The Escort's Taxi Ride - Part 4




“You know… you have been a very… naughty girl, right?”

Mario askes between two ragged breaths and I let out a tiny whimper.


I know exactly what he is referring to, I’m not playing dumb out of spite. I want Mario to enjoy this as much as I do. Even if that means I have to act like a schoolgirl. But the fact that I’m wearing my dirty maid costume today isn’t the main reason for my breaking character. No. I can play anyone, anytime, and I always enjoy it. The difference right now is that I can’t stop staring into Jim’s soulless brown eyes, and that scares me. My boss had never done anything like this before, not even close. And now here he is, standing outside, looking up at the window, while Mario is fucking me from behind. I have no idea how I feel about either part.

As if on cue, Mario’s thrusts become slower and more deliberate, his cock sliding deep inside my pussy with every stroke. Only God knows how long I have been waiting for this, and if it wasn’t for the danger we are in, I would probably beg him to speed up. But my pulse is quick enough already. To support the question that almost slipped my mind, Mario pinches my nipples, pressing them against the cold hard glass at the same time. I stifle a scream, closing my eyes for a brief second. No, I won’t allow my soon-to-be-ex-boss to ruin my fun. Not today, not anymore. I sigh, leaning back against Mario’s rock-hard muscles, and I finally know I’m safe. His chocolate stubble is tickling the back of my neck, and all my nerves are on edge as his cock stretches me even wider. I’ve been longing for his touch way too long to worry about my audience. Let Jim believe this is another show for his entertainment.

“Yes, Sir, I’ve been very, very naughty indeed. I guess you will just have to punish me then, won’t you?”

I purr loud enough so that Jim can hear it, too, through the devices. If he is playing dirty, so can I. Mario pulls out suddenly, twirling me around. Is that sadness in his eyes? But then it’s gone in a heartbeat, and he is smirking wickedly, showing me his darker side. Or is he? Could he be putting up a show, too?

“Now, there is just one problem with that.”

I furrow my brows, searching for an explanation. Shouldn’t he make it easier, if he wants me to play along? Probably seeing my confusion, he adds quickly:

“How the hell do I punish a cleaner?”

I inhale sharply, then let it out. I let it all out, including my tension and fear. Funny enough, neither shows in my voice. I guess my eyes are telling a different story though.

“Well, first of all, I’m a dirty maid, and not a cleaner. And second, we could probably pretend I was here to tidy up your classroom, and you caught me digging up some dirt…”

He nods vehemently, scratching his chocolate stubble. Oh, boy, I’m in so much trouble. Again.

“Yes, yes, that could work. Hmm, let me see. I had an affair with one of my students five years ago, and you found some compromising photos. So, in order for you not to rat me out, I need to have sex with you.”

He reaches behind me, grabbing my left leg and wrapping it around his hips. This way his cock springs to my entrance and I hiss in anticipation.

“Hmm, yeah, but of course it needs to be on your terms, otherwise you will rat me out for snooping.”

Mario chuckles against my neck, while he positions my right leg around him, too, thus picking me up from the ground. He is too close, yet not close enough. His scent has changed since last time, but it’s equally arousing and masculine. It reminds me of winter spices and making love in front of a fireplace. I want him to push inside, just like he did before, but he turns on his heels, with me clinging to his hips. I know that this looks really hot, and that probably I should let Mario carry me to his kinky classroom slash living room this way, but I have a better plan.

Lead by another sudden rush of horniness, I move my hips, matching his movements. I guess he knows what I’m planning to do, as he increases his pace, trying to reach the room before I get what I want. But I always get what I want. Besides, my job is way easier than his right now. His steps come to a halt when his cock disappears between my pussylips, and I sigh heavily at the feeling of fullness. But he wouldn’t move. He is looking into my eyes, without giving me what I want. I try to wiggle a bit, but he wouldn’t have any of it. With a gentle squeeze of my bum, he lifts me off him, and it takes me a few moments to find my balance after he sets me on the ground. What the hell? While I’m struggling to stay on my feet, he walks up to the blackboard and picks up the ruler that has been sitting on the teacher’s desk. Oh, boy…




I wish there was another way, but there isn’t. Not that I don’t want to spank Suzanne, on the contrary. Every fibre of my being is craving to touch her peachy skin, and I think both of us will enjoy it, very much so. But I would rather do it in private. The fact that her boss can see us, but I can’t see him makes my blood boil. Escort or not, this isn’t what she deserves. I glance at her flushed cheeks, and I’m momentarily distracted by the idea of her other cheeks taking on a healthy colour a few minutes from now.

She is standing in front of me, arms crossed behind her back, just like I instructed. We both know that I’m in charge right now, and not just because of the nature of our roleplay. She knows as well as I do that our lives are at stake, and I have a way out. All we need is time. I clear my throat, looking Suzanne up and down. From her full perky breasts to her flat stomach, all the way down to her long legs, she is perfect. The fact that whoever made her bra did a poor excuse of a job, not hiding anything at all, only adds to my arousal. I wonder how many clients of hers ask for this outfit, but I have to push the thought away as quickly as it came. I don’t fucking care. She is mine now, and even if this is half a show, I’m about to be the one who takes it off her. And that’s all that matters right now. If I keep wondering about the what ifs, I will drive myself crazy. With a slow rhythm I start tapping my left palm with the ruler, wanting to feel the sting of it, before I make her feel it.

“Come here, turn around, and bend over the desk.”

My voice is commanding, and loud enough for everyone to hear. Suzanne blushes some more, but does as I ask. Her skirt rides up her thighs, and I help it go all the way, gently caressing her naked behind at the same time. Oh, those fond memories of another night, a night when I didn’t know she was running for her life…

“What is going to be my punishment, Sir?”

Comes a tiny voice I barely recognize as hers. Is she still playing her part? Or was it real fear and excitement in her tone? Either way, I can’t let them suspect that she knows. I bring the ruler down onto her bum ever so gently, and she lets out a small cry of surprise.

“Now, now. You aren’t just a little thief, but a mouthy one at that. Let me see if I can make you stay quiet.”

I try to ignore the heat that’s radiating from her body, or the redness of her skin. I try not to pay attention to my throbbing dick, either. Well, I can’t say it works. I bring the ruler down once again, this time with a little more force. Maybe, just maybe, part of me wants to leave my mark on her, so that nobody else ever touches her again. I know it’s a selfish thing to say, but I just can’t help it. I feel jealous of even the idea of anyone else ever getting a piece of this ass. I smooth my palm over her burning cheek, and when I hear a blissful sigh, the ruler comes down once more, this time on the other cheek. I can see her legs tremble, I can hear her cries turn into moans of pleasure, but I can only concentrate on the burning desire within me to become one with her. She must sense my hesitation, as her fragile voice echoes in my veins:

“Sir, I need you to spank me again. Hard. I want this. Please.”

I swiftly spin her around, pick her up and sit her down onto the desk. She leans back immediately, spreading her legs wide. Her gorgeous eyes are pleading with me, they are asking me to use the ruler again. But as I said, all we need is time. Reaching out, I press down onto her clit, and she moans loudly, tilting her head back and opening her legs wider. Good. This way she doesn’t expect the ruler when it comes down onto her inner thigh. Her whole body jerks, and I watch as those heavenly tits bounce up and down with the motion. I silently praise the bra-maker for his invention, then bring the ruler down onto her other thigh, while still pressing down on her clit with my thumb.

“Please… Sir… I want to… Cum…”

That’s all she can say before her orgasm takes over, and I smile triumphantly. I managed to make her break character. I’m not entirely sure how these situations would normally go, but I know that she wasn’t supposed to cum until I told her so. Damn, this is sexy and a major turn-on. I withdraw my thumb, and let her come down from her natural high before I say:

“Well, well. I don’t think I’ve given you permission, have I?”

Suzanne’s eyes widen for a second, then she nods, biting her lower lip.

“No, you haven’t. But I just couldn’t help it. You know exactly how my body works, Sir.”

I stifle a chuckle, and the ruler comes down on her clit before she knows what’s happening. To be honest, it happens before even I know what I’m doing.

“Argh… Ouch… Oh…”

She tries to pull her legs closed, but I place a hand at both thighs, keeping them apart, while I lower myself down between them. I inhale her peachy-lemony scent, a scent that seems to ooze out of every cell of her body. Closing my eyes for a second, I open my mouth, and without warning her, my tongue lashes out and presses onto her clit, lapping at her sensitive nub slowly, but deliberately.

“Oh… God… Yes… Yesss…”

She buries her hands in my hair, and I know she is enjoying this at least as much as I am. I know that her nub must be extra sensitive right now, but she doesn’t seem to mind my gentle teasing. On the contrary. She arches her back, and I know that’s my cue. Sucking her clit in, grazing it with my teeth, then letting it go, I watch as her inner muscles convulse in sheer anticipation. I know it’s really bad, but right now I don’t care whether help is on its way or not. All I can think of is her tight pussy, and how burying myself deep inside her feels like. Not wanting to wait another minute I pick up the ruler once more, positioning my cock at her entrance. And I push in as far as I would go, making us both cry out in ecstasy.




“Oh my God… Ouch… Fuck…”

Mario looks at me with concern, and although I’m slightly blinded by pain, I smile at him, asking him for more. He nods, and the ruler comes down again at my right nipple, sending the now familiar hot white pain coursing through my entire being. But it’s instantly followed by an earth-shattering orgasm as he pulls out then plunges right back in at the same time. Another thrust and the rigid fabric comes into contact with my hard nipple once more. I must admit I was never so glad I wore an open-cup bra.

“Do you want me to continue?”

His voice is husky and tender at the same time. I know I’ve probably had more than I could handle, but I don’t give a damn. We need to make this last as long as we can, and I’m game.

“Do you even need to ask?”

His grin widens and he leans in for a kiss, before he pinches both sensitive nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He twists gently, but even the slight touch makes me arch my back and moan into his mouth. He bites down on my lower lip, and I moan louder, hoping that Jim is still listening. Because it means that we still have time.

“Sensitive, are we?”

All I can do is nod, but he twists my nipples a bit more while biting down at my neck this time. Increasing the pace of his thrusts, he pins me to the desk with all his weight. It’s arousing, to say the least. I breath between two sighs:

“Yes, very.”

He chuckles against my neck, gently slapping my right tit, while holding my left nipple a prisoner of his iron grip. I close my eyes, afraid that I will lose consciousness soon.

“Good. Now, do you promise you will be a good girl from now on?”

I want to say no, I want to tell him that I want to be bad, really bad, so he can punish me some more. But I also know that we are past the point where this can be prolonged for any longer. He is near, and so am I. I just wish we didn’t have to face what’s coming next.

“I promise.. Sir…”

He sighs against my skin, sending a shiver down my spine, and my nipples become even harder under his expert fingers. He is massaging them now, soothing the stinging sensation, and it gives way to pure pleasure. I purr like a satisfied cat, turning my full attention to his thrusts. His cock fills me completely, and when he picks my legs up, lifting them over his shoulder, I lose my cool. He pushes in even deeper, and I have to grab the side of the desk to steady myself.

“Please, make me cum…”

He grunts and mumbles a reply, but his words get lost in our screams as he does exactly what I asked him to do. If I thought I knew what a proper orgasm felt like, I was wrong. Now I understand what they mean by connecting to someone on every level. Mario’s cock pulsates inside my hole, and I forget to breath. I forget to think, I even forget that I’m an Escort. For the second time, I’m no longer a high-end prostitute. I’m the woman he wants, and suddenly the idea of a white picket fence doesn’t seem that suffocating after all. I close my eyes again, contemplating the idea of being his partner in crime, waiting for him to come home after a hard day’s work, while the kids are sleeping. I can even smell the roasting chicken, the thyme, the rosemary, and all the spices. I can hear birds singing, our dog barking.

I reluctantly open my eyes, just to stare down the barrel of a gun. Jim’s gun. There is an evil grin on his face, one that I have seen many times aimed at others, and also one I never thought I would see when he looked at me. He looks me up and down, and I suddenly feel exposed and ashamed. What have I done? Panic rises in me, and I look around, searching for Mario. When I spot him in the corner of the room, I relax somewhat. It’s then that I see the massive bleeding scar on his forehead. I gasp, and involuntarily glance back at my boss. He shakes his head slowly, fingering the trigger.

“Hey babes, have you missed me? You’ve done a great job, by the way. Now it’s time for your well-earned payment.”

Something clicks into place, and I close my eyes again, picturing Mario’s smile with my mind’s eye. I smile back at him, hoping for a miracle to happen…


To be continued...