The Seduction Of Sylvia

Info silverhawk
24 Jul. '17

“Hey Sylvia, my birthday’s this Saturday and I’m throwing a pool party to celebrate.  Wanna come?”

Sylvia didn’t hear any of the words.  She was trying to find the fifty three cents difference between the two columns on the company balance sheet.  It had to be a bad data entry on one side of the twin columns of six thousand plus entries because the accounting software never made an addition error.  She’d been so absorbed she hadn’t heard Beverly walk into her cubicle. Beverly tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey, are you still among the living?”

“Sorry, I was concentrating so hard I didn’t see you.  Did you say something?”

“I said I’m having a birthday party for myself this Saturday and asked if you’d like to come.”

“Oh I – I don’t know.  I’m not much of a party person.”

“Now see”, chuckled Beverly, “that’s just wrong.  You need to get your nose out of those computer reports and have some fun once in a while.”

Sylvia sighed.  She knew Beverly was just trying to help.  She’d said as much to Sylvia a couple times.  It seemed to bother Beverly that Sylvia didn’t have a boyfriend and never had any dates. Beverly worked in Sales, and being one of the few women in Sales, she met a lot of men. She kept trying to hook Sylvia up with this guy or that guy she’d met somewhere.

It wasn’t that Sylvia had anything against guys, boyfriends, or even sex.  She just didn’t like any of the guys at work that way and she rarely went anywhere besides home and her cubicle in the office unless it was to go shopping.  Shopping was a task to be done quickly because it was something she didn’t enjoy doing.  When she shopped, Sylvia didn’t spend any time looking at other people much less trying to attract a man.

She smiled at Beverly.

“You’re going to try to hook me up with another guy, aren’t you.”

“Oh God no.  I remember the last time I did that.  I didn’t think you’d ever forgive me.”

“Beverly, it really wasn’t your fault.  How were you supposed to know he only liked really big women?  Lord knows I’m a long way from skinny, but he thought I was too thin.  That’s what he told me just before he left me sitting in the restaurant by myself.”

“Well, I probably should have showed him your picture or something.  I’m still sorry about that.”

Sylvia waived her hand at Beverly.

“Don’t be.  It’s done and can’t be changed.  I suppose your party is for couples, isn’t it?  Since I’m not a couple, I wouldn’t fit in.”

“No, it’s not for couples and there’ll be no guys there.  It’s an all-girl birthday pool party.  I’ll be like a pajama party except with swim suits.  We’re gonna grill some burgers, have some wine, and relax in the pool.  Stephanie from HR is bringing a pasta salad and Judy from Operations is bringing the wine.”

Sylvia was looking for a way out that didn’t seem snobbish.  She liked Beverly and Stephanie.   She didn’t know Judy all that well, but she seemed like a nice person.  It was just that she never knew what to do at parties.  Everybody else talked about what they did at work or in their spare time and most of their stories were funny.  Sylvia’s stories would be about how they had to work until midnight that one night to close the books on time or how they had to keep the books by hand that time the computer decided to die.

“I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to get you for a present.”

Beverly smiled.

“No presents, thank you.  I’ll be thirty, not six.  I just want to spend an evening with my girl friends.  Please say you’ll come.  All you need to bring is you and a swimsuit.  We all want you to be there.  You do have a suit, don’t you?”

“Yes, a one piece I wore when I went to Florida last year.”

“Well, put yourself in that suit and come to my house about six, OK?  Don’t chicken out and let us down now.”

After lunch on Saturday, Sylvia showered and washed her hair. Washing her hair was something she always did every couple of days.  She couldn’t understand why some women let their hair get greasy and dirty.  Sometimes she’d miss day two and wash it on day three, but she never let it go unwashed longer than three days.  She liked the way her dark auburn hair fell in waves over her shoulders when it was clean.

She also shaved her legs and underarms. Sylvia wasn’t quite so rigid in her shaving schedule.  She always wore pants and a top with at least short sleeves to work, so nobody would know if she only shaved once a week or even once every two weeks. Since she was going to be wearing a swimsuit, she thought she should look smooth and the week old stubble wasn’t smooth at all.  As an afterthought, she put on the suit and checked for any stray pubic hairs the suit didn’t cover.  After finding some, she trimmed herself with scissors and then shaved around the edges just to make sure.

She put the swimsuit back on then and checked for any hairs she’d missed.  There were none, so she put on shorts and a loose knit top to cover the suit.

It was ten ‘til six when she drove into Beverly’s drive and parked her car behind the blue SUV she knew belonged to Stephanie.  She knew it was Stephanie’s because of the back window.  There was a stick man, a stick woman, two stick kids, and a stick dog on a decal stuck to the window.  Stephanie was married, had two kids, and they had a dog.  Sylvia wondered how she’d talked her husband into letting her come to the party.

The other vehicle in the drive was a black, four-wheel drive pickup truck.  On the back glass was a sticker with pink words that said, “YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED BY A GIRL WITH A HEMI”.  There were two stickers on the chrome bumper – “WELL-BEHAVED WOMEN SELDOM MAKE HISTORY” and “MEN NEED WOMEN, WOMEN NEED BATTERIES”.  

The truck didn’t seem like anything a woman would drive, but Sylvia assumed it had to be Judy’s.  Judy supervised a manufacturing department and most of her department were men.  It probably took a strong woman to keep them in line.  Sylvia figured that’s why Judy was in her thirties and still not married.  It would probably be hard to find a man who could live with a woman who made her living telling other men what to do.

Sylvia picked up her purse, locked her car and walked up to the front door.  She had to ring the bell three times before Beverly opened it.  Beverly smiled.

“Sylvia, you made it.  Well come on in girl and let’s party.  Steph and Judy are already out by the pool.”

As Sylvia followed Beverly through the house, she couldn’t help but watch Beverly’s butt.  From the front, the white, flowered bikini dipped so low Sylvia was sure Beverly must shave most of her mound.  When Beverly turned around, all Sylvia could see was Beverly’s cheeks and a thin strap that emerged from between them and joined the thin strap around her hips.  Her bare cheeks jiggled a little as she walked.  Beverly had never said anything about having a tattoo, but there were two tiny little butterflies on her right butt cheek, one with yellow wings, and one with blue.  Both were flying under a rainbow.

Stephanie surprised Sylvia with her suit.  Stephanie always seemed to be very conservative at work.  She usually wore her blonde hair in a bun, and always wore loose pants and blouses.  This didn’t look like the same Stephanie.  Her suit was a black two piece.  The bottom came up almost to her belly button and covered her cheeks in back.  The top…

Sylvia figured Stephanie must have worn bras without much support to work and that made her loose tops hide any figure she might have had.  This top had lots of support and Stephanie needed every bit.  It couldn’t begin to cover all of Stephanie’s tanned breasts; they were pushed up and almost out at the top.  The only thing covering the full, twin swells was her long blonde hair.  Stephanie smiled and waved when she saw Sylvia, and the wave made her breasts sway from side to side.

Judy was standing at the grill and using a long spatula to turn the hamburgers that sizzled on the grate. Her green bikini top made a striking contrast with her tanned skin and the dark brown curls that dipped down to the top of what would have been the bikini cups if there’d been cups.  The top was just strings and two small triangles of material that only covered her nipples. She also waved but her breasts didn’t sway. Her small breasts were too firm and perky to sway.

Her bikini bottom was made like the top. Sylvia couldn’t see because Judy had her legs closed, but it looked like the tiny piece of material that sat low on her mound got smaller as it dipped between her tight thighs.  The small piece of material had strings that ran around her lower back to another string that, like Beverly’s, emerged from between her firm hips.

Beverly steered Sylvia to a padded chaise lounge beside a table.

“The burgers are almost done. There’s chips and dip on the table by the grill if you want a snack.  We have pasta salad and some fresh tomatoes to go with the burgers and I’ll bring those out when Judy’s says she’s ready. You take off that top and those shorts and get comfortable while I go get you a glass of wine.”

Sylvia was a little embarrassed when she took off her top and shorts.  Her figure was OK, she thought, but she didn’t have the large breasts that Stephanie had, and she wasn’t toned and tight like Judy.  She was more like Beverly, she decided – her breasts were big enough to give her a feminine figure and her hips jiggled a little but weren’t flabby or dimpled.

She was a little less embarrassed when Stephanie said she liked the suit Sylvia was wearing.

“I’d really like wearing a one piece, but my husband likes to see my tummy.  I don’t know why on earth he wants me to show my stretch marks to the world, but he seems to.  I’m not about to do that.  That’s why the bottoms come up so high - to hide my tummy.”

She giggled.

“He’s OK with this one as long as I let him take it off me when we get done swimming.  He likes what it does to my boobs too.”

Sylvia smiled.

“I can see why.  I never realized…I mean, you don’t look that big at work.”

“Well, as you can imagine, HR deals with a lot of men, and I don’t like being stared at.  I wear bras to work that sort of flatten me out so I don’t look as big as I am.”

Stephanie shrugged.

“It just makes it easier to talk to a guy about insurance or his pay stub if he’s listening instead of sitting there and wondering what I look like naked.”

Judy announced then that the burgers were done.  Beverly brought out buns and condiments along with the salad and tomatoes and put them on a small table by the grill.  Then she brought out paper plates, napkins, and plastic forks.

“OK, girls, get a burger from Judy and fill your plates.  I’m starving.”

The sun was dipping below the horizon by the time they finished eating.  Beverly slapped at her bare thigh and chuckled, “I guess I better light the torches before the mosquitoes carry us off”.

Sylvia caught the scent of citronella when Beverly lit the first torch, and as Beverly walked around the pool lighting the others, Sylvia thought about their dinner conversation.

It hadn’t been about work, well except for the story Judy told about firing a guy because he squeezed her butt.

“Yep, I was walking by his station and he just reached out and grabbed my ass.  I asked him why he did it, and he said my ass just looked like it needed to be squeezed.  He didn’t even try to apologize, even when I took him to HR and fired him.  He just grinned and said if I wanted more than just one squeeze to give him a call.”

Stephanie giggled.

“I remember him I think.  Kinda short with a big belly and smelled like he hadn’t  had a shower in a couple of weeks?”

“That was him.  I mean, honestly, I can squeeze my ass myself and get turned on a lot more than he would have gotten me.  He was just…ugh.”

Beverly laughed.

“Bet you squeeze your butt a lot, don’t you?”

Judy grinned.

“Well, a girls gotta get relaxed somehow doesn’t she?  You probably do the same thing, don’t you Bev?”

“No, I don’t squeeze my butt cheeks.  I sort of rub my boobs.”

Stephanie choked on her wine, and after a fit of coughing and laughing at the same time, asked what Beverly meant by “sort of”.

Beverly blushed.

“It means I do the same thing you do.  I rub my nipples and squeeze my boobs.  I just don’t have as much to rub and squeeze as you do.”

Stephanie had giggled.

“I don’t have to rub mine.  Hubbie does that for me…among other things he likes to do.”

Judy took a sip from her wineglass and then smiled.

“And just what would those other things be?”

“Oh, just things, mostly the normal things like playing with my nipples and my kitty.”

That brought a giggle from all the women including Sylvia.  Beverly grinned then.

“So, there are some not normal things he likes too?  You have to give us details, Steph honey.  Inquiring minds need to know.”

“Oh, I’d be too embarrassed to tell you about those things.”

“Why?  It’s not like were teenagers who’ve never done anything before.”

Stephanie took a deep breath.

“Promise you won’t laugh.”

“No”, giggled Judy.

“You have to promise not to laugh.”

“Oh, all right. I won’t laugh…at least I’ll try not to.”

“Well, I used to do contemporary dance when I was younger.  He likes for me to dance for him and strip while I’m doing it.”

“OK, that doesn’t seem not normal.”

“Well, he likes me to play with myself while I do it and watch me get myself all excited.”

Beverly giggled..

“Girl, you can’t just leave that picture in our minds and then stop.  You have to show us.”

Stephanie looked sheepish.

“I suppose I could, but I’d need some music to dance to – something slow and sexy if you have one.”

Beverly smiled.

“Just hold that thought.  I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

She came back out of the house with a portable CD player in one hand and three CD cases in her other hand.  She sat the player on the table and opened one of the CD cases.

“This one is called “Music for Lovers”.  It oughta have something you can use.”

Beverly inserted the CD and then clicked the selector button several times.  When the song began playing, Stephanie nodded.

“I know that one.  Do I have to strip or can I just dance?”

Judy chuckled.

“We won’t get the full effect if you don’t strip, now will we?”

“What if somebody sees me besides you?”

Beverly smiled.

“Steph, my pool fence is nine feet high and you can’t see through it.  None of my neighbors have two story houses so they can’t get high enough to see over it.  The only people who’ll see you are us girls, and we already know what boobies and butt cheeks look like.”

Beverly pushed “Play” again and the music started.  Sylvia recognized it as a slow, Latin song, the kind of song that she’d seen dancers on television dancing to in competitions.  The women in those couples wore only enough clothing to be decent and they looked really erotic when they danced.  She wondered if Stephanie would be the same.

Stephanie stood up, took a deep breath, and began to sway her hips to the music.  She closed her eyes then, and to Sylvia, it seemed as if Stephanie was letting the music tell her what to do.  The flickering, yellow light from the torches painted patterns of shadow and light on her body as her hips swayed along with the bass beat behind the melody.  As the song progressed, Stephanie stroked the swell of her breasts, then down her sides, and finally over her swaying hips.  

It was mesmerizing for Sylvia to watch Stephanie, and much to her amazement, she found herself getting a little aroused.  It wasn’t the usual state she sometimes woke in.  At those times, she’d just have a feeling of tension that needed to be released.  She’d release that tension with some soft strokes to her nipples and then a finger between the curl-covered lips between her thighs.  No, she thought, this was somehow different.

Stephanie’s movements had become the movements of a woman being aroused by a lover.  Her fingers gently squeezed her large breasts and then stroked down her tummy and between her thighs.  She didn’t linger there; she just lightly stroked the roundness of her mound and then lifted her hands back to her breasts again.  

Sylvia could feel her nipples tightening and didn’t really know why.  She’d seen Stephanie at work for years and never thought anything other than that she was a pretty woman.  Now, Stephanie was causing some thoughts Sylvia had read about but never experienced.

Stephanie raised her hands to the back of her neck and unfastened the strap that held up the bra of the suit.  When Stephanie slowly dropped the strap, her breasts dropped a little as well and the cups moved away from the twin mounds.  Stephanie slowly slipped her hands down over her breasts and pushed down the cups.  As her fingers reached her nipples, she spread them until a nipple appeared between the middle finger and ring finger of each hand.  Sylvia caught her breath when Stephanie closed her fingers and lightly pinched her nipples between them.  She felt her own nipples grow more rigid when Stephanie moaned.

The top of the suit fell around Stephanie’s waist then, and she pulled it around, undid the hook and eye of the band and let it fall to the ground.  She swayed seductively to the music for a few more seconds, and then turned around, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the suit bottom and began working it down over her hips.

Stephanie thought she shouldn’t be watching this, much less reacting, but she couldn’t turn away.  Stephanie cocked first one full hip and then the other, inching the waistband down slowly.  She bent slightly as the waistband slipped down enough the separation of her cheeks was visible, and stayed that way as she worked the bottom lower.  When it tucked under her cheeks, Stephanie stroked both her hips, then squeezed.  Sylvia thought she heard another little moan.  She knew she saw Stephanie’s cheeks squeeze together and then relax again.

Stephanie moved her thighs apart a little then, and the bottoms fell to her knees.  She sensuously stepped out of them one foot at a time.

Sylvia caught her breath again when Stephanie bent over with her hands on her knees.  Stephanie was shaved, and her long, slender lips were pushed out of the hollow between her thighs.  Sylvia held her breath as Stephanie spread those thighs and moved one hand between them.  She remembered to breathe again when Stephanie parted the long, slender lips with her middle finger and began stroking.

The song ended then, so Stephanie stood up, turned around and grinned.

“That’s what he likes me to do.  What did you think?”

Judy’s voice was soft.

“Damn Stephanie, if that doesn’t turn him on, he needs to see a doctor.”

Stephanie grinned again.

“Oh, it does.  I usually dance a little more while he…well, he does to me what I was doing to my self and then…well you can guess what he does to me then.”

Beverly chuckled.

“I’d imagine he screws you until you pass out.”

“No, not for a while, but sometimes I do feel like I’m passing out when he’s doing what he does.  Let’s just say he has a really nice tongue.”

Judy grinned..

“Show us what he does before that.  I wanna see.”

Beverly clicked the CD player back to the same song and pressed play.  Stephanie smiled and started dancing again.  She cupped her breasts and fondled her nipples a couple of times, then moved her hand back down to her shaved mound.  Sylvia watched, breathless, as Stephanie stroked between her lips and then slipped in two fingers.  She moaned quietly, then murmured, “he usually does this.”

Sylvia could believe Stephanie’s husband would do that.  What she couldn’t believe is she found herself wanting to feel the same thing.  She squeezed her thighs tightly together and felt a tingle race from her clit to her tummy.

That wasn’t right, she thought to herself, but it had happened.  She squeezed her thighs together again and then moved one against the other.  The tingle that time would have made her gasp if she hadn’t stifled it.  No, that wasn’t right, but Stephanie was so erotic she couldn’t help it.  

Sylvia was so consumed by those thoughts she didn’t see Judy slip off her bra and bottoms while Stephanie was still stroking herself.  She finally looked up when she heard Judy whisper, “Steph, let me do that for you.”

Sylvia was a little shocked when she saw Judy caress Stephanie’s mound and then slowly insert two fingers between Stephanie’s spread thighs.  Stephanie gasped and put her arms around Judy’s neck.  Judy looked at Beverly and Sylvia, smiled, and then kissed Stephanie.

Sylvia turned to Beverly in disbelief.

“What are they doing?”

Beverly just smiled.

“They’re doing what it looks like they’re doing.  Judy is making Stephanie feel good.  Unless I miss my guess, Stephanie will be doing the same to Judy sometime tonight.  Does that shock you?”

“Yes…no…I don’t know.  I knew some women like other women, but Stephanie’s married.  Why would she…?”

Beverly smiled again.

“Stephanie likes both.  She just can’t show it at work.  Here, she can do anything she wants.”

“Doesn’t her husband care?”

“He encouraged her to try the first time.  Their marriage is open that way.  He doesn’t want her to be with other men, but he likes it that she likes women too.  It turns him on, or so she says.  I imagine it does, because they’re turning me on too.  I think you’re feeling something as well, aren’t you?”

“No, not really.”

Beverly moved her lawn chair close to Sylvia’s, then touched her on the arm.  Sylvia shivered as Beverly put her arm around her, stroked her hand over Sylvia’s shoulder, then down over her collar bone to the swell of her breast.

“You can’t lie about something like this, Sylvia.  I see it in your eyes.  I also saw you rubbing your legs together.  Now, tell me the truth.  You are feeling something, aren’t you?”

“I suppose so, but it’s probably just the wine.”

“Uh-uh.  I’ve been watching you.  You’ve only had one glass.  It’s OK if you’re feeling something.  Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like?”

“I suppose so, but it’s bad.”

Beverly slipped her hand under the right bra cup of Sylvia’s suit and brushed her nipple.  She leaned over, her face just an inch from Sylvia’s.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“No, I guess not.”

“I’m going to kiss you, Sylvia, unless you push me away.”

Beverly didn’t give Sylvia time to do anything.  She just parted her lips and then  lightly brushed Sylvia’s nipple again.  When Sylvia opened her mouth at the sensation, Beverly pressed her lips against Sylvia’s and traced Sylvia’s lower lip with her tongue.  

Sylvia closed her eyes.  Her mind told her to push Beverly away, but her body wouldn’t respond.  It was too busy feeling the chills running down her spine and the tingles that raced from her nipple to tighten her tummy.

When Beverly gently pinched her nipple, Sylvia moaned.  Beverly then slipped her small tongue between Sylvia’s teeth.  Silvia felt her body tighten when their tongues touched, and then moaned again when Beverly pinched her erect nipple more firmly.

Sylvia was dimly aware of the panting gasps and moans coming from Stephanie. She was too aroused by Beverly’s kiss and by the soft fingertips that rolled her nipple to be aware of much else.  Only when Beverly gently pulled away did she look toward the source of those sounds.  The sight captured her attention so strongly she didn’t feel Beverly’s hand stroking her inner thigh.

Stephanie wasn’t standing any more.  She was lying on another chaise lounge.  Judy was lying on the same chaise lounge in the spot where Stephanie’s legs wound have been if she hadn’t spread them wide open.  Sylvia’s breathing quickened as she watched Judy licking Stephanie’s long lips.  Stephanie put her hands on Judy’s head then, and murmured, “Oh, God, yes.  Make me cum.”

Sylvia stared as Stephanie groaned and then began rocking her hips into Judy’s face.  Judy slipped her hands around Stephanie’s hips and then up to her breasts.  She took a taut nipple between the fingers of each hand, pinched tightly and then pulled up.  Stephanie’s big breasts changed from soft round globes to long cones.  She moaned, “Yeah…oh…oh, yeah”.  

Sylvia was spellbound as Judy opened her mouth, then pushed it tight against Stephanie’s spread lips.  There were a few little slurping sounds, and then Stephanie cried out, Oh God,…now Judy, now”, and arched into Judy’s face..  Judy’s head kept bobbing up and down with Stephanie’s rocking hips until Stephanie sighed and eased back down onto the chaise lounge.

Beverly’s fingers slipping over the crotch of her suit pulled Sylvia’s attention from what she’d just witnessed.  The fingers were stroking her through the thin material and the sensations made her shiver.  Sylvia looked at Beverly and Beverly smiled.

“We could be doing the same thing.  I think you’d enjoy doing it more than watching, don’t you?”

The part of Sylvia she thought of as her good self was telling her this was all wrong and that she should just get up an leave.  The other part, the part she only let into her thoughts when she was alone and in bed was telling her something different.  The thoughts raced through her mind in a blur.

“You do this to yourself almost every day.  It won’t be any more wrong than that  if Beverly does it, wouldn’t it?”

“The magazine article said most women have thoughts about other women and you know you have too.  Wouldn’t you like to find out what it’s like?”

“You haven’t found a man you like.  Maybe you like women instead, or maybe you like both like Stephanie.  You’ll never know unless you let Beverly do what she wants.”

Sylvia shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“I…Beverly, I’m not sure I feel that way.”

Beverly pressed a little firmer into Sylvia’s crotch.

“Do you feel what I’m doing?”


“Wouldn’t you like it to feel better?”

“Beverly, I want to say yes, but I can’t.”

Sylvia hadn’t seen Stephanie and Judy walk to where she and Beverly sat, but she heard Stephanie’s soft voice.

“Why can’t you say yes, Honey?”

“Because…because it’s wrong.”

Stephanie covered Sylvia’s left breast with her hand and then squeezed gently.

“Honey, your nipple is stiff.  Is that wrong too?”

“I can’t help that.”

“I know you can’t, Honey, any more than I can.  It’s not wrong.  It’s just something that happens to us when we get excited like you are now.”

Sylvia was going to reply, but Judy bent down and kissed her before she could.  Her mind reeled with the sensations that were tearing away at her doubts.  

Judy’s lips and tongue sent those sensations racing down her spine.  Stephanie had slipped her hand inside her suit and was stroking her nipple and nipple bed.  Beverly had pulled the crotch of her suit to the side and was stroking the outside folds of her lips.  

She didn’t resist when Stephanie slipped the straps of the suit from her shoulders and bared her breasts.  She caught her breath and then moaned when Stephanie kissed the tip of her nipple and then sucked it gently.  She moaned again when Beverly’s fingertip parted her outer lips and sought her entrance.

Judy pulled away gently, nibbled Sylvia’s ear lobe, and then whispered, ‘Sylvia, let us take off your suit.  It’ll be better that way.”

Sylvia’s mind was still spinning with conflicting thoughts, so she didn’t really resist when the three women pulled her swimsuit down her body and over her legs.  She did keep her thighs together when Beverly pressed them gently to open them, but then Judy stroked her face and whispered, “Just relax, Sylvia, and let us show you how nice this can be.”

Sylvia relaxed a little, and felt Beverly’s soft, slender fingers stroking her sex again.  She opened them when Stephanie closed her lips around her right nipple, sucked in gently, and lightly pinched her left.  She sighed around Judy’s searching tongue when Beverly slipped first one, then two fingers inside her.

It was like nothing she’d ever felt.  Except for Judy’s soft and sensuous kisses, they were doing the same things to her that she did to herself but it was so much different.  The conflicting thoughts that had been crashing against each other in her mind were all washed away by the sensations racing from her lips, tongue, breasts, nipples, and sex.

She moaned when Stephanie closed her teeth around her right nipple and then pulled back.  The electric-like shock tightened her tummy and made it roll.   Beverly’s fingers stroked slowly in and out of her passage, and then curled upwards.  Sylvia gasped as Beverly massaged that spot.  It felt almost like a tiny orgasm and she started to breath faster.  

All those sensations paled into the background when Beverly moved from her chair to the foot of the chaise lounge and pressed on Sylvia’s inner thighs to open them more.  Through the mists of the intense sensations that now filled her mind, Sylvia felt Beverly spread her outer lips with her thumbs and realized what Beverly was going to do.  She thought it would be the same feeling she caused when she used her fingers to wash herself.  She wasn’t prepared for the flood of sensations that tightened her body and made her lift her hips.

Beverly began with soft licks to the wet, swollen ripples and folds of Sylvia’s inner lips, but as Sylvia responded, changed to firmer strokes that started at her entrance and ended at the underside of the taut little button at the top of her slit.  Sylvia felt Beverly’s tongue trying to slide inside her then, and groaned as the woman licked all around the opening into her body.  When Judy kissed her again, Beverly began licking above, beside, beneath and on the very tip of Sylvia’s small, turgid clit.  Sylvia gasped and rocked her hips into Beverly’s face, then gasped again when Stephanie rolled both her nipples.

Sylvia lost track of everything then.  She only felt the tension building in her body and the familiar feeling that the orgasm was approaching.  Both the tension and the feeling increased until her back arched off the chaise lounge and it felt as if her mind was about to explode.  When Beverly slipped two fingers into her passage again and curled them up into the same spot as before and then sucked her clit, Sylvia’s mind did explode.

Sylvia cried out and arched high off the chaise lounge.  Beverly kept her fingers massaging and her mouth sucking by holding on to Sylvia’s hip with her free hand.  Sylvia cried out again when Stephanie lifted both her breasts by the nipples and then rolled them.  The third cry was a quiet mewing sound that Sylvia repeated over and over as the waves of the orgasm shook her body.  With a final sigh, she eased back down on the chaise lounge and opened her eyes.  Judy, Stephanie, and Beverly were all smiling as they stroked her breasts and legs.

Stephanie caressed Sylvia’s face.

“See, Honey, it isn’t bad and it isn’t wrong to feel like you do now.  It’s natural to want to feel this way whether it’s a man or a woman doing it to you.”

Sylvia smiled.

“I didn’t think I was a lesbian, but I guess - .”

Stephanie had put her finger across Sylvia’s lips.

“Shhh, now.  I don’t like putting labels on people, Honey.  Just accept that what happened to you tonight, happened, and you enjoyed it.  You did enjoy it, didn’t you?”

Sylvia grinned.

“I don’t think there are any words that would describe how I feel right now.”

Beverly ran her fingertips through the soft hair on Sylvia’s mound.

“I felt the same way after my first time.  It was like nothing I’d even imagined before.  After that time, I wanted to keep feeling like that.”

“So, does that mean you’ll do it again tonight…with each other I mean?”

Stephanie smiled.

“Judy and Beverly probably will, but I have to go home to my hubby.  He’ll want to hear what we did, and he’ll want me to dance like I did for you.”

She giggled.

“That’ll make him so horny we probably won’t get to sleep until two or three.”

Judy bent down and kissed Sylvia softly on the lips, then smiled.

“You could stay too.  We’d like that.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Judy smiled again.

“Just do what you do to yourself.  We’ll help you with the other things.”

Sylvia woke up the next morning to the sun streaming through the window.  She looked to her right side and saw Beverly, naked with the sheet pulled down to her waist.  To her left she saw Judy sprawled out on her stomach.  She was covered by the sheet, but Sylvia could still see the outline of her tight hips and thighs in the cotton material.

She stretched her arms over her head and closed her eyes.  She’d discovered a part of her last night that she didn’t know was there.  It was still a little confusing, but she felt happier than she had in years and that had to be a good thing.  Was that part just something that happened, or had she found the real person who’d been hiding inside her mind?

Her mother had said sex was for someone you love.  Sylvia didn’t think she loved Beverly and Judy and Stephanie, at least not that way  Could a woman even begin to love three people that way?  What was love anyway – something writers write about in romance novels or was it a real thing?  Was what they’d done even sex?

Sylvia opened her eyes when she felt a fingertip tracing the darker pink circle around her nipple.  Beverly was smiling at her.

“Thinking about last night?”


“Are you worried about it?”

“Maybe a little, but I’m more confused than anything else.”

Judy rolled over and sat up, yawned, and then pushed the lock of hair out of her eyes.

“You’re supposed to be happy.”

Sylvia smiled.

‘Oh, I am…very happy.  I just need to figure out where I’m going from here.”

Judy closed her hand around Sylvia’s breast and squeezed gently.

“It takes a while, but you’ll figure it out.  We’ll help you.”

Sylvia laughed.

“I think you both already did, several times if I remember.”

“You didn’t seem to mind.”

“No, I didn’t mind at all.  I liked helping you both too.”

Beverly slowly stroked her fingers down Sylvia’s tummy and then under the sheet.  Sylvia felt the first tingles of arousal when Beverly swirled her fingertips through the hair on her mound.  Beverly pulled her hand out from under the sheet then.

“How about if we get dressed, hit the pancake house for breakfast, and then come back here.  We can all help each other at the same time.”

“How does that work?”

Judy giggled.

“Breakfast works great when you’re starving and I am.  The other, well, it’s Sunday so we have all day to show you.  It works great too.”

The torches burn around Beverly’s pool every couple of weeks since that night.  Stephanie doesn’t dance for them anymore.  She doesn’t need to dance for them because Sylvia doesn’t need to be seduced.  She’s become a very willing participant.

Sometimes they do dance together, their naked bodies moving close, soft breasts pressing against soft breasts, gentle hands caressing breasts and hips, and satin-soft lips kissing satin-soft skin that cries out to be kissed.   At other times, they pleasure each other slowly, teasing each other into an exquisite state of need with fingertips and tongues, and then moving to Beverly’s big bed to fill that need.  

To some, their relationship probably would seem odd, to others, wrong.  To them, the relationship is just four women enjoying each other for who they are with no other expectations or requirements. In a world full of impossible expectations and requirements that seem designed to restrict, Beverly’s big bed is a refuge where anything can happen.  Everyone needs such a refuge.