Waterfall Romance

Waterfall Romance

It's early morning on a beautiful summer day.. the sun is already shining, the birds are singing.. it's one of those days when you just can't stay inside and have to go out. So I decide to take a biking trip.. somewhere in nature, closer to the mountains, possibly with some water on the road where I would be able to cool off a bit.. like a pond, a small lake or even a river. After pondering for a while, I find a perfect route for a perfect bike trip. I make the necessary preparations.. make sure I've got everything I need.. some fresh fruits, water, my photo equipment.. oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm sort of a photography freak, so I take my camera with me everywhere I go :) After checking and double checking that I've got everything, it's time to go.. so I sit on my bike and.. off we go.. into the sun we ride :)

My first spot is a little lake, about an hour into my trip.. it's still early, and it's the middle of the week, so I find myself there alone.. perfect for an early swim.. my body really needs to cool down a bit. So I change into my bathing pants and slowly crawl into the water.. I'm just not one of those people who can just jump into it quickly :)

As I'm swimming in the lake, just enjoying myself, I notice someone coming down the road.. also on a bike.. as this person slowly comes closer and closer, I notice it's a girl. She stops just a few meters away from where I left my stuff and starts unloading. I continue to swim, but she really gets my attention when she takes off her biking helmet and exposes her beautiful long natural red hair.. by the way, I'm a sucker for natural redheads, so you can imagine how I felt :) Anyway, she's got my full attention now.. but I'm trying to hide it.. I'm trying not to stare at her. At this point I'm sure she noticed me, since I was the only one there, but she doesn't know I'm sort of checking her out.

It looks like she's about to take a swim too.. she starts to undress.. as I'm slowly starting to approach the shore to get out of the water, she undresses down to her bathing suit.. the only thing going through my mind is „wow, she's gorgeous“.. I'm close enough to see her well and I'm amazed.. beautiful red hair, a face of an angel and a body to die for :) I get out of the water, glance over to her and say hello.. she says hello back.. at this point I'm stuck.. you see, I'm very shy in this type of situations, so I stay speechless.. luckily for me, she's not.. she asks me about the water, if it's cold. Not to go into details, we started to talk.. we introduced ourselves.. her name is Princess, she's 28 years old, an artist.. as I later found out, she's a girl of many talents, and we have much in common.. and she's also a local, although I've never seen her before.

We took another swim together, and later decided to continue our biking trip together. She had a similar trip planned, so we both agreed we could enjoy the company of each other. We got dressed, hopped on our bikes and continued the trip. We kept talking the entire time.. it turned out we have so much in common and so much to talk about, that the conversation never paused even for a minute :)

After biking through the shaded area for a while, through the woods.. and then crossing a pretty big climb, we stopped at the top to take a rest and plan where to go next.. we both agreed that it would be nice to find some water, to cool off again.. the sun was getting hotter and hotter.. I remembered this place not that far away, with lots of small pools filled with fresh mountain stream water.. and this beautiful small waterfall at the top.. we would have to leave our bikes and continue by foot for a while, but we both agreed on it.

The trip took us on a bit longer climb, luckily not very steep, before getting to the point where it was no longer possible to continue with the bikes. So we left the bikes there and continued by foot. There was no traces of anyone else being there, so we were alone. It didn't take long before we came to the first pools of water.. beautiful, fresh, clean mountain stream water.. you just can't find better water to drink :) So we stopped for a while to rest and hydrate.. and during all this time, we just talked.. just getting to know each other.. we met as total strangers, but after just a few hours it felt like we knew each other forever.. it was almost as some kind of higher connection between us.. it was amazing.. and she was amazing too.. not just gorgeous on the outside, but even more gorgeous as a person.. intelligent, funny.. wow.. it seemed like a dream.

We continued our way up walking for about another half an hour before reaching the waterfall, possibly more, since I kept stopping to take photos every few minutes :) I couldn't help myself.. I was surrounded by beauty everywhere I turned.. whether it was the nature, or this beautiful angel walking next to me :) I found myself staring at her on many occasions.. and I think she noticed it, but didn't say anything.. she just smiled back at me.. so I guess she liked it :)

So we finally came up to the waterfall.. it was beautiful.. the sun was shining, the water was really loud, despite the fact that the waterfall is not very big, it's only about 3 meters tall. We settled down next to it, it was sort a like a small private beach :) But it didn't take long before we got really hot.. because the sun was shining, the heat was also bouncing back from the rocks.. so the water, despite being really cold, became more and more appealing to both of us. But I can't stress enough how cold the water was.. we would put our feet into it and you couldn't hold for longer than just a few seconds :) But for once I decided to be the brave one and went a bit deeper.. it wasn't very deep anyway.. at the deepest point the water came up to my knees.. but damn, it was cold :) But I encouraged myself to take a shower under the waterfall.. and it was really refreshing :) Princess was reluctant at first, but then she decided to join me :) But after a minute or two we got really cold, so went out of the water to warm ourselves up on the sun.. and it was also time for some food :)

Of course it didn't take long before it got really hot again.. so we had no choice but to go into the water again.. only this time Princess went first.. at first my idea was just to follow her, but instead I found myself just staring at her in amazement.. as she was enjoying herself under the waterfall, I just instinctively grabbed my camera and started taking photos of her.. it was so beautiful.. the combination of natural beauty and the beauty of a woman's body.. wow. After a few seconds, when she looked at me, I realized what I was doing and I got a bit scared of what her reaction would be, since I didn't ask her for permission to take photos of her.. but surprisingly enough, she just smiled at me and actually started posing for me.. I couldn't believe it :)

But the real shock came a bit later.. as she was turned against the rock, looking at me, she took off her bikini bra.. I think my jaw dropped to the floor at that point and my eyes fell out :P I just continued to take photos.. she turned around, covering her breasts with her hands at first.. but then she removed her hands.. she had the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen.. but that's not all she removed.. as she continued to pose for me, she also removed her panties.. she was a true goddess.. the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

It got hotter and hotter.. also in my head.. and pants, if you know what I mean :P At this point I just couldn't control myself anymore.. I put down my camera, went to her, and I just grabbed her and kissed her passionately.. she kissed me back.. this was pretty much the point of no return.. we moved to our private beach, settled on the towels and continued.. at this point everything else became non-existent.. there was just the two of us.. kissing, hugging, touching.. making love under the hot mountain sun with only the sound of the waterfall.. the most amazing experience in my life :) I could definitely go into details, but I don't want this story to become pornographic :D

After making love, we just stayed there, lying on the towels, just cuddling.. no talking.. probably because none of us had any words for what just happened. But we both had this blissful smile on our faces.. it was pure magic.. a truly orgasmic experience :)

Unfortunately, it was getting sort of late, and we needed to head back if we were to reach home before dark.. we had a lot of biking ahead of us. But on our way down to our bikes, we just couldn't stop smiling.. and kissing.. and hugging.. it was as if we were a perfect match for each other and we knew that after knowing each other just a few hours.. unbelievable.. magic :) Then we came across the last pool of water.. also the biggest one of them all.. you could actually take a short swim in it, but only one stroke :) And we couldn't resist.. we got into it.. naked of course.. the water in this one was up to our waist.. as we were hugging and kissing, we had another attack of passion.. well, needless to say, things got hot again.. I'll leave the rest to your imagination ;)

We finally got to our bikes and headed down slowly.. and despite the fact that this day was slowly coming to an end, the feeling was still amazing. We took a different road to get home.. and soon it was time to say goodbye.. but it wasn't really a goodbye.. just a temporary goodbye.. we both knew we would see each other again, since we lived close to one another.. so I just gave her a huge hug, picked her up, kissed her and tell her that she's my Princess :)