The Case of Clarabell's Boyfriend

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28 Jul. '17

“Oh…oh, Jerrry…I’m…I’m gonna cum.”

Side-by-side isn’t my favorite position, but Maggie had suggested it by throwing her thigh over my legs, grabbing my rigid cock and impaling her pussy with it.  After she did that, I didn’t have much choice but to stay there.  I thought it was a nice gesture that Maggie lifted her heavy breast up and held it so I could suck her nipple, but then, she got a lot out of that too.  Maggie likes to have her nipples sucked.

Maggie started to rock her hips back and forth, driving my cock into her tight little pussy with each push.  The soft thigh hooked over mine tightened up and held me locked deep inside her as she began shuddering.  I couldn’t move, but that didn’t matter much.  All the squeezing and rippling her pussy and passage were doing was enough.  I groaned as shot after shot of cum flew through my trapped cock and splattered inside Maggie.

Maggie sighed and let her hand slip out from under her heavy breast.  Since I still had her nipple between my teeth, it bounced a couple times giving her nipple a sharp little tug with each bounce.   I felt her pussy contract again.  Maggie giggled.

“Wow…that was neat.  Keep holding on.  I’m gonna do that again.”

She did and if my cock hadn’t been starting to soften, I’d have cum again because of all the little squeezes it was getting.  I knew I would a little later anyway.  Maggie is like that movie title, “Once Is Not Enough”.  In her case, “enough” usually means when my cock calls time out and my tongue is limp too.  It’s still not enough for her, but it’s enough to let her wrap her arms and legs around me and go to sleep for a few hours.  

I’m not complaining, though.  As my dear old Uncle Jack once told me, ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it’.  Even at seventy, he bragged that he hadn’t lost it yet, and since Aunt Grace was pretty happy all the time, I figured he knew what he was talking about.

Maggie let me rest for about fifteen minutes.  I guess you couldn’t really call it resting because Maggie had most of my cock in her mouth and my balls in her hand at the time.  It was fifteen minutes before she had me standing tall again though.  

She finished pumping my cock up tight with her mouth and before I could do anything, she turned around to face me and grinned.

“I’m gonna fuck you this time, Honey.”

It took her a couple of tries to get my cock head and her entrance lined up, but once she did, Maggie didn’t waste any time.  She took a deep breath, pushed down, then pushed down a little harder, and after my cock head got squeezed through the tight spot just inside her pussy lips, she dropped down and sat on my thighs.

Maggie grinned again.

“You ever heard of those Kegel things?  I been doin’ ‘em at work when I’m not getting’ beers or shots for the guys.  See whatcha think.”

I’d always wondered what the cow feels when the farmer hooks her up to a milking machine.  Now, I knew.  Maggies tight little pussy was clamping down on my cock like always, except the tightness was moving up and down, up and down, up and down, and stroking my cock in the process.

“Damn, Maggie, you better stop that or I won’t last two minutes.”

“Awww…is my little kitty too much for you?”

I felt a couple really strong contractions that stroked almost half way up my cock.

“Not if you don’t mind me cumming in about thirty seconds.”

“Oh, we can’t have that.  You just lay still then until I tell you it’s time.”

I laid still for about a minute.  After that, there wasn’t any way I could keep from humping my cock up into Maggie’s stroking pussy.  That’s when she leaned down and plopped her right breast in my face.

“Oh God, Jerry…suck it hard.”

I’d learned by then that when Maggie says “hard”, she means sucking until I have her big, stiff nipple and half of her nipple bed in my mouth and I’m pushing her nipple against my teeth with my tongue.  That always does what I felt next.

Things got really slippery around my cock.  Maggie’s head fell forward then and the low moan started deep in her chest.  I know because I felt the vibration through the nipple I had in my mouth.  I relaxed my mouth and let her nipple slip out a little, then sucked back in hard again.

This time, Maggie’s head rocked back, and in the same motion she raised up a little.  Since I still had her nipple pushed tight up against my teeth, her big, round breast stretched out into a big, long cone.  The bed springs bounced when Maggie slammed her pussy down over my cock.  Then she started that erotic little murmur she always does.

“Mmm, oh, mmm…again…mmm, mmm, oh…ah…ah…”

I kept my mouth latched onto her nipple and tried to catch the other with my fingers, but it was bobbing around too much.  I had to catch her whole breast and then work my way down until I could pinch the rigid tip.  Then I rolled it and pulled down.

“Oh, God, Jerry…now.”

Maggie didn’t need me slamming my cock up inside her.  It was already as deep as it would go.  I couldn’t help it, though, and lifted her up off the bed about six inches.  She cried out, “Now, now, now” just as my ass tightened up and shot the first spurt in her.  Maggie shuddered, then gasped, and then her hips did some really weird but really wonderful gyrations.  I let her back down and then pushed up again to let the second shot go.  

After the third, I collapsed back onto the mattress, but Maggie was still moaning and doing that fantastic thing with her hips.  I kept stroking because it felt good and it seemed to keep Maggie going too.  It was at least another minute before she eased her body down on my chest and sighed.

“Did I do good?”

“Maggie, if you’d done any better, I’d have passed out.”

She giggled.

“I think I did for a couple seconds there.  Things got all dark and all I could feel was your cock squirting inside me.”

After about five minutes of kissing me breathless and trying to revive my shrunken cock, Maggie gave up, curled up beside me and went to sleep.  I slept pretty well until eight.  It was about then I felt a soft hand curled around my cock and soft, wet lips nibbling my ear.

I got back to my office around eleven in the morning and crashed on my couch for another five hours.  It took another hour to really wake up, and by then it was time to eat.  I settled for some left over pizza I had in the fridge and went back to bed.  By eight the next morning, I was feeling mostly alive again.

I spent the day serving subpoenas, well, two anyway.  The first seemed like it was going to be easy.  I caught up with him in one of the parks.  His name was George Gregory and he was about as nice a guy as you’d ever find, a little weird looking with his short, skinny body, big ears, and thick, black-rimmed glasses, but nice.

George’s uncle had passed away and left him a healthy chunk of an estate.  His ex-wife’s lawyer had gotten wind of George’s new found wealth and reasoned since his uncle’s will had been written while George and his client were still married, she should get half. I suppose it didn’t hurt that the lawyer would collect a sizeable chunk of that half of George’s money.

I didn’t know the amount, but I figured the tall, stacked blonde hanging on his arm did.  She wasn’t all that great looking, once I got past the big tits that bounced around under her T-shirt because she wasn’t wearing a bra, but George didn’t seem to mind.  He was grinning from ear to ear.

George didn’t seem to mind the difference in their heights either.  The blonde kept hugging him, and when she did, she mashed his face right into her breasts.  I figured for a chick like her to be rubbing herself all over a guy like George, she had to know that George had just come into some money.

Anyway, I walked up to George, handed him the subpoena and informed him he’d been duly served.  He looked at it and just gave me a little smile, so I turned to walk away as he was saying something to the blonde.  It was right after that she hit me with her purse…twice.  

Judging by the stars I saw, I’m pretty sure she had an anvil in one side.  I’m not sure what was in the other side, but it felt bigger and harder.   By the time I got turned around to defend myself, she was striding away on her tall high heels and dragging George behind her.  George was still smiling. He even called back over his shoulder and asked if I needed any help getting to the doctor.  I didn’t need to go to any doctor, but I thought it was a nice gesture on his part, considering.

Serving the last subpoena was a real bitch.  Virgil Harrison hadn’t paid his child support in two years.  He knew there was a subpoena out there with his name on it, and he wasn’t about to go back to court.  The problem wasn’t finding Virgil.  He was in the phone book.  The main problem was my size.  I’m five eleven if I stand up straight, and weigh in at about one-eighty if I’ve had a big meal.  Virgil was about six-six and three hundred pounds, so there wasn’t any way I was going to just walk up and hand him the subpoena.    

I’d watched his house from behind the darkened windows of my minivan, and saw him come home. After giving him fifteen minutes to make sure he wasn’t on the can or doing something else, I straightened the ball cap with “Hendersonville Auto Body” on the front and knocked on his door.  He was bigger up close than I thought he’d be.

“Mr. Harrison?”

“Yeah.  Whaddaya want.”

“I’m Billy Joe Jordan, from down at Hendersonville Auto Body and you’ve won our sweepstakes.”

“What sweepstakes?”

“Oh it was in all the papers.  Sure you didn’t see it?  We picked some names at random from the phone book for a free car detailing - you know, cleaning the carpets, polishing up the dash, buffing out the paint…your car’ll look like new when we’re done.”

“I got a pickup.”

“Hey, a pickup is fine with us.  We can put our sticker on the back window so everybody who looks inside can see who did the job.  How’s that sound to you?”

“Ok, I guess.  Whadda I have to do?”

“Not a thing except just show up at our shop with the coupon in this envelope.  We’ll have you done in a couple of hours.”

I handed him the envelope in which I’d placed the subpoena.  Virgil pulled out a pocket knife that opened into what could be considered a small sword, slit the envelope and pulled out the paper.  He read the heading, and then looked up with a frown.  That was my cue to start backing away as I stated he’d just been duly served and was expected to appear in court on the day on the subpoena.

It’s a good thing big people like Virgil are usually slow, because Virgil hadn’t put the knife away yet.  I made it to the minivan about twenty feet ahead of him, and all he got in was a punch in the back hatch as I drove off.  I already had a dent there anyway, so I considered another one an even trade for getting away without being sliced and diced.

That was the last of the subpoenas I had to serve that week, so I went back to my office for a shower.  About six, I went down to the Chinese restaurant run by Herbie and Minnie Chin.  Yes, they’re really Chinese, but they’re proud to be third generation American’s too.  They’re not really all that proud of their American names.

Herbie’s mother evidently had a lot of respect for Herbert Hoover so instead of a traditional Chinese name, she named him Herbert Hoover Chin.  Minnie’s mother loved American cartoon shows because she thought watching them was about as American as you could get.  She named her first daughter Minnie Mouse Zhang.  Minnie never uses her middle name.  I only know it because it’s on their business license.

Minnie has two sisters too – Daisy and Clarabell.  They don’t use their middle names either, and Clarabell prefers to be called Clara.

Herbie and Minnie are in their fifties, but even after four kids, Minnie looks more like thirty.  She’s always happy, and so is Herbie, but I guess if I could take Minnie to bed every night, I’d be grinning all the time too.

That night, Minnie looked worried when she came over to take my order.  I asked her if something was wrong.

“Yes, but not something I can tell you.  It’s too embarrassing.”

“Minnie, I’m your friend.  You can tell me.  Maybe I can help.”

“Let me get the kitchen started on your order first.  You want kung pou chicken, like always?”

“That’ll do fine, Minnie.  And could I have some tea to go with it?”

Minnie chattered something to Herbie in Chinese and he relayed it through the pass-through to the kitchen.  Then she filled a glass with unsweetened tea and added some ice.  I once asked Minnie if they served iced tea in China and she said not according to her grandmother.  Then she giggled and said she served it because she was southern Chinese.  

She sat the glass down and then took the chair opposite mine as I added four packets of sugar to the glass.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?  It’s a family thing, and you can’t do anything about.…Jerry, you shouldn’t use so much sugar, you know.  Honey would be better for you.”

Minnie is an expert in Chinese herbal medicine, one of the better things her mother blessed her with, and she’s always trying to get me to be healthier.  Her idea of healthier involves eating and drinking things that look and taste really nasty and not eating things that look and taste really good, unless she’s cooked them.  Evidently that makes the really good tasting things really good for you too.

“Minnie, I’ve been drinking sweet tea since I could drink and I’m not dead yet.  Now, what’s got you upset?”

Minnie sighed.

“It’s my little sister, Clarabell.  She lost her husband a year ago, and she has a boyfriend already.  She’s with him every night, and she’s started talking about living with him, and maybe getting married again.  All she can talk about is how nice he is to her and…and how good he is in bed.”

“I’d think that would make you happy for her, well maybe not the bed part, but happy that’s she’s not alone anymore.”

“It would, if Clarabell’s husband hadn’t left her a big insurance policy.  We met Jack yesterday.  The man is supposed to manage the sales department of a car dealership here, so you’d think he’d be good at at least acting happy to see us.   I got the feeling he really wished we weren’t there.  Clarabell isn’t very practical, like I am, and she thinks she’s in love, so she can’t see him like I do.  I’m worried he’s going to take all her money and then leave her.”

“I could help with that.”

“How?  Clarabell won’t listen to me, so I know she won’t listen to you.”

“She’ll listen to facts, though, won’t she?  Give me a couple of days to check out this boyfriend and we’ll see if he’s real or not.”

Minnie wrote down the boyfriend’s name on the back of an order ticket and handed it to me.  

“His name and that he lives in Franklin is all I know about him.  Oh…I did take a picture of him and Clarabell with my phone.  I’ll send it you.  I guess if he’s OK, I’ll be happy.  If he isn’t…Clarabell will be just crushed.”

The next morning, I keyed “Jack Edinburgh” into all the social networking sites I belong to.  I belong to them because they’re free, and it’s surprising what people will write about themselves there.  I got a total of seventeen hits, not counting duplicates, and none of them lived in Franklin.  None of them who had pictures posted looked like the man in the picture Minnie sent to my phone either.  Things were starting to smell a little off.  Most people in sales to the public will do anything and everything to get their name in front of as many people as possible.   The social networking sites are a great way to do that, and they always post a
bunch of pictures so people will recognize them.

Next, I tried one of my “find out everything about anybody” websites.  My search for Tennessee didn’t turn up any matches, so I tried Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, and Georgia.  Still no matches.  I set up the search for the US, and went to pour myself a second cup of coffee.

I got back all the names from the social networking sites plus about sixty others, and the closest guy lived in North Dakota.  It was possible Jack somehow managed to live off the grid, but unlikely.  I was going to have to follow Jack a little to see what he did when he wasn’t at Clarabell’s being so good in bed.  That might lead me to more information.  I looked in the phone book for Clarabell Wang.  I figured there couldn’t be more than one and there wasn’t.  About nine that night, I was parked three houses down from her drive.

The little green econobox parked in Clarabell’s drive didn’t look like the car a sales manager for a dealership would drive.  It looked a lot more like one of the cheap cars the rental agencies keep for those on a budget.

About midnight, Clarabell’s door opened and a man walked out.  I could see Clarabell standing in the doorway in a short, silk robe as the man got into his car.  As he backed out of the drive, Clarabell blew him a kiss, then closed her door and shut off the outside light.  

He turned in my direction, so I had to duck down until he passed me. I waited until he was a block away, and then started the minivan.  He was another block away before I’d turned around and started after him.  It was chancy keeping that much distance between us, but I didn’t want him to notice me.  Once he turned onto a busier street, I gradually moved closer, but kept at least one car between us.

Jack didn’t drive to Franklin.  He only made it to The Sleepwell Motel, a little rundown place that had done pretty well before the area was engulfed by Nashville and the big chains moved in.  Now, it was home to a few seniors on fixed incomes and people who wanted a place to stay that didn’t require a credit card or any other ID.  

I pulled into the gas station across the street and watched him walk to his room.  When he knocked on the door, a woman in her bra and panties opened it.  She looked younger than Jack, about twenty years younger to be exact.  She was a redhead, and even as far away as I was, it was obvious she was happy to see him.  Jack was having a hard time getting the door shut since the redhead had her arms around his neck and her mouth glued to his.

Well, if the cheap car and cheap motel room hadn’t been enough to convince me, the woman did.  Jack wasn’t what he professed to be and I needed to find out what he was really doing.  I figured the rest of the night he’d be doing the redhead in his motel room, so I drove back home.

If you’re a cop, you can cross reference aliases to real names through the databases to which they have access.  If you’re a PI, it’s harder and it’s really time consuming.  I went through the “most wanted” sites of six states before I decided there had to be an easier way.  I also thought I knew what that easier way might be.

The next morning, I sent an email to Tina Marshall.  She’s a software engineer who does computer stuff from her home.  I knew her because I’d tailed her for her husband who thought she was sleeping around when he was out of town.  Once I saw Tina, I could understand his concern.  If ever a woman was made to light a man’s fires, that woman was Tina, except she was more of a flame thrower than a match.

As it turned out, she was innocent of anything other than making herself and a whole bunch of guys horny as hell.  She did it to get excited because Howard, her husband, was a total idiot about sex.  Howard told me they’re doing much better now after I made a couple suggestions to him.  I hoped she’d remember me and help me out.

Tina is also smarter than your average drop-dead gorgeous, I’ll-fuck-you-senseless, woman.  In two days with her computer, she found out a lot more about me than I thought possible.  In my email I asked Tina if she could find a person’s real name and other information from an alias and how much it would cost me.  It took two days to get her reply, but she said she thought she could do
it if I gave her a week or so.  Tina said the price would depend on how much work she had to do, but probably wouldn’t be much more than I’d charge my client.  

I replied with a thank you and decided I needed an afternoon nap.

One of the disadvantages of living where you work is you’re always open for business. About six that afternoon I was getting ready to head over to Joe’s Burgers and Barbecue for one of Gloria’s cheeseburgers when a woman knocked on my office door and postponed my dinner plans.

She was a brunette with hair like you see in the TV commercials for hair products.  The dark brown strands fell in waves that piled up on her shoulders and spilled down over the full breasts that filled out her frilly, pale green blouse.  The blouse also hugged a nice waist, not slender, but nice, and was tucked into a matching green skirt that was cut just above her knee.  Below those knees were slender, shapely legs clad in shining nylon and small feet perched on expensive looking black patent heels.

Her voice was a soft, really sexy alto dripping with the rich accent of the South.

“I’m looking for Jerry Madison.  Do I have the right place?”

“I’m Jerry.  What can I do for you?”

“I’m looking for someone, and a mutual friend told me you’re very discrete.”

“Well, what I find out for you stays between us, if that’s what you mean.”

“That’s what Bethany told me.  I needed to hear you say it, though.”

“That wouldn’t be Bethany Hatcher would it?”

The woman smiled.

“Bethany said you’d remember her.”

I had a fleeting vision of Bethany, naked and sitting astride my cock and riding me twice a night.  She’d done that every weekend for a month after we found out her husband was having an affair…with another man.  Since that month she hadn’t come back, and I was wishing she would.  Bethany has the most fantastic clit…

“Yes, I remember her.  Is she doing OK?”

“I think so, although I don’t really approve of what she’s doing.  She goes to a place called ‘Menages’ every weekend now.  I looked it up.  It’s a swinger’s club.”

Well, that explained why I hadn’t seen Bethany for a while.  It was probably for the best, though.  Bethany had a way of draining every last bit of energy from me while she was draining my balls dry.  When she was visiting on a regular basis, I had to resort to some of Minnie’s Chinese medicines.  They seemed to work, but I had to keep taking more and more just to stay ahead.  I mean, there’s only so much horny goat weed a man can swallow every day, you know?

“Well, I hope she’s happy.  Bethany’s a nice girl.”

The woman laughed.

“She’s happy enough.  She told me I could get happy there too, but I don’t know.  It doesn’t seem natural for a woman to want more than one man.  I don’t, or wouldn’t, if Mark hadn’t divorced me.”

My stomach was reminding me it had been a while since the ham sandwich I’d had for lunch.  As nice as the woman was to look at, I needed to hurry her up a little.

“Well, who do you want me to look for?”

“My daughter.  She met this guy I didn’t approve of and ran off with him four months ago.  I thought she’d find out what he was really like and come home, but she hasn’t.  I just want to know if she’s all right or needs anything.  She’s all I have left.  Her birthday is in a month, and I want to give her a present and tell her I still love her, too.”

“If I find her, who should I say hired me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I’m Alice Foster.  My daughter’s name is Melanie.”

“Ok, Alice, my fee is two hundred a day plus expenses with the first day in advance.   I’ll need some details about your daughter and the guy if you have them.  A picture would help too.”

Alice opened her purse and pulled out an envelope.

“Bethany told me your fee and I have it here.  There’s a picture of Melanie and one of Ricky with her.  I don’t know much about him other than he has a lot of tattoos and a ring in both ears.  I wrote down everything I know about Melanie.  I figured it would save time to do that.”

As she walked out the door, I wondered, as I often do, why a man would divorce a woman like Alice.  She was pretty, seemed nice if a little strong, and her ass did some really wonderful things when she walked out of my office.

I walked to Joe’s fifteen minutes later, and in another fifteen was enjoying the best cheeseburger in Nashville and talking with the sexiest bartender in Tennessee.  Well, she was the sexiest one I was looking at right then, anyway, though Audrey can hold her own when it comes to being sexy.  It’s a shame she doesn’t agree we should be more than just good friends.  I always tease her about that, because she’s always teasing me with her gorgeous, grab-my-hips-and-fuck-me-hard, ass.

“You know, Audrey, you’re looking really hot tonight.  Wanna to heat up the back room after while?”

She slapped my arm.

“Jerry, the only thing I’m gonna heat up after I close up tonight is my bathtub.  Then I’m gonna sit in it until I’m pruney all over and smell like lavender.”

“I’ve always hoped to see a curvey, pruney woman who smells like lavender.”

Audrey grinned.

“Well, Jerry, you keep hoping, ‘cause hope is all you’re gonna get from these curves.  Hmmm…either Junior wants another beer or he’s got his finger stuck in his bottle again.  You’d think a grown man would learn, wouldn’t you?  You need another scotch, you just wave at me, OK.”

The next morning I opened the envelope Alice had left.  The money went into my safe until I could take it to the bank.  I spread the rest out on my desk.

Melanie was a pretty little thing and looked a lot like her mother except her figure hadn’t yet developed the soft rounded curves that made Alice so sensuous.  According to Alice’s handwritten description, Melanie was five-four and weighed one-ten.  I didn’t really need to know she wore a 34B bra and size 5 panties.  Not once have I ever tracked down a bra or pair of panties to find a woman, but it was interesting information.  Melanie liked motorcycles, dogs, horses, and apparently men with lots of tattoos.  She had one herself, a little rose on her left hip, or at least that’s what the description said.  She’d been working tables at the Wild Horse when she disappeared.

Ricky looked a lot tough and a lot scary.  He was a big guy and the tattoos on his arms made him pretty intimidating.  The rings in his ears made him a little scarier yet, and with all that, along with the long hair and leather jacket, I was thinking it wouldn’t be much fun to be on Ricky’s bad side.  The bike in the background was a black Harley, so I knew where to start looking.  

The second picture narrowed it down a lot.  There are several biker bars in Nashville, but only one where the regulars wear the patch Ricky had on the back of his jacket.  The bowie knife stuck through a skull, with the two rockers,  “Honor” and “Adventure” was the patch of the “Rebel Cause”, and their bar was “The Handlebar”.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t even think of going into a biker bar, but I knew one of the Rebel Cause members.  Frances Miller, known as “Stick” by anybody who wants to stay upright and walking, has a girlfriend, Cindy.  Cindy gave him that nickname because his cock is really long and skinny, or so she says.  Cindy lost track of her friend, Rachael, once, and I found her for them.  Rachael had hooked up with a guitar player who took her to New Orleans.  Then, he’d left her there while he went to California.   

Rachael was living in a cheap hotel and working in a bar to get enough money to get back home when I found her and drove her back to Nashville.  The reunion was at The Handlebar and was quite touching.  Cindy touched Rachael’s tits a lot, then Rachael touched Cindy’s ass a lot, and then both of them touched Stick’s cock a lot.  When I left them, Stick had his cock plugged into Cindy and Cindy had her tongue plugged into Rachael.  Rachael was…well, you had to be there.

Anyway, I knew Stick and I knew he’d be at The Handlebar on Friday night tossing back a few beers and playing with Cindy’s tits.  I also knew that in spite of their appearance and lack of regard for most other adults, Rebel Cause was a pretty good bunch of guys.  They made the Christmas Toy Runs in Nashville and most of the surrounding cities to collect toys for kids who otherwise wouldn’t get anything for Christmas.

I drove into the parking lot of The Handlebar about nine on Friday night dressed in my normal jeans and polo shirt.  The outfit would be out of place, but I wanted it that way in case Stick wasn’t there for some reason.  You can probably back out of a biker bar dressed in street clothes without suffering anything but some verbal abuse.  Try to imitate them, and you’ll still leave, but you’ll probably leave really fast.  If you’re lucky, you’ll land on your ass where it won’t show.

Everything got really quiet when I walked in the door except the jukebox.  It was still blaring out some heavy metal song that sounded more like a train wreck than singing.  I scanned the room for Stick and found him in the corner with Cindy and Rachael beside him.  Rachael saw me first, probably because Stick had his face buried in Cindy’s naked tits and Cindy was busy massaging his crotch.  Rachael jumped up, picked her way through the tables, and then wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Jerry, it’s great to see you again.  Come on over to our table and say ‘hey’.”

Things thankfully got noisy again, so I figured I was OK.  

Stick knew the guy in the picture, but he’d never met Melanie.

“Yeah, man, that’s Big Rick in the club colors, but I ain’t never seen the chick.  Come to think of it, I ain’t seen Big Rick for… fuck man, it must be three, four months now.  Just dropped out of sight.  Dunno what the fuck happened to him.  Just one day, his jacket was hangin' on the door here and we never seen him again.  I rode by his house a couple days after, and it was empty.”

I bought them a round just to be neighborly, and also so Rachael would have something to do besides squeeze my cock.  I didn’t know if Rachael was with anybody but I didn’t need anybody there mad at me.

Back in my office, I went over Alice’s information again.  I’d followed Ricky to a dead end.  Now, I’d follow Melanie.

People may change occupations a lot between eighteen and twenty, but after twenty, they’re usually locked in unless they’re in school somewhere.  Since Melanie was waiting tables the last her mother knew, I figured she still was.  It wouldn’t be at the Wild Horse.  Her mother would have already checked there, but somebody there probably knew where she’d gone.

That somebody was Trixie Statten, a really cute little blonde with little boobs, a little ass, and a smile that would blind you.

“Yeah, I knew Melanie.  Nice girl except she was head over heels for some biker guy.”

“You know where she went from here?”

“I’m not supposed to tell anybody.”

“Look, Trixie, her mother’s just worried about her, like yours would be about you.  I’m not gonna drag Melanie back home.  I just want to talk to her.”

“So this isn’t about that jerk from New York?”

“What jerk?”

“The one who was feeling her up.  She dumped three nacho platters in his lap and he threatened to sue us.  That’s why she quit.”

I chuckled.

“No, but I wish I’d been here to see that.”

“Well, if it’s not about that…I think she went to F. Scotts, that jazz place over on Crestmoor.”

F. Scotts is a fantastic place, though it’s a little too dress-up for me.  I do like jazz though, and some of the best in Nashville play there.  The girl at the reservation desk looked at me a little funny when I walked in, I suppose because of my jeans and T-shirt.   She did smile after that, though, and asked if I had reservations.

“Well, actually, I just need to talk to one of your employees.  Is Melanie working tonight?”

The girl’s smile disappeared into a look of suspicion.

“Who should I say is asking?”

“Look, I’m not gonna lie to you.  She doesn’t know me from Adam’s off ox, but I know her mother.  Her mother’s worried about her and I just want to tell her that.”

She pursed her lips together.

“Mel’s working tonight.  I’ll go see if she wants to talk.  If not, you’ll have to leave.”

She came back a couple minutes later.

“In back, in the parking lot, is where the smoke break area is.  She’ll meet you out there in about five minutes.  I asked Bill to go out there too, so don’t go getting any ideas besides what you told me.”

Bill came out first and if I’d had any ideas about anything but talking, they’d have evaporated instantly.  Bill looked like he could bench press a truck.  Melanie had filled out some, so she looked even more like her mother.  She seemed a little embarrassed, but she managed a smile.

“You wanted to talk to me about Mom?’

“She’s worried about you.  I think if you just gave her a call and told her you’re OK, she’d be happy.”

Melanie stiffened up and her voice went up a pitch.

“No she wouldn’t, not as long as I’m with Ricky.  She hates him.  She wouldn’t even get to know him, but she still hates him.”

“Hey, calm down.  I’m just telling you what she said, so don’t get mad at me.  Oh…she also said your birthday’s coming up and she wants to give you a present.”

Melanie’s eyes closed and I saw a tear stream down one cheek.

“She wouldn’t want to now.”

“Why not.  She might not like Rick, but you’re still her daughter.”

“Because I’m pregnant with Rick’s baby.”

Well, that explained the bigger breasts and wider hips.

“I think if she knew she was going to be a grandmother, she’d want to help you, that’s what I think.”

“I don’t want her help.  Rick’s taking care of me just fine.  He quit the club and sold his bike when we found out about the baby.  He works construction now, so we don’t need her help either.”

I shrugged.

“She’s gonna want me to tell her something, and I have to.  She’s paying me.”

“Then you need to tell her everything just like it is.  I get off at eleven.  You can follow me home and see for yourself.  Then you can tell her what you saw and why we don’t need her.”

Melanie’s house wasn’t very big or fancy, but it was clean and neat.  I didn’t recognize Rick when he came out of their bedroom.  His hair was short and the earrings were gone.  He still had the tattoos, of course, but he didn’t look scary at all.  I think he’d even lost some weight.  Melanie gave him a hug and a kiss and then turned back to me.

“Ricky, this is Jerry Madison.  He’s a private investigator Mom hired to find us.  I told him he should come home with me so he could tell her what he saw.”

Rick stepped toward me and offered his hand.

“Pleased to meetcha, Mr. Madison.”

“I’m just Jerry, but thanks.  Melanie says you work construction?”

“Yeah.  I’m just a laborer, but I go over to the junior college three nights a week.  I started out to be an electrician once and now I’m trying to finish that up.  It’s hard, but I think I’m gonna make it.  I have to.  I guess Melanie told you we’re gonna have a baby.”

“Yes.  You happy about that?”

“Oh, man…at first I was scared to death.  But now…”  Rick grinned.  “Now I can hardly wait.  Melanie got me straightened out so I know she’s gonna be a great mommy.  If it’s a boy, I’m gonna teach him how to play baseball and fish and all the stuff my daddy taught me.  If it’s a girl, well, that’s pretty much Melanie’s department, but she’ll still be daddy’s little girl.”

I knew enough now to tell Alice she didn’t need to worry, but I thought I should make one last try.

“You know, I’m sure Melanie’s mother would be happy too, just like you two are.  It’s just my opinion, but I think you should give her another chance.  I won’t tell her where you live or work.  That’s not what she asked me to do, but if you called her and explained…you really shouldn’t keep her grandbaby away from her.”

I left them then and drove back to my office.  The next day, I called Alice and told her what I’d found.  I didn’t tell her where they lived or worked, but I did say I’d asked Melanie to call her.  She thanked me and said she’d bring my second day’s fee over in a couple of days.

That afternoon, I was taking a nap when someone woke me up by banging the hell out of my office door.  When I walked into my office, I saw Tina standing on the other side of the glass and hammering on the door with her hand.  She smiled when she saw me and stopped trying to beat the door off the hinges, and laughed when I let her in.

“Did I get you out of bed, or do you always wear your hair like that if you’re not in a country bar?”

“Oh, well, I was out late last night and decided I needed a nap.  It was time I got up anyway.  What brings you all the way over here?”

“I found your guy.  It took two days for the search program I wrote to do it, but I found him.”

“Let’s see what you have.”

Jerome Edison had used the alias “Jack Edinburgh” before at least twice, once in Mississippi and once in Texas.  He’d done a year in Texas for fraud and Tina had the transcript of the trial.  Jerome had managed to copy the credit card number of one June Winchester and used it on line to buy himself some clothes, a new watch, and I suppose out of guilt, a diamond brooch for June.  She testified that he’d asked her to marry him, but then disappeared a day after she told him someone had been using her credit card.

In Mississippi, he’d managed to get out of town before the police caught up with him, but the widow he’d been courting claimed he’d talked her into buying him six suits, three pairs of Italian loafers, a couple gold chains, and an expensive watch.  There was an open warrant out for his arrest for fraud in that one.

I was impressed.

“Wow, Tina.  This is great.  What do I owe you for this?”

“Wait, there’s more.  You said he had a woman with him?”

“Yeah, a redhead, quite a bit younger, I think.”

Tina grinned.

“That would be Virginia Leech, only the red hair comes out of a bottle, and her big boobs were paid for by a real estate agent in Biloxi.  She told him she was madly in love with him and showed him by…I think he used the words “by screwing my brains out every night”. There’s an open warrant out for her in Mississippi for fraud.  

Virginia is married to Jerome, or at least I found a marriage license with their names on it.  Those are easy to fake though.  She skipped out on the real estate guy at the same time Jerome dumped his widow, and apparently changed her hair from long blonde to medium length red.  My guess is she’s got another guy on the hook here too.  He just hasn’t figured out yet that she’s going to take him for all she can get.”

“Tina, you’ve done in a few days what it would have taken me weeks to find out by myself.  What do I owe you?”

She smiled.

“You know that suggestion you made to Howie?  We had a long talk the next Sunday.  With a little coaching, he’s turned into a pretty great lover.  I still go to The Rusty Spur once in a while, but I just line dance now.  By the way, Maggie says she’d like you to give her a ride home this weekend if you’re not busy.

“Anyway, doing this was fun, a lot more fun than designing a website for a fertilizer company like I just did.  Let’s say this was a professional courtesy.  Oh, I brought you a disk with the program.  Just put it in and it’ll load itself.  Then you can do this anytime you need to.

“Is it legal?”

Tina grinned.

“Technically…yes, but don’t use it unless you have to.  It’s gonna bog down your ISP’s servers and they might try to change your rate if you use it a lot.

After Tina hugged me goodbye and I suffered through the thought it was probably the last time I was going to feel her big, soft breasts against my chest, I went downstairs to talk to Minnie.  She was so upset she could barely talk.

“So he’s what I…he’s just going to take her money and then…Oh…this will be so embarrassing for her.”

“Well, it looks that way to me.  What do you want to do?  I have a friend at Metro.  I can give them what I have and they’ll arrest him.  That’ll get him out of Clarabell’s life.”

“Yes, of course we need to do that, but can you talk to her and show her what you’ve found out first?  If he just disappears, she’ll mope around for months.”

I cheated a little on the timing because I didn’t want Jerome to run again.  I called Joe Watkins, one of the detectives down at Metro, and told him what I’d found out before I went to talk to Clarabell.  That Friday night, about eight, I drove Minnie over to Clarabell’s with a copy of my file.  As we figured it would be, Jerome’s car was in the driveway.  Minnie rang the doorbell ten times before Clarabell opened the door.  

Her hair was a mess and she was wearing the same robe I’d seen her in when she blew Jerome a kiss that night, except she hadn’t managed to get it on very well.  Minnie casually reached over and pulled the collar closed, hiding the perky little nipple that peeked out from between the lapels.

“Clarabell, you remember Jerry, the man who lives over our restaurant?”

Clarabell nodded.

“I know you won’t want to hear what he has to say, but you have to.  I asked Jerry to find out about the man you call Jack.”

About then, Jerome wandered into Clarabell’s living room in just his pants, took one look at me, and then turned on his heel and left.

Clarabell looked at my report, then up at me.

“Are you sure this is the same man?”

“Yes.  The picture matches the man I just saw in your hallway, too.”

Clarabell didn’t say anything more.  She just walked into her kitchen.  Then she came back through the living room and went down the hall.  There was a lot of yelling and then Jerome came running into the living room still dressed in just his pants.  Clarabell was hot on his heels.  I hadn’t seen the meat cleaver when she went in, but when she ran out behind him, she was shaking it over her head and screaming something about feeding Jerome his own balls.

Jerome had about a ten-foot head start on her, so he made it to the front door before he lost anything except his pride.  I caught Clarabell around the waist with one arm and the cleaver in my other hand just as Jerome opened the door and ran smack into Joe and the two uniforms.

Clarabell sagged into my arms and started to cry then.  She was still crying when Minnie closed the door.  She cried when Minnie led her to her bedroom, and was still crying when Minnie came back out and asked if I’d tell Herbie she was spending the night with Clarabell.  

I went upstairs to bed once I’d talked to Herbie.  I felt pretty good about what had happened and normally, I’d have walked down to Joe’s to celebrate with a scotch and some flirting with Audrey.  Tonight, I was tired.  Women crying always do that to me.

The next morning I didn’t have much of anything to do, so I didn’t do much of anything.  Lunch was peanut butter, neat, washed down with some cold coffee from breakfast.  About four, I showered and shaved.  If Maggie wanted to see me, it was going to be a fun filled night, and Maggie has inner thighs that don’t like whiskers much.  I’d just gotten dressed when there was a knock on my office door.  It was Alice with the money for my second day.  She looked a little tired, and the scent of bourbon sort of flowed through the cloud of perfume around her when she spoke.

“I want to thank you for what you did, and for what you had sense enough not to do too.”

I chuckled.

“That the first time I’ve been thanked for not doing something.”

“No, really.  If you’d told me where Melanie was, I’d have gone over there and embarrassed myself.  I needed to wait until she was ready.”

“She’s a good kid, Alice, and she and Ricky are just trying hard to make it on their own.  She’ll call you one of these days.”

“She already did…yesterday, and I met them for dinner last night.  You were right.  Ricky isn’t like I thought, and neither is Melanie.  She’s grown up about ten years in four months.”

She chuckled.

“I guess being pregnant does that to you.”

“They’re really happy about the baby, especially Ricky.”

Alice sighed.

“I know.  I wish I was.”

“You don’t want a grandbaby?”

“I do want one.  I’m just not ready to be a granny.”

“Why not?”

“Grannies are supposed to wear their hair short and bake cookies and look comfortable.”

“Well, I don’t know what you mean by comfortable.”

“You know, soft and plump, with a lap a little baby would like laying on.”

I chuckled.

“Well, Alice, you definitely don’t look like that to me.”

Alice looked at me a little funny.

“Oh, and just how do I look to you?”

I hate when women ask this kind of question.  No matter how I answer, I always end up stepping on my dick.  The pants and knit top she had on were kind of like the wrapping paper on the football I got for my birthday once.  I knew it was a football as soon as I saw it.  The fun part was unwrapping it to see if it was real leather or plastic.  I didn’t know Alice well enough to tell her that, but I couldn’t say she looked bad either.

“Well, Alice…you have a pretty face, and you look like you take care of yourself very well.”

Alice frowned.

“My bottom doesn’t look too big?”

“Your bottom is, uh…kind of hard to see in those pants, so I don’t know.”

Alice stood up, turned around and I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.  The pants dropped a little at a time until the waistband was just under her soft cheeks.  The white thong panties contrasted nicely with a tan that didn’t show any tan lines.  Alice had a really nice ass, a fact that was not lost on my cock.

Alice looked back over her shoulder.

“What about now?”

“No…it’s definitely not too big.”

The pants dropped around Alice’s ankles.

“What about my legs?  Do they look too big?”

It took me a while to pull my eyes away from the little nylon covered bulge of pussy lips between Alice’s thighs, but when I did, her thighs were the kind that almost beg to be fondled and nibbled.  Below that were slender legs that I was imagining wrapped around my waist.

“Well…uh…no, they’re really nice.”

“Mark always said they looked fat.  He liked my boobies until Melanie came along.  After that, he said they were too big too.”

Alice turned around and pulled the top over her head, then slipped the straps of her white, lace bra off her shoulders and pulled the band down.  Her breasts made a delicious little double jiggle as they settled on her chest.

“What do you think of them?”

“Alice,  I think if you don’t put your clothes back on, I’m liable to do something you might not like.”

Alice grinned.

“Bethany said you’d probably be like this.”

“Like what.”

“A little slow to figure out what I want.”

“What else did Bethany tell you?”

“Not to get drunk, and that I’d like whatever you did, once I convinced you to do it.”

Alice stepped out of her shoes and pants, and somewhere between her side of the desk and mine, her bra came off.

“Now, I’m relaxed, but I’m not drunk, so what else do I have to do to convince you to do something?  This, maybe?”

Alice pulled the front of her thong to one side and slipped her middle finger between the soft, pouting lips that peeked out from the closely trimmed, shining dark brown curls.  She stroked it down until it disappeared for a second.  Then she raised it to her mouth, licked the glistening tip, then stroked it over my upper lip.  The scent was intoxicating.

“Bethany said you’re really good with your tongue.  Wanna show me how good you are?”

I walked over and pulled the shade down over my office door and locked it.  When I turned around, Alice had taken off her thong and was laying on my couch with one shapely leg on the floor and the other draped over the back.  Her finger was back inside her pussy again, and she sighed as I stripped off my shirt and pants.

“Mmm.  This feels so good, but Bethany said you’d feel better.  Come show this granny how good you can make her feel.”

Alice’s pussy lips were already open a little, and she moaned when I parted them with my thumbs and slipped my tongue between them.  Her intoxicating scent became an even more intoxicating taste, and the little folds and ripples of her lips just begged to be licked.  I could feel her outer lips swell a little as I licked away, and when I pulled one slender inner lips into my mouth and sucked gently, Alice groaned.

“Oh…you don’t know how much I’ve wanted to feel that again.”

I thought it felt pretty good myself, so I did the same to the other inner lip, waited for the little moan, and then slipped my tongue down to Alice’s entrance.  As I pushed it inside, Alice lifted her hips.

“Oh, God…Bethany was right.  Oh…wow…keep going.”

Well, she didn’t have to tell me that.  I didn’t want to stop, not just then.  I’d started feeling tiny little contractions that massaged my tongue as much as my tongue was massaging the tight little ring just inside Alice’s puffy lips.

After a while, and after Alice had purred out a lot more little moans and sighs, I rasped my tongue up over her lips to her clit.  The little button was stiff, with a round little tip that I cupped with my tongue and then stroked gently.  Alice’s pussy lurched up into my face.  Alice cried out and then started to pant.

“Ah!…yes…oh… God…yes…”

She was like Bethany in one respect.  Alice was way too aroused for me to have lasted more than a couple of minutes with my cock inside her.  I stoked up her sides to her breasts, squeezed them gently, and then circled her nipples with my fingertips.  Her nipples were already pretty tight, but they got tighter and her nipple beds pebbled up nicely.

As I wrapped my lips around her rigid clit and sucked gently, I rolled Alice’s nipples between my thumbs and fingers.  She gasped and arched up into my face.  I rolled them again, a little more firmly, and then tugged.  At the same time, I sucked her clit a little harder and then stroked the tip with my tongue.  Alice almost threw me on my ass when she arched up off the couch.

Alice didn’t make a sound except for the rapid panting of her breath.  She stayed up in the air for a few seconds while I did my best to keep her clit tight in my mouth, then gasped and started to shudder.  After a few, quivering seconds, she cried out, jerked her body up into my face several times, and then fell back to the seat of the couch.

She sighed, then giggled.

“If this is how a granny feels, I definitely want to be one now.  You have any other little tricks you do?”

“Yeah…I have a couple if you have time.”

“I have all night, so let me see ‘em.”

When my cock head probed between her pussy wet lips, I could tell Alice was going to be an experience I’d remember for a while.  She couldn’t keep her ass still.  Every time I got close to the opening, she humped up and my cock either slipped up over her clit or down between her ass cheeks.  I wasn’t a bad feeling;  I just needed to feel her soft pussy lips stroking my shaft.  Finally, I pushed down on her thighs to hold her down and moved until I could feel my cock head slip into her entrance.

She’d felt snug with my tongue, so I took it easy, just pushing in a little and then pulling out again.  Evidently, this was driving Alice crazy, because she wrapped the leg she’d hooked over the couch around my back instead, and used it to pull her pussy up over my cock.  She gasped a little as it went in but didn’t stop until my belly was pressed tight against the crinkley curls on her mound.

I stayed there, deep inside her, for a minute just to let Alice relax a little, then started making slow, long strokes.  Alice let me do that for a while, but pretty soon, her ass was dancing around all over the place again.  She’d also wrapped both arms around my back and pulled me down on top of her breasts.  As I stroked deep, she moaned and purred in my ear.

“Mmm…Jerry, I like this trick too.”

I was liking the tricks her ass was doing as well.  Alice rocked it up into each stroke, and then rocked down enough I had to be careful or my cock would have slipped out.  It did once, but Alice just giggled.

“Put that back, and don’t ever take it out again.”

As soon as I was buried to the hilt again, Alice sighed.

“Mmm.  Yeah…just like that…only faster.”

It wasn’t long before Alice was telling me how fast by how fast her hips rocked up and down.  What had started as slow, long strokes I could control turned into faster and faster strokes that sometimes were deep, and sometimes shallow because Alice was stroking her pussy over my cock quicker than I could keep up with her.  I was hoping she was getting there, because all those quick little strokes were making it hard to not just let go.

I raised up enough to wrap my hands around her breasts and find her nipples.  As I rubbed them with my thumbs, Alice gasped and thrust her pussy up, driving my cock in deep enough I felt her lips spread out against the base.  I pinched her nipples gently and Alice gasped again.  Rolling them brought the same reaction as before – panting breaths and this time, some little mewing sounds.

I had had about all I could take.  My balls tightened up as the first shot of cum raced through my cock.  Alice cried out because I rammed my cock deep at the same time, and then arched up.  Just before my second spurt shot out, Alice started to quiver again.  I felt her nails digging into my ass cheeks as she tried to pull my cock in deeper, and that made my third spurt something fantastic.  I tried to keep stroking, but Alice just held us up in the air while she quivered some more.  Then with a loud cry, her hips jerked up and down really fast and caused some really exquisite sensations in my cock.  With a final moan and a little higher lift of her hips, Alice shuddered hard, and then fell back on the couch.

“Oh…wow…that was…fantastic.”

I chuckled.

“Yeah…for an old, comfortable granny, you’re one hot woman.”

Alice slapped my ass.

“Just for that, you’re gonna have to make me feel like this again.”

Then Alice nibbled my earlobe and squeezed my cock with her pussy.

“You won’t mind too much, will you?

Well, I didn’t mind at all, especially since we moved from the couch to the bed.  The second time was a little more relaxed on her part, but ended the same way.  I decided I liked Alice’s fingernails digging into my ass cheeks.  I liked the way she whispered, “can you suck my nipples”, too.  I did, and she came just as hard, but it lasted a little longer for her I think.  She kissed me goodbye about midnight and then asked if I’d mind if she came back Monday night.  I said that’d be fine, and Alice grinned.  “Bethany said her record is four times in one night.  I want to do that too, so rest well.”

The next morning, Minnie called me and asked if I’d come down to see her about two.  When I walked in the door, Clarabell was sitting there with her.  Minnie smiled.  Clarabell jumped out of her chair, ran over and hugged me.

“Mr. Madison, thank you so much.  That man was out to take everything I had.  I’d already bought him a new watch, but the police got that back.  He was telling me that night that his TV quit working, and I was going to buy him a new one today.  Now, he’s going to get what’s coming to him.”  

Clarabell then looked up at me, grinned, stood on her tiptoes and kissed me.  She kept on kissing me until Minnie cleared her throat really loudly.  Clarabell eased away and back down then, but was still hugging me when Minnie asked if I’d like some iced tea.

Clarabell said she’d gone to the precinct to give her statement, and Joe had filled her in on everything else that had happened that night.  He’d had another detective and a couple uniforms go to Jerome’s motel at the same time.  They’d arrested Virginia and found a bunch of rings, watches, and electronics the pair hadn’t had time to sell along with several thousand in cash.  Apparently Virginia was doing pretty well herself.  The name of her current conquest is one I can’t repeat here.  He’s already in enough trouble with his wife.  He was pretty stupid, but he doesn’t deserve to lose his job with the city too.

Clarabell thanked me again with another hug and a long kiss that Minnie broke up by asking Clarabell to go ask Herbie if the chickens had been delivered yet.  As soon as Clarabell left the room, Minnie put her hand on my arm.

“Jerry, those kisses weren’t just Clarabell’s way of thanking you.  She’s pretty infatuated with you right now because of what you did for her and the woman has no sense about men.  She’s thinking about thanking you some more…like thanking you overnight.”

Minnie smiled, but the smile was what I figure a mouse sees from a cat, just before the cat eats him.

“Just remember, if you let her, she’ll tell me.  I don’t care how many women you have up there, and I know it’s a lot because we hear them all the time, but I wouldn’t like my sister to be one of them.  Understand?”

“Sure.  I wouldn’t do that to you anyway, Minnie.  You’re a friend.”

Minnie’s smile turned back into the smile I usually got.

“I was hoping you’d say that.  Now, stay and have dinner with us.  I just got some fresh peppers at the farmer’s market, so your kung pou chicken should be really good.”

It was, though the atmosphere was a little strained.  Clarabell kept rubbing my leg with her foot.  Now, if Millie hadn’t been such a good friend or if Clarabell had been just a little more cute and sexy…

Well, it’s about seven and I’m gonna put on my jeans and head on down to The Rusty Spur to see if Maggie still needs a ride home.  I figure she will, and since Alice won’t be back until Monday night, I’ll have a couple of days to rest up afterward, well, unless Maggie needs a ride on Saturday too.  I don’t understand why her car keeps breaking down, but I don’t really mind taking her home.  Giving Maggie a ride to her house is fun because she tells me what’s been happening at The Rusty Spur.  The rides Maggie gives me once we get there are fantastic.