The Beach

The Beach

It was a beautiful, sunny and very hot day, somewhere in mid-August. Princess and I were on vacation on this not so big island located in the South Mediterranean area, very peaceful and not very crowded, which is what we both love, also a lot of beautiful nature and the sea was just gorgeous, beautiful blue crystal clear water. It was like heaven.

On this particular day we wanted to explore the island a bit, so we rented some scooters and just went exploring. We wanted to find some small beach or bay that we could have just for ourselves. After searching and roaming the island for a few hours, we finally found a small remote beach, there seemed to be no people anywhere near it, and it was pretty well hidden, we had to walk through some dense forest before actually getting to the beach. We had to hide the scooters, so they wouldn't get stolen, so we placed them behind some bushes and covered them with branches. But it was totally worth all the trouble and time. Crystal clear waters, sandy beach, surrounded by amazing nature.. birds singing all the time, and the view of the sea was also pretty stunning. So we decided to camp out on this beach for the night.

We set up this little tent, just big enough for the two of us.. just in case there would be any wind or rain during the night.. but the day was so beautiful, there was very little chance for something like that, so it was very likely that we would spend the night under the stars. After settling down and just taking some rest we decided it was time to take a dip in the water. And since there was just the two of us, we were of course going fully nude.. we wanted to feel the water embracing our entire bodies, no distractions. As we were getting undressed I just couldn't stop staring at Princess.. she is so gorgeous, and I'm sure she noticed me staring at her, and liked it too.

So here we were.. standing in front of the water, totally nude, as nature created us. We were contemplating whether to go in slowly or to just jump in fast. After a while we decided to go in slowly this time. She took the initiative and made the first step, took my hand and pulled me after her. Being on the hot sun really heated my body, so the water actually felt pretty cold at first, but after a while it felt great. We were taking slow steps.. with each step the water lever rose on our bodies.. it was up to our knees by now.. it was not a very steep beach, so it would take quite a lot of steps before we would be totally embraced by water. The playful part inside of me got awakened, so I started to splash her with water.. she ran a few steps ahead of me and the view was just amazing.. the sea and the sun in the background, and in the foreground there was Princess, covered with water drops, and the sun was reflecting off of them, she was looking at me and she had this beautiful smile on her face.

I could no longer control myself, so I just went ahead, grabbed her and into the water we went. At first it was a bit of a shock as the water embraced our hot bodies, but we got over it quickly. Right now we were still able to stand, but just barely.. the water was up to my shoulders, but Princess is a bit shorter, so it was already almost up to her chin and she was already standing on her toes. I grabbed her, pulled her towards me and kissed her.. as we were kissing, our bodies were rubbing against each other under water and the feeling was amazing.. my hands were just running up and down her body, from her shoulders down to her sexy ass, and she was doing the same to me.. my little friend was already fully awakened from rubbing against her body, and I could feel her hard nipples on my chest.

We were no longer standing, so we started to slowly drift towards the beach, it felt good, so we just went with the flow. After a while we finally reached the shore.. we would just lay there for a while on our backs, allowing the waves to cool us off as they came. I turned my head towards her and just stared at her and how the water would slowly embrace her each time a wave came. It would slowly go from her feet, up over her legs.. as the water reached her pussy I could clearly see hot that felt good.. her body would twitch a bit and she got this sexy smile on her face each time that happened. Her eyes were closed, so she didn't know I was watching her. The water would continue up her belly, filling her belly button.. then over her breasts to her head.. rising her long hair every time and you could see her hair dance with the water.. it was amazing.. I could watch her like this for hours.

But I guess after a while I got jealous at the waves.. it was time for me to join the action. I squeezed myself next to her and started to caress her with my open hand.. just going across her entire body.. I would start with her cheeks, going down to her neck.. when I came to her breasts I would play with the nipples.. just touching them with the tip of my finger.. then going further down across her belly to her thighs.. I deliberately left out her pussy, just to build up the tension even more. As I reached her feet, I went up again.. same path.. again leaving out the pussy. After my hand was on her cheek again, I kissed her.. and as we were kissing, my hand slowly went down again, this time with more passion.. I was gently squeezing her breasts.. then I would go down and kiss and lick her nipples.. I could see her face and she was enjoying all this pleasure, but her eyes were saying she wants more.

I was slowly kissing my way down.. at the same time I was sliding down so I could cover more of her body with my kisses and tongue.. but again I would leave out her pussy and continue to her legs.. kissing her thighs, knees, feet.. she has an incredibly sexy feet.. and since I have a mild case of foot fetish, it was impossible to resist playing with her feet for a while.. just rubbing them, kissing them.. but every time I would look at her eyes, it was almost as she was begging me for more, but she was enjoying this too, so she didn't say anything.. but I knew very well what she wanted. At the same time she also knew what I like.. so I was kneeling in front of her, playing with her feet, she put her feet on my chest and slowly moved them down, across my belly to my friend, hard as a rock for a while now.. she played him with her feet.. touching him with one foot, and touching my balls with the other.. it was incredible.

At this point I could no longer control myself.. I wanted her pussy.. so I just leaned over, on top of her.. I kissed her and continued with the kisses.. her cheeks, neck, breasts, hard nipples, belly.. finally I came to her pussy.. I positioned myself so I would be comfortable.. but before digging in, I just had to torture her a bit more.. so I would just kiss her thighs around the pussy.. licking that area.. but then I couldn't resist anymore. I started with little gentle licks on her outer lips.. barely touching them.. but even so, her body was already squirming.. she was already close to the edge.. then I started gently licking her inner lips.. by this point she became vocal.. she started moaning and squirming even more intensively.. I then used my both hands to spread her pussy.. and I would at first just put my tongue on it.. no motion, just keeping it steady.. and throughout all this time I would glance at her face every few seconds.. I love watching her face when licking her pussy.. I love to see her enjoy so much. Then I started to move my tongue.. slowly up and down her pussy, touching her clit every time my tongue would come to the upper edge, and she would squirm every time and make a louder moan.. as she was slowly reaching the climax, the moans would get louder and louder, the squirms more and more intense.. this was the time to put my fingers into action too.. so I would gently slide one finger into her pussy.. and then two.. I was just gently sucking and licking her clit and at the same time my two fingers were just exploring her hole, gently rubbing the walls of her little cave.. it didn't take long before she came.. and came very hard too.. it was amazing.. her body started to shake just before the orgasm, and the orgasm itself was truly unique.. and the smile on her face right after it.. priceless.

After just cuddling for a while, she was ready for even more action.. this time it was my turn. At first she just laid on top of me and we started to kiss.. my hands were running all over her body.. as the action got more passionate, I started grabbing her ass.. my friend got very hard again, very fast.. she started touching it with her hand while we were still kissing.. then she started to move down, same was as I did with her.. kissing my chest, my belly.. when she reached my friend, she returned with the same kind of torture I did for her.. she was just touch the area around it.. but after a while she couldn't resist anymore.. she grabbed my friend with one hand while gently playing with my bally with the other hand.. I was pretty much in 7th heaven by this point.. but that was just the beginning.. when she took it in her mouth, that 7th heaven turned into like 10th heaven.. and bear in mind that I was already on the edge from before.. it really doesn't take much to excite me. So as she was blowing me, I was reaching the point of no return very fast.. it probably took less then two minutes before I exploded.

So obviously I needed a short break before we could continue.. so we decided to go for another quick swim. After returning to the shore, we were again just laying on the sand at the edge.. letting the waves hit us.. when all of the suddenly Princess just laid on top of me again.. this time the other way around.. it was 69 time, just to get us turned on again, if we ever got turned off in the first place, which I think never happened. Before even realizing fully what is going on, my friend was already in her mouth, hard and ready for action.. and right in front of my face was this beautiful pink flower, so of course I couldn't help myself, so I went for it.. starting to lick her.. my hands were going all over her body.. and just when I was about to finger her pussy, she turned around, went on top of me.. she took complete control.. it was so hot to see her like that.. she put my friend right in front of her pussy and then slowly sat on it.. god, it felt so good when it went inside her warm and wet hole. And she was just slowly moving her hips back and forth, but it felt amazing.. I was just staring at her eyes, that look.. pure bliss.. at the same time my hands were caressing her thighs, belly, breasts.. at one point I just grabbed her head and pulled her down towards me and kissed her.. she leaned on me and I took control of the rhythm.. speed it up a bit.. then I just rolled us both over into missionary position.. this time I really slowed down.. it felt so good to just be inside her for a while, no movement.. just staring at each other's eyes.. and kissing.. she had her legs wrapped around my body and was really squeezing me close to her.. that feeling of being one.. simply magic.

We decided to move away from the water.. our skin was getting all wrinkled.. we went to where out tent was.. there was a big rocky wall next to it.. I leaned her against that wall and took her from behind.. again, slowly.. this was one of those times where we wanted to make love slowly.. passionately, but slowly.. so I was going really slow.. just enjoying each moment.. my hands were free, so I was caressing her all the time.. her back, her belly, her breasts.. I was also kissing and gently biting on her neck.. then she turned around, lifted one leg over my shoulder.. the benefits of her being very flexible.. so we would continue like that for a while.. another benefit of that position was that I was able to see her face.. her eyes.. she is so beautiful. Our legs got a bit tired from standing up, so we moved to the ground again.. but it was a soft sandy beach, so it felt nice.. I sat down, leaning on the rock with my back, and Princess sat in my lap.. this position is amazing, because we both had our hands totally free.. so there was a lot of touching, caressing.. we were kissing passionately all the time, while slowly but surely reaching the climax.. our breathing was becoming faster and shallower.. we could both see in each other's eyes that we're reaching the edge.. and it didn't take long after that before it happened.. our orgasms were just a few seconds apart.. her's happened first.. I was surprised at how intense it was.. she was literally shaking.. she was also squeezing her vaginal walls, embracing my friend even tighter, which made it even more intense for me and my orgasm came just a few seconds after her.. I was already on the edge anyway.. we just remained in the same position.. I squeezed her against me, holding her.. I told her how much I love her, she said the same to me.. we were all sweaty, but it felt so damn good.. and the look on her face as she was having the orgasm.. wow.. unforgettable.. pure bliss.. her eyes lighting up.. and the most amazing smile right after.. really priceless.

After a period of cuddling on the warm sand, we got hot again.. even though the sun was slowly beginning to go down, it was still very hot.. and not just because of the sun of course.. so we went for another swim to cool off.. and then it was time for food.. it was an exhausting day.. but a wonderfully and amazingly magical day.