An Unforgettable Melody - Chapter 9

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 09

“Melody, you almost finished packing?” Mike asked.

“Yep!  All set!” she replied, carrying a backpack and rolling suitcase.

As they prepared to begin the long drive to Orange Beach, Mike was treated to the sight of Melody in a sexy, summer travel outfit.  She wore a plain white tank top with spaghetti straps, her cleavage barely contained within it.  As his eyes traveled further south, her cutoff daisy dukes and flip-flops were playful and tantalizing.  She wore her shorts low on her hips, baring a bit of her midriff and exposing the top of her thong rising above her glorious ass.  A pair of stylish sunglasses rested on top of her head, and her gorgeous red hair, still in its longer length, was wrapped tightly into a beautiful single braid.

“Damn… I love warm weather,” Mike said.

Giggling, she replied, “Just wait ‘til you see what I got in my bag.”

As he finished packing his bag, Mike remembered something he had forgotten. “Oh!  Can’t forget the sunblock.  I turn into a lobster otherwise…”

“You know that’s unnecessary, right?” Melody asked.


“Yep.  Keeping you healthy from all harmful diseases and ailments includes sunburn and protection from ultraviolet radiation,” she said with a smile.

“Well then, let’s get the hell outta here,” he said, zipping up his suitcase.

Stepping outside into the sunny mid-June day, the couple threw their bags into Mike’s CR-V and began the long drive south.  Along the way, the traffic was lighter than usual, but Mike suspected that would change the closer they came to the coast.  Their drive was accompanied by mash-ups of Mike’s favorite playlists, spanning all his favorite styles: country, classical, jazz, and movie soundtracks. After three hours, they took a break for lunch at a Wendy’s before continuing the journey.  As they got back onto the interstate, Melody started getting friskier, running her fingers on Mike’s leg and through his hair every so often.  Soon deciding to have some fun, she unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over to him, unzipping the fly of his khaki shorts.

“W-what are you doing?” Mike protested.

Giggling, she replied with mock innocence, “If you must know, I am trying to suck your cock.”

“Seriously, Melody.  That’s dangerous while I’m driving.”

“Then don’t drive.  Let go of the wheel, and take your foot off the gas.  My protection powers will do the rest.”

Hesitating, he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” she whispered into his ear.  “Trust me.”

Mike took his foot off of the gas pedal, and found that the car maintained a safe speed.  He removed his hands from the wheel and saw that it still turned on its own, making slight corrections as if he were still driving.  Now feeling much more at ease, he leaned over and kissed Melody for several long seconds, which was a strange feeling with the car in motion.

“What if a cop sees us?”

“They won’t.  My anonymity powers ensure they don’t see the car driving itself, or what I’m doing to you,” Melody replied.

Relaxing, Mike sat back in his seat as Melody finished unzipping his fly, gently pulling out his hardening cock.  She flipped her long, braided hair to one side, driving him wild with lust and giving Mike a perfect view of her work.  Keeping his cock pointed straight up with one hand, she began to work his tip with her lips and tongue.  As she swirled her tongue, she started taking more of his length into her mouth, up to about five inches.  Settling in at that depth, she sucked his member using a moderate pace with an enormous amount of suction.  Every so often, she held him still in her mouth while moaning, the vibrations of her muffled voice only arousing him further.

Mike was in heaven.  He had the most beautiful creature in the universe spoiling him with every guy’s fantasy, and he didn’t even have to power through it to concentrate on driving.  As he enjoyed the scenery of south Alabama, he noticed a pickup truck moving around them to pass.  Seeing that the truck was high enough that the occupants would be able to see everything that was going on, Mike decided to warn Melody, just to be safe.

“There’s a truck about to pass us, and I think it’s tall enough for them to see in here.”

Just put your hand on the steering wheel and pretend you’re driving.  I can prevent them from seeing what I’m doing to you, but… would it be ok if we allowed them to see the show?  I do not sense any danger in doing so.

Thinking for a moment, Mike decided, “Why not?”

Melody redoubled her efforts as the truck approached.  As it pulled alongside, Mike played it cool, pretending to drive as Melody suggested, and glanced to his side.  As he did so, he caught sight of the passenger in the truck beside them: a girl maybe his age, and almost as beautiful as Melody herself.  She had honey-brown hair that seemed to feather out to the sides, and her gorgeous locks were complemented by her tight sky-blue tank top.  The girl saw what was going on and smiled with an aroused look on her face, flashing a thumbs-up as the truck began to pass.  Melody looked up for a moment and smiled at the girl, winking before resuming her sucking.  A few playful honks from the truck’s driver, and they had moved ahead of Mike.  Before they drove into the distance, Mike was able to make out their rear license plate: TIL DAWN.

By now, Mike’s orgasm was fast approaching.  As Melody increased the speed of her bobbing, she swirled her tongue around his cock.  When she felt him reach the point of no return, her pace slowed and her lips sealed around him so that she could milk every drop of his seed.  At last, she sucked him from base to tip as he sprayed his load down her throat in ecstasy.  After cleaning him up with one last suck, she guided his member back into his pants and zipped up his fly, patting his crotch after finishing.

After catching his breath, Mike asked, “Did… you know that girl?”

“Nope,” Melody replied with a giggle.  “I guess I love showing off just how hot for you I am.”

Resuming control of the car, Mike mused, “No complaints here.”

By this time, they were nearing the coast, encountering the increased traffic that came with the territory.  Making slow, yet steady progress, they drove along the main strip running parallel to the beach, scouting out restaurants and attractions for their vacation.  Finally, the couple arrived at their destination: a small complex of townhouses right off the beach.

“Oh, wow!  These look nice,” Melody marveled.

“Yep.  I’m glad Mom’s friend offered their place to us; this’ll be much more intimate than a hotel room,” Mike agreed.

Walking up the steps and unlocking the front door, they stepped into the cozy, two-bedroom townhouse.  Exploring the home, they found it to be well furnished with updated appliances and marble flooring.  One of the counters in the kitchen contained an outlet for iPod hookups, which connected to a speaker system that could play throughout the entire house.  Looking out the kitchen window, they saw the communal swimming pool that the ten townhouses shared.  Moreover, the owners of this house had installed their own personal hot tub on the outside deck.  Melody grinned mischievously upon realizing that it was positioned with privacy in mind.

The upstairs was far more intimate than the open floor plan of the main level, being carpeted with a simple, L-shaped hallway leading to each of the two bedrooms.  They entered the master bedroom, finding a king-sized bed and the attached master bath.  The room was decorated in a variety of framed seashells and other nautical items.  As Melody went to relieve herself in the restroom, Mike walked through a pair of curtained doors leading to a small outside deck. Checking his phone’s compass app, he saw that it faced west.

Perfect, he thought with a grin.

Though Jane had insisted they eat out to their hearts’ content, Melody was determined to eat at home at least a few times during their stay in a show of responsibility.  After unpacking their bags, Mike checked his phone for coupons to various places nearby.  As it neared dinnertime, they used a coupon to get a couple of pizzas from Papa John’s, eating part of the first pizza for dinner that night.  The leftovers would feed them for lunch for the next couple of days.  As they ate, they watched Goldfinger on the fifty-inch flat screen TV in the main living room.  Melody’s first reaction to young Sean Connery as James Bond was quite predictable.

“He’s hot…”

“Yeah, all you gals say that about him,” Mike said, rolling his eyes.

Giggling, she replied, “Still, he’s got nothing on you.”

After finishing the movie, Melody suggested they go for a relaxing, evening swim, to which Mike agreed with excitement.  He changed into a pair of navy blue swim trunks, while Melody emerged from the restroom in a shamrock green halter-top bikini.  It was a bit more modest than Mike expected, but still gorgeous nonetheless.  Melody assured him that she had far skimpier swimsuits for the rest of the week.

As they made their way out to the pool at the back of the small complex, the couple was pleased to find that they had the water to themselves.  Though the sun had long gone down, the June air was still quite hot, and the cool water of the swimming pool felt wonderful as they entered through the steps in the shallow end.  Melody was enjoying the pool experience, as she had never been swimming before.  Despite this, she was a capable swimmer, floating around the pool with little effort; it came quite naturally to her.

After swimming apart for a few minutes, the pair met back up in the middle of the pool, continuing to swim while never breaking contact with each other.  They kissed tenderly at every opportunity, hugging and embracing every time they reached a wall.  Soon, their playful kisses turned into full-blown make out sessions, Melody fondling Mike’s package all the while.  Breaking their kiss, Mike decided to ensure they had all the time they wanted.

“I wish for nobody to come to the pool area until after we’ve left.”

Tingle.  Flash.

“Done.  There is now a temporary magical barrier around the pool area that will cause anyone who approaches to forget where there were going,” Melody replied.

“Nice,” Mike replied with a grin.  “Can you also make sure we don’t… contaminate the pool?  Wouldn’t want to be rude or anything.”

“Of course,” she responded with a seductive grin.

Making their way back to the shallow end, Melody sat on the entry stairs while Mike floated over her, taking her in his arms and planting a kiss on her lips.  As she wrapped her arms around his neck, he slid his hands higher, undoing the bow of her halter-top.  Breaking from her lips, he moved lower, kissing her neck and shoulders before peeling off the straps of her bikini top, revealing her perfect breasts.  Though he had gazed on them many times before, the sight of her tiny pink nipples being splashed by the pool water was nothing short of erotic.  After untying the chest strap of her top, he tossed the garment onto the pool deck.

Continuing to move his kisses southward, Mike now focused his attention on the pair of milky white globes floating on the water’s surface.  Taking one into his mouth, he began to stimulate her nipple with his tongue, beginning to increase the speed and forcefulness of his licks as she cooed in approval.  After a couple of minutes, he then turned to her other breast, repeating the process all over again.  By the time he was done, Melody was moaning in pure pleasure. Knowing she was close to orgasm, Mike redoubled his efforts, returning to her left breast while continuing to stimulate her right with his hand and fingers.  As her moans turned into breathless gasps, Melody grabbed onto the aluminum handrail attached to the steps.  Mike increased his stimulation, causing her to buck and splash and finally bringing her to her long-awaited orgasm.  After riding out the spasms of her climax, she collapsed, relaxing back on the steps as she panted and heaved.  Mike watched her with a huge smile on his face all the while, enjoying the rise and fall of her glorious tits as her breathing began to return to normal.

Mike leaned over her to kiss her lovingly, whispering as they parted, “You ready for more?”

“Yes, please,” she replied in anticipation.

“Good,” Mike continued with a wicked grin on his face.

Melody studied his face for a moment.  “You’re thinking something, aren’t you?”

Nodding, he stated, “I wish to make love to you underwater.”

Melody’s eyes lit up at this prospect, excited by Mike’s creative wish.  She stood, taking his hand in hers, and began to make her way towards the deep end.  As they slowly walked, she turned to face him, walking backwards with a seductive look on her face as she led him deeper.  Reaching the eight-foot section, they could no longer stand, so Melody led them to the nearest wall, and began to explain the specifics of Mike’s wish to him.

“While we’re underwater, just breathe normally; I’ll take care of the rest.  Also, I will decrease our natural buoyancy.  This will make it easier for us to remain close enough for sex, though we can still swim around as we please.  How does that sound?”

“Absolutely perfect.”

Tingle.  Flash.  “Done.”

Together, they swam out to the twelve-foot section of the pool, gazing into each other’s eyes with lust and anticipation.  After treading water for a moment, Melody slipped below the surface, grinning all the while.  Mike followed right behind her, instinctively holding his breath as he floated down to the floor of the pool.  Once he was underwater, however, he noticed the effects of his wish.  He could breathe without issue, feeling as if he had his own personal pocket of air around his mouth and nose.  It was a strange, yet fun sensation.  Even better, his vision underwater wasn’t blurry in the least, being able to easily make out Melody’s stunning body.

As he stood on the floor of the pool, he could feel that he didn’t have to work to keep his feet planted on the ground; it was almost as if gravity had increased. Approaching Melody, her gorgeous red hair floated all around her, reminding him of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  She smiled as he wrapped her in his arms, squishing her exposed breasts against his chest.  They gazed into each other’s eyes for several minutes, together taking in the ethereal sensations of this new environment.

As Mike looked around the pool, Melody drew close and began to kiss his neck, causing his eyes to flutter closed, a blissful look on his face.  Moving her hands lower as she kissed him, she began to slip his trunks down, kneeling to finish the job.  After Mike stepped out of them, Melody tossed them aside, letting them float back to the surface.  As she stood, she gave his hardening cock a couple of gentle strokes to bring him to full attention.

Mike again wrapped her in a loving embrace, moving his hands down to her bikini bottoms.  Aiming for the knots on either side of her waist, he unraveled them and allowed the green material to join his trunks on the water’s surface. Mike spent the next few minutes fingering Melody to ensure she was well lubricated.  Stifling a moan, she allowed herself normal buoyancy to float up a bit and wrap her legs around Mike’s waist.

As she gripped his shoulders, Mike guided her onto his thick shaft, beginning to thrust into her.  Her lightness in the water made it quite easy for him to pump at a moderate pace, never tiring from holding her up.  A moment later, he thrust his cock all the way into her, holding himself deep inside her pussy as she gaped in pleasure.  He continued his moderate strokes for several minutes more before withdrawing, kissing Melody as he exited.  Deciding to have a little more fun with her powers, Mike placed her back on the floor of the pool before floating up a bit, about halfway between the floor and the surface.

Melody joined him as they swam around the deep end, kissing each other at every opportunity.  Soon, they ended up face-to-face, Mike floating above Melody as if they were lying in bed missionary-style.  He kissed her and flicked her clit with his fingers, causing her to squirm in anticipation.

Hold us here, he thought to her, trusting her to know what he meant.

Tingle.  Flash.

Their floating became far less random, as if they actually were lying together on a bed.  Moving into position over her, Mike took Melody’s cheek in his hand as he slid his cock back into her tunnel.  Resuming his moderate thrusts, their lovemaking was accompanied by plentiful kissing, stroking, and fondling.  Mike would squeeze her breasts every so often, which brought about a playful pinch of his ass in retaliation.  The sensation of having sex with this incredible woman while floating underwater and never needing to surface for air was one of the most amazing feelings imaginable.

Before long, their mutual thoughts of their environment brought them close to a massive orgasm.  Mike increased the speed of his thrusts, continuing to stimulate Melody’s nipples as he did so.  She threw her head back in ecstasy, her deep red hair floating all around.  Finally pounding his final ten strokes into her, the couple wordlessly climaxed together.  They held tight to each other, as there was nothing else around for them to grab onto.  After holding each other for several minutes, they finally surfaced.

“Holy shit!  That was incredible!” Melody exclaimed as she broke the water.

“Uh huh,” Mike panted, catching his breath.  “I can’t believe I thought of that.  Good thing, huh?”

Treading water close to him with a look of extreme desire and affection on her face, Melody giggled.  “Well I’m not surprised at all.  Have I not said that you are a fun and creative master?”

“I seem to recall you saying that once or twice,” he shot back with his smartass grin.

Collecting their swimsuits, the couple redressed themselves in the shallow end before exiting the pool.  They dried each other off and began the short walk back to the house.  Arriving home, they found themselves to be quite worn out from their swim, and watched a Seinfeld rerun in bed before dozing off in each other’s arms.

The next morning, the pair awoke around 8:00, wanting to get in a few hours on the beach before returning to the house for lunch.  But before dressing for the beach, Mike took Melody to a family owned restaurant called Café Beignet.  The owners hailed from New Orleans, and had brought their signature pastries to Orange Beach.  They were immensely enjoyed by Melody, who described them as “one of the tastiest foods imaginable.”  Soon, their faces were smothered in powdered sugar.

Returning back to the townhouse, Mike changed into his army green swim trunks and a short-sleeved button up shirt.  Deciding to leave the shirt unbuttoned for the walk to the beach, Melody whistled her approval, running her hands up his strong chest as she inspected his beach look.  Mike whimpered upon seeing that Melody had already put on a cover-up.  Though it was quite sexy, being a flowing sundress made of pink, flowery fabric, he knew the glorious treasure that it concealed.  Giggling, she kissed him before they grabbed their towels, chairs, and sunglasses for the beach.

As they crossed the wooden bridge leading to the beach, Mike kept glancing at Melody, waiting for her inevitable reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time. Stepping onto the white sand and reaching the top of a dune, Melody’s mouth fell open, stunned at the vast expanse of water now stretching out in front of her. Strolling down the sandy hill, she gripped Mike’s hand with excitement, taking in every sensation of this new experience.  The smell of the salt, the sound of the crashing waves, seagulls in the distance, it was like she had entered another world.

Reaching a prime spot, they set up their folding chairs and towels.  Mike slipped off his sandals and stuffed his button up shirt into Melody’s beach bag.  As he turned to her, she gave a seductive smile, crossed her arms in front of her, and peeled off her pink cover-up.  Mike was speechless as she revealed one of the skimpiest, sexiest bikinis he had ever seen.  It was her trademark black, with the tiniest strings imaginable holding up the top and G-string bottoms.  Two patches of triangular fabric barely managed to cover her incredible breasts as they bounced and jiggled with every step she took.

Sauntering up to him, she asked, “Like what you see?”

“You… are stunning.  And you might cause a few heart attacks,” he said with a chuckle.

Seeing that a few of their fellow beachgoers had also noticed her attire, Mike decided to mark his territory.  Pulling Melody close, he planted a firm, passionate kiss on her lips, larger than he typically would in public.  She didn’t complain one bit, though, running her hands up his arms and shoulders in approval as their tongues danced.

As they parted, Mike smiled, saying, “Gotta let every jock on this beach know that the hottest girl to ever set foot on this sand is all mine.”

Over the next two hours, the pair enjoyed lounging on the beach, people watching, and splashing around in the surf.  Melody’s squeals of joy upon first stepping into the Gulf of Mexico were incredible; the feeling of the waves running over her toes was one of the most wonderful sensations she had ever felt.  After jumping waves, getting into splash wars, and dunking each other for an hour or so, they grew weary and decided to head in for lunch.

Stepping back into the air-conditioned townhouse helped refresh the couple from the June heat.  They remained in their swimsuits as they munched on the leftover pizza around the kitchen counter.  After finishing their lunch, the pair investigated the shower in the master bath upstairs.  Though the shower wasn’t quite as spacious as theirs, it was still quite a luxurious size, accommodating the two of them with ease, as well as their extracurricular activities.

After a fun romp of doggy-style sex in the shower, Mike suggested they try out a putt-putt golf place they had seen on the way into town.  He slipped on his button-up shirt and his khaki shorts, keeping the top two shirt buttons undone for some added sex appeal.  Melody wore her daisy dukes with a bright red tank top, braiding her hair for a sporty look when combined with her sunglasses.  As they drove, Mike lowered the windows and opened the sunroof, enjoying the sight of Melody’s braided hair blowing in the breeze.

Arriving at the amusement park, they were offered a choice of either a jungle themed course or a pirate themed course.  Melody picked the pirate adventure, while Mike grabbed clubs and golf balls, blue for himself and black for Melody. Her competitive nature began to shine through once more, as she trash talked through the first few holes.  But Mike had become quite good at putt-putt golf over the years, and she found herself down by three strokes by the end of the front nine.  Changing her strategy to distraction tactics, she attempted to mount a comeback using her gorgeous figure and flirty personality.  Though she was only somewhat successful, with Mike managing to score no worse than par on the next eight holes, she still managed to pull within a stroke of him as they approached the final hole.

The eighteenth hole was quite a challenge, being on top of the large pirate ship that the entrance to the park was built into.  A large cannon stood in the middle of the ship with the hole on the other side of it, resulting in a classic risk or reward scenario.  As he had the lead, Mike played it safe, hitting his ball around the cannon and banking it off a nearby wall for an easy five-foot putt for par.  After sinking his putt, Melody studied the course for several long seconds before stepping up to her ball.  With all the concentration she could muster, she hit the ball in-between the wheels of the cannon, becoming more excited as the ball rolled closer to the hole.  Though it slowed to an excruciating pace, the ball had just enough steam to fall into the cup for a dramatic hole-in-one.

“YES!!! In your face!” she taunted, jumping up and down at having tied the game on the final stroke.

“Beginner’s luck,” Mike said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well then, how do we decide who buys ice cream?” she shot back.

“Hmm… alright then, without cheating, guess what I’m thinking right now.”

Studying his face for a few moments, she answered, “You’re picturing what I would have looked like jumping like I was while naked.”

“I… SAID NO CHEATING!” he stammered in mock rage.

“Ha!  I win!” she crowed.

“Ok, seriously, how’d you know that?”

“Aren’t you forgetting?  I… know… you…” she whispered.

Chuckling, he replied, “That you do.”

At the frozen yogurt stand downstairs, Melody chose a chocolate and vanilla swirl with sprinkles, while Mike opted for his standard vanilla cup.  As high as the temperature was climbing, their frozen treats were the perfect counterbalance, refreshing them from being out in the sun most of the day.  They spent the next couple of hours perusing some of the souvenir shops in town, with Melody focused on the many clothing options available.  But as they passed the toy section, Mike couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of wooden swords, tossing one to Melody, and dueling her right in the middle of the store.  As their wooden blades locked together and they drew closer in their pretend struggle, Mike “won” the fight by poking his head through their swords and kissing Melody on the nose, causing her to fall back in a complete giggle-fit.

At Melody’s suggestion, they looked for some gifts to bring back to Mike’s parents as thanks for sending them on the trip.  For Brad, Mike found a CD of Jimmy Buffett’s greatest hits.  Brad taught a spin class every other weekend at his gym, but often had trouble finding slower songs for the cool down part of the workouts.  Mike suspected the Buffett selections would do the trick.  After comparing several different styles, Melody helped Mike find a new cover-up for Jane, using her powers to be able to guess her size.  Made of light, airy fabric, the white garment was perfect for his mom’s style, hanging loose from the shoulders with a single button as an option to close it in the front.  Placing their purchases in the trunk of Mike’s car, they decided to start looking for a place to eat dinner.

Mike checked his phone for restaurant reviews, scrolling through several options before finding a small place nearby with several reviews describing it as the best seafood on the beach.  Upon arriving in the parking lot, Melody was skeptical that they had the right place, as it was just a tiny sea-shack of a restaurant.  But inside, the place was filled to capacity with people.  They were in luck, as a table for two opened up right as they entered, resulting in no wait for the couple.  After studying the menu, both Mike and Melody decided on the fried shrimp basket, described in the reviews as their specialty.  The food was some of the best seafood Mike had ever eaten, and Melody was now a major fan of shrimp.  After leaving a large tip on the table, the couple began the drive home.  Upon arriving, they went upstairs to relax on the huge bed, tired but happy from their long day.

“This vacation is exactly what I needed,” Melody sighed.  “Especially since I get you all to myself.”

Kissing her cheek, he nodded in silent agreement.  Looking out onto the small deck connected to the bedroom, they could see that the sun was beginning to set for the evening.

“Oh, wow… look at that,” Melody marveled.  She opened the door and walked out on to the deck, feeling the warm breeze on her face and gazing out at the orange and blue sky.  “It’s beautiful… a perfect end to a perfect day.”

Almost perfect, Mike thought to himself.

He crept up behind her, slipping his arms around her waist.  Melody stroked his hands with her fingers, but felt an odd, metallic sensation as she did so.  Looking down, her eyes widened as she gazed upon a diamond ring held between Mike’s fingers.

Hearing her gasp, Mike whispered in her ear, “Melody… will you marry me?”

Slowly turning to face him, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, she could only nod her affirmative as she worked to breathe.  As the sun continued to fall in the sky, it’s orange light shimmered through her tears, causing her face to glow as they embraced.

Regaining her senses, she finally managed to reply, “Yes… yes… yes, yes, YES!!!  A million times yes!”

After kissing each other passionately for no less than five minutes, Mike took her left hand and slipped the ring onto her finger.  As Melody examined it, she could see that it was beautiful, yet also simple and elegant.  A white gold band now encircled her finger, with a tiny strip of diamonds extending from each side of the prongs.  The prongs themselves extended up in a twisting, tulip style, and held a gorgeous, one-carat diamond, cut into a princess shape.  She snapped back to reality as she heard a click; Mike had taken a picture of her as she examined the ring, lost in its brilliance.  The look of sheer joy on her face was unmistakable. Taking another picture of the ring on her hand, Mike texted it to his parents, with the title, “SHE SAID YES!!!”  This was followed by the expected flurry of excited congratulatory responses, including one text from Jane to Melody.

Congratulations, Melody, and welcome to the family.  I always wanted a daughter anyway!

Mike rolled his eyes at his mom, muttering about how she had just wished he had been a girl, eliciting several laughs from Melody.  They continued texting all their friends, Melody contacting Darcy and Ashley, Mike his guy cousins and ASO friends.  After almost an hour of back-and-forth communications, everyone they knew would want to know had been brought into the loop.

“I think this calls for a little celebration,” Mike said with a grin.

“Got something in mind?”

“Uh huh.  I wish for a chilled bottle of pinot grigio chardonnay and two glasses, so that I can spend a relaxing evening with my fiancé… perhaps in the hot tub downstairs?”

Tingle.  Flash.

With a huge smile on her face, Melody took his hand, leading him down to the lower level deck.  They found the bottle of wine in an ice bucket next to the hot tub with two glasses sitting beside it.  Mike at first reached for his swimsuit, drying on the deck railing, until Melody took his wrist and started kissing his neck from behind him.

“You’re the sweetest, but sometimes you can be a little dense,” she whispered into his ear.  “You really think you’re gonna need that?”

Giggling, she peeled off her red tank top and unhooked her bra, tossing them to the floor of the deck.  After sliding her daisy dukes and panties over her delightfully curvy ass, she stepped into the warm water and powered up the jets.

“You gonna join me, or just stare all night?” she purred.

Mike needed no more encouragement than that.  Ripping off his clothes in record time, he entered the hot tub to sit next to Melody.  After a short make out session, he reached over to the ice bucket and found a corkscrew in a pocket on the side of it.  Melody watched as he twisted it into the top of the wine bottle before pulling it open with a loud pop.  He poured a serving in each glass and handed one to Melody.

“Ooh, nice… sweet, but with a hint of oak flavor,” she commented upon her first sip.

“Yep, one of my favorites.  It’s always been my drink of choice for special occasions,” he agreed.

As they continued to drink their wine, the warm water was beginning to make them both rather frisky.  Mike couldn’t help staring at her incredible tits, just obscured by the steamy bubbles.  The more he took her in, the more Melody teased him, caressing her nipples and running her feet up his thigh.  Placing his glass on the deck behind them, Mike leaned forward, fondling her right breast while kissing her lips.  She responded in kind, slipping her tongue into his mouth while running her fingers through his hair.

Parting for a moment, Mike said, “Just make sure to keep the tub clean, like with the pool last night.”

Smiling, she replied, “Of course.  Now, shut up and keep kissing me…”

Pulling him in forcefully, they resumed their make out session, laughing as the splashing bubbles tickled their faces.  As Melody moved to straddle him, Mike began to stimulate her breasts and nipples with his tongue.  She purred in approval, and he then began to fondle her ass cheeks under the water.  This caused her to squirm and buck in pleasure, splashing him in the face every so often.  Mike chuckled and increased the ferocity of his oral stimulation as she began to grind the entrance of her pussy against his rigid cock.  Even in the warm water of the hot tub, Mike could feel how sopping wet she was, and moved his kissing up to her neck to drive her even crazier.

“Holy shit… please… don’t make me wait any longer… I need you…” she moaned in ecstasy.

Smiling with pride in causing her to beg for him, Mike placed his hands on Melody’s hips and guided her onto his cock, savoring her breathless gasps as he entered her.  She began to bounce on him, using the water as a medium for a rather relaxing lovemaking experience.  Though Mike always turned Melody on, the combination of the wine and ring she now wore on her left hand had gotten her far hornier than normal.

“This is important,” she whispered.  “I’ve just agreed to be your wife.  Which means… I need to show you what’s in store for you… for the rest of your life…”

As she finished seducing him, she nibbled his earlobe before beginning to kiss his neck.  Mike’s eyes rolled back in his head, taking in every sensation of her touch and he stroking her hair in approval.  Melody now began to ride him with more purpose as she switched her kisses to the other side of his neck, giggling in his ear at hearing his moans of pleasure.  Taking his cheeks in her hands, she tilted his face up to hers and kissed him with everything she had.

Egging him on, she purred, “You know what to do… you know you want to… cum for me… cum for your fiancé… please… fill… me… up…”

Breathing hard and gripping the edge of the hot tub, he knew she had driven him over the edge.  Groaning and gasping as her sweet pussy milked his cock, he finally let go and filled her womb, spraying rope after rope of his cum into her convulsing pussy.  As she screamed in pleasure from their dual climax, the two lovers finally collapsed into each other’s arms, laughing and kissing as they basked in their afterglow.  After relaxing together for another thirty minutes, the couple exited the hot tub and dried off before getting ready for bed.

Lying on the king-sized bed, Mike played around on his phone while Melody thumbed through her Bible, as she often did before bed.  Glancing at her locket, Melody once again flipped to the verse engraved on the back of the locket, though she still found no significance in the words.

“Mike, didn’t you say this verse was from the Messiah?”

“Yeah, that’s right.  It’s a huge piece, though, almost three hours long, so there’s a lot of scripture contained in it,” he replied.

Pausing, she asked, “What would you say are the most famous parts of the piece?”

After a few moments of consideration, he said, “Off the top of my head, the most famous musical selection is the Hallelujah Chorus, though the most famous verse used would probably be Isaiah 9, verse 6.”

Turning to the appropriate page, Melody read aloud, “A child is born to us, a son is given to us, and authority will be on his shoulders.  He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

Nodding and smiling at the familiar words, Mike mused, “Isaiah may not be as famous or as talked about as other prophets, such as Moses or Elijah, but his importance is undeniable.  He was the prophet that foresaw the birth of the Son of God in human form and told of how it would happen.”

“Very cool,” Melody marveled.  Placing her bookmark at the start of the book of Isaiah, she laid her Bible on the nightstand.  “I’ll read more about him tomorrow. Sounds like an important person to be familiar with.”

After another embrace and tender kiss, they turned out the lights and began to drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Where am I?  What’s going on here?

Looking around, Melody could see nothing.  There was only darkness.  In the distance, she heard voices.  Walking towards them, they became clearer.  There was a young man’s voice, angry and harsh.  It spoke words of blame and accusation, the tone full of fury.  In contrast, the voice was soon overtaken by the sound of an old man.  The soothing words spoke of hope and encouragement, trying in desperation to help someone.

Above it all came the sound of a woman, crying out in pain and agony.  She despaired for any help or hope that could lift her from her suffering.  Though she still could not see the source of these screams, Melody ran towards the sounds nonetheless.  The pain she sensed was unbearable; she wanted only to help.  As she ran, she tripped and fell on her face, and the voices began to fade into the distance.

Please… please, just hang on… Melody whimpered, but no reply was heard.  As the voices began to vanish, a final scream of agony was heard from the woman...

Looking up, Melody heard a different woman’s voice in her mind.

This wish is your destiny…