A Sexy Brunette Alone With A Ravishing Blonde

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10 Jul. '17

I stood in front of my five-foot mirror as midnight struck, wearing nothing, but a matching pink silk bra and thong set. I examined myself for a moment, until I peeked down and saw her reflection. I saw her right hand down her blue cotton panties as we only had a lamp for light.

I knew she could see my face, but her hand remained busy and her eyes stayed on me. My eyebrows drifted down and suddenly my thong became wet. My tongue slithered out onto my lips as I quit looking at myself and began gawking at her.

I couldn't stop as I was unclear what to think exactly, but I felt a few drops of my lady juice sliding down my legs. I just had a smile on my face and my right hand slowly made it into my thong.

I immediately felt my juice and my mouth opened up. I never saw her as a sexual woman, but as I saw her rubbing her clit, my bodily functions responded. I didn't masturbate myself, but then I saw her bring her hands to her back.

Her bra came off and her nicely sized breasts came into the light. I took a deep breath while I eyeballed her nakedness. She rubbed her boobs slowly with her head slanted down for a moment, but she calmly leaned it back up and glanced back at me.

She cheesed and then calmly rose to her feet. I saw her entire figure, but not a word was spoken. She stretched out her arms and legs for a moment and let her melons shake slightly. My fists clenched up and then she positioned her hands down on the sides of her panties.

I nodded right before she slid them down and became completely naked. Then she stood tall at six feet on my bed and put her hands onto her hips. My jaw nearly dropped and some drool fell out, as I eyeballed her bald pussy, which let out her juice as well.

Then I actually did start to rub my slit lazily. My other hand remained clenched and then my toes locked up as well. My entire figure vibrated slightly, sweat began to flow down and my eyes closed. My pointer and middle fingers dipped in between my lips, which caused more lady juice to leak out.

I began thrusting them and I had to bring my other hand to the wall. I held myself up and bowed the top half on my body down as I moaned somewhat. My lips ventured inside my mouth, while my head began to swing all around.

In no time, my pussy felt to be on fire and my mind was twisted. The concept of the whole thing was just so hot to me, I couldn't help myself, but to get off to her and love every second of it. Obviously, she knew the effect that came over me as she let out her own moans.

I hit the wall hard and it hurt, but it didn't matter. I let out a giant exhale, as cum bolted out of my cherry and leaked out of my thong. Some fell to the ground and the rest slid down my legs. I felt to be in a freezer suddenly as I tried to catch my breath. I leaned back up and opened my eyes.

I immediately shrieked as I saw her reflection and discovered she was standing right behind me. With a wet pussy, a rapidly beating heart and a giant smile with all my teeth showing, I turned around. We both took tours of each other's bodies for a moment, while still no words were spoken.

I had seen it all before: her blonde hair, medium sized tits, flat stomach, beautiful smile and everything else, but definitely not in the same context. Eventually, our eyes met. My mouth opened, but her right pointer finger instantly jetted to my lips. Her tongue slid out onto her lips and she closed the gap completely.

Her arms went right around me and made our hooters collide. I immediately felt my heart pumping harder and that forced me to vibrate a little more. After a minute, my arms went around her too and my I caressed her back.

Both of us had our chins come to rest on each other's shoulders and she rubbed my back as well. We exchanged perspiration for a moment before her hands got up to my bra clasp. As she undid it, my top teeth bit down on my bottom lip and I swallowed.

I jiggled more and that forced her to shake as well. I wanted to tell her how awesome I felt in the moment, but resisted if only to continue the wonderful feelings. I rocked such an emotional high, that a tear was spawned. We just held each for a few moments just enjoying one another's company.

My slit never seemed to cool down, even as it wasn't being touched anymore. Eventually, her palms slid down to my butt and she fondled that as well. I felt obligated to do the same, but I just followed my heart as I felt the best type of love strike us both.

We remained together for another moment, before she backed away marginally. My bra fell off and she calmly dropped to her knees. She glanced back up at me and I just shook my head yes. She smiled lustfully, angled her head back down and brought her hands to the sides of my thong.

She lowered it down all the way to my feet and I stepped out of it. As I stood nude in front of her, she rose up and backed away a couple feet. We both took in very deep breaths as we both soaked in each other's bodies. She ran her eyes over my skinny legs, hairy pussy, smaller tits and everywhere else too.

After another minute, both of us had drenched pussies and I stepped forward. We both assaulted each other with heavy breathing for a moment and then I just kissed her. Our hands roamed over onto each other's butts over the twenty second duration, we both chuckled slightly too.

When our lips parted, we both cheesed, our cheeks dyed red and our heads bowed down. Eventually, I put my hand out and she took it. I brought her back to my bed and she fell back onto it. I climbed up on top of her and felt her entire body with mine. Both of us quaked the bed as our arms enveloped around each other.

Mine went underneath her back and her hands landed on the back of my head. Then our lips came together and our eyes closed. We made out slowly as our heads moved calmly in the process. She nuzzled my head and I performed a tighter grip on her.

Our pussies were together and we gave the bedsheets a large dose of our juices as our make out session progressed. After about ten minutes, my lips came off hers and I immediately made their way to her chin. I kissed my way down to her nice hooters.

I grabbed onto them at the bottom as our eyes met again. We exchanged lusty smiles where no teeth showed, but the message was crystal clear. I puckered my lips and made that kissing sound as my eyebrows rose.

She blew me a kiss back, before I slanted my head down to her right nipple and let my tongue out. I positioned it at the bottom and licked it to the top. She immediately laid her hands on the back of my head and I angled it up just enough for me to see her.

I must have hit a sweet spot, because she began to twitch and bite down on her bottom lip. I kissed her right in between her boobs and then I jiggled them too. They waved back and forth numerous times and her loving reactions just caused me to tingle inside.

Although, our smiles faded when I brought my tongue back to her right nipple. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened widely. I heard her moan a bit as I licked it again. She applied pressure to my head and I began licking her nipple repeatedly.

It was a foreign concept to me, but I found myself loving it as the moans continued flowing out of her mouth. She was rubbing her body onto the bed going up and down slightly as her head slanted away from me.

My eyes remained on her smooth neck, as only a single red zit disfigured it. I was patiently waiting for her to look back at me, but due to my new found desires, I would have to wait. I moved my head over to her other nipple, but she failed to move.

I took the whole thing into my mouth and I sucked on it. It tasted like her lips but without her saliva. Yet, I found myself loving it as if it tasted like pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese. I was sure it was solely due to it being her.

I put in all my might into licking her nipple, even as my tongue felt as if it had a nail through it. She released my head and both of her hands hit the bed as she exhaled. Her entire body began vibrating and then I got to see her face again.

I brought my head back up and placed my palms right onto her hips in efforts to try to hold her down. As the pleasure stopped, she slowly calmed down and closed her eyes. Even with the knowledge of what was to come, I went right back to right her nipple.

As I began sucking on and licking it going up and down, the twitching came back right away. I put in every effort into trying to keep her contained, but her arms swung around and her feet bashed onto the bed several times.

I leaned up onto my knees right on top of her legs without moving my head. My hands maneuvered their way up onto her stomach and held her as tightly as I could. I was not about to halt my pleasuring again, as she was my best friend, whom I'd do anything for or to.

Then her head leaned up slightly and slammed right back down. Her heels began beating the end of the mattress, which made the whole thing shake even more. More moans escaped her mouth and her vibrations just felt to become stronger.

My cheeks went into my mouth as I sucked as hard as I possibly could. That only caused her arms and legs to rise up and smack right back down repeatedly. That caused the bed to shake so much, that we both fell off the bed.

I touched down onto my back next to the bed and she landed right on top of me. My teeth met my bottom lip and my fists clenched as I had a minimum amount of pain in my butt and head. She crawled down to my head, featured an embarrassed smile and lowered her head.

My hands immediately came to her cheeks and she brought her face to mine. She leaned onto me completely and my hands came to rest on her upper back. I began to kiss her all over her face, except for her lips for about three minutes.

I hit her neck, cheeks, forehead and even her nose a few times too. After the three minute mark, we looked right into each other's eyes. Nothing was said, we just made eye contact for a minute and enjoyed each other's company as her face was only a few inches away from mine.

Then she suddenly moved some hair out of my eyes and kissed me on the lips. After that ten second kiss, her right hand made the trip over onto my pussy. She rubbed it softly as she stared at me for a moment. She washed her lips once again and then she made the trip down to my twat.

She brought her other hand to my slit lips and caressed them with both hands. She used one hand for each lip, while keeping her eyes on me. My breathing habits became quite heavy and my nails started to scratch the carpet.

Then two tears escaped and flowed out onto her cheeks. She slowly closed the gap between her and my slit, her tongue fell out and licked my lips from bottom to top. I giggled and shook a bit. She cheesed and blew me another kiss.

Her fingers slid into my twat and she spread out my lips. As they stretched out as far as they could, her tongue took a dip right in between them. My arms automatically smacked down on the floor and I felt to be in a sauna.

My hands made their way onto my breasts and my twat felt to be doused in lighter fluid. As her tongue acted as a lit match, she stuck it right into my snatch and fucked me with it. Every few seconds, I jerked around, but it proved to be no obstacle for her. Eventually, my hands made the trip to the back of her head.

I failed to apply any pressure to it, but I caressed it, along with her forehead as well. We both eyeballed one another, while our eyes said everything that needed to be said. Then her head began moving up and down as her tongue rubbed right up against my somewhat sensitive clit.

Tears appeared on my face as well, but at a more rapid rate. My teeth clashed together while my heels began crashing down onto the floor several times. My clit sensed a tickling sensation as the very tip of her tongue poked at it several times.

I began scraping her head on both sides. Once again, she didn't let anything distract her from fucking her best friend. I began twitching around and making her have to follow my pussy around, but then her hands jumped up onto my boobs.

We looked right at each other and her eyebrows rose. I laughed and my hands went up slightly. They jumped over onto her hands and I did my best to contain myself. I kept my head up so I could see her work her new found lesbian lust.

I got to see her tongue as it slid up and down repeatedly as her eyes stayed on me once again. I opened up my mouth again and she immediately parted her tongue from my slit. She glared at me with widened eyes and shook her head no.

I just blew her a kiss and she smiled. Her fingers maintained their position, while she climbed up on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and she began thrusting her fingers in and out of my twat again.

I kissed her shoulder and neck numerous times, as my lady juice soaked the carpet right under my cherry. As time went on, my grip on her became stronger. I felt more and more perspiration flowing down my body and my heart seemed to love the feeling, no matter what the reason was behind it.

I continued to kiss her and eventually, she began to kiss the tops of my breasts as well. She didn't make it down to my nipples, but I was quite content with her kissing me anywhere. With every passing thrust of her fingers, I trembled a bit.

The closer I got to having an orgasm, I jiggled a little more. I became weakened, therefore my restraint on her did as well. My head turned to the side away from her and my hands transformed into fists.

My entire figure clenched up and then I sprayed her hand and the carpet with my lady juice. I let out a giant exhale with my eyes closed. I kept them closed for a minute as I heard her hand rubbing against the carpet.

Once I opened them, I found her eyeballing me again. Her hands came to the back of my neck as she placed her entire body on top of mine. We made out for three minutes and then we exchanged not lusty, but loving looks as we both shed a few tears.

She calmly rose to her feet and put her hand out. She helped me up and we both fell down onto the bed on our sides. She lied there with her back to me and both of my arms wrapped around her. Still, nothing was said, even as I pulled the blanket over us. We just cuddled with one another for about twenty minutes in the light.

Then she turned her body around and looked into my eyes spouting out my tears. "Lexi, I think I love you more than just as my best friend, I really love you. I thought it would be best to tell you with my body. I hope I didn't push too far, you are just so fucking hot," she commended me, shoveling out her own tears.

I kissed her once and reached over to my lamp. "The feeling is mutual, Monica, so maybe our friendship may evolve. I'd love for us to push each other further tomorrow though, we should learn to walk before we run. I'll see you in the morning," I replied, before I kissed her again and turned out the light.

For the first time ever, we slept together naked while holding each other all night long.