Years Of Loving You Valentine

Info mysteria27
08 Feb. '16

I remember when we met 
You were everything to me
I knew we'd make a lovely duet
You were the sugar to my ice tea

We dated for two lovely years
You presented me with a ring
I was excited and brought to tears
I'd be your queen and you'd be my king

A beautiful wedding day
A gorgeous honeymoon
Love given in every way
Making love in the afternoon

We bought our first house
Nine months later comes our baby boy
Together we're each other's loving spouse
Happiness and health to be enjoyed

We adore our little guy
What an amazing life
He's the apple of our eyes
We're man and wife

Another bundle of joy is here
This time a baby girl
My children are very dear
Which baby will have my curls

Later my dad dies suddenly
Some disorder affects my kids
So much happens abruptly
We get through all of these digs

We move down to the beach
Our children now have issues
Some things are out of our reach
Sadness comes, tears in the tissues

Life is hard some days
We have an amazing life
Our life can often be a maze
Sometimes there's pain and strife

We both love each other
In good times and in bad
You'll always be my lover
Even when we fight and are mad

I plan on growing old with you
Seeing our children mature
Lots of living to get through
Waiting for our children to be secure

Our love is a roller-coaster ride
Lots of ups and downs
I'll always be your happy bride
Sometimes there might be frowns

Happy Valentine's Day
To my lover and my best friend
I will love you all kinds of ways
We'll be together until the end


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