Consent is sexy

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02 Sep. '17


He held her hand and brushed his lips over her knuckles. He turned her hand over and kissed his way up her forearm. His head came level with hers, their eyes met. "Can I kiss you?"

He always asked. It took time to get used to that. Ten dates now. She might be in love. She was definitely in lust.


His lips brushed over hers. Then his mouth pressed down, pulled her open to him. His tongue, the same as always, sweet. But this kiss was different. He moved a little slower, lingered a little.

His fingers rubbed the material of her shirt between them. He pulled from the kiss. "I'm going to kiss your neck." How did he say it so naturally, sexy and sweet?

She tipped her head and his mouth came down on her neck. He skated over her skin, with a nip and a suck.

"Tell me if there is anything you don't like."

She nodded.

"I need to hear you say yes."

"Yes. I like kissing you."

"You arouse me. Do I arouse you?"

She bit her bottom lip and looked down. Her face heated. She had never been asked so boldly. "Yes."

He kissed her again. His tongue stroked hers until she felt dizzy.

"Can I touch your breasts?"

She nodded. His eyebrow raised. "Yes. Please."

Part of her wanted him to hurry, part of her wanted to see how far he'd take the questions of consent.

They kissed again, this time he caressed her breast over her clothes. He kneaded one then the other.

"Do you want to take your shirt off?"

She bit her bottom lip. "Do you want to see my skin?"

"Yes." He ran the back of his hand over her throat. "Your soft, sweet skin. I want to run my hands over it. Then see if you taste better than you smell."

She grabbed the arm of her sweater and pulled her arm loose. The second arm came free and he pulled it over her head.

"I want you to touch me."

"Tell me where." He nuzzled her neck. "Tell me how."

She took a deep breath of him. Power filled her head and made her dizzy. She was fully in control.

"My-my shoulders. Like a massage." His fingers were there, pressing into her muscle. She rolled her neck.

She took a few deep breaths while she got the courage to keep directing him. "Run your hands over my stomach while you kiss my shoulders"

His hands moved back and forth over her abdomen while his mouth kissed over from one shoulder, the hollow of her throat to the other shoulder.

She twisted her arms behind her back and unsnapped her bra. He slid the straps down her arms and let it drop off her fingers.

He looked over her breasts and she'd never felt so naked. She squeezed her eyes closed, her face hot.

His finger touched under her chin. "Look at me. How do I look?"

Her eyes fluttered open and she focused on him. His eyes were darker than she'd ever seen, deeper. His mouth was open. He looked like he wanted her.

"You look hot. Ready. Turned on."

"I am all those things. I want to make you feel the same way. I want to know you like my touch. Every step, I want you there with me."

"I am." Her voice was barely a breath.

"Can I touch your breasts? Tease your nipples? Kiss them?"

They tightened with anticipation. "Yes, you can."

He pressed her body against hers. "Thank you."

His hand cupped her breast, his thumb brushed over her nipple. "Do you like it soft or harder?"

She pressed her lower body against his. She rubbed her legs together. "A bit of firmness."

He rolled one between his thumb and finger. "Like that," he said. "You gasp a little when I do it. Now for my taste of your skin." He kissed from her collar bone to her nipples. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her.

Who needed spontaneity? It was hotter when he asked for consent. It was hotter knowing ahead of time.

He pulled the heat of his mouth away and blew on the hardened tip. It tightened a little more.

He licked her other nipple. His tongue made slow, big circles around the tip.

"Take off your shirt," she panted. "I need- I want- can I touch you?"

His eyes were hot on her as he stepped back and did as she requested. "I'd love your hands on me. A little firmness in my stomach please. Too light and it will tickle."

She hissed in a breath as she looked over his muscled body. Did he feel as naked as she did when his eyes roamed her?

His body pulled her hand. She recalled his instructions for a firm touch. She traced the lines of his muscles. She traced a circle around one of his nipples. "Does that feel good? Like when you touch mine?"

"If an orgasm is ten and hand holding is one. Where does nipple touching fall for you?"

She rubbed her thumb against the soft nub. "A touch like this four." She bent her head and sucked him into her mouth, flicking her tongue against him. "That's a five. On the right day a harder pinch is a six or seven."

"That good, huh? The first touch is a three and the lick-suck parts are four maybe five."

"What's kissing for you?"

"Kissing you is a solid eight."

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. He stayed still. She bit his bottom lip. "Can I kiss you?"

His lips twitched. "Yes."

"I want your hands all over me." She breathed out the confession before pressing herself against him. She tipped her head to deepen the kiss. Tongues, teeth.

He ran his fingers from her neck to her hips.

She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down. She broke the kiss to remove them.

"Can I take you to bed?" He rested his hands on her waist, his fingers moving restlessly on her skin, almost a tickle.

“Please. Yes please,”

He took her hand and pulled her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and looked up at him. He brushed his hands across her cheek. “Do you want to lay down?”

She scooted across the blankets and stretched out on the pillows. He removed his jeans and then stretched beside her.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. “Touch me, everywhere. Make me come. I want you inside me, I want you filling me.”

He kissed her, his tongue filling her mouth. She hoped that her words answered his questions of consent. His hands caressed from her shoulder to her knees. He parted her knees, then slid his fingers up her inner thigh. When he brushed over her panties where the covered her, she shivered. He pulled away from the kiss. She slapped her hand on top of his. “Keep going, please. A little harder.”

“I’m getting harder,” he quipped.

She moved her hand to the front of his underwear. “Yes,” he whispered against her lips. He pressed up into her hand.

“Skin,” he hissed. “I need to feel skin.”

”Me too,” she moaned against his mouth. She shoved her underwear down and kicked it off her feet. He squeezed her eyes shut as he did the same. They were naked. Her heart was already pounding when she opened her eyes. It came out of her chest when his hand ran from her hip to her knee then back up her inner thigh.

She spread her legs to encourage him. He bent over her. “How do you like to be touched?”

Was she supposed to know? “I’m not sure. I never thought about it.”

“Direct me then. Tell me harder or softer. Right or left.”

He brushed his fingertip over her clit.

“Harder. A little more pressure. A little left. Perfect. Should I touch you as well?”

“Enjoy this for now. Do you prefer this or if I put my fingers inside you?”

A shiver ran down her spine. “This. Maybe move in a circle.” he followed her direction. “Vary the pressure a little.”

“Can you come like this?”

“Probably.”  She bit her bottom lip. His mouth would help.

He bent his head and whispered. “Tell me what you want.”

“Your mouth, your tongue on my clit.”

He smiled and perched between her legs. “Ask and you shall receive.” His tongue slide over her slit, splitting her. He flicked his tongue against her clit.

She arched her back. “Yes. Like that.” Her moans climbed higher as he used her words against her sensitive parts. She gripped his hair as her nerves exploded with pleasure. He tried to pull back, but she held him there for a moment, and he got the message and continued licking her through the climax.

She let him go and he sat back. A smile on his face while he wiped his chin with the back of his hand.

“Sorry, I was too busy screaming to give instructions. I needed a little more.”

“That’s okay. I got the message. Can I kiss you?”

“You better. What do you want now?”

“Let me show you how to touch me.” He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and stroked himself. He showed her how to use her thumb over the head, which made him gasp. He took her other hand and moved it over her ball sac. He let go of her hands and let her stroke him. She watched his face as she varried the pressure and speed she used.

“Do you want a blow job?” she asked.

“I might come and I was thinking I wanted to be inside you when I did that. What do you think?”

No problem there. She wanted to give as good as she got right now. She wanted him to feel as good as he made her feel. “I want to be as giving as you are. I’m ready for the sex.”

“You are, I promise. It’s all sex though.” he winked at her. “Tell me what you want.”

“For you to fuck me. To come inside me. Well, with a condom.”

“Of course.” He leaned over and opened his drawer. He pulled out a box and set it on her chest. “Brand new box.”

She opened the security seal and pulled out one wrapper. She set the box on the table next to her. “You or me?”

“Let’s see your skills.”

She covered him quickly. He kissed her again, deep, hot as he rolled over her body. “Like this?” he asked.

“I love everything about tonight,” she said.

He pushed inside her, slowly. She ran her nails lightly down his back. “Me too.” He kissed again and moved inside of her.

She moved with him, meeting his thrusts. Faster, deeper. He grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter to him. Their moans mingled in their kiss.

The faster his thrusts, the harder his fingers grip her. Almost painful, driving her closer to coming. He grunted and shuddered. She held onto him as he came. Her pussy throbbed around him.

“Shit,” he said. “Hold on.”


“You didn’t come again. Are you still aroused?”

“A little.”

“Stay there.” His cock slipped out of her and he left the bed to toss the condom. He laid down beside her. “Do you want me to make you come once more?”

She looked at him, her pussy throbbing. “Yes.”

He thrust two fingers inside her and curled them against her inner walls. He brushed his thumb over her clit. She rocked her hips while he finger fucked her. She grabbed the sheets as the pleasure overtook her.

He kept moving against her, inside her while she shuddered. She lay still and he let his fingers slip from her. He pulled her against him. “Good?”

“Very good. That was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

“Good.” he kissed her and pulled the blankets up over them “Very good.”