A Bridge Between Worlds - Chapter 2

A Bridge Between Worlds Ch. 02

Melody awoke first the next morning, finding herself spooned in Mike’s arms. She kissed his hands and wiggled her ass against his crotch, feeling his morning wood pressing against her. Becoming extremely horny from his poking, she slid her ass up and began to slide herself onto his cock. He did not awaken, but his breathing deepened in pleasure. Smiling to herself, Melody began to ride her pussy along his cock, milking him for all he was worth. Feeling that he was close to waking, she increased the ferocity of her fucking, bringing him to orgasm right as he came to consciousness.

“Huh… oh wow… good morning,” he yawned.

Giggling, she retorted, “It certainly is.”

After an intimate breakfast of fruit and milk, the pair relaxed under the small waterfall in their quarters, cleaning up and making out at every opportunity before beginning their work for the day. Melody purred in contentment as Mike washed her back, among other areas; she returned the favor with a soapy handjob. As they finished their shower and dried each other off, they made their way over to the closet in the corner.

After perusing their options, the couple dressed themselves for the day, Mike in a black suit with a white open-collar dress shirt and Melody in a black pencil skirt and fitted white button-up blouse. Linking her arm in his, the couple exited their room and made their way out to the main courtyard. Once there, Selena greeted them, leading them to the central tower. Stepping onto a circular, brass platform, they were elevated almost to the top of the tower, stepping out onto an observation platform. There, King Farzan greeted them.

“Good morning my friends! I trust that you slept well?”

“Very,” Melody replied, laying her head on Mike’s shoulder.

“You and your tribe have been extremely welcoming. Thank you very much for your hospitality,” Mike agreed.

“Splendid! It is our genuine pleasure. Now then, if you are ready, we shall depart for the meeting of the Council of Four.”

As Farzan stood aside, he revealed his personal transport: a large chariot made of the same brass material as the castle. Two white horses were hitched to the front of the chariot, ready and eager to begin their travels.

“Impressive,” Mike marveled.  “But, there’s not exactly any road in front of us? How will a chariot help us in the desert?”

Chuckling, Farzan replied, “You underestimate us, my friend. Please, climb aboard; we have taken care of everything.”

The couple nodded, realizing that he needed them to trust him, and sat on the cushioned seats of the large carriage. As Selena and Farzan joined them, he sat on the other side of the carriage, facing Mike and Melody, while Selena stepped to the front and took the reigns. Ahead of them, a long, straight runway extended out from the observation platform.

Looking over her shoulder, Selena winked and said, “Hold tight.”

With a crack of the reigns, the horses took off, bounding down the platform as they accelerated to their top speed. Mike and Melody gripped each other as they reached the end of the runway, but were surprised when they did not fall off the edge as they had anticipated; rather, the horses continued to run in midair, with the chariot flying behind them. The Braxtons laughed and looked around, exhilarated at their method of travel.

“Do you now see?” Farzan asked with a smile. “You should have more trust in me, my friends.”

As they enjoyed the picturesque scenery of the Rub’ al Khali, Mike asked, “So, where is the meeting taking place?”

Nodding, Farzan replied, “In the fortress of the Earth Jinn, to the north of here.”

“The King of the Earth Jinn is the eldest and most respected of the Council of Four. He is often viewed as a leader and mediator whenever disputes arise,” Selena chimed in.

“Do you think we will be well received by the Council?” Melody asked.

“I believe so, yes,” Farzan answered. “The Earth and Wind Kings were both enthusiastic about my idea to try and enlist your assistance. The Fire King was a bit less so, though he has always been quite cautious, particularly in matters pertaining to the future security of the four tribes. Apprehension at the introduction of human opinions into Jinn affairs is only natural.”

“That makes sense,” Melody agreed.

After about an hour, Selena landed the chariot on top of a dune in an empty section of the desert. Ahead of them stood a rock, about the size of a car, which seemed a bit out of place among the sea of sand. Halting the horses at the rock, Farzan stood and announced their presence.

“This is King Farzan of the Water Jinn. We come in peace.”

As he finished speaking, a fissure split from the ground underneath the rock, extending out in front of them. Soon, the sand gave way to an enormous hole in the ground, from out of which rose a mountain-like structure. As the ground continued to quake, the structure eventually revealed itself as the fortress of the Earth Jinn, evidenced by the green flags scattered around the grounds, each with a symbol resembling twin peaks. Before them, a stone gate opened and a group of ten soldiers marched out to greet them. Arriving at Farzan’s chariot, the solders split to form a tunnel with their ranks. Finally, a woman walked between them, arriving at the chariot with a smile on her face. Her light brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, accentuating her warm, pretty face.

“Honorable King Farzan, welcome to our home,” she said with a graceful bow, her green robes blowing in the desert wind.

“Thank you, my dear,” he replied.

“King Ardashir is waiting for you. If you will permit me aboard, I will guide you to our stables.”

“Of course, please.”

As the woman entered the chariot, Selena greeted her with a warm hug. “Nadia, it is wonderful to see you again,” she said.

“You as well, Selena.”

Riding through the tunnel of soldiers, the group entered through the gate surrounding the structure and soon arrived at the stables. After parking the chariot, Nadia took custody of the horses, ensuring they received food and water. In the meantime, Farzan, Selena, Mike, and Melody entered a doorway into the fortress proper, winding down a few hallways towards the conference chambers, escorted by a pair of guards the whole way. Entering through a wooden door, they arrived in a room similar to the room in which Mike and Melody had first met Farzan. But instead of a coffee table with cushions, a large, stone, circular table sat in the center of the room with four chairs surrounding it. As soon as they entered, an older man rose to greet them.

“Farzan, my friend!” he said, rushing forward to hug the man.

“Ardashir, thank you for your generous hospitality,” Farzan replied.

King Ardashir appeared quite a bit older than Farzan, having more of a wrinkled face and moving somewhat more slowly than his younger counterpart. A long, black beard and moustache extended from his chin, complemented by the long hair growing from his head, which was black with small streaks of grey. He had on a long, hunter green robe and brown sandals, but wore no jewelry other than a gold medallion around his neck bearing the symbol of the Earth Jinn. As the two men finished their greetings, they walked towards the table, at which sat two other individuals.

“Those men are King Nadir of the Wind Jinn and King Salim of the Fire Jinn,” Selena explained. “They will attend to their affairs first, and will call us forward only when they have need of us.”

“Not a problem,” Mike replied. He had expected that they would be ignored until the conversation became relevant to them.

King Nadir was a tall man, though not as muscular as Farzan, appearing very lean and composed. He was easily the most handsome of the four. His face was clean-shaven, but he had a long mane of black hair, which he kept in a ponytail, tied at the base of his neck. The clothes he wore were a sandy yellow color, and consisted of a simple pair of pants and a sash that crossed his chest diagonally. The sash extended into a cape draped over his back and down to his waist, which bore a spiral-like symbol that Mike surmised was the symbol of the Wind Jinn.

King Salim, being the youngest of the council, appeared to be no more than thirty years old or so, though he was in reality only a thousand years younger than the eldest of the four. His head was bald, like Farzan’s, but he kept a small tuft of black facial hair on his chin. Though he wore only a pair of simple gold earrings for jewelry, his bare chest was decorated with a large dragon tattoo, which wrapped around his chest three times. His only clothes were pair of red pants and armored red gauntlets on his hands and wrists, the latter of which were adorned with the flame emblem of the Fire Jinn.

As the four men took their seats at the stone table, they recited their traditional words of opening.

“For the good of our people, for the good of our world, we four come together today as equals, so that we remain worthy of the trust of our people.”

“Welcome gentlemen,” Ardashir began. “As you know, we come together here to continue our discussions of the potential changes we might make in regards to the laws governing all Jinn and Genies. To that end, King Farzan has brought a special pair of guests today.”

“Yes indeed,” Farzan said. “Today, I welcome my guests and personal friends, Mike and Melody Braxton. They, as you know, are a pair that we have watched for the entirety of their natural lives together. Their actions and decisions were the genesis of our thoughts on amending our laws, and I feel that their unique perspective might assist us in some of the difficulties we may face in applying these amendments. I ask that they be welcomed to our table.”

After a quick glance between the remaining three, they replied in unison, “We welcome them to our table.”

Two chairs appeared on either side of King Farzan. At his beckoning, Mike sat on his right, and Melody to his left.

“Welcome to the Council,” Farzan said to them. “Allow me to introduce King Salim of the Fire Tribe, King Nadir of the Wind Tribe, and King Ardashir of the Earth Tribe.”

“Your Excellences, we are honored to be here today. Thank you for your desire to include us in your discussions,” Mike replied.

“You are most welcome,” Ardashir responded. “I trust that King Farzan has appraised you of the status of our discussions?”

“He has,” Melody said. “We know that you are working to amend the laws so that no servant genie would be able to interfere with another sentient being’s free will. We also know that, in regards to the five servant genies currently in existence, these changes would not have any impact on them. Is all this correct?”

“It is,” Nadir replied. “We are all in agreement to enact the amendments as of this day. The purpose of this meeting is to formulate a plan as to the five genie servants you mentioned.”

Salim continued, “In regards to those servants, the amendments can apply to them, but only if their masters agree to it. If their masters do not agree, nothing we can do will change that. A genie servant belongs to their master, and the moment of their release constitutes a binding magical contract, the terms of which can only be altered if all parties agree to do so.”

“That makes sense,” Mike said. “Are there any circumstances under which the contract could be dissolved? For example, any actions deemed illegal by the laws at the time of the genie servant’s release?”

Shaking his head, Ardashir replied, “No. The laws are written in such a way that, if a master were to wish for something in conflict with them, the servant would be unable to grant the wish. They are as incapable of disobeying the laws as they are of disobeying their master in any other situation.”

“Precisely,” Farzan agreed. “This is why I have an idea that I wish to propose to the council. I believe that, if anyone would be capable of convincing the masters of these genies to willingly accept these new limitations, it would be Mike and Melody. Therefore, I wish to send them to meet with these individuals in person and explain the situation to them, asking them to agree to the new laws.”

“You realize what you’re asking, right?” Mike asked. “You’re asking a person to choose to give up a portion of almost unlimited power. That’s a huge request.”

“I realize this,” Farzan replied. “However, I feel that we are duty-bound to at least make an attempt, otherwise our actions in changing the laws will be rather hollow.”

“King Farzan, I feel that something must be said,” Salim said. “Understand that I do agree with amending the laws, and I even went along with you bringing into these chambers a… human. However, I must draw the line at injecting a human so intimately into Jinn affairs. These genie servants are under our jurisdiction, not his.”

“Now see here!” Farzan began, but soon found himself quieted by Mike’s hand on his shoulder.

“King Farzan, I appreciate your passion, but King Salim’s concerns are valid, and deserve to be heard,” Mike said. Turning to Salim, he asked, “Your Excellency, what are your worries?”

Standing at his chair, Salim said, “My primary concern is that… I do not trust you, human. Your kind have wrought pain and destruction over this world for millennia, always failing to learn from your past mistakes. It was human ambition and lust for power that almost destroyed these four tribes four thousand years ago. Even in the time since then, this region has been in a constant state of war due to humans, often in the name of the God you yourself serve. Even with your decisions in life, what reason do I have to trust that you are any different, if you are, in fact, still human?”

Nodding, Mike stood and replied, “You have touched on the most difficult to grasp paradox of human nature. All humans have in them the simultaneous capacity for the greatest good and the darkest evil. The balance between those things and the internal battle that each human fights during their entire life illuminates the obvious: we are not perfect. Nobody is. You are correct that some of the most evil people in human history made the choices they did out of a misguided belief that they were in fact doing good. Why should you believe that I’m any different?

“In the end, that’s a question I’m incapable of answering. I don’t know what I could say or do that would convince you that I am different from other humans, that I am trustworthy. I could highlight my service to God and the favor that I’ve gained in His eyes, but I sense that would ring hollow with you, since you mentioned the wars in these lands waged in the name of God. I could mention the numerous opportunities I had in life to control other people yet chose not to, as King Farzan has mentioned, but this alone has not convinced you to this point, and I doubt would do any more good now. I guess that begs the question, what in particular are you afraid that I will do?”

Collecting his thoughts Salim responded, “I am afraid of two things. First, there is a saying that you humans have. ‘If something seems to good to be true, then it probably is’. You seem far too good to be true. No human is as honest as you are portrayed to be. That, combined with all the knowledge we have of human history, makes me quite skeptical of you, regardless of the God you now represent.”

“That is a fair point,” Mike answered. “Remember, I did say that humans are far from perfect. That statement includes me. I didn't make it into Heaven because of my perfection; rather I made it in because of my willingness to admit my imperfection. I’m not too good to be true, and I’m not too bad to be true. I do the best I can each day, but sometimes I do fail.”

“And this brings me to my second fear,” Salim said. “What if you do fail? If you are unable to convince these masters to agree to our new laws, what will happen then? Regardless of their reasons, they cannot be forced to alter their binding magical contract if they do not wish to, and we are forbidden from separating a master and servant. The only situation in which we could do so is if they were to pose an active threat to the four tribes’ safety. My fear is that, should you be unable to convince them, you would then attempt to force them to agree. You are, as you say, not a representative of this Council, so you are under no restrictions from doing so. What assurances do we have that you will not go too far in your attempts?”

Smiling, Mike replied, “While your fear is understandable, it’s also not going to happen. The thing I value more than most anything else is free will; it’s God’s most precious gift to mankind. If I were to try to force one of these masters to agree, that would be as much a violation of their free will as one of their wishes would be to someone else. You have my vow that there will be no forcible coercion in our attempts to convince them; it will not happen.”

“So you would allow them to continue violating the free will of other innocents rather than violate theirs to save those innocents?” Salim asked forcefully. He smiled, feeling pleased that he had caught Mike in a contradiction.

“Not at all,” Mike replied with a grin. “If they don’t agree, I will advise them that, while I cannot force them to go along with this, I can and will do all within my power to protect others from being harmed by their wishes. Trust me when I say that Melody and I are prepared to take an active role in this undertaking, whatever that may mean. If that means becoming guardians to any potential victims of these wishes, if that means constant watch duty, if that means traveling the world to ensure that others are safe from those wishes, so be it. We’re in.”

As he finished his passionate defense, Mike looked at Melody, who smiled and nodded her approval. Salim, staring at him with an expressionless stare, slowly walked around the table to stand face-to-face with Mike. He gazed into his eyes, seeming to peer into his very soul.

“You do realize what you are saying, don’t you?” he asked quietly. “If you agree to travel down this path, it may well be fraught with hardship and pain. That is far from the eternal paradise you Christians believe in. Are you sure you can handle it?”

Staring right back at Salim, Mike replied, “This is no game, not to me. These are real people’s lives we’re talking about. If I have the unique ability and opportunity to help them, then I have the responsibility to help them. Melody feels the same way. We realize that this is a monumental undertaking. We accept that. We’re going into this with our eyes wide open.”

The rest of the table sat in stunned silence, taking in the intense exchange between the two men. After what felt like ages, Salim’s eyes began to soften as his lips curled into a tiny smile.

“You are strange, Mike. I like that. Provided that the rest of the Council is agreeable, I will support you. If what you have said about your willingness to protect potential victims of any uncooperative masters is true, then I believe you to be honorable, and that your values and goals align with ours.” Extending his arm, the two men firmly shook hands, smiling the whole time as the rest of the room applauded their efforts.

As the two men returned to their seats, Ardashir cleared his throat, saying, “Now that all objections to the involvement of Mike and Melody are settled, we shall take an official vote to the aforementioned amendments to our laws. The vote must be unanimous to pass. King Farzan, how say you?”

“Aye,” he replied.

“King Nadir, how say you?”

“Aye,” he answered with a smile.

“King Salim, how say you?”

After a moment’s pause, he spoke, “Aye.”

Nodding, Ardashir said, “And I vote Aye as well. The decision is unanimous, the amendments are passed.”

The four kings then extended their hands towards the center of the table, conjuring up a point of white light. The light soon became an intense beam that shot up through the ceiling with an ethereal flash. Opening their eyes, the four men smiled at each other, the looks on their faces confirming that the laws had indeed been amended.

Farzan then said, “Now, the matter becomes formulating a plan as to how best to go about convincing the five masters unaffected by the changes we have enacted. Mike, Melody, what concerns or questions do you have in regards to this?”

Melody asked, “Assuming that a master is agreeable to the changes, how would we go about applying the changes to them?”

Farzan replied, “It would require the action of a Genie as powerful as Selena to apply those changes. While she could accompany you in this task, I believe a better solution would be… you, Melody.”


“Indeed. I wish to promote you, increasing your power to be on par with that of my Grand Vizier’s. Would you be open to that?”

Confused, she asked, “But… I was only a genie servant in life, right? My understanding was that I could never rise to the level of a pure Genie.”

Nodding, Farzan responded, “Normally, this is true. However, this is a unique circumstance, as you have died and returned to Earth, not as a mortal, but as a citizen of Heaven. In essence, the human half of your soul resides in Heaven, as best I can surmise, while you still possess the genie half of your soul while here on Earth. This distinction would allow us to increase the power of your genie side. Bear in mind, however, that even with the increase in your power, you must still go through a strenuous training regiment before you will be prepared to wield such power. Are you agreeable to this?”

“Of course!” she said, her eyes lighting up.

“Splendid!” he answered.

Mike then asked, “Obviously, with the conversation between King Salim and myself, there is the possibility that these masters will refuse to go along with the Council’s plans. Is there any danger that they could become… hostile?”

“Anything is possible,” King Nadir said.

“Indeed,” Farzan agreed. “However, Melody will be with you the entire time. With her increase in power, she will be able to counter anything a servant genie could attempt in resistance; they will be no match for her, so you have nothing to fear.”

“Thank you, and don’t worry. We aren’t afraid, rather, we just want to be prepared for all possible situations,” Mike replied.

“Of course,” Farzan said. “Now then, Mike, if you will step back with Selena, it is time to endow Melody with the power and title she will need to assist you in these tasks. Melody, please stand on the table.”

She silently stood and, taking Farzan’s hand, stepped first onto her chair and then onto the table. Turning around, she faced Farzan, who stood in front of his chair while the other kings sat in quiet respect, smiling as they watched.

“I’m ready.”

Nodding, Farzan said, “Melody, you have proven yourself a capable and trustworthy member of the Water Jinn. As King, I now see fit to grant you greater power than you have ever known. From this day forward, your power will only be exceeded among our tribe by Selena and myself. I, King Farzan the Wise, ruler of the Water Jinn, do now bestow upon you the rank of Major Genie, along with all powers, rights, and responsibilities therein.”

As he finished speaking, a circle of blue light appeared around Melody’s feet, glowing faintly at first before becoming brighter. The light soon formed a column around her, gradually rising higher until she was engulfed within it. Her breathing deepened, her arms fell limp at her sides, and her head tilted upward. Soon her eyes shone with the same brilliant blue light that encircled her, signifying her new powers taking hold within her.

Holy crap, Mike thought with a chuckle. She’s about to go Super Saiyan on us!

With a blinding flash, the light extinguished itself, and Melody stood on the table in silence, still grasping everything that had happened that morning. At first, Mike thought that she looked no different than before, but as she opened her eyes and looked around the room, he could see a quiet confidence in her expression. She now looked as though she was someone that you’d never wanted to meet in a dark alley. Stepping down from the table, she nodded in thanks to Farzan before approaching Mike.

“So, I guess it worked?” he asked with his signature smartass grin.

“Yep,” she said with a smile, wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. “But don’t worry; none of this changes who I am. Once the job is done, I plan to go back to the way I was before.”

“That alone tells me that we have chosen the right people for this task,” Farzan said from behind her. “Melody, if you are ready, Selena will take you to begin your training. You will find that you have access to far stronger and more varied magic than before, and it will take time for you to be able to control it.”

“Can I come with her?” Mike asked.

“You, young man, will be coming with me,” Ardashir said in a raspy voice. “While Melody trains, we must begin tracking down the servant genies. As the first of the five is part of the Earth Jinn, I can assist you in finding her location, as well as in gathering information about the genie’s master. Such information may be vital to your efforts to convince them to accept our new laws.”

After a long look at each other, Melody said to Mike, “It’s ok. We both have important work to do. I’ll see you when we finish.”

Mike nodded in understanding and gripped Melody in a long, tight hug before whispering goodbye to her. The pair locked eyes and smiled as Selena led Melody from the room. As the door closed behind them, Melody followed Selena through the stone hallways of the fortress before arriving in the central courtyard. Similar to the courtyard at the Palace of the Water Jinn, it contained numerous sculptures and statues of the Genies and Jinn that lost their lives in the war thousands of years ago. Each statue was adorned at the base with that individual’s favorite words of wisdom.

Selena asked, “Now then, are you ready to begin?”

“I… I am,” she said, still uncertain of what was to come.

“Good,” she replied. “First, I’d suggest some comfortable clothes for exercise. The training will be strenuous, after all.”

“Sounds good.” Though she had not used her genie powers in some time, conjuring up clothes for herself was as natural to her as breathing. A flash of light, and Melody was dressed in a pair of blue workout shorts and a black sports bra with a pair of tennis shoes. “This work?”

“I believe so,” Selena replied. “Here we go.”

Taking Melody’s hand, Selena’s eyes flashed a brilliant blue, and Melody could feel a surge of intense magical energy emitting from her. With a flash of light, the pair no longer stood in the courtyard, but out in the Rub’ al Khali desert.

“What you just experienced was the power of instant teleportation,” Selena began to explain. “While you have been able to use this power to be with your master at a moment’s notice, your promotion now allows you to use this ability without restriction. In addition, I am temporarily allowing you to sense my presence and location. Your first task is to combine these two abilities to find and track me through this desert.” As soon as she finished, Selena disappeared in a flash of blue light.

“Wait! Selena!” Melody shouted, but she was already gone. “Ok, think Melody, think,” she muttered. Closing her eyes, she concentrated and attempted to feel any inkling of Selena’s presence. At first, she could feel nothing, but after quieting her mind, she felt a spiritual tug toward a location north of her position. “That must be her,” she mused. “Now, how do I get there?” She first tried picturing Selena in her mind, but nothing happened. Sighing in frustration, Melody next focused on that spiritual tug she felt, allowing it to grab onto her and feeling it begin to pull her in that direction. Giving herself over to that feeling, she soon shone with a brilliant blue light and disappeared, reappearing in front of Selena.

“Very good,” she said with a smile. “What did you learn?”

Panting, Melody replied, “I… tried to teleport by… picturing you in my mind… but it didn’t work.”

“And what did work?”

“I felt… a strange pull in your direction. As it grew stronger… I gave in to it, and found myself standing in front of you.”

“Excellent. This is the best way to transport yourself when tracking an individual,” Selena explained. “As you will be helping Mike to find the missing servant genies, this ability will be most useful. The method you first tried using, envisioning your target in your mind, will also work, but is more useful with someone you know, rather than someone you don’t. Thus, I disabled that method for now so that you can master the tracking method first. Now, let’s go again.” Another flash of light, and she was gone.

Concentrating once more, Melody detected Selena’s presence much more quickly this time, and latched onto the spiritual tug with little trouble, finding herself in front of her once more. Before Melody could say a word, Selena had once more disappeared. This game of tag continued for around twenty minutes, until Melody sat on a rock, needing to recover from the extended use of her new powers.

“Wow… this is… so strange,” she said.

Giggling, Selena sat next to her and replied, “That is only natural, do not worry. Your body is not used to expending this amount of energy yet, but you will soon become accustomed to it. Here, have a drink.” Waving her hand, Selena conjured up a canteen filled with cold water, which the two women shared.

“Thank you,” Melody said, taking a long sip of water. “I’m getting pretty hungry too.”

“Why don’t you take care of that?” Selena asked with a smile.

“Can I?” Melody said in confusion.

Giggling, Selena answered, “Remember, you are no longer bound to the limitations of a servant genie. You can still grant Mike’s wishes, but you are also free to use your powers without him making a wish at all.”

“Interesting,” Melody replied.

After pondering for a moment, she conjured a plate of sandwiches for them, which the two women dug into ravenously. They giggled and joked as they ate, enjoying the scenery of the desert around them all the while. As they finished, Selena caused the plates to vanish, beginning the next part of Melody’s training.

“Alright, let us practice your tracking skills again. This time, however, you will only be able to track my general area. After teleporting, you must then use your powers to sense the presence of a magical creature in the immediate area to uncover my hiding spot. Understand?”

“I think so,” Melody said with a nod.

“Alright then, find me,” Selena said, disappearing once more.

Concentrating, Melody could sense a presence to the west of her, but was unable to determine the specific location. The spiritual tug was also more faint this time, and did not pull her toward Selena. Teleporting in that general direction, she found herself at the gates of an abandoned ghost town.

“Very clever, Selena,” Melody said with a smirk. “Hiding in a huge, abandoned city. This ought to be fun.”

Standing high on the dune outside the city gates, Melody focused her attention on one section of the city at a time, soon detecting a magical presence in the southwestern corner. Teleporting there, she looked around for Selena, but found nothing. Searching her mind for a solution, she soon discovered something locked away in her subconscious that would help her. Concentrating, her vision changed so that everything around her shone with a pale blue light. As she looked around, the figure of a person was illuminated ahead of her, hiding behind an empty fruit stand.

“Gotcha!” Melody shrieked as she found Selena.

“Impressive!” Selena said. “Usually, it takes quite a long time to master the use of that skill. Ok, once more.”

After watching her disappear again, Melody teleported herself back to the dune overlooking the city. Now attempting to use her new vision abilities to find her, Melody found that she could focus in on a distant location like a hawk. She was able to detect a magical presence in the tower at the center of the city, and teleported there at once. Landing on top of the tower, she entered the attic through a trap door. Once inside, she could detect Selena’s presence, yet saw no sign of her, even with her enhanced vision. Sighing, she turned to begin to look elsewhere.

“Always expect the unexpected,” she heard Selena say with a laugh.

Spinning around, Melody saw Selena’s head and shoulders emerge from the fire burning at the edge of the room. She was unharmed by the flames, and upon further inspection appeared to be intangible, as Melody was able to see through her face to the wall behind her.

“That’s why I couldn’t see you! The fire was too bright!” Melody exclaimed.

“Remember, even your new powers are not without limits. This was a situation where using your sense of sight turned out to be a hindrance. If, however, you had reached out with your mind, you would have found me without issue. Understand?”

“I think so.”

For the rest of the afternoon, the women used the abandoned city as their playground, continuing to expand Melody’s familiarity with her new powers as she chased after Selena. At one point, Selena had shrunk herself down to the size of a cockroach, requiring Melody to do the same to find her hidden amongst a pile of old jars. Another time, Melody had to levitate into the skies over the city to track down Selena. Soon, the desert sun began to set, and Selena decided to end Melody’s training for the day.

“Whew… are we heading back to the palace?” Melody asked.

“No,” Selena replied, shaking her head. “I am sorry, but it is important that your training remain uninterrupted until it is complete. For tonight, we will be resting here.”

She teleported them out into the dunes of the desert, where they found a large tent waiting for them. Stepping inside, Melody found it to be far more spacious than it appeared on the outside, containing a small table, two twin beds, and a small, makeshift shower. After a dinner of fruit and ham, the pair adjourned to the beds to relax and unwind from their long day of work. Sitting up and pondering everything that had happened that day, Melody sighed in quiet longing.

“You ok?” Selena asked from her bed.

“Yeah, it’s just… this is the first time I haven’t slept in the same bed as Mike in my entire life,” Melody replied. “I know, that’s kinda crazy, but…”

“I understand,” Selena said with a smile. “The connection the two of you have is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s only natural that being apart from him like this would be… uncomfortable.”

“You’re sure it’s necessary?”

“If you wish to be of the greatest help to him? Yes.”

Sighing, Melody replied, “Ok.”

After a few moments of silence, Selena tentatively said, “Melody, may I confess something to you?”

“Of course,” she said, sitting up to face Selena.

“I… I am very envious of you. I have always known power and title, being such an important member of the Water Jinn, and yet it was through your role as a servant genie that you found such incredible love and happiness. Even though I know it would not be possible… I would gladly give it all up for what you have.”

“Selena, surely you’ve been in love at some point, right?”

As tears began welling up in her eyes, Selena replied, “Once, long ago. He… he was one of the generals in our army. Ahmad was his name.” Wiping her eyes, she continued, “He was brave, kind, and a fierce warrior.”

“Blah, blah, blah, enough of that. How was he in the sack?” Melody asked, giggling all the while.

Snapping out of her sad state of remembrance, Selena laughed, answering, “He was… a very passionate and thorough lover.”

“Ooh, the best kind…”

“He was a good man… better than most…”

“What happened to him?” Melody asked.

Taking a deep breath, Selena said, “He died in the war against the sorcerers. His unit was being overrun and was attempting to retreat. They would never have made it out… if he hadn’t single-handedly held off the enemy long enough for them to make their escape. He was a hero; the soldiers he saved had wives, children. I… miss him. Very much.”

Moving over to Selena’s bed, Melody sat next to her and stroked her arm, saying, “Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok. I’m very happy to have known him, to have loved him.”

“As you should be. But still, none of that means that you can’t find love again. I believe you can, and you deserve it. It’s what Ahmad would want, after all.”

Shaking her head, Selena replied, “Where am I supposed to look?”

“Anywhere,” Melody said. “You don’t have to work that hard, just keep your eyes, and your heart, open. You’ll find what you’re looking for, maybe when you least expect it.”

Taking Melody in her arms for a long hug, Selena whispered, “Thank you.”


Mike and Farzan arrived back at the home of the Water Jinn, Mike carrying a stack of papers containing information on the first genie servant. They had worked hard all day with King Ardashir, tracking down the location of said genie and working to formulate a strategy for when Mike began his task. After dropping the papers off in his quarters, Farzan invited him out to the main courtyard to relax for the evening.

“You have worked hard, my friend, and I am grateful that you have agreed to assist us in these matters,” Farzan said. “I have learned over the years that the best way for an individual to do their finest work is to keep him happy and content during the hours that he does not work.” With a grin, he clapped his hands twice, summoning a group of ten women, ranging in ages from their early twenties to around thirty or so. All possessed striking beauty and were clad in satin bikini tops and wraps around their waists.

“What is this?” Mike asked, eyeing Farzan with a smirk.

“My personal attendants,” he explained. “You are my honored guest, and I wish you to choose any of them to keep you company tonight. Melody will not be able to return until her training is complete, so I want to accommodate you as best I can until she does.”

Glancing down the line of gorgeous women, Mike replied, “You are very generous, but that’s not my style. I’m a happily married man; Melody’s the only girl for me.”

Cocking his eyebrow, Farzan asked, “You are quite sure?”

“Very. Thank you, though. The gesture is appreciated.”

Shrugging, he said, “Very well. Still, please feel free to relax in the rejuvenation pools. They are quite beneficial to both the body and mind.”

“That sounds great. Thank you very much”

Shaking hands as they parted, Farzan walked up to the line of women and stroked the shoulders of two raven-haired beauties before dismissing the rest. As they made their way over to the other side of the large pool, Mike stripped off his suit and slipped into the water next to him.  The clear water began working its magic, relaxing his muscles and quieting his mind, and the cool temperature was perfect in the warm desert air that evening.

Ahead of him, he saw the two women undressing Farzan, first removing his vest, then his pants. Before he entered the pool, Mike could see that he was quite well endowed, as one would expect of a King Genie, extending to maybe eight or nine inches. As Farzan took his seat in the pool, the women slowly stripped before him. They turned their backs to him first, thrusting their asses in his direction as they slid their wraps down their long, tanned legs. Standing up straight once more, Mike could now see that they wore no underwear. Seeing him enjoying their show, the women winked at Mike before turning back toward Farzan.

The women now pulled the bows on their identical tops, peeling the silky fabric off of their chests and revealing their breasts to their king. Even from the side, their size was evident to Mike, as he estimated that they each had large D-cup tits, maybe a bit larger that Melody’s. As they entered the pool, the pair sat on either side of Farzan, finally giving Mike a clear look at their incredible boobs, which were complemented by their quarter-sized coco brown nipples. The duo began to kiss Farzan’s neck, chest, and shoulders while he laid his head back on the pool deck, enjoying their every touch and caress. Their erotic movements were having a powerful effect on Mike, whose eyes bulged as the pair slipped below the surface of the water. Though he could not see them, it was clear to Mike from the look Farzan gave him what they were doing.

“It’s good to be the king,” Mike chuckled to himself.

Deciding to leave them some privacy, Mike exited the pool and began to dry off and collect his suit. Farzan smiled upon seeing the effect their little show had been having on Mike. After waving goodbye for the evening, Mike returned to his quarters, relaxing nude on the enormous bed. He was still horny from Farzan’s little exhibition, and began to stroke his engorged member. His hand felt nice, but it was still nothing compared to his wife’s masterful touch.

Melody, can you hear me?

Lying on her small, twin bed in the tent, Melody suddenly heard Mike’s voice in her head. As she perked up, Selena took notice, looking up from her book.


“Yep,” Melody said. “Does my training prohibit me from talking to him telepathically?”

Shaking her head, Selena replied, “I don’t see why it should. We’re off duty now anyway. And,” she giggled, continuing, “let me know if you two need some… privacy.”

Pretending to be hurt, Melody asked, “You don’t want to watch me pleasure myself to the sound of my husband’s voice?”

As Selena laughed, Melody replied to Mike. Yes I can. How are you baby? So great to hear your voice.

You can say that again. How’s the training going?

It’s going well, just very… stressful. Using my powers as much as I have today has gotten me so worked up. I don’t know how I will ever be able to sleep. Her voice dripped with lust and desire as she thought to him.

I bet I know a way, he said with a laugh.

WHAT?! she said playfully. You dirty man! Trying to get me to touch myself while you listen? Shame on you.

Would you prefer to listen to me? I’m already rock hard in bed here.

Really? And just what got you so hot and bothered?

I was relaxing out in the courtyard pool. Let’s just say that King Farzan was there relaxing as well, and he got a… double dip, shall we say?

Melody giggled at that mental image. With all the gorgeous women in that courtyard, I’m surprised you haven’t exploded from horniness already.

Wanna help me with that?

Sure thing… what are you doing right now?

Just laying back, running my fingers up and down my shaft. What about you?

As she lay naked in bed, Melody began rubbing her nipples softly. Just playing with my titties. Imagining it’s you. Your hands are so much better than mine.

I was just thinking the same thing. Jacking myself off has nothing on your handjobs.

I bet you can make do.

Increasing the pressure on his cock as he stroked himself, Mike was enjoying the hell out of himself. Yeah, it’s getting better. Guess I’m just out of practice. With you around, I haven’t had to masturbate in… well, over a century I guess.

Sounds like I’ve done my job well.

What are you doing now?

My left hand is still giving my nipples lots of love, but my right hand seems to have wandered off somewhere. Where could she have gone? Where could she… oh! Oh my! She seems to have found… my pussy! Oh dear god, she’s playing with my clit!

Holy shit, you’re hot.

Oh, this feels so good, although she lacks your skills. Oh shit!

As Melody squirmed and moaned, enjoying the sounds of Mike’s pleasure in her head, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Selena had stripped off her blue satin robes and lay in her bed nude as well. Grinning at Melody, she began to rub her hands over her body as well, paying copious attention to her firm, C-cup breasts. Tweaking her small, dime-sized nipples, she rolled her eyes back into her head, giving herself over to her pleasuring.

Well, well… looks like Selena is enjoying the show here, Melody said.

Really? The mental image definitely served to get Mike harder than he already was. Well, good for her.

You still hard, baby?

Holy shit… you know it. He continued stroking his cock, enjoying every inch of his shaft within his hand.

Good. ‘Cause you wouldn’t believe how wet I am. My nipples are so sensitive… and my pussy is about to explode…

As Melody gasped and panted from her explorations, she noticed that Selena had begun to masturbate herself as well. By the look in her eye, Melody doubted that she would last very long, especially if she witnessed Melody’s own orgasm.

Are you close baby? I want us to cum together. I think that may send Selena over the edge.

Pumping his cock, Mike replied, Yep, damn near ready to burst over here.

Ready to burst, eh? Why don’t you imagine one of your favorite things in the world? Like, spraying your thick cum all over my big… bouncing… titties…

As he jerked his cock, Melody’s sensual description sent him well past the point of no return. Feeling his semen begin to build within his cock, Mike managed to hold off his orgasm for a few precious seconds before finally blowing his load all over his stomach.

Holy… holy… holy HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!

His mental cries of ecstasy set off a chain reaction, immediately bringing Melody to orgasm, her legs and hips flailing about in her bed as she moaned and squealed in delight. This, in turn, brought Selena to an intense orgasm of her own, possibly the largest of the three by Melody’s summation.

“Oh… oh… oh dear god, YES YES YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Selena screamed, her body writhing and shaking for almost five minutes before finally settling down.

As she heaved, Melody watched the rise and fall of her chest, taking in her gorgeous breasts as she breathed. “Sounds like someone needed that,” she said playfully.

“You… have no… idea,” Selena managed to reply. “I… truthfully… haven’t done that… in… centuries.”

“Centuries?!” Melody said. “That’s just not healthy!”

“Well, after meeting your mother, nothing seemed important beyond fulfilling her wish. I… I devoted my entire existence to it.”

Smiling, Melody replied, “That’s so sweet of you, but I think tonight demonstrated that you’ve been neglecting yourself, too. Remember, you won’t be able to help others if you don’t first take care of you.”

“I suppose that’s fair,” Selena replied.

“Well then, why don’t you try this: promise me that you’ll set aside one night a week to take an evening off, shut yourself in your room, and gratify yourself. I think you’ll start to see the benefits right away.”

Selena glared playfully at her, surprised at Melody’s forwardness, yet ultimately relented. “Fine, I will do my best.”

“Thank you,” Melody answered. “And, of course, you can always break the rule on one condition.”

“And that is?”

As a seductive smile spread across her face, Melody said, “That you find a great man to… take care of that for you.”

After a moment of silence, the two women erupted in giggles at the girl-talk they found themselves engaged in.

“Very well, you have a deal,” Selena replied in-between her laughs. “Now then, I think it’s time to get some sleep. We have a long, hard day ahead of us.”

“Agreed.” How you doin’ there, baby?

Huh? Oh, fantastic… Mike managed to reply.

Excellent. We’re about to turn in. Just wanted to say goodnight.

Ok. Sleep well, Melody.

You too, Mike. I love you.

I love you too.

Melody soon wrapped herself in the covers of her bed and leaned over to the nightstand between the two beds, blowing out the candle sitting on it. Before long, the soothing sounds of the desert winds had lulled her off to sleep.