Master File III

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06 Feb. '16

Master File 3

Trust is my gift to Master.

In retun, Master takes the gift and treasures it.

A true Master is there to advise and protect me, keep me safe. Help me to explore and discover my true self: submissive.



I wake up with the sun beaming through my Penthouse window, paid for by Master Stone, realizing my hand is inside my black silk panties, so warm and wet. The dream I had of my forbidden Master had made me cum in my sleep. At this point, I know in my heart that I can't contain my feelings any longer. My cravings for Llyon to take me are getting out of control. I need him to take me to that special place in my mind where only he knows how. It’s crazy how confused I am. However, I am sure of what I have to do.

It is at this moment that the newest Tiffany box Alexander had delivered over to my place catches my eye. Untying the beautiful silver bow, opening the tightly wrapped box no longer has a feeling of excitement for me. Because by now, two years into our Dom/sub relationship, I know what’s inside the box, more exquisitely delightful jewelry. Alexander charged his credit card to purchase them, but I paid the real price. Though the jewels don’t mean anything to me, much like the few millions I have accumulated in my bank account, thanks to Mr. Stone’s effective management of my funds, the tiny card that comes with the priceless teal blue box means so much to me. It is Alexander’s hand-written birthday wish for me.

In truth, I am looking for any redeeming value to our relationship. Anything from Alexander that would show his true feelings for me, that they are not stale bound to BDSM love alone. That perhaps there is something deeper, whereby his emotions have evolved to a level where he not only needs me to perform sexual kinks for his pleasure, but he also wants me in his heart.

I open the carefully-sealed envelope, certainly Tina’s attentive tongue licked it shut, to find the strangest note that says: “Trust in me enough to allow me to hurt you then trust enough not to hurt you.” It is strange for a birthday wish, though absolutely normal coming from Alexander, who has a true understanding of what the word ‘hurt’ means. By now, two years into our strained relationship, I have a vague conception of what he thinks it means. It indicates how much he loves me, without wanting me; how much he needs me, without desiring me at all; how much he enjoys me, without caring for me one bit. It’s in the pain that one can find immense pleasure. It’s in the sorrow that one knows true happiness. It’s in loss that one is reunited with the soul. It is the dichotomy of life.

Simply put, one finds the release to enjoy the pleasure.

You must wonder how I do it? How I take all of this pain? How I accept his devoted sadism? It’s simple: I am not a quitter. I will see this tortured journey through to its fitting conclusion. I will make millions more. I will create a safe space for myself. When I am ready, I will emerge from the dark trust I have placed in my rigid Master. One day, it will all be over. All of it. The lacerated fun, the guilty sex, the black-market parties, the furtive money, the prohibited love, the extravagant pain. Like judgement day, my days as Number One Stone Sub will be over. A true revelation of what my spirit had to endure. Is it the physical pain that was the worst? Not at all, Alexander is quite exacting. And you know what they say, no pain, no gain. It’s true. Is it mental abuse? Not at all. I can leave at any time. Just hand-in my resignation. I’m certainly well-off. And Alexander has even said that he would give me a substantial bonus, if I ever decide to leave before the end of my contract. All the while, making it clear that staying the course will mean much greater monetary rewards. He’s right of course. It’s just a matter of fact. He’s great as a financial advisor. Certainly, for a girl like me, who knows but the mere basics of investing. After all his best friend is Llyon Carls, multi-billionaire investment banker extraordinaire.

Yes, Llyon was the one in my dreams last night. And no, it’s not at all because of his wealth, nor his health, he’s well-endowed in more ways than one. His huge filling cock that makes my heart beat faster. I know, it’s dirty, but it’s also the truth. I love to feel him inside my wet-dripping cunt. It’s a fact. He makes me whole. Without him, I feel empty, sad, distraught, deeply unhappy, and stupidly whorish. Alexander doesn’t compare to him, in my eyes, because he uses me, takes everything I’ve got, and then some, ensuring I’m way beyond my limits, so he can enjoy those precious tears flowing down my face. They are the jewels he loves so much. He cherishes them. My tears are like a buried treasure that he uncovers. So precious to Alexander, he’ll give me millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry, just so I would keep submitting to his now-quite-sick punishments.

Are you curious what he does to punish me? Of course, you are. All so-called ‘normal’ people, who have never had perverted kinky sex want to know about it. I was like you, only two years ago. A virgin. In my mind, sex was about seduction, elation, a few contortions, and then orgasmic bliss. Sex was love. But now, I know better. Sex has nothing to do with love. Sex is spirit. Shocking I know, given that I get chastised in bed. It is a shock, at first. But then, if you stick with it, you reach an understanding that goes beyond Bourgeois sexuality. I know you’re judging me. You should know I don’t care. I’m not doing it for the money. And I’m no masochist. It’s not the pain that rules my world. I have learned to deal with it. My Master’s will compels me to do so. The real reason I submit to my Master is quite simple: he owns me.

No, not the fucking contract. I already told you. I have everything I need now, not to work another day of my life, and I’d still be ahead. You have to understand this feeling of complete surrender, where I give my permission for Alexander to use me as he pleases, is not a weakness, but a great strength. I am in control. He needs me. And I love him for it.

Now, you do have a point that Master Stone is not the best Master for me. And my dream from last night, confirmed my feelings for Llyon can no longer be ignored. I have to call him today. No matter, what it does to me, to Alexander, and to our relationship, business and personal, I am going through with it. I have to tell Llyon how I feel about him. And I know he will reciprocate. He recently broke-off his engagement to a European aristocrat, who is somewhat of a real Princess, probably with lineage to some Swedish royals. I know I’m the reason. I can feel it in my heart. Llyon is calling me to him. And, despite my devotion to Alexander, I can no longer resist. That’s it.

As I reach for the phone to call Llyon, my cell phone rings, and yes, it’s him. He came to me in my dream for a reason. He was in it. His spirit. It’s no accident. He was inside me last night. That is how deep the connection is. Stratospheric.

“Llyon, I dreamt about you last night. I was just about to call you too…”

“I know, sweetie,” he reveals, quite clear on who came to whom.

“I’m ready for you, now. Do you want me?”

“Yes, I do. You know that I do.”

“Yes. So how will I tell Alexander?”

“You won’t.”

“Then what?”

“I’m handling it. Soon, you will be mine. And mine alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Please tell him that I cared about him.”

“No need. He knows it all. I just have to get him to release you. Be strong, Jade.”

“I will be. Is he going to fight you?”

Llyon doesn’t answer me. It’s not my business, is it?! But I press him, I won’t be property anymore. I want to know what he thinks exactly: “Llyon, will he fight you?”

“Yes. Of course, he will. And I’m prepared for it. Your love is what’s important to me, right now. And you… are very important to me.” he states, with a possessive pause. “What time are you due at work today?”

“Like, now.”

“Go, Jade. I’m going to handle everything, this week. I have urgent work today. Alright?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“It’s Llyon.”

“Llyon, yes,” I smile.

“I love you, Jade,” he smiles back.

“I love you, Llyon.”


At work, I decide to stay out of Alexander’s sights as much as possible, and seeing that he was extra busy with three critical business meetings, this morning, I decide to leave my desk, which I normally never do because he might need me at any point. I go to Tina’s office, walk in, without knocking as she was ending what seemed to be a private call:

“Yes, you can, Sean… No, not the black one. I want you in white today… Good, boyyyy! … Okay, I will call you in a bit. Someone’s in my office… Don’t be so needy, Fucktoy! … That’s it.. Good.” And she hangs up the line, in his face.

“So, Sean is doing well?!” I inquire, coyly.

“Oh, he’s doing great. He asks me what he should wear, color, shape, even type of underwear, where he should go, what he should do, even what he should eat… It’s a lot more work dealing with a Sub than I thought, but I’m enjoying it.”

“Is it new for you too? I thought you’d had Subs before.”

“Slaves only, and they just do whatever you tell them. A Sub boy is more work, but well worth it. I’m loving the switch to a Domme, too.”
“I can feel your excitement,” I affirm, smiling.

“How are you, my dear? You’re not at your desk, what’s going on?!”

“I’m okay. Don’t want to be at my desk. Plus, Alexander has three back-to-back meetings, which I’ve planned right down to the minute, for the last month, so I am confident he’ll be fine. If he needs me, he’ll text me.”

“Really?! Wow. I’m impressed. You’ve come a long way, Jade Kelly! I like your new found independence. Are you sticking to it?”

“Oh, yes. To tell you the truth, I’m getting seriously tired of Alexander’s antics. Do you know, the other day, I caught him fucking the new girl, in his private office, and all he could say was that it’s not my business. And that I worry about my Sub status too much. It’s like he doesn’t realize, I don’t care anymore. Not the status, not the money, and certainly not the job.”

“Oh, honey. This sounds serious, indeed. Are you thinking of leaving him?”

“Yes, Tina. I am leaving him.”

“You are?!!” Tina sounded genuinely surprised like she didn’t expect this move from me, in a thousand years.

“Yes, I am. In fact, it’ll be settled this week.” I pause for a moment, unsure whether I can tell Tina about Llyon, but then my courage takes over, and I let out: “It’s Llyon!”

“Llyon Carls, Alexander’s all-time best friend?!!” she almost loses it. “Wow, now I understand why the job and the money mean nothing to you. Llyon is going to take care of you, to the tilt.”

“It’s not that. We are in love, Tina. And he wants me, for good. And anyway, I was never in this, for the money. I mean, not really. This has been a journey of discovering my true desires, and my real limits…”

“You have had a change of heart. Oh, sweetie, you need some time with me. Ask Alexander for the rest of the day off, I’ll get Jen to fill-in for you.”

“You know what I think I will.”

“Good. You and I can go to my place and have a day, just the girls. You won’t mind Sean. He’s very obedient.”

“Are you blushing? Wow, Tina, you’re really into him.”

“I am loving being a Domme. It’s so freeing. And the pleasure a Sub gives me, oh! my!!! No wonder, Alexander is addicted to you.”

“Yeah, well, he needs to get over that addiction.” I text Alexander, and surprisingly, he agrees right away, without any arguments or reservations of any kind. He is busy. “He says I’m good.”

“Good, let me get Jen to sit at your desk, in case he needs some urgent business handled.”

“I’ll text him!”

“She’s on her way. And we’re off,” Tina confirms, with a smile. She looks truly happy these days. There’s a glow about her. I can’t quite place it, but she is content.

When we get to her place, Sean opens the door, and immediately, takes Worship Position, kissing the tips of Tina’s shoes. Tina winks over at me, smiles at Sean, and calls him a good Fucktoy, then she yells at him: “Now, go! Make sure you clean the kitchen and bathroom.”

“I did that already, first thing this morning,” Slave Sean, reveals with a proud smile.

“Get that smile off your stupid ass face, go do it, AGAIN!!!” Tina winks twice at me again, while keeping an evil smirk on her face, so that Sean knows she’s serious.

“Yes, Mistress!” he grovels, then rushes over to the kitchen, getting the cleaning supplies, he seemed to have neatly put away, earlier.

“Go, bitch!” Tina yells at the top of her fine voice.

“Tina! You’re really getting into this…” I affirm.

“Oh, he loves this shit, believe me. It makes him hard, the Fucktoy!!!” she giggles like a schoolgirl.

“Wow…” I giggle too.

“Let’s go to my room. We’ll have a girl-on-girl talk.”


Once Tina and I are in her bedroom, she takes her work clothes off, but then she removes her lingerie as well, dropping them on the floor. I thought, maybe, she’s in the habit of changing into a fresh pair of undies in the middle of the day, but no. Tina stands there nude, making sure I get a good look at her beautifully toned firm body. She is beautiful, from head to toe, perfection. Then, instead of putting on some casual clothes, she walks slowly and seductively over to her bed, gets under the white covers, and gestures with her index finger, wiggling at me, to go to her. Surprisingly, my feet take me to her, without any fear or nervousness. Once I’m near the bed, I take her hand into mine, and I kiss it, much like I did with Alexander, on our first night together. Only this time, it’s not to apologize to her, for some weird offence, rather it’s to show genuine appreciation and love.

“You’re so beautiful,” I report, smelling her inviting perfume on her wrist.

“So are you, Jade. Take your clothes off, get into bed with me. You and I are going to have a girl-on-girl session. We deserve it.”

Without a thought about either Master Stone or Llyon, I undress, provocatively. Then, I get into bed with Tina, our lips locking in a passion, only two women can feel, together. Tina kisses my lips ever so gently, I feel like I’m with an angel. Once my face is flushed red, Tina begins to kiss my forehead, cheeks, chin, then nibbles on my ears, licking the caves of my ears. She spends a long time running her tongue up and down my face, licking me like I’m a Sundae. As my temperature rises, Tina kisses me on the mouth in the most passionate way I have ever experienced in my life. Then, she slowly moves down to my neck, being gentle, avoiding to give me a hicky. As she fondles my tits, I feel my pussy getting wet and excited. She looks into my eyes, squeezes my nipples, three times hard, taking note of how much pleasure I’m taking from this move. Then, she gets under the covers completely, diving into my pussy with her luxurious tongue, licking my cunt, sucking on my clit, and soon, fingering me with four fingers. I orgasm quickly. Tina comes up for air, smiles while looking deeply into my eyes. Then she says: “Let me bring Fucktoy in here. We’ll both enjoy him. He’s got a 12-inch cock, you will love.”

“But Tina… Llyon…”

“Llyon loves you. And he doesn’t have to know everything. Keep this to yourself. You deserve a little fun, Jade. You’ve been such a good girl, for the last couple of years, taking everything Alexander had to give. It’s time you let loose, let your bad girl out, and abuse Sean. I love sharing him, and watching him fuck my girlfriends. So, it’ll be a thrill for me too.”

“Wow, Tina…”

“Yes, wow, indeed. You’re going to have one orgasm after the next. He’s such a virile Sub bitch! I love using him. Just one thing, do not call him Sean. I don’t want his ego to surpass his erections. Call him Fuckslave, okay?!”

“Okay, I will. Fuckslave, it is for him.”

Tina gets out of bed, walks to her bedroom door, and yells at the top of her lungs: “Fucktoy! Get over here!! NOW!!!”

I hear Sean, hurrying to put his cleaning supplies away, back in the kitchen cupboards, I guess he can’t leave shit lying around. And he runs over to the bedroom door, taking Worship Position at Tina’s feet again.

“Get up! Get hard!! You have some fucking to do, SLAVEBOY!!!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Now, you better not come again! Or I’m going to give you the punishment of your life!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!!” her scream, even made me jump. Geez!

“No, Mistress! Of course, I won’t.”

“Good. Now, what are you?!”

“I’m your Fucktoy, Mistress.”

“That’s right. And for now, you are Miss Jade’s Fucktoy! Now, get over there and give her multiples!!”

Wow, I felt like a bad bad girl because I was so used to pleasing Alexander, being loyal to him, for so long. I never even flirted with anyone in all this time. Never looked at another man. And now, I’m taking Sean inside me, like it’s nothing. Like we’ve been having an affair for months. And I love the fact that he has orders not to come. I love getting fucked in the middle of the day, completely ignoring my duties and responsibilities. Completely ignoring Alexander, as he texts me, over and over again. He’s not used to me ignoring him. Soon, he calls Tina. Now, I know, she needs to answer Alexander, or he’s going to flip out.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover for you. Enjoy Fucktoy!” she signals for me to be quiet, with her index finger over her mouth, as she answers the phone: “Hi, Alexander… Yes, Jade is… sick… I had to take her home… Stomach flu, I think.. Yeah, some kind of bug. … Okay, I will call you, for sure. Do you need anything urgent? ...Okay ...Yes.”

I love getting fucked by Sean. I feel free. I am no longer a whore. I am woman. Hear me moan!!!

After our love session is over, Tina gives me one piece of advice: “Don’t tell Llyon,” she whispers in my ear as I was about to leave her sexy Penthouse. I nod, in agreement.


One week later, I am on a private plane with Llyon. His private jet. We are on our way to his medieval castle in Sweden. It is a ravishingly exquisite property, with breathtaking space and stunning architecture. It mirrors Llyon, almost exactly, except he has the most enticing ice-blue eyes you can imagine. And nothing gets by him:

“You seem different, Jade. Anything I need to know?”

“Yes, I’m happy. I feel free. With you.”

He smiles, having the instinct that it’s not the full story. Yet, strangely, he doesn’t press me. He allows my secret to remain just that, my own dirty little secret. I can still feel that Fucktoy up my pussy, quivering with pleasure. I hold back a flushed face and a little reminiscent moan.

“Soon, we’ll be home. You’re going to enjoy it, there.”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s so beautiful.”

“No more beautiful than you are, Jade.”

“Thank you, Llyon. You’re so gorgeous, yourself. I love you, truly.”

“I love you,” he smiles boldly, still amused by my illusive veiled secret. God, he has good instincts. He knows I’m hiding something. And he figures it’s sexual. But he doesn’t know exactly what it is. Still, he seems fine with it, confident in his place, in my heart and soul.

“So, how come Alexander allowed me to keep my funds? I didn’t expect that, at all. He had made it clear that if I quit, I would have to give up the money.”

“Well, you didn’t quit. He released you, right?!” Llyon affirms, proud of his winning strategy.

“Yes, he did. But how did you get him to do that? I’m curious to know.”

“Are you curious? Really?!?”

“Yes, I am. I’d like to know how you convinced him to release me. He was getting very attached to me, you know.”

“Yes, yes, I know… Of course, he would, you were very loyal, obedient, not to mention sexy and beautiful. As you still are, Jade.”


“Well, first, I am his best friend, so I was confident he wasn’t going to refuse me, even when it came to releasing his jewel Sub.”


“In any negotiation in life, confidence is key, you see?!”


“Next, I spoke to him, honestly and directly. I didn’t hide anything. I told him about our intimate, solo night, together.”

“You did? OMG, what did he say?!!”

“He wasn’t pleased. Quite angry, actually, but then, I expected that reaction from him. So I was ready for it. I kept my cool.”

“Okay, so confidence and cool. What else?!” I inquire, not bothering to hide how excited I am to hear how Llyon fought his best friend for me. Was it a dual to the death? For my love! No. Though close. Llyon attacked, and conquered, Alexander. Now, I’m his to have. Forever. His princess. Pride fills his being as he reveals: “I recorded it, want to hear?!”

“What the fuck?!! You recorded it? Why??!”

“First, for the record, as I know Alexander can have selective memory, when it suits him. Second, for my own personal interest, you’ll see I had to give him something for you. And third, I wanted you to know how Alexander truly feels about you. I know he never told you.”

“Wow, you did that for me?!!”

“Yes, your feelings are important to me,” Llyon reveals, quite intently. Then, he commands: “Let’s go inside, now.”

Inside his jet bedroom, Llyon wastes no time to undress me. First my silk red blouse and black lace bra hit the floor, then my tight black skirt and thong do the same. My new Master leaves my thigh high pantyhose and high-heeled Gucci pumps on. And he pulls on my left hand, with his right hand, facing me, staring fiercely into my eyes, walking back towards the anticipating bed. With a one smooth move, he takes his iPhone out of his left pocket, dials his password in, and hits play on the voice memo App.

“You’re going to forget him,” Llyon instructs. “I’m going to make you mine, once more.” Being such a recent slut, I didn’t know whether Llyon meant to forget Master Stone, or Slave Sean. “Listen to him, release you while I fuck you!” Oh, yes, he means Alexander!

Llyon remains fully clothed as I get on all fours on the bed. He pulls out his cock, and sticks it inside my slutty pussy, not caring who’s been in there last. The recording starts:

“You did what?” Alexander voice starts. “You fucked Jade, without my permission?!!”

“Yes,” Llyon voice confirms, quite unapologetically, frustrating to Alexander as fuck.

“When was this?” Alexander grunts.

“It was six months ago,” Llyon confesses further, still no apologies.

“Jade lied to me!?!”

“No, I did.”

“You told her to keep it a secret.”

“Yes, I did.”


“I didn’t want her to pay for my mistake.”

“Alright. What the fuck is this?”

“You know what it is. I want Jade to be mine.”

“Fuck no!” Alexander refuses as I accept Llyon’s cock slipping easily into my guilty cunt, fucking me into submission. He takes my collar out of his right pocket, puts it around my neck, showing it to me first. It says, simply: “Llyon’s” and I love it. My true master owns me. I am his to fuck senseless. And he does as the voicememo keeps flirting with my mind: “I’m not releasing her.”

“Yes, you are, Alexander.”

“Why would I?”

“You don’t want her,” Llyon states as he stretches my newly enslaved cunt. “I do.”

After a long pause, Alexander, finally, admits: “I love Jade.”

As I hear these words, Llyon slaps my ass, once on each cheek, my pussy gets wetter, I love the way he spanks me. “Good girl,” Llyon cajoles, as he begins to fuck me harder, placing a leash on my collar, pulling on it while he jumps me deeper, and way harder.

“I know you love, Jade. But you haven’t let her in. You keep using her, like a slave. She’s awake now. She wants me.”

“I won’t do it.”

“Yes, you will. I’ll give you what you want.”

“The castle?”

“Never, you know that’s been in my family for a century. So, forget that.”

“The loan?”

“Yes, the loan.”

“You said your board rejected it.”

“Of course, they did. It’s highly speculative.”

“And so?”

“So, I’ll guarantee you, personally. Then, they have no choice. It’s in their interest.”

“You’re going to personally guarantee a Five-Billion-Dollar speculative loan for Jade.”

“Did I stutter?” Llyon loses his patience with Alexander.” And with me, he slowly exits my cunt, sticking me in the ass. Fuck that’s good. “Say it,” Llyon’s voice orders on the phone.

“I release Jade,” Alexander contends.

My pussy is so wet now, Llyon knows it. He inserts his cock back inside my dirty cunt walls, and sticks my ass with a butt plug. It feels so good, I scream a happy wail. “Jade, you’re going to forget the other one too!” he roars, unhappily. Shit, how does he know?! God, I love him.

“Yes, Master,” I moan in pure ecstasy.

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