Bedknobs and Blindfolds

Evelyn paused before entering the revolving door of the hotel.  The note had been intriguing… no, exciting was a better word once she could admit to having that feeling.  Now, she was wondering what a forty-two-year-old married woman was doing going to a hotel to meet a man whose identity she did not know.  Perhaps a drink was in order.  It would at least give her some time to think.  Evelyn inhaled deeply, pushed through the door, and walked straight to the bar.  She almost spilled the vodka collins because of the shaking in her hands, but after a couple nervous gulps she began to calm down a little and to reflect.

The party had turned out differently than she had imagined – a lot differently.  She thought it would be a typical boring office party.  Her husband, Richard, had stressed her attendance was important for his career, so Evelyn reluctantly agreed.  Once at the hotel, she quickly downed her first drink and things seemed better.  A few men quickly averted their eyes when she caught them staring at her, and Evelyn smiled to herself.  It had been worth all that effort to keep her figure, and she was pleased to see men notice because Richard seemed not to care how she looked.  Evelyn started smiling back at the stares, and by the end of the evening, was basking in the attentions of several of the male quests.

The next morning, while moving the contents of her evening bag to her normal one, Evelyn found the small card.  She knew it hadn’t been there before the party because the small, black purse had been empty until she stocked it with lipstick, powder, and a few other items essential to maintain her appearance at the party.  Someone had slipped the card into her purse sometime during the evening. Her heart fluttered when she read the neat, cursive, handwritten note.

“I find you beautiful, entrancing, and erotic, and I want to show you just how much.  If you would enjoy more attention than these words, go to the Kingston Inn on Saturday afternoon.  Give your first name at the desk and you shall receive a room key. Go to the room and make yourself comfortable.  I will join you when the time is right.”

Who…?  How…? What an egotistical ass.  Did he really think she would actually go? He must think she was some sort of miserable housewife just waiting to jump into bed with the first man who came along.  Well, she’d show him.  She didn’t need another man in her life.  Richard gave her everything she needed.

Evelyn started to throw the card in the trash, and then realized Richard might find it.  She put the card back into her evening bag, stuffed it in her dresser drawer, and sat down on the bed.  Yes, Richard gave her everything she needed.  He was attentive, caring, and they made love every Sunday morning – Richard on top and Evelyn on the bottom.  Well, no, making love wasn’t exactly right.  They had sex - always the same, Richard rubbed her clit for a while, Evelyn stroked him until he was hard, and then Richard pumped away until he came.  Afterwards, while Richard was taking a shower, Evelyn would finish herself with her fingers.  She was comfortable with that… wasn’t she?

Anyway, what did he mean, “when the time is right”?  Did he have something weird in mind – kinky, as her daughter called it?  Sandra was always kidding her about trying some of the things she read in magazines.  Why, some of those things were positively… positively…

Exciting is what they were, realized Evelyn.  Exciting and erotic.  She often thought about those things on Sunday morning while Richard was in the shower.  The card seemed to call out to her.  Evelyn retrieved it and read the note again.  This time, the feeling was of wondering, and, yes, excitement.  That evening Evelyn told Richard she was going out that Saturday night with some of her friends and would spend the night with one of them if she wasn’t in shape to drive home.

When she asked the desk clerk if he had a key for Evelyn, he smiled and handed her an envelope with 524 written on the front.  Evelyn’s knees were shaking when she opened the door, and she quickly closed it behind her and sat on the bed.  After a few minutes she went to the bathroom to check her makeup.  Taped to the mirror was an envelope with her name inscribed in the same handwriting as the note.

“I want to make this special for you.  In the drawer of the nightstand you will find clothing and a blindfold.  Please change into the clothing, put on the blindfold and lie on the bed.  If you change your mind, you may leave at any time.  I will join you when the time is right.”

There it was again, “when the time is right.”  What did that mean?

Evelyn pulled open the nightstand drawer and found a black net bra with the hook in front and tiny black thong panties with tie strings over each hip.  This was getting ridiculous.  Well, maybe he thought she would be pretty in these.  Evelyn was soon standing in front of the dressing mirror examining herself in the lacy lingerie.  Not bad for someone her age, she thought.  She ran her fingers over her breasts and felt her nipples harden at the soft caress.  Another light touch brought the familiar tightening in her belly and she slipped one hand down over the fringe of hair that peeked out from under the thong.  Just a slight touch lower and Evelyn felt her body respond again.  She walked to the bed, pulled back the blanket and sheet and stretched out.

The blindfold, she had forgotten about the blindfold.  Evelyn lifted it from the drawer.  It was black velvet with elastic in the band.  She slipped it on and stretched out on the bed again.  

It was a strange feeling to be alone and unable to see anything, and the suspense was driving her mad.  When would he come? Would he come at all?  More importantly, who was he?

Time seemed to have stopped as Evelyn thought of what might happen.  She was thinking of what Sandra had told her of “kinky” sex, and it was nearly a reflex action that caused her to slip her hand down to cup her mound.  Her fingers fluttered and the old familiar sensations raced into her belly.  Evelyn became so absorbed she almost missed the quiet click of the door opening.  She was instantly terrified and started to get up.

“Please don’t go and please don’t take off the blindfold.  I won’t hurt you, and you’ll understand the reason for the blindfold later.”

Evelyn was shaking.  She wanted to leave, but was afraid to do so.  She heard the rustle of the man removing his clothing, and then the movement of the mattress as he sat down beside her.

His voice was a deep bass that Evelyn felt in her chest as well as heard.  It sounded kind, not menacing, firm, but not commanding, and she relaxed a little.

“Evelyn, you truly are beautiful.  I want to awaken the erotic woman inside you if you’ll let me.  If not, tell me now, and I will go.”

“Who are you?”

“Who I am is not important right now.  What is important is the woman you are about to become.”

“You aren’t going to do anything weird are you?”

“What would you consider weird?”

“I… I don’t know… maybe like tying me up?”

“I would like to do that, yes, but it’s different than you think.  I’ll show you, and you may stop me at any time.”

Evelyn felt him wrap a soft velvet band around her right wrist and gently pull it over her head.

“The band is only as restricting as you wish it to be.  Pull on it.”

The band easily separated and freed her wrist.

“It’s only symbolic of your trust in me and of your submission to your inner desires.”

Soon, Evelyn was tied hand and foot to the four posts of the bed.  She was still afraid, but was also excited by what was happening.  The slight tickle on her nose startled her until she identified the scent of roses.  The scent seemed more intense than she remembered.  Evelyn felt the soft brush of the petals against her cheek, then down her neck to her chest.  Suddenly her whole body tingled at the sensation.  She even felt the feather-soft touch through the bra as it brushed across her nipple and she gasped.

“Now you see the reason for the blindfold.  When you can’t see, your other senses become more intense.”

The rose brushed her again and Evelyn shuddered as she felt her nipples harden and push against the thin fabric.  

“Evelyn, you have beautiful nipples.  I’m going to take off your bra now.”

He barely touched her when he undid the catch of the bra and gently revealed her breasts.  Evelyn felt the brush of the rose again, this time on the dark circle around her right nipple.  She felt it immediately pucker into tight ridges.  The rose traced a circle around her rigid nipple, then moved to the left breast and did the same. The sensation was nice, Evelyn thought, until he brushed the very tip of the nipple with the rose.  Then, she felt her body respond with dampness between her thighs and an intense feeling of pleasure deep in her belly.  Evelyn barely restrained a little moan.

The man traced down her chest and over her belly with the satin-soft petals, then down to the satin lips between her thighs.  

“You are wet, did you know?”

“No…it’s just…”  Evelyn sighed as the rose stroked her swelling lips again.  “Yes.”

“So you are enjoying this?”


Evelyn felt a tug on the strings of the thong and then the coolness of the air hitting her bare skin.  She tried to close her legs to hide herself, but couldn’t.  

“Please stop.  I can’t….”

“Evelyn, remember, you can free yourself at any time.  Only your mind will prevent that.  Pull on the strap and you will see.”

The strap fell away as easily as before.  Could it be true, what he said about her mind?

“I’m going to tie you again, just like the first time.”

Evelyn lay there with her sex exposed to a man she didn’t know, and even though she knew she had the power to stop everything, she couldn’t.  The rose brushed over the hair on her mound, down her lips, then back up again.  She felt the need to arch against it and did so.  He continued to tease her with the rose until Evelyn thought she would scream.  She wanted, no, she needed more.  Just then, the man’s gentle fingers parted her lips.  Evelyn couldn’t stop the moan this time.

She felt his breath on her breast, then his lips nuzzling the underside.  A warm breath enveloped her right nipple and it stiffened again.  His tongue brushed lightly over the tip, then moved to the other nipple.  As his tongue lightly brushed it, his finger slowly slipped inside her.  Evelyn arched into his hand and groaned.

“My, you’re in a hurry aren’t you?  Slow is much, much better.  You’ll see.”

His lips closed over her right nipple and sucked gently.  Just as the sensation shot to her belly again, he slipped his finger up beside her clit and rubbed gently.  A wave of pleasure washed over Evelyn from her toes up and she gasped.  She felt his lips and the same sucking on her other nipple and the wave shot through her again.  It almost pushed her over the edge when he lightly pinched the nipple with his teeth.  Then he stopped.

Evelyn moaned, “why did you stop?”

“To make it better for you, and for me.  As I said, slow is better.”

His fingertip touched her clit again and gently rubbed beside it.  Evelyn began to breathe faster.  She felt him lightly pinch her nipple again, then lift up.  

“God yes.  Again.”

He pinched tighter and tugged more firmly.  His fingertip slipped back inside her, then slowly traced her sex from entrance up to her clit.  The fingertip started making little circles around the now-erect little nub and Evelyn moaned again.  She was almost there, and he hadn’t really done anything yet.  Evelyn was coasting on the edge of an orgasm when he stopped again.  She felt the bed move as the man knelt between her thighs.  Soft hands cupped her bottom and gently squeezed.  She felt his lips on her inner thigh, kissing, nibbling, making incredibly soft caressing movements.  The lips moved higher, then higher.

“No…, don’t….”

“All you have to do to stop me is close your thighs.”

He continued to nuzzle up her thigh until she felt his nose brush her sex.

“Mmmm, your scent is exquisite.”

Evelyn felt his lips on her other thigh, moving slowly higher and higher until she felt him against her sex again.  His hands slipped up her sides to her breasts as the man settled onto the bed.  He nuzzled the soft hairs over her mound, then moved lower.  His mouth closed over her engorged lips and gently kissed them.  Evelyn didn’t want to stop him now.

She felt the warm wetness of his tongue slip between her outer lips and lick up to her clit.  His mouth closed on her inner lips and pulled slightly, then sucked their fullness into his mouth.  His tongue massaged the sensitive skin.  She arched into his face and brushed her clit against his nose.  It was like touching a live wire and she cried out in pleasure.  He answered the cry by rolling both her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.  Evelyn cried out again when he raked his tongue over her throbbing clit.  She was close, so close, and the man seemed to know it.  He took her clit between his lips and began sucking, gently at first, then harder as she began to thrust against him.  His fingers twisted her nipples, then tugged firmly and twisted them again.  Evelyn’s face rolled to the side of the pillow as the orgasm shook her and she cried out over and over again.

The man let her rest for a few minutes, then began the licking and sucking again.  In only a short while, Evelyn was again crying out and thrusting her swollen pussy into his face.  Her final cry was almost a scream.  She finally sagged back onto the bed and lay there panting as the man kept slowly licking her stiff clit.  Little orgasms shook her body from time to time until she begged him to stop.

“Please stop.  I have to rest.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I don’t know what to think.”

“OK, but only for a little while.  We have more to do.”

“More to do?  I can’t.”

“Yes you can, if you want to.  It’s all in your mind.”  Evelyn felt his finger slip inside her and curl upwards.  It was like nothing she’d ever felt before and her whole body stiffened.  She heard him chuckle, “That’s what I thought.”

Evelyn felt the man removing the velvet bands from her wrists and ankles.

“Evelyn, please turn over.”

She did as he asked, and felt the rose again.  This time it traced over her round bottom, then over the small of her back, then down between her hips to the small hollow that formed the entrance to her sex.  Evelyn shivered at the sensation.

“Please rise to your knees.”

It would look silly to be on the bed with her bottom in the air, Evelyn thought, but the man’s calm voice compelled her to comply.  She rested her face on her arms and her nipples gently rubbed against the bed sheet.  The slightly rough surface made them swell and stand away from her breasts, and she felt the sensation deep in her belly.  The man’s touch made her gasp.  He had taken both of her inner lips between the fingers of his hands and gently pulled them down and apart.  Evelyn felt wetness slowly flow out of her body.

“You see, your body is ready again.”

The man’s hands gently pressed against the inside of her thighs and Evelyn spread them wider, then wider still until the pressure stopped.  She felt exposed, helpless, and found that both feelings excited her beyond her most secret fantasies.

“You are a beautiful woman, Evelyn, beautiful and erotic.  Everything about you speaks of desire and need.  Tonight, we will fill that desire and need.”

Evelyn groaned as his fingers slipped inside her and caused that incredible feeling again.  The man continued his gentle but firm massage and she felt the surge building.  A tiny moan slipped from her lips.  Then he stopped.  The bed rocked slightly as the man moved.  She felt his hands cupping her hips, his fingers gently rubbing the crease between her hip and thigh.  The fingers moved back to her swollen lips and parted and tugged on them again.

“Good, you are open and ready for me.”

The gentle pressure of his cock at her entrance surprised her, but not as much as the sensation of the head slowly slipping into her passage.  Her husband didn’t seem quite so large.  She tried to move forward, away from the pressure, but the man’s hands on her hips held her in place.  Evelyn gasped when he slowly slipped inside her.

It seemed to take a long time before she felt his belly against her hips, and his cock was pressed against the end of her passage when he stopped.  Evelyn felt his weight as he reached around her and cupped her breast.  Her body shook slightly when he pinched her nipple firmly.  The man slowly withdrew until the rim of his cock head reached her inner lips, then pushed back into her while rolling her nipple with his fingers.

“Stroke yourself now, Evelyn, just as you do to pleasure yourself.”

An hour before, she would have cursed him for asking such a thing.  Now, Evelyn was too deep into her desire, too drenched in the heady sensations that she was feeling to resist.  Her slender fingers slipped down to her thigh, then up to her throbbing clit.  She started to gently rub herself as she did at home.  As she moved her fingers down over her lips, she felt his cock sliding in and out of her, felt her wet inner lips clasping him as he withdrew, then rolling inside her when he stroked in.  In moments, Evelyn was nearing another explosion of her passion and began to thrust back into his strokes.  Her belly began to ripple with the onset of the orgasm, and she shrieked as the wave washed over her.

The man slowly stroked in and out of her shaking body.  Evelyn would have sagged onto the bed if he hadn’t been holding her up.  When her breathing had slowed to almost normal, the man withdrew and gently rubbed her swollen lips and clit.

“Oh God, no more.  I can’t again.”

“But, my dear, your experience is almost complete, and the best is yet to happen.”

He flicked her erect clit and Evelyn groaned.

“For the last, I leave you in complete control.  You may do as much, or as little as your wish.”

Evelyn felt the mattress move again, and then the man’s hands guiding her to straddle him.  As soon as her breasts settled on his chest, the man gently stroked her flanks, then the small of her back, then her hips, then lightly brushed the cleft between them.  How could he know she loved that caress?

He reached between them, and Evelyn felt him guide his cock to her entrance.  He rubbed the head over her clit, then down her wet lips, then back to her clit.  The warmth and firmness of his satin-smooth cock head was exquisite.  Evelyn sighed.

“Please move back so I can enter you.”

She shifted position and felt him slip slightly through her soft lips.  Without thinking, Evelyn raised and slowly impaled herself on his stiff cock.  She was accustomed to his size now, and the speed at which she lowered herself was only for her pleasure.  The man understood this and chuckled.

“I thought you couldn’t do any more.”

Evelyn’s voice was quiet, far away, as if her mind were in another place or time.

“Mmmm…”  She slowly raised off his cock and relished the feeling of him sliding through her passage.

“Ohhhh… Feels… so… Mmmmm…”

The man’s calm voice penetrated her passion.

“Excite yourself for me.  I want to watch you riding me and exciting yourself.”

Evelyn moved as if drugged.  Her right hand found her breast and gently squeezed, then let the softness slip through her fingers until they grasped the tight nipple on the end.  She lifted her breast by the taught, rubbery nub, then rolled it between her fingertips.  Evelyn moaned and sought her mound with the other hand.  Her fingertip found her clit and started making tiny rubbing motions in time to the rise and fall of her body over the man’s rigid cock.

“Let me taste your fingers.”

Evelyn moved her hand from her clit and extended it.  She felt him grasp her wrist and pull it forward, then the warm wetness of his mouth as he sucked her fingers.

“You are heaven.”

When he released her hand, Evelyn brought it between their bodies again and resumed exciting herself.  She moaned again and her body shook as the desire began to rise inside her.  Without thinking, she moved her hand from her clit to her own mouth and touched her tongue to the tip.

“A wonderful flavor, is it not”, asked the man.  Some believe the scent and taste can increase the pleasure of both man and woman.  I am one who believes this is so.”

Evelyn pushed one finger between her lips and sucked.  “Ummm, yes.  So do I.”

The man arched slightly against her body as she lowered herself over him again.  Evelyn gasped when his cock pressed against the end of her passage, and began rubbing her clit again.  In moments, she felt her release building yet again, and also the feeling that she had lost control of her body.  Her hips began to move from side to side and back and forth as she lifted and lowered herself over the stiff cock that impaled her.  Her fingertips fluttered over her throbbing clit, and she rolled and pulled at her nipples with the other hand.  

The shaking orgasm began deep in her belly and spread outwards in a wave of warmth and sensation.  Evelyn felt the man’s body stiffen and arch off the bed, and then the twitch of his cock just as she fell over the edge.  She was barely aware of the slipperiness that flooded her passage as he pumped his seed deep inside her.  With a last cry of ecstasy, she collapsed on the man’s chest.

Evelyn woke to daylight streaming through the slight gaps in the hotel room curtains.  As she stretched, she smiled at the thought of the last night and ran her hand down her belly to her mound.  The fine hair was still wet with her fluids and his seed.  She brought her fingers to her face and inhaled.  Yes, it wasn’t just a wonderful dream.  

Evelyn moved her hand back to her clit, now hiding beneath its little hood and gently rubbed.  The sensation was one of pleasure, but she didn’t continue.  She was sated, mind and body.  

It was tempting to lie there and relive last night in her thoughts, but Evelyn wanted to meet the man who had awakened her to pleasures of which she had not even dreamed.  She opened her eyes and found herself alone in the room.  There was a small card propped against the lamp on the nightstand.

“My dearest Evelyn, I wish to thank you for a most pleasurable experience, and for one which, I hope, you enjoyed as well.  You are everything I thought you would be and more, and you pleased me more than any other woman I have known.

As for my identity, that must remain my secret for a while, at least until we meet again.  Perhaps at that meeting you will understand my need for secrecy.  Until then, enjoy yourself and think of our night, as will I.

Evelyn placed the card on the nightstand and laid back on the bed.  Who was this man, this magician who awakened such feelings in her, this phantom who pulled at her thoughts, thoughts that caused a new stirring deep in her very being?  She would know someday.  Of that she was certain, as certain as she was that whenever he beckoned, she would come.