The Buck Lick Booby Bar And Bookstore

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10 Aug. '17

I kissed Jackie and gave her nice bottom a little squeeze.  She slapped my hand and giggled, “You go to work.  I have things to do today.”

I probably had things to do also; I just didn’t know what they were yet, and wouldn’t until I’d checked in with Sarah, my secretary.  Somedays, the job as sheriff of Buck Lick, Tennessee can be a little boring, and other days…well, my job had gotten a lot more interesting since Dwight came back home.

 I started the patrol car and headed over to the town hall.  The fire siren announced that it was seven just as I turned onto Main Street.  

Buck Lick hasn’t changed much since I was growing up here.  Harry was unlocking the door to the hardware store as I drove by.  He waved, then opened the door and went in.  He’d be making coffee in another couple of minutes.  I’d have to remember to stop in for a cup.

Next door was Watson’s, the grocery store.  Old Cyrus wouldn’t be arriving until about nine, but Janey was just walking up to the door.  Janey loved short skirts and I loved Janey in them.  She had great legs and a tight little ass that got her more than her fair share of whistles.  I’d dated Janey while we were in college together, and those long legs had been wrapped around my waist more than once.  She’d ended up marrying one of the local farm boys, but she still liked me.  When she saw the car, she waved and then pursed her lips into a kiss.  If Danny was getting from those lips what she’d given me, he was a very lucky guy.

The bank, Mabel’s Dry Goods, Sam’s barbershop, and most of the other businesses would be closed until eight, so there weren’t many people around.  There were only two other cars parked at the town hall, the squad car Jerry, my night deputy, drove and Sarah’s red Miata.

Sarah was all business, as usual.

“Just two calls so far.  Mrs. Jacob’s dog ran away again, and Wanda Wimsey want’s you to come out and arrest Flossie.  Does she really believe Flossie is a prostitute?”

“Yep, she does.  It’s her husband’s fault.  Every time Harold has a few down at Red’s, he gets confused and ends up next door at Flossie’s instead of his own house.  He stays there a couple hours until Flossie gets him sobered up, and then he goes home.  At least that’s what he always tells me.”  I grinned.  “Flossie’s quite a looker, so maybe it’s on purpose.   Wanda doesn’t seem like the type to like sex.”

Sarah frowned at me over the little reading glasses that I think make her look sexy.

“But Flossie is around seventy, and Harold and Wanda are at least that old.”

“Well, Harold’s always telling me if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it. I guess he hasn’t lost it yet.”

Sarah frowned again and I chuckled.

“Or maybe Flossie helps him find it.”

I decided I could wait to go talk to Wanda, and went to find Mrs. Jacob’s dog.  Seiger is the horniest mutt in seven counties, and in spite of his name, weighs about six pounds soaking wet.  He can smell a bitch in season a mile away, and whenever he does, he takes off to find her.  The little guy always comes home after a couple of days, but Mrs. Jacobs is eighty-six and lives by herself, so Seiger is all she has.  I usually have to track him down and bring him home a couple times a month.

I found him in the front yard three doors down from her house, or rather, Mrs. Jacob’s neighbor found him.  He was tied with the cutest little white poodle you ever did see, and I’ll swear, he had a smile on his face.  Liz was furious.

“Just shoot him, Tom.  Chanelle was supposed to go see a boy poodle in Jackson tomorrow.  Now, she’s gonna have a bunch of ugly puppies nobody’ll want.  How long is it gonna take until they separate?”

“Oh…’bout half an hour, I think.  Don’t be too hard on Seiger.  He’s just doing what comes naturally.”

“Yeah, I never met a man yet that could keep it in his pants.  I don’t suppose dogs are any different.”

Liz was probably telling the truth, I figured.  She was divorced, and worked nights at the Walmart in Jackson.  She was also a tall, pretty blonde and seemed to like jeans that hugged every inch of her curvy little ass and tops that almost weren’t there.  Her big breasts peeked at me from under the one she was wearing today, and I could see how most of the available men she met would want to get her in the sack.   I reckoned she was agreeable to that, or she wouldn’t dress like she does.

About twenty minutes later, Seiger pulled loose and sat down to lick himself.  Liz grabbed Chanelle and went back in her house.  I picked up the little dog and delivered him to Mrs. Jacobs.

I wasn’t yet ready to have a talk with Wanda Wimsey, so I stalled by going by Rick’s filling station to top off the patrol car.  Rick was all smiles.

“Mornin’ Tom.  Fill er up?”

“Yeah.  Check the oil too, why don’cha.”

“You hear that Dwight’s back in town?”

“No, I haven’t.  What’s he doing back?”

“Well, he bought part of the old Wilson place, out there across the road from the Legion Hall.  Say’s he’s gonna build some stores of some sort, something like one o’ them strip malls I think he said, like they have in Jackson.  He didn’t really say.  I hope he don’t decide to sell gas too.”

Dwight was one of those guys who seem to be able to turn dust into gold.  He’d left town after college and hit it big.  The last I heard, he managed a couple of nightclubs in Atlanta and was doing great.  If he had a plan, I had no doubt it would work.  I just couldn’t figure out why he’d come back to Buck Lick to do whatever it was he was doing.  I signed the bill for the gas and saved the receipt for Sarah.

The rest of the day went pretty smooth because I never did get around to talking to Wanda.  About four, I turned the office over to my second shift deputy, Bill Abrams, and left for the day.

I heard the shower running when I got home, so I quietly opened the door and peeked inside.  That might seem a little weird to some, but then, they’ve never seen Jackie naked.  She’s kept her figure pretty well, even after twenty years and two kids.  Oh, some parts have sort of expanded, but they did that with marvelous results.  She once had a skinny little ass, but now, it’s round and really nice to squeeze.  Her breasts…well, when we were first married, they were about average and perky.  Now they’re about three times bigger, and I love seeing them almost as much as I love playing with them.

The shower shut off and Jackie slid the glass door open.  I whistled at her.

“Tom, honestly, can’t I ever have any privacy?”

“Yeah, if you were ugly and weighed six hundred pounds, I’d leave you alone.  Since you’re gorgeous and sexy as hell, I’m gonna look every chance I get.”

I walked across the floor and fondled her heavy right breast.

“We have time before dinner, Honey.  How about making the Sheriff a happy man?”

“You, shoo.  I’m all clean.”

I chuckled and rubbed my thumb over her nipple.

“I know, and I love it when you’re all clean.”

“Don’t give me that stuff.  You’d love it even if I was hot and sweaty.  Is sex all you ever think about?”

“Yeah…pretty much.  You kind of do that to me, you know.”

“Well, I’m glad, I guess, but you’re gonna have to wait.  The girls are coming over for a lingerie party tonight.  Remember, I told you about it last Sunday?  You have to stay in your den until they leave and don’t you dare peek.”

Jackie ran her finger down my chest.

“After they leave, maybe I’ll model what I buy tonight, and we’ll see if you can leave it on me for more than ten seconds.”

By the time the women started arriving, I was in my den with the TV on and a few beers to while away the time.  After two movies, Jackie knocked on the door.

“They’re all gone.  Wanna come see what I bought you?  Gladys say’s it’s naughty.”

Naughty isn’t the word I’d have chosen.  Scorching hot, maybe.  The little green lace bra was struggling to hold in her breasts, and her big nipples made a seductive bump in each cup.  The matching panties didn’t begin to cover Jackie's ginger bush, and they were tight enough they formed right around her large lips.  

“Well, what’cha think?”

“I think it’s gonna be a while before we get to sleep tonight”, I grinned.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  I was counting on that.  Seeing Lucy model all that sexy underwear made me horny.”

I could imagine.  Lucy’s in her early twenties and works out at a gym in Jackson a couple times a week.  The standing joke down at Red’s is that Lucy can crack a walnut just by squeezing her ass cheeks together.  She’s not too big in the bust department, but they ride high and perky.  Seeing her in a bra and some sexy panties would give any man a boner.  Jackie has always had this fantasy…

Well, anyway, I managed to let her keep those undies on for at least a few minutes.  I liked feeling her nipples swell under the lace, and I’m afraid the panties were wet before I rolled then down over her sexy ass and slender legs.  Jackie was hot, and before I could do anything she jumped on top of me.

“So, you’re gonna be a cowgirl tonight?”

“Oh yeah.  Gladys told us tonight about this thing she read in Cosmo, and I’m gonna try it out.”

When Jackie gets really worked up, she gets really wet at the same time, and in one smooth motion, she had me buried in her to the hilt.  Watching Jackie ride my cock with her ass toward me was fascinating.  I put one hand on each of her sexy ass cheeks and squeezed them.  Jackie always likes that.  She likes it when I pull them apart and run my finger down her crack.  Her little gasp told me she was liking that tonight too.  

My mouth fell open when Jackie reached behind her and guided my hand to her rosebud.  I rubbed the tight little ring gently and Jackie groaned.

“Now, push it in, but just a little.”

She almost broke the bed slamming down on my cock.

“Oh God.  Gladys said it would do that, but I didn’t believe her.   Do it again.”

The position was putting a bend in my cock that caused some unbelievable sensations.  It’s a good thing Jackie was so worked up, because she’d only been pumping herself over my shaft for a few minutes before I couldn’t hold out any longer.  

“Jackie, I can’t wait.”

“You don’t have to Babe.  I’m there too.  Oh…oh… now, Babe, now.”

As soon as Jackie stopped shaking, she rolled off me and snuggled up to my chest.  My heart had just about stopped pounding when she asked me if I’d heard that Dwight was back.

“Yeah, Ricky told me.  Said Dwight bought some land for a mall.”

“Did you hear what kind of mall?”

“No.  Ricky said a strip mall, but he wasn’t sure.”

Jackie giggled.  

“Well, there’s a strip, but he’s not building a strip mall.  He’s building a strip club and an adult bookstore, at least that’s what Sadie down at the beauty parlor said.  She heard it from Dwight’s wife when she came in to get her roots done.  People will go there to watch girls strip and to buy sex toys and books.”

“A strip club?  Why would anybody go there when they can watch strippers on cable at home?”

Jackie laughed again.

“Well, you might be surprised.  Sadie says she and Jason would both go.  She said they went to one in Atlanta and both got really horny.  I always though she liked giving those massages a little too much”.  Jackie giggled.  “Not that I mind.  I just wish everybody in Buck Lick didn’t know what everybody else is doing.  Sadie might be fun.  Anyway, Dwight’s figuring on people from Jackson and Memphis, and some from Arkansas coming too.”   

“The mayor is gonna have a heart attack when he hears this.  I’m gonna have to have a talk with Dwight.”

Jackie gently raked her fingernails all the way down my chest and belly and lightly stroked my cock.

“You can do that tomorrow, Babe.  That quickie we just had was great, but I need a little more than five minutes of lovin’.  Do me again.”

As it was, I didn’t have to track down Dwight.  When I walked into the office the next morning, Sarah peered at me over her sexy glasses and told me there was a lunch meeting in the conference room I had to attend.

“It’s about Dwight and his plans for the strip club he wants to build.”

“A strip club.  I heard it was gonna be a strip mall.”

“Nope”, she muttered.  “He’s going to have young girls getting nekked in front of all the men in town, and all the women in town going there to buy books and other things I’d rather not talk about.  You’d think people would be happy with what they already have.  Next thing you know, half the town’ll be having orgies.”

I wondered how Sarah knew about orgies.  She’d never been married that I knew of, but she did take a cruise in the Caribbean every summer about the same time.  I always thought it was funny that she never came back with a suntan and seemed really, really happy for a couple of weeks afterward.

There weren’t any calls, so I went over to the Wimsey’s for my talk about Harold and Flossie.

Wanda was out shopping, but Harold was there.

“Yes, Sheriff, I did go over to Flossie’s that night, but I came home right after.”

“Well, Wanda thinks –“

“I know what she thinks, but Flossie and me are just good friends.”

He grinned.

“Really…really good friends.”

“So, if I get this right, you’re not paying Flossie for sex?”

“Nope.  I don’t have to pay her.  She does it for free.”

“Well, I think it might be better if you came home to Wanda and had…and were intimate with her instead.”

“Oh, Wanda and I screw every Sunday, but it’s not the same, Sheriff.  See, Flossie takes out her false teeth and hot damn…well you oughta try it sometime.”

I cautioned Harold to at least wait until Wanda went shopping before going over to see Flossie, and then left.  I knew I was going to have that picture of Harold and Flossie in my head all day long.  It was a little scary, too.  

I’d finished my club sandwich when Dwight stepped up to the front of the conference table and touched the keyboard of his laptop.  The projection screen glowed a light blue that got brighter as Dwight introduced himself.

“Gentlemen, my name is Dwight Grigsby.  Most of you know me already.  What you might not know is that for the last ten years, I’ve managed a couple of nightclubs in Atlanta and another in Chattanooga.  Those clubs have been very profitable, in part because I expanded their offerings from just music and alcohol to adult entertainment.

“I won’t bother you with a bunch of industry data, but most clubs are profitable if they can turn their tables twice a night.  Anything above that is icing on the cake. The changes I made brought our turn rate up to two and a half through the week and to four on Friday and Saturday night.

“Well, gentlemen, that success started a thought that turned into an idea that became a business plan.  All I needed was a location, and after some careful consideration, I decided on Buck Lick.  The land was lower in cost, Buck Lick is within a relatively short drive of several larger cities, but still remote enough to insure the clients may remain anonymous if they wish. My company has agreed to finance that idea and make it reality.

“Now before you make any judgements, please allow me to share that business plan with you.”

Dwight pressed another key on his laptop, and the words “Bacchus at Buck Lick” zoomed onto the screen.

The slide show that followed was intriguing, and when I thought about it that evening, I decided Dwight’s idea would probably work.

The first slide was an architect’s drawing of the building Dwight proposed along with a small map of his intended location.  The building looked more like a large dairy barn than a club but Dwight explained he wanted it to look as if it belonged sitting so far off the highway.  The only thing that gave it away was the asphalt parking area behind the building and ‘Bacchus’ painted on the side in script letters.  

The floor plan was interesting.  There was one large room in the center of the building, with several smaller rooms to the left side of the door and one larger room to the right.  A second entry door on the side of the building opened into this room.  Upstairs were the rooms for the dancers.  They’d rotate with the dancers at the clubs Dwight managed in Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Dwight explained the floor plan.

“Here in the main lounge is a stage and tables and seating for a hundred clients.  To the right is the main bar which will be stocked with nearly any beer, wine, or liquor for which you could ask.  To the left, these smaller rooms here, here, and here are for entertainment of a more private nature.

Charlie, the volunteer fire chief chuckled.

“That’s where I’d go to get my hose flushed, ain’t it?”

Dwight smiled.  

“No Chief.  My policy has always been that no dancer ever touches a customer, and no customer ever touches a dancer.  That sort of thing just causes problems I can’t afford to have.”

He grinned.

“You’d be surprised at how close a good dancer can get without touching you though.”

Dwight went on to explain the book store would stock what he called “intimate items” and lingerie as well as books and magazines, and would be open both during the day and well into the evening.

The second slide drew a lot of interest.  It was a list of employees the club would require and the proposed wage rate, along with an estimate of the cost of liquor, supplies and services the resort would use.

Dwight shut off the projector.

“As you can see, gentlemen, this project will bring jobs to Buck Lick, add to the county tax base, and increase the dollar volume of every local business.  I’ll need building materials and construction workers.

It will create new business in the community.  You have no liquor wholesaler, yet I’ll need case after case of beer, wine, bourbon, gin, and other liquors.  I’ve already talked to Red and he’s willing to stock what I need and deliver it daily.  

“The dancers will need the services of a beautician to do their hair and nails, give them a massage now and then, and to”, Dwight winked at the Chief,” shall we say, trim the fleece.  Most of the costumes are pretty brief, if you get my meaning.”

Dwight put on his business face again.

“If my wife is correct, I believe Sadie’s salon can do all those things, though she’ll probably need more help.  I’ll need a seamstress on call for costume repairs, several of your strapping young men to serve as floor men, and a janitorial service to clean up every day.  There will also be a need for people to maintain the facility and parking area.  Oh…and I’ll need security for the entrance and to patrol the parking area.  People won’t come if they don’t feel safe and secure.

“My lawyers have checked all the local, county and state ordinances and they’re opinion is the club is in compliance with them.  I’ve already met with the county zoning commission, and they’ve approved the building permit.  I thought it prudent to gain your support before going ahead since the people of Buck Lick will be heavily involved.   I’ll tell you now, Bacchus will be good for all of us.”

Dwight lifted his water glass and took a sip.

“What questions might you have for me?”

The Mayor asked if people from Buck Lick could go there too.

“Absolutely, and in fact, my business plan states that any county resident will get a twenty-five percent discount on the cover charge.  The cover charge for any off-duty employee is zero.”

Stan Ridgley, the Street Commissioner chuckled, “Ray, you think your missus’ll let you go there?”

Ray ran the water plant, and his wife had a reputation for keeping Ray on a short leash.  I knew Estelle pretty well from before I met Jackie.  That short leash was a pair of very responsive breasts and a very needy, very tight pussy.  Ray’s leash was one he didn’t mind wearing at all.

“Yeah…she knows I’m only gonna set my pump in one well.”

That got a round of laughter that Dave Sheppard, Water and Sewer Commissioner, interrupted.

“Dwight, the women in town are gonna have a hissy fit.  How you gonna keep ‘em from marchin’ out in front with signs like they did when Red brought them beer company girls in last year.  Judy said it weren’t right to use sex to sell beer.”  He chuckled.  “I tried tellin’ her that beer was good fer sex.  Our bed was awful cold fer about a month after that.”

Dwight smiled and held up his hand to silence the laughter.

“Your women won’t object too much, I’d imagine.  We’ll give them a place to go for entertainment of their own.  Two Saturdays each month, I’ll have male dancers come in from Atlanta or Memphis.  It’ll be girl’s night out, no men allowed.  Of course, women are welcome any night also.  The clubs in Atlanta have several regulars who happen to be women.  We don’t question anyone’s preferences.

“Since the club won’t open until seven each night, our return on investment will be higher if we utilize the facility during the day also.  We’ll have aerobics classes in the afternoon taught by your own Lucy Evans, and I’m sure some of the dancers would be willing to teach your wives or girlfriends a little about exotic dancing too.

“I’ll also have amateur night once a month, so any of your ladies who’d like to put those dance lessons to use are welcome.  We’ll offer a cash prize to the best dancer, and if they’re good enough, they could become a featured dancer some weekend.

“Don’t forget the bookstore either.  My research shows that women like reading more than watching and we’ll have a selection of reading materials specifically selected for them.  Women also like to see and handle the things they purchase, so we’ll have demonstrator models of all the intimate items available and female sales clerks with, shall we say, personal experience in their appropriate uses.

I figured Dwight could probably sell birth control pills to a seventy-year old lesbian.  By the end of the meeting, he had the vote of every council member.  There wasn’t actually a vote.  The land wasn’t in the city limits, so the council couldn’t have stopped him.  Dwight was just doing some careful community relations so he wouldn’t have to do it after he opened.

It was about six months after he opened that I began to see some changes in the town.  The Lady’s Auxillary had calmed down by then, due mostly to the fact that Dwight had supplied Sadie’s salon with a few selected paperbacks that she left on her waiting area table.  A couple of them were even spotted in big sunglasses and going into the bookstore.  

Oh, there was a lot of talk after Rev. Wilson’s daughter did that pole dance one Wednesday night, but she’s dancing in Atlanta now and he seems kind of proud because she starts out dressed as a missionary.

No, the changes have been a little more subtle, like the fact that Sadie had to add on to her salon and hire another beautician.  It seems one of the paperbacks Dwight gave Sadie was titled “Sapphic Massage, The Path To Ecstasy”, and I guess you’d say Sadie has her hands full now.  Jackie say’s she’s quite good so I guess Jackie got part of her fantasy fulfilled.  I know she seems horny as hell after her weekly appointment, so I’m not complaining.

And then there’s Sarah.  She didn’t go on her usual cruise this summer but she seems, I don’t know, more playful I guess.  It started after Jackie and Sadie took her to girl’s night out one week.  According to Jackie, one of the dancers stayed right in front of Sarah, and she kept sticking dollar bills in his…well, Jackie said it looked like a red elephant with ears and everything, but she’d never seen an elephant with a trunk that long.  

The next day, I was sitting at my desk when Sarah answered her cell phone.  She said “Hello”, and then “I didn’t think you’d call.”  There was a pause while she listened, and then she turned pink from her cheeks all the way down to the vee of her top.  She stood up and walked into the ladies room then, so I didn’t hear anything else.  When she came back to her desk, she said she was taking the afternoon off and going to Memphis to see her sister.  I don’t remember her ever saying anything about having a sister, but she’s been going to Memphis every weekend since, so I guess maybe she does.

I asked Jackie about that last night when we went to bed.  She grinned.

“Sarah’s going to the zoo, not to see her sister.”

“Every week?  We haven’t been there for a while, but I didn’t think it was that good.”

Jackie reached over and fondled my cock.

“Well, there’s this elephant she likes seeing.  His trunk is really long, kind of like this one.”

“You mean…”

“Yep.  I don’t know how, but she and the elephant guy hit it off.  She wrote her phone number on one of the dollar bills she gave him and he called her back.  His name is Todd and they’ve been seeing each other every weekend since.”

“Well I’ll be.”

Jackie giggled.

“If you stop talking and give me a minute or two, you will.  My kitty wants to eat your elephant.”

Jackie scooted down the bed and kissed my belly, then slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth.  I felt her tongue flick the underside at the same time her soft fingers tickled my balls.  It didn’t take my cock long to get stiff, and I was enjoying ever second of it.  I reached over and gave Jackie’s right nipple a friendly little squeeze and then rolled it.  The little moan that purred around my cock made me lurch, but not as much as when she pushed her mouth down until the head touched the back of her throat and she did this swallowing thing.

“Damn, Jackie, where’d you learn that.”

Jackie raised up and giggled.

“Well, Sadie has this book…did you like it?”

“Hell yes.”

“Then I’ll have to show you what else that book said…and the present I bought you.”

She reached under her pillow and pulled out what looked like a string of beads on a thick plastic stem with a handle and a little bottle.  She looked at me with sparkling eyes and grinned.

“You have to trust me, Babe.  Now, make me feel good and I’ll show you what I read.”

Jackie laid back and spread her thighs wide.  Her pussy sort of opened by itself, and her lips glistened in the light from the table lamp. She was almost dripping.  I knew she must have been thinking about this all day long to get that way.

I thought I knew what was coming next, and I wasn’t sure about it, but Jackie was making those little purring sounds that always mean she’s going to fuck me until I can barely move.  My cock slid inside her and didn’t stop until my balls bumped her ass.

“Now hold still, Babe, and relax.”

I felt a trickle of lube run down between my ass cheeks and then Jackie's finger rubbing my asshole.  I have to admit, it felt pretty great.  I tensed up though, when the first bead popped through.  Jackie felt it.

“Kiss me, Babe.  Maybe that’ll help.”

Well, unless you’ve gotten one of Jackie’s ‘I need to be fucked right now more than I’ve ever needed anything’ kisses, you wouldn’t understand, but before I knew it, she had the second bead in and then a third.  Then, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in mine.  When our tongues met, I kind of forgot all about my ass.  That’s when Jackie pushed in the rest of the beads.  Then she turned on the vibrator and I gasped.  Jackie giggled.

“I think you like my little toy.”

“It’s different, that’s for sure.”  

She moved her fingers on the handle and the vibrations got more intense.  I swear my cock grew an inch…well, not an inch really, but it felt like it.

“Mmmm.  I can feel it a little too.  You can fuck me now.”

If I could ever figure out what sets Jackie off on one of these moods, I’d be doing it all the time.  Whenever she gets this way, I’m never sure who’s fucking who.  It was like that last night.  I was stroking along like I usually do when Jackie whispered, “Bite my nipple.”

Well, I did and she like to have lifted us both off the bed.

“Again, Babe.  Harder.”

I was in mid-stroke this time, but Jackie covered the distance by ramming her pussy over my cock fast enough there was a little smack when my balls hit her ass.

“Oh God, Babe, yesss.  Now what you did the other night.”

Somehow I managed to keep stroking my cock in and out and work my hand around the one she had holding the handle to the beads.  When I touched her little rosebud with one fingertip, Jackie groaned.

“I’ll cum if you do that again.”

I popped my little finger through the tight ring of muscle and stroked just a little.  What happened next is kind of hard to tell, because it all happened at once.

Jackie shrieked and slammed her pussy up over my cock again.  She started to murmur and her ass shook.  I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, then release it, then clamp down again, over and over.  She arched up, still shaking her hips, and was bumping my cock into the end of her passage.  I couldn’t take any more.  Jackie shrieked again when I started pistoning my cock in and out.  She came right after that.  I could tell because she got really wet, and that clamping pussy of hers had a death grip on my cock for a second or two.

I was right behind her and had shot the first spurt up my cock when I heard Jackie giggle.  Just as the second surge raced up from my balls, Jackie pulled that string of beads out of my ass with one quick pull.  I’m not really sure what happened then.  I remember feeling my asshole go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.  That caused my cock to start stroking faster than I ever thought it could, and I was cumming like crazy.  I heard Jackie say, “Oh God, don’t stop.”, but since I didn’t have any control over what was happening, I couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to.

Jackie shrieked again about the same time I fell on top of her.  For a little woman, she has some strong legs.  She arched her pussy up and jammed my cock deep inside her again, hung there for a while, and then collapsed back on the bed.

As soon as I could, I raised up, panting like a dog, and felt between my legs.

“Whatcha doin’”, Jackie giggled.

“I’m checking to see if my balls are still there.  It felt like I shot ‘em out the end of my cock.”

Jackie giggled again.  

“The book said it would feel good.  Was it good?”

“Oh yeah, it was good.  My cock’s gonna be limp for about a week, but it was good.”

“Awwww…did I wear out my little elephant.”

Jackie rolled me off her and raised up on her hands and knees.

“Let Mama kiss it and make it all better.”

I tried to stop her.

“Jackie, I don’t think…”

It wasn’t any use saying any more.  She already had a lip lock on my shriveled cock and was getting some response.  Like I said, when Jackie gets in one of these moods…