My Secret

Info PetaKash
02 Sep. '17

Have you ever heard the song by Xscape titled My Little Secret, talking about being in the same room with the man and his girlfriend and getting turned on at the sex scene that was being played out? Just like what the song says, I have a little secret too. My secret is I have a fetish for leather whips, corsets, bringing out the wildest fantasies of my clients to life. Yes you guessed right, I am a dominatrix. That is my little secret that I carry around with me.

By day I am a powerhouse executive, the best in the field of Human Resource. I broker deals, set trends. I am a mentor to junior staff and young adults who want to be in the rank of Human Resource. I sit at the directors table, arguing about the latest trend in HR, looking at ways to improve the morale of my employees and hiring the right kind of people to make my organization grow. However, as soon as the sun sets and I get home thedominatrix comes out. I dress up in my black leather corset, with my black mini skirt and my black thigh high boots. I am a mistress to all who come to me. I love being a dominatrix as it is my alter ego. I love being served by my participants, love when they are on their knees making their request known to me, but what I love is when the female climax for the very first time. You see, people are generally scared of acting out their fantasies. They want to be cuffed or tied up and have the pleasure of feeling hot wax dripping from candles onto their bodies or even to be spanked with a leather paddle board. They are afraid of being labelled as weird or freaks. This was the case when I met Alysia.

 Alysia had come across my website when she was doing a research paper for her paper, at least that is what she told me, but my instincts told me otherwise. Alysia was an extreme case based on the application form she had filled out on the website, however, I knew from the moment I met her that she had an underlying passion of dominated, wanting to feel like she was owned. She had a fetish for being spanked, being told that she was a bad girl and she needed to be punished. The harder she was spanked, the wetter she got and the more intense was her climax. Her deepest fantasy she had written down was to be tied up with her hands above her head and be punished, then to be eaten after.

It is customary for me to meet my clients at my favourite bistro bars, before I bring their fantasies to life. This is just one way of
getting a feel of the person of who will be serving me, and what is their fantasy all about. When she had telephoned me earlier to confirm her appointment I was taken aback with her. Her voice was smooth and sultry filled with uncertain of what is to come and excitement all rolled into one. Just that one phone call from her had set the tempo and I knew I wanted to meet with her in a more private setting rather than the noisy bistro.  With Alysia, the tempo of that telephone meeting was different, more energetic and that stirred something deep within my soul. It would seem that right off the bat that we had more in common than those of my other clients.

 I had arranged to meet her at my home around 7:30 the following Wednesday night for drinks after the phone call. As I am getting ready to meet with this proverbial virgin, I realised that I was wet and I had soaked my pink and black lace Victoria’s Secret panties that I had just put on that night. Just the thought of bringing out this fantasy in her, knowing her history, was a real turn on, and I vowed to myself that whatever other fantasy that she had, I would definitely try my very best to fulfil them just for her. Believe me; I was never turned on by a client, especially one that is a “virgin” to the S and M world.

My nipples grew hard with that thought and vow and my body grew hot. So hot that my pussy began to ache and the need to climax began to drum through my body. The more I thought of it, the wetter I became. I lay on my back, pulling aside my undies, and began to play with my hard clit. I pictured her hands moving over me and her mouth on my wet pussy, eating me like an inmate on death row was eating his last meal before his demise. I pictured her begging me to eat her pussy because she wants to climax. That voice steamed with desire, want and not to mention a sense of begging to add to the mix.

 I brought out my weapon of choice, my jack rabbit dildo with the clit massage on it. Slowly I inserted it in my throbbing pussy and turned it on to its maximum. Sensations coursed through my body like the River Nile and in no time, my head was thrashing on my pillow and my mouth opened as my breathing became ragged, my climax is at hand as I moved the toy in and out of my wet twat. Oh how I am wishing right now it is Alysia that was pleasing her mistress right now instead of my hands.

I came with her name on my lips and as if on cue my doorbell rang at the same time. Alysia is here. Willing my already racing heart to calm down, I could not savour the orgasm that I just had with the thoughts of Alysia, thoughts that I wanted to do to her and her alone. Grabbing my silver handled hair brush, I quickly ran it through my waist length jet black hair and adding a touch of rouge lipstick to my plump lips, I was ready to meet my client.

A sliver of excitement coursed through me as I made my way the winding stairs of my home. Questions formulated in my head as I moved towards the door. What was she like? Why was she crowding my headspace like this all of a sudden? Will she be willing to really have all her fantasies be fulfilled? As my hand reached for the doorknob I took a peek through the peephole at the person standing up at my door, whose thoughts have been crowding my mind. Horror struck me to the core as I recognised the face. It was the girl that we had just hired at the firm for the Accounting Clerk position.

My mind began racing at the horror that someone I had interviewed for a job at my organization, was on my doorsteps to meet with me for drinks to discuss fantasies that I am sure no one has ever heard of or even dreamed about. But come to think of it, Alysia has been creeping in my head space for a while now. Ever since we hired her, and the few times I have interacted with her, I have felt an underlying tension, a little wanton need that I have seen flashed in her eyes. I had caught her looking at me in the most sensuous way and believeme; the look was hot enough to scorch my skin.

 I opened the door to a face that was etched with surprise and shock. She was floored and I saw the clouds of confusion in her head swirling around like a thunderstorm on the open seas.

 “Good Evening Alysia.” I said cheerfully, “why don’t you come inside”

I took her by the hand and lead her into the foyer. I felt the rush, the excitement that was that was brewing beneath the black tank top showing her ample boobs and her black close fitting jeans that outlined her bottom so deliciously. That rush of excitement made me wet again. I licked my lips as I made my way to the mini bar set up in the corner of my living room. It seem like this virgin will please me adequately, and as I bring every fulfilment of her desires to life, I know I definitely will please her and her dreams.

 “Um hi Ms. Scarlett” She replied, trying to comprehend how the President of the Human Resource of the company she works for, is dressed like this. Black leather corset that seemed to make her boobs strain as if they want to pop out, short leather pleated skirt that barely covered her small, but firm bottom and thigh high leather boots that seem to accentuate her long legs. She had often wondered what was beneath the layers of power suits and now, what she saw was nothing compared to her imagination. She had always wanted to let this beauty know what she wanted to do, to be at her feet, catering to her needs in every way, but she couldn’t. This lady is the President of the Human Resource Department, let alone she seemed untouchable.

As we reached the bar I motioned to Alysia to take a seat and started to whip up a couple of cocktails. I watched as her ample bottom slid onto the bar stool and my already wet pussy became wetter. I was feeling hot and there is no way she was going home tonight the same way she came here, one of her fantasy will be fulfilled tonight. Which one, I don’t know but I must have her in anyway shape or form.

“So Alysia, tell me about your fantasies and by the way you can call me Jobeth.”

“Well Jobeth, I have several but the one that I want to be fulfilled is being spanked so hard with my hands chained up above my head. Just thinking of it is getting me real hot right now.”

 “Interesting, have you ever had this particular fantasy played out for you? What do you know about dominatrices?” I asked as I handed her the drink.

 “No, it is a little secret of mine.” She said in a whisper “I have always wanted to do it, but I did not know how. When I was looking for dominatrices in the area, your website popped up. What I know of them is that they are the dominant ones, they are called mistress and their slaves are there to serve them.”

"Oh. Good, it seems that you have done your research.”

"Between the internet and porn videos, I kinda learn a thing or two. Out of sheer curiosity Jobeth, does anyone at work know that you are a Dominatrix? I mean, you don’t look like it when you are at work but here, you are in your element”

“No they don’t and I would rather keep it a secret from them. There are a few papers that you have to sign, confidentiality clauses you know. Come with me please”

 I signalled her to follow me to my domain for her to sign the contract of confidentiality. While walking towards my office, I didn’t hear her footsteps. I turned around and I saw Alysia on her knees waiting for my acknowledgement. The gesture had me stunned and I gushed even harder.

“Jobeth, Mistress, I want to please you. Please Mistress may I please you?

“Crawl come over here on your hands and knees Alysia” I told her.

There wasn’t a sexier sight than to see Alysia on her hands and knees crawling towards me. My nipples were rock hard beneath my corset and my already soaked undies were soaked again. Her curvaceous bottom in those tight jeans pants begged to feel my hands on them, spanking them. Her ample boobs strained behind the tank top she wore and was begging for release. Tonight was the night that Miss Alysia’s fantasy will be fulfilled.

She knelt before me awaiting my next command. Her dark brown eyes fixated on me,her breathing ragged. I knew that she was extremely excited, from the look in her eyes.

 “Stand up and strip for Mistress” I commanded “Take off your blouse first, then yourpants.”

 Alysia did as she was told and in a matter of minutes she was standing in front of me, in only her black lacy thong that seemed to accentuate her ass. Her boobs freed from their restraint were a sight for my eyes. Rounded and pert they were, she did not need any form of support for them. My eyes wandered over them.

 “Beg me to suck my pussy Alysia” I commanded her “beg me to suck my pussy and touchmy boobs”

“Please Mistress, may I suck your pussy please” she begged, her voice trembled withneed.

“No you cannot suck my pussy, Alysia, you did not beg hard enough”

 “Please Mistress, please, please I want to suck your pussy. Please may I suck yourpussy” she begged in earnest.

Her pleas got my body going. None of my clients have ever begged me with such earnest to suck my pussy. My nipples were hard and my Nubian flesh was quivering. I wanted to squat over her face as her tongue mate with my clit, lapping up the juices that were flowing from my honey pot.

“On your knees Alysia and come over here to please Mistress’s pussy”

I leaned back against the wall for support and waited for Alysia to come to me. Stillon her knees, she looked up and begged again.

“Please Mistress; please may I suck your pussy”

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and bring her head close to my throbbing cunt. As her tongue made contact with my clit which were still in their lacy protection, my body began to tingle with excitement. I wanted no barriers. I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit, sliding in and out of my hot hole.

 “Take of Mistress’s panties with your teeth” I ordered.

 I felt her teeth grazed my skin as she slowly took off my pussy juiced soaked undies, and I started to gush again. Never in my years as a Dominatrix, did I ever gush so much, especially with a virgin. None of my other clients evoked this much cum juice out of me except this one.

With my panties off, I felt her tongue wrapped around my sensitive clit. I took a swift breath and plunged my hands into her hair holding her close. She ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow and she ate it like she have been doing it along time. My body tingled with excitement and in no time, my orgasm was on hand. She sucked me the way how I wanted to be sucked, hard. She nibbled on my clit, making it her life sustenance, sliding her tongue deep into my hole. She knew how to use her tongue, using it to bring me closer to the edge of my sanity. My orgasm was close and I knew it.

 With my hands still in her hair, I pressed her deeper into my pussy, not wanting her to miss my juices pouring out of my hot wet twat. She ate me harder, faster, knowing that my climax is on top of me. My body clenched in anticipation and then with that last stroke of her tongue on my sensitive clit, my juices flowed into her mouth. My little virgin made me cum in no time. My other clients took a while but she seemed to have that magic touch or that magic tongue.

“Don’t waste a drop of Mistress’s juice. Lick it all up” I commanded her.

“Mistress has the best pussy.” She said, “Can I have more of Mistress pussy?”

 “Stand up and turn your back to me. Raise your hands over your head and don’t movethem” I ordered her.

 I went for my leather paddle from my toy collection and returned to where Alysia was standing. I ran my hands over her smooth, round ass and brought the paddle down on it hard.

Whack Alysia screamed out as the paddle made contact with her flesh. The paddle made contactwith her flesh a second time harder than the first.

“It is “May I” not “Can I” Alysia. You are being punished for using the wrongphrase.” I told her smack her ass with my leather paddle.

“I am sorry Mistress. Punish me Mistress. I deserve your punishment.”

I smacked her hard giving each cheek the same amount of licks from my paddle.

 “What is the correct statement” I demanded.

 “Please Mistress, may I have more of your pussy”

 “No” I replied smacking her again, “You may not have any more of Mistress’s pussy todaybecause you used the wrong phrase”

 I reached down into her thong and found her clit hard as a rock. Her juices were flowing, gushing over my fingers. I inserted a finger into her wet hot hole and felt her walls closed around them. I began to stroke her deep with one hand while smacking her round ass with my other hand.

“What is the right statement to use to Mistress?” I asked her.

“Please Mistress, may I have more of your pussy?”

“No you may not” I replied.

Her walls clenched around my fingers as I moved them in and out of her. Her tight pussy felt like heaven, that I did not want to leave it. I turned her around and knelt down in front of her. I had to get a taste of that pussy. With Alysia, I moved her thongs out of the way and closed my lips around her fat clit. Her pussy surpassed my expectation and my imagination did not do it much justice earlier. Her clit I wanted more of. Her juices tasted like sweet nectarine oranges. One taste of her and I became heady with excitement. I wanted more.

Still kneeling before her, I lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulder to get more of this heavenly nectar. I sucked, slurped, using my tongue in ways I have never imagined. I nibbled on her clit, sucking it into my wanton mouth. Dare I say how she had excited me? This little virgin had excited me to the point of me wanting to come again. I coaxed her orgasm out of her and in no time, her juices became one with my tongue. Not a drop was wasted, no, I was greedy for this virgin’s juice. I wanted more and more. Hell I wanted her to be my little slave.

Her cries of passion echoed around me. She had the softest little cries that lead up to her release. Ahh music to my ears I mused as she came. She sounded so sexy. So soft and so very sexy. As her body floated down to reality, she looked at me with a smile. Her fantasy had been fulfilled. She was happy.

“Thank You” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

“You are welcome. It was indeed my pleasure. The bathroom is right down the hall andfirst door on your right?” I pointed out to her.

 As she gathered her clothes to go refresh herself, I stopped her.

“Now what happens here cannot get out. It will have to be our secret Alysia.”

"I understand Jobeth” She replied “I understand perfectly.

I went into my office and I gathered up the contracts. It was the first time I had ever fulfil a fantasy before the signing of the contracts. Normally I would wait a week before the transaction took place, but with Alysia, I just had to do it right now. There was something that I wanted to experience with her. I wanted in that moment to claim her. She came out of the bathroom refreshed and ready to leave. I brought the contract to her for her signature.

“Jobeth,” She started as she signed the confidentiality contracts “I was wondering….”

“Wondering what Alysia? Go on you can talk to me”

“I was wondering if you would be my Mistress”

“I would be honoured to be your Mistress, but we have to be careful at work. Remember this is our secret”

Fireworks exploded in my mind and the chorus Hallejuah popped in my head. I had gotten my wish without broaching the subject to her. I had finally gotten my little virgin to be my little slave.