I Waited for You

I waited for you outside the library
Thinking you’d finally meet me
Didn’t you say you’d come?
What will our love become
If day after day
You shy away

I waited again outside the museum
Thinking this was it, carpe diem
You would finally come and see me now
You’d find the courage to show up somehow
This time there would be no apology
No more hiding behind technology

I waited some more near the university
Thinking today is when I’ll see
The boy I’ve met but virtually
The friend I’ve not seen literally
The lover I yearn to touch today
Please come meet me half way

I waited outside the opera hall
Wondering will this be the final call
Will I finally see your eyes
Will you finally materialize
Are you coming please say yes
I need to feel your hug no less

As I wait, you buzz my phone
You say you’re scared to be alone
But be with me, why do you hide?
Don’t stay away, is it your pride?
Why don’t you just let our love be?
I want to kiss you, set you free

You text me, say that you see me
Where are you, there behind that tree?
I can’t see you, that’s just not fair
Why not come forward, you know I care
How can you think things will change?
How can you feel out of my range?

Meeting in person is but a formality
At the fountain near the university
Just outside the library
Or even for a cup of tea
Through chat and Skype my love has grown
A love we’ve built, woven and sewn

What happened, did I scare you away?
No more messages, no talks, please say
I don’t understand your sudden silence
The pain in my heart is so intense
Why have you instantly disappeared?
It’s like you died, that’s what I feared.