Swimming Pool

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25 Aug. '17

It’s a Friday night, I’m driving home from work, dreading the upcoming weekend. I won’t see Caleb, my son, this is his mom’s weekend. It’s been his first week of school, I can’t help but wonder what he’ll be doing, I know he’s got a cross country meet tomorrow, maybe I’ll drive the hour up and watch him, even if I do get shit about it from Elissa.

She moved out to live with her parents right after school ended in June. She told me when she left that it’s just a separation, not a divorce, not yet, but I’m not sure about that. I caught her having an affair last winter, I was pissed as hell but I didn’t throw her ass out. I still love her, and if this becomes permanent that’ll mean I’ll only see my son every other weekend until he gets too busy in high school to want to spend time with his old man. 

The weather’s beautiful, as late August can be sometimes. The day is warm, mid-80’s. I stop for a sandwich and a beer at a dive I frequent, I’m in no mood to cook. When I get off the freeway I roll the window down, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I think I’ll take a dip in the pool tonight. 

My friend, Chris, keeps telling me I ought to start dating. I’ve known him since just after I got out of college, we play golf together, we’ve got a 9:12 tee time Sunday. Maybe I’ll invite him to come over to my place after with his wife and daughter to have a cookout in the afternoon. 

Randi’s a nice person, she and Elissa get along pretty well, she told me once she was as shocked as I was when she found out about Elissa’s affair. She’s good looking, too, I’ve fantasized about her when I was screwing Elissa, you know, the idea that helps you get hard after a decade or so of marriage. But, of course, nothing ever happened.

When I pull into my driveway about twenty minutes after sunset, I see Randi’s car there. Hmmm, maybe they stopped over, they know they can use the pool anytime they want, we have that kind of relationship. I’ve come home many a night to find Elissa, Randi and Chris in the pool, waiting for me with a pitcher of drinks. And they’ve been over quite a bit this summer, at least once a week, making sure I’m not going to put my head in the oven because Elissa left me. Good, I’ll have some company tonight. I hope they brought some booze with them, my larder’s a little low, I need to make a run to the liquor store.

I figure I’ll change into my trunks and then join them, but as I pass through the kitchen and peep into the backyard, I get a little shock. Randi’s on the side of the pool, much as she always is, reclining against the rim, doing leg-lifts, her husband’s nowhere  in sight. But instead of her usual black one-piece swimming suit, she’s wearing nothing but skin. My mind tells me to look away, but my eyes won’t follow the directions. Her breasts are more perky than I would have expected in a woman her age, the nipples are slightly pointed. Below her belly button I see a thin strip of dark strands that contrast with the blond hair pulled back on her head. And below that I can see the narrow slit between her legs. 

I stare at her for maybe twenty seconds. Long enough to know that I’m being a creep, not nearly as long as I’d like to watch the movements of her legs as she exercises, the way her boobs bounce with each upheaval of a thigh. I force my eyes to look away, I head into the bedroom and take only moments to put on my trunks. The window in there faces the pool, I turn the light on, this alerts Randi she’s got company. I guess I expect she’ll wrap herself in a towel or put her suit on, but she simply sinks into the water, letting that cover her nakedness. 

I crack the glass door of the kitchen. “Hi!”

“Hello, Ben!” she responds. “Thought I’d come over and take a swim after dinner. Chris is out with friends tonight.”

“No problem. You want a drink?”

“Sure. That’d be nice.”

“I think I’ve got some vodka, is that all right?”

“Sure. Any tonic?”

“I’ll see,” I say.

Yes, surprisingly I’ve got enough vodka for maybe four short drinks, and two bottles of tonic. I mix the ice, alcohol and mixer in plastic cups, of course there’s no lime but we’ll survive, and I take them out into the yard. By this time, Randi’s swimming laps, it’s almost too dark to see, but I can make out the blond hair and the whiteness of her ass as she swims away from me. “Come and get it!” I call, putting the cups on the side of the pool and slipping into the water. Randi swims towards me, slouches in the water so her nudity won’t be seen, takes a large sip of the drink.

“I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t wear a suit,” she suggests. “It was just too nice of a night and I was here all by myself.”

“No, of course not.” Perhaps my voice is a little high, thinking there’s a naked woman just a few feet away. “Did anybody see you?”

“I think maybe a teenager got a look through the fence, I heard something. I didn’t mind, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen on the internet.” Her voice is calm and lively. “You and Elissa came out here with nothing on sometimes, didn’t you?”

“Long after dark, when we were sure Caleb was asleep, sometimes.” I remember the times my wife and I made love in the warm water.

“It’s dark enough. Why don’t you take your trunks off?” Randi urges. She’s right, the sky is rapidly dimming, if I stay in the water no one would notice. I slip them off and toss them onto the concrete with a loud plopping sound. “Doesn’t that feel better? I always wanted to ask you if maybe we could do that, the four of us.”

“Elissa would split a gut, you know how prissy she can be sometimes.” We both laugh at the way my wife would sometimes be so uptight. Randi and I relax, our arms hanging out of the pool. I think I can see her boobies floating on top of the water, I wonder if Randi know’s I’m half erect thinking of her.

“I talked to her this week,” Randi said, “she seems to be moving on. Can I ask, do you and she ever get together?”

“Every once in awhile. I’ve suggested a councilor, she says she’s thinking about it, but I don’t think she’ll show up. And I think she’s still seeing that guy she fucked, the one I caught her with. My guess is it’s pretty well over.”

“Would you take her back?”

“Sure . . . Probably,” I admitted. “We’d have to work out a lot of issues. I’ve asked her, but now that Caleb’s in his new school, I don’t think she’d take him out. But if she wanted to come back, I’d try.”

“Can I ask, have you dated at all?”

“No. I had a drink with a girl at the office, but when I asked her if she wanted to get dinner, she said she didn’t want to be the rebound person. I guess I’ll have to figure it out if Elissa stays away.”

“It won’t be hard for you, you know you’re handsome. And charming.”

“You think so?” I ask.

“I’ve always thought so. When we were out with the girls, we rated our guys and you always were near the top. You’ll do fine.”

We shut up for a few minutes, sip our drinks. Randi swims away, I follow her. We do a few laps up and down the pool, every once in awhile our arms or knees bump accidentally. When we stop, we finish up our drinks. “Another one?”

“You want me to make it?” she asks.


I hear the water swish as she climbs out, I can dimly make out her body as she heads for the kitchen. The light is switched on, but she’s out of sight, I hear the ice tinkle. A couple of moments later, I see her briefly through the screen door, full frontal nudity, before the light is switched off. She puts the drinks on the concrete, I sense her swish back into the water.

“Where were we? Oh yes, you won’t be lonely long, I promise.” She’s standing in water up to her neck, somehow she seems a bit closer than before. “Girls will be swarming all over you.” I feel the softness of her flesh bump into my arm as she turns to me, I feel a sensation, almost a flash, go through my body. “You know, I’ve always wondered what you’d be like in bed.”

“You have?” 

“Of course. You’ve wondered about me, haven’t you? I’ve felt it, sometimes, in the way you look at me.” She flows closer, I feel two soft points brush against my chest, she raises her face, takes my head in her hands, I let it droop, our lips meet. Her tongue enters my mouth, I feel it bump against my teeth. Our bodies are as close as possible now, our chests and belly pressed together, she floats on the water, her arms around my shoulders, as if she’s climbing a tree. “Touch me, Ben, let me feel you.” 

I ignore the clanging in my head that says I’m being unfaithful to my estranged wife, the sense that somehow I’m not being fair to Randi’s husband, my friend, Chris. Sudden passion is compelling me to let Randi have what she wants. I hold her ass with both of my hands, stroll a few feet into still deeper water, where I can barely stand. I lift her, she folds her legs around my waist, I raise her until her nipples are at the level of my mouth, I kiss and suck on them, I hear her coo. One of her hands is searching below, my dick is in her palm, she’s stroking it. I sense her slip just a bit in my arms, I realize she’s pointing my cock directly at her hole, then swiftly I feel the shaft being surrounded by soft skin, warmer than the water by far. For the first time in a dozen years, I’m making love to a woman who’s name isn’t Elissa.

“How does that feel?” Randi asks. I’m trying to maintain my upright stance, we’re not moving at all.

“Wonderful,” I respond.

Her arms are around my neck, her legs around the small of my back, I’m buried deep inside her. “How long has it been since you’ve made love?” she asks.

“Seven weeks. I took Elissa to a hotel.”

“Then you’ve got to be ready. Go ahead and use me, dear, do anything you want.” Her arms slip from my shoulders, she floats almost horizontally, my hands slip to her waist, I can pull or push her as I want to. She’s light as a kitten in the water, I manipulate her for my selfish pleasure, all he while she’s whining, “That’s it, enjoy yourself.” A few thrusts, I pull her groin as close to mine as possible, I feel the semen rise. “Fill me up,” Randi encourages, “come inside me.” And I do, it seems as if a liter of my juice spurts into her, I lose my balance, we falter in the water, I continue to squirt. We’re severed now, just a few seconds before I’m totally done. After she regains her balance, she swims to me, we embrace, kiss. “That was nice,” she declares, “how was it for you?”

“Wonderful, just wonderful.”

Holding hands, we wade back to where our drinks are, we each swallow a long draft of the vodka. “I think I’m ready to get out now,” she announces, “come with me?” We climb out and Randi grabs a pool towel, begins to rub me. I stand, letting her attend to me. In addition to my chest, legs and back, she takes care to ensure my privates are dry. She handles my penis as if it’s an old, valued friend. Likewise, I towel her off, joyously feeling her breasts, her ass and her pussy. We head into the house, I manage to find a bottle of wine, uncork it and pour us two glasses. She leads me to the den, sits on the soft shaggy carpet, I join her. 

We lie together, stroking and kissing, she’s no longer just a friend now, she’s my lover. “You’re not sorry we did that?” she asks.

“God no! I don’t feel guilty at all, at least not about Elissa. After all, she’s screwed around on me. But what about Chris?” Her husband.

“Don’t worry about that. It’s okay.”

“Really?” Is this the way Elissa acted when she cheated on me?

“Yes, really. Chris and I have sort of an arrangement. In fact, we talked about whether I should be here tonight, if it’s too soon for you. I told him I didn’t think it was.”

“So he knows you’re here right now? What we’re doing?”

“I have his permission. And, when he’s with a lady, he has mine. Neither one of us does it that often. We just both feel sometimes it’s better to scratch an itch than to pretend you don’t have it.”

I’m not sure just how I feel about that. But I’m not going to worry too much about it, not right now, not when I have my hands full of a willing woman. “What do you want?” I ask.

“I’m not done yet, not if you don’t want to be. Make love to me.”

I begin by kissing her forehead, her eyelids. Before I married, I sowed my wild oats; for that matter, Elissa did as well, even more than I. It was only when we got pregnant that we decided it was time to walk down the aisle. But I haven’t been with another woman in over a decade, this playmate is as exciting as a trip to somewhere exotic. When I cup and suckle at Randi’s breast her nipple hardens more easily, she sucks her breath briskly. The skin of her stomach is somehow creamier than my wife’s, the ass much more rounded. As I crawl between her legs, I see her clit is pinker, larger, juts out from the surrounding skin further. When I lick it, the interior seems more moist. Is this from the sperm I deposited earlier? Elissa would never let me go there afterwards, yet Randi is enthusiastic. She seems to be having an orgasm, her wiggling is brisker than my wife, the way she pulls my head into her privates encourages me to tongue the button hard, her gasps are louder and longer.

I try to keep Randi there for as long as I can, and she stays up for an incredible stretch. Finally she pushes me away with a compliment. “Oh, how do you know just how to eat me? You’re fantastic.” After a few minutes of rest, gasping flat on her back as I stroke her torso, she bends to me. “Your turn now.”

Surprisingly, she sucks on my nipple! I don’t remember this ever happening to me. She even nips at it with her teeth, lightly. All the while she’s holding my prick in her palm, measuring how her bites are being successful. She’s not subtle about dipping her head to my groin, I feel the rod encircled by her lips. It’s so wonderful, this warmth, this wetness, and for many minutes she bobs and twists on it. As she sucks, I’m fondling a boob, she twists and I can insert a finger deep into her wet tunnel. She starts to squeak again in pleasure, when I hold my prick between my thumb and forefinger, I’m surprised to find I’m rigid again.

“Ready?” she asks, and when I nod my head she brusquely throws one leg over my hips, with a hand she points the intruder at it’s target, and she drops onto me. I can heft a globe, help her move by grabbing at her hips. For awhile as she glides, she looks to me, catching an eye, smiling in our shared delight. But then I see her eyelids droop, her nostrils flare, her cheeks and chest pink, I hear her cries of passion. We shift, she’s slumping on a couch, I’m kneeling between her legs, it’s my turn to supply the onslaught. For a moment I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stiffen, I seem ready to come again, but for some unknown reason my body refuses to take the hurdle. She pushes me away, just for a second, leans over the coffee table, I prostrate myself behind her, push into her once more. This seems to incite her again, I manage to get her howling in pleasure for (by my count) a third time. 

Another shift, she’s lying on her back on the rug, uncoiling her legs. I spread myself over her, impale her anew, her ankles link behind my back. She’s telling me not to stop, to let it go, and somehow I find the energy to spew for the second time of the evening, pumping myself inside her as deeply as possible, every drop of elixir I have filling her. Do I black out, lose consciousness? Perhaps, for I don’t remember much for a few seconds, and then I become aware she’s laughing, tousling my hair. I fall beside her, she covers me with a long leg, an arm that lingers over my chest, a hand that fiddles with the sparse hairs between my nipples.

We smile together. “I knew you were going to be a good lover.”

“You had this planned?” I laugh.

“When a naked woman shows up in your backyard, that’s a pretty good indication you’re goinna get laid!”

We cuddle together, massaging erotic zones and others without a specific purpose, just to tease. I ask, “How long have you been planning this?”

“Oh, a long time, a short time. I’ve dreamed about you for years. For that matter, Chris had a thing for Elissa. We talked about a foursome with you many a time, but the right opportunity never happened. If something like that had happened, let’s say we all got naked one night in your swimming pool, do you think you would have gone for it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. I always thought you were sexier than hell. But Elissa and I never talked about it. Maybe, if we would have done something like that, Elissa wouldn’t have needed to cheat on me.”

“When you found out, were you jealous?”

“Intensely. I was pissed she’d fucked somebody. But even more than that, I was livid that she lied to me about it, covered it up for so long. I might have been able to excuse the screwing around. But she never asked me to forgive her, just told me it wasn’t that big of a deal, I should just get over it. Are you ever jealous of Chris? Or the other way around?”

“When I first knew he was going to be with a lover - he asked me if he could - I had a pretty bad time of it. But he promised he’d always love me, that he’d stay with me, that he wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want him to. So I got over it. When I took up with a guy at my office, Chris really wanted to know what was going on, but it seemed sort of good. Sort of cared about, I guess.”

“I wish Elissa and I could have had that,” I complain.

Randi yawns, starts to indicate that she might be leaving. “I wish you could stay,” I yearn.

“Do you want me to? Chris and I talked about it, he was thinking that this might be the first time, and you could be lonely after. Michelle’s at a slumber party, she won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon. So I could stay, just tonight. I’ll have to leave by nine or so. And this can’t happen very often. Let me text Chris, let him know.”

I admire her in the glow of the cell phone. Randi and her husband ding back and forth a couple of times, then she leans into me, kisses me.

As we crawl between the covers, I wonder about my future with this wife of another man, with my own wife, with, perhaps, other women I’ll meet. It seems that suddenly - and rather unexpectedly - I find myself in the deep end.