This Side Of Eden

In my faraway tales,

Of rainbows and distant prose,

Many times just ambling compose.

In my faraway tales,

As an escalator walked me high

on clouds and meadows grow,

And there a chant of angels tell.

In my faraway tales,

A song of love, from a niche in an alcove,

As I listen to whispering silence, 

From my Binghamton abode. 

God's offered me a two way ticket

On a redeye flight,

But I think I will stay the full dime,

Reaping the wine of my rhymes.

Canceling the Devil's appointment,

And I'll be there in my rocking chair, 

This side of Eden

In my faraway tales.

Seeking not a golden oval,

Or the roosting of a feathered fowl.