The Royal Treatment

Finally, a draining full-day conference at the Royal York Hotel came to an end. The downtown core below the conference room window seemed pleasantly warm, an introvert’s heaven of sorts, a place to hide your true nature by merging into the faceless crowd and letting the city absolve your masked  desires. Going home seemed trivial. He wanted something more, something adventurous yet intimate, something that would make a great story, a story he would never tell anyone.  

He heard a buzz in his pocket. His husky finger swiped the screen and a slightly devious smirk lit up his face. The message said “I am downtown, just finished a few errands. Would love to see you if you are still at work”. He could almost smell her perfume and mentally trace the outline of her lace panties barely noticeable under her dress. The memory of her fingers stroking the sensitive skin of his ego pouch was as vivid as if it happened yesterday. “Meet me in front of the Royal York Hotel,” he replied.

The building of the old hotel stood surrounded by new skyscrapers,  a grand  reminder that modernity and novelty are no match for time-tested allure. She looked appetizing. A brief “Hello”, a touch on the wrist, a kiss on the neck, just below his ear. “How was your day?” she asked as he followed her into the lobby. “Come, I want to show you something,” she said, pressing the elevator button. She said something else but he wasn’t listening. His eyes traced her legs up the short dress, the rounded hips, the outline of a black bra, the neckline. The elevator went all the way up to the penthouse floor. She led him down a corridor to a narrow flight of stairs.  On top there was a small conference room with a glass wall and two washrooms. Not a soul, not a sound, it seemed like they were above it all. The view was magnificent. She stood behind, nestling her chin on his shoulder, letting his seductive scent cloud her mind. He could feel her breasts rising slowly as she inhaled. Her nails grazed his chest almost too hard, like an icy waterfall. It quickened his heart beat, dripping sparks of longing with every inch her fingers slipped lower and lower, closer and closer to the target, banishing all traces of thought from his mind.  Her chin gently rubbed the top of his spine. Her lips pressed into the space between his shoulder blades.  His eyelids dropped with the anticipation of her hands moving further down, and her breath felt refreshing on his neck. She kissed and bit his shoulder gently, letting one hand drop down his left thigh touching his bulging excitement. He turned around and shoved her hips to the table. The door was wide open, and although the passionate kiss they shared seemed unstoppable, he stopped.

“I know,” she said with a smile. He followed her out of the room.  She pulled him by the hand into the tiny washroom and locked the door. She pressed her lips against his mouth and the sensation of her quick tongue and a moist kiss blocked the world from his mind. He ran his hand up her inner thigh to trace the line of her panties. His mouth moved slowly down her neck crossing the boundary from the publicly displayed part of her cleavage into the restricted area. A moan of approval confirmed that his tongue was a welcome visitor. Unbuckling his belt with one hand,  he pulled her dress and bra strap off her shoulder with another. Her nipple joyfully escaped the confines of the black lace. A gentle nibble was all it took for arousal to penetrate the surface of her skin.  She was breathing deeply, her hands playfully moving up and down, pressing tightly at the base of his erection, pausing at the top, clasping the head. He lifted her hips up onto the counter. She loved it when he took control like that. The unceremonious, confident grip of his hands on her hips made her gasp sending  ecstasy-filled air through her veins. His head was now at her knees. Her fingers dove into his hair, impulses descended from her fingertips to his head, neck and spine. His hair tickled between her fingers, streaks of pleasure making her arch her back.  His kisses were drawing a dotted line up her inner thigh, he moved the black panties aside and pressed gently but firmly with his tongue until he could hear her breathing faster and faster. He slipped two fingers in and let his tongue flicker up and down. She grabbed his shirt pulling it off his shoulders. He quickened the vibrating movement of his fingers until he knew she was about to lose balance. Her excitement turned him on even more, and he wanted to be inside of her as soon as possible. She slipped off the sink counter and he spun her around towards the door holding her breasts as he pushed her forward until her nipples touched the cold surface of the door. He held her hips tightly. He was hard and ready to explode. He began moving slowly inside of her, but soon could not contain it.  She was about to scream and he put his hand in her mouth. He could feel her tongue traveling between his fingers as if she was playing a musical instrument. He tugged on her hair, her hips mirrored the fast and hard movement of his.  He felt unstoppable now. He let it all go.  A zest of new energy poured over him, regenerating every cell of his body into a younger, more vigorous version of itself.