suddenly inundated with requests for appointments.  According to Virginia, the photos had made a huge impression on Brian.  

“I tell you, Harry, Marilyn can’t stop talking about what she and Brian are doing since she gave him those pictures.  Last week, it was sex on Saturday afternoon on the kitchen table and on Sunday he bent her over the couch…twice.  This week on Monday night he stretched her out on the chaise lounge in their back yard and, as she put it, gave her the licking of her life. Marilyn said the neighbors called the cops after her third orgasm.  Thought something was wrong with her.  Oh, and she doesn’t wear clothes in the house anymore.  She says Brian likes her to be ready all the time.”

The first was Hazel.  She was about fifty and blushed a bright red when she said she wanted some photographs of her girls.  Her girls were large, round, and had little pink nipples that got wonderfully stiff as soon as they saw the air in the studio and stayed that way until we were done.  Hazel looked absolutely delicious to me.  I hoped her girlfriend was going to think the same thing.

Then there was Jackie, about thirty and divorced.  She made no bones about the fact she was going to post the pictures on an adult website.  I’m sure the pictures I took were going to get her lots of offers.  Her nipples must have been half an inch long after she played with them a little. If I’d have been a few years younger, I’d have made her an offer right then.

It was amazing what these women would tell me once they got over being nervous at displaying their bodies to a perfect stranger.

“Jim hasn’t screwed me for a month.  He just keeps looking at porn on his computer.  Maybe he’ll look at these and I can get laid once in a while.  If he doesn’t, I may be coming back to see if you’ll do me instead.”

“I’m going to leave one of these laying around the next time my neighbor, Lisa, comes over for coffee.  She’s been saying some things about bi girls lately, and I want to see if she’d like to play sometime.”

Then there was Sadie, a seventy-two year old with silver-grey hair and a body that looked  a lot younger.  She’d been an avid swimmer and hiker all her life, and all those swimming and hiking muscles were still in great shape.  She wanted the pictures to show her boyfriend, who happened to be only sixty-six.

“I’ve been telling him I want to have sex with him, but he says that’s not why he’s dating me.  I think he’s just embarrassed that he won’t be able to.  I’ve been after him to get some of those pills they keep advertising on television.  Maybe these pictures will make him get some.”  She giggled.  “ I wish he would, because I’m spending a small fortune on batteries.”

My photography business was making money.   There was even some repeat business, mostly from the women who’d had only lingerie shots done and had become brave enough to go further.  I didn’t expect that Virginia would be one of them.

“Can you take some pictures of me again, Harry?  I’ll pay you for them this time.”

“Sure, but you can’t pay me.  I still owe you for modeling for me.  Have any luck with them, by the way?”

“One thousand, four hundred and eighty seven offers to screw me ‘til I pass out, and still counting.  Most of them are young guys.  Now, what the hell do I want with a twenty year old kid who doesn’t know my love button from my big toe.”

“You’re a good looking woman.  You must have gotten some better ones.”

“Yeah, married ones looking for something new to screw once or twice and single guys who either want to tie me up or are too fat to reach..well, you know what I mean.  Then there’s the guys from England, or Germany, even Russia.  “Must be willing to travel”, they all say.  Come on…do they really think I’d fly over there just to get laid?”

“So why more pictures?”

Virginia grinned.

“Well, there is this one guy I’ve been talking to.  He said some nice things about my pictures, and didn’t brag about how much his big you-know-what would fill me up.  I want some special ones to give to him.”

“Have anything in mind?”

“Something sexy…something that says I want him, but not sleazy.  You’re a guy.  What pictures would tell you that?”

“How about coming over on Sunday afternoon and we’ll see what I can do?”

Virginia walked through the door of my studio at three carrying a small bag.  I’d only seen her in something other than her uniform once before, and that was when she wore the light blue teddy.  She was sexy in that teddy, but nothing like she was that afternoon.  

Her bare skin covered by some satin and lace had been exciting.  The sleek, black dress that dipped low over a deep cleavage and hugged her full hips was mesmerizing.  Just as hot as the dress were the black nylons and shiny, black high heels she wore.  All that was accented by freshly done hair, deep, mysterious eyes, and a sensuous splash of pale red lipstick.

“Damn, Virginia.  You clean up really nice.”

Virginia grinned.

“I hope my special guy thinks so.  So, how do you want me to pose?”

I took some pictures of her dressed that highlighted her seductive cleavage, and some with the hem of the dress pulled up in progressive amounts.  When she pulled the dress up the last time, the pantyhose I’d expected to see were actually stockings with lace tops secured by the straps of a garter belt.  In that picture, her smile went from pretty to wicked, and the whole picture was one of erotic sensuality.

We moved on to Virginia in just her black lacy bra, black lacy panties and the black garter belt.  It was when I noticed she’d put the panties on over the garter belt that I stopped trying to get my cock to relax.  Virginia noticed.

“If my guy likes these pictures as much as you seem to like taking them, he’s gonna be on my doorstep the day he sees them.”

I tried to play dumb, but Virginia just laughed.

“You can hide everything but that tent in your pants, Harry.  Don’t worry, I like that I could do that to you.”

I took a couple more, both with her on all fours, one facing the camera and one of her lace clad ass that made my cock rise another half an inch, then asked if she wanted some more.

Virginia shrugged her soft shoulders.

“Well, I want to make sure he sees the real me, and there’s still part of me covered.”

Virginia turned away from me, pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and slipped her arms out, then pulled the cups down off her breasts, turned it around and unclipped the band.  She stood there for a few seconds, then took a deep breath, and eased the panties down over her hips with that little hip shuffle women seem to always do.  When they hung up in the little gap between her thighs,  Virginia just stepped sideways a little and pulled them down her nylon-clad legs, then tossed them on top of her bra.

When she turned around, she had covered her breasts with one arm and placed a hand over her mound.  She looked up at me with a nervous smile.  Before she could say anything, I tripped the shutter on the camera three times and grinned at her.

“I think your guy is gonna love these pictures.”

“Thanks, Harry, thanks so much.  I was afraid you were gonna laugh or make a face when you saw me.  I’m not twenty anymore.”

“Virginia, I’m a long ways from laughing.  You’re just…”  I cleared my throat so I’d stop talking and think about why I was there.  “Well, what should we do for the next pictures?”

We took three shots of Virginia on her hands and one knee with the other leg stretched out behind her.  Her breasts hung down in the way that really sets my clock ticking.  The left one was just a little smaller than the right, but both were beautifully rounded with small nipples that had grown taut in the cool air of the studio.  I wanted to have them in my hands more than anything in the world.

After that, I asked her to lie on her back and raise the leg furthest from the camera, then raise up on one elbow and face me.  It was a picture that would turn on any man unless he was blind or rock dumb.  After I clicked the shutter once, I saw something that would make Virginia even more enticing for at least some guys.

“Virginia, did you bring a comb with you?”

“Yes, why?”

“Can you comb your hair for me?”

Her hand went to her head.

“Is it all messed up?  I’ve been in some funny positions.”

“Not that hair.  Your other hair…down there.”

She blushed.

“Never done it before, but I guess I can.  The comb’s in my bag over there.”

I brought her the comb and watched as she carefully ran it through the dark brown curls.  They’d become matted by her panties but the comb made them rise into a soft mass of curls sitting on her mound.  She giggled a little.

“Never knew men liked hair there.  Most of the women I see on my dating site are shaved.”

“Some of us do. I kinda like some hair there especially if it’s fluffed up like you are now.  Can you go back to the last pose?”

Two days later, I walked over to Virginia’s salon and gave her the package of pictures and a disk with the digital files.

“I don’t know who your guy is, but he’s going to be a really happy man when he sees these.”

Virginia smiled that wicked little smile again.

“I hope so.  He’s been a little slow to realize that I like him.  I’m hoping these’ll bring him around to something more than just talking.”

I had several more women come in for pictures during the rest of the week, some just with their clothes on, some in their lingerie, and one full nude session with a husband and wife for posting on one of the swinging sites.  Seeing him slide his cock into her in front of my camera was hot.  Watching and hearing her cum right there in my studio was almost more than I could take without joining them.

On Monday evening, just as I was getting ready to leave, an envelope slipped through the mail slot on my front door and landed on the carpet with a soft plop.  I opened it and unfolded a picture, one of the pictures I’d taken of Virginia.  Written across the bottom was a note.

“I didn’t know how to tell you, so I did this.  You’re the special guy.”

I started to go next door to Virginia’s salon, and when I opened my door, there she was, in her uniform and looking at the sidewalk.

“Virginia, did you just drop this envelop off?”

“She looked up at me, but she wasn’t smiling.  She looked a little afraid.

“I just didn’t know how…I mean, we’ve talked a lot, and I decided I like you and wanted to…but we were always talking about your business and I couldn’t figure a way to say anything. “  She dropped her eyes again and started to turn.

“Virginia, come inside.”

I closed the door behind her and flipped the sign to “CLOSED”.

“You had me take all those pictures so you could give them back to me?”

“Uh-huh.  It seemed like the only way.”

“I feel like either giving you a good spanking…or making love to you for the rest of the night.”

Virginia slipped the loose top over her head and let it fall to the floor.  She was naked underneath.

“If you spank me, just don’t spank too hard, OK?  Think that bed in your set would hold two?  I combed my hair…like you said you like.”

Somehow, I never got around to that spanking.  Virginia’s baggy uniform pants ended up, along with my shirt, in the doorway to the set.  She really had combed the hair at the top of her thighs.  If she hadn’t undone my belt buckle and pulled down my jeans, my cock would have started to hurt.  By the time we got to the bed, I was shuffling along with Virginia stroking my cock and with my jeans around my ankles.  I pushed her gently back onto the bed and finished taking off my clothes.

I couldn’t believe Virginia was the same woman I’d spent so much time talking with.  She was all exploring hands and lips and her body responded to my touch in ways that amazed me.  Stroking her breasts brought me a throaty moan and a light squeeze to my cock.  Kissing her nipples made her arch her back and press her breasts tighter against my face.  When I parted her lips with a fingertip, I found a slippery wetness.  When that fingertip touched the little hood over her clit, Virginia gasped and tugged on my cock.

I began making little circles around the firm little button hiding under that hood, and Virginia gasped, then arched her hips into my hand.  I guess it must have been a while for her, because her hips began to rock rapidly and she groaned, “Oh, God, Harry, I’m there.  Don’t stop…oh – God - don’t - stop.”

Virginia cried out when the first wave hit her, and I felt a flood of her juices coating my fingers.  I kept up my little circles until she squeezed her thighs tight around my hand.  She took a few deep breaths, and then giggled.

“I’m sorry Harry.  It just felt too good to stop you.  I’ll make it up to you.”

She pushed me back on the bed, and kissed her way down my belly.  Soft fingers closed around my rigid cock and began to stroke the length again.  Virginia stopped nibbling around my belly button and repositioned herself.  I couldn’t resist running my fingertips down the separation between her hips.  She shivered when I pushed gently on her tight little rosebud, then pushed back a little and moaned.

I felt her left breast settle onto my belly at the same time her lips closed around the swollen head of my cock.  She nibbled a little, then slowly sucked it in between her lips.  Her tongue swirled over the tip just before she began taking me deeper.  She stopped when her lips reached the hand that stroked my shaft, then slowly dragged her warm wet mouth back up to the head.  When I slipped two fingers between her slippery wet lips, Virginia’s body jerked and she moaned.  The vibration of that moan was fantastic so I did it again.  Virginia spread her thighs a little more, eased her bottom down over my fingers slightly, and sucked my cock deep enough I felt the head hitting the back of her throat.   

I was already close, and when Virginia swallowed, then swallowed again, she had me at the brink.  I whispered, “We need to slow down or you’re gonna make me cum.”

Virginia slid her wet tongue up my shaft, then around the head and that same throaty moan slipped from her lips.

“Mmmm.  Not yet Harry.  I want you inside me when that happens.”

She turned around and threw one satin-soft thigh over me, reached between us for my cock, and positioned it at her entrance.  I watched as my cock head separated her long, slender lips, then began disappearing as Virginia impaled herself.  At the snug little ring just inside her entrance, she closed her eyes and rocked her hips gently up and down.  The feeling was amazing, and it seemed Virginia thought so too.  Her mouth opened slightly and she exhaled slowly, then her little pink tongue licked slowly over her upper lip.

That was about all I could take and started to lift my hips to push deeper inside her.  Before I could do that, Virginia took a deep breath, and slowly sank down over my length until her wet lips spread out over the base of my cock.  She stayed that way for a moment, her eyes still shut and her breathing slow and raspy, then began riding my shaft.

With every stroke, she drove my throbbing cock deep inside her, so deep that I felt the head sliding into a snug, warm, wet place that seemed to suck on it when she raised up.  I was on the way to cumming, and she had me getting there fast.

I caught her swinging breasts, one in each hand, and squeezed gently, then rubbed her nipples.  Virginia gasped out a hoarse “Yes” as she slammed her body down over my cock.  I rolled them between my fingertips and then tugged on them a little.  Virginia gasped again.

“Harder, oh Harry, harder.”

When I lifted her breasts by the nipples and shook them, it was enough.  Virginia cried out, slammed her body down over mine again, and began to shake.  That tight little ring just inside her lips squeezed my cock over and over as contractions raced through her passage.  A flood of fluid dripped over my balls a second before I came, and I came hard.

Virginia lowered her body onto my chest, her cheek against my shoulder and her breasts flattened between us.  I stroked her sides and butt cheeks and enjoyed the little waves that continued to shake her body.  When she could breathe again without gasping, Virginia sighed.

“I’d love to stay this way all night.”

“I suppose we could order a pizza and do just that.”  

“No, I mean with you inside me.”

I chuckled.

“Virginia, in case you’ve forgotten, guys are a one-shot deal, so to speak.  Things are gonna get pretty soft here in a bit.”

Virginia kissed me, her tongue licking my bottom lip and then searching for mine.  Then she raised up and looked into my eyes with a wicked little smile.

“Then I’ll just have to make those things get hard again, won’t I?”

Well, we did order a pizza, and we did stay in my studio all night.  I made us coffee the next morning, and after that, we just messed around for a while without really trying to do anything.  Virginia had to open her shop and I had an appointment for some baby pictures at ten.  She cleaned up in the bath in the studio and put her uniform back on.  At the door, she kissed me softly on the lips and then whispered, “I’ll come back tonight if that’s OK.”

She did, just as she’s been doing for the past few weeks.  On a couple of nights, we took some pictures for our new brochure.  We’re offering package deals now.  Virginia will do the customer’s hair as well as full body makeup if the pictures are going to be nude.  We’ve also done a larger selection of pictures I can show the customer if they need some encouragement or ideas about how to pose.  ‘Picture Perfect’ is doing great.  Virginia and I are doing even better.