Call Me Heather


"Hi, Mrs. Alist," he said, passing me.

"Oh, fuck that, call me Heather, Patrick," I informed him, keeping my eyes on him and putting my hands on my hips. "I'm your best friend's mom."

He suddenly halted in front of me and cheesed a bit. "Oh, okay, Heather. You look extra pretty today. I love how you curled your black hair; it suits you."

"Thank you, Patrick," I mentioned before hugging him. 'Oh, I think I sparked something downstairs.'

"You are quite a handsome brunette with a sexy and fit body. Are you ready to watch my son and your younger brother kick the crap out of the other team? They are both eighteen now, so there is sure to be a lot of action."

"Yes, is your husband gonna be here?"

"Nope, he had to work today, so would you like to sit together?" I wondered, closing the gap.

He nodded and cheesed even more.

'Well, your eyes are on my bosoms, so obviously, you like them. And you are being shy about letting your natural hard on stick out. What a shame, you young sexy man.'

"Let's go then," I proposed before we started strolling to the benches.

We sat down with roughly fifty other people on the top board of the bench where we watched the guys play soccer. We heard the never-ending chants from the other spectators, but we stayed silent for the most part.

'He must like what he sees, and it is not the game. I have my thong sticking out just a little bit, and Patrick here has definitely noticed it. Maybe his favorite color is green, who knows? I do know this; my pussy is getting wet now.'

"So, how is the married life, Heather?"

"It isn't bad, I mean we have our bad days and good ones. Although, when I became a MILF, my sex life did take a toll. It is alright though, it never died. What about you, do you have a woman in your life right now?"

"No, but I'm certainly looking. Too bad you aren't single though, you are a sexy soccer mom. That just makes you so much hotter, Heather. I hope that's not too forward."

"No, I take it as a compliment, Patrick," I giggled, leaning towards him and placing my palm on his leg.

I pushed him somewhat, and neither of us broke eye contact. We kept making small chat, and I also noticed as time went on, he scooted himself closer and closer to me. I didn't feel uncomfortable, but my slit leaked out a little more juice.

"Have you ever had a serious girlfriend?"

He brought his right hand to his face. "No, I have not, but I've had some fun with a few different ladies. I am nineteen now, so I guess I'm just having some fun now that I'm legal," he admitted, rubbing it.

"Good strategy. May I ask you something personal?"

He broke eye contact and slanted his head down with his hands on his lap.

'I think he just got an extra large boner.'

"Um, sure, I guess."

I grinned and gradually leaned towards his left ear. "Have you ever been with an older lady?"

He failed to answer, so I calmly brought my head back. I couldn't help, but to keep my eyes on him.

"No, I never have, Heather. Why do you ask?" he inquired, smiling somewhat.

"No reason, I was just curious, that's all. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but when I was eighteen, I did it with an older man."

He smiled widely, but he couldn't peek my way. I giggled for a moment and rubbed his leg too as neither of us spoke a word. Nothing and everything needed to be said, solely depending on where the conversation might go.

"That's cool, Heather. Why did you tell me that?"

"I just thought you'd like to know, Patrick."

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I glanced over and leaned that way.

"Hey, Heather, is it just me, or is there something going on with you and Patrick?"

"Lisa, we're both adults, and we are just chatting. A woman in her low forties is allowed to talk to nineteen-year-olds if they want."

Her eyebrows went up. "Just tread lightly, I can see him peeking at your thong and your tits. You are also going telling him about that you had sex with Megan's dad. You are misleading him, lady."

"Fine," I muttered before I went back to Patrick.

I viewed his crotch again. 'And you have both hands covering your wood.'

"What's wrong, Patrick? You seem a little tense, and you appear to be in a sauna now."

He bit his bottom lip for a few seconds and failed to reply. I positioned my hand back on his leg and caressed it for a moment. By then, I wasn't paying attention to the game at all; I just had my eyes on him.

I calmly leaned back towards his ear. "Would you like to watch the game from a more private location with me?"


"It is rather hot out, so I'd like to be in my cooler SUV, and I'd love some company. We can talk if you'd like, and I don't have any limits for what we can chat about," I pointed out, rubbing his leg. "We can talk about anything," I whispered before I came to his ear. "And I mean anything."

His eyes widened and landed on my bosoms as I leaned away.

"Oh, you are shaking now, Patrick."

"I'd love to chill out with you, Heather."

"Good," I said, prior to getting up.

We both headed over towards my SUV, but I never took my eye off him. 'Oh, here I go again,' I thought, eyeballing his ass.

Both of us entered my SUV, and we shut the doors.

"Well, we still have a pretty good view of the game," he said, looking out there.

"Yes," I added, tugging my tank top down slightly.

I eyeballed him, but he couldn't seem to look at me for the first few minutes.

'And he still has his crotch covered; I just wonder if he is hiding a big one or not.'

"Why are you staring, Heather?"

"No reason, but may I ask you something personal?"

He swallowed once, but then he peeked at me. "What?"

"Are you hiding an erection right now?"

"What?!" he yelped, jerking away somewhat. "Why would you ask me that?"

"Well," I whispered, gently pushing his left hand off his crotch. "You've been nonchalantly hiding your dick ever since we hugged. I've also noticed you checking out my hooters," I pointed out before I slanted forward. "And that silk green thong sticking out back there too."

He gawked at it for a moment before I slowly leaned back.

"Do you need to masturbate now, I can look away while you do it if you'd like?"

"No," he answered, putting his left hand up. "I think I'll be alright, Heather."

"Are you sure, I know a guy needs to relieve himself when the time comes. My bosoms and thong down there have done things to you, so it is nothing to be ashamed of, Patrick. If you want to whip it out and jack it, that is entirely fine by me. I don't even mind you not using a tissue. You may shoot on my glove compartment, seats, and floor if you'd like."

He shook his head, no. "I should go," he whispered before he grabbed the door handle.

"No, don't leave," I requested, placing my hand on his shoulder.

He ceased movement just before he could pull the handle. Even as he was still in the car, he just jiggled around and failed to look at me.

"What's wrong, Patrick? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

"Maybe a little bit, you are my best friend's mom, Mrs. Alist. So, you can imagine this being a little inappropriate."

"I'm sorry, but I guess I get that way when I'm horny," I admitted before I leaned towards him and pecked his cheek.

He grinned for a second, but then he abruptly opened the door and got out.

"Shit," I groaned before I opened my door.

I went right to him as was only a few feet from the car. "Just don't tell anyone about this conversation. Paul's dad has suspected before that I might have cheated on him before."

He breathed wearily for a few seconds. "Have you?"

"Maybe," I divulged, closing the gap between us and angling my body so his front was blocked from the game. "I might have sucked on a couple of different cocks without my husband knowing about it," I confessed, bringing my hands to his crotch again.

His whole body shook, and he attacked me with his breath nonstop.

"We can talk about anything, Patrick, maybe even a sexual fantasy of yours," I offered, rubbing his member. "If it involves me, then it'll just be hotter, don't you think?"

"What are you talking about, I don't fantasize about you, Mrs. Alist," he moaned, glancing all around.

"Don't worry; everyone knows that you are my son's best friend, so they won't suspect that we're talking about anything naughty right now. I'm just a forty-two-year-old MILF standing in front of a nineteen-year-old young man, asking him to be honest with her. If you tell me the truth, maybe I'll give you something in return."

"What are you talking about?"

"I guess you'll have to come back into the SUV with me and glare at my green thong and breasts some more to find out," I muttered before I smooched his cheek. 

I lazily got back in on the driver's side and shut the door. He kept his eyes away from me and stood there for the time being.

I brought down the passenger side window. "It is a safe space in here; I won't repeat anything to anyone."

He hit his right palm with his left fist a few times. "Fine," he grumbled, opening the door.

He got in and closed the door. "Maybe I do have a fantasy involving you, Mrs. Alist."

"Hey, I told you to call me 'Heather,' so now, divulge it to me. There is no judgment in here, we're horny adults, just from different generations. And remember, if it gets to the point where you need to cum, just tell me. You may whip it out and jack off; I don't mind at all."

"Okay, Heather, I'll keep that in mind. You can understand how this is just so weird, you are married and my best friend's mom, right?"

"Yes, but you could call me an extra special free spirit. Now, please tell me your fantasy."

He covered his face with both hands and kept them there for a moment.

I viewed his open crotch. 'Wow, that is big.'

"There really isn't much to reveal, I've just thought about you giving me..."

"Giving you what, Patrick?"

He looked forward, but stayed still. "A blow job."

I cheesed and nodded. "Oh, that's classic. Every straight guy loves having a sexy lady sucking on his cock, but you desire to have your best friend's mom do it. So, have you actually masturbated thinking about me giving you head before?"

"Yes," he confided, glancing at me. "I guess I do have a sexual crush on you, I just never thought I'd tell you that," he said, placing his hands back on his wood.

"No, don't do that, I believe that it might be getting harder now, is it?"

He couldn't answer, he just bit his bottom lip.

"It is alright to have those feelings," I told him, leaning towards him. "Would you like to kiss me?"

"What, no, what if someone sees us?"

"I can drive us to a hidden location if you'd like, then we'll have more privacy."

"Again, I think I should go," he protested, bringing his hand to the handle again.

"No, I think you just need to relive that stress, that's all. Go ahead, take out your rod and stroke it. Make yourself cum, and maybe you'll feel more comfortable. Remember: this is all on the down low."

He jiggled around and just kept sweating up a storm. I couldn't stop smiling to save my life, but I brought my lips to his cheek and smooched it. He immediately twitched somewhat, but didn't speak a word.

"Did you like that?"

He nodded. "I can't jack off now, Heather, I'm just too nervous. Even if no one ever finds out, we'll still know about it."

"Are you saying you might need a little help to make the white come out?"

His eyes widened as much as they could.

"Oh, you are smiling now, did I just spark your interests?" I pondered, arching my back towards him. "Every man needs pleasuring now and then," I pointed out, placing my hands on his crotch.

I rubbed it with both hands for a moment, and he nearly made the whole SUV shake. I smiled as much as I could and smooched his cheek once again. After that, my eyes went down to his bulge, and I slowly began undoing his shorts.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready to pleasure you unless you don't want me to."

"You are married though, Mrs. Alist. You can't cheat on your husband," he objected, looking at me.

"I can tell that we have a mutual attraction and we're both horny," I pointed out, digging into his boxers. "So, let's have some fun."

I snatched his dick and instantly began stroking it for him. He failed to utter a word, but he closed his eyes. I placed my head on his shoulder and kept my eyes on his crotch. I felt him shaking a bit, and I could tell he was fighting the pleasure.

"May I see it now, I'll allow you to see my breasts if you'd like."

He looked out the windshield and all the other windows for a moment. "No, you are my best friend's mom, and you are married," he opposed, pushing my hand away.

I instantly snatched it again. "Would you feel better if you kissed me, Patrick?" I inquired, continuing to stroke his manhood.

He covered his face again and vibrated even more.

"You know, reluctance is normal and nothing to be ashamed of, dude. Now, why don't you turn your head and kiss me?"

He held firm for another moment, but he brought his head around to me. "You are so sexy, Mrs. Alist."

"For the last time, call me 'Heather'."

"Whatever," he muttered before he pressed his lips onto mine.

His arms remained down, but I kept stroking his rod and brought my other hand to his right thigh. 'I know someone could walk by and see us, but he is a hunk.'

He parted his lips after only thirty seconds. "Okay, you got your kiss, and you gave me a hand job, now can we stop?"

"What, you don't want a sexually experienced MILF to get you off? I know I can do things for you that no younger woman could. I was with many guys before my husband, so let me put my experience to good use for you," I proposed, taking his pecker out. "Wow, it is even bigger than I thought. It is slightly thick and what, seven inches?"

He failed to answer as I glared at it for a moment and licked my other hand. I quickly swapped them and rubbed it some more.

After another minute, I pecked his cheek. "Now keep a lookout while I'm busy," I warned him, prior to leaning down and taking his cock into my mouth.

"Oh shit, Heather, you are just insane," he muttered, twitching around.

I giggled for a few seconds and let it out. "Yep, and don't be afraid to feel me up, Patrick. Just make sure you keep an eye out, someone might catch us."

"Okay," he muttered, caressing my head. "Fuck, if you are gonna do it, then do it, Heather."

I took his schlong back into my mouth and began thrusting my lips. They went up and down in about two-inch movements for the time being. I felt my forehead getting wet from sweat, but the sweet adrenaline high was a great prize.

'Oh, I can't believe I'm cheating again, but this is hot.'

His hands stayed on my head for a few minutes as he scrubbed it going in all directions. I loved it so much that I had to start vibrating a bit myself. I couldn't see him, but I did feel the seat rock a bit. With every single thrust of my lips, I made sure to lick his cock too.

His wood fell out of my mouth again. "Do you like that?" I asked, grabbing onto his rod.

"Yes, you are great MILF."

I stroked it for a few seconds and laughed. I didn't glance back at Patrick; I just concentrated on pleasuring him. My tongue dropped down towards the bottom of his rod, and I licked it all the way up to the head.

I did that a few times as he held firm for the most part, but I still had him jiggling around. Then his left arm extended out and his hand landed on my right thigh. He caressed that and took his hand off my head too.

'I have no idea if he is looking out to make sure no one sees us, but I don't give a damn right now. Wow, he has a real dick to suck. Yes, rub my thigh, but don't be scared of feeling something over on my chest though. I am surprised though; I thought he'd shoot already. He is moaning a bit though so it could be soon.'

I let his manhood out again and started lightly slapping my tongue with it. No one let out an actual word, but the messages between us were clear. I slanted my head up and let in just the head.

"Let me feel those titties, Heather," he whispered, bringing his hands to my bosoms.

He squeezed them both a couple of times, but then I took his entire dick into my mouth.

"Oh shit, I love a woman who can take my whole cock into her mouth, Ms. Alist."

I kept his entire johnson in there for a moment and pulled the lever to let the seat back. So he laid back and just enjoyed the pleasure. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I was sure he had both of his hands on his face to fight the urge.

As he shook even more, I placed my hands right at the base in efforts to hold him down a little bit. That didn't help much as my mouth seemed to be shattering his defenses. He began elbowing the sides of the seat and banging the floor with his feet too.

I let some of it out, but started thrusting my lips again. 'Oh, I love a guy who is reluctant to shoot his load too soon.'

I let my lips rub as slowly as possible, and I could definitely see the effects coming upon him getting even stronger. I couldn't help, but to keep going until the pleasure just became too much for him. He pushed over my tank top ends a bit and let them fall off.

He still couldn't see my bosoms, but he could reach under my top and grab onto my left tit. "Nice and soft too, Mrs. Alist, your husband is apparently missing out. Shit, you aren't even wearing a bra."

He fondled it the best he could in that position and took several strands of my hair in his other hand. He pulled on it somewhat and did it every single time my head rose up a little bit. I found it so hot that my left hand wandered over onto my shorts.

I blindly undid them with that hand and let it venture right into my thong. 'If only James were this hot, he never wanted me to suck his dick in the car,' I thought, rubbing my pussy. 'Maybe that's why I cheat: to satisfy my kinky side.'

My hand got drenched instantly, and he started pulling my hair a bit harder. It didn't hurt too much, but it made me want to thrust my mouth even faster. I immediately went up a couple of notches, and his hands instantly jumped up.

"Shit," he groaned, hitting the window. "I gotta cum, Heather."

'Good,' I thought, sliding my lips all the way down again.

"Shit, you are crazily amazing," he muttered, jerking around nonstop.

I giggled somewhat, but kept him down so he could let his seed loose in my mouth. It attacked the back of my throat like a bullet, and I attempted to swallow every last drop of it. I had no idea how much he came, but I was sure he let out at least five shots. Some of it slithered out of the sides of my mouth, but I still managed to swallow most of it.
I calmly let my mouth off his cock. "Wow, your cum tastes great, Patrick," I whispered, stroking it.

He calmly leaned towards me and pasted his lips to mine. I kept my hands on his junk, but he pushed both sides of my tank top off my shoulders. He made it go down as far as he could without ripping it and made my breasts visible. Then both of his palms landed on them.

After five minutes, my lips came off his. "Did you like that?"


"How about now we get some more privacy and have some more fun?"

"Fuck yeah, Heather," he muttered, bringing the seat back up.

I immediately turned on the engine, and we drove off. We were towards the woods, so I found a trail that led right to them. We came across an empty building out that way, and I parked right behind it in the shade.

"Come on, stud."

I got out and went to the very back. I brought down the middle seats and sat down on the back ones as the horny young man got in with me.

I snatched his rod. "I hope you are ready for this MILF," I warned him, prior to putting my lips on his.

I rubbed his junk, and he reached for my shorts. He tugged on them a little bit, but then I brought myself up a tad without us parting our lips. He got them off easily after that and then his left hand took the trip into my thong.

He instantly began scrubbing my slit and getting closer to me too. I giggled a bit, even with us making out nonstop. I was sure both of us had that intense adrenaline going throughout our bodies as were jiggling around.

He eventually pushed me off him and snagged the end of my top. I put my arms up and let him yank it right off me. He failed to appreciate my bosoms at the moment, I just watched him get down on the floor, and he got my thong off as well.

"You are sexy, Heather," he moaned, before he got back up with me.

"Thank you," I mentioned, placing my hand on his.

He smiled and peeked down at my breasts.

"Don't be shy, fondle them if you wish," I offered before I kissed him.

We made out as he brushed my right tit and I rubbed his arm. 'Oh, he is a weird, but sexy guy. Grab that melon, squeeze it for our pleasure too, stud.'

Then his lips came off mine, and he calmly leaned his head down to my boob.

"Oh, lick that nipple for me," I moaned, moving my hand back to his cock.

He slathered that nipple frequently as I began stroking his wood again. I tried to breathe normally, but he turned my already loose screws to the left. I found myself in the opposite position from what I was in earlier.

"You shouldn't be afraid to let your horny flag fly, Patrick. You've been legal for a year and a half now, and you could have been licking on that nipple this whole time. I certainly wish I could have sucked your dick on your eighteenth birthday," I muttered, rubbing his wood.

That failed to distract him, he even grabbed onto my boob and held it tightly for the time being. His tongue continued to lick my nipple slowly frequently going up and down. Before long, he had me tingling.

I placed my other hand on his head. "Every young man should experience sex with a MILF. I'm more than happy to service you, Patrick. Pleasure me with that tongue," I moaned, vibrating.

I felt a few tears flowing down my face as well, but I kept it together. I just enjoyed the pleasure the best I could, but then Patrick took my nipple into his mouth. He instantly began sucking on it, and I leaned back slightly.

"Oh, damn, Patrick," I moaned, pulling on his head somewhat. "You are gonna make me have an orgasm sucking my nipple."

A few seconds later, his lips came off my nipple, and he brought them right to mine. I never let go of his cock, I just continued to rub it the whole time, and I felt him shake the whole car. I knew there was no doubt that in the end, he was certainly glad he got into the SUV with me. After a moment, our lips separated again.

He smiled and then I viewed him calmly bring his face right into my cherry. "Oh, you sick, but horny bastard, now you eating my pussy?"

He failed to answer, but he inserted his fingers fromhis  right hand into my twat as well. He licked it all over, and I had to place my hands on his head. I grazed his head frequently and wiggled a bit due to his pussy eating skills.

My mouth opened up widely, and then my head slanted back. "Holy shit, did I yank out your kinky side, or what? Damn, you are special, you are even keeping constant eye contact as your tongue pleasures my labia. That is extra sexy, Patrick," I muttered, caressing his head.

He didn't stop; he just kept going licking my pussy walls with his slick tongue ever so slowly for me. The top half of my body moved back and forth going towards him and away from him. Second, by second with him fucking me, my defenses went down.

"I can't say for sure, but I'm next to positive that you have some experience in this area. Or maybe it is that you are just drawing inspiration to fuck me the best you can. I don't know, but I love this side of you."

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't keep looking at him. My head fell back, and it rubbed the back on the seat. My back also scrubbed it, and the sexual dominoes were falling effortlessly, as I just knew the hot sex was perfect.

I had the SUV rocking just a little bit, and I was moaning, but nothing loud enough to attract attention from where we were. My feet scraped the floor, and I started grabbing onto his hair. Every time he poked at my clit, I had to pull his hair somewhat.

I bit my bottom lip and glanced back at him. "I didn't mean to pull your hair," I muttered, before a pause. "Oh, are you sucking my lips into your mouth now?"

His eyebrows rose, but then I took my body up. He followed me, and his head bumped the top of the car.

"Ow," he chuckled, rubbing his head. "You cheating bitch," he whispered, before he got close to me and glued his lips to mine.

We wrapped our arms around one another, and I leaned back. My breasts became slightly squished, but it was alright. I wanted to grab onto the horndog's cock, but I decided not to at that moment.

'Well, he is definitely the best one yet. He is part of a small group, but he has risen above the rest, that's for sure.'

After a couple of minutes, his lips came off mine. "So now do you want to tell what this is all about?"

"Yes, I needed some strange wood inside me," I answered before I opened the back door on the passenger side.

He took my hand. "Heather, you are naked."

"And we're alone out here," I reminded him before I led both of us out there.

We both strolled right in front of the SUV, and I brought him right to me. "I just ask that you not tell anyone about this. Especially Paul and my hubby," I mentioned, prior to wrapping my right hand around his manhood. "If you promise to keep this our little secret, maybe I'll let you fuck me again," I offered, stroking it. "You just have to be a good young man and do me right now with your big schlong. Won't you do that for me?" I pondered, pointing down.

He slowly peeked down at my bald vagina, and his eyes widened. "Are you on the pill, because I don't have a condom?"

"Nope, so you better not cum inside this horny MILF," I advised him before I kissed him.

I turned around and let my ass up a bit.

I peeked back at him and blew him a kiss. "There is nothing like MILF pussy; I suggest you give it a try."

He bit his bottom lip, but calmly snatched his cock and closed the gap between us.

"No need to be nervous, it is just a pair of lips you need to insert your cock right in between. I'm pretty sure once you fuck a MILF, you won't want another younger woman, you'll just want the mature ladies who know what they are doing. My pussy is quite loose and ready for your rod now, Patrick, so you better put it in."

"What if your husband somehow finds out?"

"He won't, now quit stalling and screw your best friend's mom."

He slowly aligned his wood with my slit and slid the head across them a few times. It was easily at least eighty degrees out, but it appeared that it was above one-hundred degrees out as I saw him sweating relentlessly.

"I can see it in your eyes, you are reluctant, but you want it. So, let yourself have me, Patrick."

"Fine, pushy bitch," he moaned, before he pushed his dick right into my pussy.

It went in all the way, so I felt his thighs touch down on my butt as well.

"Son of a bitch, Heather, you are one seductive wench," he groaned, placing his palms on my hips. "I can't believe I'm fucking my best friend's mom, this is surreal."

"Not yet, you have to begin thrusting your dick first; then you'll be officially screwing me, Patrick. We're not out here naked so you can just stick your cock inside me, you have to satisfy me too, buster. There is no bullshit when it comes to fucking a wise MILF; you have to shag me like it is the last thing you do. You did relatively well eating my pussy, but now you have to fuck me with your pecker."

Then he brought his chest to my back and placed his chin on my shoulder too. We peeked at each other for a split second right before his cock calmly slid back out.

"Come on, fuck me," I suggested before I kissed him.

I placed my breasts back on the hood and kept facing forward too. Patrick couldn't manage to start thrusting just yet, but I held my position and patiently waited. After a moment, I began to swing my butt back and forth a little bit.

"Someone is gonna come looking for us, so do it now, Patrick. A sexy MILF like me doesn't come along every day."

"I've seen you over three thousand times in the last twelve years, floozy," he corrected me, placing his palms on my butt.

Then his cock launched a lazy thrusting exercise, going in and out of my cherry as he caressed my ass. I wasn't sure how big his wood had grown since it sought shelter in there, but it felt like it grew twice as large.

I rubbed my boobs on the hood slowly and had my arms extended out on the windshield. Even as Patrick had only been doing it for a moment, I was sure his member was pushing on my heart strings. I heard him breathing heavily, so I knew he was pacing himself.

I peeked on each side of us. "Do you hear that, Patrick. Just the sounds of the forest and our hearts pounding against our ribcages. Okay, now you got used to fucking me, now start thrusting your dick so hard, that you make me want to scream," I ordered him before I peeked at him. "I want you to pound me, so do it."

"Damn, I never knew you could be so mean," he whined, before he let almost his whole dick out. "Although, you are hot now, Heather," he commended me right before he slammed his cock right into my twat.

"Oh, fuck yes!" I roared, arching my back up. "Yes, just like that you young stud, so keep doing it," I moaned, before I laid my body back on the hood.

I closed my eyes and placed my arms on my sides.

"Even if I pass out fucking you, I'll make you feel good, Heather. It is the least I could do for you. Holy shit, your pussy feels phenomenal on my cock. Whenever you want to fuck again, I'll be ready for you. I don't know why you are cheating, but I couldn't care less right now. I'm screwing the sexiest MILF I've ever set my eyes on."

"Shut the fuck up, Patrick! You aren't fucking me with your mouth!"

"I'm sorry, Heather, please forgive me."

"Do that by cumming on my ass! I want to feel all of it oozing on it."

I failed to look back at him as the whole thing was hotter than hell for me. I tried my hardest to not take off like a rocket, but due to my mouth, I made him destroy my defenses. Over the course of thirty seconds, his thrust speed increased, and he kept banging me like his manhood was a huge drum stick.

My whole body continued sliding all over the hood, and it was even easier due to all the sweat that the hot sun was causing to form. I snatched the end of the hood and held it quite firmly in preparation to handle his dick. It seemed to be transforming my cherry, quickly sliding in and out like my twat was slick as ice.

"Take it, tart," he moaned, slapping my ass. "Do you think you can manage all this pleasure? Well, do you?" he inquired, shifting his palms to my lower back.

He massaged it simply because his hands could glide without him even actually moving them. It made me feel even better so that I was just in my own personal heaven. After a couple more moments, I opened my eyes and glanced back at him.

"Swat my butt again, asshole. Do it like I'm your bitch," I moaned through my teeth.

I unleashed his unconventional side as he began shifting his body back and forth and spanking my ass. I didn't even need to peek back at him because I felt everything correctly. I couldn't stop giggling to save my life because this was a twisted form of superior sexual fun.

No matter how far he went, he just seemed to be able to hold back his load. His big cock was gliding in and out of my pussy smoothly, and his hands continued to swat my butt like a basketball being dribbled on the ground rapidly.

"Fuck me hard and make yourself cum, Patrick. I love you pleasuring me, but I want that seed all over my ass, though. Don't force me to beg, that would be mean," I moaned, leaning back up somewhat and glancing at him. "Give the MILF what she craves."

His face was drenched, and he appeared as if he was about to pass out too. Even though I saw it all over his face, he wanted to keep going for as long as possible. My eyes stayed on him as my entire figure shook around like I was on a trampoline.

Although, then he swiftly leaned his body on mine. "Holy shit, you are some sexy bitch," he moaned, bringing his hands to my melons.

He squeezed them somewhat firmly and rubbed his chest onto my back. I closed my eyes and smiled widely as we both enjoyed the intimacy. His cock remained all the way inside me, and he left a string of smooches on my upper back and neck.

His forehead caressed the top of my back in a straight line going from shoulder to shoulder several times. "Wow, Heather, I think I'm just speechless," he muttered, before leaning up.

He calmly tugged his member out.

I peeked back at him again and watched him stroke it for a few seconds. "I hope you remember this forever, Patrick."

"I will," he whispered, positioning his wood right over my butt.

My mouth opened widely, but I suddenly made sure I held tight. From one second to the next, I saw Patrick's white cum spurt out and splash down on my butt.

"Yes, get my other cheek now."

Over the next twenty seconds, he made sure to submerge my ass in his seed. I wasn't sure how many streams he delivered, but I knew by the time it was over, he had it drenched. Then I leaned up and felt it plummeting down to the ground.

I rubbed it with the tips of my fingers on my right hand. "Thank you very much, Patrick," I said, prior to bringing my fingers into my mouth.

I sucked off his seed and turned to him. 'Now we're eyeballing one another, so he loved every second of that.'

"Could we have sex again, Mrs. Alist?"

"Maybe," I replied, calmly grabbing his dick with my right hand.

I placed my left hand at the base and stroked it with my right one. "You can't tell anyone about this, got it?"

"I understand completely," he responded, wrapping his arms around me.

We stayed close for a minute and kissed a couple more times. We also rubbed our bodies together and savored the moment.

"Heather!" we heard a female voice howl.

We both turned to our left.

"What, Lisa?" I asked, shrugging my shoulders.

"You stupid tart," she complained, coming towards us. "Everyone is looking for you two; the game is over now. Didn't I warn you not to do this?"

"Not in so many words, we're just having fun out here."

"If you want to fuck yourselves, fine, goodbye. I'll have no part in it," Lisa whined before she ran away.

We both peeked at each other. "I guess we better get dressed."

"Can we have sex again?"

"Yes, but we just can't let them catch us. No need to be in a hurry, I've had a few close calls before," I confessed, prior to kissing Patrick one more time.

We both got dressed casually and got back into the SUV. We drove back towards the soccer field and parked in the same spot I was in earlier.

"Just be cool," I advised him before we got out.

"Mom, where have you been, you missed the end of the game?" Paul inquired, strolling towards me.

"Patrick and I just took a little drive, that's all. We were just bonding a little bit, that's all," I let him know, hugging him. "Believe it or not, it is good for a woman and her son's BFF to have some time alone now and then," I said, before I let go of him.

"Okay, Mom, but could you not do that when you are both watching me play next time?"

"Yes, of course, Paul. Did you guys win?"

"Yes, and you missed it," Paul whined, waving his arms.

"I'll see you next time," I informed him, kissing his forehead.

I saw Patrick heading to the bathroom, and I nonchalantly followed him.

I grabbed his arm towards it and pulled him to be in an open corner. "Out of all the men I've cheated with, you are my favorite. Paul and James are visiting colleges next week, so maybe you can come over to my place. Do you like the sound of that?"

"Yes, I do," he confessed before he kissed me and grabbed my arms. "I can't resist a crazy MILF."

"It is a date then, and now you better always call me 'Heather', Patrick."

"I will."