A Bridge Between Worlds - Chapter 6

A Bridge Between Worlds Ch. 06

Melody… Melody…

“MELODY!” Mike screamed, scaring himself awake.

“Woah, easy there.  Take it easy, you’re alright, Mike,” a calming voice said.

Rubbing his eyes, Mike tried to gain his bearings.  Looking down, he saw that he was lying on a bed, but not the circular one he and Melody had shared in the Palace of the Water Jinn.  It felt so familiar, like he was home.  Slowly sitting up, he noticed the source of the voice sitting in a chair next to the bed.

“J-Jesus?  What… what the hell happened?” Mike asked.

“Just relax,” He said with a slight chuckle.  “Once you get your wits back about you, I’ll explain everything.”

“I guess… wait, where’s Melody?!”

“I’m here,” a sweet voice said from the other side of the bed.  Mike flipped on the bedside lamp and felt a wave of relief wash over him as he gazed upon the face of his lovely wife, clad in her favorite black satin robe.

“Melody… I thought… I thought I’d lost you,” Mike breathed, crawling across the bed towards her.

Pushing her husband to lie on his back, she cradled his face in her soft hands and kissed him lovingly.  “You’re not getting rid of me that easy,” she whispered with a sarcastic grin.

Jesus stood, adjusting his jeans.  “You rest up for a bit, Mike.  Take a nap.  Once you wake up again, I’ll explain everything that’s happened.”

Still confused, but knowing He was right, Mike nodded in agreement.  Jesus exited their bedroom, closing the door softly behind him.  With a huge sigh, Mike relaxed back on the pillow, still trying to comprehend the events of the last several hours.  Still, he was unable to find any answers to the questions rattling around in his brain, able to think only of his wife.  Looking up at her, he stroked her silky, red wine hair.

“Melody… I’m… I’m glad you’re ok.”

She kissed him on the forehead, saying, “I saw what you did.  How you attacked Edward with my own sword.”

“I… I couldn’t help myself,” he admitted.  “You’re everything to me.  If he really had-”

Melody silenced him with a passionate kiss on the lips.  Still cradling his face in her hands, she ran her fingers along his cheeks and neck, her every touch conveying nothing but love and admiration.  Mike kissed her back, at first savoring the simple joy of exploring her soft, supple lips with his own.  After a few minutes, his tongue began probing itself between her lips, dancing with hers as their passions increased.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Mike wrapped his arm around Melody’s waist and yanked her onto the bed with him, throwing her on her back as she giggled in delight.  She wrapped her arms around his nude body as they continued their passionate kissing, running her fingers through his blonde hair in just the way she knew he liked.  Mike pressed his body weight gently onto her, feeling his growing member rub up against her thigh.  This in turn only increased her squirming and giggling.

“Well, well… someone’s happy to see me,” she purred, reaching down to stroke his cock.

“Can you blame me?” he asked with a laugh.

“Nope, and I doubt you’ll blame me for this.”

Melody flipped Mike onto his back, rolling over to pin him down as she straddled him.  With a seductive grin, she undid the knot of her robe and let it fall behind her, exposing her perfect body to him.  No matter how many times he saw her, Mike never grew tired of Melody.  Her large breasts, her soft skin, all combined with her loving and playful personality, how could he ever meet a more perfect woman?  Melody soon began to kiss her way down his chest, teasing him with her tongue before arriving at his pelvic region.

With a few light strokes, Melody brought his cock to full attention, engulfing his length in her mouth.  Her blowjobs frequently were slow and deliberate, but the look in her eyes right now was one of hunger and raw desire; Mike could only surmise that his attempted attack on Edward had gotten her horny.  She continued her furious sucking for several minutes, intent on making him cum quickly, no matter how he tried to resist.  Figuring he should just enjoy the ride, Mike ceased his attempts to prolong his orgasm and gave himself over to his wife.

Melody could feel that his climax was close and withdrew his cock from her mouth.  Mike was at first disappointed, until she began to jack him off with both hands, her glorious breasts jiggling and bouncing against his cock all the while.  When she combined her lustful gaze with a seductive lick of her lips, Mike was gone, feeling his orgasm arrive in full force.

“Holy… fuck… holy… fuck… holyholyholy FUUUUUUCK!!!” he screamed in ecstasy, beginning to fire off his load.  The first shot landed square on Melody’s chin, the second and third on her incredible cleavage, and the last of it dribbled down onto her hands.

“Someone, needed that,” she whispered.

“No shit,” he retorted.  “But I’m not done yet.  Clean and recharge please.”

Both were instantly dry with their sex drives ready for more.  Granted, Melody was always ready for more, but Mike was now no longer satisfied with a blowjob; he had to be inside of her.  As she crawled on top of him, her gorgeous tits dangling above him, Mike flipped her onto her back as she had done to him earlier.  Again lying on top of her, his weight holding her down, he slipped his engorged cock lower, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips.  She had become even hornier from jacking him off, as both could hear the stickiness seeping from her womanhood.

“Oh, fuck,” Melody whimpered, feeling his perfect cock slip into her.

“Someone needed this too,” Mike whispered.

As he began to thrust into her, Melody could only nod in reply.  His strokes were quick and powerful, yet also long and deliberate; both could feel every inch of the other’s sex with each movement they made.  Tipping his head down, Mike began to kiss Melody’s cheek and neck, working his way to nibble her earlobe.  This elicited a squeal of delight from her as she dug her fingers into his back.  Blowing a stream of cool air into her ear as he withdrew, Mike savored the feeling of her large breasts heaving and jiggling against his chest as he pounded her.

“Turn over,” he said, locking eyes with her.

With a wordless grin, she happily complied.  Mike slipped out of her for a moment while Melody turned onto her stomach and pushed her ass into the air on her knees, wiggling her asset as she did so.  After spanking each of her cheeks a couple of times, Mike knelt behind her, positioning his cock at her sopping wet entrance.  He teased her with his tip for a few moments before sliding into her beckoning tunnel.

“Ohhhhhhh god yesssssssss,” Melody moaned.

As Mike began his moderate thrusting, he was pleased when Melody squeezed her thighs together, tightening her already tight pussy even further and driving him nearly insane.  She was clenching him, refusing to let go of his cock, not that he was complaining.  Taking a firm grip on her waist, he began to pound her with his full length.  This only served to excite Melody even more, as she savored his fervor with every movement he made.

Slowing his pace a bit, Mike leaned over her arched back and reached around to fondle one of her heaving tits.  Feeling its weight in his hands, he rubbed his fingers over every inch of the milky skin.  He continued his thrusting as he arrived at her hard, erect nipple, tweaking and flicking it with his thumb and forefinger.  He was unable to see Melody’s face, but the change in her breathing and occasional moaning told him everything he needed to know.

“You close, baby?” he asked, continuing his breast play.

“Uh… uh-huh,” she managed to reply.

“Good,” he whispered, kissing the small of her back.

Kneeling back up straight again, Mike pounded Melody’s pussy with reckless abandon, feeling their climax approaching.  Melody, in the meantime, reached under to furiously rub her clit, knowing it would only intensify her own orgasm, and by extension, Mike’s.  After around five minutes of this intense experience, both could tell that they had passed the point of no return.

“You’d… better cum,” Mike heaved.  “Cum for me, Melody.”

“Yes… yes… I’m gonna… I’m gonna…. GONNA CUUUUUUUM!”

“God, yes… yes… yes, yes, yesyesyes YEAAAAAAAAH!”

Their long-awaited orgasms hit in full force.  Melody’s pussy worked to milk Mike’s cock for all it was worth, while he in turn flooded her womb with his semen.  The pair remained in position for several minutes, convulsing and writhing in pleasure together.  Finally, they fell onto their sides, spooning together with Mike’s softening cock still lodged inside Melody’s pussy.

“Needed that…” Melody whispered.

“Uh huh…” Mike replied, slowly drifting off to sleep.


“Your Highness, the humans are out of range,” a guard reported.

“Very good.  Return magical power to normal levels at once,” Farzan replied.

As the palace returned to its normal state, Farzan once again brought up the globe of Earth.  “Let us see how our friends are doing,” he mused, zooming in on London.

“I don’t understand,” Salim said.  “Where are they?”  Mike and Melody were nowhere to be found in the city.

“They couldn’t have finished already, could they?” Farzan wondered.  “Let’s try this.”

Zooming back out to view the entire world, he issued a command to the globe to show Melody Braxton’s current location.  However, no movement was made, and no indication as to Melody’s location, or even her existence, was given.

“This is bad,” Salim said.  “Where could they be?”

“Clearly, nowhere on the planet,” Farzan replied.  “I cannot say for sure what, but my only hypothesis can be that something terrible has happened to them.”

“Perhaps we should see if the target they were pursuing might have some connection?” Salim suggested.

“Excellent idea!  That may be our only link.”

As Salim commanded the globe to show Persephone’s current location, the pair was again denied, as no indication of her whereabouts was given.

“I am at a complete loss,” Salim sighed in frustration.  “Nothing of this makes any sense!”

“I will summon Selena,” Farzan said.  “Perhaps a fresh perspective will aid us.”


After an hour, the pair awoke, refreshed and rejuvenated after their extended lovemaking session.  After a few passionate kisses, they rose and dressed themselves, Mike in an orange t-shirt and navy gym shorts, Melody in a black tank top and blue Daisy Dukes.  Walking downstairs, they found Jesus in the living room of their house, relaxing with a book in a chair.

“Mornin’ you two!” He greeted them.  “Feeling better?”

“Much,” Mike said with a smirk.

“Excellent.  Please have a seat, we have a lot to talk about,” Jesus said, motioning to their couch.  “Let’s get your most obvious questions out of the way first, shall we?”

“What exactly happened down there?” Mike asked.

Nodding, Jesus replied, “You two died.  Or, you would have, had you not been dead already.  Remember, even back on Earth, you two are still citizens of Heaven now, and nothing changes that.  That’s why you ended up back in your bed when you awoke.”

“So, are you saying we could have died from any normal means while we were down there?” Melody asked.

“No, no, nothing like that,” Jesus said with a slight laugh.  “Under normal circumstances, you are protected against most harm during your time back on Earth.  After all, going back and forth, back and forth between Earth and Heaven is a time-consuming process, so we try to limit that as much as we’re able to with general protection from harm and ‘death’.”

“So I take your words to mean that what we experienced with Edward Baldwin was not a normal circumstance,” Mike clarified.

“No shit,” Melody muttered, disgusted at the mere mention of that man’s name.

“Mr. Baldwin… is a unique situation, make no mistake about that,” Jesus replied.  “Normally, he wouldn’t be able to harm Melody alone in any way, not only due to her status as a citizen of Heaven, but also due to her rank as a Major Genie while on Earth.”

“So he must have had some other means of doing so,” Melody mused.  “Farzan told us of the wars between the Jinn and the sorcerers thousands of years ago.  Could Edward’s power have some connection to that?”

Shaking his head, Jesus answered, “It’s far worse than that, I’m afraid.  We believe that Edward… is a potential Antichrist.”

 “Antichrist?” Mike asked, blinking twice.

“Indeed,” Jesus replied.  “The concept of the Antichrist is one that humans have tried to grasp throughout history, but largely have come up short on.  Mike, what do you know of the Antichrist?”

“Not much,” he replied.  “Just the basic idea that he is the direct opposite of You, and that his emergence signals the start of the End of Days.”

“Not bad,” Jesus replied.  “Think of it in this way.  When I first came to Earth, was I sent as a messenger as many of God’s angels were?”

“No, You were born as a baby, like all humans are,” Melody said.

“Exactly.  In fact, I was human, in every sense of the word.  I was merely a human born directly of God’s divine intervention, one that He had housed His power within,” He continued to explain.

“Does that mean that the Antichrist is born as such, just as you were?” Mike asked.

“No,” Jesus answered.  “Remember, humanity comes from God, and the Antichrist is a human incarnation of Lucifer himself.  Thus, no human is designated as the Antichrist from birth; it depends on their life and the choices that they make.  In order for Lucifer to house his power inside a human, as God did with Me, it takes quite a long time.  Human souls are not naturally inclined to such power, so it must be introduced to them slowly, or they will soon be consumed by it.  My guess is that Edward has been absorbing this power for at least a century, maybe more.”

“So he really is the Antichrist,” Mike muttered.

“Not yet,” Jesus replied.  “He is not the Antichrist until he has absorbed all of Lucifer’s power.  Until then, he’s just a human using some of Lucifer’s power.”

“So, what does all this mean?  The end of the world?” Mike asked.

Chuckling, He replied, “Now you know better than to ask me that.  What have you always known about the End of Days?”

Face-palming in realization, Mike said, “No one knows the day or hour that it will come, not man, nor angels, nor even the Son of God Himself, but God the Father only.”

“Exactly,” Jesus said.  “Dad’s the only one who knows if Edward is the one who will become the Antichrist and begin the End of Days, and believe Me, He’s not letting anyone in on that secret.  Therefore, we have to proceed as if it’s not the End of Days.  If we can stop Edward before Lucifer’s power overtakes him completely, the End of Days will be averted.”

“So, how long do we have until he does absorb Lucifer’s full power?” Melody asked.

Thinking a moment, Jesus answered, “At the current rate, maybe a few weeks.  Remember the surge of power you felt from Persephone in your fight with her?  That power was directly from Edward.  With their bond, he is able to share some of Lucifer’s strength with her, enabling her to hold her own with even you.”

“That must be how she’s able to rebel against the Council of Four!” Melody realized.

“Exactly.  And in sharing such power with Persephone, Edward slows the rate at which he progresses towards becoming the Antichrist, almost to a halt,” Jesus explained.

“So, if we force him to share more power with Persephone, that buys us more time.  The question is, time to do what?” Mike asked.

“To take Edward out,” Jesus said.

“How?” Mike asked.  “You saw what he did to Melody down there!”

With a knowing grin, Jesus said, “I’m so glad you asked.”

With a blinding flash of light, the trio found themselves in a large, circular room with doors lining the glowing, white walls.

“What is this place?” Melody asked in wonder.

“My friends, welcome to the armory,” Jesus replied.  “Eons ago, Lucifer was one of God’s most powerful angels.  He was a great warrior, and widely respected for his wisdom as well.  However, he soon became jealous of Me, realizing that, a great as he was, he would never be as close to God as His own Son.  This jealousy led him to rebel, bringing with him about a third of God’s angels as his sympathizers.  After several fierce battles with God’s forces, led by Michael the Archangel, I finally entered the battle Myself, putting down the rebellion once and for all.  After Dad banished Lucifer, Michael and I created this armory to develop means with which we could combat Lucifer should he ever attempt a direct assault on Heaven, or especially Earth, again.”

“And has he ever attempted another direct assault?” Mike asked.

“No,” Jesus replied, shaking His head.  “As foolish as his rebellion was, Lucifer himself is no fool today.  He knows that a direct war with God would result in his complete destruction.  Rather, he seeks to corrupt God’s creation, humanity, by convincing them to accept him as their leader and savior.  That is the ultimate purpose of the Antichrist.  But I digress; we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

“Our focus at this point needs to be Edward.  Though he is close to achieving full Antichrist status, he is not there yet.  As Melody mentioned, we must force him to bestow more power on Persephone, thus slowing down the process.  Melody, what you must do is return to Earth and try to track down Persephone to remove her power from her.  Since she declared the Council of Four to be her enemy, Selena and Farzan have the power to assist you with this.  It will be difficult to subdue her, but not impossible; as a genie servant, she cannot wield the amount of power that Edward can, which should allow at least two Major Genies to bring her down.”

“What about Edward?” Melody asked.  “Clearly, I’m no match for him, even with all of my Genie magic.  Won’t he stop at nothing to prevent us from removing her power?”

Jesus replied, “I doubt it.  At this point, he sees Persephone as a pawn to help him accomplish his goal.  If she must be sacrificed, he’s glad to do so.  Even now, Edward has separated himself from Persephone, though he can still strengthen her from great distances away.  He is doubtless aware that you managed to find him by tracking her location, so he won’t be making that mistake again.

“In the meantime, Mike, we have a contingency plan crafted for combating the Antichrist.  Michael and I have managed to build a weapon capable of not only harming the Antichrist, but also disrupting the connection he shares with Lucifer, cutting off his power source.  The weapon is quite powerful, and takes great care to use properly, but has always been designed to be used only by human citizens of Heaven.”

“I don’t understand,” Mike said.  “If we’re this close to such a disaster, why aren’t You and Michael taking matters into your own hands?  Why send us?”

Thinking for a moment, Jesus replied, “It’s a bit difficult to explain, but suffice to say that I cannot return to Earth until the End of Days has begun.  It was a treaty agreement made with Lucifer after the end of My mortal life.  When I died, but then rose again, he felt that God had cheated, and threatened a direct attack on Earth in retaliation.  Though we did not cheat, and would have won such a conflict, there’s no telling how many innocents would have been harmed in the process.  Thus, we agreed that I would not return to Earth except in the event that he broke the peace by establishing dominion over it.  In that case, I am allowed to return to Earth for the purpose of evacuating all those who still resist his rule, what some humans refer to as ‘The Rapture’.  Once that has occurred, the treaty we agreed on is completed, allowing God’s army to combat Lucifer directly once more.”

“Ok… I think I get it,” Mike said.  “Basically, Heaven and Hell have opted to play chess for the time being, harming as few innocents as possible, but if Lucifer throws the chess board on the floor, You’re allowed to fight back.”

“Exactly,” Jesus said.

“So how exactly does Edward plan to accomplish all this?  What’s his next move?” Melody asked.

“His first goal will be to achieve full Antichrist status,” Jesus replied.  “He knows that he’s close, so I’d bet he’ll attempt to spark some large-scale disaster that kills thousands of innocent lives.  The more evil he does, the faster he absorbs Lucifer’s power, so something like that would put him over the top.  Such a tragedy would also cause the world to be starving for leadership, which is a void he would try to fill himself, arising from the ashes of the disaster to provide order and stability.  However, your pursuit of Persephone will distract him and put a hold on those plans, buying us the time that we need.  The rest is up to Mike, as I’ll show him here shortly.  Anyway, we’ve been talking long enough as is.  Melody, are you ready to get started?”

“I guess so,” she said, glancing at Mike for several long moments.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” he said, kissing her sweetly on the forehead.  “You’ll be fine.  We both will.”

“I know, it’s just… we don’t know when we’ll see each other again, do we?”

“Comes with the job territory,” Mike sighed.  “Now, get down there.  They need you.”

Melody gripped her husband in a tight hug before departing, whispering, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mike replied.  As she turned away from him, Mike swatted her ass, saying, “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

She giggled in reply.  With a flash of white light, she was gone.


“Do you have any idea what may have happened?” Farzan asked.

“None,” Selena replied.  “Whatever has happened to cause them to disappear like this, it is certainly not Jinn related.  If it were, we would be able to detect such power.”

“What of Persephone?” Salim inquired.  “Why would we also be unable to track her location?”

“That, it seems, is an even greater mystery,” Selena said.  “I could believe that Mike and Melody’s disappearance might be in some way related to their status as citizens of Heaven, though that is only speculation at this time.  But Persephone should have no ability to hide her location from us whatsoever.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the globe began to glow in the center of the room.

“Hold on, we’re getting something,” Farzan said.  Examining the globe, a faint point of light appeared in the vicinity of London.  “Well, we’ve found Persephone, at least.  I suppose we should speak with her about finding Mike and Melody.”

“Perhaps… wait!  Come here, look outside!” Selena exclaimed.

The trio approached the window and gazed out, spying a small cluster of black clouds in the distance.  As they drew closer, they began to flash and spark as electricity was charged within them.  The clouds reached the palace gates, and an enormous bolt of lightning struck the ground, leaving a smoking crater in its place.

“What was that?” Farzan asked.

“I have seen such lightning before,” Selena said with a huge smile on her face.

Selena rushed down to the courtyard, heading for the front gate, Farzan and Salim following right behind her.  Panting as she reached the entrance, she commanded the guard to open the gates.  As they opened, she was overjoyed at the person waiting for her on the other side.

“Melody!  You’re alright!” Selena exclaimed, wrapping her in a tight hug.

“Woah, easy!  Down girl, I’m fine!” she said, trying to pry Selena off of her.  “I’ll explain everything, but we should get more comfortable; it’s kind of a long story.”

The group made their way to Farzan’s quarters, where Melody began to explain what had transpired.  Mike’s safety was among their first concern, but their fears were alleviated upon Melody’s assurance that he was safe and sound back in Heaven.  More shocking, though, was the revelation of Persephone’s rebellion and Edward’s goal of becoming the Antichrist.

“This power that Edward has gained is foreign to the Jinn,” Salim mused.  “How strong would you say he is with this power?  If he can allow Persephone to declare war on the Council, what else is he capable of?”

“He’s completely out of my league,” Melody answered.  “After I subdued Persephone, there was no warning whatsoever when he moved to attack me, and none of my healing abilities had any effect from the wound he inflicted.  I would dare say that not even a King Jinn would be a match for him, based on what I’ve seen so far.”

“At this point, I do not believe it matters,” Farzan said.  “He and Persephone have declared us their enemy, so we must treat them as an active threat.  After this meeting, I will update Kings Ardashir and Nadir.  Each of the four tribes must have their armies ready to face this threat.”

“King Farzan, you do realize that those armies would be marching towards certain death, right?” Melody asked.

Chuckling, he replied, “I cannot speak for the other tribes, but my soldiers will be well aware of the risk, and I can guarantee you that they will wish to fight all the same.”

“As will mine,” Salim agreed.

“That’s… incredibly brave of you,” Melody marveled.  “Still, we may be able to avert open war.  Tell me, were you able to detect Persephone’s presence during my fight with her?”

“No,” Farzan answered.  “It was the strangest thing; she, for our purposes, did not exist for that time.”

“I believe that may be a side effect of the power Edward is sharing with her.  It may allow her to conceal herself from you, at least for a time,” Melody said.  “Still, that may end up being a good thing.  As it was explained to Mike and me, the more of Edward’s power Persephone uses, the longer it takes for Edward to achieve his goal.  My thought is that Selena and I will need to go after Persephone, forcing Edward to continue empowering her.  If we can subdue her, we may be able to figure out what he’s planning to try and start the End of Days.”

Selena nodded in agreement.  “If you were able to defeat her before by yourself, then the two of us together should not have enormous difficulty.  With her declaration of enmity to the Council, I am allowed to assist you in subduing her.”

“One other consideration,” Farzan chimed in.  “Do you know whether Edward knows if you are not dead?  If he thinks you and Mike are gone for good, we should not waste that element of surprise.”

Pondering for a moment, Melody replied, “I don’t know for sure.  However, if absorbing this power means that he has some form of contact with Lucifer, I think we have to assume that Edward knows of my true nature.  It’s only a gut instinct, but I think he knows Mike and I will be after him.”

“Then the two of you must take great care,” Farzan said.

“Agreed,” Melody said.  “Selena, if we do encounter Edward, get yourself out of there right away; don’t try to take him on.  He’ll try to kill me, but as we’ve seen, that only serves to slow me down.”

Sighing in frustration, Selena replied, “Very well… though I detest running from a fight.”

Chuckling, Farzan said to Salim, “I’ve always loved that about her.”

“It seems the plan is set, then,” Salim stated.  “Melody and Selena will go after Persephone and bring her in.  Meanwhile, Farzan and I will alert the four tribes to these events and begin overseeing the preparations of our armies.”


“Yeesh… what a wasted night,” Anthony muttered.

“I’m sure they had a good reason for not coming tonight, my love,” Apollonia tried to reassure him.

“We had a deal!  Guess that don’t mean much to them.”

As they walked from their car up the walk to their home, Apollonia headed inside while Anthony stopped at the mailbox, noticing that the flag was up.  Still fuming from Mike and Melody standing them up, he grabbed the small stack of envelopes and slammed the mailbox shut.  He began sifting through them as he entered his home, seeing that most of them were the standard ads and credit card offers, which he promptly shredded at his desk.  The final envelope, however, was a small one simply addressed to “The Trapanis.”

“Apollonia, what do you make of this?” Anthony asked.

Inspecting the envelope, she said, “I am unsure, though I sense no danger within it.  Let’s open it.”

“Alright,” he replied, grabbing his sword-shaped letter opener.  Sliding out a piece of stationary, the pair began to read the note.

Our new friends,

Please know that we are very sorry for being unable to join you for dinner tonight.  Regretfully, an urgent matter has arisen that requires our immediate attention.  As much as we wish things were different, duty calls, and it will be a little while before we can see you again, but don’t worry about us.  The next time we’re available, we will make it up to the both of you.  Until then, please take care of each other, and don’t ever stop loving your family.  We know, just as you do, they are the greatest treasure you’ll ever have.  Until next time.

Mike and Melody Braxton

“Such kindness…” Apollonia marveled.

Sighing, Anthony said, “Guess they’re decent, respectful people after all.”

As the pair relaxed on the sofa together, Apollonia asked, “Do you think they are alright?  I’m… a bit concerned by their wording.  ‘Duty calls’.  It seems… a bit unsettling.”

“I agree, but those two are clearly in a league of their own,” Anthony replied.  “Besides, we’ve seen that Melody can take care of herself.”

“Very true!” Apollonia said with a sweet laugh.  “I suppose they will be fine.”

“And if they need help, they know they can ask us for anything,” Anthony agreed.


Relaxing on a sofa underground, Persephone sat in quiet meditation with her eyes closed, replaying her previous battle in her mind.  Over and over again, she formulated things she could have and should have done differently, things that would have resulted in her victory.  Still, Master Edward’s words rang true; the Braxtons were indeed unique specimens.  To her good fortune, he was far stronger than either of them, and the threat they faced from them seemed to have passed.  At least, she hoped as much.

Master, have we seen the last of Mike and Melody? Persephone asked.

I have been in contact with my Lord.  He confirmed that, while my attack would have killed both of them, they were in fact already dead, Edward replied.

Already dead?  What does that mean?

It means they will be back.  Even as we speak, my Lord’s enemies have allied with the Braxtons and are working to undermine him.  Mike and Melody are the proverbial queen and knight in this grand game of chess.  How they will be played remains to be seen.

I understand, Master.  What do you wish of me?

As best I can surmise, they were able to find us by tracking your whereabouts, knowing that I would be near to you.  Thus, we must remain separated until such time as the plans can be put into action.  They will come for you, and when they do, you must be ready to retaliate with all your might.  I suspect they may involve those fools on the Council of Four in our affairs.

The Council… is powerful.

Fear not, Persephone.  Together, we are invincible.  Together… we will accomplish my Lord’s dream.  We will become the rightful rulers of this world, and all will know my Lord as their savior.

I cannot wait, Master.  Have you found any leads on the next step of the plan?

I believe I have… but I feel it best not to tell you where I will be traveling to next, to prevent the Council from interrogating you for that information.

Understood, Master.  I must go now… I believe I may have visitors.

As soon as her eyes opened, a knock came at the door of the abandoned junction station…