The Back Garden

The Back Garden

“Come up here!” I whispered loudly and urgently to Brendan. “You’ve got to come and see this.”

I was staring out through the part-open window of our bedroom, which is upstairs and has quite a good view over our neighbours’ garden. It was the first warm day of the summer, really warm… especially for England!

Chrissie, our neighbour, was making the most of it. She was lying on a large, brightly coloured towel on the fresh cut lawn, sunbathing in a bikini and large dark sunglasses.

That was unremarkable, because we’d often caught glimpses of Chrissie and Rob in their back garden, but what grabbed my attention this time was the sight of her taking off her bikini top and starting to apply oil to her already tanned body. I could almost smell the coconut from where I was!

I’d glanced out from time to time, as Rob was mowing the lawn, sweat dripping down his muscled chest. He was certainly worth looking at, but now I couldn’t take my eyes off Chrissie; watching as her fingers trailed over her chest, toyed a bit with her nipples, and then traced further down her belly to hook into the string ties of her skimpy bikini bottoms. I felt a surge of excitement as she pulled the bow and wriggled out of them. I think it was partly from the naughtiness of being a voyeur and partly from the obvious pleasure she was getting from her fingers sliding over her oily skin.

“Brendan!” I whispered again, more insistently this time, turning my head so my voice wouldn’t be heard through the open window. “Come on! Quick.”

“What is it?” I heard him calling loudly from somewhere downstairs.

“Shhhh! She’ll hear you.” I hissed back.

There was quiet for a moment, then creaking on the stairs followed by tip-toeing footsteps behind me as Brendan came over to the window and looked out over my shoulder.

“Wow!” he exclaimed in a whisper. “Impressive. Does she know you’re watching?”

“Don’t think so. It’s pretty bright out there and dark in here. She can’t have seen us.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be looking,” Brendan said uncertainly. “Perhaps it’s not right to spy like this.” But he made no move to turn away and his eyes were glued!

“Oh, we’re not doing anything wrong,” I replied lightly, after a moment’s thought. “It’s our house… our view… and there’s no harm in just looking, is there? Surely she must know she might be seen, through the hedge or from the houses on either side. That might even be part of the excitement for her; the possibility of being seen. Remember the time we ‘did it’ on that walk in Ireland, right out in the open on the rock outcrop on the very top of a mountain? You threw our clothes down off the outcrop so if anyone came we’d be well and truly caught! That added to the thrill and excitement, and the intensity, didn’t it? I wasn’t exactly silent when I came, as I recall; and nor were you. We might have been heard from the next mountain top!”

That was a good bit of rationalization, for both of us. It cured Brendan’s uncertainty and my guilt was suppressed too, as we both stood riveted while Chrissie sat up a bit to oil her feet and legs, massaging her shapely calves.

She reclined again as her hands started to work the oil into her thighs. I could almost feel the tingles of pleasure she must have been experiencing, with the warmth and breeze on her body as she wriggled her fingers through the oil, starting between her legs, then over her stomach to her breasts, and back down between her legs, parting them slightly to give her fingers a bit more access.

I could feel myself starting to moisten down there too, as if in response to her touch, and was just about to turn to see how Brendan was reacting when I heard a man’s voice from somewhere down below.

“Hey you!” it called out loudly. “What do you think you’re doing?”

I jumped backwards, guiltily convinced that I’d been caught in our act of voyeurism. Quickly turning away from the window, blushing, I bumped into Brendan. “We’ve been caught,” I whispered in a panic.

But no, we weren’t caught. It was Rob in their back garden, and he was walking over towards Chrissie with a big smile on his face. “Come on, ‘fess up. What are you up to?”

“Oh I’m just sunbathing,” came the reply, with feigned innocence. “Making the most of the warmth and building up my vitamin D levels. Is there a law against that? There’s no harm in that, is there?”

“None at all,” he responded. “And it adds a bit of beauty and interest to my newly mown lawn, so don’t you stop on my account. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll come to join you.”

He turned and walked back out of sight, returning with a big glass of iced water. He was wrapped in a towel, and only a towel I discovered when he took it off to spread it out next to her. He lay down on his side, completely naked, propped himself up on one elbow and seemed to be just watching as she continued her sensuous exploration of her glistening body with her fingertips.

I was surprised that she seemed so comfortable pleasuring herself with him watching and, for that matter, that Rob was able to keep his hands off her body! I’m sure I would have been too self-conscious to masturbate in the open like that, or even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to let my mind go so that I could enjoy the experience. Nevertheless, the mere thought of it was making me horny and wet.

From where I was, I could see only Rob’s naked back, bum and legs; muscled and good to look at (did I mention that already?) but I could see some movement in his right arm and shoulder. I imagined immediately that he was playing with himself as he watched Chrissie’s explorations. And why not? I was sorely tempted to do just that myself!

I was distracted by more movement in the garden, and watched as Rob leaned back slowly and ever-so-quietly to pick an ice cube out of his glass. Chrissie was oblivious to his movement, her hands sliding backwards and forwards between her oiled thighs, faster now, and her hips were moving rhythmically in response.

“He’s not going to do that!” I said to myself in disbelief. “No!” It was all I could do to stop myself from calling out to warn her. I bit my tongue and kept watching.

Chrissie let out a high-pitched shout the instant the ice cube made contact with her nipple. Her back arched and her hands moved more quickly and firmly between her legs, as if the shock of the ice had somehow heightened her excitement. Then she stopped. “You’re a beast!” she exclaimed laughing, and sitting up abruptly. “A tease too. I was just getting in to my rhythm. Oh you are going to pay for that, I promise.”

She grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him roughly onto his back, sitting on his thighs to restrain his legs. Before he could react, she grabbed his glass of iced water and upended it in his crotch.

I could hear Brendan give out a low groan of sympathy and he shivered. “I can feel that! And the iced water dripping down between his legs,” he whispered, “that would be painful!”

Just as he said that, Rob let out a wail of pain and covered his dick and balls with his hands. “Ohhh. God that’s cold! What have you done? I’ve shrunk! My balls are all shrivelled up. No… they’ve actually disappeared. I’ll never be able to have another erection!”

“We’ll see about that,” said Chrissie, leaning over to grab her tanning oil and squirting it liberally over his hands, which were still protectively covering his not-so-private parts.

“Face the sun and rub it in,” she ordered. “It’ll warm you up.”

I was straining to hear, because their voices had died down after the ice episode, but I was sure she was saying: “Make it hard… come on, you do it. I like to watch!”

Rob remained lying on his back in the full sun, massaging the oil into his balls and dick with a smile on his face. “I’ve got my come-uppance already,” he said ruefully.

Chrissie was kneeling up now, watching intently as he continued to spread the oil-water mixture over his obviously growing cock. “Come on,” she said quite loudly. “I’m going to leap on you as soon as you’re hard enough.”

Brendan exhaled again, more loudly this time, and I tore my eyes away from Rob and Chrissie to look at him. He was obviously turned on – very obviously! In fact, he’d dropped his jeans and jocks, and was holding his erection tightly, moving his clenched fist slowly along it and back, squeezing a little bead of glistening moisture out of the tip with each stroke.

“Oh, so you find this exciting.” I said with a wicked smile, stating the obvious. “Is it the idea of sex in back garden… or is it the feeling of an ice bath that’s turning you on?”

He didn’t respond, but moved towards me, turning me back to the window. “Just you keep watching,” he whispered in my ear. Then he reached up under my dress, slipped my panties down to the floor, and slid a hand back up my calves, knees, thighs to the moisture between my legs.

The next thing I felt was the heat and pressure of his erection pressing against my bum and then sliding between my legs; seeking, pressing. I was already hot and moist, really turned on. I wanted him inside me. I spread my legs apart and put my hands down behind me to guide him in, bending over a bit more to improve the angle and accommodate him more comfortably.

I continued looking out the window at Chrissie and Rob, propped up with my arms on the window ledge, my bum grinding into Brendan’s cock as he moved in and out. He was holding tightly on to my hip-bones, pulling himself deeply into me and pausing at the end of each stoke, exhaling deeply when the end of his cock pressed hard against my cervix, making me feel warm and full. My pelvic muscles tightened around him involuntarily, as if trying to pull him in even further.

Chrissie was moving now to straddle Rob and position herself to slide down on his cock. They both moaned loudly as she lowered herself on to his ramrod, ever so slowly. Her head was tilted right back, facing the sky, in complete abandonment to her feelings. Isn’t watching sexual abandonment a turn-on? I certainly was for me!

Then there were more sounds; almost shouting. It was Chrissie urging him on: “Come on, come on!” she cried in time with her movements, as if she was rooting for her own mounting orgasm, sliding herself up and down on Rob’s erection.

The loud sound track did it for Brendan! He’d been thrusting in time with Chrissie’s urging and he came, just as Chrissie reached her wailing climax. He staggered back from the window and collapsed back on the bed, strings of semen trailing between his still-erect dick and his thighs. “Oh God!” he exclaimed, “I’m drained.”

“Oh no you don’t” I protested. “I’m turned on too you know!”

I’d really wanted him to keep going, but I knew just what to do now. Even when he seemed completely spent, he could be re-aroused if I was quick. He almost always responded to my playing with myself – he’d often said that the thought of it was arousing and the sight of it was irresistible.

Abandoning the window, I was torn between wanting to watch to the end and needing to satisfy the throbbing between my legs. Catching Brendan’s eye, I lewdly pulled my dress up over my head and unclipped my bra, pouting at him as I fondled my breasts, tweaking my own nipples to make them stand up.

I knelt on the bed, leaning back on my heels and spreading my thighs so he could see what I was doing. I could feel warm liquid oozing out of me, a mixture of his cum and my juices. I spread it around my swollen labia with my fingers, and then tasted them… licking my lips and moaning “mmmmm”.

It was working just as I knew it would. His flaccid cock was starting to grow and twitch again, and his energy was returning. I knew he’d last longer this time, so I lay on my back beside him and pulled him on top of me. “Fuck me!” I implored. And then changed my tone to an order: “Come on… fuck me now!”

That’s what he did. Supporting himself on his arms so he could look at me, he delivered regular, long, pumping strokes, each one bringing me a bit further up the hill of arousal. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the wonderful tingly sensation that was building in my legs and stomach, deep inside, and the warm flush that was spreading across my chest, up my neck and into my face. As my muscles tightened, involuntarily, as if to squeeze my orgasm up the top of the slope and over the edge, an explosion of tingles and warmth started coursing through my body and I could feel contractions starting deep inside me, slow to start with and then faster, grasping the shaft of his cock as if milking it. I reached up and pinched his nipples – hard, which brought him off too. He collapsed down onto my body, deliciously pressing me into the bed.


The Coffee Shop

The next day, when I was in the high street doing some shopping, I dropped in to my new favourite coffee ship for some morning tea. It’s called ‘Woof Coffee’ and run by some real Italians. They know how to make a good coffee, that’s for sure. I’ll never enter a Starbucks or Costa again!

“Hi Gini… over here.”

I looked over to the arm that was waving from the table in the corner near the window. It was Chrissie. “Oh, there you are,” I said. “I was worried you’d not get a table. This place is becoming so popular. It’s got to be the best coffee shop in Teddington.”

“Or even in London,” she replied with a laugh.

We were interrupted by Tessa, coming over to take our order. “Hi Tess,” I said, “a macchiato and a cinnamon scroll please.”

Chrissie gave her order too; then waited until she was out of earshot before asking, in a conspiratorial voice: “Well, did you enjoy yourselves? Come on, spill your guts… tell me! Did you have good sex?”

“Shhhh!” I hissed, looking over my shoulder. “Someone will hear you.” After a pause, I whispered, “It was fantastic! You put on a great show, Chrissie. I still can’t imagine how you could have done it, knowing that we’d be watching, and God knows who else might have been listening too, through your hedge.”

Chrissie laughed. “Yes, I admit it was a bit daunting… but only to start with. Taking off my bikini and lying naked in the garden felt naughty and daring. I had to restrain myself from looking up to your window to see if you and Bren were there, but it was a real turn-on thinking that you’d be watching my every move. It made me bolder somehow; wanting to surprise. Then when I started spreading the oil around, my brain seemed to tune out, and I felt that my body was connected directly to my fingers. Until Rob came out. What a bit of luck that was. You ended up with more of a performance than we’d planned!

I was getting horny again just thinking about it! “But what about the ice?” I asked. “Oh, I so wanted to call out to warn you, because I could see just was Rob was up to.”

“The ice… yes. Well, that was an amazing experience actually. You’d think that would jolt you out of any fantasy, wouldn’t you? But actually… I think I was so turned on by then, so focussed on the orgasm that was building up inside me, that the shock of the ice on my nipple nearly brought me over the edge. Have you ever experienced that?” I shook my head as she continued: “Well, I reckon if he’d been just a few minutes later, I would have come. You should try it!”

I giggled nervously, bus could think of nothing to say to this.

“But that’s more than enough about me,” continued Chrissie. Tell me, how’d Bren react? Was he turned on? Did he get off on voyeurism?”

Sensing that it was a bit quiet at the tables around us, I looked around furtively once again, just to see if anyone might be eavesdropping. No. All clear. “It was incredible, Chrissie. To begin with he was embarrassed to be spying and worried about being caught. I had to think quickly, to convince him that it was OK to keep watching, He couldn’t take his eyes off you when you were spreading that oil around, and then I could see his hard-on through his jeans when you made Rob oil himself up, after you nearly froze his balls off!”

“He deserved that!” Chrissie interrupted. “Come on… what happened next?”

“Before I knew it, he’d dropped his jeans and come up behind me. He was so turned on, you know, and we did it standing up, watching the two of you fucking on the lawn. In fact, you came together, you and Brendan!”

“But what about you?” Chrissie asked. “Guys are easy to arouse, but what about you? How’d you feel about it? Was it a turn-on for you too?”

“Oh, I got horny alright,” I admitted with a giggle. “In fact, I made him come again! I was dripping by then, after watching the two of you, and it was the most intense orgasm I’ve had for a long time. And you’re to blame!”

She laughed at this, admitting that it was something she’d willingly take the blame for. Then she added, “Remember it’s your turn now. What are you going to do? Is this weekend still OK for you”?

She was reminding me of our agreement, our little secret experiment. It was my turn to think of a scenario that would turn on her and Rob. I’d been thinking about it for a while, actually, since we first hatched our plan, here at this very table at Woof Coffee.

“Well, I couldn’t possibly emulate your back garden performance. In any case, that’d be way too suspicious – and at least one of them would work out that something’s going on. So here’s my plan. Give me your phone.”

She handed me her mobile, with a quizzical expression. “What are you up to?” she asked.

I downloaded the App for our new home security system on to her phone, and set it up using our login details.

“OK Chrissie,” I explained. “This is what you do. When you’re home, on Friday night, all you have to do is log in to our wifi. It’s called GinDan and the password is Virgin69 – you shouldn’t forget that! I’m sure you’ll be able to get our wifi from your house. Then, open this App and select ‘Camera 2’ or ‘Camera 3’. I’ll make sure they’re set up in good places in our bedroom. When Brendan gets home from work, I’ll have a seductive dinner ready for him, wine and all. Then I’ll race him off to bed. I’ll go to the bathroom and text you when I’m ready. Then you and Rob can settle back and watch!”

“But how will I explain it to Rob?” she asked.

“You can just tell him you were logging on to your wifi when you found our security system and it wasn’t password protected. You were curious, and… I’m sure you can make up a plausible story,” I said laughing.

Chrissie laughed too. “I like it,” she said. “By the way, what’s Camera 1?”

“That’s the outdoor camera, on our front porch – I guarantee we won’t be performing there!”

To be continued... in