Angel in the Springtime

Info CazLove
11 Jul. '17

I was never sure what drew Angela to me the first time we met in the isle at the local drug store. I was walking around a little blurry eyed and congested due to a seasonal allergy when this stunning brunette seemed to appear out of nowhere. I blinked a few times, trying to clear the tears from my eyes. Her first words to me were :”Allergies? Do you get them often?” I couldn't believe this goddess was speaking to me. I had always been a bit of a nerd and though I didn't think I was too bad looking, the glasses and allergies seemed to put most girls off. Over the Claritin and Astepro shopping, we got chatting, much to my amazement and I left the store with her number tucked in my wallet.

A week later I called her up and invited her for coffee and we seemed to click instantly. We were able to chat easily and she didn't seem phased by my endless allergies, my sneezing and sniffling. Fast forward to last night, two months after our first date. We had been out for dinner and I had forgotten to take my allergy medication, causing a sneezing fit at the table while we were waiting for the bill. Wrapped up in taking care of my streaming eyes and stuffy nose, it took me a few minutes to notice that Angela was looking flushed and breathing heavier than normal through a slightly parted mouth. “Are you okay?” I asked her. “More than okay, lets get back to your place” she answered breathlessly.

Needless to say, that was the fastest exit I have made from a restaurant in some time and made it back to my place in no time flat. I had barely opened the door when she started kissing me passionately. I couldn't believe my luck, this gorgeous woman was turning me on in ways I had never experienced before. I was instantly tumescent, my manhood pressing up against the zipper of my jeans, straining for release. I needed to take my medication so that I could continue without the sniffles, but as soon as I pulled away from her to go to the medicine cabinet, she pulled me back against her again. “Leave it, I want you to sneeze” she whispered softly in my ear. I didn't need to be told twice.

I was enjoying our tongues wrapped together while our hands stroked each other's bodies, even though my sniffing seemed a slight distraction to me, she didn't seem bothered by it at all. In between caresses we managed to make each other's clothing fall to the floor until we were standing naked in front of each other. She was magnificent, high full breasts with pert pink nipples, tightened to little points and enflamed with obvious desire, clean shaven nether regions and a body I couldn't wait to touch. My manhood was harder and larger than I ever recall it being before, even in my teens when I seemed to be permanently hard. I saw her look me up and down while I was enjoying the view in front of me. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. All I could see in her eyes was a reflection of the same desire that was in mine. We grabbed hands and ran in the bedroom where I was about to push her on to the bed, when she put her hand against my chest :” No, you first”

She pushed me back on to the bed with my legs hanging over the edge and kneeled in front of me. Touching me gently, she ran her nails up and down my shaft, raising goosebumps all over my body, the adrenaline surging. She started stroking me gently, running her one finger over the tip with each downward stroke until I was slick with my own fluids, needing to feel her, touch her. I tried to sit up, but she gently pushed me back down on to the bed. My body jerked with the intensity as she put her mouth around my engorged head and ran her tongue around the tip, making me gasp for breath. My member was hot but her mouth felt hotter, heating me up to intensities I had never believed possible. This was an experience like nothing I had ever felt before. Her clever mouth and touch had me pushing up towards her, needing her and desiring her until she was all I could think of, my body eventually focussed only on the building desires she was creating with her hot little mouth. After a few minutes of her attention I was straining, aching for release, but enjoying it too much to stop her. She abruptly pulled away from me, before I reached the culmination, leaving me burning with desire. “Now my turn” she said and lay next to me on the bed in the same position as I was.

I slid off the bed and was between her legs in an instant, spreading her gloriousness open to feast my eyes on. I was touching gently, marvelling at how moist she already was, went my nose started tickling, I could feel a sneeze coming on and was trying my best to hold it back, not wanting to ruin the moment. She must have sensed my stress, as she reached her hand out and placed it on my head, drawing it down towards her dewy centre. “Sneeze for me” she whispered. I started licking gently at her engorged button, no longer holding back, and when the sneeze came, I could feel her body jerk upwards slightly, pushing herself harder on to my mouth. I didn't stop, I carried on licking, feeling her excitement growing, and three sneezes later, she was moaning loudly, her hands in my hair, holding my mouth on to her. I slid two fingers in to her body, she was slick and ready for me. I could feel she was getting close and I wanted to share the wave with her.

I climbed back up on to the bed and pulled her up against me so that we were face to face. I lifted her upper leg and slotted myself in between them, sliding right into her heat with no hesitation. I could hear her gasping, her mouth on my neck as I began to move inside her. All thoughts of my allergies gone from my mind as I lost myself in her velvety heat. It didn't take long until I could feel my climax getting close again, and she wasn't far behind. I reduced the intensity of the strokes and fluttered my fingers over her tight clitoris, feeling her tighten around me. I stroked a few times, her breath speeding up, I could feel her getting close, I was keeping her on the edge. I moved her until she was laying flat, while staying encased inside of her, and began slow strokes while playing with her moist little clit. She started bucking under me, her orgasm close. I began to thrust harder and harder, my climax close, I took a deep breath and sneezed.... and she cried out in ecstasy as she orgasmed around my pulsing shaft, pushing me over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm of my own.

We lay together afterwards, first not saying much, just caressing each other gently waiting for the delicious feelings to subside a bit. Then she turned to me, smiled, kissed me gently on my lips and said “I love it when you sneeze”. It turns out that Angela has a sneezing fetish and is turned on by hearing me sneeze. Guess who won't be taking allergy medication anymore.